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  1. So I was on facebook with a fellow worker/friend and he noted that he was going to a homecoming at my high school. I said I did not know you went to Arundel, and he said, well I told you several times……

    I can not tell you how angry it makes me whenever anyone says, as i said, as I told you, I told you already, etc.

    First, I was in charge of a large IT department and had my head filled with facts, meetings and deliverables for some 30 companies at the same time, etc.

    Secondly, it never does anyone any good to be condescending because saying something like that is a bit of put down and just creates resentment.

    Third, I should change my behavior to not allow his comment to bother me.

    And then I thought, I advise people on this site all the time that to be successful that they need to change their focus and to think about anything else so the craves do not get to them.

    So since we, who are successful in our quit, whether it is 3 days or 100 or more, are experts in training our minds, we should use that power for other things as well.

    We know we need to think about anything but that one thing. We should also be able to do that with any other habit or any situation that angers or concerns us. Rather than sending an angry reply or getting into an argument, we should step back, focus on something else and come back to the topic when we can deal with it.

    Apply your quit techniques to other aspects of your life. And remember, never hit reply all.

    I quit with you today.

    Dundippin day 761

  2. Day 66, after 35 years of chewing a can every 2 days im winning the fight for me.. Making a choice to quit everyday, not easy but worth the fight.

  3. HOF Boys!!!! Woo hoo!!! Today I quit with all of you!!!! 100 days!!!!!

  4. Sig, I feel the same way. Proud to be quit with you as well.

    Let me know if you ever come to the East Coast. Would love to meet you.

  5. I took a trip yesterday that should have lasted all of 2.5 hours. Instead the total trip took 9 hours and I never made it to where I was going.

    It took 4 hours to get half-way there because of a turned over tanker on Route 1 in Delaware. When I finally got out of 1 mile and hour traffic, I lost brakes on my vehicle and had to figure out where to pull over without hitting someone.

    Then I had to find a towing service that would drive me 1.5 hours back home without charging me an arm and a leg….

    I left at 3 in the afternoon and got home at 12 midnight after dropping my car off at my local car repair shop.

    The tow operator stopped at the local wawa and we got some coffee.

    I looked at the wall of snuff that was lined up and thought to myself, I am so happy I do not dip anymore. In the old days I would need to have a cup with me and dip in front of my wife and the driver.

    So glad it has not been that way for the last 759 days.

    Why was i taking the trip – to be at court a day ahead of schedule. I wanted to ask the court for probation before judgement for my first ticket in 15 years……

    I quit with you today.


  6. Day 120! More and more alive each day!:) Best Health decision I’ve ever made! I quit with you all today!

  7. Hey guys, I what makes you guys get through your cravings? I used to dip heavy throughout the week and I quit for a time on the weekends but as soon as the week starts up again I have to pick it up. Any tips/suggestions would be helpful! Also to those who are keeping up with their quiting, keep on keeping on!

    • I dipped heavily for 25 years (minus a 8 month stretch in college) *cough 🙂
      I quit 88 days ago and if I didn’t have a substitute like Jake’s Mint Chew, I don’t know where I’d be. The sensation of having the fake stuff packed between my cheek and gum was enough to keep the cravings at bay for a while. I’m not sure the cravings will ever stop, however, they will become less frequent and less powerful. Each day is anew. Just promise yourself you won’t dip today and then do it again tomorrow. I’m 12 days away from my 100 and I’m so stoked to get there. Never did I think I would make it this far 88 days ago. Keep your head up and keep fighting.

    • Gum has been the key to helping me quit. There’s been some days where my jaw and gums are sore, but it has kept me from giving in. My shameless plug of being quit for 291 days 😉

    • Hey Geoff. Just my two cents, but understanding habits and why we do what we do is a start. We stuff that crap in our faces, knowing fully that our lives would be much improved if we’d quit. Read it for yourself, it’s called the Power of Habit, and I’ll recommend that book to anyone. It helps me, among other tools. Good luck. Be quit and stay quit. 5 days quit – again.

