Dear Potential Quitter

The Edge Of PotentialDear Potential Quitter,

I say potential quitter because the mere fact that you’re looking at this shows that you’re thinking about quitting. Your addiction right now may be telling you this is not a good time to quit but your conscience wants you to see IF you ever decided to quit what it would be like. It comes down to three words:

po-ten-tial [puh-ten-shuhl]
1. possible, as opposed to actual
2. capable of being or becoming
3. someone or something that is considered a worthwhile possibility

quit [kwit]
-verb (used with object)
1. to stop, cease, or discontinue
2. to depart from; leave
3. to give up or resign; let go; relinquish
4. to release one’s hold of (something grasped)
5. to acquit or conduct (oneself)
6. to free or rid

con-science [kon-shuhns]
1. the inner sense of what is right or wrong in one’s conduct or motives, impelling one toward right action
2. the complex of ethical and moral principles that controls or inhibits the actions or thoughts of an individual

The question is:
Conscientiously, do you have the potential to quit?

The answer is:
YES! But it takes you stepping forward and saying I need help.

That’s where the Support Forum comes into play. You can and will at some point want to quit. Why not start now?

You hold the key to unlock this site for a successful quit. Why not utilize it?

I did .. 363 days go!


NOTE: This piece written by forum member mylilsecret


  1. I have dipped since I was 18 and I am now 43. I have quit on several occlusions. My longest being 2 1/2 years. I have had quitting on my mind a lot lately. This morning I was sitting with my 8 year daughter and and realized I couldn’t image not watching her grow up because of my choices. At my age you start realize that your mortality is real and don’t want it to be from something I could have prevented. I keep saying I’ll quit tomorrow but tomorrow leads to a week. I am quitting!

    1. great read Jake, I am 50 and started dipping when I was 16. On December 28th I had a Atrial Fibrilation attack which put me in the hospital. My 15 yr old son was hugging me scared I may die. While I know A-fib would not kill me the fact that my son was scared to death and dipping may cause other health problems at my age, it was time to quit. Its been a little over a week now and its been tough. I just think to back to my son hugging me and feeling his body tremble as he cried, worried about his dad. Makes my decision easier every day. Good luck to you!

  2. Idek if people still get on here but as of now I’m only 16. I’ve been dipping since I was 8 when my brother gave me my first pinch. For the first couple years I only did ab a can every week or two, but in the last 2-3 years I’ve been going on a can a day. I’ve always just admired the big leaguers and hope that one day I can be just like them, dip and all. I’ve tried quitting but it only lasted ab 3 days till I had to go to the store and get another can(in case you’re wondering how I get it while I’m 16, the quik stop by my house doesn’t ID.) I’ve seen the effects of dipping and I’ve seen what my parents are like when they found out, and I told them I’d quit. I never did though and I’m scared to death if they find out again. I can’t go buy nicotine gum or Chantix bc the quik stop doesn’t sell anything like that, and idk what to do. Tmr, friday, im finishing off my last can and I’m ginna try it out. Hope regular gum works because I’m gonna have to have a lot of it. If anybody still gets on here can y’all help me? What is the fog that people talk ab going through? Ik when I tried quitting after ab 3 days I got jittery and mad and had to get more. Is that the dog? Anyways thanks if you help me lol I just don’t wanna get cancer at an early age and know it could’ve been avoided!

  3. I have not really mentioned this to many people. I have been chewing since I was 14 years old. I went through boot camp with out the vice and felt strong. A friend asked me if I wanted a pinch of redman so I agreed and back to cope snuff. The first two or three years after I could stop chewing for a month or two depending on how my gum felt and was stupid and kept going. Pick up a new can and go to town. Well as it turns out I started to miss meals because of work and that pinch reduced the hunger I felt. Then It was sleep deprived due to be in a war. So I kept going it was the one thing I have always had on my side. Now 23 years of chewing I know it is the time to remove this crutch from my side. I am getting back in shape and my lungs burned as I attempted to run today something I have not done in 10 years. I am taking my life back and taking control. I have this and my kill date is the 14th. Friday I will be dry. I know that it will be a rough weekend and tough. I have this easy day. I have been prepping from 1 can a day to 1 can in 3 days. 2 weeks ago I stopped drinking coke and 7-up, 1 week before that I have decided to stop having a mixed drink with dinner. Now it is time for the can to die next.

  4. I’ve dipped for about 8 years now, I’m trying to quit and what I’ve found is I don’t get headaches, cold sweats, or any other health related withdrawal the only thing I get is very agitated and short fused. My girlfriend and I have been together for a little over a year and a half and we’ve never really argued about anything due to both of us being very easy going folks. However, I quit 2 days ago and found we have argued ever since and when I say argued I mean I have had the agression of a damn sabertooth tiger who hasn’t eaten in a day. What can I do for this and what is some advice to curve the agitativeness?

  5. I’ve wanted to quit for a while, and went a day or two before, but always went back. I have a stressful job and “use” that as an excuse. I don’t want to get mouth cancer, but just can’t quit. I don’t even think I get anything from the nicotine, but I’m probably underestimating my dependence. I’m about 2 cans a week, and I need to quit. Looking for tips, advice, anything to get the quitting started. Any motivation is appreciated. Please leave comments to kick start me!!

