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Smokey Mountain SnuffChewie says…

I’m a big fan of smokeless alternatives (fake dip).  Whenever I’m asked if folks should utilize it during their quit, I always answer a resounding “yes”.  I’ve often said that I’d rather chew a can of fake every day for the rest of my days than ever have another dip of Kodiak.  Personally I chewed about a can per day for the first 200+ days of my quit.  And the overwhelming majority of those cans were Smokey Mountain Chew.

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elkhills says…

My fav of the bunch. Its a long cut and packs like my old stuff Skoal Mint. Feels comfy & familiar, which I guess is both good and bad. Arctic Mint has a good flavor, but I like Wintergreen better. I think its like when you switch to diet sodas; you can tell diet Coke ain’t the real thing… but Dr Pepper, or Diet Orange or whatever flavor you’re not used to ain’t so bad. Yeah, its kinda like that for me. And I’ll admit I bought a roll of Grape – it tastes like Kool Aid, who doesn’t like Kool Aid? A warning: Smokey Mtn tastes the sweetest of the bunch and contains a lot of molasses (sugar) so beware of tooth decay. I’ve ordered some SMC Mint Pouches to try, they were out of Wintergreen, I can comment after they get here if anybodies interested.

Robert Spurlock says…

SMC Winter green Pouches:

The flavor was consistent with spearmint chewing gum. Not bad there. As far as the pouch goes, it felt like I had a snus pouch in my mouth. The pouches are dry and about the same size as Skoal Snus pouches. Because of the dryness, there is no spitting–the product just doesn’t produce spit. There is no “kick,” “bite,” or “sting” from these pouches. I liked the feel of the pouches in my mouth and found that I could put them in various places (upper or lower lip, either side) with ease. The flavor lasted a long time (I held a pouch in my mouth for nearly two hours as I drove between Knoxville, Tennessee and Chickamauga, Georgia). The biggest problem I found was with the can, itself. The thing is just too hard to open. I found this problem to be true of all of SMC’s cans that I’ve tried.

SMC Cherry:

The flavor is more like a cough syrup or something to that effect. It is nothing like the Skoal Cherry Blend that I’ve always enjoyed. Having said that, I like the flavor but it is a little too sweet. SMC is made from corn silk, so you get a lot of the strands floating around in your mouth. One other note is that the product tastes kind of “earthy.” You almost get the sensation that you have grass in your mouth. The only time I have ever experienced that sensation with real dip is with Skoal Peach. The look of the product is very much like any long cut that I’ve tried whether it be Skoal, Longhorn, Grizzly, or Cope. You can pack the can just like any of those products and it feels just like any of those products in your mouth. The big difference is that there is no “sting” or “bite.” For those who enjoy spitting, this product is definitely for you. It produces a lot of saliva. Now, the juices are completely safe to swallow–SMC’s products are made from food-grade materials, but I prefer not to gut dip juices. It just doesn’t seem right. The draw backs are the can being difficult to open and the fact that the product is very sticky. The stickiness makes clean up a beast.

SMC Grape:

The only difference between the Grape and the Cherry is the flavor. Otherwise, the products are the same in terms of look, feel, stickiness, and difficulty of the can to open. I would liken the grape flavor to that of Kool Aide or something like that. The only “real” dip I’ve found with a grape flavor is Kodiak and this doesn’t taste like Kodiak’s grape. It’s close, but not quite there.

So over all, I would recommend SMC. They definitely have a good thing going. They have other flavors available in both their long cuts and pouches. The products are also reasonably priced, too. At least they’re no more expensive than the Skoal that I used to buy. So to sum up:


  • Winter green pouches are similar to snus
  • Cherry and Grape long cuts have similar appearance and feel to real tobacco products
  • Price is reasonable


  • Cans are difficult to open
  • Long cut varieties are very sticky, making for difficult clean up.

I hope this review helps someone.

rjc says…

Wintergreen has excellent flavor and lasts a long time, straight is similar in flavor to Cope. Product is moist but gritty and very fine, pack is adequate but takes some getting used to. (The superior flavor is worth the difference in Hooch to me). The Wintergreen is really good, my overall favorite. Plus, I can buy it in my local Walmart at $2.85 per can.

TrojanScott says…

A close runner up to the champion who I’ll get to in a second. I like SMC better than I did the first time I tried it. This is made of corn silk and other stuff, and it has the same type of consistency of long cut dip. The straight was pretty good, but the wintergreen was even better to me, especially when I poured a cap full of Jack Daniels in it. Taste lasts a bit longer, and I found that out of the three types of herbal I tried, this one was best for spitting. Clean up after dipping? This one is worst. The little slivers of corn silk or whatever are EVERYWHERE, and difficult to get out. No way can you look like you weren’t dipping this unless you have access to a gallon of water, beer, soda, whatever. Also seemed to stain the teeth a little more than other brands as well.

