Have a Plan

PlanSo…there are 3 of you on Day 2. That’s great, you have brothers on the same day. You know that there are at least two mother motherfuckers in this world dealing with the exact same bullshit that you are. LOOT has a little piece of advice for you 3…if you plan on succeeding, and by that LOOT means QUIT, for good….then you fuckers better get to know each other. Fast like. Cause see…your chances of success without the other 2 are whole helluva lot slimmer. Take 2 minutes to exchange phone numbers in PM’s right now. Make a deal with each other that you will not cave without at least calling the other guys first. Give them a chance to talk you out of something stupid.

You see that is called a plan. A cave plan. If you don’t have one, LOOT will bet that at least one of you won’t see 50 days. That may seem cynical of LOOT but it’s the cold hard truth gentleman. You will think of a million reasons why “just one” is OK before this is over with. Put your machismo to the side for a minute and reach out for some help (in the form of a phone #). LOOT knows, LOOT knows….all of you fuckers reading this are shaking your head wondering “who the fuck LOOT thinks he is barging in here telling me what to do”. LOOT is just a guy…a guy who very early on heeded the simple advice of making a plan that included other motherfuckers just like LOOT. In the same fucking situation LOOT was in…and ya know what? Total fucking strangers have become LOOT’s best friends and saved LOOT from LOOT. LOOT could not have walked this road without these twisted ass people.

So, this post does 2 things.
1) Reaffirms LOOT’s quit by letting his entourage know that LOOT appreciates all you bitches listening to LOOT whine over the months.
2) Let you guys just starting know that it can be done….with a little help from some friends.

LOOT dares you all 3 to pick up the gauntlet LOOT threw down and exchange those digits.

You may think this is hokey shit and quite honestly, LOOT did too at one time…but if you read this post a couple times and let it sink in, you’ll see past your own walls…and you’ll send those PM’s.

Make a plan. Now…your life may depend on it.

LOOT – Day 818

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member loot

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