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  1. Hey guys, so much love here. 13 days and counting for many more. Chewed for over 30 years, and I’m realizing how I felt it was like a BFF. Sad but true. It was my go to, my buddy. I could count on it for any chore, inside and outside. I do miss it. I refuse the nic gum or patches. I’m into sugar free gum of late and cinnamon toothpicks for my outside chores. It helps for sure. Although between the both I think my taste buds are temporarily ruined. Anyways, wanted to share my progress. God strong we will survive!

  2. Well, today is another day Nic free. It is a special day that I wasn’t expecting, it isn’t a day that I didn’t think I would reach, and it isn’t even a day that I knew I needed.

    Today is the day 100th day of my nicotine free journey. It is also my Grandpa’s birthday, and that is the funny thing… I wasn’t planning for the 100th to land today… I wasn’t even planning on quitting the day I quit.

    My grandfather passed away in July, years of bad habits and diabetes caused half of his heart to die. The doctors decided to place some stunts and open up some flow to give him more time. Instead God decided to take my Papa home. We were extremely close and I have been taking this really hard.

    I had also lost my job, started a new job that I honestly suck at, had a kid, lost my house, and I had every excuse in the world to keep dipping. My life was so stressful, keep the shit in my lip, that will make me better!!!!

    On October 26th 2018 it was 30 degrees outside, I had the flu, and I am outside in shorts, sandals, and no shirt looking for a pinch of dried up snuff because I forgot to buy a roll.

    I had to quit, so I did, and quitting that habit helped me decide to quit another habit. That habit allowed me to start going to the gym, going to the gym forced me to get to work early. Getting to work early causes me to actually prep my days better… the list goes on and on.

    The truth is being successful at changing one bad habit in my life has completely changed the rest of my life. Most of the changes are for the better!

    I still suck at a lot, but defeating snuff has made me realize anything is possible. I am no longer a Debbie downer, I am ready to conquer life, not be controlled by a man made substance.

    I don’t know if you are religious, but I am. I haven’t made it 34 years without the help of God, and I know he will be with me the rest of the way, so I am sorry hankfuo for this journey. I am thankful for the fog, the head aches, the stress, the unwanted changes. All of this is making me such a better person.

    If you are reading this with a dip in your mouth, enjoy that dip, keep it in as long as possible, then spit it out and just don’t do another one. If you are on day 5, it gets better but it won’t be the same. Do you really ever want it to be the same, or do you want life with a purpose? Day 30s great job, keep going, it ain’t worth it to give up. Day 1,000s keep inspiring us newbies!

    I am thankful for this group! Get the shit out of your mouth today!

  3. Day 17 of no nic! At times I feel great and can’t believe I’m doing it. Other times I just want to cave. One day at a time. Funny thing is when I want to cave I think of going back to day 1 and how much that would suck!

    • That first week is hell for sure…as I can attest, it definitely gets easier each and every day you stay quit. Day 90 for me and my life is so much better without dip

    • John,
      As you say, keep it very simple, simple is best; when you want to cave you think of going back to day one and how much that would suck! Wake up each day and repeat! I joined a quit group, December 2015, “Disciples of Quit”. We started out with many and now have just a handful left signing in each day. John, if I and many others can quit, so can you. Take it one day at a time and get involved.

      @Sigman45, “many days quit” (35 years a Copenhagen Addict)

  4. Day 2 of no nicotine. I’ve tried before amd didn’t have any success, obviously. This time feels different. I’m ready to quit and I’m doing it for me. So far so good but the symptoms haven’t been too bad, yet. Wish me luck.

    • How the fucking hell do you fucking register on this fucking site? You would think it would be a little fucking easier

      • It’s pretty fucking easy. It’s on every fucking page near the fucking top where it says Forum Fucking Registration, fucking click here 😉

        • Well fuck!!!!! Love me some Chewie!!!!

        • Truth be told, i had the same issue too. And I’m only 36, i should still be able to handle tech stuff lol. But i eventually found my way to the forum, got signed up, and found the BMFers of QUIT. But maybe a big REGISTER HERE BUTTON at the top of the screen might not be such a bad idea either, especially for dopes like me.

          • Bug Guy, I’ve been here 4 years this month & I just a few days ago registered on forums. I too had trouble back in the day getting in & said screw it, I just posted here almost daily in the beginning. I even wrote up a cool Hall of Fame speech, took awhile to write it. I then posted it & for some reason it didn’t post & poof, it was gone. I was beyond pissed. Not at anyone, just that it was gone. I didn’t redo it, I just skipped it. I only responded here because I think it’s funny when Chewie gives shit back. Haha…. I quit with all you fuckers today, 4 years nic/tobacco free at the end of the month!!!!!

    • Day 10 My mouth hurts. Is this normal?

      • 100% normal. Keep fighting. Congrats on double digit quit!

      • My mouth hurt yesterday – day 911. I remembered the feeling and it went away in an hour or so. Stay with it. As far as I can tell it is a life long battle. However, the good news is that it gets so much easier. I can go for a couple weeks and realize I didn’ Even think of the stuff. Never give up!

  5. Hi everyone. I’m at 23 days. Been chewing about a can and a half daily for about 10 years. From my experience this time around I’m must more certain about my quit. (Fu$& you chew). I just can’t believe how difficult this is. So far only seem like it gets worse day by day. But at the same time a little better. I cannot kick my crabby, explosive attitude. Any tips? Normally a chill guy. Keep at it everyone!!

    • Hey bro, you remind me a lot of my self! Remember, you are still that chill guy at the end of each day! When I find myself being grumpy or short with people, I stop and give a TON of thought to, “wow, what the hell am I mad at? I’m still alive and breathing!?” Remember, if you have shoes on your feet, a roof over your head, and food in your belly, you are doing Far better than a good percentage of the worlds population! Also remember, we do not NEED chaw to get through life! Stay strong brother😎🧢👊

  6. 99 days for me. Tomorrow I hit the 100 and HOF status. Yessss!!
    Hang in there

  7. I’m 6 months into the quick cold turkey. I’m still dealing with a few symptoms. Mainly the brain fog crap. Still am feeling like I’ve had a few drinks!! I’ve been to every doctor there is and have run every test. All results are normal. So I’m still trying to push through!!

