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  1. Day 162! Haven’t checked in in a while just because I have really thought about it, but I’m here for those who are struggling in those early days! It was hell for all of us on here who decided to take control of our lives again. The night sweats, dip dreams, anxiety, cravings etc etc.. Been through it and still have foggy days but you get stronger and stronger each day! Begin filling those times when you were dipping with something else. Go burn yourself out with a workout so you can deep sleep through the night. You got this! It’s all mind over matter once you get the actual nicotine out of your system!

  2. I just turned 18 last month, have been chewing since I was 16 and have just decided to quit. Im starting to realize how bad my addiction actually is because of the fact that I found what I’m pretty sure is a canker sore in my mouth, but I’ve never gotten them until recently, so I’m terrified that it might be cancer. And the thing that just made me realize I need to stop, is that even though I’m terrified of developing cancer and that this might be it, I said to myself “well, I’ll just finish this can and THEN quit.” But I just threw out my roll, this is something I need to stop not only for my health, but for my social life and mental health too. I don’t want it to rule me, I want to stop and I’m finally making the move towards doing that.

    • Jamie, you are much smarter then I was when I was at your age. I dipped for over 35 years before I finally got to where you are after only 2 years. Stay with this and join a quit group, if you haven’t already. Don’t give in to the mic bitch as she will do everything possible to get you to start dipping again. I believe in you and know you can do this.

  3. Don’t be a Pussy! Chewing is for losers , spitting and carrying their little spit cups around. Stay strong!

    • Day 6 dip free – I got this! Taking back my life feels great. A can a day for 13 years, it’s not easy but it’s worth it. Stay ?

  4. Day 2 and feel like I need to run out and get a can. Not sure if quitting right before a holiday is the best idea. I did not have a quit date, just been thinking about it and decided to start. Pouches 4 cans a day. Pretty much have a pouch in 24/7 for the last 14 years.

    • I quit on Christmas Eve. I didn’t have a quit date either, I basically ran out of my tin and told myself I was done. I had packed lips for 13 years and it was very tough to quit. Gum has been a life saver whenever I felt the craving or need I put gum in and still do and I’m coming up on a year.

  5. Day 2 of no dip. Have done mostly pouches for 14/years. Was going through literally almost 5/cans a day. Think I had a dip in more than I did not. 36 years old. Already want to go get a can after a minor trigger.

  6. Day 20, gonna die

  7. Dude it sucks I know. I started getting anxiety and crap even after I quit 7 months cold turkey.

  8. 465 days quit and I still think about dip most days. Love the few days that I don’t think about it whatsoever. I’m sure everyone is different, but I’m not going to hope to go a month without thinking about it. Still get some craves, but they only last about 5 seconds….sometimes less. Nothing a piece of gum can’t handle at this point!!

  9. Thank you for such a wonderful site. After chewing for a little over 20 years I’ve been nicotine free for two weeks and counting. I finally don’t want to head butt every person I come in contact with and am starting to get some relief. I was curious roughly how much time needs to go by before I will quit constantly thinking about dip? Does it ever happen? Will I ever be like holy crap, I didn’t even think about chewing tobacco at all last month?

    • House83
      That day will come,bruh.
      Just don’t give in no matter what.

    • I’m on day 16…some days/hours/minutes are better than other. Keep making that decision to quit everyday helps me. No matter what.

      • I’m on the same timeline as you, I’m calling it NoNothingNovember (somebody had already come up with it first of course). I found that keeping myself exhausted by going to the gym twice a day has helped tremendously with the anxiety and sleeplessness. It also helps offset the weight gain from the constant orally-fixated eating. Simultaneously cutting out alcohol and focusing on a diet that wouldn’t make me feel like crap has helped with that and my will power both. Highly recommended the physical exhaustion route.

