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  1. 5 days out of the way. Besides the headaches, the bloated feeling and foggy head. I really have no desire to take a pinch. Made up my mind I don’t want it anymore. You have to want it and do it for yourself. Cheers men! No one is control over your destiny but yourself.

  2. Michael Albert Price

    any1 experience loss of sexual function from use of chew…?? I chewed 1 can/day Skoal. My wife left 10yrs ago. We had young family but as we aged wife lost all and this led to trouble luving.

    I hav met new lady friend and experienced similiar inabilities in our early days. However since I have stopped have seen return of all enjoyable sexual function!!

    If this is common….. chew should become an illegal substance in North America!!


  3. 84 days in and life is good. I read posts and information here often but am not an official member and rarely post. This community has really given me a lot of tools and ideas to get me through, so thanks for existing.

    The second or third week was the absolute worst experience of my life. On top of pretty strong withdrawals I got the flu followed by bronchitis. I was at home on the couch for 6 days coughing, puking, and not sleeping longer than 20 mins. No matter how I positioned myself I was uncomfortable and it became infuriating. Day and night kind of just blended together because I was either counting the minutes as they passed or too fried from lack of food and sleep to notice. I eventually convinced myself that everybody at work thought I was a complete moron and were conspiring against me. Everyday was stress, sickness, negativity, and disorientation. After almost a week of sitting in the house staring at the TV screen and zoning out 24/7, I was finally able to keep enough food down to go outside and sit in the sun.

    Every day since then has been better than the last – not always easy, but better. Tomorrow I am going on my first solo backpacking trip to spend some time alone with my new brain circuitry. You know, keep proving to myself that everything is still fun and meaningful with out that crap in my system. Good luck everyone.

    • Good Luck TinPenny you’ve gotten through the worst of it. Your body will thank you in the long run. There’s a video on Youtube of a guy who decided to lose weight once and for all. He said similar things as you, that each day brought new realizations and brain circuitry. He rode bikes, hiked and found a new love of life. Get that shizzle out of your life and body and seize the day in a new way…one of health and vitality. You can do it. You should be proud of yourself.

  4. Today is the day boys and girls. Throw that shit in the trash. Kiss your wife and kids. This is the first day of being quit and we will be here every step of the way.

    Joel Flory
    I quit with you and with June

    • June 10th was my 60th BDay. I quit!

    • Decided to quite for good yesterday. I had a friend suggest this site so here Iam. I hate this habit, have chewed for nearly 21 years. I’ve had periods of time with out, 2.5 years at one point only to give in down the road. I’m excited, but nervous. Any advice anyone has would be greatly appreciated

      Thank You


      • Shaun

        These are what worked / working for me…

        1. You are not going to be alright in 1 day or couple of weeks. It takes time. It takes almost 2-3 months to start feeling normal for a good stretch of time. So, be patient.
        2. Recovery will happen in cycles / stages.
        3. When you feel down and out, just remember “This too shall pass.. ”
        4. Remember, you have stuffed yourself with chemicals to make you feel normal. This is not how our body was designed.
        5. Take one day at a time, when you feel at the edge of failing, just say it loud “Not today”.

        Shiva – Day 113

  5. Day 100 – Woo hoo 🙂 🙂 :)… Here’s my HOF speech…

    The first emotion I am feeling is “Surprised”. Frankly, I am surprised that I have reached till here given the withdrawals I had till probably Day 80.

    A very big thanks to my quit buddies here, JayP, Jeff and DDD. You guys are a big inspiration to me who never let me down. Thank you all. Jeff, special thanks to you man.. I hope I find Steve and Rick again.
    Thanks to everyone who pitched in when I was down and out.

    A big thanks to my family who put up with my sorry ass for the last 100 days. Unfortunately, I am 1000s of miles away from them and the celebrations have to wait a few more days.

    Few common experiences that I want to share to freshers.

    1. Recovery is not linear and it happens in waves and stages. You have to be patient.
    2. I was both a smoker and dipper and I suffered one of the worst withdrawal periods.
    3. There are lot of literature that says you get better from 3rd week onwards. Thats BS for the most part. The mind games started from week 3 and I went through worst anxiety/depression/sadness from week 3 till week 7.
    4. Anxiety and depression were the worst withdrawal symptoms for me. It started getting better only around day 80.
    5. This too shall pass…… and not today.. Keep this in your mind and take 1 day at a time.
    6. A very interesting article I read. When you are addicted your neuro chemistry changes and brain develops circuits for craving. When you start cessation, there is no nicotine to inhibit the cravings. Brain slowly develops a counter circuit which inhibits this craving and maintains homeostasis. Why understanding this is important? I’ll tell you why. This is because the craving circuit never goes away once you are an addict. Brain simply puts a counter measure to control / fade the craving. Once you put nicotine back into your body, brain simply disassembles the counter circuit since nicotine is already there to inhibit the craving and having another counter circuit will throw away the homeostasis. So, you get the point right? If you put nicotine back (even 1 dip or 1 smoke), you’ll be back to your usual intake of addiction. There is no stopping.
    7. Does the support from family matters? The quit is for you but family support matters a lot. There are lot of times in the 2 months following your quit date, you’ll be an a***hole. You will be unreasonable and you may take it out on your close ones. Be patient and have few heart-to-heart discussions with your wife. Make them read through some of the literature so that they understand what you are going through. More importantly, apologize for any outbursts even if you feel the fault is not with you.
    8. Remember, your neuro transmitters are out of whack. Your brain does not have on-off switch and it takes a few months to get back to normal.