    • I’m on day 7 and have had all the symptoms. Woke up at 2:30 am, as usual since quitting, but noticed a red patch. Brushed it and it started bleeding. Freaking me out. Going to the doctor as soon as they open. Hopefully all is ok.

      • Most likely nothing. You’re paying far more attention to your body (mouth) than you ever have before. Having sores and / or patches is completely normal when quitting. Brushing over something that’s irritated makes things bleed. That’s normal too.

        Getting it looked at is great for your peace of mind.

  8. 10 More days and it will be my 1 year anniversary!!! I quit cold turkey and have never looked back. The only thing I did was chew through a ton of seeds for a few weeks. I was at 2 cans a day for about 17 years. I didn’t start till I was in my mid 20’s. Heck prior to that I never even smoked a cigarette. It was right after Desert Storm I started.

  9. Been dipping since i was 13, crazy right?! But here i am 23 years later and i am on day #18 of being quit. It’s been rough, headaches, grinding teeth, sore throat, etc…. but I’m not giving up this go around. Quit back in 2005 when i left for Army basic training, upon completion i immediately started back up. So this go around i hope i can lean on ya guys from time to time as i set out for my first goal, day 100!

    • Good luck Bug Guy, you can do it. There’s so much useful information here, please take advantage of it. I quit with you today bro!!!!

      • Thanks Dan O! Day 22 and still rollin. Really wanting a real dip but got my hands on some Grinds pouches for the meantime. Far from the real thing but not a bad substitute. Flavor is phenomenal, but lacking that bite that only a real dip can give. So here i am about to dig into some of the resources. Appreciate the support

  10. Day 1,156. I quit with all of you today. Chewie, tried posting on roll call the last few days but it never show up.

    • Sorry about that – were a couple stuck in moderation. They’re all approved. You should be good to go moving forward.

      • Hey Chewie, I’m almost 3 months quit but have found myself in a bad place. I’ve gone to doctors and they all say I’m fine. I’ve had symptoms nobody else seems to have had, muscle twitching, hand cramps and numbness. Went to neurologist and told them I think I have ALS. They checked and said they don’t see signs of ALS. I’m a mess.

        • 3 months… you sir are most likely in what we refer to as, “The Funk”

          Keep fighting. Drink lots of water. Get back to basics – quitting one day at a time. You’d be shocked at just how much your MIND can do to your physical being. Took myself to the ER twice cause I thought I was having a heart attack – had ALL the symptoms: tightness in chest, shortness of breath, tingling down my left arm. Nope… anxiety due to quitting.

          You probably feel like since you’re three months in you should be done with this this… I get it. But keep on fighting. There’s going to be a day, probably in the not too distant future where you look back and realize you’re feeling pretty damn good. It’s going to scare you, cause you think it will be a fleeting moment. Keep putting one foot in front of the other and you’ll get there.

          • How long does all
            This last ! Was hoping after 3 months but people are saying can be a year !!

          • Tough to say. “Most” things don’t last too long. But there are some that can persist for quite some time. The concept of “normal” is probably something that will take quite a bit of time to get to, because you’re redefining what that is. For me, ‘normal’ was with dip for nearly two decades and for ALL of my adult life. I had to redefine ‘normal’ as an adult. Keep fighting. You’ve got this. Just need to get legs under your quit. It’s totally worth it.

          • I’ve been to the ER once myself. Did bloodwork and was told I’m fine. Problem now is I’m experiencing muscle twitches all over my body. It’s driving me crazy and I’m thinking I have ALS. I’m losing it…saw a neurologist and he said he he didn’t think I did but I’m not so sure.

        • Im getting muscle twitching on my upper left chest been quit almost 1 month. Idk if its my heart or my head messing with me. Been going on about 3 days now.

        • I had the exact same thing happen to me regarding ALS. The twitching combined with anxiety made me convinced it had it. Probably all in your head bro.

      • I have tried to join the forum but never get the conf email

  11. Day 1

    Just started my quit today…debated it for so long, but finally after having one in the shower and spitting in the shower, i literally had enough of it. I had been dipping on and off for about 5 years, used to be casual (while driving or golfing only), but then school ramped up and I was dipping constantly (after the gym, while making food, watching tv, studying etc).

    Found this site and it made me laugh with the 100 reasons to quit and I can vividly recall various scenarios that I can relate to throughout that list.

    The coffee trick has been helping the best, especially with driving. That physical motion of bringing the cup to my lips is engrained in my mind with spitting, so it helps.
    Also (maybe not super healthy) but the 5 Cent candies from 7-11…super helpful.

    All the best to you guys, and thanks for the laughs and the relief that i’m not alone.

  12. Yup. 1st thing I did over 800 days ago when I quit was go straight to dentist. Then everytime for the next couple weeks when a sore would pop up I thought it was cancer as well. My anxiety ran high as well. You are not the Lone Ranger here. Listen to those of us who have been through it – when the Dr says your good, You’re GOOD! Enjoy your quit!

  13. Sorry Bro – Patches dont count as quit. You’re on day 2 it sounds like.

    • This response is why ill never join forum. Maybe little encouragement for the guy?

      • Kev, agreed. I’ve read some pretty harsh, non-encouraging replies on here. Even from the moderator.

        • It’s also harsh to quit nicotine. It is not cool to use any nicotine replacement therapy on this site. That is not quitting nicotine. It is just using another method to delivery the poison. I quit using this site 1946 days ago and I never used nicotine therapy. Our way is no way. I hope you guys get that and come in and chage your lives for good…

        • KEV & GREGINHOUSTON, will be nic/tob free for 4 years next month, been here since my quit. If you’re familiar @ all with the site you know that yes there is plenty of encouragement but in the same regard, there is no hand holding. People on the fence about quitting will always look for outs as to why they have not dropped it cold turkey. Fact is simple, if you ain’t cold turkeying it, you ain’t quit. As far as Chewie, he has always been helpful & without the site he started, KTC, no way in hell I’d be quit. If you guys classify accountability or stating facts to people when they come here whining about how hard it is to quit as harsh or non-encouraging, then I guess I’m guilty as charged. Like Chewie has repeated over & over, you ain’t here by accident.

