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  1. Hey guys today is my first day on here and making that choice to quit dipping. Not only for my health but for my kids. I’m looking forward to reading your guys stories and some motivation as well.

  2. Glad you went to check yourself out, that puts your mind a ease big time. Beware though, that bitch will prick and prod on its way out, it will put doubts into your mind and pop tobacco thoughts into your mind until you give up. Don’t go back, stay strong, remember it’s all in your head.

  3. Day 6 here. My body is not feeling normal at all. Right side aches chest aches but I’ve been in and out of the hospital everything checks out good. This stuff is evil can’t wait till it’s completely gone out of my system. Not only did it cost me a can a day but also has cost me a lot of money at the hospital thinking something tragic was wrong. Turns out its all in my head. Never turning back!

    • Days start going quick. Day 99 for me today and I will not dip today. That will get me to day 100 tomorrow and i am not giving those days up for nothin

    • The nicotine should be all out of your body in 72 hours?

    • I did the same thing. Spent a ton of money. Embarrassed myself at what I can now look back on see as extreme anxiety. I didn’t know what anxiety was until I quit chew. I used to laugh at people like me. You’re fine, man. Every little bump, pain, and worry that leads to another worry and another, until you ultimately lose track as you try to collect your thoughts at 2:30 in the morning while staring at the ceiling is nicotine’s fingers being pried off the ledge one at a time, just like a Bugs Bunny cartoon. It’s not leaving quietly. All this s**t will fade. Believe me. Stay strong, man.

      • So glad to read your comment! Thank you ! You have no idea how reassuring you make me.

        • Glad I could help, man. It’s a nightmare. You know your thoughts are obsessive, you know they’re not rational, but yet you obsess. Then you obsess over the obsessing. Then your stomach starts bothering you. Then you make the mistake of Googling a symptom… which is a pit of despair you can’t escape from.
          Sometimes you feel better… you wonder what you were going crazy about to start with. Then, someone makes an offhanded, trivial comment… either in a conversation at another table in a restaurant or on TV… and there it goes again.
          The thing to remember is: You. Are. Fine. It’s the withdrawals of a chemical dependency, just like getting off heroin. At least with heroin and meth, we would have a good euphoric high to reminisce about as we look over the tattered remains of our life. But with chew, it’s a working mans drug. Most, if not all of us were extremely productive when we used it. I know I was. That’s what the shitty thing about it is.
          You will get productive again, the anxiety goes away, the fog lifts, and you will stop thinking about it. Take time. Hit me up anytime.

    • Hey bud I was 34 days quit and 5 days without nicotine gum and went to the urgent care. I was having panic attacks and not feeling good at all. I felt like I was going to pass out. They told me to drink a ton of water. Nicotine closes off the blood vessels in your brain and when it doesn’t have it the brain goes haywire. I told my wife this morning that of all this is from chewing it will make it so easy to never go back. Why do we put ourselves for this. Hope you get to feeling better and this site has helped me a ton to know others are going through the same think. Day 35 no chew saved $147. Never going back.

      • I’m still getting along ok. One day at a time one event at a time. It’s hard to get out to go to Christmas parties anxiety is through the roof. But I’ve been able to manage with all the feedback from you all. I catch myself staring at the wall alot. No turning back i can’t wait to be normal again. Chew really does take over your life without us knowing. I’ll be damned if it keeps from getting my life back.

  4. Just finished day 17 after over 30 years of 1 1/2 cans of Copenhagen a day. Only problem so far has been reaching into my desk drawer for a can that wasn’t there.

  5. Been trying to quit off and on for the last year, goal was to quit while I was on deployment and surprise my wife but deployment got the better of me I think. Been doing this since I was 15, never thought I would be doing this 10 years later. The longest time that I have gone without dip was basic training. 2.5 month without a dip and I didn’t notice any side affects at the time. I think between them always keeping our bodies and minds busy and the constant drinking of water those played a big role in everything. I am taking the challange today though to stop. day one here we go, wish me luck next week is going to be a tough one.

    • You’ve got this man, you’ve done it before. 2.5 months, you had it licked right there bud. You know what to do, just stick with it. Day 92.

