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  1. Day 385, accomplishment yes, but not really when I dipped for 25 years. I’ll take it though. Never thought I could do it. Still dip fake which I need to stop for the cost of it. Being so long without nic I realize how powerful the drug is. I could buy a can today and start right back up. I won’t because I don’t want to be a slave again.

    Hang in there new quitters. I’m past a year on a 25 year can a day habit. Once you realize you don’t need it, things get much, much easier. Stay strong.

  2. 100 days today. Just wanted to share because no one else in my life seems to care. They hate it when I dipped and constantly said to quit, now that I quit they act like I just took out the trash. “Oh you quit, that’s nice” is all I get. Good thing I was doing this for myself. This is a big achievement for me that I didn’t think I could do at many points in my life. I finally did it, and it’s bitter sweet.

    • Congratulations!!! 100 days is a HUGE accomplishment whether anyone else recognizes it or not. As you said, you’re quitting for YOURSELF. YOU own your quit and you alone get to bask in the glory of what you have achieved. As you move forward in your quit each day will be more and more rewarding. Congratulations quitter. Proud to be quit with you today!

    • Congratulations on 100 days! That’s huge!! You have a big support group here that knows exactly what kind of hell you are going through! I’m on 23 days now and I feel so much better. I’m still struggling from time to time but it’s getting easier knowing people like you have my back and are right here fighting the same fight. Very proud of you bud! keep it up!!

    • Let me congratulate you to,those first 100 days really suck.Congrats REDTRUCKER.

    • That’s awesome and something to be proud of. I’m almost a week free, do you have any advice or “tricks”?

      • I felt I had 2 main hurdles to overcome, the physical problems with quitting and the mental problems with quitting. I overcame the mental problems by reminding myself of my motivation for quitting. Personally it was because I came to the realization that nicotine starved your brain for oxygen by constricting the blood vessels. I’ve just always been very wary when something affects my brain. Another facet of the mental problems were the habitual triggers that would set my cravings in motion. I tried to expose myself to these triggers intentionally when I was in a good mindset so I was stronger to resist them and break my habits.

        Physically, I had fatigue and oral cravings. I sucked on Ginseng root and cinnamon sticks to counter this. Ginseng helped with the fatigue and cinnamon sticks were just for oral fixation with a pleasant taste. Of course my quit wasn’t ideal. I’ve gained weight from snacking when I would normally dip, because I was uncomfortable with the idleness.

        In short, I don’t think there are any cure-all methods of quitting, even the drugs designed to help. I think that it all stems from and must be continuallybe reinforced by your initial desire to quit, whatever that may be.

    • Jesse Frankenfield

      GOOD for you bud, Im still dipping but I imagine it might be the same thing on my end when I go to quit. Ive been thinking about it for a while mainly because of the money but now that the recall has happened I think this is a good time to start.

      Keep kicking some ass!!

    • I care! I’m looking forward to reaching my 100th day and accomplishing what you already have. Good job, stay strong, and keep going.

    • Your family never will understand what a great accomplishment you have achieved and that’s okay. As long as you truly understand the strength and struggle it took to get you where you are today. Congrats on that 💯, you’ve definitely earned it my friend!!!

    • Red….so proud of you brother….it’;s brutal….Man I am with you….34 years, can a day….I’m like 50…. I’m good mentally… I just don’t want it anymore….hang in there bud… I have your back….. Johnny…..Huge bro…..Huge

    • TimothyTreadwell

      I’m 5 days in myself and my girlfriend thinks it’s like I stopped eating potatoe chips, we get it hang in there bud.

  3. Day 530. I quit a 25 year plus habit in Aug of 2015. I never thought i could quit but that year i gained custody of my children in a divorce. I thought if i died from dipping i would be the biggest jack ass. I decided to buy some fake dip and give it a try. I found this site where tons of guys and some gals were dealing with the same addiction and were beating it. Long story short its 530 days later, I still have an occasional Jakes mint or throw in a teaza before working out but i do not miss my demon Kodiak at all. Truly blessed and if i can do it so can you. Nic free in 17.
    Good luck

  4. Hey guys I’m new and I plan on quitting any advise?

    • You’re in the right spot Jake. If you haven’t yet, get involved with our forums at where we have nearly 30,000 members who “get it” because we’ve all been there before. Take it one day at a time, drink lots of water and buckle that chinstrap… it’s going to be bumpy for a while but 100% worth it.

  5. Although I did not go cold turkey with nicotine on the first week I am now at day 26 without tobacco. I chewed 1 2mg piece of gum a day for the first week and then I just stopped chewing that. I dipped for 22 years about a half a can a day. No physical withdrawals now just psychological ones. I miss it but I know I must quit for my health. Exercise and lifting have really helped. I do cardio twice a day and lift once a day. It keeps me from the urge.

  6. Any tips on how to quit ? I’m 28 years old. Started dipping when I was 13. I can go through a can in a days times. Sometimes more. Really Wanting to quit

    • I would say get a quit day about 2 weeks in advanced. I have been off nicotine for 40 days! Loving it and this is the longest I have been. I did a can a day for at least 5 years and been dipping around 7 years. One day just said I want more time spent with my family. Have saved 200 dollars! Just do it and think of everything you want to quit for.

      • Also get prepared for some of the worst withdrawal symptoms you’ve ever experienced. You might be different because not everyone gets the same symptoms, but if your symptoms are anything like mine your gonna need someone to vent your frustration to.

    • I dipped about the same amount of years you did. From age 17-32. I’m on day 29 right now. Go cold turkey if you can. Quickest way to get rid of nicotine. If you don’t feel like you can go cold turkey I would suggest starting with nicotine gum ( but only when you absolutely need it). I started doing 5 pieces a day, worked myself down to 2 pieces a day and I haven’t had any nicotine gum in the last 5 days. I would highly suggest fake dip for the oral fixation. I use Smokey Mountain Wintergreen and Triumph Wintergreen (All nicotine and tobacco free). I dipped cope wintergreen for almost 6 years (did skoal Wintergreen for 9 years before that). Triumph is the best fake dip I’ve ran into (Trust me I tried them all). They even have different levels of nicotine in them to help ween your nicotine levels down to zero. They have a full, half, quarter, and zero nicotine option. Whatever you do man DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT use any real tobacco once during your quit. Fight it to the very freaking end if you have to. If you need support or tips just reply on this site to me or the other guys. We quit with you!!!

      • I’m starting day 7. I have been dipping for 16 years. At my peak, I dipped 3-5cans a week, Kodak wintergreen and then Grizzly Straight. I quit at one point for nearly three months but started back, a couple years ago. I’m doing cold turkey. I’m miserable, but as you said, you have to fight it. I have my little one at home. My dad quit 2 years ago, after 40 plus years, so anybody can. He had been trying for nearly a decade.

    • A good way to start your quit is to make yourself look at the cancer pics. It really puts chewing into perspective. It made me sick to my stomach looking at them but it strengthened my resolve.

    • Only one way, get some fake dip, candy, seeds, whatever it takes to help combat the cravings, then throw the can in the trash. Cold turkey is the only way to go. It sucks but you can do it. Check in here as often as you can.

    • Water. Drink a shit load of water at least for the first couple days. And keep yourself busy doing things that don’t remind you of chewing.
      I’m on day 268. I ran out one day and just said screw it. I was a can a day or so.

  7. Hey all. This coming weekend will be 500 days since I quit dipping. At my worst, I basically had a dip in anytime I wasn’t eating. Don’t build quitting up in your head as some impossible thing. It’s not. People do it every day. It’ll get better and it’ll get easier. Good luck!

    • Congrats Mike!! I was just like you, dipping anytime I was not eating> So I understand that part!! 30 yrs of doing this. 3 cans per week! I am only on my day12 but as you say it can be done! Doing this for myself #1 to feel free again and 2nd to my 12 year old daughter that anything can be done if you are sincere about it enough!!
      You are a great example of support for me and many others I assume!! Thanks!!

    • Awesome man! I have to second what Mike says. I’m on day 21 after dipping over a can a day for 6 years. The biggest thing holding me back from quitting was that I had created this false idea that quitting was an impossible act and that I wasn’t capable as a man to fight the cravings. Biggest lie i’ve ever told myself. Quitting dip has given me confidence in so many other areas of my life.

  8. Craigselk66,
    I was looking for you in our members list and did not find you. I think you go by a different name in the site. Please message me on the site. Would love to touch base.


    • Dundippin,
      I’m not real tech savvy… all. I have no clue how to message on the site….I’ve only posted on this page….

      I actually tried to log in tonight….didn’t work…..

      Probably gonna need a little help to get up to speed.

      I finally am registered under my same name….and I sent ya a message, but AGAIN….I’m NOT a tech guy at all… no clue if it worked….or where it went.

      But either way…..I’m available if ya want to chat.


  9. Question for everyone here. I’ve been tobacco free for 26 days now and nicotine free for 3 days. My withdrawal symptoms have gotten better but I still sometimes feel some jaw pain, pressure on my lymph nodes, and like something is inside the left side of my throat (the side I used to dip most on). The doc gave me some amoxicylyn which seems to have helped some but I’m still experiencing these symptoms.

    Does this crap every go away? My buddy said he had the same symptoms for almost two months when he quit. Has anyone here had these same experiences? I’m going back to the doc on Wednesday to have some screenings done to make sure everything is good.



    • All normal, but you should really think about signing up for the forum and get daily support.

    • Josh,
      I put down the can just yesterday because of these symptoms. Soar jaw line on side I chewed, swollen cheek, and ear ache. I’ve read here and there that this is what can happen but I’ve also read these things can mean the worst. I’m interested who else had these feelings and did they go away??

      • Rob – Glad to hear your quitting. Lots of support on this site. Also lots of different stories and experiences which is also good. When i quit 98 days ago i made appointments with my dentist and doctor. I told them both i was quitting, that I was concerned about oral cancer and asked for as full a work up they could give me. I got CT scans, blood work, scaling/planing of teeth, etc. For me all has been good and Im happy they went overboard for me. In a way, by my doctors doing that for me i felt i owed them to stay quit. Another thing if you are new to quitting, anxiety could be bad. Tobacco can be a good “pacifier” for anxiety and once its gone, anxiety can/will rage. It sucks. Fortunately, my episodes are getting further and further apart. Dont be afraid to talk to your doctor about it and and get medication if needed. I was prescribed Xanax. Im still on my 1st prescription and havent had to take 1 for about 10 days. So hour by hour, day by day or week by week – whatever short term goals you set for yourself, stick to them and stay quit. Again, there is a lot of support here but end of day, this is your journey and will come down to how bad do you want it. God Bless and Good Luck.

        • I’m at day 141 and the past 2 weeks have been hell. The brain fog comes everyday. It’s debilitating. It was bad in month 1 but it’s back and will not clear. I’m thinking about seeing my doctor for some meds next week. I’ve read on here that a lot of folks have needed meds to help with the fog and anxiety. I think it’s my turn to try. My brain hasn’t totally re-wired since my quit. I did break down and had one dip 2 weeks ago. Surely that didn’t reset my progress. I need some advice.