    9. Remember quitting is not an event, it is a process.


    • Shiva,

      Good on you. Keep it up mi amigo! It only gets better and better…


    • My husband quit yesterday so I’ll try and remind myself that his impending “assholeness” is just a symptom and not who he really is. lol He never chews in front of me or the the kids….just when he’s doing “alone” activities and about 4 to 5 times a day.

      • So I’m on day 11. I have been reading this site for a long while but never posted. First week really sucked but I have been ok since. Just taking it a day at a time. It feels good to no longer be controlled by a tin can after 15 years of 2 tins a day. Thank you all for your stories and motivation, even though I have not posted you will never know how much they have helped me.

      • hahaha…. I love this. Hardest thing I ever did was quit after 30yrs. Pooped and pee on my self, emotions. For 2 months. It was tough, but worth it.

    • Shiva,

      I am on day 3 of quit, glad to read your experiences and observations.
      Really, inspiring me to continue my quit process.

      I will be thankful to you if you mention guide lines or points of consideration / precautions / etc. at my this stage of quit.

      Thanks in advance.

      Stay free of nicotine ever and ever.

      • Fahad,

        I am really glad to see another brother who has broken this addiction. You are already an ex-dipper now. Every day of recovery you will learn something new and your amazing mind and body will heal. You will have tough days but you will also have lot of beautiful time in between where you will have zero cravings. Remember these good times when the going gets tough. Remember this is the paradise once your body and mind are completely out of the withdrawal.
        Just one thing, never ever have nicotine in any form. How much ever it might be tempting. Always remember, this too shall pass. One day at a time.
        Vent it out here. Write a lot, take it out of your mind. There are lot of wonderful people here, who will have your back.
        I quit with you today.

        Day 198.

    • STEVE AND RICK, yeah, I remember those guys from way back when we started, I wonder if they stayed the course.

      If you guys are reading this, Give us a shout out!!!

  6. Day 42 for me. Anxiety still sucks but I’m pushing through it. Cravings here or there. I have a big road trip coming up so that will be tough for me but I can do it. I’ve only dipped for about 2 years or so and the withdrawals suck for me so props to you guys who have been using for much longer you’re some true bad mother fuckers going through what you are probably experiencing during your quit. Fuck dip

  7. Day 220****************
    Hey guys, I must admit the anxiety still present, I thought it would go away as the other symptoms would cease, but nope it is still well and alive. It actually interferes with my job too, during meetings I get overly anxious and prevents me from thinking straight and speak correctly, in traffic the anxiety attacks come very easily, i manage to control them, but their presence is there. Going to new places seem to trigger anxiety too, at the store, if there is a line there is anxiety. The panic attacks i managed to get rid of them with a technique of looking at my watch and count the seconds. Pretty dumb, but it did the trick. These damned anxiety attacks are a pain in the ass. I have yet to find the root cause of it and I don’t want to take any medication for it either. I have to be able to control it.
    Any Ideas Chewie or any of the Older Brothers?

    • DDD,

      This sounds simple and it is; you need to control your breathing UNDER STRESS.

      Try these techniques; no shit it helps with breath control, can end your anxiety and calm your busy mind.

      @Sigman45 approx. 3 yrs free from all nicotine

      • Has anyone had any sore throat issues while quitting? I’m on day 45 of my quit and my throat is still sore

        • Good lord yes… sore throat forever… hang in there. It’s normal.

          • Thank God. I quit cold Turkey and it seems like these past 6 weeks I’ve been sore. I’ve been reading on this site and its helped out alot this is just my first time posting

          • Zach, i am also in same boat. i am on my day 55. i still have sore throat along with it i have scalding effect on my tongue. I am not sure its normal or not. and my sleep is still disturb. i can sleep easily but i wake up at 4:30 in morning not matter when i sleep and i wake up with anxiety sine i quit. i am not sure all these symptoms are normal.

          • What about sore jaw? Is that normal?

        • No but my jaw hurts. It’s freaking me out

          • Molly, you are only 7 days in quit. it may be anxiety kicking in. Drink lots of water. don’t freak out. read on site. i have tingly feeling in Jaws early in my quit.

    • Day499 I had severe panic and anxiety issues. I still am a very anxious person, but I tell you the attacks are gone. They will subside and your anxiety will tremendously go down. It just takes time brother. The root cause is just how you were made my man. Once you realize and come to grips with who you are you can start but ignoring and moving along. Don’t dwell on it and move forward. You got this…. mine and it seems your might be triggered by “chAnge” being uncomfortable….. being in a new situation which you don’t know the uncertainty of it. Relax and trust man. Just let it gooooo and trust it’s fine. My
      Name is Numb and message me anytime my man.

