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  1. So I have been quit for 2 weeks today. I can’t say it’s been easy but every day gets a little better than the last. I have a question for you all. I have noticed that my gums have started to peel. Like white stringy material. I also have been getting quite a few canker sores since I quit. Is this normal?

  2. Today is day one of my quit, I am nervous but excited to get this started. Been chewing for about 9 years now and am 24. Im glad that I found this site to help me through my quit.

  3. Marissa
    Your husband isnt going to quit until he is ready and from the sounds of it he isnt. I wouldnt nag him about qutting but lay down the law. Not to sound too much like a hypocrite but if it was my gf i would not be kissing her, i wouldnt be around her when she was spitting in bottles, cans on the ground, if she did it in public i would make sure i let her know how disgusting and embarrassing it is. I also would let him know no more loans for expensive implants. Don’t enable him. If and when he does decide to quit support him, maybe come up with a plan on how both of you will use the money saved by not chewing. Give him someing to work for. There are alot of great tools and ideas available to help. The biggest thing that has helped me is the fact i dont want to throw away all the time i have. A few days ago i was stressed and was thinking how nice a nicotine high would be and how easily i could get it but if i had not only would that high be gone by now i would be right back at the beginning starting it all over. Not worth it.

  4. My husband (Habbit) is struggling after 50 yrs of chewing he dont want it anymore going to give it up all together new years cant do it on my own i have to give it to the lord i wont let satan take my joy.he quit drinking dec 29th 2009 I quit smoking may 1st 2010 .He saId now its time to give up satans strong hold I wont let him win My god is more powerful.

  5. My husband currently chews and has for 10-12 years. I smoked for 15 years, and quit cold turkey 3 years ago. I have hounded him TONS in the past. He always nods and says ya. I know I need to quit, But he never does. I’m so embarrassed when we go to get togethers or kids functions and we’re talking to people and i look over and he has crap in his teeth. It’s repulsive and I instantly lose it. Now his teeth are literally rotting out, we make a large monthly payment on a loan we took out to get him implants to replace what they pulled. I think of all the things we could be doing with that money, traveling etc and it’s sickening. I just can’t get past the anger and resentment. I’ve tried to just forget it, but I can’t. He has quit twice in the past once for 3-4 months, the other almost a year. But picks it right back up. He flat out says that everyone he knows does it and it’s in his face all the time so he can’t quit. I just have a hard time with his “peer pressure” story. I smoked A PACK A DAY half my life and dropped it like it was nothing. I just feel like he’s a weak selfish person, how do you get past these feelings?
    I’ve done horrible things to try to get him to quit, like telling him when he got cancer I was divorcing him. I know it’s wrong to say it but I get worked up and emotional and crazy ? I just want to grab him and shake sense into him. He’s younger than me by a few years but he’s aged so much in the last few years. I’m losing my mind over her and need some advice,

  6. You can do it one day at a time. I went through the same thing. This to shall pass.

  7. Everyday I pray that my husband will quit, we fight all the time about his chewing. I also do not understand why he would want to put that in his body, but the difference between my husband and yours is mine won’t even try to quit just gets angry and has another dip. It breaks my heart.

  8. Caleb,
    I have read about the migraines. Caffeine is a great drug to help fight the migraines. Try some strong coffee, tea, or soda.

    The only way you will get rid of the migraines and all the pains is to just stay quit.

    Congratulations on staying quit.


  9. MROD, The Fog can last quite some time. It depends on the person. But, when it lifts it sure is wonderful. One thing you just have to fight through it until it lifts. My drink of choice during this period was good old fashioned orange juice. The high sugar in OJ just helps. You will read about it a great deal in our blogs.

    Here is an artical about the fog:

    Stay strong and stay quit.

  10. I have dipped for 5 years I’m 20 now I chewed at least 1-2 Cans a day I quit off an on till I hit 18 is when I started 1-2 a day I haven’t had dip since September 29 of 2015 constantly have migraines everyday since I’ve quit it no pains in mouth , throat a little plus mucus feeling hot flashes an dizziness trying to push through thought about getting a can to relieve migraines but I didn’t reluctantly I just need more support please

  11. So, I am on day 25 and honestly the last 3 days feel like the first 3 days? I mean obviously not as intense but I feel the Fog a little bit. Is that normal? I’m for sure not going back, whatever suffering I go through right now I did it to myself! But, I am just wondering if anyone else deals with Fog days?

