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  1. Well I made it. Day 365! It’s been a hell of a ride but I feel like I got this. 10ish years a slave and 1 year free. This site is amazing, keep it up boys and girls!

  2. I purchased the patches from CVS.

  3. Day 869. Its possible one day at a time.

  4. Hate to be so straight forward but what it sounds to me like you need is a set of balls. If you really wanted to quit then you would quit. You are just looking for any excuse to keep feeding yourself the poison that you know, one day, will end up ruining your life. Man up , grow a set, and join your group. Post roll everyday and be a real mam and keep your word and then it’s easy to quit and to stay quit. Cold turkey, no BS excuses or NRT needed.

  5. Started smoking for 5 years and quit. Years later, started smoking cigars (inhaling) and had a tough time quitting that after 10 years. Then started using snus on the golf course with some buddies and did that for 4 years. That one was by far the hardest to stop. With smoking I could disassociate the activity. With snus, it was with me from the time I woke to the time I went to sleep (sometimes even after I fell asleep). I am at 70 days. Still want it. Just can’t have it or anything else or I will be back in the cycle.

  6. Hello all and Happy New year. 261 days quit today and im still going strong. I get craving occasionally not very often though. Just wanted to drop in and say hello and I hope all of your quits are going well. I quit with you all today!!!

  7. Dip free for 253 days. Proud I did it and all that, but about a month ago 3 lynph nodes all on the left side of my neck got real tender and swollen. (One below the ear, one behind the corner of my jaw, and one above my collar bone) The left side was my dip side too. Going to the doctor Monday. I know y’all can’t make a solid diagnosis over the internet, but anybody run into this before? I ain’t gonna cave but man with this paranoia bs I sure want to.

    • Lymph nodes get swollen when you get sick. It’s the body’s defense. Mine get swollen when I get a common cold, sore throat, etc. You’re doing the right thing to get some peace of mind by going to your doc but I’m guessing it’ll be completely normal.

  8. I have been posting like crazy on here and I’m sorry. I am 47 days into my quit. My most troubling withdraw symptom is muscle weakness/shakyness. This is going to be a weird example but it’s the truth. If I go into a a squatting position my thigh muscle begins to shake. I am also experiencing tremors in my hands and some fingers spicifically in my left hand. I went to doctor today thinking I had Parkinson’s… I am 31 and she about laughed at me. I just don’t understand what is going on. Could this be anxiety? Has anyone else had these symptoms? I also get dizzy some days… let me know.

    • Dude don’t apologize. We’ve all gone through it. I went through some skin peeling phase on inside of cheek where I packed my dips and was so convinced I had mouth cancer I was fully depressed and my dentist/doctors had to tell me to stop scheduling appointments. The shit is so addictive it really impacts your body and brain. Remember that you were feeding your body an addiction and then pulled it cold turkey. Makes sense some things go haywire. A few older posts I found people talked about embracing all this as your body healing and I think that’s true. I’m at day 148 and it’s gotten better recently thank god. Hang tough

    • I am 51 and It’s been 5 years since I quit, all these symptoms are very common as i was having similar problems but3-4 months down the line I was ok, Now I do exercise daily and jogging 5 km going stronger day by day.

  9. I’m 45 and am on day 10 of quitting. For years I’ve been hiding it from my family and got very good at that. For the last 2 years I’ve been stopping but never quitting. I would buy a can do 3-4 dips throw it out go 1 – 2 days and then buy another can. Constantly making up an excuse or telling myself this can will be the last time. Then the days I would go without it I would eat 10x worse to compensate. I’ve put on 30lbs in 2 years from this nasty cycle. I haven’t had a ton of withdrawal symptoms other than the mind games are still a struggle everyday. I finally admitted my problem to my wife and daughter about a month ago. My wife is not very supportive at all she has never used tobacco or drugs and has no concept of what it’s like to try and quit. She thinks its as simple as just stopping. My daughter has been great though I let her know each day I made another day. Adding my daughter into the mix I believe is going to be the key factor this time. I’ve been trying for so long to do this myself only to cave every time, but it helps so much knowing I’m going to be accountable when she gets home from school. Thanks to everyone who posts I read these everyday when I get my craving to push me through.

    • My story is so similar although I don’t have a kid to be the example to it’s my girlfriend. She’s with me on this journey. I want/need this quit so badly. My gums ache and are screaming for me to quit this nasty habit. I buy a can after some drinks and/or heavy meal and promise myself it’s my last can. I’ll dip about half the can, throw it away. 2-3 days later buying a new one. I’m on Chantix for 10 days now and hoping it will help with cravings.
      Wishing everybody good luck in quitting. Don’t let the “triggers” make you weak minded. Stay away from things that create the landscape for remembering when you used to chew. Change things up. Cancer is aweful and none of us wanna deal with it. Read and remind ourselves everyday the benefits of not having that crap in our systems. Expect weird pains, feelings, emotions or whatever and know it’s your body healing. I’m 43 and 30 years of having this habit. I’ve got to quit and will beat this thing!

    • Way to go Keith!! 🙂

  10. Day 146 and it’s still tough but it is finally getting easier. After 21 years of heavy dipping and some crazy depression/anxiety for a few months I know this quit is a lifetime decision but I feel like I am over an initial hurdle. I pray I can stay strong and wish the same for everyone on this site. I’ll also offer this: The addiction here is real, so don’t beat yourself up for the past. We made the decisions we made but let that go and be proud you’re on this site now. And if you’re dipping in secret in whole or in part like I was come clean! Total game changer. No one judged me and they were so supportive. Couldn’t have made it this far otherwise.

    • I am brand new on here going on 24 hours. I have Chewed for 24 years the last 10
      Have been 2 cans cope Long cut a day. I thought i was the only person that addicted until I saw you all on here. I am also doing 12 step alcohol work and 45 Days sober. I was hoping to read that it got easier sooner but oh well. This 24 hours is hell. Isaac

      • You’re will and desire to quit for your family and friends is inspiring, and you should have nothing but pride for yourself

      • I’m on day 5. Hold strong bud it’s for the best.
        I’m using the patch and Smoky mountain herbal snuff. Seems to be working so far.

