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Smokeless tobacco, dip, snuff and chew are dangerous. Not only do they cause bad breath & sore throats they are incredibly disgusting. If you can get past that, there’s always the threat of cancer and other oral diseases. Here are some photos of those diseases. Hopefully, this isn’t you! Click on each photo for a larger view.

NOTE: These images have been gathered from around the Internet or were submitted to us. assumes no ownership of these images. When possible sources have been cited. If you see one of your photos here without proper credit please contact us and we’ll add proper attribution immediately. 


    1. I smoked three packs a day for about 7 years and gave it up eithin (10) ten days cold turkey. That was 40 years ago. It all has to do with your motivation. My motivation stemmed from my desire to please God. So I asked Him for his help and I proactively made changes in my life. I gave up everything I did while smoking. No more NY Times crossword and coffee. No more sewing. No more sitting in smoking seats on my commute. Etc. You CAN do it with the help of Jehovah God’s holy spirit. I was NOT a Jehovah’s Witness back then of course but I am happily one now. I pray for everyone who wants to quit to receive His help to do so. Amen.

  1. My name is Michael and I’ve been dipping for about a year but I started to have a lump in my throat that varies in intesity one doctor suggested Gerd but I’m definitely quitting dipping now, should I get a second opinion?

  2. I’m 17 and I’ve been dipping grizzly wintergreen for a little over a year now and this week I noticed that my gums had skin peeling off of them. I was able to peel the skin off and there isn’t really anything under it but my gums were a little irritated. Does anyone know what the skin peeling means?

  3. No signs just paranoid in getting it…been dipling off and on for the last 10 years. Its time to kick the can any advice? I have no tobacco in the house and have no intentions on buying any

  4. I;m Jason I have a tramatic head injury im been doing it for 20 something sinc 15 now 44 I need god to help me I seen the pictures I have no mom now its difficult iquess you try you can I give cngrats to yoy all god bless

    1. Jason I am praying for you. Ask God unto your heart and get w a good congregation, I want you do please do this. Your mom would want you to, do it for her and mainly you of course. You are very important! Be strong, the urges last 3-5 min, you can get thru that! I use gum to stop smoking .. it works the best for me. Cmon, take the first step! God bless you…. Joanna

    1. I ‘ve had it and ive been doing yoga since I was a young adult. You should never say that it’s not true. It gives a false sense of hope. But I know you meant no harm. Neither do I.

  5. Does dippers really don’t mind having their face mutilated. The hole inside the mouth is concealable, but imagine having the hole outside your face. I quit after I got a bad bacterial infection in my mouth that discolored my tongue. Dipping is relaxing, but not worth the results from the pics above.

  6. Does anyone ever get a sore jaw bone from chewing? My jaw bone on the face not under neath has been sore to the touch for a couple days, no signs of lumps or any swelling just sore. Any recommendations?

  7. 21 days dip free after 36 years of dipping. We can do this together. Smokeless tobacco is a killer

    1. Smoking and tobacco has been the most often associated factor for lip and oral cancers. Cigarettes contain various carcinogens including tar. The chemical substances found in cigarettes damages the lining of the lip, which causes abnormal cells to proliferate. Almost all patients who suffered from lip cancer are smokers.

      1. It’s not easy. I chewed for 27 years. I have been tobacco free for 21 plus days. You have to want to quit. Start by looking good at photos of cancer patients from chewing. Then calculate how much you have spent on chewing tobacco. The both of those will shock you. What also helps is tobacco and nicotine free chew. The cravings are tough. You just have to keep reminding yourself on why you don’t want cancer and possibly be dead and not be around for your family. It’s tough, but you can do it.

      2. Sleep for the first week you are off of it. Just don’t be awake for the cravings. Use the patch for emergencies and don’t drink for the first year off. Change any richuals which ended in a chew. When truly week, look at pictures/images displaying consequences of weakness. Quitting sucks for 2 weeks, not sucks for a lifetime. Don’t forget, if you love women, sorry Charly! I hope this helps

      3. Further Rich, trust me, after that little bit of time it gets better, I promise. You have to quit, a little nicotine is not worth it. I started at 12 years old and quit at 30. After my cancer scare I did it. No cancer regular check ups! Here is the great part, I am not tethered to this stuff anymore. No clock watching to my next chew. As a personal trainer, very important, etc. no more bad breath or black dots in my teeth. Teeth super white! Yada

  8. I chewed Copenhagen for nearly 30 years and eventually got periodontal disease. No cancer or tooth lose. Had Laser Assisted new attachment procedure (LANAP) with Osseous Surgery which was very successful and incidentally cost me $6200 out of pocket. Extremely painful procedure.