    • Geoff,
      I got through my cravings by not thinking about what I was craving but instead shifting my attention to other matters. That is the key to the quit. Distract your brain and force yourself to think about something else. Later you will say, oh yeah I had some craves earlier didn’t I.

      Quitting means exercising your mind to think about everything else. In time you will find that you get better and better at it.

      I quit with you today.
      Dundippin day 760

  8. 405 days dip free. No cravings for months, some resurfacing. may be the fall weather, or just stress in general, but its claws are scratching back.

    Remind yourself why you quit. Remember the background anxiety, could i be the one who gets cancer? Stay focused, stay clean! 1 day is better than no day, brothers.

  9. 4 more days and i will have 2 years. Crazy. As nuts as it might sound i almost miss my early days/ first 6-9 months. Of course the struggle fighting off urges sucked but one thing i miss is when i started noticing the benifits of quitting? The nasty taste started to disappear, my teeth and gums healing, the physical effects such as added energy and motivation. When i used nicotine all those decades i would try to workout/exercise and i would lose my motivation because i wouldnt see any effects. After every workout id pop in a fat chew, sit back and relax. Never had energy because putting in a chew for 30+ min every 2 hours a day i was always under the influence. Ive lost 40 pound since i quit. When i chewed after every dip id guzzle a soda and was drinking prob 8+ a day. Back this last jan i quit drinking soda completely and just drink seltzer water from costco x2 a day and just normal water now. I also quit eating dinner 95% of the time i found i sleep much better on an empty stomach. I also exercise regularly now really lifting weights 3-5 times a week. I also have learned to love riding my bike. I remember trying to ride when i chewed and it would kick my ass, like having peddling up hill with asthma id be getting ready to have a stroke. Now im like greased lighting riding all over town and dont get worn out or tired. I havnt been in this good of shape since i was a kid. Then theres the mental benefits. i think i think much more clearly today, my old short fuse has been all but extinguished, i enjoy getting out and doing things, meeting people( i still need to get to the movies and see “IT”). I also gave up drinking about 4-5 months before i quit chew. I wont say ill never drink again if i ever run into an old friend or girlfriend but the idea of it isnt appealing. It would give me the spins and prob make me sick at this point not having any for over 2 years. All these benifits i feel today… the extra energy, morivation , change in attitude clearer thinking as wonderful as it is… its makes me alittle nervous that its now just becoming everyday life, this is who i am now. As nutty as it sounds i almost miss those early days/months of quitting when you start feeling/recognizing the benefits, now its like im getting used to them
    . Anyway guys i have g2 say… i think im going to cut back on this site? Everyones quit is different and sometimes i wonder if i give some unrealitic expectations. Ive read some stories of people who are still struggling after a year. Getting in shape, exercizing, dieting, etc i dont want people to overwhelm themselves.As you start feeling the benifits of quitting you will gain motivation to do more. doesn’t have to be exercising and dieting, maybe a hobby, getting out more( i hated chewing in public).Those of you just starting remember there are others on this site right where you are at. Read their stories and speak with them. Learn what you can. Anyway I wish you all the best of luck. It is worth it, dont give up.

  10. 30 days quit! This feels great.

    • Ah the first 30 days,such fond memories.

      Congratulations mon.?

      • Thanks. I actually feel great! I’m a little disappointed in my sex performance but viagra will do for now. Other than that my mood is terrific. I don’t know where I’d be without mint chew, but it definitely works.

  11. Celebrating 200 days! I feel free. I feels MUCH better than I felt while chewing. I passed through lot of bad conditions: cravings, nausea, sleep disorder, anxiety, uneasiness, headache. Now almost everything is gone (at least for now). I am looking forward for more good days.
    Guys quitting with you all today and forever!

  12. Day 59, keep going everyone….

  13. Day 83 for me. Everyday further out I get, the better I feel. Not symptom free yet, but getting closer.

    I have tried to quit many times for other people; my parents, my wife, my kids….I realized I had to quit for Myself. I am 32 years old and have 3 kids. I was 2 cans/week for 15 years. You wont be able to fully commit unless you do it for yourself! Have some self respect, grit and determination and just decide enough is enough. I can beat anything I put my mind to. Keep on keeping on fellas!

