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  1. Day 169 I stuck through all of the anxiety, headaches, dizziness, being light headed, sore throat, stomach problems, and much more and can say this last week I’ve had absolutely no symptoms! And feel pretty great again

  2. Day 4 and mind is racing. Decided to quit after 15 years and almost two tins a day. Last night woke up in the middle of the night to my heart racing. Anxiety has my mind in loops, one day I feel something in my throat, the next day I have chest pains. Has anyone had any of these symptoms? And if so what kind of chest pain? Thanks again

    • Absolutely experienced chest pains. Took myself to the ER – TWICE – during the first couple of weeks of my quit. Legit thought I was having a heart attack. Prognosis – anxiety due to quitting dip.

      No shit doc.

      Keep fighting Jim – the good news is you don’t ever have to feel this way again and the worst is behind you. It takes nic about 72 hours to work its way out of your system and you’re beyond that – CONGRATS. You’re now nicotine free. Just don’t re-introduce it to your system and you’ve got nowhere to go but toward freedom.

    • Jim its all normal. 99% of us have been through it. You arent dying. Your body is giving you the fits because it doesnt have its fix. Dont cave, I wont lie to you it can take months to get over but it will fade day by day. I can assure you it will pass and it may get worse before it does but it will pass. Like chewie said i also went to ER 3 times. Everytime i was fine and so are you. You may get dizzy also and a whole list of things. Your body is healing. Stick with it.

    • I gotta get off this stuff, gonna try to get through tomorrow dip free. I’ve quit before and always ended up back in it somehow.

  3. I hate to say it but I fell off the wagon. I’m ashamed of myself. I made it 130 days but recently have been dipping on and off. At one point in my quit I had my mind made up that I was never going to touch that shit again. But I started to let my guard down. I came back to college where I’m on the baseball team and as you can imagine dip is all over the place. I got lazy and got back on it. Tomorrow starts a new journey. time to get serious

    • NOAH,

      TRUE STORY, as you stated, “Dip is all over the place.” You must be ready to quit and when you decide to be clean of nicotine you must be proactive minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, in your quit success.

      A suggestion, if/when you attempt to quit again, join a quit group, KTC is a great place, hold yourself to a higher standard and accountable to yourself and your quit buddies.

      Good luck!

      @Sig45 1500 + days quit.

  4. 134 days. I know what I’ll be thankful for this year!! Safe travels and Happy Thanksgiving to all my quit brothers. Stay safe and stay quit.

  5. Day 80 today and 15 years of Tobacco and drinks . Feeling better to quit .

  6. It’s day 151 for me and I’m hoping the symptoms are just from this quit. I have been having a recent headache more around the front of my head along with pressure and a weird feeling in my head. I’m definitely starting to get worried as I’m also mixing up some words and can’t really concentrate to great.

    • ALEX,

      To be safe, I suggest you see the Doc.


    • Hey just to ease your pain I she some insight. I am 140 something days. Had crazy dizzy spells, neck pain, pressure, headaches.. it made me constantly check my blood pressure even though I never had blood pressure issues. Then you get anxiety and the blood pressure goes up. What I am getting at is it’s all normal to have at this stage. A lot of guys do. After researching I found out that you get depleted of magnesium with all the stress quitting puts on ur body and a lot of that head stuff you are feeling is from low magnesium. Go to target and pick up magnesium citrate for like 10 bucks. I did it and the next day all the head pressure, confusion and dizzy was was gone. Completely gone. Try it out and come back and let me know.

  7. 600 days today – For you folks early in your quit experiencing terrible symptoms, all I can say is push through it. I had pretty much every withdrawal symptom there is; anxiety, fog, dizziness, tingling in hands/arms, chest pain, inability to concentrate on anything. I came very close to caving many times because the symptoms were so tough for me to deal with. I went to the doctor and ER multiple times thinking something had to be wrong with me. I used every ounce of willpower in my body to push through and continue my quit and I am so glad I did. I am now 600 days nicotine free and I feel the best I have in a really long time. It does get better if you just stay the course. Thank you for this site. It is such a cliche but so true for me – I could not have done it without this site. I don’t get on the site much anymore which I guess is a good thing because I dont really have cravings or symptoms anymore….but wanted to drop in on my 600 day mark to share a little encouragement for anyone struggling right now.

