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  1. This site helped me quit dipping 4 years ago. The support from others going through the same thing is a great help. I quit with you all today!

  2. 2218 days since my last dip (after almost 30 years of chewing). According to the calculator I’ve saved about $4000 and have helped my overall health in the process. Still days where the nicotine tries to tempt me, but at this point, I won’t let it win. If I can do, you can, too!

  3. Day 73 – gets a little easier each day

  4. hey guys i’m a old member and can’t seem to login.trying to get my email for a change in password but its no coming through

  5. Hey ya’ll. I’m gonna quit chewing to help save money for a dirt bike. I have three cans of chew left and when they’re gone I’m not buying another can again. Do you guys have advise for resisting the itch after the first three days of nicotine withdrawal? The worst thing for me when i first tried to quit was getting bored and doing things i used to do with some dip in my mouth. I went 2 months without dip last year and suddenly had the urge and just like that i went to the gas station and bought a can. I went from a can every two or three days before i quit to a can a day. I don’t want to spend money on fake chew cause as i said before, i want to save money for a bike.

    • What happens when you bought dirt bike? Are you planning to dip again?

    • I kept an empty can around just for a smell when an urge hit. Did the trick for me and got me over the waves when urges hit. Sunflower seeds, gum and anything else to keep mouth busy.

  6. Pretty much all of us wore our Doctors out after quitting. I know I did. I’m 800+ days quit and haven’t looked back. Cold Turkey, No Patches, I just grew a set and quit. Anyone who doesn’t do it that way is a **ssy!

    FACT: Nicotine is out of your system after 72 hours. After that it comes down to How much a Man are ya?

    God Bless. I Pray you stay to your commitment

    • Today is day 5 for me….last time I made it to say 7…wish me luck

      • I’ agree. I am over 800 days since I quit cold turkey. I did 4-5 cans a week for almost 16 years. You have to make a choice. It gets easier, but it don’t ever get easy. I just know if I have one dip it will be one can. Just have to have a reason to not to do it, and always think of it.

  7. Thank you all for the advice and support! I went to the dentist today and got an exam in which he said that he did not see anything to worry about. I have done some research on the burning mouth syndrome and do believe that is what I have. It sure does suck! I agree with everyone that quitting is absolutely the best thing to do and just wish that I had done it sooner. Keep your heads up and hang in there!

  8. Day 27: Need help or suggestions here.

    Last 2-3 days I am getting very emotional and is always on the edge. There are other times when I am feeling very dull and need lots of effort to bring myself to do even some small things. Sometimes, I don’t even know or remember what I am doing. It’s getting worse.. This was not there are at this level in the first 20 days of quit. Is this depression or anxiety? Should I see a shrink?
    Also, when the irritation / anger / dullness builds up, I am feeling some sort of pressure building up in my forehead (kind of being lightheaded for sometime which eventually ends up in a headache). This goes on for few hours and it completely clears and I feel sleepy or fatigued when it clears (just think of a migraine cycle).
    I really don’t what this is. Is this what foggy mind is?

    • Comes with the territory, I had an anxiety attack 6 months into my quit, never sniffed an anxiety attack until then. I’d never say not to get checked out by your Dr., go have a consult, probably make you feel better to discuss the issue. But I got over it by working out, clearing my head with other activities.

    • Hey man, that’s what I’m going through as well. It is anxiety more than likely. You were medicating yourself with nicotine which you renenly taken away. The nicotine is probably finally out of your body completely now which is causing your brain to freak out. Don’t cave! Pray, exercise, keep yourself busy, etc. If you feel the need to go see a doctor do it!

    • Now might be a good time to consider a new hobby, maybe one that your habit prevented in the past. Maybe not something like wood carving or painting because it is easy to dip and do that kind of stuff. Get a new bike and set yourself the goal of being able to do 30 mile rides by the end of the season. Martial arts are amazing as well. I started taking Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes somewhere around the 30-40 day mark and it really helped. Not to mention there is a community there, maybe they dont know you are a recovering dipper, but they will care about your health and progress just the same.

      If it still feels too soon, start thinking about what kinds of things might interest you and hit up YouTube or Reddit. Get excited, you literally are able to do more things now – how F@%$ing cool is that?