  14. Day 57, getting a little better everyday

  15. If anyone can help out here, I’d appreciate it.

    I went to the dentist today and have Leukoplakia that looks pretty bad. I’ve been dipping a can of Copenhagen a day for 23 years. Suffice it to say, at 37 with two kids, I’m not ready to go yet. I’ve got to stop. Tried before cold turkey and ended up in the ER both times with ridiculous blood pressure problems from withdrawal.

    My doctor thinks Chantix is bad. Says most of his patients have a horrible time with it. Need to know what you guys used for nicotine to get off. Also, if I have to use fake crap I will. I’ve never been a mint guy or anything like that, just straight Copenhagen snuff.

    Any help is appreciated. Today was a wake up call. They’re going to biopsy my gums this week.

    • Hey Matt – I can’t speak to Chantix as I never used it, but JayP has recounted his experience here:

      I went 100% cold turkey. It sucks for sure, but it’s totally worth it. It CAN be done if you take it one day at a time. I’d suggest you get involved here and on the forums to build your support system.

      As for fake dip… I was primarily a Kodiak Wintergreen guy and when I went to the fake I was a huge fan of the straight flavors. Others wanted to get a fake as close as possible to their former brand. There’s a TON of great ones out there… just really depends on what you’re looking for.

    • Two kids, 39, and probably about 23 years as well. Yes, we need to stop. I am on day 52 of cold turkey. Fake stuff definitely helps me. Order several off Amazon and see what works for you as everyone is different. The blood pressure thing is odd (disclaimer: I am NOT a doctor). I would talk to your doctor about that. In everything I have read, blood pressure normally goes down when you stop; that was the case with me. Again, please talk to your doctor about this, maybe it is anxiety or something else and they can prescribed you something to get over the hump. I definitely had elevated anxiety at times in the first 30 or so days. Best of luck with your quit. 53 days ago I was right there with you thinking there is no way I could ever stop. This site has been a life saver but you have to buy into the program. If I were you I would first talk to your doctor again about the blood pressure issue and then once you both felt good with that get back here and join the appropriate quit group. You have to really want to quit though for this to work.


      MATT A,
      I AM NOT A DOCTOR or a Nurse, but I strongly suggest, under the close eye of a DOCTOR, to Q U I T using tobacco IMMEDIATELY then you press through the difficulties. I know that there are nicotine replacement patches, lozenges and gum to taper off the withdrawals or possibly prolong the withdrawals for that matter. Either way, COLD TURKEY or with a non tobacco replacement, Q U I T using tobacco and then push yourself through the quit by participation in the QUIT Forum here at KTC; it works, just read the many members’ stories.

      I used Copenhagen Snuff Fine Cut/ Original for 35 years and I am QUIT for over two years now.

    • Hi Matt,
      I am on quit day 19. I am using Chantix. My doctors says he sees it work 80% of the time. I’ve been a skoal dipper for 37 years, 3 cans a week. It’s hard to say how well it works because I never tried to quit without it. However, I believe it is helping a lot. Get some of this and some tobacco free dip and a lot of sunflower seeds. At least this is what is working for me.

      You can do this!

    • I’m 30, in the last five years my dipping had increased to two cans a day! Needless to say my dependence was very high. I tried all nicotine replacement therapies.. they all failed…then I tried chantixs, I’ve been dip free for 29 days now. Havent had a single issue with either the medication or cravings or withdrawal symptoms. Try it, it might just surprise you.

    • Matt,.my friend quit Copenhagen by using straight tea,yes he emptied tea bags into a can and dipped it.just started my journey so we’ll see.