  6. I had a dip and I am now starting over my quit date is 12-04-2015. I am ready and im gonna do this please give me any support you can thank you. NO MORE RELAPSES

  7. I just made the decision to kick the can. It won’t be my first time “attempting” to quit but it will be my last. I’m at the point after 12 years that it makes me sick to throw a pinch in after about 5 minutes. It’s gross and unhealthy but oh so tasty. Here’s hoping.

  8. I just thought I would drop a line and say that on this past Sunday I had a terrible headache and woke up Monday and just decided to quit dipping. I have dipped for many years, 10 I would say, but had recently switched to pouches. I decided to quit and today is day 4, which I have to admit hasn’t been too bad at all. I’m wondering if the switch to pouches a year ago or so helped a bit. I used to have a pouch in almost every hour of the day though, and I feel so much better without it. I seem to be laughing and enjoying life a bit more, which seems the opposite of what I’ve heard from others who are quitting.

    • I would guess that it may have helped a little bit if it cut down on the amount of nicotine you were ingesting? Glad to hear you’re having a relatively easy run so far. That said, be prepared… there will almost certainly be days where it’s not so easy.

  9. Today is day 100 and I am so happy where I am at and what my future holds for me and my family. I really appreciate the support and the journey has just begun in my mind. Take care and stay strong!

  10. Also, is teeth sensitivity common when quitting? I think I’m grinding my teeth maybe

    • I think so. When you quit nicotine your blood circulation improves. It can cause alot of symptoms like sensitivity, headaches, tingling skin etc. If there is any damage it has already been done to your teeth and gums but quitting will allow your gums to start healing. If you can afford it a trip to a dentist would be a good idea.

  11. Day 2 Thanks for any support I now go walking instead of having a chew!!

  12. Hi all. I am currently 4 days into quitting. It hasnt been overwhelmingly bad, due to the fact that I dont feel I chew too crazy of an amount, but I do admit I am addicted. I usually only dip when I have a few beers, but lately have been having a few beers nightly during sports/ps4/celebrating a good day of work and I don’t want to turn it into a continual habit. I dipped for about 4 years daily and have slowed down to only nights/when drinking, but i have a quick question…. I keep using my tongue to rub the spot on my inner cheek where a dip should be. Its making my cheek number, and jaw sore. I’m doing it without thinking and catch myself. I’d like to know if anyone else has weird ticks like this. the tingly feeling makes me Really nervous but i think its just because i’m messing with the cheek so much without thinking about it and not anything medical. Thanks in advance for any feedback

  13. When i used to chew i would use it to enjoy things. Thinking god a dip would be make things like watching a movie, playing ps3, etc enjoyable. Then i got to a point where even when i was chewing nothing was enjoyable. Then finally not even chewing was enjoyable. I was miserable all the time. What i noticed within weeks of quitting is how the miserable feeling went away and i was enjoying so much more. While there are still times even after 6 weeks i crave nicotine once in awhile i can honestly say i havnt felt miserable like when i was using it.

  14. I found this site about 2 months ago and I have been dip free ever since I first read the testimonies here. You can do it, you just need to stick with it!

  15. Tomorrow morning at 9:00 AM will be my 21 day mark. Three weeks ago I didn’t think this would be possible, and to everyone just starting their quit, hang in there. It does get better. Days 1-7 for me were mostly mental: hard cravings in the morning/after meals, but I was surprised how quickly the angry/irritated feelings went away (after about 3 days). The worst part for me was the anxiety. I had this soreness in my stomach like I had done 1000 sit-ups the day before or something, I always felt on edge. Days 8-9 I had dry heaving, but I think this was mostly due to the fact that it was the first time I consumed alcohol (even though a small amount) during my quit. I would say avoid alcohol at all costs, at least until the anxiety/fog starts to clear. I played ball and started dipping around 16, was about 1 1/2 cans a day for a little over 12 years. If I can do it, anyone can. I remember my parents surprising me about 5 years ago with a cruise to Alaska. I got caught off-guard and didn’t have enough dip on me to last the trip. Spent what should have been a wonderful vacation worried sick about my next dip, never again will it control my life like that. The decision has to be for you, man up and suffer the consequences. As tough-love as that sounds, it’s the only way. I quit cold turkey on a random day, no pre-planning, no ceremonial last dip, just trashed my can on a whim. Best decision of my life.