          • Craig,
            It’s well documented on this site…..lots of us have experienced pure hell in the mid 150s….stay strong man… will pass. There are a few other milestone “speed bumps” that will hit you later in your journey…..if you think a trip to the doctor will help ease your anxiety/mind….then do so. But you’re gonna have to battle thru the fog on your own…..I GUARANTEE IT WILL PASS!!!!!!!
            I was there once… I’m around 480s quit….it gets so much better….but it’s a long…long….long process.

            Stay the course my man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Buddy it goes away. I quit cold turkey july 30 2016, 40 years in the making Im 54 and had the same symptoms – don’t waste time with the Dr, especially with Obamacrapcare. It just takes time. drink lots of water and sweat as much as you can. That moves the poisons out of your system.. My wife teaches how to cope with change like this- so she refers to your urges as the wave- when you have the urge, ride the wave for 3 minutes .. then revisit the urge, it usually is gone. u got this-

  10. Day 474 I have a question? Can nicotine be stored in fat cells? Ive said before one thing that really helped me especially early in my quit is excercising/lifting weights. Last oct when we had the fire by my house i messed up my back and had to stop. It had been killing me not being able to lift but i kept restraining my back. About two weeks ago i finally started again and i have been going nuts lifting. I was feeling really good last week. Then the last 3-4 nights ive been sleeping very uneasy and waking up feeling nervous? When i was at a doctors office last week i see ive lost 20 pounds since i quit nicotine. I am wondering if nicotine or even medications could be stored in my fat cells and now being released? Last month i also completely cut sodas out of my diet. I drink water mostly but also a few glasses of OJ?

    • Hi TomS if you lift heavy to often your central nervous system doesn’t get a chance to recover and it affects your sleep.Weightlifting triggered two massive anxiety attacks when I was 70-80 days quit.

      • ??? No Sht?? I did not know that but that explains alot. I took today off so hopefully ill sleep better tonight. thanks for the info.

        • Interesting conversation you have going on here Tom S. and SteveB. I am at day 505 and you are making me feel better about what I went through.

          I will tell you that I do vary my lifts so I lift heavy on my benches one day, do cardio the next, lift heavy with back work the next day, cardio the next, then lift heavy with my legs and then cardio and then take a day off.

          So I do vary my workout, but when I went heavy for consecutive weeks I went into major rages. Terrible. My darling wife of 29 years was becoming fearful of me.

          I reduced the amount of weight I was lifting but did the same number of reps. I eased up on pushing myself constantly and added more stretching and cardio after my lifts.

          This helped me become “human” again.

          So to any of you quitting and lifting, be on the lookout for those lifting rages and reduce the amount of weight you are trying to lift when those rages hit.

          Instead of going heavy every week, try just going heavy every two or three weeks. Change up how often you go heavy to make sure others can live with you and you can live with yourself.

          We have enough issues with the rages when quitting without adding to the possibility.

          I hope this helps someone out there.

          • Dunndippin I’ve lifted for years and never had any of these crazy and mean crazy things happened while lifting or right after until I quit dipping cope for 29 yrs. Congratulations on 505 days I’m 250 and it helps to know how you guys ahead of us are doing.

          • Idk i am somewhat new at working out. I lifted weights(kinda) when i chewed but one thing i noticed is when i chewed i saw/felt no benifits i still always just felt out of energy. After quitting chew i really started noticing how much better i felt when i exercised. When i hurt my back i had to quit for months so when i started i was going nuts. I was curling 60 pounds in reps of 20 and doing 20 sets of those. Idk if thats good or not but doing standing curls my back cant handle more than that much weight. I want to join a gym and start cardio but i need to get some shoes. Right now all i have is my keens and i dont want to tear them up jogging. I think SteveB was right, im not going apesht everyday lifting
            . Im still feeling good but am also not getting that nervous or restless feeling trying to sleep.

          • Hey TomS that’s a lot,you lifted 24,000 pounds,no wonder your tired.If you go to bed 10:00 pm and wake up at 1:00 am and can’t sleep the rest of the night your central nervous system hasn’t cooled off(sort of) it’s a little more comlicated than that,but that’s a good indicator your pushing to hard.Always lift weights nice and calm,don’t get psyched up just lift the weights like it’s a job.It makes no difference if your lifting 60lbs or 600lbs,also leave a rep or two in the tank you will get stronger faster and recover quicker.I’m no expert,this is just my own experience and from what I’ve read.

  11. Its easy to start. Throw your can away amd dont dip no more. Easy.

  12. Do they make this fake stuff in long cut and a brand and flavor close to straight?

    • They make a good straight flavor in Smokey Mountain.

    • Scroll up, on the left side it says Your Quit, click on that, then click on Smokeless Alternatives. A ton of information in there. Smokey Mt & Hooch make long cuts, Hooch makes a Rough Cut, similiar to long cut. I’m partial to Hooch, but checkout the review sections. Most of the companies make sample packets that are a really good deal. Warning, I advise all people checking out fake dips for the 1st time, you need to dumb down your expectations. There ia nothing gonna replace that crap laced with addictive chemicals you put in your lips for yrs. But the fake dips serve as a great tool & have helped me stay quit for 2 yrs next month.

  13. Wow one month! It’s been 32 days I quit the day after Christmas. The reason being it’s been 5 years held up by chew. I have lost 10 pounds that I initially gained and plan on losing more! This is the longest I have gone and I am ready for my future without dip! Thanks for everyone’s stories and can’t wait to post on my 100 days!

    • I’m ready how do you start. I was going to use a pill but at $400 a month I about shit myself. Jan 28,017 is the day

      • Hey Ted! All I did was quit cold turkey! After 5 days I felt okay and just started to work out twice a day because I was so angry and wanted to push myself! Has been the best decision! After a month feeling great and a lot better shape because of it! I’m about to propose to my girlfriend of 6 years she is so excited I quit!

        • Iowacorn, congrats I hope she says yes after all those years. I just made it to 48 hrs, I am still going strong chewing the hell out of some gum.

    • Grats!!! You got this. Just keep in mind what you have to lose. Theres no excuse for turning back now throwing away all you have fought for. Thats nuts, i was at a docs office yesterday and weighed myself. Ive lost 20 pounds 471 days ago since i quit.

  14. My day 500 Post Today:

    Dundippin – day 500, no nic today. I quit with @Sigman45 and all of Dec, Mike1966, Johnnodip, Boelker62 and all our supporters! I am amazed at how far we have come. The craves are finally over and I finally feel “normal”. Thanks to all of you who quit with me every damn day.

    Thank you KTC for being here and helping us all to quit.

    • How long before the cravings are completely gone? I know everyone is different, but how long before they were gone for you? I’m on day 8.

      • Corey K,
        I had cravings up to my 450s. It takes forever to leave. I found that the longer you go the longer the span between craves but they still come. You always need to keep your guard up.

        I quit with you today.

      • Corey like you said it is different for most. But I did not feel great till day 139. Hope you do better way before that ! Quit On.

        • I don’t feel terrible at day 12, but it’s just a continuous lingering feeling of wanting a dip. Might try that fake stuff. Feel like I’m just missing the feeling more than the craving.

    • DUNDIPPIN…..Congrats on 500!!! I’m right behind you and have always followed your journey and waited for your posts. You have been an inspiration to me personally…..and have helped me through many tough stretches. I am also starting to feel “normal”….and in about 30 days when I hit 500….I hope to continue to follow in your footsteps and feel even better.

      Keep up the good fight my man!!
      And thanks for helping me gain my freedom!!!!

      • Craigselk66, thank you so much for your kind words. Brought tears to my eyes. I worry at times that I am more of a loner and known as one of those guys who post and run.

        I am happy to know my words have helped at least one fellow member.

        Thank you so much and congratulations on being so close to the big 500!

        I look forward to celebrating your 500!

  15. Im on day 91. Im currently on an annual golf trip with a bunch of guys and as you can imagine there is a lot of tobacco within the group. I give thanks to God for the strength and thanks to all of you for the accountability this site provides. Tomorrow I will be 92 days dip/cigar/tobacco/nicotine free.

  16. 467 days 4am Just woke up from a dream where i had screwed up and started using tobacco again. Damn i hate those dreams. Idk why but i have a splitting headache also. Took me a few minutes to get my bearings and realize i hadnt messed up, it was only a dream. I cannot imagine throwing away 467 days. I am just glad i dont have these dreams very often.

    • Hey Tom, day 497 and I have not had one of those dreams for about 50 d ays. It scared me to death. I was thinking all that time dedicated to my quit and I broke. I was so glad it was just a dream.

      I quit with you today.

      • Funny i usually dream about weird stuff like being batman fighting tony stark, giant killer rats taking over the world, Tigers at the dog park, being a secret agent on black ops in red russia, etc and usually i wake up laughing but a dream where i am using tobacco has left me shaken. I have gained so much in the last 15 months. All you guys early in your quit dont give up.

  17. I’m on day 1 again. I’m on year 14 of dipping. Quit multiple times, once for 2 months, a couple weeks and probably 4 times for 4 days. I put myself through hell 4 times just to go back to it after getting over the initial stage. Trying again, my gums feel like they’re falling apart, small white pieces coming off, receding gums… really bad stuff and I’m in my early 30’s. This time I’m quitting for good.

    • you got this

    • It will be five years in April for me. Feels great to not be addicted. You got this!

    • Same situation here. I chewed last night after 2 months of quitting. I have had extremely bad insomnia for 2 weeks and I had had enough. Hoping it’s just a 1 day thing, but I’m not sure. Going nights with zero sleep is hell.

      • You can do it. I’m on day 3 now even after watching my Packers lose. I feel like I’m going to die all the time, but we won’t. It’s the worst experience I could imagine, but we will succeed! We can and will beat this!

        • That’s what the nic bitch wants people to think to keep that hold on you I really really hate that shit more everyday for what it has done to me and countless others

      • Wiki the insomnia absolutely sucks,when you get past this part your sleep will be more restful even if you get less hours you will feel better.Do not give up.

      • Been quit since Sept 13. I was over all the mental clarity and fog issues. Then i caved and had a whole tin one stressful week. I feel like I am going through those symptoms all over again. The dizziness and concentration, mental focus and memory issues are back. I hate this addiction. It’s crazy how the high is worth the pain at that given moment. I need to stay stronger than the urge to grab a dip.

      • You start back on the quitting path again? I’m on day 7 and still going strong! Have my ups and downs, but trying to stay strong.

