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  1. Chewie, sometimes when I try to post I get the reply “Invalid Security Token” instead of posting my response. Do you know why? Thanks.

  2. I started chewing my sophomore year of high school during powerlifting. After my first year of college I’ve realized enough is enough. I always hid it from everybody even in college almost nobody knew. I’ve moved to a new state over summer and I started a factory job so, this will be tough but if I don’t quit now I’ll be the guy 30 or 40 years down the line.

  3. If suffered anxiety for years. Yes I would have they almost exact same symptoms Would start on the sternum area and died to my face. Been on medication for several years and had maybe 2 anxiety attacks on the lady 5 years. I at one point I had them several times a week.

  4. In July I will be 4 years quit. Best thing I ever did. After all this time I have zero urges to ever pick up can. It’s the best thing I ever did for my health and my wallet. Hang in there and you will get through it. Sometimes it gets worse before it gets better but don’t let the nic bitch talk you into dipping again.

  5. Guys I’m on day 12 of my quit and I’ll never do the stuff again. I have a question though. Does anyone here experience jaw pain? With occasional ear pain or popping. There’s also a spot on my jaw/gums. I’m afraid it is the worst fear. I’m very scared. I have a dentist appointment next Thursday I can keep my mind straight and yesterday I barely ate anything.

    • Chewing gum, eating sunflower seeds can cause jaw pain and sores. Have the dentist check it out , peace of mind is always good. Keep on fighting and quiting.

    • So I have quit for 7 months now, I dipped for over 30 years. I felt good about quitting this time for real. I have quit 100 times but never for longer than 30 days but this time I thought I had it whipped until lately. I have had hard urges to dip again. Don’t know why after so long I am getting these urg s again. I think I have proven to myself that I can quit but my mind is trying to talk me into getting a can and going for it! I mean I chewed for over 40 years with no ill health effects and I’m almost 60 years old now, my swell just get a can and enjoy retirement or should I just suffer everyday thinking about how good a dip would be? I have never received much support from this web site seems like everyone just writes their own sad story on here . I have never had any support or needed it but I would like to hear from long time quitters to see if you still miss the chew. If so why put yourself thru the misery of missing it every day ?

      • I am not a long time quitter only 87 days. Your story and mine are similar. I started chewing Redman in 1976, switch to Copenhagen in the late 1980’s. I have and am in good health I turn 60 in December. My motivation is I’d rather quit now while I am healthy rather than wait til I am not healthy. I think for guys like us we have been chewing 3/4 of our life the body and mind don’t know what to do without it. I can say this from my perspective now and that is fight through those urges, because eventually your going to have to quit. Your health will probably go and it will be tougher at that time.

        • Thanks Dean er and good luck to u!

        • DeanER, I totally agree with you. I’ve dipped or chewed for over 40 yrs. Since I was a kid sneaking it off the dashboards of trucks, like my Dad and my Uncle, lol! Boy, I wish I would have never done that. But now I’ve been quit for 83 days. Cravings are not bad anymore, but I feel anxious, BP is up, and it seems my body is struggling to adjust!?
          Stay the Course Brother!

      • You have done a great job! I have to quit, now 55! Dang, 7 months is good.

    • Yes, slight ear pain on the left side, though apparently this is supposed to be normal. I’ve only been off the stuff for two weeks.

    • Popping can be a completely separate issue. I have chewed for 15 or 16 years. I have TMJ in my jaw. TMJ can cause the jaw to be sore and can sometimes feel like ear pain. All you can do is get checked out for the spot. Don’t put it off, it could be huge difference if you wait.
      *Most important*- if everything checks out and you are cleared, Don’t forget how you feel right now!!! It’s not worth the anxiety and the worry.

    • Hope you had appointment and things went well, I have just been referred to Oral surgeon to look at my spots. Hoping for the best.

  6. HELP! I quit in July 2017 and in a moment of weakness put in a stupid ass dip. My anxiety has come back full force. It has been 48 days since I did that but I am having a really really hard time as of late.

    Does anyone else get chest pains from the anxiety? Specifically right in the middle of their chest, it feels like my sternum. My chest gets so incredibly tight, then my mind runs wild and then other randoms pains come in to play. I have been to the doctor twice since then, blood work and EKG were normal. Blood pressure was a little high but Doc thought it was caused by the anxiety. The tightness and pain in my chest can be pretty intense.