    I genuinely loved chewing tobacco and successfully quit after the surgery because I simply couldn’t put the dip in my lip. I was on a liquid / soft food diet for one month and used nicotine patches to get me through it. I’m happy to report I have been off dip for 4 months. I’ve convinced myself dipping is a disgusting habit where I was intentionally poisoning myself. All told my life is tremendously better being a non-dipper. I hope all of you who want to quit do. You can and will if your committed. I also had two military buddies who also dipped and we all quit together with varying degrees of success. That support was critical.

    Again, you can quit. Rest assured dip will kill you or make you wish you were dead.

    1. And ironically enough I’m a 47 year old man. My father caught my older brother and I smoking as teenagers. After tanning our rear-ends, he turned us on to dip. My father eventually died at the age of 50 from stomach and throat cancer. He died a horrible, painful death.

      I’m convinced had I proceeded as my father did I would find a similar fate. Unfortunately 4 months dip free isn’t a guarantee I won’t have complications. At the end of the day I quit. That’s a darn good start to a healthier lifestyle…

      1. My buddy GUARD BUM will be posting something on this topic shortly. A bit dimwitted, but don’t doubt his commitment to quit. It’s been two days off of dip for him and I propose we support him…

    2. i am former military my self and i can qwuit but after that i do not know what to do with myself. there is a big hole where i would normally being dipping because if i am not dipping then i am drinking koolaid or soda or milk or eating. i have already had cancer of the bladder and that was not to bad but i know i can get cancer. well after the surgery i went down from 30 cans a month to 13 cans a month now i am back up to 18 cans a month and i do not know how to commite to qwuiting. i do not have friends that can or will give me the support i need to qwuit long term can sombody help me in a small way. i have seen the pictures and they make me sick. i do not want to wind up like the poor souls in those pictures.

      1. I can be apart of your quiting process. I just got out of the dentist yesterday and he said quit. I might have to get a biopsy of troubled areas. Message me. I am also 3 1/2 years sober. This habit is the one thing I didn’t want to let go of. Now is the time.

      2. Charles,
        Normally people quit when their condition becomes a visible unattractive scar to the public. When you get there, you will be surprised how easy it is to quit. Just keep viewing those pictures.

      3. I shouldn’t ask this but does bladder cancer cause sexual problems in your case? No offense that alone would make me not give a shit and how you even are at 18 cans a day alone is a miracle. Not trying to say anything or be an ass but if you quit good job. I’m not saying what I would do but fuck that’s really hard man. Good luck.

      4. Sorry to hear your struggle, I to have battled with quitting chewing tobacco. On and off I do feel better when I’m not under the spell of dip. I’m 7 days off again and feel great hope we both can beat it

      5. I just flush my two tubs of dip along with my 3 rolls and 2 cans down the toliet i had my sister do the last can couldnt bring myself to do it just stared there for 10 minutes holding the can after she dumped it i thought to myself this is controling my life i didnt have enough control to do it fully now that she did im glad i have a lump or lessence on the right side of my mouth going to get it checked out today i already fell better without it even near me so far 2 minutes clean and already regretting it but i will not end up like them guys in the pictures.

      6. I quit after 20 years of dipping . I couldn’t get it when out of country. When back in country like I never quit . The secret is becoming aware! The secret is knowing that every time you open that can and put in a pinch that you are killing yourself. The secret is knowing that you have the power to make the choice to stop , you can’t lie to yourself. I committed to doing it in front of everyone of my employees in the Friday meeting, if I lie to them what kind of man does that make me? I have been dip free for two months now . The first month sucked . But become aware , and believe me you will become aware . I kept a brand new can unopened in my truck door as a dare to myself . But never opened it after I committed. It took twenty years for me to understand that I was a slave to some damn dirt with 4000 chemicals in a can and that I was paying the devil to kill me. .. hope that is in some way an encouragement enough to open the door for you to commit to yourself . That’s the one you have to talk into it

