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  1. 250 days quit lets gooooo

  2. Day 130 im back WiFi was horrible in mexico I was quit the entire time. I caught my first sailfish good times I quit with you all today!!!

  3. Day 46 quitter here! One day at a time. Had to share this quick story. My quit story has been through ups and downs over the years. 46 days ago I said I was done for good. Just turned 40 and with more than half my life a slave to the can. Anyway, I’m in auto sales. Been slinging Ford’s for 15 years. Love my job. Last Sunday a man and woman came in to look at a Ford F150. What made this set of customers different from the rest was that both the male and female had humongous gaggers in their front lips. They weren’t even trying to hide the fact they both had half the can in their mouths. They also weren’t shy about open spitting into an empty big gulp cup. Not to mention that they were dipping something that was extremely fruity smelling. Between that and the open spitting in the cup and the fact that half of it was falling out of their mouths, I just lost it. I ran into the bathroom and lost my lunch. I don’t know what came over me. That smell had never made me sick before. I asked my boss to let someone else help them because I could not be put back in that situation. I’d give up commissions all day long to keep me from doing that shit again. Tomorrow is day 47 and I know I can get to 48 and beyond. Keep fighting ya’ll

  4. Day 3 almost over…. This has been the toughest day yet..

  5. Day 100! I quit with all of you!

  6. Just hit my 2 year anniversary and i am so thankful i am starting to put some time between the days i dipped and now the days i didn’t. If i can do it you can do it. The only difference is i made the decision 2 years ago.I quit with all of you.

  7. Day 54 after 40 years and many many quit attempts. I quit quitting and just don’t dip today no matter what! I don’t want to go through that first week again!!!

  8. Day 2….

    • Day 3 for me we got this

    • Good job getting to day 2 grizzfight. That is quite the accomplishment. Don’t let yourself go back to Day 1. I chewed Grizzly straight for almost 15 years. Go and get your self 50 packs of gum and couple cans of the smokeymountain stuff. You can do it grizz. I am at about 160 days ahead of you…you got this.

      • Thanks man…yea I ordered 5 cans of the Smokey Mountain pouches. I have no idea what they will taste like but hope they help!!

  9. Thanks I appreciate that!! This day seems to drag on forever though…

  10. Well, today is my first day of quitting after 5 years being a slave to those Grizzly Wintergreen pouches. I’m anxious and nervous already and that’s why I just joined the site to get the support I need. I ordered those smokey mountain pouches off of eBay so I hope those help when they get here. I hid this problem from my family and now they know. I feel soo stupid but I know this is for the best. I actually feel relieved in a way that I don’t have to hide it anymore or come up with excuses to get that last dip in at night. I know I have a long road ahead of me but I’m certain this is a far better choice than continuing the habit. It’s good to be here and I know I’m not the only one going through this.

  11. 124 quit today

  12. 12 years on. Day 7 off. The cravings are less frequent but strong as ever when they do come. I am still learning how to do things lik drive, work, do chores, hang out with my kids, and just be without a dip. It feels like its been 100 days already. Thank you all for the support. I wish I had listened and never tried nicotine. I can’t wait to be free of this drug. Anybody have any advice on how to gather numbers for immediate support? I want to be sure I havcan someone to call or text if I get a rough craving. Thanks again! November pre-HOF for life! 🙂

    • One thing that really helped me early on is when i started feeling the benifits of quitting. My energy/motivation returning more and more, that nasty taste id wake up with nomatter how much i brushed my teeth the night before started vanishing. Keep in mind one last thing, most nic fits only last 2-4 minutes. Try and put your mind on something else, you know in your heart chew wont help anyway. You spent however long creating connections in your brain associating nic with pleasure and everytime you fight off the urge you are destroying those connections and rewiring. It gets easier as you go. I promiss you quitting tobacco was prob the best thing i could have done for myself. Its hard to explain and if someone had tried to tell me while i was still chewing theres no way i could have understood but i feel so much better/different today without. It is worth it so dont give up. 2 years this Oct 15

  13. Missed yesterday but Day 71!! Getting close and closer to that 100 club! I quit with you all today!

  14. My story: Started at age 16. I’m now 52, so yeah 36 years…ouch. I have quite more times and flushed more chew down the toilet than I care to remember. Have quit for as long as 1 year and as little as 1 week and have tried many methods. Here we go again, on day 13 now. Going to try to stick to using Smokey Mountain. Cravings not bad during the day when I’m busy working. Killer at night. Wish me luck.