      • Keep at it your a bad ass. Alcohol is a hell of a thing to kick. I beat a 10 year drinking bone cold turkey, I’m going on 5 years .not saying there still aren’t tough days, but I can have a beer or two on a Friday with a few friends with risking relapse. However taking on quiting both tobacco and alcohol at the same time is a whole new beast. Your serotonin is going to get real low usually causing extreme depression and shakiness much like Parkinson disease. This will make things like alcohol and chew seem mandatory for survival to your nervous system/ brain. Stay strong and if you need to chose, from my experience it’s easier to quit drinking with chew and easier to quit chew without alcohol. Remember symptoms are just symptoms. Good luck friend

    • Thanks DRS I wish u would of said u didn’t miss it at all but it looks like long time chewers like us never really get over it from all the posts I’m am seeing on here. I am not craving it like I was at first but I still think how nice it would be to have a dip about every 20 minutes and if I thought I could just keep it to 5 or 6 dips a day I would start chewing again but I know I would be doing a half a can or more a day in no time so I just don’t do it at all. Just wish I could quit thinking about doing it.

    • I know it will get easier. I am on Day 110 35 years of Copenhagen Snuff I have good and bad days but this website is my go to if I start to feel itchy for a chew Stay strong

  11. I went 3 months without a dip after dipping for 39 years and then on vacation I had a dip . I was very mad at myself, threw the can away and pretended it didn’t happen. What scares me is the guys on here that still count days up to 800. Counting has to mean missing it. I want to hear from people who quit and don’t miss it, are there any out there?

    • Scott, I dipped cope for over 35 years and probably quit over a dozen times. Each time I missed the dipp and caved after a short period of time. I came across this web site over a year ago and observed some of the articles. I’m only 18 days quit right now but I can honestly say this time has been different. I don’t miss the dip and rarely even think about it. I think the biggest factor is that this time I really want to quit. All other times my mindset was that I needed to quit. I’m also actively using KTC website and posting every day.

    • SCOTTR
      I quit counting days after a year . I must be around 18 months no smoke no dip,,don’t think about it don’t miss it.. My symptoms where so fooking bad they wiped out all cravings ,and I had them all.
      Guys count days cause everyday is a battle, and they’re proud of every one of them.
      Good luck man.

      • Steve what were some of the symptoms you had and how long into your quit did they last?

        • Double D
          I had all of them.I didn’t find this website till about 30 days after I quit and had no idea what was happening.At first I couldn’t sleep for days and when I did sleep I woke up soked with sweat for about two weeks.I went t the to the ER my blood pressure was up and had swollen lymph nodes.Went to the doctor he found heart palpitations anxiety.I had really heart burn ( indigestion).I had two massive anxiety attacks.Slowly things started getting better.After 100 days I saw a big difference,170 day’s anxiety was pretty much gone, just a little here and there but easy to handle.
          Hang in there DD it takes time be patient .
          Oh and I was dizzy everyday for months.about 100 days or more.I felt like I had the worst hangover ever,lol.

          • Steve i have been having dizzy spells everyday and im on day 50. Some days worse than others, feels like a pressure in my head and vertigo dizziness. Freaking me out like i have a brain tumor or anursym, I’m 31 years old, i keep thinking of going to emergency room but i know ill prob end up wasting thousands of dollars.

    • I posted day 3126 this morning. It doesn’t mean that I “miss it.” Every once in a while I do, but that’s not the reason to post. It is not just a nice part of the daily routine, like touching my pocket when I leave the house to make sure my keys are still there. If you buy into the sanctity of the promise of posting roll, then when do it you are set for the day and you don’t have to worry. And I like seeing my quit group every day and knowing that they are still there.

    • I am kind of offended that you think you can read my mind, because you cannot. I am a long time quitter at 3855 nicotine free and 9190 alcohol free and joined this site late in my quit. I use this as an opportunity to strengthen my quit as I help others. I rarely think about either. What bothers me is how you are letting your addicted mind instill fear into you and weaken your resolve in staying quit. How can you compare 39 years of drug use to 3 months clean and a failure; use it as a way to catastrophize your future, and doom yourself to a life of misery? Your brain is lying to you. I promise that it gets better over time. You are a drug addict, no different than any other. Your addicted brain is trying to convince you that you might as well go back to using, because you are always going to be miserable without your drug of choice. Do not listen to that BS. If you had joined us and posted your daily promise not to use: No Matter What. You may have been still drug free, instead you are starting over. Join the good fight, help yourself as you help others, build rapport and meet some fantastic people, I know I did. The more you put into your quit, the stronger it is. But I guess that goes into anything we do in life, when you half ass shit, you end up with something half way done and not worth a shit. You are talking about life and death, I think it is important to go all in. One of your family members may appreciate you still being here over the next few years.

      • hi! Just read this entry-and was wondering…did you write this to ‘ yourself-your cravings? ?” if so- It is genius! Love it! 🙂

  12. Where to start…31 years old, chewed for 17 years. Started skoal , the last few years been on cope pouches. To type that right now I feel like a complete fucking idiot. A week ago I can’t explain why, but I just started examining my mouth after brushing one night, I noticed that my bottom teeth move slightly when I messed with them. Not a ton, but enough to scare the shit out of me. I’m on day 7 of my quit, and the worry that I’ve just caused myself after so long of just being an idiot and not caring has my head screwed up. My kids and family don’t deserve to have to spend a life savings trying to keep my stupid ass alive in a hospital because of my stupidity. I know I’ve got to nut up and go to the dentist soon, but I really don’t want to hear the news I probably deserve to hear after being this stupid.

  13. 173 Days for me and feeling great! Almost all symptoms are gone. Very occasionally I still get that anxious feeling but since I know what it is and how to combat it, it is usually gone within 5 minutes. That was by far the worst symptom for me but I also suffered headaches, lack of concentration, irritability, severe constipation, tingling sensation in my fingers, weak muscles. For those of you still battling these symptoms on a daily basis, all I can say is stick with your quit, it WILL get better, just a matter of time. I loved chewing as much as anyone and January 16th will be 6 months for me. In the beginning I Never thought I’d make it this far, but now I can’t imagine myself caving. I have come too far to throw it away – stay vigilant my friends.

    • Doug glad you are feeling better, i am 44 days in and have had same symptoms plus dizziness. Scary stuff, i also have had very shaky muscles and weak muscles. Just starting to see some let up.

      • Stick with it brother, it will get better.

