Craves Don’t End at 100 Days

It's Not Over YetOK bitches. The discussion is on the table. I went to Mexico to visit the wife’s side of the family last week. One of my very favorite times, I love that side of my family, very much. It has been 6 years since my last visit.

I had some pretty serious triggers that produced some pretty nasty craves. And at one point, I felt somewhat like looT described in an earlier post. I began to believe that I was just a dipper and that was what I would always be. I had thoughts like; I’m in a different country, on vacation, who the hell would care. Or, maybe I’ll dip for the week and go back to being quit when I get back home.

All of these craves I beat back pretty easily. But the nagging sucked. I won’t deny it. And the thoughts that I was having sucked as well. This lasted for about a day and a half. It wasn’t constant, just hit me a few times throughout the day. After that day and a half, I don’t even remember the shit crossing my mind again.

For you newbs that read this, don’t get discouraged. It isn’t like day 2 or day 50 or even day 100. Does it suck? Yeah, it sucks. But to have a day and a half of craves, preceded and followed by months of never thinking about skoal is a pretty fair trade off.

I actually debated about posting this. Some of the new guys seem to get bent at the thought of having craves after the magic day 100. But some of my friends reminded me that the point of this site is to let everyone know about the stages we go through.

I’m done ramblin’, please………….carry on.

NOTE: This piece written by forum member Aquaman43

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  1. Totally agreed. I have stopped using Kodiak for 9 months now, but I still have cravings. They are no where near as strong as before mind you, but they are there.

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