    • Brad you can do this. I dipped kodiak forever and now i am on day 728. I used jakes alot in the beginning and still do once in a while and actually use teaza when working out. Monday will be 2 years for me and i finally can honestly say i dont think about my kodiak anymore. If you can stay quit it will be one of the best things that EVER happened to you

  15. I originally quit because I have to take a physical for life insurance and didn’t want to pay higher premiums for being a dipper, requiring me to be tobacco-free for a month. I’ve almost made it to the end, and I want to keep going. Unfortunately, I keep having this in the back of my mind that after my physical there’s nothing to hold me back other than just pure willpower. All this time, the thing that kept me going was I didn’t want it to show up on my physical and my wife find out (she doesn’t know I’ve been dipping for 6 years). I’ve read on here that people always get the biggest temptation when a milestone is coming up. Any advice?

  16. Day 38 for me. I would like some opinions here. I am playing golf this weekend. I always had a big ole dip in whenever I would golf. I know it’s going to be tough. What do yall think of smoking a nice cigar while playing golf? Is that cheating? Not like a black and mild or some cheap cigar you would inhale. Im talking a nice fat cigar. It’s not like you inhale the smoke so technically no nicotine is going into your body correct? thoughts???

  17. Where is the chat? It didn’t pop up for me today

  18. Hey guys…new here and have a question. On day 2 and i had ordered some hooch and herd to help. I really liked the way herd packed better but that smell was awful. Ive seen a couple reviews saying it smelled good and one saying it smelled bad. Did I just get a bad few cans? Thanks for the help.

  19. 121 quit today on my way to mexico

  20. 120 quit today

  21. Today is 725 for me next Monday will be my 2 year anniversary. I dipped for over 25 years and if can do this so can you. I quit with all of you.

  22. 98 days today! 48 hours till the 100th day milestone. I’ve got this!

    • Today is the day I quit the demon as been controlling my life for the last 7 years, it has influtared every single ascept of my life and enough is enough. Today is day 1 and I’m nervous but very excited to claim back myself from this addiction we all share. I will be reading and seeking advice for any who will give it. Thank you

      • Way to go!!! The first says are tough but doable!!!

      • Going on 6 hours. Since then, I crushed a pack of mentos, orange tic tacs, a can of jack links jerky chew, and half a pack of bubblicious. I go through a can in a day and a half, sometimes a day. I haven’t even tried quitting in at least 8 years, and been dipping for 15. Today I felt a spot in my mouth, under my lip. Something that set off an alarm like never before. Probably nothing, but enough is enough.

  23. To all my fellow dippers, you know you are causing your gums to recede, etc. I am going through extensive scraping to renew my gums after a 40 year habit. My dentist highly recommends using the Waterpik to help keep your gums healthy. Just a bit of advice that may prove helpful.

    I quit with you today. Day 706.

  24. Day 68! Was going to wait til day 70 but woke up this morning with trace blood in my saliva. Went to all docs early in my quit and nothing showed up. Dentist said my gums were inflamed but no signs of mouth cancer from what he saw. I have been having post naval drip in my throat but that’s normal right? Had a chest X-ray early on and came back normal. Anyway the nic b**** trying to play games but I’m quit with you all and never looking back.

    • Hi MURPH
      It sounds like you have alot going on.If the doctors say you’re ok take their word for it.
      The anxiety can be really bad in the 50-70 days.Mine was at its worst between 60-90 days.
      I’m saying this because it sounds like you’re worried about things you already had checked by the doctors.Give yourself some time.
      Anxiety can cause a lot of problems,heart palpitations,elevated blood pressure.I peed three times in 30 minutes waiting to see the dentist ,cause I was worried what he might find.I could fill this front page with every thing that happened in the first 100 days.I had muscle tension on the left front side of my neck for 170 days from anxiety.
      You’re doing great,hang in there.

  25. Anyone think nic addiction is somewhat hereditary? Found out like 75 percent of my large extended family smokes, chews, or vapes….. Two months free from dip throat still has post naval drip but feeling better.

    • MATTV027,
      i think addiction runs in the family. I do not think it is just nicotine. If you have one addiction in the family there is a strong possibility that other family or extended family members are addicted to something else.

      I had a brother addicted to gambling, others addicted to smoking and then extended family members to other things.