        • Doug, I am on day 50 and I’m still getting shaky muscles when exerted. I have spells during the day and it feels like I have vertigo. I have days I feel weak or just strait drained of energy even though I got sleep. And I’ll have days with no symptoms. The two that are the worst for me are the shaky limbs and dizziness. Can you explain what your Muscle weakness was like and how long did you experience these symptoms. Everyday I wake up hoping they are gone and they come back. Getting worn out here

          • Muscle weakness didn’t really bother me that much, just a little bit here and there. The only way to explain it would be to say my muscles just felt tired and lazy. That didn’t last very long for me and wasn’t much of a problem but I did get tingling sensation in my hands/fingers a lot – This has also gone away. Anxiety was by far my worst symptom and really the only symptom I still occasionally deal with. I am at 178 days now and the symptoms are not completely gone, but I at least feel like a normal person again.

            It’s hard for me to tell you when to expect the symptoms to get better or go away as I have come to find out, everyone is different. For my experience, I was miserable for 2 1/2 months, then started to feel a bit better and then it all came back to me around day 80. I battled through it again and eventually everything started to taper off. I would say I really started feeling like myself again around day 140, but like I said everyone is different. Just try to stay strong, it will get better. I don’t know when for you, but it will.

  14. This site is great. Been chewing for about 16 years and I’m only 32. I recently had my first daughter and am worried about cancer, I’ve had a few scares as of lately and hate the feeling of always concerned that this diagnosis will be it. I’ve chewed cops snuff for about 10 years anywhere from 1-2 cans a day. Quit cold last week and am 7 days out. So far so good but this site really helps. I can tell there is a bunch of tough SOBs here and when I do struggle it’s reli to know I’m not a pussy and it’s natural. I’ll kick this shitty habit for my daughter and wife.

    • Your doing a good thing brother. And you’re right, there are some tough SOB’s on this site. I’ve seen a few people post about cheating with nicotine subs like SNUS and Nic gum.. the guys on here are quick to tell them that the rule is: no tobacco no nicotine!

      I’m like you, 35, 14 year dipper, can a day, quit cold turkey Dec 13, 2017. My main motivation was fear because I also have a 2 year old son and wife.

      It’s a biiiiiiiiich…. but it gets easier, and you will feel better about yourself than you have in a while. Not only because you got the toxins out of your body, but also because you kicked the things ass that’s been kicking yours for so long.

      Good luck man, I’m pulling for you!

    • So I made it over 3 months without a dip but I am on vacation now and I lost my will power last night . Bought a can and had one dip. It was so good! I left it in my mouth for about an hour. Woke up this morning feeling very disappointed in myself. Threw the can away hope that one dip doesn’t make me into a craving animal.

      • Scott, run like hell man.. now you gotta bet that nicotine back out of your system! It’s the devil, literally the devil. It was talking to you like the snake in the garden, luckily your consequence isn’t as bad as Adams.

        Get you some Smokey mountain snuff for the craving and just stay the he’ll away from nicotine. Nicotine is the grip.

        But, at least you’re honest. Just do good man!

      • Scott

        That’s called a cave. Couple pieces of advice. First, if you romanticize nicotine (it was sooo good!) you will never be quit. You had a stoppage of 3 months not a quit. We quit one day at a time by making our promise and holding to said promise. You need to hate dip. Despise it for what it has taken from you over the years. Freedom, time with family, your health, your breath, your teeth.

        Sac up get on the forum boards post a day one in April and get this shit done ODAAT…or go back to banging the can of cancer.

        DBG 819 days QUIT

    • I was in your exact position last March. Chewed 15-16 years and quit when I had my first son. I am on day 290. Funny enough his name is Travis.

  15. Day 2… listening to myself chomping on gum and reading these posts..started dipping in the corps. A little over 9 years now. I’m up at two cans a day now maybe 3 on the weekends. It’s gotta stop. Killing myself and stuffing a car payment in my mouth each month.

    • I feel you Eliott! Im on Day 3! Eating sunflower seeds and chewing some serious gum lol. Been Dipping for 37 years.

    • Keep a few things in mind. After 3 days its all mental, the nicotine is out of your system. You spent years or even decades creating connections in your brain that associate nicotine with pleasure and those have to be broken one at a time. thats what you do every time you fight off a craving. While cravings seem to last forever most only last 1-3 minutes. From the sounds of it though you are to the point where you are starting to associate chew with the negatives. Thats where i was when i quit. So sick of waking up with that nasty ass taste in my mouth, couldnt sit through a 2 hour movie without having a nic fit ruin it, too many negatives to list. Nic wasnt making me feel good or even better i used it just to get by and was sick of it. 812 days

  16. Day 30 today! Anxiety is low, and have a dentist appointment in 7 days. This has been hard, but totally worth it! close to 10 years of this filthy habit is over.

  17. Has anyone experienced very shaky muscles? Legs feel like jello, all muscles feel very jittery when exerted I think it could be anxiety, has anyone had this I’m losing my mind thinking I have Parkinsons or MS. I’m 31 dipped for 14 years and I am on day 40. Had some good days in there now the last week has been horrible

    • Hey Double D …day 85 here. Yes I’ve experienced the same along with occasional chest pain and insomnia (and thinking I’m having a heart attack.) It comes and goes in waves….this week has been riddled with anxiety. Seems like the more I focus on it the worse it is.
      Our bodies are just healing and our brains are rewiring themselves. What you are experiencing is normal and will subside.

      • Travis thank you for taking the time to answer me. It helps a lot to know someone else has experienced this and i am in the same boat as. PM me man and maybe we can help each other out through this.

  18. I wasn’t around to post my 1 year anniversary, but I made it! On day 371 now and I have been around dip just about every day between work and my friends that pack lips and never gave in. I did it cold turkey with the help of gum. Good luck to all who are continuing their quit and for those who are contemplating it just don’t buy your next tin and mind over matter!! Happy New Year to all.

    • Congrats im on day 38 and still have bad withdrawls, I cant wait to get to your day. I envy you.

    • I stopped cold turkey 4 days ago. I need to pass a life insurance medical exam that’s a scheduled a week out. Hopefully, after the medical exam, I’ll have the mindset to beat the urge.

      • That’s what got me started on my quit. After the 30 days were up, I thought to myself why would I ever want to put myself through those first 30 days of quit again or even the loathing of having to start a new quit. I’m on day 166 now. It’s still a daily struggle, but I’ve at least gone from thinking about dipping every hour of the day to 2-3 times a day. It sucks and feels like this craving will never end, but it’s helpful to realize I’ve made progress and focus on the positives.

