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Close The Door KillTheCanAllow me to share for a moment……….

Strange thing happened to me last night, kind or weird and eerie. You know how I have mentioned in the past that I still had the last can I ever used from in my garage? A sort of trophy type deal? And you also know how some of the older wiser vets on this site say that you will come to a day when you finally realize that you are quit, you will never do it again? Well, last night was that night for me! I walked out into the garage happy as a clam, when all of a sudden, I saw the empty can sitting there, and just like when I quit and felt the urge to dump it, I felt a sudden urge last night to say a little something to mark the occasion and then throw the empty can in the garbage. So I did, and it felt GREAT! Really, it felt like a ton was lifted off of my shoulders for some reason, hard to explain.

Now, for the eerie part. We heat or house with nut coal, and the coal stove is also out in the garage. Well it was like a twilight zone experience, for just as I was holding the can, and saying a little sumpin sumpin to mark the occasion (I think it was something along the lines of “I never need you again you friggin nic bitch”) a brush I had hanging on the wall mysteriously fell to the ground for no reason, and the water in the lines leading to the coal stove started rushing through, and I could also hear the water in the stove start to boil a little, bubbling type sounds. And all of this happened at exactly the same time I said my goodbye. And it was really eerie because it made me instantly think “oh boy, I pissed her off good this time and she is taking her last, desperate gasp of air” and then it all died down and I felt like I just finally stomped the bitches ass into the ground for the final time! Coincidence? I think not… everything happens for a reason.

Anyway, just wanted to share that with everyone, because like I said, it felt so liberating, invigorating, and just down right good. And I hope that if any of you have not felt it yet, that you soon will… without the ghost of course!

*insert twilight zone music here*

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member SOS

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  1. Quit 16 days ago and don’t regret a day. The cravings are very strong sometimes but I will not give in to my temptation. Thank you for the web page for it has helped me in more ways then one. I have already sent four of my friends to the site. Keep doing what your doin..

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