How To Post ROLL CALL – Roll Call Instructions

Step 1 – Find the last Roll Call
Step 2 – Hit the “Quote” button in the upper right hand corner.
Step 3 – Click your mouse ANYWHERE in The bottom Box
Step 4 – Hit Ctrl and “A” at the Same time so it looks like THIS
Step 5 – Hit Ctrl and “X” at the same time so there is NOTHING in Either Box
Step 6 – Click your mouse in the TOP BOX
Step 7 – Hit Ctrl and “V” at the same time to Past the info into the top box AND ADD YOUR info to the bottom of the list
Step 8 – Hit ADD REPLY below the bottom box
Step 9 – Go back to the 1st unread post, pat yourself on the back, and have a beer cause you will not be dipping today.

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  1. how do you find the last roll call?

  2. Dont worry about the next months, just think about the next few minutes, and make sure they dont involve dipping

  3. you still hanging in there?

  4. 3 hours into day 1 on my 7 try at quitting the dip. I want this to happen but not looking forward to the first few days, weeks, and months of this journey.

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