  9. This site has helped me greatly, although I did not join and participate in the community. I used tobacco for 12 years out of the 30 I have been alive. Mostly Cope wintergreen and Grizzly Mint. I am a pretty independent person so I found it easier to read the material here constantly and suffer in silence – it seems a little selfish now looking back, but its what I felt I needed at the time. After a year and a half clean, I went to my best friend’s wedding and threw away all that hard work. When I got a hold of myself again almost 7 months later, I was chewing half a can a day and hiding from my wife until dinner time.

    It was shocking how fast it infiltrated my life and reestablished all the connections. I fell right back into the cliche habits. The behavior felt stronger because I kept telling myself things like “You’re so weak and childish for putting that in your mouth again,”. The weakness was not making a mistake and falling into the trap, it was feeling sorry for myself for months on end instead of doing something. Realizing that allowed me to forgive myself and be able to continue the fight.

    Chewing and being quit are behaviors, just like riding a bike. The more you ride, the better trained your mind and body become to that activity. Just because you have been quit for a while doesn’t mean your mind and body forgot all that training. You better believe they want to exercise. On the flip side, your mind and body are already accustomed to processing a quit – they know what to do and have done it before. Maybe you are a little rusty being on the bike again, but you probably don’t need training wheels anymore and if you do, only for a sec.

    It has been my experience that quitting is absolutely horrible. However, after slipping up and using for over half a year again, I am finding Round 2 to be much easier. It still sucks, but I do not feel like my brain is being drilled into and I can actually think this time. I know what to do and it is not nearly as scary. I have experienced what life can be like without it and now I am just fixated on feeling like that again. I hope that if you find yourself on the chew again, you remember that you did it before. You already built those muscles, they just need to be stretched out and flexed.

    Good Luck everyone.

  10. 63 Days Free – gets a little better each day

  11. I have been clean for 6 months or so and have a burning sensation in my mouth. Is this normal? It isn’t bad first thing in the am when I wake up but gets worse in the day after eating and drinking. I do not currently have ins and was wanting some advice. Thanks!

    • Ok! To be honest with you, I do not know my exact quit date. A childhood friend of mine was diagnosed in August 2018 so I decided to quit. It took several times of just saying no before it happened. I look at my wife and kids in a completely different way now. I want and hope to be around to play with some grandkids. I would have to say my quit took place at the beginning of November. It has been a real struggle with the side effects not the withdrawals. I have had a burning sensation in my mouth that comes and goes. I am awaiting to be approved for some sort of health care help to have it looked at. In the mean time I just suck on cough drops and chew gum hoping, praying, and reading the posts on it. Maybe it is dry mouth syndrome or just my mouth healing after being abused for over 20 years. Who Knows! Has anybody else had this sensation?

    • Yes, I am having the exact same thing going on. I am at day 50. In the am it is fine. But as the day progresses the front half of my tounge and sometimes the front roof of my mouth get sore almost feels like pizza burn. Eating anything real salty or spicy makes it worse. It started a week after I quit.

    • Are you on fake stuff or eating lots of salty seeds? If yes then I would suggest to reduce intake of salty seeds.

    • Interesnigly, there’s a condition called Burning Mouth Syndrome. You might want to read about it. I been through that shit. I would also see my dentist to put my mind at ease… My 2 cents worth!

  12. I just wanted to thank everyone for their insights, shared experiences and advice. Tomorrow will be one year quit for me!(I am busy tomorrow and probably wont be on the computer at all so figured Id post today). I never joined a group or forum but I did post occasionally and visited the website frequently this past year. It really did help me a lot hearing about other people going through similar experiences and you guys are the only ones who can relate to the struggle. For those of you still early on in your quit, I suffered tremendously in the beginning – severe anxiety, dizziness, tingling in my arms and fingers, Lack of concentration, sluggish etc.. I had it all. I don’t want to lie and say I am normal now because I still have days where I feel certain symptoms creep up but they are few and far between. Thank you to everyone for sharing their experiences, you have no idea how much it helped me get through my own. Stay strong everyone!