    • 13 weeks day 91. Feels great and i will not dip today. Best wishes to everyone fighting this battle

    • That’s well written, especially the last part about needing to cover the nicotine habit on vacations. How I used to hate that and how ridiculous it was to make sure I scoped out where I could get it on vacation assuming I blew through a few sleeves of grizzly. Good riddance!

  16. Feeling like a crack addict during withdrawal. Day 5 and absolutely dying. Should I get a patch or something? My whole body is screaming at me right now.

    • NO PATCH REQUIRED- Ben, Day 5 is rough but you can do this QUIT, your life depends on it. What you are experiencing “SUCK” is normal and will pass with time. If you are not a KTC Member become one and then read up on posting roll and finding your quit group. Post roll everyday and promise to stay QUIT and not use any form of NICOTINE for that day. One day at a time seems simple but it works. Read read read the posts on this site. Stay strong and you will beat this bitch. .

    • that’s mostly mental. Focus on just getting through today–on just facing down one craving. Just deal with that and don’t even think about one hour from now. You are stronger than Nic.

    • Try the fake dip. I am on day 90 and i have been using Jakes mint chew. It helps alot with the cravings.I was a modest dipper for 25 years and quitting has given me such a relief. Tell yourself every day that today i will not dip and before you know it you got a month or 2 or 3 and then you realize i cant give that away.

    • Find a Hobbie that will keep ur mind off of it like over time at work, drawing, sleeping, hanging out with family, working out, etc it gets better man I promis

    • Forget the patch or gum. Grab seeds, fake dip, something to slam in there when it gets really bad. Be prepared for it. I had one of the worst craves around day 10. Ran to Wal-Mart to get Smokey mountain, which is displayed right next to the bitch. I fought it and came home with some fake wintergreen. One of the hardest but best choices I have made. I quit with you today and EDD!

      Day 110

  17. Rolling on day 33 right now. Ever since about day 10 I have gotten this weird/annoying feeling on my right forearm that happens about three times a day and sometimes at night, making it nearly impossible to sleep. Anyone else have this problem? If so, when did it stop?

  18. Day 2. Buddy told me about this site. It’s been ROUGH today.

    • One day at a time! Just tell yourself to get through today. You can do it man! Day 84 here and trust me, it gets easier even if it doesn’t feel like it right now

  19. I just wanted to say that I’ve made it to 59 days. Dipped since I was 16 and now I’m 25 and I’ve stayed off of the shit. I just hit a deer Thursday and still didn’t have one

  20. Can you tell me more about the uncured tobacco from India i was chewing? Am I at a greater risk ?

  21. Today marks a major point in my life. Today is day 100 in my quit.

  22. I just want to say I had dipped on and off since I was 9 years old. My step brother dipped so it was easy for me. I’m currently 21 years old and yes you red the name right, I’m a woman, not a man. Very few women dip but I sure did. I quit cold turkey 5 months ago. I have two beautiful children whom will look up to me one day (ages 2 yrs old and 5 months old). Definitely was hard and still have major cravings but it was this site and you guys that helped me quit. I fight myself everyday to not buy a can but mind over matter wins every time. True motivation and inspiration. Quitting can be done, don’t give up, get your mind set on it and kill the can! Thank yall!

    • Congrats Kayla, that is awesome. We have several women that participate in the forums, so you aren’t alone, but you are amazing and strong for having gone 5 months on your own. Feel free to join the groups if you would like to have folks to talk with. Nic addiction doesn’t vanish, support is good. Proud to quit with you today.

      • If it wasn’t for this group I couldn’t have done it. If I hadn’t been 100% ready to quit, I couldn’t have. I’ll definitely join the group. Cravings are stronger some day than others. Thank you

  23. Day 80- trying to ween myself off tylenol pm to get through the night but i’ve woken up at 3 am several times this week and couldn’t get back to sleep. Damn u nicotine

    • I think that’s benadryl? Yeah, your body gets adjusted to that stuff and you stop sleeping. First, might be a good idea to talk with a DR. Second, a little exercise might help burn off some energy. Turn off the TV at night. Read. Go to bed at a set time. Things to try. Might help, might not.

    • Exercise doesn’t work for me on the sleeping at night. Run every night but still wake up in the middle of the night. Day 98 for me.