  19. So… Decided I wanted to live longer to be with this awesome girl I’ve been with for about 9 months. I’m 7 days in my quit and she tells me that she is thinking about moving 2,000 miles away. It’s no wonder I’ve never been able to quit. As a matter of fact every time I have tried to quit whatever woman was in my life has left. Idk guys I normally don’t post anything anywhere but this shits getting to me.

    • hey bud, i feel you. When it rains it pours, but i promise you if you stick to your quit in a few months you will come out on top. I am on day 38 and in the middle of the struggle. its been the hardest thing in my life but im sticking to it. life is throwing curve balls at me everyday. This quit is the one thing i have control over so i will continue to control it.

    • Hang in there man. I know it’s easy for me to say, but use this as an opportunity to better yourself. If you can make it past this, nothing is stopping you.

  20. Hello all,

    i have posted in here quite a bit i am currently on day 35. I would say 90% of them horrible and 10% good. Today is day 35 and its the worst. I started dipping at 17 and i am now 31. My symptoms are anxiety, depression, chest pain, tingling, fatigue, weak spells, dizzy spells, headaches the list goes on and on. I have experienced all of these over the last 35 days. The worst of these is the tired/weak spells where it feels like i could barely pick up an arm. 2nd comes in the anxiety and depression. I am going to try and give an example of what today has been like to see if someone has experienced what i am experiencing. Please take your time to read cuz i need some words of wisdom. Today i woke up felt great, took a shower and went for 1 mile run, (its the most exercise i could muster up lately) i went to work and was feeling good until about noon and this happens most days.. i get to a certain time of day and they all the sudden i start feeling weak and tired and droswy almost as if you hadnt eaten all day or something like that. its very odd, then sometimes the anxiety kicks in and depression. Then usually it will go away later at night. I have had blood work done and ekg at emergency room and i checked out great. Has anyone had these types of symptoms? i am losing patience i thought on day 35 i would be feeling better. I have zero cravings for the dip itself. I just have horrible symptoms. If anyone has had this please take take to explain so i know i am not the only one going through this hell. I just want to feel normal again.

    • I started at 16 and quit at 60. I think you can too. The chemicals are out of your system now. The devil left to defeat is in your head. I’ve been quit since 20 February 2017. I still to this day think maybe I should just go to town and buy a can. I’m probably not long for this world anyway.

    • I think that is bull shit. Sorry man. I quit for 327 day’s and started back bc I hated the tension. Every fucking day the teansion of wanting something. I turned to alcohol. And that fucked me too. Then I realized it’s all about just stopping all escapes. Stop the escaping and you win. Fuck it’s hard but so is the alternative. Hold the line. Live clean and right and good and even when it’s hard you keep going bc it will bring you peace and freedom. It’s tuff that’s all there is to it. Beat the tuff be tuffer and declare martial law on on the bullshit in your mind. You we all have that choice and power even if it don’t feel good. And it will the end. So hold the fuckin line and let’s all be rugged men

    • So you expect to feel fine after thirty days of being clean after you dipped for 14 years? It takes time to get better. As time goes by, you will have more good days over bad, it does go back the other direction. Your brain is like a 3 year old being carried out of a candy store empty handed. It is going to throw a fit from hell and do everything it can to convince you to go back to its drug of choice. You are an addict, but you can beat this. One day at a time. Nicotine artificially releases those feel good chemicals so your brain does not have to produce them. You feel empty inside? well you are. You need to give your body time to heal, exercise for 20 to 30 minutes to help your body produce those feel good chemicals. Do things that used to make you happy to help your body produce what it needs. Watch the caffiene intake, it can mimic anxiety. Nic blocks caffiene: no nic, more caffiene is absorbed into your system.

    • Im just a few years older, been dipping similar amount of time and I can tell you from expierence I have felt the same symptoms. Extreme anxiety, to the point of panic attacks. I will have times of the day I will randomly feel down and tired. Barely able to function and then times I feel great and want to work out and live life. I expirenced this before and eventually went back to dipping off and on. I will say this, the depression and the problems for me kicked back in after I broke down and dipped over a weekend. Just try to continue to be strong and don’t give in, i really think the site helps a bunch. I’m 50 days in or so from my last relapse and still feel the blues occasionally during certain periods of the day. Good luck.

    • Trust me you are not alone I’m on day 45. I did not expect it to be this bad I thought cravings would be the hard part. For me they weren’t bad the brain going all crazy on me is been freaking me out been to doctor got meds for anxiety. They help although I hate the fact that I cant control this on my own everynight about 6 I get hit with the anxiety. But I do know eventually it will end!

  21. There is a very valid reason. The day we forget that we are addicts is the day caving creeps back. It’s not that he number is celebrated it is a constant reminder of the hard work it took to be free. Like you said, whatever it takes to quit!

  22. Im on day 60 im glad i found this website it has motivated me to keep the fight going. Thanks yall for the great motivation and hard work yall put into quiting

  23. Not only did I experience that but it went solid right into the anxiety. Once it broke, it broke. I’m not a doctor but comfortably can say you are A ok physically…it’s the mind that is still rewiring. Good on you for quitting at 31 and not waiting 25 + years to see the light. I can’t promise you When, but I can promise it WILL get so good…good like you have never felt!! Hang tough stay close to the boards and don’t be ashamed to get a script from Dr for some short term anxiety help.

  24. Hi am Day 33 and still experience physical withdrawls on a daily basis. Still get anxiety, maybe not as bad as it was but I’m far from normal. The worst of these symptoms are the shaky weak muscle feelings I get and the depression and overall weAk feeling I get. It seems to come around evening time everyday. It’s hard to explain but it’s relentless and it seems to last hours. I have had blood work done and ekg they said everything was beautiful. Has anyone else had these symptoms and Is if normal t experience symptoms after 33 days cold Turkey? I would love some guidance because I am 31 and a grown man and this shit gets scary.