    Is anyone else experiencing sternum pain from anxiety?

    • It’s most likely reflux, especially if you just started dipping again. Tobacco is a big reflux trigger, I wouldn’t worry about it.

    • Yes, had the same exact thing happen in 2015, 6 months after my quit. Went to the ER to get checked out, no issues at all. To put your mind at ease, go get checked out by your Dr. But yes, had the identical issue you suffered too.

      • Thanks Dan. How long did it last, and did it just go away one day?

        • Hmmmm, tricky question. Being over 3 yrs quit I have the opinion that whatever crap they put into smokeless tobacco somehow some way helped me deal with stress or whatever you wanna call it. The pain in my sternum pretty much stopped after I realized the pain was all mental & nothing physical. Sometimes the stress still gets to me since I no longer dip, but if I feel something building up, I workout or go for a walk. Usually works ok for me.

        • Also, I for some reason didn’t notice you said you had gotten checked out by your Doc. Keep in communication with him still, maybe able to offer some advice.

  7. I quit 12/31/2016 I planned the next time I get sick I’m going to stop because I’ve tried numerous times and couldn’t fight through the initial fog. I had a sinus cold headache and felt like crap so it kind of masked the feelings of withdrawal. In place of the cravings I used jolly ranchers and gum but, it wasn’t cutting it and thought I was going backwards I got on here and saw everyone liked smokey mountain. The first 3 days of quitting was a buzzy vibrating numbness very agitated and my mind was foggy. After that I’d say day 6 I got smokey mountain classic cause it tastes more like Copenhagen snuff and for 3 months I was using it for all the after dinner, stressful events and in the morning dips. Around day 6 I remember thinking I don’t need nicotine I need to have that comfort of having that dip I’ve dipped for 20 years sometimes smoked and dipped I quit once to smoke and smoke 2 packs a day. Around the 3 month mark my wife says you trade cope for that stuff you need to quit and this is where I reintroduced gun and hard candies only using smokey working on the car, mowing, fishing just tried to cut it out from my every day. Sometimes I’d have a urge to go back and dip Copenhagen but, it wasn’t a strong urge just a nudge to try it again kinda like a little devil on my shoulder I’d liking it to quitting soda and having the urge to just drink one glass. I chewed the shit out of gum sometimes 4 pieces and found I’d pack it in my lip when stressed.

    A year and change later I still sometimes think about dipping but, instead of cope its smokey on my mind. I cut down my gum issue and somedays I don’t chew gum at all. I believe if I dipped cope just once I would ruin all this progress so that is what drives me to not even attempt that. Oh yeah I was always afraid I’d RIP my wife’s head off or gain a bunch of weight when I quit but neither happened. I’m healthier, losing weight, can brush my teeth without bleeding gums.

    • ADAM, Great work quitting! I used a “real cotton”, cotton ball saturated with Listerine brand mouth wash to feel the missing Cope VOID in my mouth. Keeps the wife happy and me, minty fresh; try it in a pinch……. Sig

      • WORD? Listerine and a cotton ball? That’s some MacGyver type stuff. You got any recipes for recreating that taste of Grizzly Mint?

  8. justin schulte

    I used Smokey Mountain Wintergreen pouches and liked them a lot. I used them for around a month and realized I was starting to get addicted to those as well. The tins are around $4 so that can get spendy as too. Decided I needed to drop those too. I just chew sunflower seeds in my car now and it’s been around a month since I had the fake stuff. Bottom line is if you use something long enough you will start thinking you need it which you don’t.

  9. 936. I dont even remember the last time i had a craving but it has been years. I had to laugh yesterday watching a movie i hadnt seen in ages “The Outlaw Josey Wales”. It had me trying to remember exactly what chewing tobacco felt like and why i ever enjoyed it? especially when he kept spitting on the people he had gunned down or on that poor dog lol. Im laughing now but god what a nasty habit. I hadnt thought of it in a long time but how i used to have water bottles full of spit around my house Or meeting some hot chick at the park when i had a wad of chew in my mouth how embarrassing it would be spitting in front of them, Either that or swallowing it and getting sick later. No i dont miss that crap. I have lost over 40 pounds since i quit. I ride my bike daily and am up to 8-16 miles a day. I lift weights. I havnt felt this good since i was probably 12 years old.