    • Yes you will, if I ever started heading to the golf course and realized I had forgot my can I would literally break into a sweat and anxiety would pour over me and I would deviate tonfongdt one even if I was Kate for mybtee time…pretty pathetic. It took about 12-18 months of dedication to quit and finally one day I played a full round of golf and turelybdid not think one time about chewing until the ride home which made me smile. But it is a lifelong commitment, i quit 15 years ago but could put ina fattie tomorrow and love it. Both my boys play high school baseball and all the non hypocritical advice I can give them is “don’t start”

  10. I want to so bad, but i don’t know how to even start. I’m in training now for law enforcement, have been dipping for about 10 years and I don’t even know where to begin. Should I go the substitute dips(such as “grinds” or something like that?) or gum, or should I try cold turkey? Sunflower seeds seem to help some, but in the end they can’t get the job done. Any advice would help, I made it 2 days then ultimately broke down and bought a can, now I’m like 15 cans in since then, and right back to where I was .

    • Robert, I’m a police officer and like you Ive struggling with dip for about 10 years. But when you get on the streets you’re going to find your triggers (traffic stops, transporting prisoners, booking, report writing). Best advice is to quit before you graduate. You’ll realize you can do this job without tobacco. Night shifts will get long, but sun flower seeds and coffee will get you through, I promise.

  11. wth is wrong with me? day 85 and cravings/anxiety are intense lately, brain is mush, can’t focus…when will it end?

  12. Day 453 for me. Haven’t thought about it for a few months. I quit with all of you.

  13. 559 days quit today. The beginning was hell….I used Smoky Mountain for 6 months and then had trouble giving that up too. All in all, I feel much better and thankfully have zero cravings for nicotine, even when drinking, fishing, hunting, working, etc.

    To all the new quitters, stay with it. The fog they speak of is real, the irritability is almost unbearable, but the prize at the end of the road is priceless. Don’t be a prisoner to that shit.

    • I can’t agree more – 618 days quit and feel much better for it.

    • Day 811 and same here used the fake stuff for about a year but my desire even for that went away. Its a beautiful thing not worrying about the dip in my mouth and if its gonna kill me.

  14. 598 days today, it’s safe to say I’m good for another 598, Teaza order in process.

  15. I work as a maintenance tech at a factory. Most of the time my job is fixing the machines, getting production going again as quick as possible. When all the lines are running we go around doing “facility maintenance”. (Mostly means sittin on my ass til somethin breaks) 193 days ago, (My ass was sore from sittin on it so I decided to fix somethin) we had a water fountain drain that was clogged up. I went to pull the drain pipe loose and I found what was clogging it. The biggest, nastiest wad of 10 year old chow, fell out of the pipe, onto my hand, and splattered turd brown, baccer juices all over pants. After losing my day’s dinner, I threw my can of grizzly straight away, n I ain’t picked it back up in 192 days. Sometimes y’all, gross shit can do ya good.

  16. I’ll bring the seeds but I did order some grinds; I’m only using it for hunting because I’ll be out in the woods for 32 hours. I’m confident I won’t try and put in any chew to mix with it. There just coffee pouches so you can’t really mix anything with them. I quit with you all and thanks for the concern!!

  17. It hard to believe but it 93 day, stay strong everyone because if i can do this anyone can.. I chewed for 36 years so i know this is a very strong monkey to get off your back.. You will have to quit every day, but it does get a little bit easier every passing day. This web site helped me so much if i was having a bad day i just read what others before me wrote. Then i new i wasn’t alone and others had felt just like me before. Thanks everyone…….l

    • 36 years, I dipped for 40, I’m on my 35th day of quit and still miss it like I quit yesterday, so when does it get easier?

    • I chewed for over 32 years. Today is day 1133, I think about it all the time, but then I simply view the cancer pictures and those thaughts go away.

  18. Day 145 and counting! Stay strong everyone especially if you’re early on in your quit.. It’s will get better each day and work on filling those dip time slots with new hobbies or old hobbies you let fall by the wayside due to your addiction..