  13. I see people early in their quit talking about how hard a time they are having or feeling like losing their minds. Thats just life. 1253 days and i still feel stressed and anxious some times but the reality is nicotine would not help. It may help temporarily but within a day the rush from using would be gone and you would be right back where you were using just to get by, living inbetween constant nic fits. Its been years since ive even had an urge to use, nomatter how stressed i get its not even an option. I fucked up once last dec and got some beer after 3.5 year w/o it. Just like i thought all it did was made me sick. Considered getting some weed after they legallized it here but i havnt smoked since i was a little kid and idk if i would even enjoy it or even worse what if i did like it? Last thing i need is to start another chemical addiction. As crazy as it sounds what gets me high today is exercise. Ive lost 50 pounds since quitting. Pushing myself hard riding my bike up to 22 miles alot of it up hill. When i get home and after sitting down a minute, what a rush? Then i feel good the rest of the day. Energized. I had a hell of a winter not being able to ride but started last week 8 miles a day. =D

    • I hear you on the exercise thing. I’m on Day 30. Wasn’t sleeping at all. Since I was up anyway, I started hitting the gym early. I was determined not to gain weight with my quit as I have in the past when I tried to quit. Been working out 6 days a week and eating healthy. No only haven’t I gained any weight, I’ve actually dropped 15 pounds.

      I’ve given up one addiction for an exercise addiction, but that’s fine by me.

    • Riding the bike helps me also. 38 miles yesterday.

  14. End of week 3 :)…. achieved another milestone and I feel as if I crossed 1000 days :)…
    Not thinking much just targeting small milestones. One month is the next one..
    Most of my withdrawals have gone by persistent ones are sleep issues and mouth sores and occasional cravings. Getting new mouth sores each day and I have a difficult time to eat anything very spicy ( my spice levels are different and I can munch a habanero:) before I got too much into dipping)

    • Try Ashwaghanda or Gotu Kola. Definite sleep help. Check out examine_dot_com.

      “Ashwagandha is an adaptogen (a substance that helps the body adapt to stressors). It is best known for its anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) properties: it can lower cortisol levels and may mitigate stress-induced insomnia, depression, and immunosuppression.”

  15. ODAAT you are killing it brother

  16. Congrats Ted, that’s a mighty achievement

  17. Today is my day.. day 100. It’s not been the most pleasant time in my life but I know I can do this and stay tobacco free for another 100! Stay focused, everyone can do this too!

  18. Best way to stop? Alternatives? Cold turkey?

  19. Day 18 – getting much better. Most of the withdrawal symptoms were gone. Disturbed sleep still persists. If I sleep at 10:30-11:00, I am waking up at 3-4 AM and not getting much sleep later. If I sleep at 12-1 then I am waking up at 6-7 but very tired. Had a weird dream. In Dec I was in LA and stayed at a nice Airbnb place. Had a nice spot in the garden where I used to smoke. In the dream, I am going back to LA to same place and took out a Marlboro and then I remembered I quit and I just sniffed the cigarette for a few secs but didn’t smoke. It triggered an intense craving in the sleep.
    Looks like I am catching a flu… :(… bye for now.

  20. I am 56 days quit and still kind of losing my mind. Some days are better than others. I feel like life is just passing me by, I envy other people because they seem normal. I may look normal on the outside but I am freaking the hell out on the the inside. This anxiety is ridiculous and lasts days at a time.

    • I am having similar issues. I am on day 39. I quit drinking cold turkey on they same day. Was a pretty heavy beer drinker (8 cans a night). I dipped 1.5 cans a day for 31 years. Forcing myself to keep my mind occupied does help but sometimes just can’t bring myself to get motivated. I made my mind up early on to never go back. That won’t change but the journey so far sucks balls.

    • It does get better. What are you doing to help yourself?

      • Just trying to stay busy and out of my own head!

        • Chase, try hitting the Gym and tear it up, it helped me with the anxiety.

          • This helped me a lot. I wasn’t sleeping so I figured as long as I’m up, I might as well hit the gym. Now I go every weekday morning at 5:00 am before work. It’s helping a lot, symptoms are lessening, and I’ve actually lost 15 pounds in the 27 days since I quit!