    • Needed this this morning, Doug, thank you. I’m on day 26 completely tobacco/nicotine free, and I’ve slumped into a little depression because of all said symptoms. It’s been rough. I’m doing my best and it’s great to hear there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

      • Day 20 for me and this morning is worst day yet. Insomnia, depression, crying lol. Won’t cave no matter what, going for a long walk.. goodluck

    • 600 that is awesome!! I’m at 122 today. I feel better but I’m not out of the woods. I still think about it a lot and while not as frequent…the anxiety is still there. 600 seems like a long ways but after 21 years of addiction, I’ve come a long ways already. Keep us posted as the years roll on. Congrats on 600!!

    • Go Doug! I just hit 500 days yesterday and want to echo what you said for those struggling. I had the fog and anxiety for around the first 300 days of my quit. They reared their ugly head less frequently as I progressed through my quit but were still there. Since May I have felt great, no symptoms whatsoever. It does get better!

  8. pigeonicecreamariel73630

    Day 43. New to the forum. But reading y’all’s comment a have helped. I’m 23 years old and have dipped for a little over 7 years. I don’t have cravings just the anxiety. Any suggestions?

    • 43 days is huge and I like hearing that you’re giving it up at 23. For me, two things were critical: sugarless gum and exercise. Sometimes the anxiety would get so bad that I would just go out walking for 2+ hours. Anything to take my attention off that damned anxiety. Also, use the numbers of those in your quit group. Sometimes 1/2 hour chat can really help. I’m at 1324 days clean. I promise it will get better.

      • Anxiety is normal when quitting… almost everyone on this site used nicotine as their anti anxiety medication. Exercise helps tremendously with anxiety, so try to get in a routine of doing that. Eating a clean diet also helps. If you are struggling too much with anxiety/depression there is always prescribed medication from the doctors!

        • Stay away from anxiety medication! My Dr. prescribed me Ativan to take after i have seizures. I found it helped me sleep so i started taking 1mg every night. I had never heard of benzos and my Doctor did not warn me. After taking for prob 3-4 months i tried to stop and found out how addicted my body had become. From what ive read the withdrawals can actually kill you. Earlier this year my pharmacy cut me off cold turkey while my doctor was on vacation and felt the actual pain of withdrawals and ended up in the ER twice. If you can imagine what nicotine, alcohol and heroin withdrawals would feel like all at the same time thats about as close as i can describe it. Over the last 4 months ive been tapering off 1/4 mg Every 2 month, down to 1/2 a night and doing ok so far. next month going to drop to 1/4. Luckily tapering not getting any serious withdrawals symptoms so far but luckily i never abused it, used it to get high or took more that 1mg at a time even when it quit helping me sleep but i wouldnt wish those withdrawals on my worst enemy. Read up on benzos if you are considering, your body can become addicted VERY quickly.

      • Past 3 days have been the absolute worst. Monday I was looking forward to a BBQ with the fellas and the whole day was ruined due to these head games. Depressed mood, couldn’t eat a single thing. I tried some exercise yesterday just hoping today would be a better day. I woke up this morning with slight anxiety, but on the way to work I was fine. Now that I’m here, it has spiked thru the roof. If this is just a wave just don’t know how long it will last…

        • PIGEON – I am on Day 260. I had my worst from days around 30-60.. I hanged in and sucked it up. After day 60, it got a lot better. I still had 3-4 bad days every 2-3 weeks but crossing those first 2 months gave me the confidence that the worst is over and I come alive successfully.

          Right now, understand your homeostasis is out of whack and it will take approximately 2 months to start stabilizing. Take ODAT.

          I quit with you

  9. Day 253 – I am hitting a funk with severe pressure around head, fog, intense craving once or twice a day, anxiety, morning blues and irritability.. I had my worst around 35-45 days and this feels exactly the same…
    Was really surprised to feel something this intense after so many days :(.