  14. Coffee is extremely helpful! I’ve been using the nicotine patches but ran out, and grabbed some Grinds pouches to fill the void Incase I got a craving before I received more patches.. now I’m on day 30 of my quit and have gone two days with out a patch at all!

    • RYAN,

      Since you’re quit and no NICOTINE is in your system now, why go back to the PATCH? Stay clean and welcome to your new freedom NIC FREE!

      I quit with you today mi Amigo. @Sigman243

    • same thing i did! started having coffee’s and the one thing i noticed it helped with was the movement of a coffee cup to my lips. That motion alone helps get over the cravings.

      Also, its not the best, but 7/11 5 Cent candies. just a few of those while i’m driving now and it helps amazingly.

      Day 2 is done and dusted.

    • Drop the patches Ryan, you don’t need them. Just get it done, I quit with you today bro!!!!!

  15. Im on day 6 right now. Im 23, been dipping since 19. I quit for 6 months before. Over these last 6 days ive been petrified of oral cancer. Its affecting my daily life. Ive even gone to the dentist and im still not convinced that im safe. Anyone relate?

    • If they say you don’t have it, you don’t have it. They send people to oral surgeons for a second opinion if they see something out of the ordinary. Don’t panic. Quit on!

    • Yep. Was convinced I had it when I quit. I had 20 years in and my gums hurt because they were no longer numbed by dip. Stay the course, get medical attention and confirmation and keep making and keeping promises. You’ll be OK, and stronger.

    • Yeah, I can relate……….I was petrified for 35 years. I told my dentist I dipped. He said they inspect for white pus pockets and stuff. He never found any, but he did tell me that the gums that had recessed will never grow back. I was wishing he would lie to me and look in my mouth and say “OMG!!!, YOU MUST QUIT DIPPING NOW!!! EVERYONE COME HERE AND LOOK AT THIS HORRENDOUSLY MUTILATED MOUTH!!!”. Instead, he would just say “Looks OK”.

      Try some adaptogen (calming) herb like Ashwaghanda or Gotu Kola. I’m tellin’ ya, it’s the bomb. Lots of info on and, if you wanna dig, read up on trials in the Indian Journal of Medicine.

      I was doing the “pseudo-quit” before you were born. I am convinced that you’ll never have an easier time than with one of the calming adaptogen herbs. Mine was Gotu Kola, but now I take Ashwaghanda also.

      Good luck.

  16. This is slowly killing me. Quit at 7pm on the 7th and haven’t had a great night sleep yet. I have been keeping myself busy all through the day. Working out twice a day and just can not for the life of me sleep. What should I try?

    • I would say try your patience. Whatever you are facing currently, it will sober down slowly. Nothing to worry about. Drink lots of water and no matter what happens never touch NIC again.

    • Try one of the adaptogen herbs……….Ashwagandha or Gotu Kola. It takes away the edge……….like completely. I never had an easier time quitting than with Gotu Kola. Think this untrue? I’m in my late 50’s, dipped for 35 years. I don’t even count the days/months any more because I’m done with it. Read up on those at examinedotcom. They are amazing help. Good luck.

    • Because it will pass. No one said it was easy at first but it does get better. I dipped for 35 years and today is 700 days Nicotine free. Just set your mind to it. Join KTC and post your promise everyday to your quit group every morning that you won’t have Any Nicotine for that day. Wake up and do it again. It works.

    • Bubs, you are not going to believe me but this really works. If you have a child at one point you used to read him/her bedtime stories. I could be all ramped up with coffee and dip and then start reading Chica Chica Boom Boom or some other childrens bedtime story. A told B and B told C, I will meet you at the top of the coconut tree. Wee said D to E, F and G….. Anyway, reading children’s bedtime stories was the one thing that would chill me out and put me to sleep. Other than exhaustion. I hope that helps. Stay strong. You will be sleeping in no time. It just seems like forever right now.

  17. Today is 374 for me. What a ride. Thanks for all the help Chewie and everyone else for all the post. For the all new quitters stay strong it getting a 100 times better.

  18. I’m on day 802. If you slipped up on day 30 – then YES, you are back to day 1.

    Nicotine is OUT of your system after 72 hours. That means for the last 27 days you were clean and fighting bad habits and oral fixations – not nicotine.

    The anxiety, fog, sweating, etc is all very real after quitting but it all is a side effect and can be overcome. Succumbing to a dip is a pacifier. Pacifiers are for babies.

    If you want to quit then QUIT

    Good Luck on Round #2

  19. I was on day 30 and slipped up last night and had a few chews, is this gonna set me and my symptoms of withdrawal back to day 1? Sorry I let you guys down I’m not happy with my decisions last night.


  20. Day 3 today and I have a small sore throat no craving really I think about it a little, when I think about it I find something to do.

  21. 1 year and a day as of today. Stay strong everybody it gets better, still get cravings some days but are way better than they used to be.

  22. This is day 2. No nicotine. I’ve been using for 30 years. I’m using Smokey Mt. to fill the physical need in my lip. Really helps. Withdrawal is not that bad. I feel a little crazy but nothing I can’t handle. Yeah, I wish I had a real chew but not worth it. I’m going all the way.

  23. It’s my 51 days now. Today had a blood test and looks like blood sugar is high doctor says on verge of diabetes. Not sure how this now so late into the quit cuz earlier only 1 week into the quit blood sugar was normal. Also have anxiety, higher than normal bp, random hot flashes of face and palms, gastric problem and a feeling of uneasiness. Anyone else felt same around this time?

    Really worried about blood sugar now.