  25. Hi folks. I am on day 6 of quitting. The fist 24 hrs was easy, when I hit 48 it set in. My body couldn’t function, bad brain fog, moody, couldn’t sleep. So I decided I will wing myself down. Instead of doing this to my body which I could tell wasn’t good at all. I bought the lower dosed snuff which was Hawkens and then stoker’s dip. I have chewed over a can of redseal a day for the past 16 years. Since I started quitting last Sunday, 12/17/17 I went 48 with no dip, decided to take a small.pinch of hawkens, which gave me relief. But hate Wintergreen so had to buy stoker’s natural. Since Tuesday, I have chewed a Max of 2 small pinches a day of stoker’s which is actually making me sick now after chewing for a min or two. But it’s just enough to make me feel normal. This can will last me month at the rate I’m going or actually feel that I won’t even want it within another week or so. I use to wake up and 1st thing was a dip, only time I didn’t dip was when I was eating something. I can no wake up at 6 am, drink coffee and not even want a dip till 2-3 in the afternoon which is crazy to me. So I throw a small one in and boom, my mind is satisfied so I spit it out after 5-10 min and I am good till say 9-10 then I crave very little so another 5-10 min dip. And i mean a small pinch, not a golf ball. Just enough for the taste.
    I am currently on day 6 and feel 90% better than I have in years. I am amazed. And I haven’t made myself suffer like most folks that quit cold turkey. My method is working fantastic for me, I urge try the lower dose to quite but remember, your quitting not finding an alternative with less nicotine. This is day 6 at 10 am and I feel sick thinking about the snuff. So honestly I think I’m on the rite path, good luck ppl. FYI I think on the Nicotine Scale redseal was at 15. Hawkens around 2 and stoker’s around 3.

    • sorry to burst your bubble but your not quitting and for you to even come on this sacred website in which cold turkey is the ONLY way and insinuate that you somehow are “quit” or “quitting” is nothing but a bunch of bullshit. If you don’t have the balls to man up and quit then so be it but don’t come around here acting like you’ve got some kind of safe ,better alternative because you don’t. Either you are quit or you are not, simple as that!

      BD 412

    • You are just prolonging the pain. Dragging it out. The key to quitting is you really have to want to. The reality is most people aren’t ready. I know its easy to say with 800 days. I think back when i chewed i dont think anyone could have made me understand how much better i would feel without nicotine because i had never gone without it. Using for 26+ years i didnt know any better. If you really want to quit the best of luck to you. Keep this in mind though, in 3 days its completely out of your system. After that its all in your head. The only way to do it is cold turkey but i promiss you it is worth it.

      • I’m banking on it being worth it. I quit for 10 years after using for 25 years. Then I got stressed over some BS. I was at a point where I was either going to drink (Which I’ve not done for 17 years) or Chew. Well stuck anchewnin my mouth and said I’ll do this for a couple weeks. 3 & 1/4 years later I find myself here. And for me, half
        Measures don’t work. I need help support and my deep desire. I just theee my last chewmout. Meaning my first
        Official day is tomorrow but as of now, I’m done one minute at a time and
        Praying this works after some other efforts.


    • Exactly what BD said. Do you realize “relief” is the damn fix. Some point you have to sac up and ball through. I’m 807 real days of quit, he’ll your not even a stoppage. Get to quitting and save your life.

    • Smokey Mountain zero. Get back to us when you are ready to embrace the suck.

      • 648 days and counting. Cold Turkey was the ONLY thing that worked for me. Smokey Mountain was a HUGE help. Along with a supportive family that put up with me being an asshole during withdrawals

  26. @real Donald Trump

    You’re doing great!
    This is all normal,you’re doing fantastic…Baleevme. Soon you’ll be feeling like you got a great big tax cut.What ever you do don’t give in.I like people who don’t cave.
    All you guys still chewing, quit.Don’t be a dipforbrains .Most important , never give in no matter what


    Donny $ Melania

  27. Has anyone had symptoms where they feel extremely weak at certain times of the day and very shaky weak feeling like if you had had too much caffeine or something of that nature. Hard to explain. I get this almost everyday since I quit. I’m on day 25. I know exercise would help but I’m constantly feeling weak, shaky and tired. I have have been to the ER and had ekg and blood work done and all checked out perfect. How long is this going to last? It’s scary I feel like I’ll never feel normal again. I get dizzy spells too. Anxiety attacks the whole nine.

    • Congrats on the 25 days! I’m on day 16 and have been having all those same symptoms. The anxiety has gone down a lot for me, but the headaches and muscle weakness are all there. I also went to the doctor for a physical and blood work, everything checked out fine. More peace of mind I think. Hang in there, don’t let 25 days go to waste! It will get easier.

    • Has anyone had success with chantix other than me? I️ have over 40 years association with my little round friend but have quit for over 2 months with the help of chantix. I️ think I️ will keep taking chantix for about 6 months

      • Hi Scott, Scott with 998 days here! I took chantix for about 2 months I had terrible nightmares, gas that was nothing less than evil, and my bm’s were scary! I quit the chantix and the suck wasn’t as bad but after 30+ years of Cope first thing in the morning till the last at night it still had a pretty good grip on my lame ass. I finally kept strong when I had a couple of Grandsons that I didn’t want to think that what I did was something they should imitate. I wish all of you the will and strength to quit and stay quit. Life is a lot better when your not spending a lot of money for the shit that is slowly killing you and embarrassing you to the point you where you try to hide it from your friends, family, and yourself. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to you Scott and you all and please for yourselves stay strong. From the guy who doesn’t have a ring worn in every pair of pants and shorts any more.

    • David your blood sugar is whack. Nicotine resleased sugars and now you are low. I know it sounds unhealthy but keep a candy bar close and drink some cranberry or grape juice few times a day. Helped me tremendously

    • David, I went through the same thing you are going through. Please look up Lemon Balm (Natures Way Melissa) An all natural plant from the mint family that will take that edge off. Also, look up Natural Calm, a magnesium supplement that does the same thing. I take it before I go to sleep. And one last thing, L-Theanine (considered natures Xanax) a natural green tea extract. Green tea has been used for thousands if years to calm the mind. All of these can be found at the Vitamin Shop.
      My withdrawal symptoms started improving after day 75 so hang in there, you got this!

    • Bluebonnetman from the Glass House of April 2012

      It’s all real, David – stick with your quit group, post roll every day, if the dr results say you’re fine, then you are; you’re in withdrawals still. It gets better. I quit in December 2011. It’s worth the suck and the dizziness and the fog.

    • I’m on day 99 and it does get better. My equilibrium was off so bad I was afraid to ride my motorcycle. Tired and in the fog comes and goes. I don’t know how long the symptoms will last but you will have better days more frequently as time passes. Anxiety is still an issue with me too. I find myself flipping out on the dog every so often. Remember how the nic bitch is making you feel. If you quit for good you’ll never have to go through her shit again. Keep up with the roll and our brothers will pull you thru.