    • I am on day 474 no anxiety, but my trigger is a lot quicker than it used to be. I get out and ride my bike, fishing to calm down. My big thing is my blood pressure went up when I quit. I am 60 years old and never had blood pressure problems. Now I can’t get it to where it used to be. I am on BP meds for the first time in my life. Weird stuff, but still glad I killef the can.

    • After 21 years of heavy dipping I am on day 653 of my quit and no one should feel ashamed about the anxiety around their quit. I had it real real bad in the beginning. I am still fighting it but everyday better and its so much better then this time last year. There is real hope in stories like mine. I was so unbelievably addicted and spent the day with a dip in. If I can quit you can. It’s a marathon and ain’t easy but believe in yourself!

  8. Hey guys & gals, this is my first post here on the site. I never joined a quit group or posted but I have frequented this site for support since I quit (445 days ago) cold turkey after a 12 year/can a day habit. I had never experienced anxiety (outside of normal life stresses) in my life until I decided to quit. Initially I pushed through this new onset of anxiety, but I’ve noticed that it has progressively worsened since the six month mark of my quit. I’ve read a lot of discussions on anxiety in the articles and forums on this site, but haven’t seen any mention of anxiety problems so late into a quit. Has anyone developed severe anxiety problems a year after they quit? On a daily basis I experience shortness of breath-heart palpitations-brief lightheaded sensation (saw a cardiologist and declared fit), brief but frequent panic attacks, and a constant worry about the well being of my family. I work in a public safety occupation and this anxiety has gotten to the point where it is affecting my job. I feel proud to have made it this far, but I’ve been considering going back to the can since this anxiety is far too detrimental to my health/career/family. I never had any of these symptoms prior to my quit. Just reaching out to see if any of you guys had the same troubles 1+ year after your quit. Any help or advice would be much appreciated. I’m kinda lost at this point.


    • Jim – You and I are in the exact same boat my man. I never joined a group either but visited the site daily to compare my experiences/symptoms with others. I am currently at 431 days and that was a 14 year/can a day habit for me. I never experienced anxiety in my life until I quit and now a lot of aspects of my life are affected by it. I expected it to be tough when I quit and I figured it would eventually ease away with all of the other symptoms the further removed I was, but here I am 431 days later and my anxiety feels the same as day 1. The other symptoms I was experiencing have improved – dizziness, brain fog, exhaustion, tingling in my arms/hands….All of that has gotten better but my anxiety has not. Every ache or pain I feel in my body, my mind goes right to “I have cancer, I am dying”. I have been to the doctor more times in the last 431 days than the previous 10 years and everything comes back that I am healthy. I have young kids and I cut their food up so small its laughable because I have this overwhelming anxiety that one of them will choke – I never felt that before I quit dipping. I just feel like my mind wont shut off, constantly worrying about something. I used to be so easy going and now I feel like a different person. I just want to feel like I used to before I quit. Like you, there have been many days where I am very close to caving, simply because I want the anxiety to go away, but I have stayed strong. I am going to continue to stay strong and not put that poison in my body and hopefully things will change soon?? Anyway, just wanted to let you know you are not alone. We dipped for relatively the same amount of time, and we are at about the same point in our quit as well. I am 33 years old, have 3 kids and my wife is a stay at home mom so needless to say I have stress in my life just like everyone else, but I never felt it before I quit like I do now.

      • Hey Doug/Jim, my suggestion is to check for underlying anxiety which tobacco masked so far. The ones that you are facing may not be directly related to withdrawal.
        One of the members here suggested Aswagandha when I had anxiety and depression issues. You can try it out.

      • Thanks for takin the time to reply Doug & Shiva. Doug-everything you’ve described is almost exactly what I’ve experienced over the past year. Funny you mention the fear of your children choking on food-I have a 1 year old at home and I am constantly worried about that (just the sound of him choking on his milk triggers a panic attack). Just like you, I’ve also been to the doctor more in the past year than I have in the last decade-always convinced something is wrong. Since I was a child I’ve always had a type B personality, never anxious, rarely stressed. But Since the quit my personality has completely changed. I am constantly worried and on edge now, my blood pressure is always jacked, and at times I feel like I’m “losing it.” I’ve even had a few uncontrollable angry outbursts for no reason at all, which is definitely not normal for me. This all started on the day that I quit. The thing that worries me the most is how long this has gone on, and that the anxiety aspect of it seems to have gotten worse. Thanks for reachin out. tho I feel bad you’re goin through this as well, it is somewhat comforting to know I’m not alone. Hopefully someone who has been in our shoes with some years behind their quit will stumble upon this comment and can put both of our minds at ease.


      • Day 45 here. Worst 45 days of my life but I’m doing it. Cold Turkey is the only way to go. I have had a sore throat for a few weeks though. Anyone else have this?

