How Much Does The Average Nicotine Chewer Know?

You have conditioned your subconscious mind to expect the arrival of a new supply of nicotine at certain times, places, locations, events or when experiencing certain emotions. In order to arrest your dependency you must encounter and break, or recondition, each of your mandatory feeding cues. Is the crave episode that accompanies each encounter necessarily a bad thing or instead a very necessary part of your healing and recovery?

Are almost all cues reconditioned and broken by a single victory in not providing the demanded substance? Yes! Is serious time distortion a normal recovery symptom? Yes! Do all subconscious crave episodes last less than three minutes? Yes! Can distortion make the minutes feel like hours? Yes! Can looking at a clock bring honest perspective? Yes! Does the number of episodes peak at an average of 6 a day and decline to just 1.2 crave episodes per day by day ten? Yes!

Does nicotine really double the rate at which caffeine is metabolized? Yes! Will your caffeine blood-serum level really increase by 203% if you drink the exact same amount of caffeine after ending all nicotine use? Yes! If you are a heavy caffeine user can elevated levels of caffeine cause additional anxieties making nicotine dependency recovery harder than need be? Yes!

Why could you skip breakfast and even lunch when chewing nicotine and never feel true hunger pains? Can difficulty concentrating during early recovery and other low blood sugar type symptoms often be easily corrected by simply learning that nicotine is no longer your spoon, and you must again learn to properly fuel your body? Yes! How can temporarily (72 hours) drinking natural acidic fruit juices like cranberry help to both stabilize blood sugar and accelerate depletion of your bodys reserves of the alkaloid nicotine?

These are only a few of the hundreds and hundreds of nicotine dependency recovery issues that we will explore on this site. So stay tuned, look for the posts each day, read, learn and conquer this addiction.

The next few minutes are entirely doable and there’s only one rule – no nicotine today!

© Joel Spitzer 2005
The original article has been modified to be more relevant for dippers and chewers.

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