    • you need to copy/ paste and save what you just typed so that next time you even think about reaching for that can, you have a fresh reminder of why you even wanted to quit in the first place

    • You can do this for good, gotta have faith, I’m on day 22 and yes sometimes I feel like buying a can but I tell myself no no no why throw it all away just to start all over again, eventually the urge passes just gotta be strong and fight one day at a time

  18. I had quit 7 days ago. I was using Grinds and Jake’s MintChew and I fell off the wagon today. School started and I was having massive anxiety attacks to the point I wanted to quit school (Junior Engineering Major). Just found this website… I hope using KTC will help me stay on the path.

    • I dipped skoal wintergreen for 9 years and cope wintergreen pouches for 6 years. Dipped 15 years total man. I’m on day 14 of my quit. The best fake chew I’ve found so far (and I’ve tried almost all of them) is Triumph wintergreen and Smokey Mountain Wintergreen. I’m working myself down with nicotine gum as well. I chewed 6 pieces a day my first week and I’m down to 5 pieces a day here in 14 second week. Most of my major withdrawal symptoms are gone (except for the feeling that something is sticking in the left side of my throat). I only try to put in a piece of nicotine gum if my urge or craving gets so bad that I feel like I’m gonna cave completely. You just gotta find your own method that works for you man. I can tell you after the first 10 days I’ve felt a lot better and I don’t think about Copenhagen 24/7.

      • Josh – glad your trying to quit but if you are still chewing nicotine gum everyday, then nicotine is still in your system which means you haven’t had the full pleasure of withdrawl yet. Throw it all away and get on with real quitting. I understand this may sound harsh but it’s the best way. Good luck!

      • Josh if your using the gum and still have all those symptoms the gums not helping,you don’t need it.

    • Gary, when you get the anxiety attacks, try meditating. Visualize yourself successfully completing your assignments, contributing in class and writing whatever papers you will be assigned to write. Visual and then believe in your success.

      You also need to quit thinking that dip is a magic bullet under your lip that is helping you. It is not. It is keeping you distracted and focused on where to dip, where to spit, when to do your next dip, when are you going to run out, how much to have on hand, can you do a dip in class with no one noticing, what happens if you have a dip and that cute girl comes up to speak with you……..

      Give it up. Quit debating whether to do another dip or not and just stop.

      Then come on the site. Post your introduction, post roll call today and every other day of your life.

      I quit with you today.

  19. Heads up Jake’s Mint Chew users, they are running a 20% off special till Friday.

  20. Day 174. Saved $1134.00 so far. Haven’t even thought about a dip today. Just here to check on you cats. Stay strong. I’m thinking about all of you.

    • Great job – I am on Day 319 and have saved $3400 – for everyone out there – you can do it – just drop the nicotine and the nicotine supplements like gum – they only make it worse.

  21. day one is going alright, I’ve proved to myself that i can do it. mentally i feel like i can stay level headed. physically i fell like a wreck. I feel like I’m gonna puke, I’m not talkative, and i don’t feel like doing anything. lol work is going to be a struggle today.

    • You can do it brother. I’m on day 11 of my quit. My first 7 days were rough. I had jaw pain, feeling of something stuck in my throat, swollen nodes, sore throat. You name it. Yesterday my cravings were really hitting me but I powered through it. If you need the oral fixation I suggest get some fake nic free snuff. That’s what I’ve been using. If you feel like your about to cave in just keep coming to this site. I check it everyday. I still have some jaw and throats problems but it’s been slowly but surely receding over time.

  22. I’m about 80 days into my quit and just like everyone here, some of my days are better than others. Today I came across a Bible verse that I think defines/sums up what we are all trying to do here on this site and thought I would share. 1st Corinthians 16:13 “Be on the alert, stand firm in the faith, act like Men, be Strong”

    • On day 8. Jaw hurts, dizziness, sore throat, nausea, stomach problems, swollen glands and nodes, headaches, insomnia and feeling like something’s stuck in my throat. I feel absolutely horrible right now but I’m not giving up. I was in the store today and could see the beloved cope wintergreen pouches I once knew. Instead, I bought a can of smokey mountain herbal chew. You guys are really inspiring me right now. If you have any other suggestions to help with quiting I’m all ears. I’m currently on 3 pieces of nicotine gum a day but damn I can still feel the nicotine withdrawal. Please pray for me. I’m gonna go get some x-rays and other stuff done in a couple of weeks just to make sure I’m cancer free. Started dipping at age 17. I’m 32 now.

      • I’m with you man. Put your faith in God and it will pass. I had the same symptoms and panic attacks. My blood work came back great. It will be ok. Don’t panic. Get rest and know that your body is cleaning. Pray!

      • Hey Josh,good.All of the trips to the doctor and dentist will help ease your mind but it’s just going to take time.Give it some time.Get rid of the gum.

      • Josh everything you are experiencing is completely normal. Dump the nic gum its just prolonging your withdrawal!!!! Look up at the top of the page right hand corner click on quit groups. Go find April 17 and post your pledge to not use nicotine for the day then keep your promise. You can go one day without nic can’t you? There will be plenty of people to help you there. If not go into live chat and there will be some BAQ in there who can help. One thing we don’t allow nicotine in form in the quit groups. With the help of KTC I am 506 days nicotine free after being addicted for 30 year.

      • Josh, hang in there bro. I’m day 17, 34 years can a day…I have the exact same symptoms you do, but I’m done with it.
        If I can do it you can… I’m not craving it and I don’t want it, I just want to get some days under my belt, eventually months, get the skeletons to move on.

        • Hey Johnny, hang in there. I’m at 164 after 36 years. It hasn’t been easy but as most will say on this site, it gets a little better each day. One day at a time brother. Good luck, I quit with you today.

          • Thanks Bob…. I’m golden, I do not want it any more, cold turkey, nothing for me, 34 years….can a day.
            Hang in there Josh, ditch the gum bro, get on with it….your good bro, I got your back
            I’m day 22 and finally starting to feel better…my head is still plugged up, horrible sinus headache but my mouth and gums feel great, sore throat….
            Thanks men for the kind words….. it is pure evil…. why in the heck did we go so long ??

      • I’m only on day 2 and having tough time ! Can anyone tell me what the worst stretch will be ? Paranoid about jaw pain and throat pain because I will start to think it’s cancer or something !

        • id say the first 10 days are the worst as far as cravings and all go but the mouth and jaw pain will come and go for months throughout your quit, then around the 70s the cravings will come back in full effect, almost as bad as they were to start with….and all this after you have been on cruise control for weeks. The good news is, by this time you have already trained your mind to ignore all the old tricks and you are to smart to fall victim to Dr Nic. The whole quit things is 95% mental and 5% everything else. Take it from a can a day guy for over 22 years

        • Today is day 2 for me also. The worst stretch is all the time it feels like. I’ve been using grinds to mane it easier but it’s been brutal quitting. “You can’t have no in your heart.” – Joe Dirt

  23. Hey guys, just joined the HOF April group with my quit date on 1/10/17 after years of college hockey and a home repairs job, then onto reading stuff all day at my new job with one in. Been a little out and about and haven’t been around my computer much outside work, where we block everything so I haven’t been able to post much. My days are pure hell. My wife is the best and asks me about it a lot, but the guy who sits across from me in cubicle land dips, so there are triggers all the time. I told him about this site and he set abwuit date for 2/1/17 and he only chews sunflower seeds at work in front of me. Mental fog, anxiety, all of it is all day, but I’m more productive in the morning, am saving money and spending time with my wife, it feels awesome. This site is so helpful and it’s good to read everyone struggling too, reminds you that you’re not alone.

  24. I have made a few attempts in the past, but failed. I decided I was going to make another attempt on Monday (1/9/17). To start, I cut down (I highly recommend to do first) my intake on Monday by 50% (from 10 to 4-5 chews a day) and kept it steady on Tuesday (1/10/17). To be honest, cutting back is not easy, but will get your body to start ridding itself of nicotine and get you ready for a higher level of abstinence. I worked with time. I timed myself between chews—I tried to keep it 4 or more hours between chews. This will help as you completely stop or reduce your chews to 0. To be continued…..

    • The time and date being shown is not the same as my present location so you’ll notice a difference in the dates I’m providing. Anyway, on Wednesday (1/11/17) Day 1 I made it through 14 hours from the time I woke up 6:30AM to 8:30PM before I became weak and mixed another chew. Although it’s been just that many hours, I experienced a high that I didn’t like and a very minor headache. This gave me 1 more reason to quit–NOT Liking it anymore.

      It’s a battle! I used my distractions/replacements: toothpicks, gum, hard candy, snacks (VERY IMPORTANT) to get me through the day. The last 2 may be unhealthy, but I don’t want to be choosy or picky with what I use to deal with cravings…whatever I think will work, I’m using it.

      To not chew after meals, I kept my meals at a acceptable size or portion; I think it’s a bad idea to eat to a full stomach. After having lunch, I stepped out of the office and just went to the nearest Price Costco and walked around until I felt my craving dissipate.

      Right now, it’s Thursday (1/12/17) 10AM and still notice that the cravings are still strong, but gonna take it a second, minute, an hour at a time with my distractions ready for me. NOT going for that 1 chew like last night…..nope…didn’t like the feeling.

      I need to get this out of my life. It has taken control of most of my life so far and I’m angry I waited this long to fight this at a higher level. I want to defeat this as soon as I can–better now or late then never, right?

    • Geralt- being on the site is a step in the right direction. I think you will hear from most on this site that Cold Turkey is the only way to go. 72 hrs is what it takes to get nic out of your system. I think you will also find everyone on this site is very serious about their quit and because of that will speak in a very blunt fashion. So with that in mind, cutting back is not quitting, it is rationalizing staying an addict. Throw the can away and get on with it. Post Roll and start working towards HOF. If you quit (and stay that way) you will find suport and empathy here.

      • Thank you for your response Justapinch and hope to have more motivation and support as I continue this struggle. I am very serious about my quit (16 straight years of chewing). I will continue to post any important updates or experiences that may help. Thank you!

        • As justapinch stated, cold turkey is the only way.
          It hit me like a ton of bricks on Tuesday the 9th and I was just done! I celebrated the 48hr mark last night and I’m really excited to hit my 72hrs tonight.
          From there, it’s all the habitual crap we do and not the nicotine.

        • I am not a veteran by any means, but cold turkey is the only way you can call yourself quit. I am quit 103 days today, and there have been some really rough spells, fog, anxiety, all that stuff, but every day you are quit is another notch on the belt. When you decide you have had your last dip…find your roll and post your promise EVERY DAY (a lesson I had to learn the hard way) that you won’t dip THAT day. One day at a time….and trust me it will get easier and lots of great men and women on this site to help you thru that bad shit. But you and you alone can determine when that quit date is.

    • Hello self, it’s been a while. Nice to see my first posts in this site and realize where I’m at now DAY 36. I did cave a few times after doing these (1/11/2017) posts, but my progress improved once I joined a quit group and started getting active in it. Wow, humbled and appreciative of the struggle I went through so far. IPNCT

  25. I am watching the congressional hearings and realizing that I could have never sat still in that type of pressure situation for such a long period of time. I would have to take a break every hour or so to do a dip or I would have lost it. It is great to see so many people able to sit so long under grueling circumstances. At least they are not addicted. They should count their blessings.