    • Shiva,
      I am on day 259 and have been hit with fog and anxiety on and off. Mainly I have a couple days of anxiety every two or three weeks. I’m much better, but not symptom free yet.

      • Thank you WV_Quitter. It’s exactly as you described for me — couple of days once every 2-3 weeks but last few days it was very intense.. Hope it gets better soon and we all become symptom free soon.

    • Shiva, WV and others,

      Acknowledge the funk, breathe and move on with your quit.
      DO NOT DWELL ON THE blues, anxiety, fog, etc. distract the mind with positive thoughts; EXERCISE, QI Gong and Will yourself to win every battle everyday. You are all capable of much, much more; NO TRIGGER WILL EVER BREAK YOU!

      @Sigman45- Quit w/ all quitters today!

      • Sigman – thanks a lot.. my funk has ended now :)… Feeling the calm again.. Being active and consciously making an effort to stay positive is helping..

    • Shiva, i am on day 136.. I had a week with no symptoms last week then yesterday i got hit with neck and head pressure that runs towards temples. Its like a foggy dizzy feeling with pressure. Sometimes it causes headaches.. its so annoying because after a week no symptoms i thought i was in the clear. The dizzy, foggy unable to concentrate part is the worst. Really wish this would disapear for good

  10. Day 63 going in plus, feeling better.

  11. day 124, had a week symptom free, woke up today with some dizzyness and headache feeling i had when earlier in quit.. this normal to get this on day 124?

  12. Its been 2 years today! Those first couple of months were extremely hard. I have quit cigarettes, cigars and now dip. This one was the hardest. I had gap years between vices. Nicotine is nicotine. Delivery method doesn’t matter. Just suck it up. Withdrawal feeling will pass and diminish over time. Celebrate milestones and share your success with loved ones. Also, buy gum by the bag.

  13. Day 107!! It’s been 21 years since I’ve been this long without Copenhagen. I got my email today that my HOF coin had been shipped. I waited a little late to order because I kept thinking I might cave. I’m sure glad I didn’t. Chewie I thank you and the other admin for making this sight possible. I haven’t used the forum but I have read the posts on this screen and I’ve read a lot of the articles. I’m sure the forums are great and helpful but I couldn’t really figure it out on my phone. Thanks again to those who make this happen and you old time quitters, your posts have been an inspiration. To those who are just starting, don’t give in, if I can make it 100 days anyone can. I can’t wait until I see day 200!! God Bless America!!

    • 1479 days. I know i dont get on here enough but honestly i dont think about it much anymore. I dont even remember the last time I had the urge to use but its been years. Just celebrated 4 years on oct 15th. A few things you people early in your quit or still having some tough times should keep in mind. 1 You spent years creating links in your brain associating Nicotine with pleasure. Each time you fight off a craving you are destroying those channels. 2 They feel bad but keep in mind most craving only last 2-3 minutes. It gets easier as you go. 3 After 3 days the hardest part is over and the nicotine is out of your system. After that its all psychological. 4 If you are considering slipping keep in mind within a day or two you will be right back where you started and you wont even be getting a buzz anymore. You will use dip just to get rid of your nicotine fit to get by until the next one. Stick with it, believe me its worth it.

  14. Congratulations on your 4 year anniversary. Im still here with you. Funny you would mention a “Funk” feeling? Every month or two i get these weird feelings. Idk how to explain it, like im on some kind of narcotic? It can last a few days to weeks. I assumed it was either recovering from a seizure or my kidneys( recently found out i have polycystic kidney disease stage 3 which has a bad effect on my bp). I am starting to wonder how much of it just might be mental? It seems to coincide with not getting enough sleep for days leading up to it. Idk if its stress or? Last week 2 days after it started i was getting ready for bed and was feeling bad. I knew there was no way i was going to be able to g2 sleep so i got up and went for a long walk about an hour, looked at the stars. When i got home i put in a movie (Rocky) and just watched it until i started falling asleep. When i woke up the next day i felt fine?