      1. I started chewing Red Man and eventually switch to Skoal dip. I only used a couple cans a week. In Sept 1999 I noticed a soreness on the right side of my neck and a hard lump the size of a golf ball had emerged.After about 3 days the pain subsided and the lump became soft like jelly feel. Three months later I was diagnosed with Squamous cell carcinoma and received a modified radical neck dissection, with right side base of tongue and metastatic right tonsil area. After such a close brush with death I realized how selfish I had been.I was married to a wonderful wife with a beautiful 12 yr. old daughter and a 9 yr. old son. Despite my self centered attitude I realized just how much God had blessed me with such a wonderful family and how I may have just thrown it all away. I asked God to forgive me and asked for another chance to fulfill the obligation and responsibility of providing,protecting and raising my family.The thought of another man taking my place to fulfill my responsibilities due to selfishness and knowing that someone besides my childrens father and wifes husband would likely take my place, where I had miserably failed, was enough to motivate me to quit tobacco in any and all forms. Thanks to a great surgeon, 37 radiation treatments a lot of prayer and a loving and forgiving God I am still around 17 yrs. later to enjoy my retirement. I support all of you and remember Philippians 4:13

  9. Reading comments, I couldn’t help but comment myself…Im 38. Chewing tobacco since I was 18. Ive went to my 2 year checkups and cleanings religiously. Yes, ive had periods of mouth pain over the years, some receeding of gums(luckily my roots are very long) and occasional bad breath. I know im not immune to cancer, so relax. I check my mouth every few months….nothing ever suspicious. Knock on wood. My opinion…its in your genes! Some people just shouldn’t ever do it! Some will get away with it. Im half dutch, half Mexican indian. Think about it…:)

    1. Good luck is all I have to say. Oral cancer mimicks so many other oral conditions in appearance that by the time you find it, it may be too late. It aggressively metastasizes and the treatment options include gross resection of the area, chemo, and radiation that can leave the person with chronic pain, dysfunction, and disfigurement. The difficulty of early detection (which often is due to poor doctor/dentist recalls) is why the 5 year survival rate is still only about 50%. I have a hard time understanding how chewing tobacco is worth the risk. I hope you or your family never has to deal with this terrible disease. My prayers to all cancer victims. Timothy Supan DMD

      1. As for your question about chewing tobacco is worth the risk…is smoking meth or shooting heroin worth the risk? 99% of people that have an addiction aren’t caculating the risk. All were looking at is the reward. What will we get out of doing ____. Fill in the blank with chew, prescription drugs, meth, etc… Then when it does get to the point of caculating the risk it’s usually pretty far down the rabbit hole. Either you’re on the brink of death/losing everything/cancer etc…

        So yes, it would be wise to weigh all decisions throughly first. But most people don’t do that.

      2. Hello Dr. Supan my name is Nick and I have chewed for roughly 15 years. I’m on day 4 of my quit and I feel committed to the quit I’m going thru a bit of hell but I just looked at those pics and I would say that I don’t know what hell is comparatively speaking. I just saw your comment I know u posted months ago, but thank you for your candor u r the only person I replied to idk exactly why but again ty for your honest words happy holidays!

  10. Thank you for all the photos. I am trying desperately to beat this message into my 18 year old son’s head. He is sneaking dip and I want him to quit.

    1. Reg tell your son it’s the worst mistake he can make. I started snuff when I was 13, I’m 23 now and can barely sneeze without teeth falling out. I’ve spent 50k on flight training to be a pilot and now can’t get hired Bc of the condition my teeth/gums are in and can’t pass the physical. The “cool” thing to do when I was a kid has cost me my entire career. Pass this on to ur boy before it’s too late. Good luck.

    1. Great question. And one that I don’t really have an answer for. My guess would be that there has never been a direct link made between candy and oral cancer. That link has been made between smokeless and cigarettes.

      I spose if we’re being honest, there’s a SLEW of things that can potentially give you cancer. As we both know there are lobbies on both sides that throw millions (billions?) into getting warning labels onto products as well as keeping them off of others.

      1. Thanks for the slap in the mouth! Literally! I’m 37 and smoked for 12 years, quit and started dipping 8 years ago. Have never had a cavity but my gum line has receded some and these nuts that’s saying these pics aren’t from dipping are retards. Notice how the cancer is always on the side of the tongue or in the pocket of the jaw?!
        This scared me to tears! I’m done! Got me a few pieces of nicerette gum if I have to have it. I have a family with 3 little girls and as great of a risk it is this day to get cancer I can’t think of how miserable it would be to think of telling my family I caused my own cancer because of a damned addiction. Time to flex up and grow up,
        Thanks! Seth A.