    • TOM S.,

      Good stuff without the nic bitch! Congrats and ENJOY! Sig

    • Tom,

      I envy you. i am at day 976 and I still get the craves at times. Especially around a major milestone like the 1,000 coming up.

      So to our fellow quitters out there. All quits are different and do not feel bad if ol Tom hasn’t had a pang in forever and you are still getting them.

      The quit is different for all of us.

      Regardless of whether you feel craves or not, I encourage you to keep your guard up. There is a crave always lurking around the corner.

      I quit with you today.
      Dundippin, day 976.

  10. Advice? You are 12 days in to your recovery. The thing you need to learn is that you can’t have “just one”. “Just one” will put you back in the cage you just left.

    One is too much, and one thousand is not enough.

    You are out of the cage. Do you want to stay out?

  11. Day 24 for me, and while cravings have gotten less and less the anxiety has gotten worse and worse. Plan on going to the dentist next week. Amazing how paranoid you can be once you quit but never even thought twice while still using.

    Thank God for Jakes Mint Chew, I have tried others for some reason I just prefer Jake’s. Does anyone have any experience using the tobbacco free alternatives and how long you used them before giving them up as well? Or have you just continued to use them? Thanks!

    • Day 72 for me and I used nic gum first week then have cheers regular sugar free since. With nic free chew i tried using on previous tries I still felt like I was chewing and this time I wanted everything about the chewing feeling out of my life and it has gone much better.

    • Congratulations Scott! I dipped Copenhagen Snuff for 27 years and on occasion Skoal fine cut. I quit 4 years ago and haven’t taken a dip that contains tobacco/nicotine since. I missed the “feel” more than anything. Finding this site (thanks Chewie) I was able to review and order multiple products. The best I found at the time was Hooch Snuff (when it came in tin cans—-miss that can). I used Hooch Snuff wintergreen for about 6 months (since no alternative comes close to Copenhagen). After that, I went to TeaZa because I went from working outside to an office setting. I used TeaZa daily for 2 more months. After that… I was done with everything. On occasion I still get a hankering and I’ll now order Hooch wintergreen “Packs” (Pouches) just to keep around if the “urge” comes about. If I see a new product come out, I always reach out to Chewie here on this site to let him know. On occasion I’ll order new products and submit a review as well. You have a great start… its tough, but if I can do it after 27 years, I’m sure anyone can. Especially with the support of this site and MANY alternatives. Best of Luck!

      • Very helpful, thank you! Still going strong, and decided to just stick with the fake stuff as long as I need to. Anything to not go back to the grizzly.

    • Hey Scott good job in at 238 still using smokey mountain I stopped using the alternative for awhile but put on to much weight I just use to keep my mouth occupied

  12. Day 12 for me today and I’m bouncing off the walls. Looking forward to finishing another day dip-free though.

    My biggest challenge is coming up this weekend I think. I’m driving to visit my family 5+hrs in a car by myself with no one to keep me accountable, then another long car ride after three days with my parents…if I make it back home without dipping this weekend, I’ll feel so proud. Looking for some advice to get me through this hard stretch.

    Appreciate the site and everyone’s stories. It’s been a big help on the harder days so far.

    • Hey BradK,
      Congrats on quitting. Just one comment on your post. “if I make it back home without dipping”? IF? Why IF and not WHEN! WHEN I make it back. Positive thoughts! Remove all doubt and excuses.

      • Spence, I agree, this quitting stuff is not for the weak or doubtful.

        BradK, You will feel like shit for a while, it’s normal but tolerable with a TEAM of committed quitters surrounding you right here. Embrace the funk and reach out for help. We are all addicts here with similar experiences, tap into the KTC network. I did and it worked well for me. Sig

        • Spence and Sigman – Just wanted to say thanks for the wisdom and encouragement. I’m on day 31 now and your words have been and continue to be a big help when I’m feeling shaky!