      • I’m 20+ months into my quit (35 year habit). My sleep is still messed up. I get five hours max, up for two or three, then back to sleep for another two. I haven’t slept 8 straight hours in a long time. I still fight the nic bitch but it’s finally getting easier for me. But the sleep thing sucks.

      • I’ve always struggled with sleep and quitting Nic didn’t make it any better, so I’m with you there. BUT, you need to give yourself at least 2 hrs (maybe more) after exercise before going to bed or switch to morning workouts. Or switch to sex for your nightly exercise. That always puts me to sleep 😉

    • If you’ve taken Tylenol PM for 80 straight days to get to sleep, you’ve got another problem all together. There is absolutely no way that nicotine withdrawal is causing you to lose sleep 80 days in.

  24. Day 34 tomarrow. I wont lie ive had a few bad urges to go get some chew but for the most part it gets easier to let it go. I know ive read about people being in a fog after they quit it feels like quitting i am coming out of the fog. Almost like an alcoholic who is getting sober after years or decades of drinking?

    • Sorry had to cut short because it will say timed out if i type too long and its hard typing on this phone. Anyway it feels like i am really understanding now that nicotine is a narcotic just like any other and the effects it has on the brain and body. I dont remember the last time ive felt this good. I have more motivation, im not feeling depressed, i have alot more energy, i am actually enjoying things like hiking. That makes it alittle easier to say no to those cravings when they come because now after 33 days i dont want to lose that for a little headrush.

    • Yep. The Fog is exactly like that. The Fog of Quitting Dip

      Keep fighting. Congrats on 34 days of freedom!

    • that’s addiction. Getting clean and clear is really a lifetime effort. There will always be moments where you consider giving in to Nic. The “fog” is real and for me it was a come and go thing after 30 or so days. That come and go lasted past 60 days. But, that’s why your focus is on today only. If it’s a rough day, well, we just gut it out for one day. If it’s a good day, we kick ass and get shit done and keep rolling, then do it again tomorrow. Soon, the rough days are few. Just keep saying no to Nic ODAAT.

      • see i thought it was people feelong foggy while going through withdrawls after quitting. Me it it feels like the time i was chewing was the foggy part and as i get more and more time without nicotine i am thinking clearer. I guess thats the brain healing. Like i said the odd thing is how im finding i enjoy things again. When i was chewing i didnt enjoy anything i was just miserable. I notice lately i am havign a hard time sleeping, waking up at 4 or 5 am but it isnt like when i was using where i had a hard time waking up or just dragging myself out of bed. I wake up now hardly ever with a headache or feeling like shit. I notice also my legs/arms arent falling asleep, my joints dont ache. Thats why i said the physical effects of nicotine i didnt realize how much it was effecting my life.

        • Agreed. I’ve been really surprised at how much Nic affected everything I do/did do. It’s much more powerful than people want to think it is.

    • Congrats Tom! Stay strong. I’m coming up on two years quit. I have been addicted to weed and did some drinking for years. I think nothing compares to the power nicotine had over me. I think physiologically it just sticks with you. I suggest keeping a list of things to do when you get urges. This site will give you some suggestions. Those things work but if you just keep the list in the back of your mind your addiction will speak louder. Congrats! Welcome to freedom.

  25. I am on day 2. So far not 2 bad at a couple moments of anger over nothing but was able 2 calm down before yelling at anyone. Today has super strange for me I got to work and didn’t even remember driving in. I feel like I am autopilot. I asked a co worker the same question twenty minutes apart. Hope this don’t last forever.

  26. Day 33 for me… started dip at 18 and went on a five can a week of grizzly wintergreen pouches tear for about 3 and a half years up to age 21… I know i haven’t dipped for a long time but I made the choice to go cold turkey(straws, jolly ranchers, beef jerky) after my dad caught me and for the first time in my life told me I was a disappointment and stopped talking to me for a few weeks. He also constantly sent me google pictures of people whose faces and mouths got destroyed as a result of dip. Honestly today I feel great after a rough month… all of my friends chew and what keeps me going is to set an example to all of them that it can be done and they can quit when they decide to stop being ignorant about dipping. My mouth and teeth are killing me but I am satisfied knowing that there are many others going through the same pain as me. Thanks so much for this website I honestly wouldn’t know what to do with myself without it. There is no easy way out just do it. good luck to all.