  26. Hey All. I’m new to KTC and I decided to lean on this site and its members to quit for good.
    I have used dip for about 4-5 years with some breaks here and there but have recently decided, Enough is enough!
    I am an anxious person anyway, so the stimulants in tobacco don’t help. Of course the withdrawal between “doses” doesn’t help either.

    So my last dip was last night at 6pm. Today is my first day with zero tobacco and I’m excited to never use again. Between what I’ve learned, what you all have to share and most importantly the guidance GOD gives…. I will beat this!

    • Zane, congratulations on your decision. I too decided to quit after getting over anxious and after doing all the snuff I could do I realized it was not helping.

      The way to quit successfully, is to decide you are quit and stop debating in your head whether you are going to dip one more time or not.

      So make that decision and the rest will be much easier.

      Go to the introduction section and announce yourself and tell us your story. Then go and post roll call under your HOF group. Let us know if you need help with this.

      I quit with you today.
      Dundippin, day 485, quit at the age of 59 after more than 40 years of dippin.

    • He will give you strength Zane

  27. Last Friday I went in for every dippers nightmare, a dentist appointment. My dentist found an infection in my wisdom tooth and sent me into emergency surgery after discovering a tumor the size of a thumb nail in my jaw (where I put my dip). I am still awaiting the biopsy of the tumor to find out if it is cancerous or not. With that said, I have not dipped in 5 days. I plan to quit regardless of the results. I never saw myself quitting and didn’t even mind spending what little money I had on dip (college). Just wanted to share my story with you guys because you are all quitting for the right reasons. Stay true to your goal and don’t give up. This has been a tough few days and with patience and helpful tips from this website I hope to be tobacco free forever.

  28. Hello,

    I’ve dipped for 15 years (and smoked on and off). I decided on 5 January 2017 to quit. It’s only been 5 days but this is the longest I’ve went without any tobacco. I hope I can keep going. Every time I feel the urge to throw a huge chaw in my lip I think of my six year old daughter.

    One day I just thought to myself “Is this really worth it? All I’m doing is paying a company to destroy my health for me.” and I threw an entire new roll of Copenhagen in the trash that day.

  29. Day 16 and curious if anyone else is experiencing a lot of anger like myself. I’ve had anger issues in the past and they are coming back on almost a daily basis since I’ve quit and I thought now at 29 years old I was over them

    • Ray- quit now for 1 week. I am pissed off and angry as well. Been working out, drinking lots of water and using fake dip. Just going to take some time – I take great satisfaction knowing I am beating this addiction!

    • Hi Ray. Yes, I felt alot of anger and went through alot of rages even into my early 400s. Day 484 and have finally been free and clear of that anger. Make sure you eat at least 3 square meals a day, drink plenty of water, get plenty of sleep and make sure you work out regularly. You may have to vary your workout, especially if you lift weights and adjust to minimize your rage. That is what I had to do.

      So, my bad news is that it will probably go on much longer than you wish. Good news is that we are all different and hopefully your rages will die down sooner than mine.

      However, once they are gone, you do not have to revisit.

      Stay focused on how great it is that you are quit, you made it through the first three days which are hell and you continue to reinforce that quit every day.

      I quit with you today.

      • The power of this website is that it lets people know what they’re going through is normal and if they can endure life will be better.

    • I’m on Day 6 brother and I can relate. It’s because your starving your body of the nicotine it craves. If your disciplined enough I would say buy some nicotine gum and chew 2-3 pieces a day. It will help calm it down.

  30. Well I did it, 365 days without any tobacco! I’m 44 now and finally free of the bullshit and baggage that follows chewing tobacco. This past year was a constant fight but a very necessary fight for my freedom. I just need to thank this web site and all the other fighters on it for picking me up when I was down. Is life perfect now, ” hell no”, but it sure feels nice to be free!

  31. Started Copenhagen snuff in 1994 as a freshman in high school. Up to a couple cans a day by the 20 year mark. Tried to quit a couple times but could never get away from the nagging part of me that just wanted the early morning snuff after breakfast, coffee, and throughout the day.

    Long story short….I found that most people make a big deal out of quitting because they need an accomplishment, or because they fail, and can’t admit how week and foolish it is to continue the habit: So they make quitting out to be a very hard thing. Even though most people probably don’t mean to be so negative, they are in telling others how hard quitting is, and about nagging thoughts years after they quit. So most people are defeated in the first few days of quitting because they think everyday of the rest of their life will be a struggle, like the first few days.

    I blocked out all advice, and conversation from people who were stuck in a negative, and realized that just as easily as I started I could quit. I didn’t struggle to make a habit out of dipping in 1994 so why struggle to not dip in 2016 ??

    The mental victory over a habit and other people’s negative comments were more than enough to drown the desire for nicotine, and I did it without a without a bad attitude. Positivity is the key and strength from GOD.

    It may take some time to align your focus, and to recognize any negativity that you may need to ignore, but if you stay positive, concentrate on something that will prosper you, and most important is don’t concentrate on failure. 95% of quitting is mental awareness and focus. 5% is drinking plenty of water, and dealing with 2 or 3 days of very light physical withdrawals.

    I quit 12/4/2016 and have no desire, or cravings. Even though my friends and work mates use Copenhagen or other smokeless tobacco. Don’t make quitting a mountain you can’t climb.

    • Hey Scott that’s outstanding,the withdrawals for me were heavy for 170 days.I’m on day 225,the cravings not an issue,after 29 years dipping cope I had enough.But still have withdrawal symptoms,dizziness,anxiety,things are much better but it was brutal at times.I come on this site and see guys in their 300’s still suffering and I know that’s gonna be me too.

      • I did try and fail a few times and I know something about what your saying, but just refuse to believe quitting has to be a struggle. Maybe better planning or physical condition would benefit you. All I’m saying is don’t let others define your circumstances. I quit 12/4/2016 and on the 3rd day I felt better than I had in years. Now I did quit eating fast food and soft drinks in 2013 so maybe that helped me physically. Concentration and focus on positivity is the difference.

    • Thanks for that Scott. I’m on day 1 & have been looking for motivation. It’s good to hear a different perspective.

  32. Hey guys, I’m 23 years old. Been dipping for almost 10 years, and for 8 years I’ve been goin through a can and a half a day. This is my first time quitting “cold turkey” without the use of nic gum or patches. I’m on day 5… I’m about to go insane. But I won’t cave ✊🏼, told myself I’m done with this shit running my life.

    • Keep it up brotha …. day 17 here and feel like a new person…. smoked 1 or 2 cigars since then when times got hard but besides that I’m doing great.

      • hate to break it to you and certainly don’t wanna be a Debbie downer but unless those cigars were nicotine free (and I have never seen any that were) then you have not quit cold turkey and are not on day 17

  33. I don’t often post on the Internet. But when I do, it’s on Kill The Can. Thanks to All. 165 days free after 40+ years of captivity.

  34. I’m quitting today and I’m 18. I’ve been dipping since around 16 and I need to quit with this crap. Is there any alternatives out there besides fake dip to use to give me the oral sensation that I get from dip?

    • Some people use coffee grounds. Scroll down a few, Chewie posted a link to alternatives. Checkout Grinds & Teaza. There are pouch alternatives you can swallow. I like Teaza myself. Kudos to you for realizing you should quit at such a young age, good luck Caleb.

    • Overcoming the oral sensation is a big thing. Try some of these options; sunflower seeds, toothpicks (I’d suggest plastic ones), gum, hard candy.

  35. Anthony brocchini

    Hey guys my name is anthony and I am 19 years old I started chewing when I was 14, I’ve tried to quit several times and every time I quit I just go right back to it. I’ve tired every way, so far nothing has worked. I feel at this point chew and nicotine have handcuffed me and will never let go, so i need some suggestions and help on how to quit for good and never look back on it

  36. This is day 1 for me. I’m going cold turkey. This morning on my way to work I just said screw it. Don’t stop for dip. Why not now? I’m sick of spending all that money and nothing to show for it. It’s only been 9 hours and I feel like I can’t quench my thirst and my face and arm have tingles. I don’t know. Could be in my head. This site is awesome. I just happened to be googling what to expect when you quit dip for physical stuff that’ll happen. This site popped up. The 100 reasons to quit article was hilarious. I keep going back to that to laugh and it helps with cravings because so many of them apply to us all.

    What does QSX stand for on the merchandise and stuff?

    • Hey Paul – congrats on day 1!!!

      The QSX stands for our original name, Quit, Smokeless, eXtreme

    • Today is day one. I have only been chewing for a year but I got up to a can a day. I’ve noticed that my gun line has receded and I know it’s time to stop I need help

    • Right there with ya Paul! I quit on the 3rd cold turkey. I’ve been quit in the past and it lasted over a year. It’s totally worth it, not really sure why I started again. Perhaps I thought I could keep it to a minimum. Well now I know I can’t I’m done with it forever.

  37. Hi, my names is Alex and I’m struggling to stop dipping. Been dipping since I was 16. started off with skoal mint longcut and cut it back to pouches over last 5-6 years.
    Im at a tin a day. 2 on a bad day. i feel like i am setting myself up for disaster down the road if i dont quit now.

    Also I quit drinking and doing drugs about 1 and half years ago so my tobacco use has been something i have tried to avoid.

    Any help here would be awesome.

    Many Thanks.

    • Hi Alex, I am 45 yrs old, 1st dip when I was 10. Will be 2 yrs quit in Feb, nothing easy about it. Read through the posts here, exercise, drink water, stay away from your idiot friends that don’t support you (I had those), skip alcohol for now, look into fake dips. It can be done, but it takes work. Good luck.

  38. My New Years Resolution is to quit. Going to need help.

  39. Day 245 and it still seriously sucks.!!!!! Will this ever go away.?? After over 6 months NIC free I thought it would long be over

    • The longer you are quit the less you feel the craves. Make sure you take care of the basics – 3 square meals a day, exercise every day and get at least 8 hours of sleep. Even with that you will still get those craves during high stress conditions. Just remember that you are done. It will get better but it takes years to go away.

      I quit with you today.

    • My quit day starts tomorrow morning guys going to need help

      • Good luck brother! It’s a rough road but tough it out. I promise, you’ll come back to this site a couple years from now and have no desire to chew or even smell it for that matter. I know, I’ve been in your shoes and with the right mindset, soon you’ll be in mine. The best advice I can give it pick a day and never look back.

    • Randy,
      Just hang in there man….I’m at #446 and it still sucks….but it’s a million times better than at the beginning….and I’m starting to get some “good stretches” of time where I almost feel normal.

      Stay quit and keep healing!!!!

  40. Hey Chewie, I’m just curious about how many members there are now?

  41. Very happy to say this is my second New Year’s where I was nicotine free. Many thanks to KTC and all its members. I could not have successfully quit without this site. Thank you.