    • DG, i have a lot of knowledge in this.. Lets start with this question… are you overweight? Nicotine is know to create insulin resistence which is the cause of higher glucose levels, When you are into quit your body does all kinds of weird shit. I had a higher than normal fasting glucose when i quit also. I put a lot of time and research into not just quitting nicotine but diet. I dont know how commited you are but i started the ketogenic diet 60 days ago. I like you had horrible withdrawls and went to doctor. I am 32 and if you saw me you would think i was in good shape. I had high cholesterol, 109 fasting glucose which is borderline high and i had terrible digestive problems.. I was shaking, the white of my eyes had bleed vessels in them i thought i was dying, I did an ultrasound and they told me i had a mild fatty liver. I was 6’2 215 pounds. All of this from working in office, eating shit, packing bombers and not getting exercise. With those results i quit cold turkey, started back in the gym and went on keto.. which is high fat low carb diet with tons of veggies. Its hard but not that hard. Tons of info on the web. long story short i returned to the doctor just two weeks ago with my continued quit and everything was back to normal. The diet has helped ease withdraws also. I would start a diet and also dont freak out. The hot flashes and high bp and all this other crap is very common in the quit sometimes can last over 100 days. To explain your blood sugar deal a little more.. when you dip the nicotine reacts in your blood and makes your cells release glucose in your blood (this is was supresses your appetite) So when you quit your body has to adjust and learn how to use glucose correctly again and it takes time to rewire. I would bet if you stick to your quit and limit your diet, in 30 days your body will go back to normal. Stick with it brother. A lot of us in here have been where you are and trust me you are doing the best thing you could possibly do.

      • Thanks for the reply David.
        I have started with exercise and diet as well. Hopefully like u said the symptoms will reduce in 30 days. Like you even I am lean and aged 30. So I too was shocked to know the sugar level when check. I now am learning to control my hunger and sugar levels. Thanks for all the support and insights you have offered really helps a lot .

  24. Has anyone experienced constant shortness of breathe? i have a little cold but the cough comes and goes but i have been experiencing shortness of breath and this all started like a month ago when i quit and has come and gone. Recently the last two days it has got worse.. i then start to think i am dying and get mini panick attacks and it gets worse. My lungs and chest feel heavy.. i hate this. someone help me

    • I would guess that you are experiencing panic attacks but it is always best to get checked out by a Dr. You probably won’t be able to get piece of mind until you do. Stay strong. I promise you it does get easier.

    • I have had the same thing. I am on D46 and ever since I quit I feel exactly like you described. I think it is the anxiety because I exercise pretty heavy and there is nothing wrong with my breathing when I am doing cardio. I have had a good period, but I am starting to get that feeling again. You just have to talk yourself through it and convince yourself that you quit for a reason. I know it sucks a lot at times, but I have to believe that at some point in the future this will all be over. Hang in there

    • I have been having the same thing you described on and off since I quit. I am on D46 and have had a good past couple of days, but woke up this morning and felt it again. I think it is anxiety and I believe it will go away. I quit for a reason and I know this is going to suck for a while, but I have to believe at some point it will get better.

    • I have been quit 4 years after a 30 year habit. Nothing worked until i found shredded beef jerky in a round can called jack links. I add one tsp of salt and it was almost identical to skoal. Hope this helps someone.

    • I find that when I try to quit the nicotine disease attacks the weakest part of your body outside of your mind. I had back surgery 20 years ago and every time I try to quit I have flare ups of back problems. One other thing that might be occurring for you is if you are using nicotine lozenges. Excessive use will lead to gastric upset and subsequent micro aspiration. This leads to asthma like symptoms. I know this from personal experience. Good luck. I still have a tin of kodiak in my pocket hoping for the day I have the willpower to get on track.

    • I bet your blood pressure is high and you are having basically panic attacks / hypertention attacks from high blood pressure and stress of quitting. Not something to mess around with. Go see your doctor asap.

  25. Just having somebody out there to “vent” to is a great help. Keep up the good work guys.
    Been a snuff dipper for 46 years, and this time I am done with it.
    One of the few times it pays to be a quitter!
    I am a miserable son of a gun though. Did it to myself, gonna get through it too.

  26. Started dipping snuff when I was 12 years old, 46 years ago. Quit almost two weeks ago, the anxiety is a beast, and cant enjoy working with my hands now. It is not natural to work in the construction trades without a dip of snuff.
    Thanks to all for the tip on not using nicotine substitutes/patches as that was going to be my next step. I can see that the best thing to do is to eliminate nicotine completely.
    Y’all keep up the good work and advice and support each other.
    God Bless you all and Merry Christmas.

  27. This is really a weird question but has anyone experienced constant pain on their right side by the ribs? It’s like the muscles are sore on the bone or something. Hard to explain.

    • David – I have something similar, not the right side of my ribs but I have had a constant pain on the left side of my chest. It has been there since I quit and I am on day 279. Being on the left side of my chest, I freaked out thinking it was something with my heart – the anxiety I am sure contributed to this. I have been to the ER and the doctor – I have had EKG, chest xray, blood tests and everything is normal. Doctor thinks it is anxiety/stress related to the quit. I guess sicne they haven’t found anything, that is what it has to be but it has been a constant pain in my chest and I am wondering when it will go away…. (been to the doctors more times in the last 9 months since I quit than the previous 10 years combined) Sometimes I want to put in a dip just to see if this pain goes away but I have come too far to give in now – In March it will be a year for me and I don’t plan on ever putting that nicotine poison in my body again. Stay strong and know there are people going through similar experiences.

  28. Hello guys,

    Been a heavy tobacco chewer for around 8 years. Quit finally when i had a sudden panic attack and high bp after recklessly consuming tobacco to cope work pressure. Today is my day 37 of quit and finally i am posting for the first time.