    • Jim-
      You just did a great job describing my first 6 months. I was freakn miserable. I was having irregular heart beats, palpitations, thought I was dying of the big C, heart disease; you name it I had it. Here is my take and solution:
      1. When we quit we often do so for health concerns. So, we are thinking about our health and frankly already concerned enough to gather the courage to quick the Nic bitch.
      2. Take away the nicotine, we FEEL AND EXPERIENCE more of our daily life. Think about it, you are already anxious (see #1) and now you deprive your body of a drug you have used to a)relax and b)curb anxiety.
      3. Its a messed up situation for sure.

      I was ready to cave and go back to the old self. But couldn’t look in the mirror, and oh by the way, it wasn’t going to help me reduce my worry about the big C. As it says on the Tower of my Alum UT Austin ” You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free”. You know the battle, have stood as a warrior and battled every damn day. Keep it up – and consider the following:

      1. Deep breathing reminders throughout the day. DON’T WAIT UNTIL YOU ARE ANXIOUS OR STRESSED. If you wait, then you cup is already full and hard to empty, if you know what I mean.

      2. Consider taking a class on anxiety and stress. This was hard as hell for me, but I did it versus facing the can again. I took 10 classes at local heart hospital. Best $300 I have spent in my ENTIRE LIFE.

      3. Talk about it, apologize often, and realize that it is normal, expected reactions to giving up nicotine.

      4. Go to the Dr and Dentist to get the all clear or to deal with whatever you need to do (for me, i royally screwed my gums up, but I am recovering).

      5. Post here and READ here. It took me awhile before I started reading the forum and not just posting. You have an international brotherhood here. Take advantage of it.

      Finally msg me and I will send you my digits. Then call/text when you need somebody to listen.

      • did your jaw hurt? I quit for a full year and got checked by a dentist right after I quit. All fine. Then after a year I started again (in March). I just quit again and my jaw hurts. No sores or anything like that

    • Try Ashwaghanda…………great stuff.

  9. Day 33 for me. I don’t have cravings much anymore but this anxiety is killing me. When I dipped I never worried about what was going on in my mouth or worried about cancer but ever since I quit that’s all I can think about and it’s driving me crazy

    • Hang in there Noah. I spent the first two months convinced I had mouth cancer – saw two dentists and an oral surgeon a dozen times for no reason other than paranoia.

    • Noah chin up. I just hit day 1,000 and still get the craves, not near as when I was at your point but just now they will never got completely away. As for your worrying about the big C and other stuff get ther to a dr or dentist and get a thorough oral health screen. Good luck and I quit with you!

    • did you have jaw pain?

  10. Steve No Happy

    happy Memorial Day mates
    We shall fight on the beaches ( waiting for a bite)
    We shall fight on the couch watching the game
    We shall fight mowing the lawn
    We shall fight on long drives
    We shall never surrender !
    I salute you all ( o Y o )

  11. Nicholas cut it out, we all go through that funk of wanting to go back to the only thing we knew.
    I dipped for 32 years, my favorite was Skoal Mint, Levy Garret, Red man. I am on day 215 and there’s been days that I’ve wanted to throw it all away like you, but it passes, the moment passes and you continue on with life.
    The way I see it is we got 2 choices. We can man up and don’t let that tin cat defeat you or you can go back to it, get licked by a stupid little can and live with the consequences in terms of quality of life down the road. Think about it, the choice is yours.

    • I made it past 100 days. Haven’t been very active. I found for myself that the more I read about dip and quitting the more I wanted it so I stayed away, but I made it past 100. Just wanted to stop by.

  12. Nicholas Turnbough

    Man, I’ve been quit since August 25, 2018. And no lie, if I knew there was a substance that didn’t cause me to lose a lip/jaw and still taste like cope snuff, I’d do it. I was riding in a rig for work today and still reached for a can of snuff, mind you it’s been 3/4 of a year. I still miss it, I still want it, and I promise you, if I knew it wouldn’t kill me, I’d still do it. I won’t lie and say quitting is easy, and I’m sure chewy will rip my ass for saying I miss snuff, but aren’t we supposed to tell the truth here? I’m glad I quit, I am, but I miss it. I wish some jackass fake snuff company could make something that tastes like Copenhagen snuff. If they would then problem solved. (As of this moment) I still am quit. Though I often think of going to fully loaded or going to snubs pouches. I had to gut check myself from smoking a cigar on vacation because I knew I’d start dipping again. I know on this site we’re trying to kill the can, but what if we kill the can and still vape or use fullly loaded or similar products? We killed the cancer? So why is the stimulantt so bad? I miss the nicotene , so if I can have it without the carcinogens is it so awful????