    • Matt:

      I chewed for the better part of 30 years or so and I had a similar scare a year ago and when I got the test results back from the dentist I dodged a bullet. I promptly went down to the gas station and grabbed me a fresh can of Grizzly Long Cut Wintergreen. I opened that can and took a big whiff and told it that I was going to miss it as it was time to quit. I put that can in my garage on the tool bench so I could see it every day during my cold turkey quit. When I hit 6 months, I tossed it out and told it that it no longer controlled me. I never once took a pinch, but I left it there to test my strength and resolve to quit. It has been a year now and I do use the fake stuff, but no nicotine or tobacco. I am not going to lie, I loved chew but I was not ready to give in to the big C yet either. Good luck on your quit as hears hoping that your test results are just a scare and nothing more serious.

  16. 165 quit today

  17. Man hard to believe 46 days ago i was on here desperate for the stregnth to quit. Well i got it that day and its a beautiful thing. Cheers brothers

  18. I’m on day 5. Mornings have been hardest for me but I definitely feel better than I have the last two days. Stay strong quitters! I made it over a year before I caved the first time I quit. This one is for good!!

    • STEVE, Great to hear and keep accumulating the days quit. Some days you may need to reach out; if so don’t hesitate as you are surrounded by many veteran, long time nic free quitters here at KTC. @sig45

    • Elksayer,

      I will say that I thought you were a nuisance when I saw your posts on this site and the group would not let you back in. You have shown some real conviction and you are dedicated to your quit.

      You have shown that even if you cave, the ultimate goal is to quit. You have fought through the desire to cave and achieved a solid record of success.

      I am proud to be quit with you.

      I quit with you today.

      Dundippin – day 753

  19. Day 16. Getting easier by the day. I didn’t start using the fake stuff til last night, actually felt weird to have a can in my back pocket again. I don’t really need the fake chew but I’m gonna buy a couple cans if im craving, think it’ll help.

  20. Day 110! Standing Strong! I quit with you all today!

  21. Just wanted to let everyone know that quitting is real. As of today, I have hit 2 years without dip and never touched tobacco since. I’ll admit that there are some cravings but with everyday that I am tobacco free is one more reason to keep going and why break the streak.

  22. Day 79. No dip for me today thank you very much.

    • Mike S, KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK! Reach out if need be as there is lots of quitting experience all around you here. @sig45

  23. 160 quit today

    • I’m on days 224, for some reason I’ve had cravings more than usual. Maybe it’s because it’s bow season here in Montana.

  24. Hey everyone. Like many of you, I’ve tried unsuccesfully, to quit many times in my 30 year use of Copenhagen. I’m a can a week user and have been since I can remember. I’m 51 yo male now and have fibromyalgia and can’t help but wonder if snuff helped create this disorder? I’ve even asked my doctor for help, who also chewed Copenhagen, and the only advice I got was, “just quit”. Like I said, I’ve tried many times. Recently, my lab/Great Dane mixed dog, searches out my belongings, when I’m not around or looking, for snuff cans. She destroys the can but leaves snuff alone. I’ve begun to think she’s trying to tell me something? Crazy, huh? Anyway, this activity with my dog Shadow, started 6 months ago. She’s 11 years old and I’ve scratched my head many times wondering what is going on here? Often I’ve had food or other things I’d expect a dog to go after, yet she only goes after my Copenhagen. Does she know something I don’t? Maybe she’s sensing illness? I can’t answer any of that, but it brought me here. I think in some strange way, she’s telling me to quit.

    Anyway, to my question? A friend of mine who is a few years older than me and also chews Cope, claims you cannot quit cold turkey and you must wean off over a period of 3 months. Is this BS? If I’ve got Cope in my pocket and try to wean off, I’m not sure I can quit? He claimed I’d be at risk for stroke or heart trouble quitting cold turkey.

    I’m hoping someone can tell me it’s ok to just stop cold turkey and my risk for stroke or heart attack is very low or all BS? Thanks all!


    • I have never heard of an increased risk of stroke or heart attack due to cold turkey quitting. Furthermore, it he 10+ years of this site’s existence (nearly 11) there isn’t one case that I’m aware of. Certainly, elevated stress and anxiety comes with the territory as I’m a prime example of, but nothing more than that.

      That said, don’t take our word for it. If you’re worried about it go talk to your doctor. But DON’T use it as an excuse not to quit.

