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Roll Call At KillTheCan.orgHere’s the deal. When you post roll, on top of giving your word that you won’t use tobacco today, you are also asking for the help and support of those that have pledged it. At the end of the day, when you have kept your promise, you have repaid the debt that you owe to those that have offered to help.

It’s a lot like a loan. If you were to go into a bank and take out a loan that you failed to repay, the next loan would not be so readily available. It may still be there, but that bank is going to think twice about doling it out.


NOTE: This piece written by forum member 11×4

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  1. Day 267
    I could never figure out how to get into my quit group so I just posted blurbs into different forums, I got a little “atta boy” here and there, but mostly done it on my own. I am glad that so many people are quitting this poison. I applaud all of you.
    There are a couple of guys that did the same thing as i did, JayP completes his 5 year mark today, Jeff is quickly trailing right behind him by a few weeks. Shiva just completed his 100 days plus. One way or another we are all fighting this bad habit and I am glad we found this site to receive the help needed.


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