    • Nicholas Turnbough

      I only ask because I miss it, I miss my snuff. Chewie, bro, I love you and I respect you. I got to admit I only quit the dipping because my jaw hurt. I only quit because I was scared of dying before my daughter graduated. I love snuff, past tense and present, I love how it tasted and made me feel. I love how it relaxed me, and how my allergies never bothered me before I quit. Or how I never threw up blood before I quit. I miss the taste and the buzz. If you truly don’t miss the flavor or the feel, i respect you buddy. But if you do, my number is+18703212683, and I only tell you this because I respect you. I thin if you can go a month or more without missing it, or even saying you wouldn’t go back knowing there is no advere health effects, tell me what I’m missing. And this is for the real chewie, I dipped since i was 13, I need no amateurs telling how it is. Chewie tell me why nicotene is it worse than caffeine and I fucking quit for good, otherwise I go to alternatives, you have my number.

      • OMG Im experiencing the jaw pain. I quit for an entire year – April 2018 – April 2019 and then went back. Im on day 7 of quitting AGAIN because my jaw hurts on the side of my mouth I put the dip in. Is it normal? Yes, Im a girl. I dipped so I wouldn’t eat and it works. UGH

    • Nicholas, I was dipping since 6th grade and finally quit at the ripe age of 59 so I am not amateur. In my humble opinion, any one addicted and at this site to quit should not be considered an amateur.

      You are romanticizing your affair with smokeless tobacco and remembering all of the wonderful things about dipping but none of the bad things and none of the consequences.

      You are setting yourself up to fail. Don’t do that.

      Instead of remembering what a great lover your ex-wife is. Remember that she was a terrible cook, would not clean the house, slept around, etc.

      In the same vain, remember what dipping did to you:
      – yellowed your teeth
      – wore away the gums around your teeth
      – kept you from giving a full mouth smile while you were loaded up with a log
      – caused you to swallow a load of spit so you did not need to spit openly
      – caused you unbelievable anxiety when you had not dipped in the last hour
      – caused you to drive in a terrible storm just to buy a few cans to make sure you would have some supply
      – and the list goes on and on
      – I am sure Chewy has the 100 reasons why to quit snuff at his fingertips

      My friend, this habit you are romanticizing wants you to do that. And the minute you start back up again it will have you. Now ask yourself – have you done everything to make sure you are healthy for you and your family?
      How are you going to feel once you have that one dip, then another, then another?
      You will be right back where you started?

      Are you about moving forward or are you about running around in a circle and sticking with the same bad habits and playing a game of quit/no quit.

      Choose to move forward. Focus on the bad things it did to you.

      Stop thinking about the habit, switch your focus and start thinking about your next personal, financial and fitness goal.

      Focus on the right things.

      I quit with you today.

      Dundippin day 1348

  13. Any chance someone can post for me – May 2015, woodytx 1,562 days (I think)? About to go into the Grand Canyon and having IT issues, wifi won’t let me access my quit group, and there’s no cell coverage so I can text anyone

  14. quit today 3018 days I believe…..

  15. Anyone else unable to get to the forum? I’m trying to get to Mayhem to post roll and when I click on forum it says it’s not private and this site may be impersonating “kill the can” to steal my personal/financial info and won’t let me go to the forum.

  16. Day 38 here. Checking in to emphasize — for my wicked mind — I only have to quit one day at a time. Forever is a concept that has no business in my thoughts… I have today to worry about.

    • Terry – it gets better. 21-35 days were the worst phase for me and you are probably crossing the worst part.
      BTW, I am on day 81.

  17. I quit a little over 5 weeks ago. I have no cravings but I am having terrible anxiety issues. My doctor was no help. She sent me to the ER to have my heart checked out. I switched to a different doctor who put me on anxiety meds.

    • Very common… check this out

      Keep fighting, you’re on the right track!

    • Mike, I wish I could link you to my introduction page but it was lost when this site migrated some months back. The cliff notes for you: I quit 1303 days ago and immediately experienced intense, non-stop anxiety and frequent sobbing fits the way you imagine a heroin user would when they go cold turkey. It was extreme and prolonged. I had to go walking literally from sunrise to sunset just to alleviate the panic just enough to make me feel like I wasnt going to die. It sucked so hard, and for me it wasnt until about 4-5 months quit that I even began to feel human again. The feeling of the light at the end of the tunnel comes slowly. It’s not like you wake up one day and go “I’m all better!” But you will wake up one day and realize you’re GETTING better. I don’t want to scare you into thinking you’ll have the same timeline as me, because everyone is different and my case was fairly extreme. Here’s what you need to know:

      1. You’re not going insane.
      2. You’re not permanently like this.
      3. You’re not alone in this experience. I was there too, as were some of my other brothers in quit.
      4. You will make it through and life will be good again.
      5. Use this pain as a future reminder why you should never go back to using nicotine ever again. Never forget it.

      Good luck, brother.

      • Mike,

        I am on day 81. I faced the worst from 3-6 weeks of my quit. Anxiety, sadness and depression were over the roof. It gets better slowly but surely. I am not yet out of the woods but is definitely better than what I was during that phase. Nicotine has put in a wrench into your brain and it was all twisted. All your neuro transmitters have gone haywire and your brain and body are slowly healing to function without that monster. Just one rule: never put nicotine in any form into you – it will only prolong the recovery.