    • Dan I was a 1.5 can a day cope user for 39 years 1 day I decided enough was enough and quit cold turkey. The only issue I encountered was a little irritalbility at first then some weight gain because was eating rather than dipping. ive been quit for 682 days and no other ill effects. JUST QUIT.

    • Perhaps she is trying to send you a message and that message is even if you dont quit put your chew away somehwere your dog cannot get to it. You are lucky she isnt dead. Tobacco/nicotine is worse than chocolate for dogs. No joke, look it up.

    • Dan,
      I dipped for some 40 years. At the end I was a 2 pack a day of Cherry Skoal. I weened myself off of Copenhagen because I heard Cope had twice as much nicotine.

      It is possible to quit cold turkey. When I did it I became catatonic. Without the dip I had no energy. I just slept, got up for a few to eat and drink some OJ and went back to bed. It took five days before I stopped being a zombie.

      The quit affects us all differently but it is going to suck. As they say here, embrace the suck.

      You have to learn to distract your mind so when you start thinking of the thing you should not think about, think about something else.

      Make sure you eat at least three square meals a day because if you do not eat it will bring on the thoughts…

      Get plenty of exercise.

      You can do this. Just start.

      I quit with you today.

      Dundippin day 752.

  25. I sat for a 4 hour professional exam this week. Had I not quit I would have been a total lunatic at the end of 2 hours. Would not have known how to last for 4.

    Glad that I can do this, work, visit friends and family without special breaks.

    There are a host of benefits coming your way after you commit to quit.

    I quit with you today.

    Dundippin – day 746

  26. 159 QUIT TODAY

  27. …47 days quit. ..still having some bad days…but getting better

  28. Day 11. This quit is probably the easiest one I’ve done, and it WILL be my last. I have cravings every now and then but they only last a few minutes and they’re bearable. Each day is getting better. Feels like since I’ve been off dip I can think alot clearer and my mood is overall better.

  29. Day 5 of my second attempt. Im feel ten times better than a few days ago. Its tempting to buy a can everytime i go out. But i wont fall for that again

  30. Long story short..I am a 35 year vet to Grizzly (used to be Kodiak for the first 20 years) ….I found this site about a year ago….quit for about 2 months… caved one day for some reason I don’t even remember…. I have been doing a lot of soul searching and praying lately and I think I have my mind right for my final quit. My 11 year old daughter is one of my main motivations. Got some NIP, seeds and gum….wish me luck….. DAY 1

    • Chaseman,
      I abused Copenhagen snuff for as long as you did with Grizz and Kodiak, aka stick’um. I have been quit of all nicotine for 742 days now. You have found the right place and the right group of people to assist you greatly with your quit. Good luck to you my friend and reach out anytime. @sig45

      • Thanks SIG45, I remember seeing your name back in the day. Thanks for the support. Day 2 and I aint having no fun right now. It just pisses me off that I am putting myself thru this hell again and its all my fault. I think this is one of the main reasons that I wont fail this time.

        • Chaseman. I don’t come on here often anymore, but your name sounds familiar. I was 25 years Kodiac and it was brutal when I first quit. Brutal!!!! My advice is stick with it no matter how impossible it seems. I’m now 2 1/2 years quit and it’s so amazing no thinking, wanting or wishing I had a chew. It can be done. Stay quit!

    • Day 8. It gets easier. Just get to day 3. That’s all you need to do.

  31. 156 quit all day

  32. i am wondering why i have chewed wb for 40 years i am 61 yrs old and quit two weeks ago have not had a single craving or withdrawal symptoms . am i going to get a bad experience all at once or something? just cant figure it out thanks for any input

    • How the. F? did you do that? We should be asking you for advice.

    • Chuck,

      What the fuck Chuck, or should I say Chuck what the fuck…… Never ever have I heard of this rare NO WITHDRAWAL after years of abuse bird. The rarest of all birds, indeed. I say, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it……….One day at a time and keep on Truck’in on. @sig45

    • Chuck,
      Count your blessings and stay off the stuff. My info is similar to yours but I quit 2 years ago at 59.

      I as others have, fought through the nagging addiction that try to pull us back to the habit hour after hour and day after day.

