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  1. 152 quit today

  2. 56 days no chew after 25 years with a can in my pocket, it sounds strange to say that.

  3. Day 77 I’ve been a grumpy son of a bitch the last couple of months and just realized I have some work to do on my attitude. Time to do some step work. Some of you will understand

  4. CJACOB98
    Congratulations on the baby!
    I’m sure you’re desperate to help your husband quit and you probably feel helpless. There are some councilors on here that could probably give you some good advice, that’s why I ‘m posting here at the top in hopes they’ll see it .

    I said I would quit when my daughter was born too.Thirteen years later I finally did,and no one believed me.In fact once they realized I did,then came the insulting comments.

    Unfortunately I don’t think there’s much you can do.I just got sick of it and quit,just like that.Maybe someone has got better advice.

    Don’t give up hope,

    • CJACOB98

      i echo Steve No Happy’s sentiments. My daughter was born 23 years ago. I tried quitting before she was born and failed. I wanted to right after she was born and I failed.

      I was a VP of technology and addicted to this damn habit and just could not give it up. I tried patches, lozenges, etc. One thing that did work for me was going to a counselor who after 4 sessions hypnotized me and got me to stop for a full 9 months. My older brother ruined that for me. He was still smoking cigarettes and convinced me I could not be successful. I went back to dipping with a vengeance.

      I did not find this site until right before I quit at the ripe old age at 59. Our company had a reorg and I was out. I took advantage of the time off to finally quit.

      Why did I quit? I was getting spastic. I could do all the snuff I wanted and it was not making things better. I was getting panic attacks. I found the KTC site, started reading and decided I finally wanted to quit and I did.

      What made my quit successful was that I wanted to do it. Not my wonderful wife or daughter. Not my friends. Me.

      I recommend you provide your husband with this site and let him join when he is ready. I highly encourage you not to push him anymore. As much as he loves you and is ready to start a family, the more you push him the more he will defend his turf and stay true to his habit.

      It reminds me of raising a teenage daughter. If she loves him and you tell her she has to break up with the guy, she won’t and she loves him even more. If you accept the boyfriend, allow him to come over to the house and have him over for dinner etc. he will all of a sudden become uncool and your daughter will ditch the guy.

      It is like that.

      The greatest freedom you can give your husband is to say: I love you, I want you to know about this site, but I accept your habit and I only want you to quit when you are ready. You can do this as long as you need. When you are ready to quit I will be there for you and will support you.

      If you say that you will bring joy to his heart and make the decision all his. When he does decide to quit, he will be all in.

      I love my wife of 30 years but if she had ever put her foot down and said it is either me or the snuff, I am sorry to say I would have chosen the snuff. We have a very strong marriage.

      One further piece of joy for me was when my daughter who was nominated to be a fulbright scholar and sociology student of the year saw me quit, she gave up smoking within 3 months of my quit.

      I told her from the beginning that just because I was quitting did not mean she had to quit. I had no expectations. I used tobacco for 40 plus years and I expected her to do the same. The next thing I know she had some panic attacks from vaping and just stopped cold turkey. It has been over one year!

      Giving people the freedom to make the decision on their own without pressure is everything.

      I promise if you say what I suggested to your husband, when he does quit, it will be for good.

      Congratulations on starting your wonderful family.

      I quit with the other quitters today. I will quit with your husband when he is ready.

      Dundippin Day 740

  5. DAY 51 HALF WAY TO 100

  6. 150 I quit today

  7. Well day 3 is over with, on to day 4. Nic is out of my body. For the last couple weeks or so I was ready to quit, but couldn’t for the life of me pick a day I was ready. It would always be “oh this will be the last can, tomorrow is the day”. Even though deep down I was lying to myself. As weird it is to say, I had a stomach flu over the weekend and thank God I did. It made me not even crave a chew all day Sunday. So I picked that as my first day. Today was probably the hardest so far, as I went through a few trigger situations I would normally throw a dip in. But I’m tired of the shit. I’ve tried the fake stuff in the past but it doesn’t seem to really do it for me, so I think I’m gonna try doing without this time. But this time I have a whole new passionate feeling about quitting. I’ve been doing it for the better part of 6 years. Tired of the constant worry, all the sores, black stuck in my teeth, spit bottles all over my truck. So glad to be clean. He’ll I’m craving right now but am not even thinking about putting one in. Here’s to a fresh start on life! I quit with all of you today.

    • Going off a point you made about being distracted with the flu…. an idea that has worked for my buddy is to give up caffiene (if you are addicted) at the same time as chew (smoking in his case). It sounds crazy but the lack of caffiene can distract you from a lack of dip. However, combining both withdrawals could be worse so I do not recommend this to everyone. And I never tried it, but everyone is different just an idea.