  12. WVJamie,
    How are you doing? Were you able to resist the urge to start again? Holiday times are hard but imaging making it through Christmas and New Years with no dip. Then you can quit through anything.

    I hope you stayed strong and worked through it.

    I quit with you today.


  13. Lisa,
    We have all been weak, pitiful and addicted people. We are all ages. I am 60 and have been using tobacco since 6th grade. I just quit at the age of 59 and have been successful in my life with the exception of using snuff.

    My wife has been support through our life. She never liked the dip but I told her I could not quit and she understood and never pressured me.

    No one wants to be addicted to this stuff and it feels like fighting through hell to quit.

    You will read that quitting tobacco is as hard as quitting heroin.

    Do not give up on your long loving relationship because you hate the habit.

    Please share this site with your husband and give him the time and support to find his way.

  14. No the brand is Triumph.

  15. Hey Lisa, I was addicted to tobacco for over 30 years, I have gone through some pretty tough things in my life, but this has been one of the toughest ones. My advise is don’t give up, and just like someone else in here mentioned, turn him over to this site, We all get our call though, it is not until then that we start seeking help. If someone stand in the way of the addiction, the person becomes defensive and will not hear anyone’s advise. I know because I was there. I heard it from everyone and it didn’t face me.
    Today I am 111 days free of nicotine.

  16. It sounds to me like the issue crosses into the honesty/dishonesty arena. There is addiction and there is dishonesty. Those are two separate issues. As hurtful as it may seem to you now I would bet he is trying to shield you from hurt. I have been nicotine free for more than two years now and I can tell you it is extremely hard to quit and after you quit the psychological nightmares are real and strong. Hang in there. Give him love until he decides he wants to do it for himself. It’s a good incentive to do it for others but almost impossible. He has to decide when it’s time. He doesn’t believe it’s time for him to quit. When he does he will. Meanwhile, address the honesty issue.

  17. Addiction is a killer and those of us lucky enough to eacape its grip must never forget how blessed we are. I quit with all you today

  18. Lisa,

    I EMPATHIZE with you; I am a 35 year Copenhagen Snuff addict myself. I am now 103 days QUIT and clean of all nicotine. Let your husband know that this site has saved my life. With the tools that I have now, I can stay off the snuff and live life to its fullest. If ever your husband decides to give up the tobacco addition, have him reach out here to this KTC band of brothers. Remember you cannot quit for someone else, he must want it badly for himself. Never give up hope.



  19. I just read about Wayne , a 26 yr old father who wants to stop and feels disgusted with himself. Wayne, stay strong and stop NOW. I am 58 woman and have been married to a snuff user for 35 years. While we are still married, snuff has robbed all respect I have for my husband. I can’t tell you how many fights and how many lies he has told me that he had quit to find he had not, On Christmas Day, I once again discovered he was yet once again using after supposedly quitting. After 35 years of fighting, I give up, no words left to say and no fight left in me. Instead of him having tobacco withdrawals from quitting, I have husband withdraw as I am done. How can a woman respect a man that puts what is inside of a little can ahead of a healthy life and healthy relationship? I pray you don’t waste over 3 decades fighting the pull of what is inside that evil little can like what has happened to my family. I wish I could look up to my husband but I only see him as a weak pitiful addicted man. It has robbed me of any love I had left. Don’t let this happen to you.

  20. I use jake mint chew as well. It has helped a lot the good things is that u still can spit so u have that routine but u can easily swallow it without hesitation. Once u give it a try you may see that it helps alot. I am on day 17 and take each day at a time.

  21. Wayne for me i bought some fake dip and replaced my nic habit with a non nic habit. I used jakes you can go on web and buy it. It comes in a day or two. Try to get the nicotine out of your body then it gets a little better but you will feel a whole lot better about yourself. Good luck Russell day 120

  22. Day 1 of quoting grizzly. Im about a 3 cans a week guy. Not as bad as others but still bad. I was diagnosed with IDB and i know chewing makes it worse but its so hard to quit. But I put my can in the trash and said I’m done. Hope it helps my disease because even tho i have one of the best jobs in my area working at a Toyota plant. Its still hard to pay for health insurance so wish me luck guys.