      Addiction is a terrible thing.

      I quit with you today.

    • I agree with my own experience, I used to smoke in college days sometimes but never addicted to it. After some years I tried smokeless tobacco once and unknowingly became addicted to it on that day onwards. My father and uncles are used to chew.

  26. 114 I quit today

    • I’m going on a year and a half no chewing tobacco. My gums are still slowly rebuilding and still in constant pain. Everyday I have dead skin pealing throughout my whole gums and it seems never ending. Every doctor I see all they say is this is not cancer but still have yet to say anything about the relation to the dip. This is veterans affairs tho….. if I die this way nuttin I can do but holy shit the incompetence and hypocrisy is unbelievable. Is the gum and constant dead skin normal for some?

      Sempfer fi

      • Well just keep one thing in mind. When i quit i quit not because i was afraid of cancer or dying but because i was sick of it. What i didnt realize was just how it was effecting my life because i used it since i was 13 and had never gone without it? My lack of motivation, depression, just burned out all the time and it was all caused by nicotine. My biggest regret now is i didnt quit sooner but even if i was diagnosed with cancer now i wouldnt start again. I dont want to feel like that again. I g2 admit i got some bad demons messing with though twmpting me to go out and get some alcohol or even some weed now that its legal here but in my mind i know better. I dont need to start using chemicals to feel good because soon i wont feel good without them and eventually i wont feel good even when i do use them. May not be that serious but why take a chance and thats kept me straight.

      • USMCWARDOG23-
        My gums and mouth had a similar recovery but stopped approx. 150 days into my quit. I recommend a second opinion beyond the USMC Route, (V A). Also, if you are using FAKE DIP that may be contributing to the prolonged recovery period as well.
        I quit w/ you today my quit brother; THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE TO OUR COUNTRY. sig

  27. I am excited to announce that today I am part of the 700 club. It has been a long hard haul and I never thought I would make it this far.

    Everytime I get close to hitting a milestone like this I get the craves and it gets a bit tougher.

    But, I have learned to change the focus of my mind to something else.

    I look forward to the rest of you joining me in this club.

    I quit with you today.

  28. Guys,

    Tried quitting probably 200 times no joke. Read every tip, tried every method i seen online. I seem to have my longest runs going cold turkey. No matter how long i make it, i can never keep away from the can for good. Just so sick of the same bs cycle and looking for an advice i can get.


    • Advice? Quit. Just decide you are now quit. You’re not going back. You’re quit. I don’t know. It’s tough to do if you’re not making a daily promise to a bunch of people who will light up your phone if you don’t make that promise early every day.

    • Wildirish317 is pretty much right. I’m sure most of us have tried to quit several times before finally committing. For me the common factor in all my failed attempts was that I kept coming up with excuses or rationalizing to myself, that I can dip this one more time, or I need this dip to get through something. At the end, you are only quit when no matter what you will never put it back in your mouth.

      I’m 289 days quit. My moment came when I was getting constant headaches, I did some reading and realized that the nicotine was killing my brain. I told myself that there was no excuse for knowingly killing my brain, so I quit and stayed quit. It was hard, but that was my conviction.

    • Just quit bro…Put the can you have with you in the trash and that’s it….You have to want to do it or you will never make it through the first few weeks… I’m like 220 … can a day for 30 years….complete raging addict….. straight up quit…Now I don’t even crave it or want it…. at all

  29. 113 quit today and feeling great

  30. Day 8 for me. I woke up today with sores on my tongue and lips . This is normal correct? No cravings so far, everything has been smooth sailing.

  31. 111 quit today

  32. Woe to you, oh earth and sea. For the devil sends the beast with wrath because he knows the time is short. Let him who hath understanding recon the number of the beast, for it is a human number. Its number is six hundred and sixty six…. days without nicotine today.

    Do you ever get dizzy after lifting weights?I haven’t done deadlifts in three weeks.I did them Monday and I was all fogged up afterward.This has happened before when I really push it,but it has been getting better.Nic free 14+ months now.
    Steve no happy

    • Steve B Quit

      Yay! Another lifter! I would get dizzy if I did not lift for a while and then got back into it lifting as much as I could in the first workout back. Instead, now, I ease back into it as to not shock my system. I would start out with 70% of my total my first week back, 80% my second week and so on.

      It depends on your age. I am older so I can not charge into it like I could when I was in my 20s, 30s and 40s.