    • I’m on day 45! I completely understand what you are saying it does get better daily some are better than other I still don’t feel normal quit yet but feel it coming!

      • Guys I just now saw your responses and thank you so much for responding and taking your time to answer my concerns and questions. Unfortunately I am still experiencing the same symptoms. Today was the worst with the weak spells and shakyness and muscle weakness. I think you are right it may be my blood sugar. I read online the nicotine is a big sugar distributed and now that I am not getting the sugar from it my body is out of whack. It’s crazy. I went for a mile run this morning and felt great but didn’t eat much afterwords or for breakfast and by lunch I felt like I was going to pass out. It’s kinda of lingered all day. I am going to order some of those supplements suggested and also try and keep some candy bar and grape juice handy. I hope this passes soon. The anxiety has seemed to subside now the main withdraw is the shaky weak feeling. It makes me feel so much better that others have felt the same.

    • Praying for you David! Stay strong man, you got this!

  28. What is the best herbal chew to mimic grizzly mint please help

  29. Hello all I just wanted to say hello to everyone wish you all Happy Holidays and I hope all of your quits are as strong as mine. I know they are and I hope they continue DAY 237 today im quit with all of you!!!

  30. Day 85 and nearly started back today. I went to the store and literally bought a can. I was so ashamed when I cracked the seal. I didn’t put one in but I was so close. I got out of the truck and through it right in the trash. I don’t know what it was today but I felt like I needed it and it compelled me to even go buy a can. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?

  31. Being in law enforcement hopefully you don’t take your mood swings out on people. You will have ups and downs

  32. Yup. Im somewhere around 400 days quit (Oct 28 2016) and I also ended up in hospital with chest pain, dizzy, etc. Short story, its all anxiety. Some people worse than others. When you were a baby you had a pacifier to sooth you. As an adult you had nicotine. Now you got nothing so your mind is running ramshod over you. You will learn to deal with it but no guarantee you will ever be anxiety free – unfortunately anxiety is a real thing and it doesnt matter whether you use nicotine or not. Only difference is you now have to find a new coping mechanism (that is what nicotine was). This is why you hear others talk about working out, going for walks, cross word puzzles, whatever. The trick is, when anxiety starts, you have to find something to re-focus on then ot will subside.

  33. Hi i am on day 22 and still suffering. Some days are better than others. I have had anxiety, pain in chest, tingling in arms and legs. I have gone to ER thinking i was dying. Blood work and elg perfect. I was told its anxiety. The past couple days the anxiety has gotten better probably because of the hospital visit putting my fears to rest a bit. The most concerning symptoms are the dizzy spells and fog feeling in my head and i get these weak spells where i feel shaky kinda like if you hadnt eaten all day. Has anyone had those symptoms? they come and go. I feel overall each day is getting better but this is just so much to handle its such a battle.

    • David.
      Sounds like you’re having anxiety attacks, those are brutal. I had them too,couldn’t catch my breath,heart pounding arms and legs tingling,you feel like running to the hospital.
      It’ll get better just hang on and be patient,you’ve come to the right place.Any questions ask,someone will always answer.

  34. If you are claiming you’re really ready to quit yet NOT quitting today,instead using tomorrow as a start day then you are already failing and haven’t even technically
    Started. You might as well kee in dipping until you’re really ready to put it down or else you will just be making yourself miserable for nothing because you WILL fail. The best day to quit was yesterday, the second best day is today

    Bill Dance 405

  35. Alright, tomorrow’s the day.

    I’ve been dipping for roughly 18 years, at approximately 1 can a day, sometimes more. I’ve tried to quit (half-heartedly) multiple times, and am ashamed to say that more than once I didn’t make it past the first morning. Really made me question my will power and my own intestinal fortitude. Well, enough is enough! I tored of letting a drug control my life. It’s time to get it done.

    Reading all of your posts has been very encouraging. It is inspiring to see that so many others have gone down this same road, and I’m certain that I will share in your experiences in the coming days.

    It’s great to know that I am not in this alone, and that there are others out there fighting the same fight.

    Quit date: 12/14/2017

    • First day is the most important day. Congrats and good for you. Dipped for 21 years and I’m at day 123 and it still isn’t easy but it’s the best thing I ever did and I’m so proud of myself for making it this far. I was straight up depressed for several weeks in the beginning and went through some serious health anxiety in the early going too but I plowed through it and you can too. Stay strong. Don’t worry about counting days or anything else other than not giving in to the next craving. You do that and positive momentum builds pretty quick.

  36. After having to see and oral surgeon and ENT it was enough to scare the fuck out of me. Day 50

  37. Just checking in, it is day 126 for me. Still very hard some days but im feeling so much better not having what ever in my body. I still come to read howvothers are doing because chew was my best friend for 38 years or so i thought it was. So everyone stay quit and quit as many time in a day you need to. Ill check in later and see how everyone is doing.

  38. So I haven’t quit dipping just yet…… I started out dipping when I joined the Marine Corps back in 2000. Just like some of you I started with the flavors of Skoal and quickly graduated to Copenhagen. After some time passed (17 YEARS) I know it’s time. Today, my spouse found a bottle left under the couch ((slap in the face, lord I am an idiot sometimes)) and basically lit me a new a#% hole. Mostly, due to the fact I have a toddler in the house now who emulates everything we do.

    I want to quit for myself, wife and kids but God damn it’s really hard. It’s weird to say this, but dipping has always been there through all the tough, depressed, and enjoyable times. It has literally been my vice for so long, that I have no idea what better thing I can replace it with. I found time to read through everyone’s comments and have seen mentions of using Grind or working out, which I plan on trying every mention. It’s sadistic to say, but every time I mention or think of quitting, my horse of a tongue starts glidding around my bottom lip, as if looking for a salt cube. I know that sounds idiotic, and probably is but I am not looking forward to what tomorrow will bring.

    Tomorrow I am quitting for the first time and I will not be soft. I plan to write back here again tomorrow to share my anguishing thoughts as my body and mind goes into shut-down mode.

    “Our country won’t go on forever, if we stay soft as we are now. There won’t be any AMERICA because some foreign soldiery will invade us and take our women and breed a hardier race!” Lt. Gen. Lewis B. “Chesty” Puller, USMC

    • Semper Fi, Devil Dog! You got this. You went through the toughest Boot Camp in the world, so this bad habit ain’t got shit on you! Ooh-Rah!