  15. You are allowing your subconscious mind to still identify those feeling with an old habit. After so long, there are no traces of the poison in your body, it sounds like you have an opportunity to deal with normal ups and downs of life without the shit in your veins. This is a chance to show yourself that you will deal with problems in a healthy way and not by using a deadly lie. Spend some time going over the many reasons why you quit. Burn those in your subconscious. Shed any idea that you are giving up something and replace it with an attitude of “I don’t have to use” anymore. MikeLF 1392

  16. Day 49

    • ODAAT get you some Quit!

    • Day 11 for me. Miss a dip after a meal, so I keep eating. Put on 10 pounds the last week. Any tips to stop eating so much.

      • Two things I did more of while going through detox, eat and drink. My focus remained on the Nic demon and getting away from it. Can only deal with one crisis at a time. Try not to food binge but don’t worry about it. I am now on day 1392 after 30 years of bondage and I’m healthier than ever, losing the extra weight and alcohol free now also. ODAAT

  17. Your neighbor Dave Schultz told us about you. Scroll to the second page of comments and read his post.

    • That’s not me he’s describing…..I found this site just over 4 years ago when I quit cold turkey. I was originally craigselk88 and posted on this almost everyday….and luckily had a couple great guys TOM S and DUNDIPPIN that helped me a ton.
      When the site had a system update or something I lost track of my username etc and never came back on….til now.
      The site saved me…..

  18. Day 364

    So, this will be my first comment here. I gotta say, the 1st 100 days of quit lined up exactly with the “What to expect” article here **READ EVERYTHING ON THIS SITE**. I can’t tell how glad I was to find this site. The first time I quit I made it to day 7 and thought I could celebrate with a bag of chew, bad idea… The second time a quit I made it around 70 days or so and was completely blind-sided by the fog – I had no idea what was going on and thought I’d never get over nicotine. I’ve always been ashamed of the habit and I ninja dipped for 10 years. I knew everyone knew, but I hid it anyways. I was too proud to ask anyone for help… Thankfully, I found you guys here and I came here everyday for months reading and looking at everyone’s comments.

    Sad as it is, I made a deal with myself that if I still felt like crap after a year, I would go back to dipping. The beauty is, I’ve never felt better!! I don’t have cravings, I don’t have symptoms, I don’t need it! I had a dream last night where I was about to dip, knowing that if I did, I would get hooked again. These dreams always end with me caving and getting hooked again. In my dream, I could feel the depression, knowing I undid 363 days of quit. I can’t tell you the relief I get when I wake up knowing I’ve made it another day free of nicotine.

    I am proud to say that I never snapped at my wife and I was able to keep calm knowing it was the addiction trying to run the show. In the last year I’ve passed some tough business certifications, my wife and I had a son, I’m opening my own business, I bench pressed 405 pounds and I’m getting lighter/leaner every week. I ain’t bragging, I’m saying that addiction had held me down for years and I realize now how weak it made me. Since fighting nicotine and addiction and winning those battles (3 days, 20 days, 50 days, etc.), I feel more and more in control of myself and I’m gaining the confidence and determination needed to get stuff done. I ain’t gonna throw it all away for one more dip… Tomorrow is one year and it has been hell at times, especially when those demons tell me one more dip ain’t gonna hurt. Can’t listen to them, it’s a lie!

    I realize I’m rambling, but I’ve done something I didn’t think I could!! God bless everyone who helped put this site together! Thank you for paving a way for me to quit!

    One last note, there’s no magical day when you’re free. I realized months ago that I made it several days without thinking about a dip. You just keep fighting triggers until there aren’t any left. The dream last night reminded me of how I used to be a slave, but now I’m free. It’s on me to chose freedom instead of slavery. I pray that all of you who want to quit, make the same choice. It really is mind-over-matter. The physical symptoms pass pretty quickly, but the mind is where the battle is.