      If you are getting dizzy then you may be pushing yourself too hard. Remember to do some cardio either after your lift or on your days off from lifting.

      If you ease up on the amount you are lifting and you are still getting dizzy be sure to see a physician to get checked out.

      You have been quit for 14 months – that is great!. Keep up that good fight.

      I quit with you today.

      I love the name: Steve no happy!

      • Thank you DUNDIPPIN
        The cardiologist said the same thing,do more cardio.I like to hear from people who lived through it and have first hand experience.Deadlifts leave me in ruins.
        Tank ya Bruh.

  34. I took my daughter to the local gym to show her the local weightlifting facilities. Yep, she is a lifter!

    The owner was kind enough to allow me to show her around. He had a great big log in his mouth.

    Remember the days you put a big fat one in your mouth only to have someone come up to you and strike up a conversation? Remember when you frantically ran around trying to find a place to spit and wondering whether you should get yourself sick and just swallow everything?

    Well I could tell he was uncomfortable as hell and he finally spit into a trash can.

    Then a couple came into the gym and struck up a conversation with him. He was struggling with his dip juice……. Boy, he was miserable. I remember those days!

    I kept thinking about that all last night. I am so happy that I no longer have those ugly dirty bottles laying around everywhere. I no longer avoid people and conversation because I have some big wad in my mouth that I do not want to spit out.

    I am free. And you will be as well the minute you finally give up this damn habit.

    Day 696. I quit with you today.

  35. Quit today 109

  36. Does nuclear war justify a cave?

    • I’m at 455 and haven’t thought of it in a long time but if it’s nukes that are taking me out, I’ll probably have 1 last dip as I watch the blast.

  37. Day 138. Damn! After so many days I have been hit by intensive craves. I don’t know why?? I only remember that I am quit, I am quit, I am quit.. God may help me in this tough time.

    • Well just keep in mind at this point it wouldnt make you feel good or better. It would probably make you sick and within a few days you probably wouldnt feel anything but guilty for throwing away over 100 days so don’t do it.

    • TKV. These craves keep coming back when you least expect it. Embrace it.

      I get these right before, during and right after a major milestone. I am looking at hitting 700 in a few days so go figure, I am feeling the craves again.

      Just remember this will happen and make sure you do not focus on the crave feeling. Instead divert your attention to something else.

      I quit with you today. Day 696.

      • Thanks, till now best part is, craves don’t insist to have a dip, it just feels me sick or a foggy. I quit too with you and all other mates.

  38. Day 25 quit. Looking forward to saying I’ve quit for a month. I like seeing the money saved but I’ve substituted Skoal for Jake’s so I can’t say yet that I’m saving money. Oh well-at least I’m not killing myself. Cheers.

  39. day 108 quit today

  40. 107 quit again today

  41. Day 1!! Should I use Nicorette gum?

  42. 105 quit today

    • Hello Gentlemen…Been a while for me, Day 220…. Can of skoal a day for 30 years, for those of you battling, it literally took me 6 months to stop craving it or thinking about it, every weird thing you are feeling is due to withdrawls, one day , it just stops like flipping a switch.
      I would guess everyone is different, I had it all…insomnia, fever, sweats, irritability, mood swings, horrible anxiety, I actually thought I stroked out, my tongue wouldn’t work sometimes and my speech was slurred.
      I turned 50 this year and I know I can never go through those first few weeks, months of the beginning of my quit again, it was sheer misery.
      Plus I gained 30 pounds.

      Hang in there guys, don’t give in, I finally, feel so much better.
      Now I can duct tape my mouth shut and lose the weight…that will be a no brainer, nothing, no challenge pales in comparison to divorcing my buddy the green can.

      Stay strong men….

  43. The family had a two year celebration for me yesterday to mark being dip free. Aug 13, 2015 was my quit date. Don’t fool yourself, quitting is a family affair! 41 years a slave to Skoal and two years of freedom and counting. Quit, stay quit and never forget your family does support you. I quit with you all.

  44. Day 104 I quit today thank you for supporting me.

  45. Day 242 – Every day gets easier. But, DON’T, forget where you came from and where you are going. KTC has changedy life for the better. I have made new friends, quit chew, been saving money, and been able to purchase a new car. The chains of nicotene have been released and damn does it feel good to be free.

    – March Madhouse of Mayhem 2017
    – Quit Date 12/06/16

  46. Day 102 im quit

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