  23. Been quit for 4 weeks now.

  24. I need help, Bad, bad night. I’ve got 2 full cans of cope next to me.

  25. Day 118 tomorrow will be 17 weeks. I will not dip today. Too much to live for

  26. Not really sure where to go, just signed up. Again.

    My name is Wayne, I found this sight a long time ago, but failed to quit, like I always do. I’m 26 years old and I’ve been dipping for close to 10 years. I don’t enjoy it anymore. I feel disgusting every time I drive to the gas station at 3AM just to get a can. I hate that my kids see me dip, and imitate my nasty habit by “spitting” into cups. I’m tired of making empty promises to my wife. I want control of my addiction.

    I know some of you understand where I’m at, but I feel like I will never take control of this. Is there any advice yall have? I’m pretty desperate. Thanks, Merry Christmas.

  27. Chris,
    Thankfully today I am 100 days QUIT after thirty five years of Nicotine addiction. I credit the December Disciples and KTC with saving my life. Taking it one day at a time, accountability to self, accountability to my QUIT GROUP and posting roll each morning really does work. KISS (keep it simple stupid) is my motto and it seems to work for me so far. Chris you can quit this terrible addiction if you keep it simple. ….Don’t sweat the small stuff

  28. Crazy. Its 3:30 here and i had just realized i forgot to check this website to see how many days i have now? I went almost all day not thinking about chew?? I read somewhere that when you used tobacco it created neural connections associating nicotine with pleasure and every time you fight off that urge you destroy one. As you are destroying those your brain is also healing and creating natural connections for enjoying life. I would be lying if i said i havnt had a few really bad days but i feel alot better overall than when i was chewing. Anyway day 70 and $210 saved. Keep up the good fight.

  29. Everyone on this site that is committed and staying focused let’s all give a thumbs up and round of applause.
    We got this.


  30. So guys im on Day 14. I feel great, I am using Jake’s mint chew as a substitute. I go through long periods of time without thinking about having a dip then when I think about not having a dip I think about a dip lol. Then I say I don’t need one and keep it moving. I feel for alot of us that if we have that specific store where we bought our dips from is the biggest challenge for us. Ya know we enter that store and have to refrain from saying hey 2 cans please. Getting out if that store without buying a dip is very impressive ya know. I have to say that this change in our life has helped our health,saved us money, no more nasty dip cups around. Regardless if you are on day 1 or day 114 we are all still enduring same hardship at times the cravings, the breaking of popping in a dip. Taking that chance in saying one dip won’t hurt. We all can relate and we are each other’s support and we also have family and friends as well. I make it a point to call my mom, bro and some friends and say I’m such and such days without a dip. All I need from them is good job and congrats to keep me motivate.

  31. We got this, , everyday we go without dipping we all go without dipping

  32. Day 70 on my quit….and I see a glimmer of hope finally. The thick wall of shit that has been blocking my road to freedom….seems to be loosening its grip slightly. Anxiety is less frequent….sleeping a little better….have brief moments of clarity….been battling fog/haze since day 1….what a nightmare. I”ve embraced “one day at a time”…..was driving myself crazy which lead to wicked anxiety attacks. I now understand the slow process to healing and recovery……wow, what a wild ride!!

  33. 45 days not 65. ……will be soon though….

  34. Day 65 for me. It has been a very hard road that is for sure. Chewed snuff for 26 years. Just decided it was time to quit. I have good & bad days….Just gotta fight through…………1 day at a time 🙂

  35. 5 days quit so far. Best thing I’ve done to deal with the cravings is the smokey mountain herbal chew and a nicorette lozenge under the tongue. I know it’s not completely pulling the plug but at least it’s not tobacco and it’s definitely a start. I would recommend it to anybody having a hard time starting the quit. My goal is to cut out the Nicorette by the first of the year.

  36. RC

    Hey congrats on being dip free. The fake dip are you talking about jakes mint chew? I’m doing that and love it. I also did grizzly and haven’t had that urge to buy a can when I’m in the store. Mouth feels so good and teeth and gums I believe are thankful.

  37. Day 132 and the wife told me that I still check for a tin in the back pocket several times a day. Guess something just last. The nic habit is gone though and that’s the important thing. I quit with everyone here.