    1. Hi John, my name is Eric. I started chewing Copenhagen when I was ten years old! I grew up on a dairy farm that was down the road from me growing up. At the age of ten I told my dad I wanted to hunt, he told me I needed a job for shells and guns! Hens farm job and older boys in their teens already working their that chewd. That’s how I started. I’m 40 years old now, I’m a very avid hunter and outdoors men! Bows, guns, tree stands and 4×4 trucks! I’ve been nicotine free now for 4 months, I’ve tried 20-30 times to quit! I could never go more than a week before giving into going to the store to buy a can of snuff. Believe it or not I’m a born again Christian and a lover of Jesus! He’s the reason I have been able to quit! But my reason was my son who is 7 yrs old. I was catching him mimicking me spitting and slapping his hands to mimic the sound of me packing my can of chew! God told me not to be a hypocrite about telling my son to not chew butt I’m chewing away on Copenhagen! I still hunt fish and run chain saws! Just without Copenhagen!!!!!!! It’s hard to quit John, BUT you can do it brother! It’s a huge mind game and a big repetitive habit. But you can do it! I did a lot of praying and chewing of gum! Find things to keep you busy and keep your mind off of chewing. Trust me once you get a routine of not chewing it gets easier and easier to not think about it! Plus God loves you and put you on this earth to live a happy long life free of mouth or throat cancer!!!!!!!!!!!! I will be praying for you to kick this habit John. You take care brother

    2. John,
      I chewed about 2 cans a week as well and I also have been wanting to quit for a long time and I have a stressful job as well. I have chewed for 20 years and I thought the same thing about nicotine not even doing anything for me but I was very wrong. I am on day 18 and it has been very rough but I know that it will be worth it in the long run. In the past when I have tried to quit I threw my cans in the trash and done, right, well a couple hours later I am driving to the store to buy more because I gotta have it. I got good advice on here about not throwing it out but keeping it around when you quit sounds hard right. For me it has worked very well, I keep a can in my office and a can in my truck. This way I don’t get that freaked out feeling of not having any around. Might sound weird but it has worked really well for me.

  6. I’m Steve a p.t. stay home dad of 3 and f.t firearms/Edged weapon instructor, been can + per day 15 years. So I KNOW I should quit but I struggle with wanting to. Not sure but I think my tipping point is seeing my 2yr old girl mimicking spitting in a bottle yesterday. Is it normal to not WANT to quit before quitting?

    1. That is where I am, Steve. My name’s Austin. I was 1 month copenhagen long cut free when my mom was diagnosed with a terminal cancer 3 years ago. 29 years old, going back to school for engineering. It was a stressful time. And now? I KNOW I should. I don’t want to end up being a burden to my wife. I don’t want to be a slave to a freaking weed. I don’t want to lose my teeth. But, for a 3 years I haven’t had the DESIRE to quit. I think I do now. It’s 1:24 am now. When I wake up later this morning, I’m going to start quitting. How about it, Steve? Together let’s be men, and do what we know we should?

    2. I don,t think very many people who cut a couple cans a day ever want to give up their best friend, I know! I,m on day 24 been cutting up to 3 cans a day for 30 yrs! I,m quitting for me and on account of me! I know I,ve chewed up a new truck that’s not sitting in my drive! Anyway with the kids and all the other things going on in your life I,d recommend a nicotine replacement for maybe 6 weeks or so! Not a fake can of cut because you,ll still be using the mechanics of your habit, get the nicotine gum lozenges patch or whatever will knock that crave in the head! Let’s face it were drug addicts who can buy our fix anywhere! Good luck!

  7. :I quit dipping in February 2106, got on patches and tobacco free pouches, but past few months have taken a liking to smoking again. What gives? Can’t take it to the next level.

  8. Thank you for all the support. I am deep in the fog and I feel like it will never end. However, these words of encouragement and success keeps me going. Thanks for all that. I shall keep it up. I am determined never to dip again

  9. Hang in there Dan, For sure, drink water and exercise. Get mean lunatic mad at the tobacco and no one else. When you feel the urge to get some tobacco, stop, think “it will pass”; if the urge gets you mad, then hit the gym. Hit that punching bag or run that treadmill to the ground, anything to get that moment to go away. it does pass and when it comes again, do it all over again. polish your car, sand the deck outside, after a while you’ll be in shape, all your honey-doos will be done and the cravings will start going away. It gets better dude.
    I am on day 93 and I ain’t looking back, hope to see you at a 100 someday,

    1. You’re in the right place Dan – drink lots of water, exercise, etc. You’re a week in so the nicotine is 100% out of your body. No turning back now!

    2. It CAn last a month or so or up to 100 days, but its becomes intermittent and then goes away, mine was 40 + days after a can a day for 34 years

      1. Thanks for the information and the support, I won’t let the can control me anymore, I have a life to live. Ive had enough! I have faith in your words. Here’s to getting out of the fog!

  10. I have been dipping for 33 years now and decided to quit today cold Turkey I appreciate all the support from this site

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