  8. 149 quit again today my friends

  9. Day 1 – at age 51, with 35 years of abuse under my belt and numerous failed quits in my past, I am hoping that support from this site can help. My almost 2 can a day habit (Skoal Long Cut Wintergreen) needs to end now. One day at a time!

    • Steve b quit no happy

      I had Godzirra on my back breathing fire on my head , for what felt like forever.
      Things are gonna get rough,but you can do it.Everyone here knows what you’re gonna go through,have any questions,ask.

  10. 24 days getting close to a month! I decided over the weekend to stop taking the Smokey Mountain pouches. I was sighting my rifle in and clearing lanes for the deer season. Feeling pretty good right now still having cravings though especially with hunting around the corner.

    • Grizzfight, 63-days dip free for me. Getting sad and anxious with bow season starting in a couple of weeks. Will really miss sitting in my stand with a good chew going. Already playing mind games that I will only chew when hunting, but have played that game before. Always think it will be different.
      Copenhagen Long Cut Straight.
      Mark W.

  11. 704 days. Thats kinda nuts?! Picked up a nintendo switch today, was kind of excited to try it out, its been awhile since ive gotten anything for myself. after sitting down playing for around 5-10 min i got this urge. Not exactly consciously jonesing for a chew at first until i started thinking about it. Hard to explain but one of my old triggers was playing video games. Id always think how much funner a game would be with a wad of chew in my lip. I dont think i was in any real danger, idk if there is anything at this point that could make me slip but was odd, i havnt had a craving/ urge in a long while? Almost forgot what they felt like.

  12. 20 Days. Still have cravings. Focusing on not chewing one day at a time.

  13. Steve b Quit no happy

    This may not go over well.
    I haven’t drank coffee for over a year, today I had a small black ice coffee before lifting weights and almost immediately,dizziness,panicky,and very shakey.I almost capsized when I got out of the car.
    The weights felt lighter but my heart was pounding, and I kept pacing back and forth,couldn’t stop.Good thing I lift in my garage and not at a gym,cause people would have thought “something’s up with that guy “.
    Next , time for a walk.4 miles,my usual pace is 14 to 15 min mile.Today 13 minute miles,and I could’ve kept going.But I sweat almost as much walking with the caffeine as I do running with no caffeine .
    My heart was in overdrive the whole time.This can’t be good,and I kept sweating long after I was done.So I’m suggesting, if you drink coffee stop.
    Some of you might be thinking of contacting Chewie and demanding that he permanently ban this dipforbrains SteveB what ever he calls himself today,But just try it.One week no caffeine,see how you feel. Your heart will thank you for it.

    Steve no give up….Sig.

  14. Day 93! Closer and closer to triple digits and HOF! Thank you to all on this website for your support and sharing your stories.

    The journey has been one of the most challenging yet in my adult life but I wouldn’t go back for nothing. No more hiding behind the can and you all know what I mean. Chasing the dip each day and lying to ourselves each day that we had it under control. Telling ourselves that this is the last one only to pop another in right after. Falling asleep with dip and waking up to stains on the bed. Crazy acid reflux from swallowed dip juice. Sneaking dip before meeting with client/people who you know wouldn’t approve.

    Man the list goes on but what I’m saying is I feel Free! Amen! I quit with you all today?!

  15. Day 26 – Still tough but getting thru it one day at a time.
    I quit with you all today

  16. Day 750 if i can u can. Quit and enjoy life without nic so much better

  17. 61 Days quit. Lovin’ Life. Lovin’ my new found freedom.

  18. Day 70, craving when I wake up still though now it’s a fleeting one. I just keep quitting with you guys odaat.

  19. Proud to say I made it to 2 years today. I would have never imagined it was possible. I still remember how terrible it was the first four days. I was out of work, catatonic and did nothing but sleep all day followed by brief stints to get up, eat, drink some OJ, pee and go back to bed. I finally broke out of that cycle and started living again. I did it slowly but surely.

    I never imagined I would have been able to maintain the ability to shift my focus. I am amazed that i do not think about the habit at all. My only remembrance is my morning roll call post. I will never think about using ever again.

    Many thanks to Chewie and the core group of volunteers that keep this site running and all of my quit buddies that have supported me along the way.

    Special thanks to my wife and daughter who have supported me through all of this time. So proud that my daughter quit smoking because of the example I set.

    I quit with you today.

    Dundippin – day 730

  20. 143 im quit

  21. 18 days quit now…cravings are harder now than the first week for me. I’ve passed almost all of the difficult situations without caving thus far. Hopefully after a month these cravings will subside a little.