    • Chase, I remember by the time I got to my 50s, I kind of freaked. I expected to feel normal again by then and I was starting to worry at that point that I may never feel right again. I really was afraid that the damage waspermanent and that I was just experiencing my new normal. Anxiety, headaches, anger, just generally being out of sorts… still battling it daily. But in faith, I pushed through. At day 958, I am able to say that it gets better and better but you need to be patient with the process. You are doing great, keep it up!

    • There is no shame in seeing a doctor for the anxiety. Making my appointment was one of the first things I did

    • Chase keep strong I dipped/chewed for 43 years and am now quit 403 days. It got bearable for me at day 128. I still crave from time to time, but it easier to get past it. Day 80ish to day 100 was the worst part of my quit. Every time you fight it off you get stronger for the next days off craving.

    • I am on day 28 and I also need help. Last few days, depression and anxiety have sky rocketed and I am feeling very itchy and always angry..
      There are some bouts of unexplained sadness and I started crying for apparently no reason..

      Please someone help me.. Will this get alright??

  21. Day 51 – I can better handle stress and don’t get tired as much

    • I’m only on day 5 but feeling good about it so far. What do you do at day 51 to “better handle stress”? I understand my nicotine addiction was a self-medication to deal with stress.

  22. I am about to be 24, on March 30th, have a 2.5 week old son, have been dipping pouches (1.5 cans a day for about 5years, dipped socially for about 4 years before that). I made the decision to quit Sunday night, because I felt a swollen spot on the side of my tongue on the nerve that connects to my ear and it hurt like hell. So far after about 36 hours dip free for the first time I’m cold, my mouth feels funny, I have a weird taste in my mouth, I feel shaky when I lay down to go to sleep, and my anexity is through the roof. The swelling on my tongue is going down from what I can feel, I’ve always had issues with canker sores my entire life.

    I mainly decided to kick this junk for two reasons, my child, and my mental sanity. I’m a hypochondriac, my fiancée tells me she sees nothing wrong with me (as a nurse herself) and that I’m perfectly okay, but I’m sick of letting this stuff drive me mad.

    • hang in there, man. I’m on day 5 of my quit and have had tongue stuff in the past, too. Have MD check it if that’s what it takes to get your mind straight. Weird tastes may come and go. Many complain of the fog but I’ve quit a couple times and never experienced it. Keep calm and carry on (but don’t go to the C store for a quick fix–stay quit).

    • I broke and bought a can, put 2 pouches in and within 5 mins I got light headed and it burned and I did not want it anymore. That told me I didn’t want it. I’m done, took it right back out spit out the juice and proceeded to wash my mouth out. 7 days and I break, but after that 5 mins feeling the effects I don’t want it anymore.

  23. Man, my 4 year mark of being nic/tob free came & went at the end of Feb, not EZ, but it is doable. HUGE shoutout to Chewie & KTC, I’ll scream it from the rooftop, could not have done it without this place. Stay quit my friends!!!!!

  24. Day 2. How’s everyone feel about smokeless alternative?

    • They are a tool in your toolbelt… USE THEM if they help.

    • Like Chewie says, use them if they help. Don’t expect they will even come close to same taste and there are several out there that will leave you disappointed (well, they disappointed me anyway). My suggestion is a non-tobacco, non-nic alternative you can get from the local grocery store–that way you’re not out a bunch on shipping and there’s a steady source until that habit goes away. Keep at it.

  25. Marc. Yes that is exactly how I feel. Everyday!!! Are you still feeling this at day 300?

    • RYAN,

      IT SUCKS RIGHT NOW BUT GUARANTEED, lightheaded, dizziness, anxiety aka “suck” will eventually PASS and you will be better for all this SUCK! WHY you may ask? NEVER, EVER GO BACK TO DAY ONE!

      @sig45- 1260+ days FREE FROM ALL NICOTINE

    • Man it is not super encouraging you still fight these symptoms that far in. Hope it lifts for you soon sir. I’m still battling these side effects but only on day 39.

  26. March 5 2019. 10:30 pm. Dipping for 10 years. Each dip is almost a quarter of the can. I know I will go through hell.

    • Yes, it will be tough the first week, after that it is much easier. You can do it!!