  13. To all my people who have relapsed – Did your withdrawal symptoms come back? I was 9 months no dip and feeling pretty good and in a moment of stupidity and weakness, I put in a dip. It has been 39 days since that dip. I didn’t feel my symptoms come back right away but really started again about 7-10 days ago, 4 weeks after I put that dip in. The anxiety has come back in full force and a lot of strange pains in my chest and tingling in my arms. I went to the doctor again, had blood-work and and EKG and everything was normal. Doctor says it is just anxiety, but damn I feel like there is something seriously wrong with me. It is hard to explain but I just don’t feel normal.

    • I feel your withdrawal and relapse pain. I went almost 5 years dip free and started back the day my FATHER passed away. Suggestion on what worked for me. Read up on this site, join a quit group, sign in each day, promise to quit and repeat.


    • YOU WILL FEEL LIKE SHIT, it’s normal and a good reminder to stay away from the worm dirt (Nicotine in any form). Sig

  14. 365 days today. This site has helped. Thought about it every day, but I don’t want to go back to day or week 3. Keep it up you all. You can do it if you really want it.

  15. Day 958 and I have been having the toughest days since I started my quit.

    I am good at averting my attention and I am committed to never going back.

    But, I am surprised that at this late stage, I still feel a tugging at my lip and short thoughts of older days.

    It is a good thing that I can consciously change my focus at will. That ability helps a great deal with fighting this demon. You never know when it will show up and challenge you again.

    I quit with you today.

    Dundippin day 958

    • I am day 74 and the past three weeks has been tough. I chewed/dipped for 42 years, so reading your word at day 958 helps me along with my quit. Thanks!

      • Dean, glad my comments helped you. Stay quit my friend.

      • dean er,

        Dundippin speaks the gospel from experience as do I. This place is where you need to be. Stay the course, get involved, reach out, share, exchange digits, create lasting relationships, read, read, read, first hand accounts, save your life and stay quit one day at a time…. Sig45 x243

    • Good work Dundippin! It’s true you never know when that NIC Devil will show itself. Day 1 or day 1,000. Brothers in quit. Sig

  16. Ive been chewing for 23 years and have been quit 8 days. Funny how once you quit you suddenly become concerned and worried about damage you may have done. I bit the bullet and went to the dentist today (yes saturday) because I have been unable to sleep. He looked at my mouth and said it looks good but had to pull a broken molar that was infected. I am so freakin relieved. NEVER CHEWING AGAIN!

  17. 3,650 Days into my quit and I know I am still an addict. After 10 years there are still occasional triggers (hunting, stress, lack of sleep, etc.,) that have next to no power over me because I have learned that Nic would not make any of it better. When you make the decision to quit, tell everyone you interact with (which creates accountability), leverage this site to understand what to expect and get support, and never give up. Thanks to Chewie, Trucker Rick, FL, and all of the others who made 10 years possible! KTC ROCKS!

    • Chewmonkey, great post! I agree, thank god for the folks who started this site.

      Tell Chewie that we miss having the like button underneath comments!

      KTC does rock!

    • Congrats on 10 years. I am on day 266 and am amazed I made it this far but know I have a long way to go. Tonight was tough but every time I have a craving I come to this site and it stops me cold from driving to buy a tin. Stay strong everyone. If I can do it you can too.


      Well stated and Congrats on 10 years quit. Sig

  18. Hey everyone. I quit in July of 2017. It would be 286 days, but I had a moment of weakness about a month ago and I put in a dip. I was drunk when I did it and I regretted it big time the next day. Thankfully, it didn’t lead to anything more, I didn’t go buy a can or anything. It was the stupidest thing I could have done because now I feel like my symptoms are coming back. Has anyone else experienced this? Quit for a while, put in one stupid dip and those symptoms I had at the beginning of my quit feel like they are coming back. My chest gets super tight, anxiety has been back, weird aches and pains throughout my body etc.. Is this a normal part of the process 9 months into a quit, or could it be because I put in that one dip? Any insight is appreciated!

  19. I am 3 days into my quit. After the first day my cravings haven’t really been too bad. I’ve just been chewing a lot of gum and beef jerky. I’m 31 and I started chewing when I was 17. I’ve got my mind set on never chewing again. Wish me luck.

    • There is no luck! Only effort! You got this, we can help!

    • Keep it up I am with you, day 4 for me after dipping for 30 years nic gum is getting me through now but always craving a dip especially after a meal. But Im gonna fight the fight and not go backwards. Thanks to everyone and their stories it encourages me to stay the course and see this through. Thanks everyone.

