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Being Great

KTC Logo Old PhotoSo I can’t really say anything that hasn’t been said before. I started chewing when I was 18 playing baseball. I got hooked to that relaxed feeling you get when you first throw in a dip. All the stress melts away you get a little light headed basically a high. The thought was why the hell wouldn’t you want to use this stuff this feeling is amazing people are full of crap about this being bad for you. Little do you know that high only lasts for so long and then eventually, you are having to dip more and more often for that feeling until one day the hook or the high is no longer around and you dip just to dip. Of course you can quit anytime you want some little can of tobacco doesn’t have power over you. Then you start pressuring friends to dip with you and they get hooked. You’re a great friend! Then the look of disappointment on your parents face the first time they catch you. Of course mom and dad I quit right now. That last’s an hour and then you head out for the night and buy a can and make sure they don’t catch you for the next 10 years besides they smoked for years before they quit so who are they to judge. You’re a great son! You try quitting but it’s too hard. So let’s keep this going you have plenty of time to quit you’ll do it when you meet the right girl. Problem is you meet her, but you keep your dirty little secret hidden. You don’t put yourself fully into the relationship because you have to dip. She leaves and you kick yourself. You’re a great boyfriend! Life hits you hard one year and you lose your girl, job, and father all in a 3 month period. You move to a new city with the chance to start fresh with everything, but instead within a 7 year period you start buying two cans at a time because it is a pain in the ass running out and scrambling to find a can with dip in it. Life starts getting hard again and you have an anxiety attack that puts you in the hospital for a few days, but you sneak dips in the hospital because that can’t be part of the problem. You’re great to yourself! Then one day you look at your habit and you are dipping a can a day, but you work 8 hours a day and you can’t dip at work, and you sleep 8 hours a night and you don’t dip while sleeping, so in the 8 hours you have free you are dipping an entire can. You’re a great addict! Dude wake up and stop killing yourself! You find KTC and life starts becoming great. You reunite with that 18 year old kid and experience life the way it should be. You find laughter gives you that high and helps with stress. You find weeks and months without dip isn’t life ending it makes life enjoyable! You’re a great quitter! Thanks to all the June quitters for their inspiration and a special thanks to Mitch from May. I am proud of 100 days, but I am not going to celebrate yet. I won’t actually celebrate until Day 5476 quit. That is one day longer than the 5475 days I chewed for. If you are looking to quit do it today. It isn’t easy, but being quit is great and we will be here for you!

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member padresfan

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  1. Right the fuck on! That’s how it works to the letter. I’m on day five. It’s filucking tough, but I’m here you can be too.

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