  11. I lost my brother to tongue cancer 2 years ago and he went thru hell. It started as him sounding hoarse and a swollen lymph node behind his ear. He had a massive tumor at the base of his tongue. He went thru 3 rounds of chemo and radiation, plus 4 surgeries over the course of 6 years. He had been a musician and singer and all he wanted was to sing again. That never happened. His last surgery consisted of losing half of his tongue and most of his throat. He was fed thru a tube for the last 3 years of his life. He couldn’t speak normally; he couldn’t eat and he was a great cook. Everything he loved was taken away from him. He was a recovering alcoholic (11 years) and hadn’t smoked in years, but his type of cancer is usually found in men 50 and older who had been drinkers and smokers. He fit the bill perfectly. I watched my sweet brother suffer more than anyone should ever have to do. He fought like hell for 6 years until his poor body just couldn’t fight anymore. He was 56 years old when he died. His death has devastated our family. Our hearts are crushed. He left behind his wife, daughter and 2 beautiful granddaughters he adored. He left behind our mom and dad, his twin brother, me – his big sister and our younger brother. Please don’t drink, smoke or chew – it could eventually cost you your life. It’s not worth the momentary enjoyment. Believe me, my beloved brother would be the first one to tell you so. Love and miss you so very, very much Alan. I cry for you every day xxxxxxx

    1. This story brought tears to my eyes. I’m so very sorry your brother had to go through that. I hope you can come to some peace someday. God bless you

    2. I am so sorry for your loss!! My husband dipped for 5 years and went to the dentist and said there was precancerous spot on his jaw. He quit then and has recently went back and forth. I have been trying to get him to quit for good, but he just won’t listen. I lost a cousin that had mouth cancer from dipping. I don’t remember him much just that he didn’t have most of his jaw. Again sorry for your loss!!

    3. I cried reading your message.I am sorry to hear bout your brother .I have cancer from dipping all my life I tried giving it up.I watch my beloved aunt die from mouth cancer to she went threw a lot from it.It down in my throat now I want let them cut on me cause they have cut my throat n my jaws I don’t want my 3 year old grandson see me the way I seen my aunt I don’t want put that image in his mind. But I lived longer with out having the surgery then she did my sons are dipping I keep telling them they need give it up.CAuse they don’t no how bad I throw up 7. 24 from the cancer they want listen I found from June till now my health gone done hill bad and I found out I had cancer over a year ago now I can’t eat cause the knots in throat so bad it choke me r I start eating it up .again sorry bout your brother. Crystal

    4. Your story sounds like my husbands cousin. He was diagnosed with
      Squamous cell carcoma. They had to take out his jaw and most of his glands in his neck. They sewed his tougue to the inside of his cheek to keep his face from being disfigured. He always had trouble talking and eating. He got choked so easily. After twelve years the cancer came back in his lungs and bones and brain. It was horrible for him and the whole family. My husband lost a best friend he misses every day.

  12. Kevin look up chew ingredients…there is rat poison in there and a million other chemicals younclean toilets with. It’s NOT safer. Quit for you or get off here. Don’t tell yourself these lies.

  13. I go because I have cavities and I’m working to get them fixed and i just don’t know why you all try to bash on dip i was on my way to throat cancer until I switched to dip dip saved my life and it can save your unhappy ass because other people are happy doing what they love and you just want to ruin that why not just let people do shit them selves. you do know in smoking those cancer sticks there over 3,000+ chemicals in that little stick you suck on most of those pictures are caused by smoking you cant fool any one im here to change all the stupid shit yall say about dip

    1. If you think dip saved your life I’m not going to bother trying to convince you otherwise.

      You’ve got so many cavities that you’re going to the doctor monthly? Maybe… just maybe… your dipping habit has something to do with that? Nah… couldn’t be.

      1. If you look at the pictures, you can tell that not a single one of them took care of there mouths at all. Also, there is no proof that those pictures are from smokeless tobacco. Yes, smokeless tobacco can cause cancer, I’m not saying it doesn’t, but statistics show that people develop oral cancer a TON more from smoking than using smokeless tobacco. Why is there no comercials showing the dangerous of smokeless tobacco? It’s because there is not enough cases worthy enough to waste money on comercials for something that is not causing a huge problem. Again, it can cause oral cancer, but you do not hear of people dying from oral cancer SPECIFICALLY from smokeless tobacco, you do, however, here of people dying from oral cancer from smoking.