  20. I quit 63 days ago. Got a strange painful sore on my gumline right under one of my teeth 5 ish days ago. And a sore/lump on the part of my inner lip that folds against the sore on my gumline. Going to the dentist soon, but anyone ever have anything like this? It’s sort of shaped like a crater I guess

    • me again, at day 76, still going strong. If anyone is on here freaking out about a sore like I just was, hopefully my experience can calm you a little bit (but get to a dentist asap). The sore I had scared the living hell out of me. I had never seen anything like it, it was a big white crater shaped lump that showed up around day 55. I thought it would heal, but 2 weeks later it was still there. I sat in my room for probably 6 hours one night googling mouth cancer, my life flashing before my eyes. I paced my room and had multiple panic attacks, thinking I had cancer and was going to die because of my stupid habit. I read the story on this site about the guy who went in for a sore that wouldn’t heal, and died of cancer 4 months later. So at the dentist, the doctor didn’t see anything alarming. the sore had gone down by the time my appointment arrived. He did an X-ray and didn’t see anything. Gave me a special mouth gel and rinse for the spot, and scheduled me for a cleaning. Just like that I was at peace again. This may sound weird, but I’m glad I went through that panicky crisis. If I was a mile away from dip before, I’m light years away right now. Seriously guys though, hit the dentist a month into your quit, maybe even once a month for the next few months for a cleaning if possible. itll help you get your oral health back on track, and give you peace of mind that youre not dying.

  21. I am going to say the official day was Sunday April 15th. 4 days down without anything. I have quit before and went back after I thought “ah it’s just 1.” That was 8 years ago. Not this time. I find myself having to tell myself you don’t need it. Getting through the first three days was tough. Now it is getting easy not to but what sucks is the sleeping. I can’t sleep at night and sometimes wake up 3 times or more. Headaches some but you know it will be worth it.

  22. 7 days without a dip. Feel great. Have had a few cravings but couldn’t be happier about the choice I made.

  23. im at around 1 month but have dipped for 30 yrs .. still feeling headaches diaay anxiety small pains here and there ,,,, is this normal and how long will it last ?

    • It gets a little better every day. I chewed for 33-years and I’m on day 441 and still think about it a couple of times a day. About the 7-8month mark you will realize that your beating this nic. You will start feeling better without the chew and it feels great to function without a chew and not panicking because your just about out of chew. Day by day you will beat this. Still miss it but will never chew again.

  24. Day 4 and I feel depressed? In the mud… quit for over 3 years and had the “one” dip….8 months later here I am again…. but Im done for good this time….

  25. Been dipping since 17 or so. Worst habit I ever started, I have rationalized this thing into the ground for decades. I am 37 now and said enough. I wasn’t a heavy dipper until college. My biggest concern is the symptoms of the quit. I was already starting to freak at every bump or lump for the last year and that’s what put me in the quit mode. Docs dismiss as age, as well as common changes due to extended tobacco use.

    I have seen both an ent and oral surgeon.
    So I have been steady for about 3 maybe 4 weeks. I’m not counting just quitting.

    My left side of my throat gets sharp pains, left side of my gut under ribs hurts a little. Probably undiagnosed gastritis (seeing that doc soon). But yesterday my jaw was sore like a cramp when I would chew and I noted a little swelling. The upper right side of the roof of my mouth has a small spot,no bleeding like a ulcer. It’s only been there about 3 days. The swelling is what scares me. It’s not real bad but I notice it and if you rub the left and right at the same time you notice the right is swollen in the cheek over the jawbone.

    I swear if I get the big C when I am finally making some solid progress I don’t know what to do. I am honestly freaking out on the inside right now but going through the motions. I see the doc Monday morning to ensure it’s all good. I had X-rays done on my jaw last visit (3 weeks ago) nothing going on they said.

    Anyone else ever experience these symptoms? Am I just freaking out over common quit symptoms?

