Bobby Shaves For Surgery

Bobby Shaves For Surgery


  1. Cancer is caused by candidates albicans highjacking your immune system.

    Cancer, requires an injury, to take root.

    His injury was the chronic irritation caused by his tobacco usage.

    Red meat, Beef, leads to colon, prostate, and ovarian cancers.

    The mesintary absorbs all the poisons in the food.

    Sugar, or food that can be converted to sugars, MUST be present long term, goff cancer to flourish

    The cancer, is really a Cancerous body, Acidic in nature, and fed a sugar based diet.

    Candidas is a living parasite that highjsckd your immune system.

    You can’t cut cancer out.

    You have to starve it, before it starves you.

    That’s what you die of, Malnutrition.

    Cancer robs you of the ability, To Live, in your own body.

  2. I worked with a guy that chewed and every week or two, he’d have to change sides because his teeth were getting loose on the dipping side. Why would you do that to yourself!? Of course, the guy I’m talking about is dead!! Good luck!!

    1. I am in the dental field and when patients come in for exams and cleanings it is protocol to give oral cancer screening exams. Unfortunately, we can warn people of their chewing habits but, some either can’t break their habits or don’t take us seriously. Chewing tobacco erodes the gum tissues and leads to tissue transplants, lose teeth or oral cancer.

  3. I dipped snuff for 20 plus years. I quit cold turkey on January 1st 2004. Smartest thing I ever did. Don’t miss it at all. For all you snuff dippers out there. You can quit. You should quit!

  4. I was going to say the same. My uncle chewed. And died from cancer of the intestines. Doctors felt it was caused by years of swallowing tobacco juice. Long slow painful death.

    1. No dentist I’ve ever known would say “it’s alright”. Chewing tobacco has an affect on your body in the most horrific way. From the point of entry, the mouth, throughout your body to it’s natural exit, there is huge negative impacts, cancer is only 1. I urge you to research the topic, there is much information available, and please quit. For you first, then for your loved ones.

  5. I wish I could convince my 23 yr. old grandson how bad that junk is for him. He really believes that it won’t bother him. This attitude of “It can’t and won’t do me any harm” needs to be changed. We have a friend that almost lost his voice box and tongue because of smokeless tobacco. I wish people would believe the medical reviews and not have to find out the hard way.

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