Using Nicorette Gum To Quell Craves

Nicorette Gum PackageThe one thing I did notice is that you said if you had a crave, you’d chew some Nicorette. Don’t do it man, seriously. If you are following the program of cessation with gum, LOOT has no issue with you. However, if you are using it simply to quell craves, you are fucking up… big time. You are simply feeding your addiction man. One day you are going to have a crave that you will not be able to massage by eating on some nicotine.

Make that day today… it is going to hellasuck. You know that. Be prepared for it when it happens. You asked about plans… Here was LOOT’s. Crave hits LOOT, LOOT whispers “fuck off” audibly. Crave gets worse, LOOT says “Fuck OFF!” Crave peaks, LOOT says “Listen bitch, you may get LOOT in the end but LOOT swears it won’t be today”. Crave is gone.

Have phone numbers. The security blanket of simply having them may put your mind at ease because you know that within 30 seconds you’ll be talking to someone just like you.

Your wife won’t get it bro. She may even trivialize it. So, you’ll internalize it and it’ll wind up breaking you. You need to come here and post. Anything. If typing FUCK YOU LOOT make you feel better, knock yourself out man. LOOT won’t take it personally. Talk as much shit as you want to.

LOOT will also make this point… soon you will get to know each other. You’ll become friends. You argue about nothing. You’ll laugh and carry on. NEVER forget why you are here. If there is a party going on in your group and you are jonesing like a motherfucker… you are OBLIGATED to take a big shit on the kitchen table. We’ll all gather round…discuss your shit… talk some sense into you and we’ll move on. The beauty of these groups is that you are going thru the same shit… at the same time. Your pain is your brother’s pain and vice versa. For it to work you gotta be willing to discuss what is on your mind!

NOTE: This piece written by forum member loot

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