    • Jamie right there with you. 3/5/19 DAY 1. 20yrs this will be fun :-/

      • 03/06/19
        This is my Day 1 and my 4th attempt! This dippin shit really got a hold of me! I been chewin since 1992…27 friggin years. This is going to be rough as hell and I’m looking for ANY support! My wife doesn’t understand how ridiculously hard this shizz is gonna be! Good luck to you ALL who are jumping on the band wagon, let’s do this!

        • won’t be as rough as you think if we stick together. My Day 1 was 03/09/19. Monkey on my lip since 1995. Explain to your wife you might be irritable for a week or so because you’re giving up the tobacco addiction. if you feel the need to vent, step outside and yell at trees, clouds, the grass, whatever–get it out of your system. The irritability passes (I haven’t gotten the crankiness or experienced the “fog” some talk about–maybe you’ll have an easy time, too). Good luck and stay quit–I will if you will, I dare ya!

        • I’ve got you beat I’ve been chewing since 1980. I’m on day 10 probably the 10th time trying to quit. I’m really determined this time. Best of luck to you and me!

      • Today, March 6, day 1. 21 years. A can a day. Feel like I wanna jump out of my skin

        • March 9, 2019 was my quit day. I’m on day 3.
          Been having increased anxiety and stress, but that’s probably because I realize how much damage to my health I’ve been doing these past 10+ years of Cope Snuff, and how much $$ I’ve been wasting away, when I could be putting that energy and resources towards my family.
          I’m going cold turkey, I’m doing it!
          Stoked to find this forum and read all the stories. We’ve all got one thing in common… we are addicted to Nicotine and are crushing that bad habit.
          I always told myself I could never get addicted to anything. Joke was on me. Between dipping and gambling, I failed myself. Not anymore. Both those things are a sad memory of my past. Wishing you all the best each day. We got this!
          Thanks for all the inspiration

          • 03/09/19 was my day 1 also. Don’t be hard on yourself–not a “sad memory” but a reminder of the past that you have graduated from. We’ve learned from our mistakes, made a pact with ourselves and (through this website) each other that we’ll stay clean, and lean on each other here as needed to get to our goal of nicotine independence. Good luck–I’m here for you, brother.

      • My last was on 3/05. Decided to quit on my son’s birthday and throw lent into the mix. Will make it easy to remember the quit date. Been over 25 years and have managed 2 good quits previously. Now on day 4 and I can’t say it’s any worse or better than I expected. The no sleeping is horrible but the freedom is great.

    • I thought I’d go through hell, too, after 20+ years of Copenhagen or Skoal, but seems there was a song about “thought I was drowning but the water was only knee deep”. Maybe you’ll be lucky and not experience the “suck”. I didn’t the first time I quit in 1989 nor this time. Not everyone experiences their own perception of hell. Hang in there and “git ‘er dun”

    • might be easier than you think. My 20+ year habit just fizzled. No hell, no bonk, no fog. Maybe you’ll be a lucky one–won’t know for sure until you get there. Good luck

  27. On day 12. Starting to get white patches all over my gums. Any of you get this???

    • I got those when I chewed Copenhagen many years ago. Dr told me it was leukoplakia (ie, dead tissue cells), brush gently, “keep an eye on them but don’t worry too much, and for God sake, DON’T go back to chewing to settle your nerves”. Get with your doc and have them checked out if that helps keep your mind straight.

  28. Welp, Day 180 for me! I will not lie and say I am all better and Happy! Yes I am free form nicotine & tobacco. Never thought I would have made it this far. The site and support has been my saving grace. I’ve gained more weight than I wanted to for sure It finally leveled out. Not gaining but not losing. Working out and eating right but still eat more than I should, my mouth gets so bored lol. Hard candy and seeds make ya fat lol. I occasionally use the Baccoff fake stuff and it really helps with the dipping action. It’s been a rough quit week and I almost caved . when I feel like that I come to KTC and read all I can and see that I’m not alone. Why am I writing this? Well, I woke up and wanted a dip lol, so I came to the site and posted role and started reading. Anyway, there is my early Sunday morning. Catch you quitters on the Flipside.