  42. Day 158. Still sucking some days, but I’ve saved approximately $1k. Iowa prices. Bought a Glock!

    • Nice. Dont forget to reward yourself people. I bought myself a custom handmade sword for my one year anniversary. What a beauty. One of a kind.

    • Right on! Happy for you, today is the first day of my 25 year addiction ending. Stopping for my family and self. Congrats on the glock!

  43. Day 6. Last night I broke a PS4 controller which I have not done in quite some time. Also, had bad road rage this morning….pack a lip and chill was my mentality and didn’t seem as angry soooo is this normal

    • Naw, you’ll push thru it, get some fake dip.

    • Yes, for only being quit for a week, that is normal. It took me right around a week to not be short fused and anxious about every little thing. Then is started gradually getting better. I still had moments of that rage for 2-3 weeks, but it goes away so gradually that you hardly even realize that your mood is better than it was while you were dipping.

      I’m day 61, I still have cravings when I’m sitting idle, but for the most part its pretty easy by this point.

    • My temper has been bad the past couple days too so I’d say yeah. Day 6 for me.

  44. Went to the Dentist and everything looks great ! Day 7 and today was very tough wanted to pack a monster after the gym so bad…. but all I kept thinking about was the anxiety that DIP had given me about possible having oral cancer. NEVER AGAIN… I have ordered a variety pack of grinds !

  45. Day #407 Nicotine Free: Okay, so there is a lot of concern in the comments about Anxiety. Let me write a few things that I think(and hope)will help some folks. Like so many of the fine people have written on here before, it is perfectly normal to ‘feel’ what you feel! How long will you have to endure this? It is different for EVERYONE! Some of you will go only a few weeks; MANY of you will go months! I am one of those who went months! Up until now, you have dealt with EVERY issue, good and bad in your life, with a chew can; now, your baby doll has been taken away. Like an addict who gets sober for the first time in years, the world is quite a different place for you. You now have to come to terms with things AS THEY ARE, not as you used to ‘SEE’ them! I remember times when I so conditioned myself to think that every little pain was a MEDICAL EMERGENCY, literally! My mornings greeted me with chest pains, dizziness, confusion, heart palpitations, inability to think clearly, not being able to have a bowel movement, sweat and fatigue, not understanding my emotions, blood pressure increases, you name it! I could not believe what I had to deal with! Then, like so many ask on here, I kept asking myself is it worth quitting? You have assured yourself that it is impossible to deal with any situation without a chew. If this way of thinking has not convinced just how powerful nicotine has been in your life, nothing will! Your ENTIRE well being was influenced by a Chew Can! Needless to say, that is a cycle that is hard to break! Your addiction speaks LOUDLY to you! It tells you to come back and deal with life like before; this is why you now have anxiety! “You can’t make it!”, it screams at you…it’s a lie! You can make it! Don’t be bluffed by your cloudy thinking and thoughts. It will pass. Let each day pass, let more time pass. TRUST THE PROCESS! It works. ANXIETY WILL NOT KILL YOU! Your body(and mind) has the outstanding capability of healing itself and freeing you from this DEMON. Yes, the climb uphill takes a lot of strength; but just wait till you see the view from the TOP! I stay QUIT with ALL of you in 2017! Happy New Year!

    • Anxiety after dropping nicotine is a Bitch. Had a anxiety last yr that cost me 2 days kn the cardiac unit & a $5k deductible. But I’ve learned to cope & remain nicotine free as well as no anxiety medicine. Anxiety is no joke my friends, deal with it accordingly.

      • I developed an Anxiety Disorder this past summer after I had a Heart event (while on vacation) that resulted in me getting a Stent placed. Before that time, my Doctor was the Emergency Room meaning that unless i was hurt or really sick I didn’t see Doctors. I was in the Hospital for about 3 days and I can tell you I dipped about 2 cans a day while there. I was scared, I had just had a piece of wire mesh placed in my heart and I had no idea what to expect next. Besides a few broken bones I had never had health issues. I promise you all tobacco was my friend. When I finally got home I dipped A LOT. For 20’ish years i was a can/day dipper. After getting home it went to almost 2 cans/day. About a week after I got home I had my 1st panic attack attack. I thought I was dying. My chest was crushing pain, my hands and feet were numb and my pulse was racing. I remember before I went to get the Xanax, I put in a dip. 20 minutes later I was calmed down again. About 2 months after I got home is when I decided to quit tobacco. I went cold turkey and been Nic free for 62 days. What i didn’t realize is that part of nic withdrawal is Anxiety. Unfortunately, the combination of quitting tobacco and my now health Related Anxiety issues I’m dealing with is/has put a strain on my marriage. So short story long, I 100% agree with Dan O. Anxiety is very real and nothing to take lightly. For me personally, my health related anxiety I am dealing with far outweighs giving up tobacco. I look at this as a positive because its at least 1 thing (health related) i dont have to worry about. I log into this site everyday and read all the different posts. This site helps

      • i am on second day, i feel like some crack head or something, checking,stashes 4 times to find chew with no results lol, this sux….never thought actually a tobacco usernor addicted, i was wrong

    • Day 5 never going back you guys are the best…. any time I wanna throw a monster in my lip I just type in Google kill the can and I look to you guys for strength…… one day at a time!

    • I quit February 2016… Cold turkey with the help of Jesus…i started dipping drained and redrained tea, mixed with peppermint schnapps for the burn for about 5 months, just got the mind part.. I’m completely free now and your comment is 100% spot on brother

  46. I have dipped on and off for about 3-4 years I also drink heavily and occasionally smoke cigars… I went to the dentist on October 11th 2016 and everything looked good …. today is December 26th and I’m on day 3… can’t stop freaking out about a small pimple I found on my tounge. 🙁 tomorrow I am going to see a new dentist because my old one retired…. on top of everything I think I have a cold coughing . I’m 27 now and praying I did not ruin my life.

    • I also feel like I am dealing with debilitating anxiety and depression legit cannot leave my bed.

      • Adversity is not meant to be feared; it is meant to be worked through. If you truly want to quit, you will find great support and experience on this site. Stay focused and keep moving forward.

      • It will get better I’m on day 111 and still have hell with anxiety just about everyday but it always seems to go away just hang in there dude you will be fine.

        • Today is 104 days quit, I also still deal with anxiety and fear, the worst is in the mornings when I first wake up! All I wanna do is fall back asleep and never wake up. I keep holding on to the hope that it will pass

          • I have the same thing more or less…Day 93 and I could sleep all day> And I NEVER was anxious or depressed, every day was a new fun thing, and right now most days I struggle to be interested in anything. Sheesh I hope this goes away sometime soon.

    • Angelo, the main thing is that you quit and you stick with your quit. You are lucky in that you are young and you have not been dipping very long. The most important thing is that you realize that this is your last quit. No more on and off. You are quit and that is it. What a great Christmas and New Years present you gave yourself and your family. I quit with you today.

  47. These boards have helped me by letting me know I am not alone in my struggle and the experiences are common. I don’t see many solutions being offered beyond “stay strong”. I offer what I have done to combat some effects of the quit. Fatigue & the Fog: I “chew” on Ginseng root, really its sucking like a lozenge. It helps keep my head clear, gives a little boost of energy, and satisfies my oral fixation. Draw backs are that it does not help with sleeplessness and as with nicotine if you use ginseng later at night, it makes falling asleep harder.

    Habitual triggers: When I am in the right state of mind of “I definitely don’t want to dip” I try to expose myself to my old triggers that would really make me want to dip. It gives me a craving, but doing this intentionally lets me fight it easier and the next time the trigger comes along, its not as hard.

    My biggest problem is eating when I feel like I don’t have anything to do and normally would dip. I was 3 months into a diet when I decided on a whim to quit dipping. My diet has done to hell, but I don’t regret it. Now 2 months quit, I want to go back to my diet, but I find it harder. Any advice?

  48. I was straight edge for a good portion of my life, never had a taste of alcohol or nicotine til i hit 21. It all changed when i joined the military. i kept dipping for a few months after getting out until i noticed how receded my bottom gums are. finally one day i just stopped. I stopped around the time my daughter was born (1st child), being only 23 years old I wanna be able to live a full enough life to see her grow up and be a momma one day. However, i have given in a couple of times since. Anyone know any good tactics to help completely shut it out?

  49. So tonight I had 5 friends over. We all serve on a board of directors for a golf club and we were doing compensation/employee reviews. 3 of the 5 dipped. I’m 56 days quit. They all know I’m quit and asked of they could dip at my house. I said “absolutely!”. They all dipped, they offered me dip which I politely declined. I feel sad for them as I know what they are doing to themselves but very happy I had no desire to partake. I am quit. I’m sorry if I offend someone but “cavers” are sissies. If you REALLY want to quit, you can succeed.

    • Yeah, dipper friends can be complete asshats @ times.

      • At day 27 and I feel angry and frustrated at times. When will that end……

        • Idk that id ever say it ends. It certainly gets better but keep this in mind, even if you dip you are still going to feel angry and frustrated. Nicotine is a very temporary solution and when the effect wears off you will be right back at being angry and frustrated wanting more over and over. Day 27 dont throw it away because you may never make it back.

        • Tough to say exactly as everyone is different… for me I started to feel a bit better at around 40-50 days and then felt shitty again during days 80-90. Keep fighting, drink lots of water and get engaged here. You can do this!

  50. Day 883 quit. The first time I quit I thought the same thing, I can enjoy/handle a cigar once and awhile. Well that was a mistake. Next thing you know 6 months clean and I’m back at a can a day. Don’t fool yourself. I will never smoke a cigar again for fear it will eventually suck me back in. Stay strong!

  51. Day 53 for me and I had my 1st “Dip.Dream” last night. I have read about others who have had them so maybe that’s why I had 1. Either way, after I woke up in the middle of the night and confirmed that I hadn’t had a dip, I easily went back to sleep. Nicotine is not a part of me no more.

  52. I need help! I am hoping to get into contact with someone, I have been chewing coming up around 5 years. I need to stop and need a little support group. One week from today I plan on stopping and all the other times I have tried I have looked at the forums but I just need someone to be in contact with I believe.

    • You are at the right place IOWACORN. We have all been thru it, but quit today, stop that procrastinating crap. Get some fake dip or something to help with the cravings, they are a bitch. You can do it, but you gotta put in the time. Good Luck.

      • 10 days now thanks to you guys and looking at all the posts. Loving life. Can kiss my girlfriend without guilt/shame! I want it to be the last time I have ever dipped and probably done drinking too helping kick all these habits will maintain some great health! Thanks guys!

    • It’s a one-day-at-a-time kind of thing. I chewed for 35 years and decided one day to see how it would go without a chew. It was not easy but at the end of each day I realized I was doing it. A couple weeks went by and then a couple months. Again, this is not easy but little by little you start forgetting about it. Some days I really want one but now at the 6 month mark without a chew, I feel I am over the hump. I chew a lot of gum and have gained 15 pounds but knowing I am chew free is worth it. I am convinced that anyone can do this. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and making excuses. I agree with Dan O, don’t wait a week- STOP NOW. You can do it.