    Its been a roller coaster ride. The main reason i am posting so late is now after 37 days the romance of quitting seems to be wearing off. All these days the headaches anxiety cravings all had created a fear in me which made me to stay on the quit course, now the body is slowly recovering and I dont know if the mind is playin tricks on me but I felt i could use a chew now. Knowin that it would be a stupid idea to even try anything like that i am here ranting about it.

    New to the site, kindly guide me. Especially during this time of quit.

    Thanks for listening,

    • Welcome DG – you’re in the right place! You are NOT alone and the fact that you’re romanticizing dip now that you’re a few weeks away from it is TOTALLY normal. I’d suggest sticking around here and joining our forum at where we’ve got THOUSANDS of quitters just like you who’re quitting on a daily basis. It’s the best place around to get support and questions answered from folks who know what you’re going through. Congrats on 37 days of freedom – proud to be quit with you today!

    • I hear you.
      That may be the greatest thing about KTC: validation.
      Sure, my wife and son were supportive, but they lacked the frame of reference to really understand.
      Here, you have thousands going (or have gone) through exactly what you are. I urge you to follow Chewie’s advice and dive in with both feet. Get on board and start posting/reading like crazy. Come here instead of the gas station when the craves hit.
      Day 515 and feeling great after 31 years!

      • GrizzlySlave your story sounds a lot like mine. Dipped for 25 plus years. The hardest part of my quit has been the negative thoughts since I stopped dipping. The fear of quitting too late and reacting to every feeling my body has gone thru. Always thinking the worst, like now that I quit I have cancer. While I was dipping I never had any issues, never had negative feelings or depression. The past 51 days have been more difficult mentally and emotionally than the physical.


    • Hey there D G. I recently quit and I too had about the same experience you had. With the panic attack, the intense anxiety. Hang in there it will get better. If you wanna chat PM me

      • Hey Matt,

        Thanks for the support.

        Been facing gastric problems and lately seems to have be too extreme at times. That too around the day 45-50 mark. And anxiety seems to be quite a sneaky devil pops up unexpectedly. Any advice?!

  29. scientists believe nicotine can restore memory loss…ain’t this a bich

  30. I dipped roughly a can a day for 25 years. Copenhagen, Kodak and Grizzly. I was a true addict…first thing I needed when I woke up and the last thing I wanted when I went to sleep. I never truly tried to quit…a day here or there but never committed to it. Nov 1st I decided that I have to stop!! I quit with the help of the gum. Let me be honest…the first couple of weeks I had a piece of the gum in all day long…which I guess means I wasn’t really quitting. I had withdrawals but minimal while I was using the gum. A couple of weeks ago I decided to stop the gum as well and that’s when I’ve had horrible withdrawals…depressed, anxiety, tingling, the shakes, stomach issues and feeling just plain sick. I convince myself that I quit to late or I feel like maybe I’m dying of anything and everything. It’s put me in a dark place, a negative place that I struggle to get out of even today. I wonder why I bothered to quit in the first place. I’m about 45 days in without a dip but must admit I’ve had a few puffs of a cigarette here and there when I drink…I know, I know. I’m feeling down and alone and of course scared.

    • Michael,

      Question, any relation to Matt Borzello, CAL LU Baseball and Minor league Baseball Club stuff?

      Second, try these breathing techniques:

      @Sig45, Quit over 1100 days COPE Addict for 35 years!

    • Michael, i have been where you are at. The withdrawls were so real for 100 days for me. I had evey thing you have. I had shakes so bad i thought i had parkinsons. My mind was going nuts, I had weak feelings all over like a low blood sugar problem. I have had dizzyness so bad i coudnt stand, chest pains, strait up panic attacks. I have had the worst of worse.i would get hit with a depression cloud everyday at the same time usually around 6pm and it would last for a few hours then i would snap out of it. It eventually goes away. The body is healing itself. I used to get in the shower and lay down for an hour when the withdrawls were so bad and it would help. Its hard and feels like its never ending but it does. THe body is just rewiring itself including the brain. Stick to your quit bcuz when its over and it will be over you will never go back Because of what you went through. I know reading this helps but when your in the moment of those withdrawls you doubt everything.. the mind is very powerful and nicotine has had a strong hold on yours for years. Just stick with it you are fine. We are all here to help you.

      • Thanks Davee, I really appreciate your post. I’m 50 days in and for some reason I thought I’d be past everything at this point. Couldn’t have been further from the truth…I still go thru a lot of weird feelings. Your description of the shakes feeling like Parkinson’s is spot on. The panic attacks are calming down but not gone. The anxiety of every feeling in my body being cancer is as strong as ever. I haven’t had the urge at all to start dipping again but wow, I never thought there were so many different types of withdrawals. I wonder if or when my body will get back to normal. My toughest hurdle thru all this has been trusting that these feelings are withdrawals and my body trying to find its way thru this and not that I am dying. A lot of mind games are necessary when going thru this process. Anyway, I’m taking it one day at a time.

      • Davee…my most recent withdrawal symptom (I hope) that’s driving me crazy is pins and needles in my left arm into my hand. Pending how I position my arm makes it better or worse. Never had this before. Scary. Other than that I feel really good but as usual this is consuming me. I’m 56 days quit.

      • Dave wow!!! This is exactly the message I needed this morning. Thanks 76 days today no nic.

      • Holy crap this is spot on. I am at D51 and have been dealing with the feeling of having low blood sugar and dizziness. Of course when this happens it sparks up the anxiety. Never had sugar issues before, but this seems so real that it really gets in my loop. I keep waiting for this to be over and to have healthy body and thoughts again. I hate to sound like a pansy, but this sucks right now.

    • Hi Michael,

      As I read your post I can feel all of the feelings coming back. I am on day 927 but i have not forgotten what it was like in the 1st 100 days. You are doing the absolute best thing you can do for you mind your body and you future. If you have kids notice how much more time you have available to spend with them now that (like I was) you are not hiding from them somewhere with a fat lip. Or look forward to the fact that, if it has not already, your sleep will become so much more restful. Near the end for me I was feeling like I was getting no rest at all. Like I was in withdrawal all night and I would wake up even more tired than when I went to bed.