    • I think mornings and after meals is the hardest. Also, with driving, working, stress….EVERYTHING!🤣 Stay strong brother, I look up to you and your committment toward quitting. Reading posts like yours are really helping me! You take it EZ, & I’ll take it any way I can get it!!😁

  29. I just recently turned 26 and have been dipping for 8 years, about a can a day the past few years. I’m a type 1 diabetic and understand I’m looking at increased health consequences as a result of chewing. I’ve felt it’s made my life easier to have something to help me relax when I don’t always feel like I have control of my life. Im dissapointed that I ever got started with this nasty habit and am worried about my future if I keep this up. I’m finally motivated to quit. My plan is to quit cold turkey. I’m going to try exercising more frequently and read other people’s stories to help me get through this

  30. So are you thinking I’ve had this dizzy feeling everyday since I quit 134 days now is all caused by anxiety.

  31. Almost 48 hours gone since my last dip. Most of my issues were with restlessness, anxiety, excess sweating and feeling really hot… kinda having fever.. anyone faced this issue.. also I feel my mouth is tasting metallic and my wife said I am smelling funny 😄 ( not sure what that means though 😜).., how long does the bad breath persists ?

    • WHITEWOLF….I am on day 26 and I had the exact metallic taste in my mouth as well as sensitivity and what looked like “lie bumps” on the tip of my tongue for about the first 3.5 weeks. Both just subsided this week. I went to the dentist a few weeks ago just to get everything check out and he said there was nothing to be concerned about. From what I gather from this site the PH in our bodies was out of whack because of the poison we were throwing in our lips so this side effect are our bodies reaction to healing! Hang in there, you will get through this!

      • Thanks Day 6 now.. feels like the situation with weird taste and smell is slightly improving.. at this stage foggy mind and feeling like lost most of the times

  32. Day 39 – still difficult but gets a little better each day. It’s incredible how much energy I have.

  33. It is a strange dizzy feeling isn’t it. Not really dizzy but kind of. Just to hard to explain. My problem is that it has been with me every day all day since I quit 233 days ago. A lot of the doctors I’ve been to say the effects that nicotine has on the brain could take a year or two to repair. I sure hope it’s not with me that long. Please keep me updated on your progress. Especially how or if the Wellbutrin helps

    • Ryan, the fog will lift. I found exercise helped big-time.

    • Ryan I’m almost 300 days and just got over brain fog. Kinda feels like a beer buzz mixed with some light sensitivity? Hopefully you read this and get back to me

    • Am impressed you’ve been quit for 233 days (plus 13 days of March). that strange dizzy feeling I remember referring to as “medicine head” when taking cold medicine for a bad cold years ago. Beat it by forcing yourself active (I motivate myself to work around my small ranch to ignore the negatives) and that keeps “the bonk” away for as many hours as you’re active. String a few of those together and see if that’s better than other chemicals to depend upon. Good luck

  34. I don’t even remember what normal feels like anymore!! My primary Doctor wants me to start taking Wellbutrin to see if it would relieve my symptoms but I’m reluctant to start it. I don’t want to be dependent on a drug. But I’m so tired of feeling this way also.

    • Ryan, This is my first post ever on here. I know how you feel and ive only been off the Copenhagen 2 weeks after 30 years. My doctor prescribed me Wellbutrin but its going to take about another week or two to see if it will help me. I have anxiety, strange dizzy feeling out of nowhere at times. It looks like this is going to be a long transformation to a normal life.

    • Try some Ashwagandha or Gotu Kola herb(s). Works miracles.

    • RYAN and Fellow quitters-

      I suggest that you try this:

      It has worked well for me and I, like you, was a wreck for at least a year or more.
      Remember the mind and body are one!

      @sig45, 1261

    • Wellbutrin can itself cause anxiety, one of the side effects. It is a good medication but not necessarily good for those with anxiety. It acts on the nicotine receptors, hence its effect to lessen cravings. You might have always had an underlying anxiety disorder that has been controlled with nicotine’s calming effect. If you’ve gone this far keep with it, but before you go back to the can, go get nicotine gum. Yes, you are substituting one nicotine source for another but without the potential for cancer.