        1. I don’t disagree. These people clearly haven’t taken care of their oral health, and that includes smoking & dipping.

          Why are there no commercials? Honestly I don’t know. But I’d tend to agree with you. My guess is the Big Tobacco lobbies are too strong and and anti-smokeless folks don’t have the money, time or inclination to go after them.

          Even though smoking rates are at a decline, there are still WAY more smokers out there than dippers. No argument from me there. Gotta pick your battles.

    2. Hello, I am a 47 year old woman who started chewing at age 13. So i have chewed copenhagen snuff for 34 years. Last Friday I had to get a biopsy from the inside of lip. Am scared to find out results. Please all say a prayèr. I cannot even function without chew anymore and have tried to quit numerous times. Thanks

  14. and yall do know that smoking can cause most of these two and you cant get rid of it man and idk why yall try its stupid

  15. for starter none of this would happen as long as you take care of yourself ive been dipping for 20 years and not one problem first brush your teeth after or two – three times a day second switch it up go to the other side or top this will give time for your mouth tissue to heal and smoking you put in over 3,000 chemicals dip is a lot safer for you there has been a plethera of studies you cant fool me i go to the dentist every month for a check up and they dont see any problems but then again every one is different

    1. All that moving it around does is spread the wealth my friend. I have dipped 16 years and am now showing signs of cancer didn’t think it would happen to me but it is.

    1. Travis it from chewing I no I dipped since I was a kid.the Dr told me that what caused my chin pain n ear crack now I deaf in one ear n the other has a little hearing in it.

    1. I have some small small my mouth but it is not paining….is this..sign of anything bad to cancer…or not please help me…..i am chewing tobacco since last ten years…i have this small small spot since last 4 years…please reply me fast

      1. Hi Patel – it’s difficult to say without seeing it and even then I’m not qualified to make a diagnosis as I’m not a dentist. I’d suggest you get it checked by a professional but I’m guessing it’s nothing to worry about.

  16. Hi
    I was using this tobacco about5 years recently I quit..but now my lower lip is paing..and nothing changes in the skin …can you help me

    1. Tough to say as I’m not a doctor. I can tell you that MANY people get pain in their lip / mouth after they quit. Would suggest you going to see your doctor / dentist but also tell you that it’s most likely nothing.

      1. I’m worried my back of my tongue is starting to look exa tly like the picture next to the guy with his neck cut open and it feels swollen when swallowing, and there is some good size bumps back there. You have any idea

        1. Difficult for me to say as I’m not a Dr. That said, I’d suggest you go see your dentist just to have him check it out. It’s most likely nothing and seeing him will give you some peace of mind.

        2. Papillae are the taste buds located in various locations on your tongue. Foliate Papillae are on the sides in the very back of your tongue. Sometimes they look inflamed little mushrooms. That can be your bodies common anatomy or enlarged due to mechanical irration from teeth/etc. Regardless have a dentist check it out!

  17. All my bottom lip in both corners has painless clusters of white cold sore like spots appear. I was getting concerned it may be cancer though it doesn’t look like any of the ones in the pictures. Would cancerous spots be painful?

    1. I can’t speak to your spcecific situation as I’m not a doctor. If you’re concerned there’s no reason not to get checked out.

      That said, my dentist told me once, “The bad stuff doesn’t hurt.”

      1. Lower lip often swells up and thickens. I’m in highschool and dip daily. Is lip swelling a sign of cancer?

        1. Hi Nate – I doubt it, but I’m not a doctor or a dentist. If you’re worried about it I’d suggest getting it checked just for some peace of mind.

  18. Starting appears white colours above my tongue,then now little black spots appears inside between the teeth.,when I was ate spicy foods very hardly irritated. I think may be symptoms of cancer,please could anybody’s give a solution for preventing…? Whatever the food eating to preventing….?

  19. Hi Chewie, great resources you have here. It’s a very helpful website and has confirmed my desire to quit chewing.

    I’m 22 and have chewed for about 4-5 years, but it really picked up 2 years ago. Two of my problems associated with chewing so far are 1. My bottom front teeth are becoming a little crooked, is this possible with dip? and 2. Sometimes it’s a little harder to open my jaw all the way and, more importantly, 3. I feel like i’m developing an underbite because of it??