        Keep posting and write your heart out. It helps me a lot. There are lot of wonderful people here who have seen this and will do anything to help us out.


      • I’m on day 80. Feel normal for the most part. I do have occasional cravings but those pass. However, there is a thing I will attribute to the fog. I can’t seem to carry on a long conversation without losing the words that I intend to say. Hopefully my neurons start firing properly again.

        • Isn’t weird? The same thing happens to me, losing the words I need to say. I hope this is temporary too and not freaking Alzeheimer’s. Damned Brain has to rewire itself.

    • Be very very careful taking anxiety meds. My doctor put me on ativan about 7 years ago for my seizures. He didnt warn and i had no idea just how dangerous or addictive this crap was. You can become physically addicted to benzos within a couple weeks and the withdrawals can kill you. Last month after breaking my back and getting out of the hospital my pharmacy refused to refill my prescription and i learned the hard way just how dependent my body had become. I ended up back in the er. When i told my doctor he was in shock they refused to refill my prescription and confirmed he called it in and do NOT stop taking cold turkey. Since then i have cut back to 3/4mg a night. Sunday night dropping down to 1/2mg. I think they do help with my seizures but i dont want to take the chance that will ever happen again. Imagine what nicotine, heroin and alcohol withdrawals would feel like at once that’s how i felt. Much worse than nicotine withdrawals.

  18. i am on day 3. i was on day 60 something. i got cocky and had a cigar, was not long before eventually it all came back. lesson learned, the hard way unfortunately. f nicotine.

  19. 115 Days Free – Gets a little easier each day

  20. I quit last Friday. This weekend was absolute hell. But haven’t caved yet.

  21. 105 Days Free

  22. Day 1297. I was just thinking i was 11 years old when i first started smoking. Me and a friend used to buy them from a local vending machine at a casino. By the age of 13 we were standing outside gas stations shoulder tapping people to buy them for us. It amazes me now that people actually bought us kids cigarettes(and booze). There is no way i would buy a kid nicotine or alcohol. As kids we were always hanging out in front of places smoking? I never see kids smoking today? Thats one good thing.

  23. Just over 72 hours into my first time quitting! I was a menthol smoker for 10 years and when I tried Grizzly about 4 years ago it was such an easy transition that I was dipping a can of long cut everyday in that same week I began to transition. Smoking was hard on my breathing and directly affected my wife, which I felt crappy for and stupidly I found dip to be a good alternative to quitting. So now I’m about a 1.5 cans a day, everyday. I hadn’t really even thought seriously about quitting recently, or ever to be honest. Yet on Monday morning I had this strange feeling, somehow stronger or prepared. As I made my way across state for work that morning the Lord kept putting on my heart and mind this image of me throwing my dip out of my truck window. I thought about it for a few minutes, taking my can out of my lunch box and putting it back in several times. Once I exited the highway I accepted it as something bigger than myself, said aloud that it was to be a victory in Jesus’ name and dumped my last can of dip out onto the ground at a stoplight. When God says move, you’ve gotta move! Thank you to everyone else for sharing your stories, it gives strength! I hope mine can help someone else.

  24. .Day 63 and chugging along.. Posted this in one of the replies of my quit buddy and posting it here for a wider audience. I don’t know how to describe my symptom.. it is something like this. When an intense craving hits, I start feeling uncomfortable in my forehead… like kind of having a dull , mild head ache.., I feel some sort of pressure building up in my forehead..also like if you are very hungry and skipped a meal, that light headed feeling… it keeps going on for some time and suddenly a bliss will hit and everything goes away..l suddenly I feel very happy and content and feeling very satisfied. This alternates for some time. When this happens I am not able to focus on anything else and goes into some brain fog.
    I think it is probably the neuro transmitter imbalance and brain somehow compensates after a while..
    Anyone here going through like above? How long it lasts? Sadness, depression and anxiety have come down but still low energy.

  25. 99 Days Free, gets a little better each day.

  26. Quit for 550 days. Put one dip in a year and a half ago, it was like I never quit. Dipped hard from that point until today. Time to quit again. First half-day of no nicotine here. Not as bad as it was the first quit, but I’m tired and definitely want one.

    Gotta quit- dip just makes me too mellow, too content. Don’t feel a thing emotionally. I need to feel some pain, some longing, got so much to do! DIp covers that up for me- which is nice I guess- but impractical. Gotta feel something to achieve things!

    Day 1/2 here, onward! No more!

  27. Well guys today is day 101! It has been the toughest 101 days of my life, but I made it and Im so excited. I am still having anxiety issues and that part sucks but knowing my daughter will never see me put this nasty crap in my mouth or my 4 nephews will never see me do it makes it worth it. I still get craving after I eat and when I’m fishing but I have been strong enough to fight them off. The cravings only last 15-20 minutes at a time anyways. I want to thank all of you for sharing your stories which helped me make it this far!