  27. Day 92! Still feel like crap though (anxiety)… Does it sometimes take this long for the brain to rewire?

  28. I was on day 3 and I screwed up. I hate that I keep falling back to it even when I know how much it upset my brother

    • The main thing is to stick with it. I quit earlier in the year for 124 days. I had a relapse for a couple months but I am finally back on track. Keep up the great work!

  29. Day 81 and feeling great! Felt like I have come through the Fog and are out on the other side for now. But I have my guard up because I know it is ready to kick my butt if I am not. Thank god I found this site. Love reading about everyone’s battles out there. Stay strong!

    • Awesome to hear Rod! I’m right behind you, day 70 today and its been one of the first days that I’ve really felt myself since I quit.

  30. So I have been quit for almost a week now. I woke up this morning to find that my left cheek bone is sore. It’s not really pain it’s more of just discomfort. Is this normal?

    • Yes. Expect more of this. You’ll be hyper sensitive to every bump, sore spot, weird texture and tingle in your mouth for the next three weeks. Totally normal.

  31. OK. I’m on day 2 and this never gets easier. I quit 3 years ago for a whole year, caved and have been back at it for the last 2 years or so. This is the last time I will quit period.

    • LTZCHAZ and everyone else: There is no such thing as the last time you will quit. You quit Every Damn Day. Nicotine will always be hanging out waiting for a weakness so you have to commit to quit EDD. You focus only on One Day At A Time (ODAAT). Don’t think about tomorrow. Don’t worry about yesterday. Just kick the can’s ass for ONE DAY. CAN YOU DO IT? Can you say NO for just one little day? 24 hrs is all I ask. Just quit for one day. That can’t be that hard can it? It’s not a lifetime, just one day. Tomorrow? Check back tomorrow. We do this one day at a time.

    • Me to – I kicked this stuff about 2 years ago. And for some stupid reason I thought I could just pick up a can of Cope, have a dip or 2 and go right back. Well that was 2 years ago and here I am. Now I get to go through the fog again. I am already kind of feeling it less then 24 hours in. I know nicotine gum can help lift the fog, but is it a good idea? I mean, we are trying to get this poison out of our bodies, doesn’t the gum just put it back in?

      • No. It’s a terrible idea. Yes… nicotine gum will in fact “help lift the fog”. But you’re also correct that the REASON it’s lifting that fog is because it’s re-introducing the drug to your system. Stay away and keep on fighting!

    • I’m on day 5 going strong! Got fake non nicotine dip this stuff is a life saver!!!!!!

  32. Frank and those starting on day one, there aint no easy way out, like bull riders say, grab on to your nuts and hope for the best.

    • Man this is rough, went 5 days and couldn’t resist a pinch. I need some real help. Only been dipping for 9 months but it’s so damn hard to quit. I have to stay motivated. The main reason I want to quit is being able to see my gums change for the worse. Wish me luck guys.

      • There is no luck, dude. You have to quit! It reallt sucks for awhile. But, it DOES get better. I promise you it gets better. It’s cliche, but if I can quit…anyone can quit.
        Day 1553

      • Quit while you can man I’m 15 years old Ben dippin for 3 years and I’m trying to quit its hard af good luck man

  33. So I just spit what’s hopefully my last dip out. What are some tips to quit that made it easier for you folks?

    • Hard candies, Smokey Mountain and Dipstop helped me. I’m 80 days clean and going strong but it’s an everyday battle for me. At least the non-tobacco chew gives me something in my lip help relieves cravings. Good luck and God bless! You can do this!

    • Get as much crap around you to stuff in your mouth as possible. Toothpicks, fake chew, toenails clippings, whatever. The oral fixation is a real bitch. Realize that you will forget why you wanted to quit in the first place. You’ll honestly have a tough time recalling why you want to give it up. You’ll try to convince yourself that you can ‘wean’ yourself off it.
      As someone else on here told me when I quite 1,003 days ago, it took you a while to get addicted, it will take you a while to become wean yourself off it. This is a crockpot ordeal, not a microwave.
      Accept that it will be a bitch. Nicotine lets loose on it’s grip slooooooowly. The cravings to subside, and it is possible to work, golf, live without a chew in… or thinking about it. It just takes a while.
      Enjoy the suck, as they say.