    Example: I use to sketch caricatures before dipping and then I started dipping and forgot how relaxing and therapeutic it was. I’m no Picasso but it was a positive habit I had before dipping. Now I’ve got that into my schedule again and don’t even think about dipping. Another is to exercise if you haven’t in a while. Just fill the dip time so the cravings become weaker and weaker, but at the same time you’ll become more clear and stronger and stronger!! I quit with you all today!

  19. Day 7…getting better. Anxiety high, but have not woke up one morning and said “WOW, I wish I would have dipped yesterday”. GL all.

    • JAYDOM,
      Keep up the quit and accumulating number of days quit. You will feel much better as you rack up some numbers of NO NIC days clean……..@sig45

      • Thanks for the support @SIG45…one day/one meal at a time. For the longest time (since I can remember) I not only had a dip after every meal, I would actually eat as fast as possible to hurry up and get a dip in. I’ve started eating slower and have actually not thought about taking a dip once or twice in the last 9 days after a meal. Progress I guess…

  20. 755 days. I hardly ever come on this site anymore? Nice to see some new people quitting, best of luck to you. I was just thinking about when i used to chew, trying to remember what it was like. One of the worst was how it affected my sleep. I would ration a can out to last all day. At the last part of the day id have my last dip, after that id have to brush my teeth and go right to bed. So many times i wouldnt be able fall asleep right away and start jonesing for some more. End up getting up and driving to the store late at night and buying another can then dipping for another 45 min or however long i would keep a dip in then brushing my teeth again and trying to go to sleep. What i did not realize is nicotine is a stimulant and i would go through the same vicious cycle into the night. Getting 3-4 hours of sleep a night sometimes for days on end. How miserable it made my nights? I do not have any kind of cravings anymore, there isnt anything that would make me mess up, i really do not want nicotine in my life anymore than i would like to slam my fingers in a door. I g2 admit after they just legalized weed here that has been tempting but as good as a feel now if i started smoking dope i dont think it would take long before i wouldnt feel good unless i was smoking it? I should be honest though after going over 10 months without a soda drinking nothing but water i fucked up a few days ago and drank a root beer. Afterwards for over an hour i felt like i was going to throw up lol. Guess my stomach isnt going to do the high fructose corn syrup and whatever else they put in it anymore? Anyway best of luck to everyone out there. It is worth it, so dont give in or give up.

  21. Anyone else having a hard time with hunting starting up…I’m at day 71 this may be the toughest test yet for me. I used to chew Grizzly Green pouches and I think I may need something for the stand this year. Has anyone used those grinds pouches? Are they any good? I need something this is tough!

    • Was a grizzly wintergreen fan myself. Grinds were pretty dry. Been using smoky mountain wintergreen and read good reviews on bacc off wintergreen pouches. Ordered some cans a couple days ago.

    • Hey, grinds pouches are ok, they don’t have the same feel as the real thing and it depends on how much you like the coffee taste. Honestly? Smokey Mountain is the best I’ve found, both in feel and consistency. I’ve tried it all, Jakes, grinds etc and smokey is by far the best.

    • Dude, if your at day 71 don’t start using a substitute, before long you will start mixing the substitutes with the real chew then more and more chew will come into play then you will be a full fledge chewer again. Just take a bag of sunflower seeds with you in the stand

    • Smokey Mountain is awesome. That is what is gettin me by.

  22. First time running across this site. I quit on Nov 2, so going on 3 days now. My wife also quit smoking the day before me. We are doing OK, and getting through this together. The first test will be when I go out of town on business for the next week. Dreading it.

    • Great job! I urge you both to join the February 2018 Pre HOF group and post roll daily with us. It is a wonderful community that you will both draw strength from. You would not be the first husband and wife team to grace these halls!

  23. 195 today boys and girls feeling great

  24. Day 295 and I haven’t looked back. To everyone who is struggling and starting out…. use whatever you need to keep your mind off chew! For me I used the fake stuff (I’m off it now but keep a few tins around for a fall back), another friend quit cold turkey and another buddy used the gum for a while. All of us are around the same quit date! Utilize whatever you need to stop! Keep on fighting!