  35. Yes the anxiety has been with me too since I quit. I also think about putting in a dip to see if it helps but I’ve gone this far I don’t want to start all over. It’s reassuring the hear others have gone through this this late into the quit. I try to explain this dizzy feeling to my wife and doctors but they can’t grasp it. I haven’t had even 1day of symptom free since I quit. Kind of drags me down

  36. Hi all. Dipped for 25 years. On day 7 dip free. Have all the withdrawal symptoms listed here. Just woke up with a red patch on my gum that is bleeding. Gonna go to the doctor later. Any of you ever have this after you quit?

    • Most likely nothing. You’re paying far more attention to your body (mouth) than you ever have before. Having sores and / or patches is completely normal when quitting. Brushing over something that’s irritated makes things bleed. That’s normal too.

      Getting it looked at is great for your peace of mind.

      • Thanks! You were right. I went and got it checked and the doc basically said the same thing.

        This site is great. Here I was freaking out at 2:30 in the morning while my wife & kids were asleep. I stumbled upon this site and reading all the posts on here helped a lot. If you go on Web MD you’re convinced you’re gonna die! Thanks for all the info to all and while I’m sorry you fellas are going through it, I’m glad I’m not the only one.

  37. Day 35. The 1st week was absolutely brutal. On the other hand, I have a ton more energy and my heart isn’t working as hard as it used too. Quitting has opened up a new life for me. Feels like I’ve missed out because I was always tired or depressed.

  38. Ok so I’m on day 231 and still have this dizzy feeling. More like I’ve had a few to drink. I’ve been to every doctor there is and have had all my blood checked. Two MRI’s I’ve spent more money on trying to find out why after this long I’m still feeling this way. Would love to hear if anyone else has had symptoms this long

    • Ryan,
      I had some terrible rages for my first year and a half. They were on and off. I do not know how my wife put up with me.

      I think quitting affects us all differently. Some people get anxious, some people are on pins and needles and some feel dizzy.

      I think it is so important to make sure you eat three square meals a day, at a regular time. It is also so important to workout at least 3 days a week and try to get that workout high of tranquility and happiness.

      The natural way with eating and working out is always the best answer if you can get it to work for you.

      If you lift, try doing 5 by 5. If you don’t lift, give it a try. I find it very calming.

      I quit with you today.

      Dundippin day 1261.

    • I am with you brother. I am coming up on a year quit – currently 340 days to be exact. I have had this tightness in my chest ever since I quit and it has not gone away. Some days it is worse than others but it is always there. Like you, I have been to the doctor multiple times, had bloodwork, ekg, chest xray etc..and everything comes back as normal. I guess that is my body’s way of dealing with stress/anxiety. I never experienced anxiety in my life until I quit, didn’t even really understand what people were talking about when they would mention anxiety….and then I quit nicotine. I still struggle with anxiety almost daily. Sometimes I honestly want to put a dip in just to see if it all fades away, but I have come too far now.

    • Ryan i havent been to the doctor but i feel that way all the time sometimes im afraid to drive because of it and im on day 185.

  39. I took a 4 hour PMP test on Saturday and passed. In the old days I could not have sat through an exam for 2 hours without a dip. I would have gone nuts.

    Thanks to this site, I am free of nicotine and no longer have to worry where my next can will come from.

    Thank you KTC and my many friends here like Sig and Steve No Happy among others.

    I quit with you today.

    Dundippin day 1260

  40. It’s successful 100 days folks…. thanks for all the support and insights….

  41. Day 1,190. I quit with all of you today. Chewie, unable to get into roll call.

  42. Day 1,188. I quit with all of you today. Unable to get onto roll call today.

    • I’ve been free for 2 years and 2 months… I never joined, signed on, ect… I did it my own way , no crutch, no fake chew, just straight up quit one day.. I want to thank everyone for motivating me when I first started reading.
      I also want to say this to all of you trying to quit… I was straight up addict…can of skoal a day for 30 years…You have to want it and the first few months is sheer misery, fever , sweats, sore throat, like a heroin addict. Sores in my mouth , anxiety, scared I had oral cancer with every little bump in my mouth.
      There’s nothing wrong with you, you’re an addict.

      You have to want it…get through the first few days, weeks, month….

      I cant believe I did it, I wouldn’t put that shit in my mouth again for all the tea in China. I don’t crave it, I don’t want it and best of all I don’t ever think about it again.