  19. My name is Caleb im 23 and iv been dipping for 4 years. I find it hard to quit. I usually buy a can when i get up put a big dip in. Then chuck it out the window because of the guilt of trying to quit, and i dont know why i do that because the next day its the same way lol. I use nicotine lozenges, they help kinda im suppose to take 1 every 1-2 hrs, i pop in 4 just because the anxiety and the stress not having tobacco sucks… I wanna be able to not use anything. I need your advise how do i just get through the nagging thoughts of “i need tobacco” how do i not stop at the store when im out and about. Any advice would be greatly appreciated

    • CALEB,

      First, read this:

      The Story of Randy and His Cancer
      KillTheCan LogoThis is the story of Randy as told by forum member Kylos. It is being retold / archived here to once again prove that tobacco and nicotine are playing for keeps…

      June 29,2011

      So as I sit here two weeks past my second floor I am studying the irony of the faithful day in November that I quit…..I was driving my car and had just finished my last dip of Copenhagen. I looked over at my buddy Randy who was smoking away at his hand rolled Drum cigs like he always was….I told him I was not going to buy another can of dip. He looked at me like I was some sort of crazy lunatic ready to punch his mother. After he wiped that look off his face he chuckled and asked me why…I looked over and mumbled that I was sick of the shit and I knew deep down it would kill me, and I was ready to quit and if he wanted to live a full life he should too. He smirked and remarked on how long this would last, and he had never seen me without a dip in my face. He rolled another smoke and said “good luck with that”.

      Now over seven months later I am still quit and enjoying my freedom. Randy has not quit….he developed pain in his mouth about five months ago and had a tooth extracted. The pain did not stop with the pulling of the tooth…it increased. He visited the dentist several times and was finally referred to an oral surgeon. That oral surgeon told him that he may have cancer. That “may” have cancer has turned into stage four cancer of the tongue, jaw and throat…including a silver dollar sized tumor on his jaw and it has spread to several lymph nodes. On Friday he will have three inches of his jaw removed and most of his tongue….then radiation and chemo.

      I quit, he did not. I gained freedom and he was given a 26% chance of living five years. I was given a new lease on life and he was given disfigurement and a possible death sentence. Stay quit… is life or death and that is the undeniable truth.

      July 2, 2011

      Just a quick update….Randy’s surgery was delayed for a week because he is battling a fever of unknown origin…..his wife told me that his weight has dropped to 126lbs and eating solid food is almost impossible…..sad shit…

      July 4, 2011

      I spoke with Randy and his wife and they are in the process of setting up a fund for Randy at his wife’s credit union…I will let you know as soon as I have information..thanks for your kindness…just to let you know Randy is a painter by trade with little money and no insurance as he has been unable to work. What is most unsettling is the amount of pain this guy is in….he is taking heavy duty narcotics and he is still in unbearable pain, and the worse part is that the pain is only going to get worse with all the surgery. A painful drawn out torture is what tobacco induced cancer gives you, before it takes your life. Stay quit.

      August 18, 2011

      Well I wanted to give an update on Randy….after many delays he finally had a 12 hour surgery today to remove as much cancer from his jaw, tongue and throat as they could…they then dissected the lymph nodes on the left side of his neck that were found to be cancerous. Then to cover the defect left from the removal of the soft pallet and jaw they used a portion of his pectoris (chest) muscle. He will now spend the next week in ICU as he is on a vent to breath and has a feeding tube inserted for at least a month. As soon as he is able they will start radiation and chemo to try and kill this aggressive form of squamous cell carcinoma. That’s a lot of suffering for being an addict to a poison plant. Stay quit.

      September 1, 2011

      So I am updating…Randy has been discharged to home care and I just got back from visiting him at home…..looking at him he could have been Rick Bender or Gruen von Behrens or Sean Marsee His face and neck were a swollen mess and where his peck should be one side is now flat and mangled. One thing I noticed that was truly different about him was his attitude…..receiving all your nourishment through a tube directly into your stomach has a way of changing you I suppose. I asked him if he was quit from tobacco….he told me that tobacco is a loaded gun and he had pulled the trigger one to many times and his will to live had overcome his desire to kill himself with Nicotiana tabacum. He now wants to go on a one man anti-tobacco crusade to anyone who wants to listen (especially children) about what tobacco will do for and to you. But first he must endure 31 days of radiation treatment and pack some weight on his 115lbs body. Stay quit, it is life or death.