  25. Congratulations on being one day away from 800. What a major accomplishment.

    I quit with you today.

  26. Day 799. At one time i was a hopeless dipper and today i am approaching day 800 with out the thought of a dip and even stop using fake dip without really trying. It just doesn’t appeal to me anymore. I dipped from high school to age 45 about a can every 3 days.If i can you can. The only thing that make it easier is time and there are no short cuts. Good luck and God bless

  27. Hey everyone, I am 111 days into my quit. I have been dong good and feeling great. Had a lot of anxiety in stomach issues in my first 6-8 weeks, but I have felt really good for a few weeks now.

    Last night, I got the weirdest upset stomach feeling and the anxiety hit me like a ton of bricks for the first time in a long time. I actually ended up throwing up so maybe it’s not a symptom of withdrawal but something different. However the feeling of uneasiness in my stomach was accompanied by the anxiety so I initially attributed it to withdrawal. Woke up this morning and still don’t feel normal. Stomach still very uneasy and still a bit anxious.

    Just curious – Did anyone else have symptoms like this show up over 100 days into your quit? Like I said, I have felt great and havn’t really felt many symptoms for a while now and then last night hit me.

  28. ? Boo
    Happy Halloween ?
    Quit today don’t be afraid ☠️

    • Just Did. Put my last dip in the day before halloween, just a few days ago. Woke up the next day, with no cans left, everything empty. Spooky. LOL.
      Car was in the shop, so I couldn’t drive to the store to buy more. Needed a $1600 fix, so it was going to be a few days before I got it back. Now here I am 5 days later, and am doing okay. I’ll be getting my car back today.
      I have quit before, earlier in my college career, about 2 years ago when I was a junior. But I started back up again about a month later, when I was stressed about midterms coming up that year.
      Funny thing is, I am actually studying to be a dentist. I figured, I’ll have to quit one day, because of what I’m trying to do for a living. But I kept putting it off. I really think that running out of cans while my car was in the shop was my sign. Time to do it for good. I’m too young to be doing this, and ruining my health. I was taught better in school, and by my parents.

  29. I fell across this site looking for help last Nov. I quit successfully for 3 months. but, 1 can led to another, and here i am. Last Nov. i had a dental exam. (does not happen often for me) i do not like the dentist, and every time i go, there is a problem. So after 12 years of a can a day cope issue its torment. I quit looking at this site last year due to the anxiety that it was causing. I was on here all the time, looking, reading, doing…i never joined a group. I was afraid of the amount of anxiety that would increase. The page said to join a group, read blah blah blah and go on………
    everything i read, i thought i had. i was going nuts. i was asking my wife to look at me to see if i was ok………… she is a “NP”…………. seriously this went on for a year, everyday, at least 3x a day. I have determined that you either have it or you don’t……. and take the Dr’s word for it. i went to 3…………. do yourself a favor…… DO NOT SECOND GUESS IT………… is rare to have oral cancer………. look at the statistics, (not saying it won’t happen, just saying there is smoking and HPV that go into it, but, why chance it………” look, i have put myself through the ringer for the last year over something i thought in my head to be true. Go to your dentist, be honest, tell them what you are trying to do…………. they will be SUPPORTIVE. go to your primary tell them the same thing…………… get help if you need it. I wasted a year of my life in worry…………. DO NOT DO THAT……………. it will cost you time, and possibly your marriage/relationship. Do not dwell on the dying stuff, and you-tube answers, or webmd……….. for everything thats going on with your mouth after you decide to stop. oh, and you have to decide. You are the one in the truck that decides to pull over at the __________ to get a can. So, i say go buy one………. leave it and see how long it takes to crack it open. if its under 24hrs……….. you need to quit now. You should quit anytime, but, its a good test. i bought one, didn’t open it…………… and its a good reminder. dont believe me, look at the date! Anyway, i want to thank you guys for this site, and for the opportunity to post. im sorry if i do not join a group, its all of the stories and stuff, ………….. mainly the ones with kids that hits home. I understand why you do it, i just wish their was more positive reinforcement right off the bat, than “hey, go read this story about the guy that died”. i have turned people onto your site, and i hope it helps. its just too much anxiety for me for the (what could be)

    • OK, quit or no quit?