      We had to train ourselves not to think about snuff and to think about something else.

      It has been become a well honed exercise.

      If you are not feeling anything then run away from this habit. Throw out all your tins and never think about this stuff.

      I will say you make the rest of us envious. Do not look a gift horse in the mouth. Continue to stay away.

      I quit with you today.


      • Mr. DUNDIPPIN
        I believe we’re whitnessin a true miracle.

        All kidding aside Chuck,this is Great,good for you.Keep us posted.

  33. Today is day 3 for me. 2nd attempt. I have a fire i didnt before. And after 3 weeks last time i caved. Same mistake alot of others make. The deadly “one wont hurt i can handle it”. Boom i was right back at it. Not this time. I want a good life. I want to keep all of my paycheck. I want to die a healthy man. No excuses. I personally dont believe in nic substitutes like gum and shit either. Thats not quitting. Wish me luck fellas! I love this site,ill be on here.

    • All the best and remember that you can do it. I had the same problem of relapsing but now I am on my 186th day. I was one of the most addicted guy in the group.So if i can make it this longer, of course you can.

  34. Just woke up to day 3, many of my friends still dip, wa shard to fight temptation. But still going strong, things only get better.

  35. I’ve tried quitting many times and it never stuck I’ve been chewing for 15 years and just can’t seem to kick the habit I’m looking for suggestions that might help me quit it’s getting bad and I want to quit

  36. Just recently started to quit dip for the 2nd time. On my first attempt, I went 4 months before caving. Now I’m trying it again, and why some people think that nicotine is a stimulant is beyond me. Right now I feel a bit edgy, and having difficulty sleeping, but I have much more energy than I did before, and I actually feel like getting more things done now than when my brain was under the influence of nicotine. And the tightness in my chest is gone, as my heart is no longer working 2x harder to pump blood through my veins with that sludge going through it. I’ve ordered a shipment of Baccoff chew, as it is one of the better dip substitutes that I know of. I hope to have a more successful run this time, as my life may depend on me quitting ASAP.

    Wish me luck!

    • Lancer, all the best. I also caved previously but now I am really going beyond the unreal mental craves that make me caved. Stay on the course man!

  37. Day 7. It’s been a rough week but starting to get better. Today will be a good test because I’m going on a camping/fishing trip for the weekend along with a road trip to get there. Usually would have a dip in all of this situations. I know if I can get through the weekend dip free, I’ll be able to get through it for a lifetime.

    • Man, I am on day 4. Good luck with you trip. I would bring some snacks, seeds, sodas, and not drink. I had a cookout yesterday. I was nervous about the whole day being a trigger and decided to not drink. It was a breeze. I have decided to not drink any alcohol for 60 days to help with the quit.

    • Well I did it. 2 long road trips alot with camping and fishing. Those are my ultimate dip triggers and would’ve had a whole can in probably 12 hours or so. Glad to say I was dip free, and glad to say I’ve been clean for officially a week.

  38. In march I quit for 2 months with my roommate. However he failed and I used that as an excuse to go get “just one more” can. Then immediately fell victim to dip again. However last night I decided to start back up. I miss the freedom of not having to rely on a few pouches in my
    Lip, and not constantly being scared of a cut or weird spot in my mouth and having anxiety attacks from running back and forth to the mirror to check out my mouth every hour. So today is Day 1. Honestly scared of how it’ll effect my focus in school, but so far at work it has not been a problem as I’m here typing this now.

  39. Day 69 here 🙂

    I know what I’m doing tonight!!!!!

  40. DAY 100 HOF!!!!! Thank you thank you God and thank you for all of your comments and support during this process. I have to say it feels darn good not to be consumed by the evil can anymore. Chewie thank you for creating this website because in those early days it seemed so impossible but coming here has helped tremendously. Though this is a huge milestone I know the journey is lifelong and I’d like to say I quit with you all today! Happy First Day of Autumn!

  41. My friend can’t quit. I tried to help him but he only quits for a week and then go back again. 🙁

  42. Day 23. I’m quitting today.

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