      Your mind and body are indeed healing themselves and it takes time. Hang in there it is worth it and if you are like me eventually we reach a point where we know that nicotine does not really even give us what we are looking for. We have a condition that must be addressed to get back to satisfying lives. We must address the addiction. Cold turkey with this band of brothers and sisters is a kick ass way to get there.

    • Michael.
      I quite just a few days after (Nov. 4th) and i started the process by chewing gum. For me thiugh the gum only lasted a couple of days. I ended up using some jerky chew to anytime my cravings got real intense and i feel this has helped greatly. The first week for me was the worse I still get cravings but none of the fogginess or irritation i had in the beginning. Good luck and keep moving forward

    • You can do it! You did the hard part already. Congratulations!

  31. New here – 23 years old and been dipping for 3 years. Recently got pain in jaw and a couple of small red sores on floor of mouth – has anyone else experienced this/should I be worried? Quit a couple of times already for a span of a few months but feel like it’s really time now/hope it isn’t too late. I know I’m young and haven’t been doing it all that long but I can’t help but be worried

    • There’s no better time than right now to quit. Take the first step and get it done one day at a time with a whole bunch of support.

    • That’s one of the most common things to happen once you quit. Your mouth is just healing. Give it a week and they should all be gone sometimes longer. Your good Botha.. I had same thing on cheek.

    • Hey,
      Similar to mine. I have started dipping at the age of 26 and am quit since I was 29. I chewed for 3 years and suddenly I started having soreness in mouth. I also seen one lump on my tonsils.
      I rushed to ENT doctor and he told me I am alright and insisted me to quit. I didn’t stop, I went on chewing.
      Soreness remain as it is and lump was hurting too. I went to the same doctor twice and thrice and then he decided to do biopsy on my tonsils. Result was All okay.
      That was very short and small surgery but it showed me what cancer patients go through.
      I am quit from that week only till today, Around 1 year and 9 months.
      I strongly suggest you to quit TODAY. There is no better time than today and now.
      To get out of quit symptoms I started running, traveling and trekking. I enjoyed them more than dip.

  32. Good afternoon, I am 8 days in my quit. Besides the obvious anxiety has anyone experienced the low blood sugar feeling. It can strike at random times of the day. Feel fine then all the sudden you feel weak and tired kinda like if you havent eaten all day. Hard to explain.

    • Yeah man I’ve been there – not sure if you’re a coffee drinker but that can help/chewing on seeds or some sort of candy. Helps keep my mouth occupied when I’d usually be chewing and also a reminder to the brain that it doesn’t need chew to get over that

    • Try fruit juice in the morning and oranges in the afternoon. It really helped me.

    • 124 days and still get that from time to time

  33. I’m on the morning of Day 4. Been trying to quit for years. I usually get up, have a chew, and read the news with a cup of coffee. It’s hard. I’m struggling right now. Was 2 cans a day x 25 years. Sick of the control it has over you. BUT so enjoyable in the moment. I’m using the patch which helps me. Also Vitamin C, D, fish oil, and NAC. Shocked I made it this far. I’m ready for change. Just hope it gets better than this.

    • You’re not alone Ryan – the sooner you can ditch that patch (and the nicotine it’s delivering your body) the sooner you can really start down the road to recovery. Congrats on a great start – keep it up!

    • Clifton G Motheral

      Hang in there Ryan! I used patches for the first month too, but like Chewie says, get off them as soon as you can. I’m on day 733 now, after 36 years, and the freedom is an incredible feeling!


    • You got this! I dipped for 26 years, some days two cans a day. If I can quit, trust me you can. It was tough and prob one of the hardest mental challenges of my life. I quit cold turkey. Get your mind right and learn to be pissed of at the Nic. Its all a mind game and you are gonna win it. Ill be honest there were a couple days I about caved but I pushed through. it gets easier every day. I’m day 99 and can honestly say im over it. I still crave and think about it here and there BUT nothing like days 1-60. We got this! Do you use any fake dip? I use Baccoff on occasion to keep my mouth busy and so I don’t eat too much lol.

    • You can do this!

      Do or donot there is no try ~ Yota

      Bryan-378, I quit with you!

  34. Chewie, roll call seems to have disappeared. Day 1,116, I quit with all of you today.

  35. You are not ready to quit and it sounds like you are really weak minded as well. If you want to quit then do it that doesn’t mean stop and start and stop and start. The time for playing games is over. Train your brain first and then your body has to follow. It’s 95% mental and 5% everything else. I probably dipped longer than you have been living and I walked away cold Turkey Nov 6 2016. It’s not a matter of life and death, it’s more important than that.

  36. Santosh, First step to quit tobacco is to determined and make ur mind prepared for quit. Keep thinking of why u should quit everyday (at least 10 to 15 times fot three weeks or so), think about why how tobacco is bad for you. What has tabacco giving u since u r started eating. Once u do all this introspection then set a quit date. Hammer ur mind that this the date u r quitting no matter what happens i am not starting again. I dont want to be slave of tobacco.i am the boss, not the tobacco. This is how i did it. Hopefully this will help. Remember u r the only quite others can only help. Good luck

  37. So I posted 6 days ago. I think I’m gonna post once a week. It seems to help.
    So I went 48 hrs without dipping. I bought a can and regretted it immediately. I dip a can a day. I made that can last me 3 days. So I can prove to myself that I can fight the urges. So I can prove to myself I can do it. The can ran out last night. So that was it. I woke up this morning and was dying. I wanted to dip so bad, but I didn’t. I bought 2 packs of gum. I plan to buy seeds after work. I haven’t really craved since I woke up, so I’m kinda worried when I do. But the good news is I can’t just leave work.
    So I’m gonna post again on the 12th. Once a week, at least for a little while. You can comment if you want.

