The Path To Freedom

Path to FreedomThere is something pretty neat about adding a comma to my quit (1,000). Although a third digit felt like it was much more difficult to earn, and 365 Days felt like an eternity to reach, there is something that seems almost final about reaching 1,000. And even though it seems like my quit will be elevated to a new level, last night after dinner I was talking to my wife about reaching 1,000. She asked me how I felt and I told her “I feel like I need a dip”. I said this not because I wanted a congratulatory dip. I wanted a dip because I just got done eating a really great meal. Which brings me to my point. We may reach certain points in our quit where we can briefly pause and reflect on how well we are doing. Occasionally its nice to pat ourselves and each other on the back. After all, accountability is what helped get us to the point we are right now. But the decision we made 950+ days ago is a decision we will continue to have to make every morning, every fishing trip, every convenient store trip, and after every great meal. I don’t look at our path as a path TO freedom. I look at it as a path OF freedom. The instant we decided to Kill The Can we became free. Now we just have to make sure we never leave.

NOTE: This piece written by forum member CoryB

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