      Thank you for everyone who helped me see the light…


      PS..Please don’t hate on me for not being involved, doing the date thing, ect…
      Everyone is different…I did it my own way

      • You’re right about everyone being different, congratulations on your quit. I myself, never posted with my group, i tried login in once or twice, but couldn’t get into it. I knew I had to do this by myself and so far I’ve done it.
        This site did help me in other ways though, I read hundreds of stories, HOF, posts and poured into every nook and cranny of this site. I figured the more I learned from others the better.
        So instead of posting roll, I decided to write a tiny entry into these sections, ranting and encouraging others. So, yes, we are all different, but we all get the help from this site one way or another as well.
        Good Luck.

      • Thanks for being a roll model. You quit your way, I’ll quit mine, but bottom line is we’re both quit.

  43. Day 31, last week was the first week I felt like a person again. The anxiety eased up a little bit but yesterday i deep cleaned my truck and found a can under the seat, I opened the can up smelled it and even put a pinch in between my fingers, and then through it in the trash can along with the can. Hardest thing ever, I ALMOST caved but didn’t, today the anxiety is back. When will the anxiety go away for good?! Some times it is unbearable.

  44. Left the dip in for little over 5 min even after 3 days of quitting it wasnt what I wanted. I really know it’s time to quit, I knew it last summer when I was at an airport and saw this guy put a dip in his mouth and to be honest it was gross and I knew it was time.

    It’s just taken me this long to decide to quit, and I know even though I dipped today i can do this.

  45. 3rd day I found a can and took a dip then threw the rest away, so now I’m back to square one

  46. Day 3 here. I knew this would tough. I dipped a can a day of Copenhagen for almost 30 years.

  47. I’m on day 5 with no dip. But dang if I don’t want one!

  48. As it comes with anything in life some days are harder then others Today on Day 5 of quit I am struggling, And I will fulfill my promise to quit I keep telling my self I am to strong I got this, Thank you all again for the support It means so much I will be in contact with the ones that had left me there numbers – Potts1021

  49. I wanna Thank you all for the support I am on day 4 I quit Monday at 230 Yes it’s been tough but I want this bad enough I am to mentally strong to fail – Potts1021

    • ROBERT,

      I am a NICOTINE ADDICT like you and have dipped Copenhagen Snuff for roughly 35 years or so. I have been NICOTINE free or about 1,246 days now and feel wonderful most days. Without a shadow of a doubt, this group of quitters at KTC has saved my life.

      If I can quit this shit, ANYONE CAN IF THEY TRULY WANT IT! You have to really want to QUIT to be successful at this.

      You found a great place to check in daily. I suggest that you read up in here and join a QUIT Group ASAP. Accountability and Integrity are the name of the game here.

      Take your quit one day at a time. Some days and some moments will be tougher than others and you will have to literally will yourself through the rough patches; all will pass with time.

      Reach out anytime @Sig45 805-252-two- six-two -four

      • This is an awesome note to read @Sigman45 !! I need it…day 25 for me…started when I got sick with the flu and figured I haven’t wanted chew for 3 days–never been a better time to tough it out!
        I’ve been on and off sick now 3 times in last 25 days…currently with sore throat and stuffy head. Day 23 actually was REALLY tough too…I was so pissed that I made it through 3 weeks and was having my toughest day on 23?! (Chewed a LOT of sunflower seeds that day)…
        Anyways–I guess I need the accountability now as well because I worry that it will be tougher long term than I originally though after first few weeks…and while it disappoints me–I do realize I’m back at work with my old schedule now so I have triggers daily that I didn’t have too often the first few weeks while I was sick and was traveling.
        I guess I’m in now for the online support…thank you KTC and all of you good people trying to help each other!

    • Day for was the toughest for me. I’m on day 7 now and it’s much more manageable.

    • great job Robert!

      I’m on day 32. I set up an Acorns account to put the $42 a week I was blowing through my lip into some investments.

      Whenever I think about grabbing that can again, I whisper to myself $127,000. in 25 years at 6% I’d have an extra 127k. with 3 girls under 4 years old… I can think of a few things I’d like to help them out with in 25 years.

      That’s my motivation. Find yours. Sometimes you have to mentally bitch-slap yourself, but you can do it!

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