  39. Hi Everyone! Day 8 for me. 1-7 were absolute hell. I found this site and read just about every comment over the last week. I thought there was no way other people are having the same crazy withdrawal symptoms I was having. 10 years of about 3 cans a week. Anxiety hit me like a truck and it was all I could do to just sit and focus on my breathing. 4 days that lasted, fortunately because i was so occupied with that feeling, I didn’t have any real craving until day 5. For me, the anxiety just up and left the morning of day 5 and i was trying to occupy my self so i wasn’t focusing on the cravings. I had one night of horrify dreams/ hallucinations. I thought the dog was talking to me and drinking from the toilet. We don’t have a damn dog! haha. I am hoping the anxiety is gone for good, or at least mild when/ if it returns. Stay strong out there! I felt great this morning and proud of lasting though some tough shit. Still a ways to go but, we can all do this!

  40. 102 days for me!! I can’t believe I made it! I made it through my toughest test deer hunting this year with a little help from grinds pouches. The mint chocolate chip is my favorite. Going to quit taking that now but it’s nice to know if I really need something I can go to that. It feels good not to be chewing. So many benefits…no more hiding it, feeling ashamed for doing it, sacrificing hanging out with people or doing things with my family, and soo much money saved. When in doubt think of the benefits, it helps me. Stay strong out there!!

  41. Day 137 quit – I never thought I’d make it this far. To be candid with you guys, I thought the desire to dip would go away. I still have to resist every day, and that’s frustrating to me. I’ve gotten to the point where I grab my keys to go get some, but I always think are you really going to throw 137 days down the drain, and I stop myself and think dang, when is this ever going to stop. Anyone else in my boat?

    • Yes i quit july of 2016, hardest thing i have ever done in my life. I had those cravings around that stage too because you start to feel normal again and almost convince yourself one wont hurt. It will hurt. Around 200 days is when i really started to not think about it at all. You are almost there. What also helped me was thinking of the days passed as a savings account. Think of your 137 days as an investment. You got this brother, nicotine is poison, keep fighting, keep grinding.

    • Ah to say it’s normal..but I am new to the game of trying really, really, really fucking hard to quit chewing tobacco…day 121..Screw the Chew!!!..stay on this site like it’s your umbilical cord.

    • It took me a full year to loose the urge and not even think about it, I quit for 17 years and stared back 4 years ago, like an idiot!!!!- just quit again 10 days ago, it is pure hell, I forgot how dam hard it was to quit. I remember telling people when I quit the first time that it was the hardest thing I’d ever done, hang in there and push through it, after a year you will find it hard to believe you ever dipped at all. You can do it,

    • Absolutely John, I have said that same thing plenty of times. But you will find, as people say around here, “it gets easier” – now 316 days in, those times to resist are getting fewer and farther between. Keep pounding.

  42. 15 years on, 3 months and 13 days off. I’ve gained about 17 lbs in the 3 months, but I’ve started to take control of my diet. Every fast food burger has been my craving filler. but I’m starting to gain control. Life is good

  43. Yup. We all been there. Anything worth having has to earned

  44. First post here. Been dipping for roughly 7 years. Literally started it as a joke, chewing Levi Garrett with some friends while playing an MLB video game. Just never stopped. Been using grizzly for years.

    I’m on Day 8 of this quit and I did it cold turkey. Been excercising and reading more, keeping my mind busy. I’ve been getting headaches and sleep has been awful, but I feel much better already even with those symptoms. Mouth is healing, no skin peeling. Teeth already whiter. I know there will be hard days ahead, but I’m in it for the long haul this time. I’m done being a slave to tobacco.

  45. 142 days nicotine free!! A can a day at $6 a can, I have saved $852 so far. I am 32 years old and dipped a can a day for 15 years.

    The anxiety is finally starting to subside! I still get a little tight in the chest or a little anxious every once in a while, but it’s not everyday like it was for the first 4 months. Been getting regular sleep, working out, and just feeling really good overall. It took a while, almost 5 months, but I am finally starting to feel “normal”. Went to the doctor and had a full physical. Doc told me other than needing to lose a few lbs, I am healthy! definitely put on a few lbs when I stopped chewing.

    If you are early in your quit and experiencing weird symptoms with your body and you are freaking yourself out that something serious is wrong, just know you are not alone. I experienced everything; severe anxiety, headaches, inability to concentrate, constipation etc.. Turns out these all these symptoms are fairly common I am pretty healthy overall. Visiting the doctor and getting a full blown physical and bloodwork put my mind at ease. If you are feeling any of this, I would recommend seeing your doctor to put you at ease. This site has been a big help, and thanks to everyone for the support! Stay strong, quit for yourself!

    • 32 myself, and 21 days quit. You’re all too right about that anxiety. And feelings I’ve never before felt in my life. I dipped over a can a day for 10 years. Towards the end I was buying the TUBS! I’m hoping these panic attacks go away fast. My primary doc has me on some temporary anxiety meds and it seems to be getting better. Your words were a comfort, knowing this crap is a familiar feeling to others!

      • Drewskie – The anxiety and panic attacks were terrible for me. When it first hit me, I had no idea what was going on and I literally thought I was having a heart attack.

        I had never experienced anxiety in my life, didnt even really understand what it was when people would talk about it. Then I quit nicotine and found out real fast. I didn’t get on any meds, but in my experience the best remedy for me was working out. Get those endorphins going, it really helped calm me. Plus I would pound water and just try to keep my mind busy.

        Hang in there man, keep accumulating days quit and it will slowly get better.

    • Day 76 here and getting real fed up with the anxiety and mood swings.

    • Please help lol i am on day 16. The anxiety and pain and tightness in chest is crazy, i get dizzy, weak spells, panic attacks, back pains, tired as shit. Its scary. Please explain if you had some of the same symptoms. Its like for an hour or so im fine then all the sudden i get hit with a wave of it.

      • David – I had all of the same symptoms. Just know you are not alone. I had severe anxiety, I would get weak, my fingers would feel tingly, I couldn’t concentrate on anything. Your brain is just craving Nicotine that is has been used to getting everyday for a long time. Your body/brain is expecting to get that nicotine and without it, your body goes through strange withdrawal symptoms. I felt things happening to my body that I had never experienced before in my life. I went to my doctor for a full physical and blood work. Everything came back normal and it certainly helped put my mind at ease. I am on day 146 now. I still battle with the anxiety but most other symptoms are gone. The anxiety is getting better also as it is few and far between at this point. Everyday further out I get, I feel a little bit better. Just know there are people out there experiencing the same things as you. Nicotine is a powerful drug. 16 days is awesome man, those first two weeks are some of the hardest, good job! Stay strong and keep accumulating numbers. The further out you get, the better you will start to feel.