    • Sorry you did not join us. Inside this site is a place called Getting Your Act Together, inside that, other groups are available such as the Anxiety/Depression group. Another opportunity to find support and information for dealing with what you have been going thru. I always encouraged people to wander the site and really dig deep. There are some fantastic people who post in multiple places for themselves and to support others. No offense intended; however, if you would have joined us, dug deeper, we may have been able to help support some of your other needs. A lot of information and other supportive sites are shared within these virtual walls. Someone just posted a link yesterday to which is an app they had found useful in managing their anxiety. Anyone who is passing by, realize that this site works best the more you become involved. Others walk with you in your quit, people who have quit longer help themselves by investing in your quit. Just as you build days up, your support of others strengthens your quit. I know this is unorthodox, but it does work. Take all the good, and leave anything negative. There are always people, information, and interactions that can be useful to some people but maybe not to others. This is a place and an opportunity that is provided for quitters that is free. You have an opportunity to take anything you want that is helpful with you, to educate yourself, building of fellowship, and many have found personal growth and insight by participating here. Please do not hesitate to join us, I promise you that you will never regret quitting.


    Day 6 – trip to the Oral Surgeon was the icing on the cake. The lesion was from cheek biting but enough to scare me

    • Andrew,
      I bit my cheeks, etc. on numerous occasions for a few months into my quit; quite common if you read a bit here. Good news for you, but none the less painful experiences I don’t miss…. @sig 778 days of ass kick’in quit w/ DD

    • That’s what scared me, a checkup to the Dentist for something I saw that turned out to be nothing. Will be 3 yrs quit in Feb….

  31. 1 year quit today. 20+ yrs/1+ can a day. In the beginning every time I smelled it my mouth drooled. Ive noticed over the last couple months when i smell it, it stinks and it occurred to me ‘This is what people thoight of me’. For the new quitters, stay strong. I visit the site less now. Its not because I quit believing in it but more because my life has moved passed chew. At this point its something i used to do.

    For any new quitter that would want to know – i went cold turkey, no fake chew, no seeds, no candy, etc. I wanted to break oral fixation/habit as well as rid my body of nicotine. Lots of different ways to quit, this is how i did it

  32. Well it day 81 for me, i still have to make the choice to quit everyday… It is getting a little bit easier ever day, stay strong everyone..

  33. Day 50. Like Bonnie Jovi said, we’re half way there, living on a prayer. Honestly, I have never felt better. Still getting occasional night sweats though.

  34. 187 still quitfeeling great. Yes I’m still here just don’t post as much because I feel it’s a waste of time. I’m not going to be allowed back. I text two people from the site who are truly supporting and i thank you both. I hope that I have inspired new quitters just keep fighting because the battle never ends. I have recently had the biggest battlewith my quit hunting season and i did it.never thought I would make it through and i did. quit with you all

  35. Elkslayer you still around?

  36. Day 579. Although I think about it less and less, the days when I do think about it I feel I’m going to crack. But, I hang on and the feeling passes.

  37. Day 14 after 25 years of Copenhagen (1 can a day) Cruising now but those first 3-4 days were a bitch lol. In the last few weeks I’ve played golf and been fishing…two things I could never imagine doing without my Copenhagen. Stay strong everyone… especially if you drink alcohol!