    • Harv
      Don’t get discouraged my brother,those are healing pains. I had swollen lymph nodes and muscle tension on the left side of my neck caused by anxiety for a long time, months.
      Stay away from that mudda fookin tobacco.
      Any questions ask

      • Steve no H,

        I agree I do think it is just quit pains. I know this stuff is loaded with lord knows what. That’s how you knew it was special 😉 but seriously embalming fluid? Crazy how we convince ourselves that products that contain this are ok. I remember growing a big fat Larry in my lip early on and declaring “something’s gonna kill me”. Had I thought it through I would have added “be careful what you wish for”.
        I am staying strong. This is the one. I have 3 months left from 20 years in the service and I swore to myself this isn’t coming with me. I like the mini nicotine lozenges and am using these to kill the cravings but am at the stage of tapering off to a lose mg. I will switch to 2 mg next and do that for about a month. This actually helps a lot. No bad chemicals besides the nicotine but I have tried everything and failed. This seems to be working.

      • SNH (TRDT),
        Very happy to be quit with you today mi amigo. @Sig45 x 243

  26. One year hit few days back. I am forgetting gradually the feel of dip, yo!

  27. First day on KillTheCan. I quit dipping on March 30th, 2018 and the cravings are getting bad. I chewed Grizz Green for 7 years someone please help! I don’t want to use artificial chew

    • Hey Randy,

      We know it is tough but trust me it is worth it. Today is day 677 for me and I am so thankful every day for hanging in there to shake that nasty addiction.

      What worked for me to kill cravings was to go running. I run all the time now and not only does it make cravings go away for me, it helped me avoid weight gain with my quit.

      We are all in this together.

    • Day 769 – I chewed a lot of sugarless gum and am so happy to have kicked it. Sty the course and stay strong

    • Randy… Day 269 for me and it’s still hard to resist the urge to buy a can. But I quit for my kids (6,9,12). FiFi something worth quitting for and lean on it. It’s worth it !

      • And don’t be discouraged about using the “fake stuff” .It works and helps. But the top of your head will still feel like it’s it’s coming off 🙂 you got this

    • A few things to keep in mind Randy. We spent years of even decades rewiring our brains to associate nic with pleasure. Every craving you fight off you are destroying one of those connections. Theres no easy way around that but it does get easier as you go. The nicotine is completely out of your system in 3 days so its all psychological now. Most cravings last less than 3 minutes. If you can distract yourself, find something to take your mind off it for just a couple minutes you will be good. One last thing to keep in mind, you suffered through the last couple weeks. How would you really feel if you screwed up and threw that away at this point. A chew might relax you for 5-10 min but within a day you would be right back to using just to get by and not getting a rush off it at all and be starting over at day one. Anyway best of luck Randy. Dont give in, i swear it is worth it. 912 days

  28. Day 100. What a ride!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Who dat..? who dayer ? No Nic here. wrong number.

  30. @realDonaldTrump

    To all new quitters. Things are gonna get Stormy but don’t give up, you can do it…Baleevme (oYo)

  31. Day 96 almost there.

  32. I’m at 220 right there with ya

  33. I am at day 235 and out of nowhere massive cravings came back. Seriously thought about caving tonight but didn’t. I guess after 20 years of dipping this is my price to pay but damn I thought I had gotten through this. Came to the site to help which it did. Thank you all and stay strong. If I can make it this long anyone can!

    • I’m on day 585 and the bitch still hits me sometimes I’ll run across an old trigger but it passes thank God.

    • Day 145 for me and I’ve felt like complete garbage ever since I quit. My sleep is destroyed. My acid reflux has intensified. I have constant lightheadedness. It’s awful

  34. My name is John, and I’m a comfortably recovered nicotine addict. It was not until the second week into my quit that it hit me. Like alcoholism, my addiction was for real. It was then that I awoke to the realization that I am no different than the meth or heroin addict.

    The only way to stay quit is to never take another dip, vape, puff, or any other form of nicotine. This site will help you do this.

    When you started using nicotine, you gave up your freedom to live without nicotine. This site will help you regain your freedom.

  35. Day 1 of my thousandth (or so it seems) attempt at quitting for good. Been dipping for around 5-6 years (a couple long stretches of being quit). I’m a serial caver and when I cave, I CAVE. I’ve gone ten months without the dirt before I moved from home to pursue a career. But as soon as I moved in to my new place, the loneliness got to me and I caved and haven’t really looked back for 9 months.