  28. Some encouragement for those thinking about/having recently quit:

    I’m a 22 year old who started using nicotine around the age of 15. I’ve tried quitting several times, but each time, I found some justifiable reason to start using again. I’ve believed ALL the lies. No, you can’t just dip once a week, because that becomes a can a week. No, you can’t just dip on special occasions, because every occasion will become special enough for a dip. No, you can’t dip AT ALL, because if you’re a normal human being, the addictive quality of chew will get you Every. Single. Time. When are we going to stop making excuses?

    Right now, I’ve been clean for almost 6 months. I quit cold turkey. No, it was not easy at all, but it came down to one single factor. Was I REALLY weak enough to let a substance like nicotine rule my decision making? My day plans? My conversations? Was I not strong enough to live my life without the aid of some substance? The frustration of that question drove me mad for years, and I finally decided that I was capable of living a happy life without the aid of a chemical, and it’s been the best decision of my life.

    I would encourage anyone and everyone who is thinking of quitting or who recently has quit to KEEP GOING!! You are much stronger than you are giving yourself credit for. Don’t let your life be ruled by something as foolish as dip. It is not worth it. Don’t dwell in how hard it is going to be, but dwell in how much more sustainable your life will be, and how much more life you will have to give to those you care about.

    Keep fighting!


    • 1st day of my quit. Definitely agree with the above, I quit for a long time and then found myself doing it on special occasions, which eventually turned into me buying a can every day. You can quit too, just look within yourself and ask yourself who you really want to be. Someone who depends on a substance to function or to feel happy? Someone who is constantly spitting brown goo and having to carry around nasty spitters ? Or someone who is living a happy, addiction free life? The choice is yours and I know you will make the right one. Doing my best every day to remind myself of this.


  29. Day 34 and I am struggling bad today. Thought the first week would be the worst and it was until yesterday. I came to read the messages to get hope as I don’t know how to handle the hunger cravings since quitting. I am hungry allllll the time now. I’ve been taking protein shakes inbetween meals to try to curb the hunger but its not cutting it. I’ve been chomping on gum for hours on hours over the past couple of days and now just have jaw soreness.
    Any tips on getting through the last of appetite suppression??

    • Day 59 – my worst period started from around days 22 and it was worse till 35. Weeks 1 and 2 were a breeze for me. It started getting slightly better after day 35. Again day 56 was the worst ever I had in this entire quit period. Point is, It seems like it will take 3 months for the brain chemistry to get back to normal. Nic bitch has thrown in a wrench and altered our brain totally. The recovery is slow but sure. Please be patient an Chou are doing good.

  30. Kenneth Proffitt

    I’m quitting today. I’ve dipped since a was 17 and am 34 now. I’ve quit several times for 1-3 weeks at a time. It never seems like a good time to quit I always think about the things I have coming up and how quitting now would make them more difficult. I tired of thinking about the excuses. I’m not gunna pour my heart out I’m a man and I’m not scared of this stupid little can and not gunna let it run my life anymore. It’s worthless and killing me and I’m done. Looking forward to the withdraws bring it on ready to see what you have for me this time little worthless poisonous can. I want it to be as hard as possible as dumb as that sounds. I’m not going to put a sunflower seed or peice of gum or any patch on. I’m not going to bum a dip or cave like a scared little boy who needs his mommy(dip).
    I’ll keep u updated

    • davidharleyson10

      get in a group and post roll it help Day 243 here

    • Finally made it over the hump I feel a little better like a big portion of the day goes by without me even thinking about dip. Day 8 easy to decide not to do it just have to keep remembering why I quit and not decide to reward myself with nasty stuff.

  31. Congrats Andrew.. I’m on day 55 .. waiting for the blues to go down :(..

    • I’m day 910. It gets better. Every day you are breaking the habit. Definitely doesn’t happen over night. I quit cold Turkey and haven’t looked back. The anxiety is real, the fog is real and the Dip Dreams are real. Just like everything else in life – your success will depend on how bad you want it! Stay the Course

  32. Hello Ladies and Gents! Sorry it’s been so long! It does get better and it is very scary. I have not had a dip since November of last year and have had some pretty intense moments. My mouth is still doing the burning issues that originally scared me. The dentist said that he did not see anything to worry about so amen to that. Best advice ever “ DO NOT LOOK CRAP UP ON THE INTERNET “. Your mouth has to heal itself I guess and it seems to take a while. Stay strong, think positive, ask questions, thank God, and pray!!!!!

  33. 92 Days Free

    • KTC-

      Here are a few of the ingredients found in smokeless tobacco.
      Polonium 210 (nuclear waste)
      Formaldehyde (embalming fluid)
      Cadmium (used in car batteries)
      Lead (nerve poison)
      Nitrosamines (cancer causing substances)


  34. 9 days, feeling really good today. Had a rough last 2 days.. headaches, foggy, etc. Got sick and really mad because of my addiction on the morning of April 11th. Threw almost a full can of Grizzly wintergreen away. Not gonna look back after an awful 12 year habit with that Demon.