  38. had my last dip on Friday 10/20/17, so im only 4 days in. i broke down and bought nicorette gum because i thought i was going to lose my mind. Although i am not nicotine free, the feeling of not putting dip in my mouth for the first time in 12 years has been amazing. It was getting to the point where ide wake up in the morning and absolutely hate the feeling in my mouth. i found this website and it has been a great help so far (especially looking at cancer pictures, yikes.) ive tried many times to quit in the past, but this time it feels different. i dont know how else to explain it, but i really feel that i am completely done with it this time.

    • I had to use a patch for about a week, just to get the hell away from chew. It worked. Then I got off the patch. It served its purpose and I believe use it as long as you need to, because that is better than all the crap found in che plus damage to your mouth. What is working for me now is exercise and all sorts of activities which keep my mind and body moving as much as possible. I work out 7 days a week and the whole transformation is incredible. I replaced chew with something way better, a super healthy me.

    • No shortcuts stay strong miracles happen

    • MKELY33-What helps me is to play the tape through when I’m considering/pondering using tobacco again…knowing that it will never be “just one”. I quit each day like it’s my 1st and I’m grateful for each day I’m nicotine free. I have a healthy respect for my nicotine addiction and know my life will be better without it. GL to you

  39. 100 days quit for me today too!! I’m thankful and proud. It’s a life long journey but confident I’ll stay quit today.

  40. 88 days no regrets

  41. 100 days today!! Thanks for the support everyone!

  42. 26 days free, tonight was almost the breaking point. Had a couple drinks with friends, they had a can. I said no, Hardest shit i done all my life. I’d rather dig fence posts, than slave to nicotine, dip, snuff, smoke, chew, or whatever. You can beat it, no matter the occasion its not worth it. You’re strong, you can do it, QUIT.

  43. Day 130! I still remember Day 1 and so blessed to have made it this far! To all of you in the beginning of your journey just know that you too can get through those first few days and I promise you it gets waaaaaay better as each day passes. Conquer your cravings and take this journey for yourself in order for it to be successful! I quit with you all today:)! See y’all in 5-10 Days

  44. 9 months ago today I quit. Sucked ass for 2 weeks. Had the fog for 3 months. Don’t even think the shit anymore. 25 years and 2 cans a day for the last 10 years…DONE!!!

  45. Today is day 71 for me, but for some reason it felt like day 3 again. Still making the right choice and moving forward with chew. Have a good day everyone and choose to quit everyday.

  46. 700 days of NO NICOTINE! If I can do this, so can you! It’s hard! It sucks! Keep climbing the mountain of despair; for at the Top is the Mountain of Peace and Health! You have everything you need to keep going! No matter how bad it gets, stay the course! Tobacco is Powerless, YOU ARE NOT! The choice has always been yours…

  47. So I quit cold turkey on 5 January 2017. You can not imagine how bad my jaw and nerves hurt the first 40 days of my quit. Talk about sleep apnea and night sweats like no other too.

    Reason I decided to come back to
    This site is because after a successful 7 month quit I got stressed the hell out on one of my drill weekend (I’m in the military) and took a dip of snuff. So far I’ve been doing two dips a day for two months so far.

    I’m trying to quit cold turkey again. I noticed after about a month of dipping again that the same side of my jaw and nerves is starting to hurt again ( I figure this is the nicotine and carcinogens trying to inflame that side of my jaw again). Recently had an x-ray and dental check. So I know it’s not cancer.

    I’m back because I’m just extremely disappointed in myself. Even after months of quitting I just wanted to point out to people that the cravings will come back. Just stay strong. I decided to quit again today and it’s sucked but it’s not as hard as the first time. The first time I quit it I was dipping every other hour. I felt like I got hit by a truck. My second quit that I started today I’m doing fine so far just a tad irritated.

    By all means please don’t let anything get you started again once you’ve quit the first time. It still sucks trying to quit again even if you’ve quit for several months.

  48. 50 Days!! Hard to believe I’ve made it this long. Getting more cravings with hunting around the corner but as long as I don’t buy it I won’t have to worry when I’m in the woods.

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