    • Some say don’t wait and start your quit today. I agree, but also feel that YOU have to be ready to quit. If you marked a date on your calendar then you need to stick with it. I quit on 10/20/16 cold turkey and after chewing for 30 years and am not looking back. I got a lot of help just by reading through the posts on this forum. Nobody here is here to judge as everyone is here to help.

  53. I am on day 2…I was starring at my mouth the other day searching for anything that looks suspicious when I thought to myself what the hell am I am doing, I am young got my whole life ahead of me. The thing is though I have been dipping for 5 years but I average 1.5 chaws per day and mostly at night so I am hoping nicotine gum will help me given that my intake is low. Ready for a fight still.

    • Hi Matt

      Good luck! Please remember this is a nicotine free site.

      • Oh iam sorry. Why is that,l? If I may ask.

        • Nicotine is the demon we are all trying to overcome. Dipping was our way of getting it into our system. By not eliminating Nicotine your setting yourself up for potential failure. Throw the can away and get on with quitting. There are a lot of successful quitters on this site that can help you through the tough times. The 1st couple weeks of withdrawl are pretty shitty BUT we all deserve to suffer the consequences of withdrawal because we all did this to ourselves.

        • I’m on day 51. I’ve tried to quitting supplements like gum before, all it does is help you stay away from dipping while keeping you tied to the drug. 3 days, is all it takes to kick nicotine. After that its mental, and you will go through the mental torture whether you use nicotine substitutes or are completely nicotine free. So in reality its easier to go cold turkey after the first 3 days, because you already won the physical battle and now you only have to fight the mental battle. With supplements, you are constantly fighting both.

  54. Day 269 and out of nowhere I just got a big craving for a dip. Not sure where it came from but I knew I wasn’t going to give in. So, instead of going to get some, I just ordered some Bacc Off pouches from dipstop.

  55. I am trying to quit I have been 24 hours without a dip so hope all goes well

    • Taylor keep working at it pal its been 60 + days for me you can do it.

      • Thanks open range I still haven’t put one in lord knows I want to but I’m holding strong

        • Taylor and Open Range and all y’all – this is Bluebonnetman, I’m on day 1816 today, I promise you as I approach 5 years quit, it gets easier and better and it is WORTH THE WORK. You’ll feel bad – but you’ll feel better. I am grateful for this community! Stay plugged in! The secret: keep your promise to your quit brothers and sisters and don’t use tobacco today. You can do it.

    • I’m now two weeks without dip. I carry a new can of Kodiak as a security blanket with me everywhere I go. I also have a vaporizer with low nicotine 6mg to cut the withdrawal. Vaping does not replace the nicotine punch of a real dip but keeps me from freaking out.

      First 24 to 48 hours were most intense. Started on weekend. Come Monday it was just powering through the day and relearning how to commute, take a break, post meal, relax without a dip.

      Keeping busy is king. Having a can on hand makes me feal in control and time takes the craving away.

    • Same Taylor I am at 36 you can do it!

  56. I am 22 years old. I have been dipping about a can a day since I was 17. My mom has been asking me to quit for a while now. I’ve been telling myself that I would quit for a year now, but I was always thinking I needed to wait for the right time and that time has never come. Today I decided that if I’m gonna quit I need to just do it. So I just threw away two fresh cans with only a pinch missing and have decided to quit. I can already feel the anxiety. I very badly want to go the the trash and dig those cans out and justify it by saying that it would be a waste of $10. I can already tell this is going to be pretty difficult but it’s time to kill the can.

  57. I originally posted here in 2007, determined to make a change in my life. I even signed up with the name “Iwantmylifeback”. I held strong for many years. However I failed two years ago and have been dipping every day since. To add to my Nicotine addiction, I have started drinking every day. I can’t do it anymore. I hit a low point today. I will spare you of the details but it is time to get my life back again. I know I can do it. It’s now time to do it. I will struggle. I will doubt myself. I will feel in adequate. I will feel desperate. I will look in the mirror and wonder how I can do this. However, anything is better than the last two years and how I have felt. I want my life back and it starts now.

    • I am sorry to hear about you hitting a low point and I hope that motivates you to quit the struggle once and for all. You don’t need to feel inadequate at all. I know it is easier said than done, but we all have been there. The fact that you are here and looking to take your life back on your own is a good sign. I wish you strength and hope you hang in there with the rest of us and post roll every day.

    • The best thing for me was to know that quitting is through steps (through fall-downs). You quit. You fall back You quit a little more. You fall back a little more. You quit a little more. You fall back (maybe not so more if you’re still trying). You need to find the simple substitute for your simple addiction. Just as easily as something can addict you, something just as easily not. Jim.

    • GO FOR IT. You’ve made the right choice! Get in a quit group and post every day. You deserve to have your life back! It feels great. I did it; you can too.

  58. my boyfriend has dipped for 9 years now and he’s almost 18. i’m so very proud of him, he’s on hour 36 without tobacco. hes extremely stressed out and didn’t even make it to school today due to him throwing up so bad. this is the longest he has gone without tobacco in 9 years. any advice as to how i can help him go 100% through with this?

    • Did you get a response earlier, Brittany? It’s the best decision he’s ever made! He needs to sign up here and post a promise every day, and then keep his promise. It sounds too easy but it’s worked for a lot of us.

      • As a more practical answer – keep busy. Chew gum and/or sunflower seeds. Constantly remind himself why he’s done it. But this site can really help him and he will be able to text or talk with many people who have gone through the same thing if he wants to.

      • Tell him to join the march group as I am also in the march group. My quit date was 12/06/16. I didn’t throw up but I did get some stomach issues. Tell your friend, it will pass and not to throw away his hard work!

    • My wife just offered support encouragement and told me how proud she was that I have made the commitment to quit.

    • Dipping is 90% mental. it’s a way for the body and mind to have structure. And even though that’s a bad thing because you’re going to get mouth cancer, you still do it because you believe it’s your only way through life.

      But! Fill that time with something else. Do some fake chew and “go crazy” on the internet (just an example of how to simulate). The point being is addictions are just to “fill time and space” so the cure is to “fill time and space” another way. So, go do some fake chew and ride a roller-coaster…..This may seam silly until…oh wait, your boy-friend isn’t putting stuff into his mouth that will kill him anymore. I guess he’ll live and be happy….wow, that’s a great thing. Jim

  59. New guy here. Need to quit the dip ! I used it to stop smoking, a year of no ciggs, but now im on dip. Needs to go. Ive dipped on and off for about 12 years. Ruff feeling with dip too. Dang ! Help.

    • Throw the can away and get on with quitting. Withdrawal will suck for a few days but absolutely manageable. For me, I made a personal decision that I didn’t want to die from oral cancer. A few quick searches on Google will scare you straight if you need additional motivation. I was a tin a day for 20 years. I’m 40 days quit and while I’m proud of myself I’m also disappointed that it took me so long to get here. My last 40 days have been filled with Dentist and Doctor appointments with CT Scans, Blood work etc. Praise God, everything is good thus far – I feel extremely fortunate and will never touch the stuff again. So Patrick, everyone on this site will give you tough love, feed back, empathy and experiences but the journey is yours alone and your success will come down to how bad do YOU want to quit. You can do it! Good Luck!

      • Yea I figured a good dose of reality was coming. You are indeed correct. I suppose the thought of my face melting should do it, but its the old just one more can and ill stop. Thanks Matt

      • God bless u. I just decided to quit the love of my life, Copenhagen. I was chewing about one tin 1.5 weeks. I m sad, I dipped watching FB games , playing Xbox, walking dog. My gums are receding bad. I decided to go to dentist and I m scared as shit. Great ur making it. Any advice.

        Chris, Seattle

        • Hi Chris

          This stuff is crazy isn’t it? Your nervous about what the dentist is going to find/say but you’re still sad you quit chewing! Amazing what this stuff will do! I know exactly what you mean though, as I’m sure most everyone on this site does as well. In August I had a heart issue while in Vegas and spent 3 days in Hoslital. I can promise you I had a dip in the whole time (other than sleeping or eating). I dared the nurses and Doctors to take it away. It was absolutely my Blankie (like Linus on Peanuts HA!). I was in Hospital due to a SCAD (Google it) in my Right Coronary Artery. This is a pretty rare circumstance and resulted in me having anxiety attacks on a regular basis after I got home. I never had anxiety before and it is not cool. The 1st couple months after I got home I chewed more than ever (most likely as a coping mechanism for the anxiety). As I started to recover/get better I made a decision to start making better decisions concerning my health – especially on things I could directly control. Chew was the 1st thing to go. Then I re-evaluated my diet and starting exercising more, etc. Bottom line, I feel better after 46 days then I can remember feeling in a long time. I have friends and co-workers that still chew and I am around them all the time and it doesn’t phase me. At 1st I would feel a little sorry for me (because I wasn’t chewing). Now I feel sorry for them. You can do this and 1 month from now you will be surprised at how much easier it gets every day. Make sure you tell your dentist you recently quit and ask him to look over for for anything that’s not supposed to be there. My dentist does an Oral Cancer scan on every visit. Good Luck! You got this!

      • Matt, I’m the same as you. Chew for 20 years and quit,…and thank God we can both live 20 more years. But! I tell all my family and friends, “I “quit” chewing but I “stopped” smoking.” I’ll never do chew again but I WILL HAVE a cigarette or a cigar sometimes. The point being that it’s good to quit but not good to not enjoy. Smoking is fun, and if can quit the physical addiction, then why-not-have a good puff on a swisher sweet cigarillo to celebrate?

        Wha? Que? Yes?

    • Just go ahead and quit the shit suffer thru the first week or so then you will just have a day here and there where you catch hell.. Stay on the site reading everyone’s struggles it helps believe it or not your not alone.

  60. Hi! I had a question if anyone could help me out. My boyfriend is about two-months nicotine free and he’s suffering from constant fatigue and random bouts of nausea. I’ll tease him occasionally that he’s pregnant but I’m actually pretty worried. I understand that these can be symptoms of withdrawal, but when I say fatigue… I mean 24/7 since he got over the “on-edge” phase. Personally, I’ve never gone through this and it’s hard for me to help him when I don’t understand what he’s going through. Has anyone else experienced this level of constant exhaustion or could there be something more serious going on? Any help is greatly appreciated! 🙂

    • Emily-
      I can understand this level of fatigue because I’ve gone through the same thing. I quit months ago and still experience fatigue. There probably isn’t anything else going on other then withdrawal, but you could schedule an appointment to see the doctor. The doctor could run tests on him to weed anything else out. I would tell him to hang tough and allow the fatigue to run its course.