    • Get some nicotine gum your flavor and follow the directions on the package and grab a keep a pocket full of mints and toss em in your mouth when you get a craving it helps to fight off urges if you have your mouth busy doing something.

  34. Day one begins. I have a feeling this is going to be the hardest thing I have ever done.

    • Lukestinson,
      Yep. One of the hardest things you will ever do. It’s brutal. Do whatever you can to get past the first 3 days, and then dig deep down and stay quit no matter what. At some point it will get easier. At some point it will be the best thing you ever did.

    • Franco is right, That dam Shit gets an Evil hold on ya, “One of the hardest things you will ever do. It’s brutal. Do whatever you can to get past the first 3 days”,

      Franco is completely right,

      Read up on the fog here, Be kind to yourself, Don’t Drink, Alcohol is not your friend during this time,

      You can do it, 34 years of the Nicotine, I’m on I’m on day 414 of my quit, Its worth it.

  35. Sorry I post on here so much. Today makes a solid week that I have nicotine free. Now I have a problem. My left cheek is thicker then the right and at night it goes numb. Does anyone know what causes this? Im getting a little freaked

    • I wouldnt freak. My first week or so my cheek was swollen too. I would wake up and it would be bad. I think its the increased blood flow. If its got you really worried or gets worse go to the er but dont use it as an excuse to chew again. More chew wont help.

    • Don’t Fret, Your healing that disaster you have made of your mouth, If your worried Go see the dentist, But is normal to have all sorts of mouth issues as you heal and 1 week is about the right time for it to start.

  36. Ok so I have laid the can down for a few days but, now my left cheek is swollen on the inside and it is tingling. I tried googling what it was but, that was a horrible idea.

    • So you ready to quit or just doing it for a few days? The cheek thing is normal, trying to heal itself. Keep doing it and it won’t be reversible.

    • Today is day 1

    • Just hang tuff. Most of us experienced the same thing. I was heavy user of anbesol for about the first two weeks.

    • Totally normal… and irritating. My mouth swelled up, and I ended up biting my cheeks so bad it was hard to eat. Tip of the month: STAY OFF GOOGLE! It will tell you everything is cool or you’re a dead man. No gray area. It’s a black pit of despair specially made for people with mild anxiety.

  37. I’m starting on this road today. Wish me luck, to get this shitty habit off my chest.

  38. I have been gone on a business trip for this week and just got back. I look through the posts of the week and all I can say is GREAT JOB to all the new quitters! Stay strong and ask for help if you need. Day 87 here and here for you! Take your life back.

  39. You can do it man. I’m on day 102 and loving it. Stay strong and lean on your brothers of quit. It may be rough at first but hang in there.

  40. Day 1 begins.

  41. Crazy. My record was 13 days no nicotine. My last time i screwed up after making it 11 days i was so discouraged i wasnt going to try again but i kept at it and somehow here i am at 22 days.

  42. When is a good time to head to the dentist after quitting? 2 weeks after quitting, a month? 2 months?

    • Commit to seeing the dentist. Have him check out your teeth and gums. He’ll probably want to do a 6 months follow up. Sooner rather than later is always better in my mind. If you wait, any potential issues that you may have…could get worse.

  43. Where can I get smokey mountain snuff or some other kind of fake dip at around columbia south carolina

    • from what I’ve seen, WalMart usually carries SMC. The other choices seem to be online is the best way to get it. Follow the links here.

    • I don’t really like giving this option to new/newer quitters, but if you find yourself in a jam…most Tobacco sales stores sell FAKE. That means those stores sell non-tobacco non-nicotine alternatives to dip, snuff, chew, or whatever you may call it.

  44. Jake’s Mint Chew has been nails in getting me off this shit. My question is; how bad is JMC for your health? I used to chew a can a day, and I’m doing about a can and 1/4 of JMC now… Anyone know?

    • Not exactly sure, but it’s made from mint leaves. One thing, it’s undoubtedly better for you than dip.

    • First, you chewed tobacco for years and that is brutal on your mouth, teeth, gums, etc. Your mouth is trying to recover from that. Most of use experienced sores, sore throat, etc., AFTER we quit cold turkey. Crazy, but it happens. So, you’ve introduced another irritant while your mouth is trying to heal. I’d assume that JMC is probably not that bad, but it’s probably going to slow the healing process. It would be ideal if you could cut back on that for a while to give your mouth more time to heal.