      September 22, 2011

      Quick update on Randy……his post surgery progress is improving…..he is able to eat small amounts of soft foods orally and drink some liquids. Most of his nutrition is still done by feeding tube directly to his stomach. One of the harder things is living without a pectoral muscle on his left side and having to hold his head straight and upright with mangled neck muscles so his trach hole will heal properly. His weight has climbed to 135lbs so he will ready to do radiation treatments next week, but first he must have several of his teeth pulled before they BBQ where his jaw was. He will lose the ability to taste and make saliva…possibly permanently. Even after all he has gone through he still craves tobacco……think about that…. Stay quit….it is life or death.

      October 22, 2011

      So I stopped by and saw Randy today. He is halfway through his daily radiation treatments. His face is still a swollen mess and now you can see the telltale signs of radiation burns on the side of his face and neck where the beam of radiation is concentrated on the spot where his jaw and tongue used to be. He can no longer make saliva because of the radiation and his taste buds are quickly being destroyed. He describes the treatment as being BBQ-ed over the course of weeks with the discomfort building slowly into an all out pain fest that 30mg of morphine hardly touches. Compound that with still being fed through a tube to his stomach until late December and I can see that this guy is being tortured to his limit. I thank God every day I am quit. Stay quit it is life and death.

      November 27, 2011

      I wanted to use today(my one year quit anniversary)to update on Randy. He is done with radiation and has come through the experience pretty well. He is still rather weak from the treatments but his weight is holding and he is in good spirits. Now comes the hard part…the waiting….the constant vigilance for signs that the cancer will return….the patience to see if he will be in the 26% that survive for the five years plus after stage four oral cancer. The most important part of that wait is that he is QUIT….for as the doctors have told him any return to tobacco is certain death and he has heeded their warning. I am so thankful to be quit….it is life or death.

      February 22, 2012

      It has been a long time since I gave an update on Randy. I talked with him tonight for the first time in a few weeks and I was given the news that his cancer is back. Was I shocked…no…surprised?….no…I would say saddened would describe my feelings. His cancer has returned on the side of his jaw that was not removed. I think he knows his time is limited now. He is going back for more surgery, radiation and chemo. I want to give him hope but he knows all to well that odds are that he is a dead man. Tobacco does not care….it wants your life. It can’t have mine….I’m quit. Stay quit it’s life or death.

      March 6, 2012

      So an update….Randy had 23 cancerous lymph nodes removed and what’s left of his jaw shaved down in one of the areas where a cancerous node was touching the jaw bone… 30 days of radiation and several rounds of chemo It’s looking pretty bad……stay quit it’s life or death.

      April 17, 2012

      Imagine having so much of your face cut out that you have only chemotherapy to kill the cancer that is eating your flesh and bone. You are unable to lie supine because neck muscles have been dissected and your nerves cut so badly that your airway becomes compromised. Unable to be fitted for a radiation blocking mask until healing allows. Only to have the other side of your face irradiated this time in hopes of buring enough of you to kill the malignancy. As the cancer rages rampant. This is what tobacco leaves as it’s legacy. Stay quit it’s life or death.

      June 22, 2012

      Been awhile since I gave an update on Randy. He finished his 28 radiation treatments two weeks ago, and this is four less treatments than the first round, but the radiation was increased for the second round. He also finished his 2 months of chemo to help increase the effectiveness of the radiation. One side effect of the radiation is that he can only open his mouth about 1 inch and must stack tongue depressors and stretch his mouth so that one day he can eat solid food again. He is optimistic that he is cured and in good spirits considering the circumstances and he is tobacco free. Stay quit….it’s life of death.