    But now today is a new day. I will attack each day on its own and I will do whatever I can to make sure I never dip again. I’m very much looking forward to talking with all of you!

  36. Take small pieces of orange’s peel. It really helpful in overcoming the cravings

  37. Stewyhoo – Day 102 – Quit with all of the quitters whose quits I shat on in the past. And all of the new quitters out here making me look bad for doing it.

  38. Well its a CENTURY!! 100 DAYS it is 🙂

  39. Well its a good news here. Its over 3 months that I’ve quit and still counting. There were sores on my tongue and mouth during early days but now its alright.

  40. I am nearing the three year mark without Copenhagen. I am heavier than when I quit but I do not regret quitting at all. Best thing I have ever done. I hardly think of the stuff anymore but could see myself easily getting back in. I remain vigilant as I’ve come to far to ever go back. Saved several thousand dollars as a bonus.

  41. Hello everyone I hope everyone is doing well and quitting like a mother fucker. I just want to say that I am still quit although I have lost track of days. I know it has been over a year. I never used the calculator on here and wish I would have. Speaking of the “wish I would have” that is why I am here.

    I know I fucked up and admitted that some time ago. What did I learn accountability is what keeps us quit on this site being honest, your integrity is at stake and I ruined all of that because I was a serial caver and was embarrassed to say it to all these awesome quitters. I have learned that staying quit on your own is really hard and although I have done it I sure would have liked to have a place to vent or simply get some advice and I ruined that.. I have been told that I will never be allowed on this site again and I was also told that time will heal things. So I am asking Admin and KTC members to please re consider my re-instatement (Chewy). What am I going to do differently I will stay quit I will be honest, I will engage with the site more. I will post roll each day and I am even willing to just start with day one again so I can share advice to the new comers also I will share my story of what I did to whoever I am asked to share it with.
    Starting with day one again doesn’t mean I am going to go have some nicotine mean I am going to do this right this time No Questions ask and I will support everyone. Again I am asking the members of KTC, Chewy and Admin to please consider my request. I look forward to your responses and I hope you will give me another chance to proof myself as a bad ass quitter. I quit with you all!! Im sorry

    Elk Slayer

  42. Today marks 955 days since I gave myself the best present in the world. I QUIT!!! Hang in there the cravings go away. You can do it just put your health above the habit. I quit with you all today.

    • Hey Mitch if u don’t have any cravings then how do u know it’s day 955 quit? Seriously who counts days if they r free?

      • Day 4,264.

        I’m totally free… been years since I’ve had anything that I’d consider a crave and I still count every single day. That’s because I’m one bad day, or one bad choice away from the can of Kodiak that held me hostage for decades.

  43. Hey everyone, day 55 here and life couldn’t be better! After going through HELL my first 2 weeks, being at this point is well worth it. Aside from the occaisonal headache and mood swing life is amazing, and I’m so glad i battled through that hell I went through for the first few weeks. It really is a new life w/o dip and one that I find much more enjoyable. Nicotine is a stupid drug and one that can hold you captive. I am never turning back and packing another dip again, just because I realize how far I’ve come and can’t wait to see how far I’ll go. Best of luck to my fellow quitters, and if you have any questions at all feel free to ask! Stay strong, friends.

    • After about 9 years of dipping, I quit about a month ago. Sores and numbness on my tongue finally went away. Still have slight sore throat and post nasal drip it feels like. Day to day is rough but time is flying by. I have never chewed so much gum in my life. Hopefully that’s what the random jaw pains are from. It’s funny how I didn’t think twice about health related problems while I dipped, but as soon as I quit I think I’m dying.. Well good luck and stay strong everybody!

    • Thank you for that! Im struggling through Day 15 and needed to hear that!!!

  44. Hey everyone,

    I got a question for chewie. Been dipping roughly a tin per day for about 6 years (go to is skoal pouches). I’m on day 3 of my quit and I notice that the one side of my throat is really sore. I have all the other withdrawal symptoms like the fog and stuff like that. I went to an ENT about 6 months ago and he said I was fine. Just concerned about the sore throat, could it just be irritation from the dip juices?

    • Having a sore throat when quitting is incredibly common. Not to mention the fact that we’re in cold and flu season so you might have a touch of that going on as well. Nothing wrong with going to get checked again for some peace of mind but I’d guess you’re probably just experiencing normal things that most quitters go through.