    • I’m almost 400 days clean and still experience extreme fatigue from time to time. HEAVY nicotine abuse controls almost ALL aspects and areas of your life and bodily functions, as well as your feelings, your emotions, YOUR ENERGY, your overall, general outlook on life! Once you stop your usage, you get the pleasure of experiencing this unpleasantness. That said, I’m in agreement with Jake; that is, it is nothing more than vile withdrawal. Being that he has only been off of nicotine for only two months is why I can state that with sincerity. However, if he or both of you feel he should get checked out, then do so.

    • Emily, it wouldn’t hurt him to go get a once over from a doctor. But don’t be surprised if these are signs of anxiety. I had a severe anxiety attack last yr after being quit for 6 months after 30 yrs of dipping. That crap for some reason served as some kind of coping therapy for me. I just pushed through it, but all bodies are different. Good luck to your BF, stand by him, it helps.

  61. Today I am 10 months quit and I can tell everyone of you that it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. I was a slave to grizzly and never thought I would quit. I knew that little can had control of my life but I didn’t think I was strong enough to quit. Reading these newly quit posters makes me smile because I remember when I was at that point and how far I’ve come to completely kick that can clean out of my life. To you new quitters: you can do it! Hard of course but you can! Push through this month and the rest will be history. Pray and ask the good lord for assistance, he will surely give you strength when you need it. The new you will be so much happier and have much more energy. All I can say is hang in there and it’s more than worth it in the end. One small bit of advice to those who are considering quitting…take that last dip at night and toss the can. When you wake up you will be 8 hrs quit and that helped me. Every hour counts! God bless you guys and kick that can outta your life!

  62. On day #66 and it hasn’t gotten any easier but I have not given into the cravings!

  63. Hi,
    Just joined. I have a quit date in mind. Not only am i preparing physically but mentally as well. After 15 yrs (my wife will say 17) I decided I want to truly quit. Not a heavy chewer, but consistent. Reading these post is helping me see the struggles many went through and thier victories. I am trying to prepare my self more so for the habitual task of quitting. Everything was associated with my next dip from driving home from work, after dinner, ect…I understand it will be rough but the heath benefits certainly outweigh the alternative to continue to chew. At 51 yrs old my body is feeling it. I take care of my self with the right foods and exercise but my body still feels run down. I took a break from this crap several years ago for about a month and I must say I felt good…energy levels were back to norm but Grizzly reared its ugly head and I gave in. I will also mention my Libido was back on par to when I stopped for that time :). I read tobacco creates issues in that neck of the woods as well. Anyhow, I check back in soon when I start my first day. To all who are in progress and those wanting to quit , stay strong, it can be done, but will take much support and will power.


    • Hi Jake, do not procrastinate, quit today. Not easy but doable. Not alot of hand holding around here, but we will talk you off the ledge when needed, I couldn’t have stayed quit without it. Good luck my man.

    • Hi Jake

      Dan O is right. This site is for quitters and quitting is doable. I myself am a newbie on day 38. Last night, about an hour after dinner, I realized I didn’t look for my can right after eating. A small but pretty cool victory. For me, I ask my myself every day “Did myou Daddy raise a Pussy?”. The answer is No so I stay quit. There’s only 1 thing in this world that has me by the nuts and that’s my wife – sure as he’ll ain’t Nicotine! Good luck bro! Just throw throw the can in the trash and walk away

      • I will be 2 yrs, yes 2 yrs, quit in Feb. Not been easy, but those little victories you speak of Matt mean everything. Onto day 39 for you Matt, keep up the great work.

    • Congratulations on your decision to quit. I have been quit since December 7 2015. So you can do it. There are weak moments that I still get even to this day, but the benefits far outweigh the alternative.

    • Hi Jake. 3 things here chief.
      1st, welcome to the best decision ever!
      2 “Planned Quits” almost never work so jump on in and do it man!
      And 3, this stuff is poison man. If I knew I was ingesting arsenic, should I plan to stop ingesting it or just do it? Probably just do it I’m sure.

      Come on in in take a drink of the Kool-aid. Today’s flavor is QLAMF!!! I would wish you luck but we don’t do luck here, we just do it. 😉

      Take care man. I quit with y’all edd!

      Ray – 449

  64. Day #414….I haven’t posted since a very rough stretch around the 380s mark. That one really seemed to punch me in the face….felt like being in the 150s again, which was also brutal.

    I’m on here every single day…..reading all the posts and remembering what it felt like at first and how horrible the fog/anxiety/loss of reality, etc…etc…etc actually is. That’s honestly what keeps me plugging away….as shitty as some days still are….I will never have to go through the pure hell of the beginning.

    As for now….in a “snail-like” pace…I’m healing up nicely. My anxiety issues have subsided drastically…..I can now handle stress without blowing up or freaking the fuck out. I still have a little fog from time to time…..mostly in my eyes….they feel heavy like filled with sand….which sounds weird but that’s how it feels. I no longer have that “cloudy brain” feeling where you just feel fucking stupid….and can’t hold a thought.

    Life now is a million times better….I rarely even think about the devil (nic bitch). I can walk into a gas station and stare the bitch directly in the eyes and not flinch….almost comical that a grown man has to deal with that….but oh well.

    Now I’m just looking forward to the next phase of healing…..

    I’m always looking for feedback from quitters with similiar stories….so feel free to chime in!!!!

    • Yes, Craig, you’re so right on spot with this! The 150’s to 180’s were HORRIBLE for me; I thought I would never make it! Now, on day 382, I’m still nicotine free. I can go into a store, stare at a chew can behind the cashier, and not go into an anxiety attack. That feels powerful! I still have a bit of anxiety from time to time and my eyelids, especially in the morning, feel like sheets of lead. I hope that passes away soon. It just feels so nice to be nicotine free and be independent, to exercise total control over every aspect of my life! The best part of this quit is not having a collection of spit bottles in my car and all over the house!!! Remember opening them to spit and how bad they stunk??? Progress!!!!

    • Grats. Im still here with you. Honestly i dont come on here every day anymore. Not to sound ungrateful but nic isnt my life anymore. Sometimes ill go days without even thinking about it. Ill remember and have to come back and check how many days i have.

    • Craig-
      Good to here you are still healing. As for me, I’m on day 330 of my quit and still have symptoms. The headaches are the most common. Are you experiencing headaches this far into your quit? I’m glad the “cloudy brain” feeling is gone for you. I still have it. Keep up the fight!
      Jake U.

      • Jake U,
        The headaches have slowly subsided for me recently….I still get them from time to time but nothing like before….now they are just a kind of dull annoyance. I still have a little dizziness especially in the morning….and the infamous lead sheets in the eyelids as Mark described…..which is a perfect description by the way.

        Other than that….life is getting better month by month. Don’t look day to day…..

    • Wow 414 days and still struggles come up. I’m at 118 days after 35 years. Went to Walmart today and got some Smokey Mountain for the first time. Held the can in the car, dragged my thumb nail around the lid and opened up the can. Put a pinch between my thumb and pointer finger and put it in the right side. Not sure I ever took notice of what side I chose before today. We are all working to get the devil out of us. That’s how I see it. Hopefully the 150’s won’t be so bad. I will dig my heels in and continue my quit. Thanks for sharing!

    • On a very similiar road Craig. I had an anxiety attack last Sept., I spoke of it here after the fact last yr once any heart issues were ruled out. I guess that shit in those cans became my coping mechanism. Will be 2 yrs nic/tob free in Feb. I agree with you, I rarely think about unless I have some cold beers, I then have Hooch to get me by. I still use Teaza & Skittles too. I too still pop in here from time to time, I just don’t post as much. Glad you are doing better.

  65. Day 462. Went to the dentist for a teethe cleaning for the second time after quitting. Felt really good in knowing i am not an active dipper. That right there is a reason to quit.I quit with all of you. Good luck

  66. I’m at about 26 hours off the nic bitch. Feel better already. Chewed off and on for 28 years. I was kinda forced to quit…it was making my stomach very acidic to the point where it hurt, I wasn’t digesting food very well and I was tired. I always though it was due to stress, but then I started tapering off of chew, going most the day without one, and I noticed whenever I had one is when my stomach hurt with the acidic feel to it and I would feel run down and tired. But since my last chew yesterday it feels way better and my energy is returning. My gums are itchy as crap, hopefully that gets better too.

    • Brett, remember this post of yours and be sure to reference it because I too hada very similar experience just 34 days ago. It is amazing how the nic bitch will make us forget these pains, and make us start thinking that dipping will make us feel better. They call this “the suck” and they are right. This site helps me continue my quit, and I suggest you use this very powerful tool!

  67. Ugh… How/when do you get passed the constant reminders that everything you loved was because you had dip?

    • Time. I know it doesn’t feel like it now, but those triggers will cease to bother you… in time.

      Fake dip was a big help to me. Allowed me to continue the “act” of dipping (and deal with this triggers) but not continue to take in the nicotine / tobacco.

    • I’m on day 99. I just went fly fishing for the first time without it. It was tough because dip was always an important part of the experience. As a matter of fact it may have been the experience. This time I went and it seemed not as hyped without it. What’s real though is owning it instead of it owning you. I just have to accept that my life is different without dip. The positives outweigh the constant addiction. Hiding the shit from my wife. Hiding places for the tins. I think I would have caved earlier in my quit but waited till I had passed many tests before facing the challenge of fishing without it. As far as the love-it’s dependence not love. I was a slave every day. Your mind will get right with each passing day

      • I totally understand what your talking about. Been chewing since I was 12, I’m 50 now.
        Trying the gum, patch thing with herbal chew…molasses. Thank God the gum-patch injects a little nicotine into the system to curb the irritability. Hope this works…

        • No patch use on this site.

        • S Richard Reed – I started in 6th grade and finally quit at the ripe age of 59. Use of nicotine gum or lozenges will not work. You just need to quit. Go cold turkey and prepare to be free from the nicotine monster.

          Just stop. Quit debating about whether to stop or not. Stop today.

          I quit with you today.

    • I am exactly where you are, you can only try to quit so many times before it gets difficult to believe in yourself. It’s as if you don’t even have control of your body walking back to a gas station to get a tin. It’s very frustrating that you can start something out of curiosity and end up living with an itch for life. No one to blame but myself, just frustrating. If you’re still young, please just don’t start. It’s not cool, it’s not a stress relief, it’s an extremely addictive and unproductive vice.

    • That happened for me around day 55 son!