      A dentist could certainly talk about your gums and teeth and such, but I’ve generally found people don’t understand quitting dip unless they’ve done it. You might get answers from a dentist, but they might not be able to relate to what you are doing. Keep up the quit!

    • JMC (and any other products we have listed on our alternatives page) are 100% nicotine and tobacco free. Use them for as long as you need to. I personally chewed about a can / day of fake stuff for a good 200+ days into my quit.

      That said, placing ANYTHING between your cheek and gum is “worse” for your health than placing nothing there. We got one dentist’s opinion on how safe fake dip is here:

      ALL of that being said, I’d say your 1/4 can per day is perfectly acceptable and is not “bad” for your health at all.

  45. this is for Zach and Chris and all the others that are thinking about quitting or have quit and have questions: You are in the right place. Here on the main site or if you have time, click over to the forums. This site has ALL the tools and information you need to quit. When you do quit, you’ll have a question or ten about what you experience. Nicotine is a BAD MOFO and it does things you won’t believe to your mind and body and the experience of getting off of NIC is something that cannot be described adequately until you are experiencing it and you read what someone else says and you go, “yes, yes, yes.” Quitting requires support–that’s what KTC is. It’s your support hotline. Take advantage and FREE yourself of the demon today. You CAN do it and this site and these people can help you do it.

  46. I play baseball year round and I’m really not sure how it’s even possible for me to quit since all of my teammates and do it all day everyday. I know I need to quit though because my family is very prone to cancer. I have tried weening myself off of it where I only have one dip a day and that’s been going good for a couple weeks now but how do I just quit cold turkey?

    • First off… you CAN quit. It’s simply a matter of making your decision.

      If you haven’t yet, join our forum – – with over 25,000 members it’s the best place on the web to get support and questions answered from people who know what you’re dealing with.

    • You toss the can. It’s scary. But, you have to set your mind to it that you will do this one day, one crave at a time. I want you to completely focus on only one thing–not dipping for ONE day. I’m not asking you to quit. I just want you to focus on not dipping for one day. Can you do that? Make that your top priority for ONE single day? Don’t think about tomorrow or next week or next year or what happens when you are around someone with a can–do WHATEVER it takes to get through this one day.

      • Thanks man I’ll try that. I won’t chew today and I’ll let you know how it goes

      • That is very good advise. I know I need to quit, feels like subconsciously I hit the store and buy a new can when trying. Shortening the thought process seems legit. I’m going to give it a shot.


  47. Im on day 13. And im about ready to naw my arm off. I have bit the inside of my mouth searching for the Skoal. My throat is sore when swallowing. I hope this gets better soon.

    • Think of it like jumping into a pool from a high dive and touching the bottom. You’re scraping the bottom right now from jumping off a daily stimulant rush. I was stunned at the physical effects of it.
      You took a drug several times a day for years. It won’t go away quietly, but it does go away, and yes, you will stop thinking about it. Next up- prepare for some anxiety and obsessive thoughts. You’re doing the right thing. Keep up the good fight!

  48. I’m about a month in on my quit. My left hand feels shaky/weak! Is this normal? Anxiety? HELP

    • I wouldn’t worry about it Chris. I’m at day 59 and I still have odd sensations, anxiety, and shakiness from time to time. I’m certain it will pass in its own time.

  49. 519 days in still crave chew everyday mother fucker I hate this shit fuuuuuuuuucccccccckkkkkkkkkkkk thanks just needed to vent a little

    • I’m 614 days free of the devil and Dude, I’m right there with ya. Every fucking day I say to myself at some point “damn, I sure would enjoy a dip right now”. Miss it like crazy, but I just can’t. Never again. But thanks for letting me know I’m not the only one!

  50. 18 days cold turkey. Saved $54 so far. This is a new record, ive never gone this long without nicotine. I came close to screwign up yesterday. Feeling depressed, just got a case of the f- its but somehow i pulled through. If i can make it through november i am going to reward myself with an expensive knife next month.

    • TOM S, this is hard. You will fee anxiety, depression and other challenges. Fight through it, stay strong and you will soon see light of day. Join the group and discuss this and other issues with others that have gone through and are going through just what you are dealing with.

      You can beat this but you must stay strong and vigilant. Congratulations on your quit.

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