      July 21, 2012

      I just got word that Randy is in the hospital. He started hemorrhaging out of his mouth and lungs yesterday. This tobacco induced cancer has metastasized and seems immune to radiation and chemo. I played 9 holes of golf with Randy just two weeks ago. Tobacco is poison of the highest degree…….stay quit it’s life or death.

      July 24, 2012

      Quick update. Randy had surgery to stem bleeding from problem areas of his lung….they stopped the bleeding and he has stabilized for now….he’s tough as shit. Stay quit it’s life or death.

      August 18, 2012

      Definition of CANCERIZATION
      : transformation into cancer or from a normal to a cancerous state. Tobacco causes this…….many times this is irreversible……this is sadly the case with Randy. His cancer has returned and it is inoperable. Hospice is an invaluable gift at times like this, facing a finite time with dignity and comfort is their goal. I hope he will be up for some golf along his journey. Stay quit it’s life or death.

      January 2, 2013

      Randy died last night. His suffering has passed and he is at peace with God. I hope and I know Randy hoped, that people would take this story as motivation to remain tobacco free and strengthen their quit. I would like to thank anyone who has posted thoughts or prayers for Randy, I know they meant a lot to him during his fight against cancer.

      Second, suck it up and quit one day at a time.

    • Day 98. Last week was wonderful but the past two nights I haven’t been able to sleep. I still think about it everyday and the anxiety and brain fog are still present somedays but it is a whole lot better than it was in the beginning. I’m not very good with technology so I don’t post in the fourms but I want to thank you all for posting on this page because it helps just knowing others are going through it too. Chewie, you are doing a good thing here, so thank you. I wish you all the best and I will be praying for you as I pray for myself.

  20. Day 108 here. Went friday through tuesdays with no withdrawl symptoms.. slept for 9 hours last night. Woke up with the dizzy spells and minor headache today.. Seems to be the pattern now. I get a few good days then days filled with anxiety and dizzy spells. Praying its all gone soon. Love you guys and i couldnt get this far without all of you

  21. 4 years today. Celebrated by riding my bike 33 miles. There is no way i could/would have done that if i were still using nicotine. Ive lost almost 70 pounds since i quit. I was close to 250 when i quit. Im down to 182 now. Sorry im pretty tired tonight after my ride and ma ready to go to sleep lol. Best of luck. Keep up the good fight

  22. I quit November 10, 2018. I stayed quit 326 days. A few weeks ago I posted that I had slipped up and had a dip. I also told everyone that that one dip hadn’t really affected me. I made it out that I was somehow stronger because of it. I was so wrong around three days after that dip I had another one. Then another. I am completely addicted again. All the symptoms that I had when I was quitting I am having even worse now that I started back. My anxiety levels are through the roof and I’m having dizzy spells. The worst part of all this is I did it to myself. I was completely over tobacco and one bad decision and I’m right back at square one. Anyways, I have decided to start over. I threw my can Out and when I wake up tomorrow morning I will be on day one. I feel like somehow it is going to be harder then it was last time. I guess I’ll get back in the gym too. When I quit last year, I also started lifting weights three times a week. That really seemed to help. Actually thinking back I didn’t start having cravings again until I stopped lifting. Anyways if anybody has been thinking about having just one dip please don’t do it. Find something to get your mind off of it. That one dip will lead you right back to a can a day. Ive decided that I will post my thoughts on here every night until I feel like through the worst of it.

    • Im on day 262 and I feel your pain stay strong man it’s really just us on this site fighting this stupid addiction we got ourselves into just remember, that can is a lie even when it gets hard everything about it is a lie I always keep fake dip around to ease the cravings best of luck to you man your not alone in this fight Im fighting it everyday alongside you!

    • We all learn one way or another.
      I caved on day 99 and 4 years later i started my quit once again, and it is like you say a lot harder than the first time.
      What really got to me from your post is when you said “When I quit last year” Dude! a whole year down the tubes.
      It really resounded on me because I am on day 361, you see what I mean?

    • I feel ya. I went a full year, dabbled back in it with a dip here and there, next thing I knew, I was back to dipping regularly for about a month now. So aggravated with myself but like you, threw away my can today and starting back over from square one again.

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