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Some May Think We Are Too Harsh

KillTheCan HarshSome may think we are too harsh….
Or act like “tough guys”…
Or too aggressive….
Or over the top….
Or need to give people that fuck up a “break”….
Or we are scaring away new quitters….

Well if people are going to get offended so easily then they probably will not be able to beat this addiction. That means they are a weak link. Quitters need to feel like KTC is the only program that will keep them quit. Quitters need to feel like their inner circle of quitters are the only support that will ever help them quit. Quitters need to feel like if they were to cave, they would be unwelcome back to KTC and into this support group. Trust is built over time. In closing, we act “harsh” because we want quitters to feel like if they choose to abandon their support network and KTC, then there is a good chance they will never be able to quit the bitch. We are a selected group. We accept mistakes when people ask for forgiveness, but they are limited. I for one understand this. I will not back down and become soft. I will not abandon my KTC crew and all it’s members. This is truly my last chance. Stay quit brothers. Thanks again.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member sixercountry

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  1. Spoken like a true keyboard commando… Jeeze, lighten up a tad there Rambo. Showing your behind to the world will not help the cause.

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