    1. Thanks for the kind words and congrats on a great decision to quit! As for your questions… I’m not a dentist, so I’d suggest speaking with yours. Keeping anything between your cheek and gum (and up against your teeth) could potentially cause teeth to shift so I spose it’s possible that the crooked teeth could be associated. I’m not sure about the underbite / jaw issues as it pertains to smokeless use.

  20. So all of these people you are saying their cancer was specifically caused from smokeless tobacco? There is no solid medical proof of that. There was even court cases that were thrown out because there is no medical proof of it either. Of all the oral cancer cases every year reported only a small percentage of them even used smokeless tobacco.

  21. my inside lip now black colour its any problem change the colour black shade help me pls whats the reason its cancer plsss

    1. Tintu – not quite sure what you’re asking, but it sounds like you’ve got some dark coloration in your mouth. I’d suggest you get it checked by a dentist or an oral surgeon.

  22. I have something in my tongue also the doctor said it looks like cancer then another said it doesnt what we need is to be checked out thoroughly and told the truth i dont chew tabacco but i do smoke cigars what you need is a biopsy or see a dentist about your mouth thats what i was told

  23. I have a single tiny white barely visible “pus filled looking” movable bump lower lip near gums for the past year and its still the same size. Should I be worried? If i touch it, it rolls away from my finger like a soft cyst. It doesnt hurt but recenty i been messing with it so i know im irritating it.I use to chew for only about a year or little longer on and off. and I’ve quit it pretty 20 years old and basically haven’t done it in about 2 years but I’m wondering if this could be something serious or more so a tiny cyst, abcess or something of that nature..any helpful knowledge of how a quick cancer would grow or if it was a tumor wouldn’t it grow bigger and be unmovable? And if it was cancer wouldn’t I be experiencing serious health conditions by now? I’ve been gaining weight recently and feel totally fine just need another perspective..thanks!

    1. Trish – my first inclination would be to say “no” this isn’t cancer. It could very easily be a broken blood vessel caused by biting your lip or some other reason that has caused the discoloration. That being said, I am NOT a doctor or a dentist and if it’s something you’re worried about I’d suggesting seeing your dentist to have him take a look at it.

  24. These pictures should be on the back of each chew can, I would of never picked the shit up. I am only in day 2 of quiting but these pictures are enough to make you sick

        1. Hey Jeff – if you haven’t yet, I’d urge you to join our community at – with over 23,000 members its the biggest and best resource on the web where you can get support and questions answered from people who “get it” because we’ve all been there before.

    1. Honestly… you’ve taken the first step. You’ve been poking around the Internet and you’ve landed on our little corner of the web. Luckily for you, our little corner of the web is all about quitting dip! You’ve commented on a page that’s full of pictures of cancer due to smokeless tobacco. That tells me that there’s a little bit of fear, and a little bit of reality in your thought process… that’s a good combination.

      The next step… and quite frankly… the most important step, is for you to make your decision: When you’ve done that, it’s GO TIME. Join our forum at where you’ve got 17,000+ other people who “get it” cause we’ve all been right where are. We won’t tell you it’s easy… it’s not. We won’t tell you you’ll enjoy it… you won’t. But we’ll tell you the truth. We’ll tell you what to expect, we’ll support you, we’ll be there for you. And we’ll share with you one universal truth that you probably already know… all that pain and suffering you’ll go through to get quit… is 100% worth it. FREEDOM from nicotine is an AMAZING thing. I promise. I wouldn’t still be quit today if it weren’t. Looking forward to hearing from you friend… when you’re ready we’ll be here.

      1. I’m nervous about it I’ve been dipping for 20 years and the tell tell signs are there like sores and white discoloring on the outside of my lower lip I switched from Copenhagen to grizzly I know thats just a mind set I’m worried because I don’t have insurance

    1. All schools. All states. Whether public or private. Some of the smartest and brightest and socially responsible as well as popular are prone to starting this.

      1. Hey u all can use indian yoga ,I asure u it can get rid of all kind of cancer and use herbal remedies.cure rate 80%

        1. Have chewed half my life and am only 35 switched to drinking chaga being in Ak easy to get swap poison for antioxidants cancers killer.

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