  69. Zeta Boards
    Sorry, I caved.

  70. Njohns23 – 303 Days Quit!!

  71. Jake Frawley, 1

  72. Day 6 of going cold turkey and I am doing well. I should have done this many years ago! You really can do it!

  73. Y2Baier – 421 – MAGA

  74. Day 22 and keeping on keeping on.

  75. BigKahuna-691
    April 2015!

  76. sjfdmicp Day 2656 ,

  77. Idaho Spuds 827

  78. Bronc – 985

  79. CrazyVolts 830-ish quit of nic and 580-ish quit of caffeine with or without a forum I quit with you bastards!

  80. JB65 – 464 Looks like Big Tobacco finally hacked the boards!

  81. chewbacca5 – 835 – 11/23/16

  82. Been dipping copenhagen long cut almost 1 can a day for 10 years. Quit October 25th. Went through a lot of emotions. I can’t describe it, but I still have an “itchy” almost slight burning feeling in the throat from time to time. Is this normal and how long does it last? Still have lots of anxiety from time to time. Went shopping with the wife the other day and had a near panic attack in the supermarket. I am still swirling my tongue on my lips and spitting saliva from time to time. It’s true that I do sleep better now and I feel better rested in the morning even though I get less sleep. How long does this itchy feeling last? Any advice? Thanks.

    • Scott I haven’t had the itchy feeling yet in my throat but I was wondering if you have had pain in your gums on the other side where you used to put your chew. I quit about 2 days ago and this pain started right then and it’s unbearable. Good luck with quitting man we both don’t need this shit

    • I’m at 24 hours since I quit…this time anyways. Making another attempt. Anyways, my gums, especially the one side I usually put chew, feels itchy. From the last time I quite, which lasted 7 months, the itchiness eventually went away. I never felt any pain or burning so I don’t know what that’s about. In my research one of the things I learned is that nicotine restricts blood vessels. As nicotine leaves our bodies the blood vessels relax and open up again. It’s possible the itchiness is caused by the blood vessels opening up and blood returning to the area again.

  83. Guess the forums are still down

    SVD 528

  84. I quit 296 days ago with the help of this site and the forum. I have struggled with anxiety for 13 years. I can honestly say that I feel the best I have ever felt. Nicotine helped mask the reasons for my anxiety and my emotional immaturity. If you haven’t joined the site I urge you to do it as soon as the forum is back up and running. If you are on the site hit me up and I’ll try my hardest to make sure you have all the tools to kick this shit for good.

    • I’m 42yrs old and I’ve been dipping since I was about 9, I want to quit but don’t know how. I can’t remember the last time I went more that 20mins with an empty gum

  85. Day 21 thanks to the KTC community! In it to win it, one day at a time, with the February crew!

  86. CrazyVolts 829 quit of Nic and 589 of caffeine.

  87. Hey Gang, this site is pretty sweet, thanks for organizing Chewie. I’m on day 3 of the quit and it’s brutal. Chewed Grizz and Kodiak for 18 years and now I have a baby girl on the way. Need to stay quit for her and for my health. Anybody else feel their anxiety level LOWER once they quit? The other withdrawal effects are awful, but having that anxiety slowly drift away is AWESOME.

  88. Hey guys, day 46 for me. Chewed about a can a day for around 10 years. Been having weird experiences with my teeth. I have always had strong teeth and have had zero cavities, but since I have quit i have noticed my teeth don’t seem to be as strong, and a couple of teeth have actually chipped, just randomly. Wanted to know if anyone else has experience the same or has any advise.

    Thanks everyone for the support. Stay strong and continue the fight.


  89. BillW21 Day 106 of Freedom – November Swarm 2016

  90. Biggun Day 93 I quit with the November Swarm

  91. I’m posting day 204 here. I haven’t been able to get in the forums all day.

  92. Hey I cannot log into the forum at the moment. I think the site is down. Day 984 for me.

  93. I am currently on day three of quitting cold turkey. I tried everything else, so i decided to quit with no aid. It is rough, i cant sleep, by senses are acute to everything. Im irretable, and all my addiction is saying is to pack a dip. Im hanging in there, this site is encouraging me. Thanks to everyone posting.

    • Fight this fight! We’re there for you and the fight gets easier. I never thought I could do it after dipping 28 years, but here I am, about to hit 1000 days. One day at a time…just keep posting, get involved and support others. You can’t talk quit and think dip simultaneously. So talk a lot of quit!

    • Justin,
      I tried to quit a month ago and lasted about 5 days. Tonight my jaw and gums are killing me and I decided it time to actually kick the can. I’ve got the same problems you do that I can’t sleep and I’m irretable. Good luck man I’m in the same boat with you know

    • Brother, you are feeling the worst of the worst right now! Hang tough, reach out, you have chosen to take control of your life and the path is not an easy one. Sometimes we have to pass through hell to reach heaven! It’s a lot easier to chose this path then do battle with the unknown later in life, hold on tight, strap yourself in and try to occupy your time with other things. I let the bitch control me for over 20 years, I am now 890 days quit and I am loving life. Rverbou New York.

    • Thats how i did it. No patches, gum, fake chew nothing. Just keep a few things in mind. In 72 hours the nicotine is completely out of your system so its all mental from there. Most nicotine fits only last 3 minutes or so. If you have support use it. I had none so i used this site to vent. You spent years or even decades creating the neural links in your brain that associate nicotine to pleasure, thats what those nicotine fits are. Everytime you fight one off you are destroying one of those links. Your brain repairing itself will create those pathways naturally without nic. the more you fight them off the easier it gets. 404 days today and i promiss you it does get better. I used nicotine for 27 years and i havnt felt this good since i was a kid. i didnt realize how much control nicotine had over my life until i quit.

    • Good work Justin. You don’t need aids to quit. Just like anything else in life that you accomplish, you only have to want it. I’m a newbie quitter myself at day 25. Everyday is easier than the previous and I feel very fortunate for where I’m at and the help/support this site has provided me.

  94. If you boys are looking for a way to treat your gums I strongly recommend oil pulling. Clove oil is the best oil there is for your gums but it is extremely potent and burns. Take a big glob of coconut oil and drizzle some clove on it and swish for 20 minutes every night. They say it’s not possible to treat receding gums but I’ve been doing this for a week and my gums have never looked better. Keep on quitting on gentlemen

    • what brand of oils do you use, Joe.

      I’m on day 5 of my 100th attempt to quit…haha. This it is. I did pouches, not that that’s any better or worse, but I know it’s starting to catch up with me. Otherwise, this attempt is going well, but the gas station is so close to my work, so it makes it hard every day hard since it’s just so easy to walk right over there and fail. I’m going to do it this time!!!

      • Day 5 is awesome! We don’t try, we quit. You just stopped before…now you quit. You quit just for today. We’ll worry about tomorrow, tomorrow. One day at a time, we quit. Make your promise today and keep your promise today.

    • I use the natures way extra virgin organic for the coconut oil. They have them at Walgreens, Walmart, cvs…clove oil was tricky to find so I ordered it from amazon. I would imagine just about any kind would do the trick if it’s just the pure clove oil. Worth it 100% in my book

    • Thanks Joe! Saw the dentist today and she said things are looking just fine but also that it would be a good idea to do oil pulling as that idea in of itself is a goal to create better oral health. She said goals are good to have to keep you/me on track for quitting success.

      No turning back! I thought better of it when I thought about pulling into the gas station today. just a slight urge, but I overcame it. thanks for the vote of confidence, fellas!

  95. Crazy to think it has been 89 days that I kicked nic to the curb…very proud of myself and my quit group. To all you starting out I know it’s hard, objectify Nic it is not your friend and does not make you feel better. It does not make drinking, boating, hunting, golfing, watching sports better. It is killing you.

  96. 400 days tonight and fuck. Ive had this infection in my gum for prob 9+months maybe even since i quit. Its has white gunk coming out of it. Went to dentist once like 6 months ago, he recomended i see this other dentists who he said specializes in gum infections so he said. He also recomended i get my wisdom teeth pulled. Make a long story short had my wisdoms teeth done first, my ride totalled my car and i was a mess for awhile from the dope the put me on and i forgot all about it and lost my recomendation slip. A few weeks ago i decided to brush that spot on my gum more aggressively and start soaking in mouthwash to see if i could kill this infection. I always assumed maybe it was a piece of chew that worked its way deep inbetween my gums and tooth? Well its opened wide up now, i can touch my tooth through this gaping hole? Looking online from what it looks like its not an infection it looks like cancer? Going to make an appt tomarrow to see if we can diagnose it. Kinda pissed, If the dentist had been straight with me before i would have had it looked at a long time ago before my car was totalled. Having trouble going to sleep now thinking about it. I have to admit though if it is cancer i am still happy i quit. Ive had some rough spots over the last 400 days but overall i havnt felt this good since i was a kid. My depression has gone away, my seizures have stopped, blood pressure dropped, i enjoy life now. Sucks it could mean the end of it if it does turn out to be cancer. maybe its just my new way of thinking but i am greatful i got atleast a year or two of good living in before. I am still happy i quit and even if it turns out i am going to die i would not start again because my life without nicotine has been so much better.

    • Coconut oil and clove oil. I’m a believer it will cure that infection. Stay positive

    • Brother, go get this checked Today! Congrats on the 400

    • Tom….any word brother? 400 is awesome I know Dano I and all the rest of this brotherhood is pulling for positive news

      • Thanks for the support guys. Made an appt the next morning but the soonest they can see me is dec 1st? I hope its just an infection? Its going to be a long wait. Coconut and clove oil? Will try thanks for the info Joe.

        • Tom, Just read your post. I’ve been dipping for 28 years and am quit for 5 days now. I wanted to know if you got to see the doc today. I’m praying for you.

  97. Today is ONE YEAR being Nicotine free! It has been hard; the process has brought me to my knees! I shook; I vomited; I had anxiety, I had breathing difficulty; I was sad, I was apprehensive; I was detached; I cried; I screamed; I crawled into a Corner; I couldn’t see right, I could THINK my way out of anything; I was confused; I was numb; I have experienced withdrawal symptoms for which there is no NAME! However, the most IMPORTANT lesson to read here: I WON! I ENDURED! I’m still ALIVE! I’m healthy! Stay and FIGHT! YOU CAN WIN! QUIT TODAY! BE A REAL MAN!

    • Congrats man! Awesome job!!!!

    • You’re a rock star, man. I experienced the same things around this time last year – the crippling anxiety, the panic, the depression, the sobbing, the dizziness, the confusion. I was afraid for my life and my sanity. And now? I’m a nornal human being again. It took a real test of self to get through the first 4-5 hellish months, but I’m here to say thst the struggle was worth it. Today is 396 for me. I will not use today.

    • You’re a rock star, man. I experienced the same things around this time last year – the crippling anxiety, the panic, the depression, the sobbing, the dizziness, the confusion. I was afraid for my life and my sanity. And now? I’m a normal human being again. It took a real test of self to get through the first 4-5 hellish months, but I’m here to say that the struggle was worth it. Today is 395 for me. I will not use today.

    • Congrats Mark G!!! That is a huge milestone….and you’re descriptions of withdrawal symptoms are spot on!!! I also experienced ALL of those….and unfortunately still do from time to time and I’m at Day #404….but continue to plug away and get better each day!

      Congrats man!!!

    • Thanks for the inspiration Mark. I’m on DAY 12 and keep pushing through everything everyday. Confusion has been horrible at times almost feel a bit of Vertigo. I’m hoping this faze subsides soon!!

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