  38. So, I posted a week ago. Probably gonna do this every week.
    I went 48 hrs. I bought a can and regretted it immediately. I dip a can a day. This can lasted me 3 days. I did that so I could fight some of the urges. Let myself know I can beat them. My can ran out last night. This morning was terrible. I felt like my jaw was going crazy. But i didn’t dip. I bought me 2 packs of gum. I’m hoping that helps. I honestly haven’t really craved yet. Only this morning. I plan to buy seeds after work. Responde if you want. I’m gonna post something on the 12th. Once a week, starting on Nov.30th. I did 6 days this time, but I’m gonna do 7 now.

  39. Santosh Kumar Rai

    Happy Christmas and New Year 2018.
    Kindly, help me quit chewing tobacco .

    • You are in the right place to get support when quitting dip… we’ve got thousands of members here in the comments and on our forums. You are NOT alone.

      • Good to know cause at day 32, I am feeling like shit. Been lurking on this site for a month and am hopeful that this is it. My teeth hurt, head hurts, blah blah. 30+ years of chewing and decided I have had enough of it. Thanks for allowing me to join the site.

      • Miss Cherry,
        Kindly, suggest to me the first step to quit this shit. I beg for your pardon for using this offensive word for this offensive stuff.
        Good night.

    • Ladies and gentleman i am back i have been here twice before. It never easier. I have quit once after 14 years of dipping and had withdrawls from hell that put me in emergency room. Then i got better and then was an idiot and started up again. I then went a year dipping and had ill effects, dizziness and what not and decided to quit. Went through the hell again. I recently started up again about 6 months ago just vaping and quickly got sucked back into the dipping. I am about two days in with my quit again and even though i have been through this twice it never gets easier. I am dizzy, and the withdrawls are horrible. I am hoping this time i can fight through it better and never go back. I know i am in for a wild ride. If anyone in here wants to ask me questions about withdrawls i am in a unique situation. I will be going through it with you while also knowing what to expect. Wish me luck and love you all.

      • Dave,
        I have chewed for 12 years. I quit about a week ago and my withdrawals have been crazy. My lack of appetite scares me. My stomach is so upset i can barely eat. The heart rate and tingling in extremities is driving me insane. Are these normal withdrawal symptoms? Thank you in advance.

        • Yes brother. They are. Mine were that and worse. Some people have those for days. My last quit those lasted for 3 months. I am currently battling low blood sugar feeling. I think it’s becuz when we dip the nicotine releases glucose in the blood. When you stop, the body has to reset everything and it takes time. Your tingling is totally normal and so is the stomach issues. If that’s all that hits you during this quit you are In luck. Keep battling. I have learned sweating is a big help during quits. And sleep.

          • Dave, I think what I’m struggling the most with is dizziness right now. Was wondering how long you dealt with that? Thinking I need to hit the sauna maybe help sweat it out and meditate after work.

          • Dizziness can persist for quite some time. I found in my first year I’d have a few days on, few days off. Eventually it’ll fade away. Keep it up!

          • Davee, what were all the issues you dealt with for 3 months? Thanks Scott

        • That is totally normal brotha. It will pass.. to give you some back story on why it does that is because when you dip, the nicotine limits the amount oxygen you get in your blood. Now that you are cold turkey and the nicotine left your system you are now getting more oxygen to your body which is the tingling. I am having it right now also. As far as the stomach issues thats like the most common side effect. Your entire body has to reset itself.

      • What kind withdrawals did you have ? I have been quitting on and off and have been having heart racing and anxiety whether I’m on or office

  40. Well here I am. Day 5 without my Copenhagen long cut. Started when I was 17 and dipped on and off for a good chunk of my life. I’m 26 now. I decided the week before my wife and I left for Hawaii to get married I was going to kick the habit for good. I’ve found that CBD along with heavy weight training is helping a ton. I’ve always lifted but now I feel like I have the old intensity back that I had when I first started lifting. Literally using my withdrawl symptoms to amp myself up before I go and lift. I also recommend if anyone wants a little motivation to help quit without seeing all the terrifying pictures of cancer victims. Look up Stone cold Steve Austins video on Youtube of why he quit. Gave me a real perspective of why I need to quit. Really hoping the habit is gone for good this time.

    • Zach,

      You are right there! Keep it going! I also used to lift weights for sports, but have recently gone to new heights after I quit. I am so much more focused and able to endure a hard workout. There is nothing like feeling spent after a hard workout. Keep using that fuel to get rid of the bad habit that is nicotine. You are in the hardest phase being on day 5, in my opinion, but it’s all in the head!! You can do it!

      Day 88

  41. I’m 19, been dipping for 3 years. Iv decided to quit. Any tips to make it easier? I dipped a can a day for 3 years. It’s been 24 hrs and I’m craving bad!

    • Chew gum or sunflower seeds. That’s what has helped me.

    • The first three days are by-far the worst. You’re smart to put it behind you now rather than after 20+ years like some of us.

      In the early days of my quit, I went through an obscene amount of sugarless gum. A pack a day was normal. I did some seeds too, but only when I missed spitting.

      Make yourself accountable to many people, join a KTC quit group, and get your fellow quitters’ phone numbers. I had many friends pulling for me during the quit. To fail meant having to disappoint a lot of people. During the times I thought of caving, I imagined the looks of disappointment on friends’ faces.

      One thing that helped me was to focus on the hour at-hand. If I could make it an hour, I could make it two, and so on. Sometimes I’d go out for a long walk to work through cravings and/or anxiety.

      Dec 22 will be 1000 days free for me.

    • Matt I’m gonna be real with you right here. There’s no easy way. I’ve been dipping for 7 years and am on day 30. After 2 or 3 weeks of not putting the shit in your lip then it’ll get way easier. The biggest thing you can do is learn to hate it and tell yourself your a little bitch if you use. Also, get addicted to something else. My outlets are the gym, racing mountain bikes, and heavy music. So I’m challenging you, as some random dude, to figure it out so you can look sexy forever and not lose your jaw or die of a heart attack. Good luck in the quit, if my ass can do it so can yours, f*ck chewing.

      • Great post Scott. Thanks for the push this morning. 4 days quit, and never looking back. I can do this too, just like you can! f@ck chewing.