        • Doug i saw your response after i just posted the last one so sorry about that. Thank you for filling me in on a little more. Makes me feel better. I am sorry you had to go through this i would not wish this on anyone ever. ever. ever. It really shows you how poisonous this stuff really is. I started in high school playing baseball and i am now 31 so for years i have been dipping. I wish there was a fast forward button through this lol. Some days i am fine for most of the day then all the sudden a cloud comes over me, my arm starts tingling, i get tight in chest and little pains, i can feel my back tighten up, sometimes i ll get dizzy spells. Its a total nightmare. All of that leads to panick attacks sometimes. As silly as it sounds sometimes ill get in the shower and lay down, it seems to help a bit.

      • David hang in there, all i can say is i’m on day 78 of my quit and its been one hell of a ride. Like you said one min i going down the road be-bopping to music not a care in the world and a and hour later either depressed to anxiety. I had a bit of this at the beginning and it had backed off around day 21, but now i have been dealing with this since about dat 58. Some days better than others but it still sucks. I keep reading that its part of the process just anxious to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

        • Bruce just saw your comment. I’m sorry you are going through what I am but together we are stronger lol I had a full blown anxiety panic attack and ended up in the emergency room. Make a long story short I wasn’t healthy, ekg good and blood work good. With that said I had a good couple days this week because it helped put my mind to rest. Today though I have had the chest tightness and and bits of anxiety. The worst part though is the shakyness I get where o kinda feel depressed and weak or like it’s hard to explain kinda like my arms and legs are wobbly and weak it’s very odd. Comes and go usually around evening time. It’s just crazy what my body is going through. I need to get more exercise I believe that will help but I’m always so
          Tired. Have you had some of these symptoms? I’m trying to be as descriptive as I can without sounding crazy. Today was the first day I didn’t get dizzy. I will never dip again after this hell ride.

    • Can you explain some more about yor anxiety and physical symptoms you had? Or email me at i am experiencing some bad physical symptoms also and it would be nice to talk with someone who had the same battles.

    • What Doug said!!!!!!!!!

  46. 40 years of nicotine in my system and now, 5 months chew free. I chew the shit out of some gum though. I put in my lip once in a while to get that familiar feeling. There is always a reason for us to say, now is not a good time to quit. Now is the ONLY time to quit. Stay strong brother.

  47. Its Day 100!! Can’t believe i actually made it to this milestone. Hope to see many more.

  48. That’s awesome. This is day 485 for me. About a year a month into the quit started losing interest in work and other things. Been kind of tired and gloomy. In the beginning had all kinds of energy. Now just not the same. Simple tasks seem hard. Anyone ever experience a major funk this far in the quit.

  49. I have been using copenhagen snuff for about 13 years and i finally have been tobacco free for 7 weeks. i have been using smoking mountain classic snuff and it is the worse thing i have ever had! is there anything better out there that actually resembles a quality snuff??

    • Jakes classic resembles Copenhagen.

    • I’ve just started using grinds pouches. Different flavored coffee pouches to help quit dipping. Not quite the same as having a dip in but I like that it’s clean, good flavor and you don’t have to spit. I highly recommend looking into using grinds

  50. I thought I would share my story, I come from a long line of tobacco users. My moms side were all smokers, my uncle chewed tobacco and my stepdad chewed Skoal wintergreen. I started dipping regularly my senior year of high school, that was 1996 and I was 16 years old. I was never a “heavy” dipper as I would go through about 2-3 cans a week, I could never do a can a day as most of you did. I quit cold turkey on May 3rd 2015 after 18 years of dipping. On that day I was outside in the yard with my oldest son, who was 4 at the time, and he kept spitting on the ground. I asked him “why do you keep spitting buddy?” He said “but you always spit on the ground!”…. I knew right then and there it was time to give it up, I don’t want my two boys to pick up that nasty habit from me…. Later that night after everyone went to bed I took a nearly full can of chew that I had bought the day before and I threw it in the trash can, never to have another dip since.
    I never really had cravings after I quit, I guess its because I was so determined not to do it anymore, but once I got around the two month mark I got some really nasty anxiety. It got so bad that I lost my appetite and I couldn’t eat anything for about three weeks and I lost about 14 pounds during that time. The anxiety just got worse and worse as the time went on that it started to become paranoia. I was certain I had cancer somewhere in my body! I went to the dentist for the first time in about 8 years just to get a checkup. I didn’t tell the dentist what was going on or that I had quit using tobacco after 18 years because I was too scared. I had no cancer or leukoplakia or anything other than stained teeth… Thank God!!!
    After the anxiety finally went away I started to educate myself on tobacco, cancer, and just human health in general and thats when I stumbled upon this site. I learned a lot and I take better care of myself now. I had to make some lifestyle changes to keep the thought of tobacco away, but I can honestly say that I never even think about it anymore. I started eating clean (organic), quit drinking soda pop, gave up most processed food, started strength training and doing crossfit in my home gym, I feel better now than I did when I was in my twenties!!!
    I check in every now and then to read the comments and to remember the road I was once on…. It is possible to quit tobacco, only YOU can make YOU quit!!!

    • Nice to hear! Quitting is easy. Staying that way is rough.

    • I’m on day 190 and my experience is almost exactly like this. Early on in my quit I got hit with the extreme anxiety too. Just like you said, I let it turn into paranoia. I had convinced myself I had cancer too. I talked with my Dr. and basically thinks that you become hyper aware and hyper focused on the changes your body goes through when quit, and you start thinking about worst possible outcomes, which feeds the anxiety. As time goes on it gets much better. At day 190, I still have moments of anxiety, but it literally last a few minutes and I regroup myself, and move on. It’s good to know others had a similar experience. I thought I was going crazy.

    • Hey, I was wondering If I could use your story in a health presentation in a week. I have to share peoples success stories and I thought this was a good one.

    • I appreciate you taking the write this post. Inspiring…has really helped me. I’m on day 121. I have never posted a day one…but your post and this site have helped me every step of the way… Screw the Chew!

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