  38. I’ve been dipping grizzly for 10 years, can a day, and fcking love it, but for the last week I’ve been on triumph full strength. It’s the best fake dip in my opinion. Haven’t thought about the grizz all week. Get the variety pack, 5 flavors, all pretty good. Classic is the best. Nothing like classic skoal. All the flavors are a nice cut, very moist, pack well, spit well, and have the nic u want. Bourbon is real good too, even though it sounds bad. Good luck

  39. One day at time and now its 114 days. It gets easier but you have to put in the time and there are no short cuts, Not saying i know everything but i do know i will not dip today. Good luck to everyone in this battle

  40. I have wanted to quit for years had such a hard time doing it. Finally found a way to do it that worked for me. Skoal fine cut was my brand for 40 years. The way I finally quit was 1 decide to quit. 2 I had just bought 2 new cans and decided they would be my last. I started by cutting back to half the size of dip and stretched times between so I always had a slight craving even when dip was in my mouth. After stretching the first can to 3 days I opened can 2. I then started taking a very small pinch putting it in my top lip not bottom. This way there was no spit, flavor lasted forever. I could get an hour or more from it. Still had the craving but the small pinch helped a bit. Second week in I still had half of can 2 left. I made the rest last two more weeks then was done. No chew no more. It was not the nicotine that I craved after a couple more weeks but just the habit of putting something in my mouth. I used a empty can with coconut in it, if I felt the need to use something I used the coconut. Good luck. Hard for sure but worth it.

  41. The insight and experience shared by the members and the commentators on this site. Create an invaluable resource to help and individual maintain and quit chewing tabbaco. By sheer untamable tenacity and a gulibity for punishment. There will be a better tomorrow!

  42. Tom S,
    I am proud of you not caving but probably not as proud as you are of yourself. Remember that battle and let that be a lesson that no amount of stress will make you cave. Further, it will not solve anything. Congratulations on this win and all your future wins.

  43. Nice job Tom s. I tried quitting a few times before but always got to a stressful situation and reconciled that I was going to dip again so why not just cave at that moment. I never made it beyond day 3, which looking back now is ridiculous. This site taught me to just not dip at that moment. Deal with tomorrow, tomorrow. I quit with you today and every damn day.

    PreK – day 130

  44. 3rd day down! I got this!

  45. +Dundipping thanks. I made it without messing up, i just had to vent. I was really craving a dip for awhile this morning but its odd. All the sudden i just forgot about it? I was still pretty stressed out all morning but using chew didnt keep egging me? My dog was fine and ate his dinner, im selling some stuff on ebay and will get caught up on my xmas bills and got the crap with the bank straightened out. Im kinda proud of myself i didnt screw up.

  46. Day 12.. Doing good but still have moments where I say “damn” when I get an urge, and think why did I ever take that 2nd chew when I was 15!! I say 2nd because the 1st almost made me puke, I should have just left it at that. I’m 42 now and have quit several times but I have never been more determined, this site is great for support. I’m doing this for my son, I think of him when I get an urge and that helps. Using a lot of candy and sunflower seeds.

  47. Tom S, if you can handle today and get through it without a dip just think, you can get through anything. You have had a tough day only to show how much you can handle. Make all that crap worth it and hold off the dip. Show the world and yourself that you can get through it.

    I quit with you today.

  48. What is the best way to deal with the fog?

  49. … Having a seriously bad day. Started out good but then my dog pushing me out the door at 6 am. Then he wouldnt eat his food and then threw up. I have my family seeming to intentionally irritate until i snap. The bank screwed up and ill be overdrawn becuase they charged the wrong acct and it will cost me to fix it… I thought i was out of the woods after 65 days clean but a chew really sounds good to me right now.

  50. If it were easy, you wouldn’t be here. If it were easy, you wouldn’t have a yearning to put a poison weed in your mouth that makes you want to spit brown juice everywhere. It’s called addiction. It’s a royal bitch the first week. Be prepared for mind games. The cravings do go away, and you will stop thinking about it all the time. It takes time. This is a crock pot weaning… not a microwave. The think to remember is you did this to yourself, and it took some time to get hooked. It will take some time to get unhooked.
    Rock on, and continue flipping the bird to your addiction.

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