      Everyone on here has it .You have it too.You wouldn’t be at 18 days if you didn’t
      Keep goin bruh.

      • Hello, Steve! What’s the trick? We have a baby on the way (March) & he’s said without me bringing it up that he wants to quit. But he’s lied about buying it. And gets defensive when I’ve only asked once about him dipping 3 times at home. What’s the trick? What can I do to help him? I don’t want him to be in this alone, but I want will power to win & I know that it can. Anything would help!

    • Yep, it sucks but It will get better, I promise!

  22. I am a union carpenter and dipped for 14 years I am on day 46, for the most part im glad I don’t dip anymore but the cravings are still there during certain times. I have to remind myself that it has become a lot better I do not crave a chew after lunch anymore which is huge especially when you work around guys that either chew or smoke. I personally use working out to help me get through it.

  23. A long time ago, burning bush tell man,”tabbacco no good,no touch!”Then talking snake come,tell man,”tabbacco good,smoke put in mouth chew,spit,good.”Man do.
    This anger burning bush,make rain many days,drown all tabbacco.Talking snake come back,give seeds to man.Man grow tabbacco.This make big problems for man.
    Peace to you all.

  24. 142 quit today

  25. Day 90! Almost there and it just get better and better each day. I truly don’t remember the last time I had a craving. My anxiety is getting better and all the weird stuff is starting to subside. This site is such a blessing and havig all of you is an honor. I quit with you all today.

    • Thanks for your post I needed to read this I’m on day 46 and was wondering if id ever go a day without a craving

      • MCGEE3 you are most welcome! This site has helped me so much during this process! Keep up the fight and remember it’s you against you and the can is the enemy!

  26. Hi everyone,

    I have been dipping for about 5 years now. Made the decision to quit as a new me type of thing, I’m going back to school for engineering and I don’t want to do this stuff any more. I have been clean since July 21 2017. Been noticing some weird things happening with my throat mainly since then. Went to my GP and a ENT and they said I’m fine. Doesn’t help that I have some anxiety stuff going on before I quit dipping. So my mind is playing tricks on me I think when I’m quiting. Anyways just thought I would share my story and I’m glad there is a place I can go to talk about this stuff. Thanks a lot!

  27. @realDonaldTrump

    Donny ❤️ Melania


  28. 139 im quit

  29. Here I go. Day 2 and so far so good. I’m using a patch to kill the cravings and Mint pouches for the fixation problem. Lots of excercise!!

    • Worst part is night sweats. Totally gross. But I think last night was better. I’m only craving a couple times a day and that passes quick. I chewed for 15 plus years up to a can a day

      • a patch is NOT quitting…Its only a way to suck nic into your body other than a cat turd in your lip. We are 100% nic free here. Nut up and throw it all away. The sooner you realize you don’t need it ,the better off you will be. Day 310!

        • I hear you. But after a dozen no luck tries I had to try something else. At least Im not dipping. I’ll quit the patch when I have dip under control and then I’ll man up. Thanks for the comment tho. I know you are dead right.

        • today I quit the patch.

        • In my honest opinion if you are not quitting the nic and just the tobacco the patches and the gum don’t really help. Honestly from experience you get the same symptoms but prolong them bc your body not only wants nic but also at sufficient levels. Vaping can substitute but your still an addict to something that probably is not benifical to your health, and even more determinetal to your wallet.

      • I made it thru some ugly stuff for sure. Shaking and sweating gone. Still get lots of energy and anxiety. I’ve nipped the urge to dip though. If I think about I just think about my family and in 2 minutes its gone.

  30. 138 quit today

  31. Day 85! Can’t believe I’ve made it this far but I’m getting closer the the HOF! I quit with you all today and here if anyone needs support, especially those who are in your 1-2wks. Check back in at 90 and 100!

    • Day 85 for me today as well. Still having anxiety keep thinking I have cancer keep going to the doctor. Keep having nausea and lack of appetite. It’s probably just anxiety.are you still having anxiety at times.

      • Stay Strong John and GOOD WORK so far – I had anxiety and flipped out with cancer thoughts too… Best thing I can tell you is go see your doctor or ENT and get piece of ‘mind’ but your mind will still play tricks on you… I finally licked my anxiety and panic around day 140 ish… It comes in waves, well did for me – stay busy exercise take up a new hobby to keep your mind busy!

  32. 137 quit. I have try and post on here the last three day and it kept saying website down glad its back up now!!

  33. Day 796

    For all those quitting for something other than yourselves, good luck. You SHOULD BE quitting for yourself.

