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Hey, Can I Have Your Number?

Phone NumberSo there have been a few things throughout my time here at KTC that have really eaten at me. One of these things is the exchanging of phone numbers.

I have seen many new quitters question why they should exchange phone numbers. Well, I am going to give you my phone number so that you can call me anytime you are craving. If you call me, we can talk it out. Or, we can just chat about anything. The point is, you are making me aware of your weak moment, and we are going to spend some time talking about anything you want. That time spent on the phone will be a crave killer. The craving will have passed. Additionally, there will probably have been some very valuable information exchanged for both you and I to learn from, and apply to our quits.

Now, this is a two-way street. You will also be giving me your phone number when I give you mine. Why you ask? Well, if you don’t post roll on any given day, I will be texting you to find out why, and urge you to post. I will call you, encouraging you to post roll. In short, I will be hunting you down. Giving me your phone number allows me to hold you to a higher degree of accountability.

It is a mutual exchange, that will be mutually beneficial to both of our quits. Unfortunately, and oddly enough, even prepared quitters fail to use this tool.

I know it may seem awkward to be exchanging your phone number with a stranger. But I can promise you that doing this will one day save your quit. And you don’t always have to talk about “the quit”. You can usually find common ground with someone…..children, careers, hobbies, etc. And who knows, you might actually make some great friends in the process. I know I have.

LaQuitter – Day 145

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member LaQuitter

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  1. You make a good point here LA – many times when I talk to a fellow quitter on the phone it goes something like this: “How’s the quit going? Good, thanks for asking.” And then we proceed to bullshit for the next 20 minutes about nothing quit related. Just knowing that I’ve got those phone numbers in the address book makes my quit stronger.

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