  35. I just finished my last dip wish me luck

  36. Day 50 – half way to HOF.
    Do we get a funk in day 50 or 50 days too early to even think about funk ? I am feeling miserable today and feeling severe cravings

    • Clifton G Motheral

      Day 50 to 80 were really hard for me. I got into a bit of a funk. After that it got way, way easier. Day 863 for me today and while I still think about it every now and then it’s not in the same way anymore. It just doesn’t have any teeth now. Hang in there and it all will get much better soon!

  37. Today 4/19/19 is officially my quit date. Saw this group or site on twitter. Every thing that has been posted resonates with me. I am ready, no more talking about it

  38. Day 50 – Half way mark towards HOF.. Yay :)..

  39. That’s good news. It means you are doing this! Fight through minute by minute. Stay locked in and tight to the boards for the first months. IQWYT

    DBG 1294 doing it odaat

  40. I am on day 2 right now, and I feel like crap.

    • Bill,

      Suggestion: total commitment required

      This quitting stuff is for the strong of body and mind. You must will yourself to STOP and totally commit to your quit. Find techniques that fit your routine.
      READ, READ, READ…. try this:

      @Sigman45 (approx 3 years quit)

      • So true about being totally committed. First 8 days of quiting my only job was not to dip. I literally sat in my chair for 8 days all day and concentrated on not dipping. I told myself i could dip tomorrow, but not today. And then repeated it the next day. 34 days dip free.

    • My bf is too! Keep going you got this.

    • Yup. I felt like crap for many, many days. 34 days dip free. I’ve been “sick” for 30 of them. It does get better Bill around day 6 or 7. And like Sigman45 says… you have to be committed. The first 8 days my only task/job was to not dip. Not dipping was my full time job. I literally sat in my chair and didn’t dip. That’s all I did. I’m back to work and feel like I can accomplish anything.

  41. Has anyone heard of Copenhagen wintergreen containing licorice and decreasing testosterone because of it?

  42. Day 86 – gets a little better each day

  43. 81 days free – gets a little better each day

    • greg916 - August 2013

      Greg916 – 2190. 6 year anniversary today. If you are early on, embrace the suck and get through it one. day. at. a. time. It does add up you just have to commit. Post role every day -not an option. The suck never goes away entirely but it does get easier. Quit with all of you today.

  44. Day 1305, very proud to have made it this far and to not think of dipping any more. But of all days and times, I am now feeling that gnawing in my muscles and bones, the gnawing you feel when you first quit. That pain. That want. But, I am very learned and practiced quitter. What do I do? I focus my attention on something else and away I go to different thoughts and it is all behind me.

    IQWYT ( for us old folks, I quit with you today!)

  45. It has been almost 2 years now since the day I gained enough will power to quit my horrible habit of chewing. It was quite the journey experiencing the many side effects this brought me. It took its toll on me. There were many days of darkness and depression. That soon would fade over time and then come back unexpectedly. I developed a few health conditions that I would have never expected to come from this. I visited the doctor more times in the first year than I had ever did my entire life up to that point. I still pushed to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It finally came to me, everything started to even out and I started to feel like I did before I started this nasty habit. There wasn’t an exact date, it was that I just woke up one day and said oh Its over! It was a gradual incline of well being. Patience is the only thing that was needed to win. If you disassociate the big lip tingling feeling from your daily routine you will win by maintaining patience. The health benefits are tremendous.

    I thank you…..the ones that helped me when I asked questions and the ones that supported me on this website. To those that are planning to quit… stay strong and be optimistic.

  46. Day 33 getting easier some anxiety but finding this site does help me

  47. Hi all this is my first time to this site and my Day 1 of quit. read a lot of the post and it’s very inspiring. Been dipping since I was a teenager and now I’m 48. So many years this habit had control of my life I’m ready to take it back.

  48. Quitter of the dip. What are all the benefits of this site as I want to make this last for the rest of my life. I want to be there for my family moving forward and place this horrible addiction behind me.

    • When u make that promise it’s very binding. You don’t want to let your quit group down and most of all yourself. I’ve been quit for 1,019 days. Best thing I ever did. It’s hard but very doable. Jump right in and throw the can away and start.

    • Jason, benefits is that you join a group of people who are going through what you are going through and are here to give you support. Posting roll call every day helps you hold on one day at a time. Read through all of the threads to learn how to stay strong every day.

  49. Today is day 120. Very thankful for this website and the support it provides to us all.

    • Day 75 and not turning back. The support here is amazing. Thank you all for those that posts your progress and experiences. I’ve had and continue to have struggles, odd feelings, and cravings. But I know this will eventually pass and get better each day!

  50. Hey All. starting with my first day of quitting dipping again. I originally quit 2 years ago but recently started back up 4 months ago due to continued stress at work. This was something I hid from my wife because I knew she would be mad, but with her finding out today, I’m taking it as a message that i need to stop. i will keep everyone up with the process.

    • I did the same thing. Im now on day 7 after a whole year of quit. Ugh. Im freaking out. Have jaw pain and my tongue tingles

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