    I was never able to quit until I made it 100% ABOUT ME. Your family isn’t quitting. YOU ARE!

  34. 53 days quit. I went crabbing this past holiday weekend (yes I live in Maryland). We were out on the boat all day drinking beer and catching crabs. Both guys I was with had big ole horseshoes in all day. It was probably the hardest day I have had so far. The dip looked and smelled so good; one of my more severe cravings. So i was on the beautiful Chesapeake Bay all day drinking beer with guys dipping all day and I still fought off the temptation. Im not going to lie, I was very very close to caving, but I am very proud of myself for not. All I could think about was the withdrawal symptoms starting over and the first few weeks were Hell to me so I didnt want to start all over. If I can do this, so can all of you. 53 days quit today with all of you.

  35. 100 days wow I can’t believe I did it been dipping for 27 years 2 cans a day every day thank God and all of you guys on this site best decision I have ever made

  36. Day 14, first part of day is getting easier. Still from around lunch time to bed time is rough. Smokey mountain helps a little.

  37. Day 7 an my cravings got me in the fiddle position this morning!! Reading these comments I really commend y’all fellas who has pushed through this, keeping me humble right now God bless #1Love

  38. Sig & Dundippin
    Thank you for your responses
    Forgive me if I don’t join the “a”holes group,not voluntarily anyway.Butt I proudly quit with both of you, all day everyday!
    Good day mates.???

  39. 36 days quit and the cravings are still there. But simple bubble gum kills them now

  40. 132 quit today

  41. 600 and going strong! Stay quit my friends!

  42. Today is the day I have made the commitment to quit for good. I always tried to hide it from my family thinking what they don’t know won’t hurt them. Let me tell you I wasn’t as sneaky as I thought. Then my daughter 12 years old told me that she knew and it bothered her it bothered because she wants me to be around to see her little sister graduate. That is what really did it for me! I have tried to quit before and like other folks it would last for a few weeks or a few months I have quit for as long as 18 months. This time just feels different I think I am truly ready to be free of this I have been a slave to smokeless tobacco on and off for the last 16 years and now I have three kids it no longer just effects me it effects people that are lose to me as well! I know this isn’t going to be easy frankly the first few days will be hell, but at the end of the day we all have more to lose by continuing down the path of addiction than we do on the road to recovery! Good luck to everyone here as we start and or continue to live a tobacco free life! GOD BLESS!

    • Great job Mike…I quit for my family 48 days ago. Most of the time I don’t even think about chewing, but some days I need to visit this website to remind me that I can do it. Keep it up brother. . God bless

  43. 131 quit today. CMARK I don’t know if we need to chat comment was to me if it was we can talk anytime. Thanks

  44. I’ve discovered I have two personalities,one is happy I quit,the other is pissed about it.The one that’s pissed is causing all the problems.

    no happy.

    • S B Q/ S N H-
      I was ANGRY for at least a year! iT may/ will PASS in time. Or not; I discovered that I am an asshole most of the time.
      sig x 0243

      • Hi SIG, good to hear from you.
        I’m not angry.I was feeling pretty good till last week the muscle tension in my neck came back followed by anxiety and dizzyness.It lasted 2 or 3 days,it’s gone now thankfully.
        A year ago this time my anxiety was at its worst.Two panic attacks,it was awful.I’m just frustrated that 15 months after quitting,still having problems.
        I hope you (everyone) enjoys their Laborday weekend.

        • SBQ-
          This quit stuff is never easy; if it was, everyone would do it…..Stay the course, keep a positive mental outlook, stay in good physical shape and you will be fine. If need be reach out, here there or w/ a Doc. SBQ, NO GIVE UP and ALWAYS Fight through the rough patches. sig x0243, out.

          Symptoms are good; NO MORE Cold sweats, all night tremors, nightmares are rare, I feel a lot better than day 100 and better than yesterday. Embrace the NEW NORMAL.

      • SIG if you don’t mind me asking.How are your symptoms, bruh?

        • Steve Be Quit / Steve No Happy –

          I love seeing your comments. I have to admit that I still have rages and it drives me crazy. Happy for a while and then I become an a hole. Love Sig’s comment that he learned he is just an asshole. I have learned the same thing.

          Getting ready to hit my 2 year mark soon and I will still be having symptoms as I go past 2 years and head into 3. Long story short, you can’t dip for 40 years and hope all previous symptoms go away after a short period of time.

          I was marveling at how wonderful it is to not have to carry some ugly disgusting brown bottle with me everywhere I go. So many other wonderful advantages.

          Perhaps we should start a sub-group called the a holes. I wonder if most of us would be part of that group?

          I quit with you today.

          Dundippin – day 719.

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