  • Taste: B
  • Consistency B+
  • Clean up: D
  • Spit factor: A

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  2. I’ve tried everything under the sun baccoff, grinds, hooch there is nothing like smokey mountain it actually taste good unlike theses other products that taste like crunched up leaves mixed with chalk. Please don’t learn the hard way sm is the way to go from the beginning. It’s flavorful, full, and makes you spit probably the closest thing you’ll get to dip without the tobacco. The only downer is that you have to order online can’t find it anywhere where I’m from.. Just order 10 cans because shipping blows…

    Hope this helps

  3. I have dipped Copenhagen for 23 years. I didn’t like the Smokey mountain natureal or mint or cherry. But there is something about the peach that really distinguishes any cravings.. I have been quit for 7 days now. Only had 3 major cravings!! May just have saved my life… Fifty gold stars

  4. Been dipping maybe 4 years. Brand is grizzley wintergreen. In 4 years I’ve gone 3 days going without and avg about 1 can a day. I want to quit but the addictive personality I have along with the addictive ingredients makes it impossible for me (that’s my lame excuse anyway). I’m gonna give this wintergreen pouch a try. Have half a can left. Once done I will go to Walmart and hope they it it. To all who have quit, does this work?

    • Shane – Smokey Mountain is a GREAT alternative. But it’s just one “tool” in your quit arsenal. It will give you that “fix” for the oral fixation, but it’s not a magic pill to make your nicotine cravings go away. I’d strongly suggest you join our forums at where we have over 20,000 members that “get it”. It’s the best place on the web to get support and questions answered from people who get it cause we’ve all been right where you are. You CAN do this!!!

      • Hello chewie, ive been surfing this website and see that you have a lot of input and time invested in this mission of quitting. My question to you is about smokey mountain, after reading tons of reviews i will be trying this product. Does this product cause any gum ression or tooth decay like my beloved copenhagen. Also since it is tobacco and nicotine free there shouldnt be an issue with life insurance blood test right? Thank you, please send a copy of your reply to my email if you have time thanks again.

        • Casey – will also send this to your email address.

          I’m not a dentist nor to I work for SMC so I can’t speak to it as it pertains to gum recession / tooth decay. I will say that SMC is made with FDA approved food grade ingredients so I don’t think it will lead to decay. That said, I think putting ANYTHING between your cheek and gum for extended periods of time could potentially lead to some gum recession.

          As for insurance tests… yes, these products contain no nicotine and no tobacco so they shouldn’t affect a test. However, you should look into your specific test. It takes nicotine 72 hours to work its way out of your system, but depending on the type of test and what they’re testing (hair vs. urine as an example) some tests will show it in your system for longer.

    • Shane, I hope that you are still quitting. I too was a Grizzly long cut winter green chewer. I went through about a can every day and a half. I also chewed off and on for about 20 years. I am using SM wintergreen at this time and love it. I began my quit by using 4mg nicotine gum for 2 weeks. I then bumped down to 2 mg nicotine gum for 2 weeks. I have been “nicotine” free for over 2 weeks now and feel great. I have a beautiful wife and kids and want to be around to enjoy all the memories. You can too.

  5. I appreciate all ur reviews on here. I am in the process of getting serious about chewing pouches, and this was great info to help me make my choice on what to use.

  6. I have been dipping since I was 12 years old, I am now 52. Yes I had a few scares like white patched and wrinkly pockets .You all know what I’m talking about.Just waiting for the Doc to tell me I have the bad C word. I tried for years to quit and I really miss the feel of it so I always end up buying a can after a week or two of quitting. I found Smokey mountain over 6 years ago and it was the only thing that helped me to quit smokeless tobacco . I can go without Smokey mountain all day when I have to without a craving so I know its not addicting. Thanks Smokey Mountain.

  7. I quit now for 48 days….thank you smokey mountain if I was rich I would send you guys money to help get more people off real snuff. The government makes big tobacco pay all this money that ends up in government pockets at the end. The money should be going to advertise y’all’s products!

  8. i cant stand smokey mountain snuff. i am underage and decided to quit. i went cold turkey was doing 2 cans a day. I would rather do nothing or chew gum than this stuff. You can quit i just don’t recommend smokey mountain… i would do golden eagle in a pinch but smokey mountain just made me want to go back to cope.

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