    • I’m on day 5. Dipped Copenhagen L-cut one can per day -on and off for 30 plus years. Bought nicorette gum 4mg. It seems to really help.

  42. I have been quitting on and off for about a year on day 3 now. My wife is pregnant with our first child so it is time to kick the can. I have been chewing for 13 years and I am excited to see what the future holds for me because I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t chewing because I had my first dip at a young age being that I am 28 now.

    • Dexter- I was you and it took me another 10 years to finally quit. I am on day 480 of my quit now with two daughters. Best thing I ever did. Take the advice to stick with this now and not wait another 10 years like me. Dip was great but let it go. It’s not as cool as being alive and being a dad and a husband. I told myself that daily through first year and it worked. Good luck!

  43. I imagine I’ll get some flak for this, but as a chewing tobacco addict for over 35 years, what helped me were micro-doses of edible marijuana or CBD. 5mg about did the trick in tight spots. Made my mouth dry and cravings simply disappeared.

    • M LOGAN,

      Leave your flak jacket at the door. I say, quit is quit; with or without CBD. If it works for you, go for it! @sig45 1165

    • Naw, no flak. I was a can a day for 15 years. I have been using pot for a couple years for some veteran issues I have. It made me think hard. I had finally decided to quit for good. It wasn’t easy, but I quit cold Turkey. The bad part was I went through a gram a day for about a week. Haha. I have straight cannabis to thank for my success!

  44. Wow, I cant believe Wed marked 2 years quit for me! Hands down the best decision I’ve ever made. For all of you newbies, stay the course and use this site for support. It DOES get easier, it is just a slow process and happens gradually.

  45. Anyone ever had a constant low body temperature after quitting. And if so how long

  46. almost four months dip free! still having three 2mg pieces of cinnamon gum a day.. I quit for 5 months cold turkey then fell off the wagon for 6 months. NOT this time.. I dipped at least a can a day for 20 years.. My mouth hurt at first but feels better.. no more heart burn.. there is damage to my gums but no cancer.. I’m quitting for the fear of getting cancer, having a stroke, sick of heart burn, bad breath, throwing $200 a month away.. plus it’s just so damn gross.. I still get urges around two to three times a day but the urge only lasts about 2-3 minutes and then it goes away.. I cannot believe how many other changes I made in my life.. started boxing again, drinking a lot more water.. eating healthier.. I have made all these changes to distract my mind from dipping.. at the end of the day your a drug addict if you stay on nicotine..

  47. Day 72, isn’t life more fun with a dip? I’ve been contemplating that lately.

    • Nope. That’s the Nic Bitch telling you lies. Life is NOT better with tobacco in it. KEEP FIGHTING!

    • JR sometimes it feels that way until I think it through.. Want a stroke? heart attack.. cancer. Just put something else in your mouth and spit.. that’s all dipping is.. spitting.. I know many people who have done this and reality is it takes a year to be completely over it and never think about it.. I quit for 5 months and then fell of the wagon for 6 months.. I felt bad right away.. back to the heart burn.. paranoid about dying over the crap ETC.. so i quit again.. so much harder because I already had 5 months under my belt.. at month 4 and I’m not going back..

      I did find a new hobby.. plus started boxing again.. that has helped BBBIIIGGG time

    • JR,

      NO, TRUST ME FROM MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. I was quit approximately five years and tried just one COPENHAGEN DIP after my father passed away (stress trigger) for old time sake and some FUN. I was hook, line and sinker addicted again and remained an addict for several years until finding this site.

      Life is much better without that NIC Whore!

      NO GIVE IN MI AMIGO! @sigman45, day 1150

      • I quit cold turkey After dipping a can of Copenhagen a day for 7 years, I’m 25 now. I’ve been clean a week now the road has been pretty easy for me so far. Although, I could also see myself falling back if something like that happened in my life. Good luck

    • Damn. I had almost forgotten going through that after i quit. Remember Thinking things like watching a movie or playing a video game would be more enjoyable if i had a dip in. The reality is we spent years/decades creating connections in our brains associating nic with pleasure. Every time you fight off a nic craving you are destroying those connections. It takes time but it does get easier as you go. Just keep in mind the hell you went through in the beginning, you dont want to throw away all the time you have and do that again. Not to mention that within a day or two you would be right back to not even getting a buzz off nicotine and just using to get by again. 1137

  48. After 12 years of daily use, I quit on 12/31/2017. I have been 100% nicotine free since then, and I quit smokey mountain snuff in April.

    Yesterday, I had a very intense craving. I’m not sure what triggered it- I think it had to do with the first snowfall we’ve had this year and fond memories of staying in during snow days with a fresh can and video games.

    Anyway, let this be a reminder that you might still have waves of addiction come out months after quitting. They are rare in my experience, and relatively easy to fend off, but you are still an addict and the smaller but still existent addicted part of your brain may try to convince you to just throw one in. Don’t listen!!

  49. I’m looking to quit camel snus. I use the frost small pouches at a cost of 5.20 for 2 per day. I can’t seem to find an alternative to the small pouches so it’s been very difficult. Any suggestions out there to help me carve this craving? I just can’t find anything comparable to the small pouches in the frost flavor.

    • shane,

      Try a Crest Brand Mouthwash soaked natural cotton ball torn to your personal specs.
      Stop the nic ingestion immediately.

  50. Ive been dipping a can or more of grizzly everyday since I was eleven.i used smokey mountain and mixed it with my grizzly for a couple of weeks. When I woke up today no grizzly and no smokey mountain. I made it all the way through the day. I had a lot of cravings but none of them lasted long. I don’t know why but coffee seems to help. Anyways here’s to day one of the teachers of my life.

    • That’s awesome, you have made the choice to quit, it’s only gets better from here!

    • Hey Zach
      For what is worth i leaned on smokey mountain and jakes alot in the beginning but lost desire over time. I am on day 1174 and i still use an occasional teaza when working out but left the fake dip a long time ago.
      Good luck

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