  45. Day 430 and I still have the occasional dream where im chewing. Wake up disappointed in myself. Thank God it’s all a dream.

  46. Hey guys I’m on day 350 today dip free, I never thought in a million years I would be able to give up dip but If I can do it so can you. The first few months suck but push through and dont give up. Expect the headaches, sweats, and mood swings, chest tightens and all that stuff know one said it would be easy. I’m coming up on 1 year and I have no cravings, withdraws, or any desire to go back to dipping. I hope this can keep someone from going back to dip becuase the feeling of being dip free is amazing and well worth it!

    • Matt, Thanks for the insight on the timeline and the fact that at 1 year there is a hope. Almost at 1 month and the super cravings really intensified between week 3 and 4. I read postings here to keep on track when I’m feeling the super cravings.

    • Very Encouraging to hear. At Day 54 of my quit. To me the first 20 days were the most difficult, so far. Since then I have felt much better.

    • Matt, I’m having horrible sleep, waking up with heart racing, constant lightheadedness, severe acid reflux, occasional sweating when it’s not warm, depression from all of this. I’m on day 144. Doctors say all is normal.
      I’ve been battling giving in for several days now, thinking a chew will make all this go away and I’ll feel normal again.

  47. I get really insane sometimes during this quit. I hate myself for Taking my first chew, for living a lie for so long, for being dishonest to my family and friends. I want to beat myself to a pulp. All of this at day 28. Great!

    • Keep going. My has been shrouded by some level of secrecy since I 17. At the end of last year I as stricken with a sinus infection. I used it (for the amount of meds id be on) as an apportunity to quite. I’m made it five months. The Cravings are shocking in the sheer volume and intensity. Even today I was a string desire to dip.

  48. I am going on 4 years and I check in on this site every now and again. (With tax season coming up I wanted a reminder of how much money I have saved ;-)) When I dipped it was a secret I kept from everyone I loved. 10 years I had that monkey on my back… almost a tin a day. I still have passing cravings… sometimes a little tingle on my tongue, others just a subconscious excitement when I see tins on display. Never again though. I was hooked and when I went CT for the second time the worst of the withdrawal symptoms were the headaches in the first few weeks. Eventually they pass and you can take comfort in knowing the beast you fought off. Whatever reason you find, remember: you can quit and stay that way. Keep up the good work!

    • So vitriol if u quit 4 years ago what the hell u doing here ?i chewed for 40 years, I have quit now for 6 months. There is still not a day goes by that I don’t think about it. I certainly don’t want to be quit for 4 years and still he coming back to this site. Sometimes I think I should just throw in the towel and pick up my habit again because after 6 months quit I have really never found the enjoyment in anything else except for sex that I have in chew. Sad to say but that’s how it is and how many people actually die from chewing really? Seems that most cancers are from smoking cigarettes and cigars including the deformed pics posted on this site? How many of those pics are actually from chewers vs. smokers ? I’m just asking cause after 6 months of being good I’m about ready to say fuck it and go buy a can and feel good again . So anybody have any words of wisdom to pull me back to the light?

      • Counting days is a totally simple thing. It takes a matter of moments per day. And it keeps me quit. It’s totally worth it as is my freedom from tobacco. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

      • I’m on day 425 and there is not a day I don’t think about dipping. I don’t know how many people die from dipping or chewing, but I have seen first hand the scars and patch work faces that it causes. Every time I think of dipping I think of my two year old and how when he grows up how embarrassed he would be to introduce his friends to his dad that has a patch work jaw or has to carry around a machine to help him breathe. Granted, my great uncle chewed everyday of his life and died of natural causes at the age of 95. My other great uncle smokes a half pack a day and is 90, so who the hell knows.

      • Quit being negative. It’s almost been two years for me but still come back to remind myself why not to. Let you quit be yours and everyone else’s be their own!!!

  49. Day 2 mouth and face are tingling and in the past goes away if I dip. Wondering if anyone else had this? Going to the dentist on Friday and hope to feel better by then…

  50. I agree. Every day is a battle. I’m at day 197 and although I’m closing in on 200, it’s still hard replacing dip day to day. Hopefully I start forgetting about it soon.

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