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Letter To American Snuff Co – Randall Spach Profits From Your Death

zquitter avatarLike many other quitters have written, I doubt I have much wisdom to add. My story is just like any other addict on this site. I tried dip, got addicted, used it for 20 years, and quit thanks to the bad ass quitters on this site. Instead, I’m sharing a letter I mail to the CEO of American Snuff Co, the maker of Kodiak, that I used for 20 years. Feel free to copy, modify and mail if you are so inclined.

An Open Letter To American Snuff Co.

Randall M. “Mick” Spach, CEO, American Snuff Co
401 North Main Street
Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27101

Randall M Spach, Home Address
10336 Crooked Creek Rd
Collierville, TN 38017-8954

Media contact

Dear Mr. Spach,

About 135 days ago, I quit using Kodiak, one of the products made by you and your employees at American Snuff Co. I used Kodiak for about 20 years. Allow me share how your product impacted my life.

For years I was addicted to the nicotine you put in your product. But, I was ashamed to spit brown slime in front of my family and friends. So, I hid my nicotine use from everyone, choosing to be by myself instead of with the people that loved me. For example, I would use Kodiak in the bathroom. I’d sit on the toilet and suck on carcinogens so my family wouldn’t see me. I spent less time playing with my daughter so I could be by myself in the bathroom for a nicotine fix. You’ve probably heard many stories about nicotine addiction so I won’t bore you with one more.

After 20 years of using Kodiak I found some friends that helped me quit your addictive substance. Actually 170 started our quest to quit together but only about 40 made it to 100 days. I call these guys friends and their names are Smeds, Yem, Wolfe, AF Addict, Scoot, MUPig, Loded Diper, Braves, MikeR, DavidD, Derv, Srohde, MacG Smokey, JHag, Gizmo, Malone, Steff, Kitter, Steelers, PitViper, Andrew, Shawns, Osage, BigBob, Shawns, Rob, Thumble, Q123, VBE, GMX, MMC, IRT, JMD, JTB, QT, JT, TT, and Grady. (I think you should meet Grady. You guys would get along great.) There are a bunch of other guys that helped me too. Too many to name. These guys helped me stop using Kodiak, a product that makes people sick and negatively impacts people’s lives.

Yes, I’m done buying your product. But, the impacts of Kodiak stay with me. My gums have receded down and my dentist has a watch for gum disease problems. And, my doctor inspects my mouth for signs of oral cancer at each check up. Over the 7300 days I used Kodiak, I estimate that I spent over $14,000 on your product. That money can’t be used for my daughter’s college. And, my favorite baseball player from my home town of San Diego is dead from oral cancer. Smokeless tobacco has an impact even after you quit (or die).

I’m writing for 2 reasons. First, I wanted to let you know about how your product has impacted my life in the past and will continue to in the future. Second, I am wondering if you and your employees are proud of how your products impact the lives of so many people. I watched some videos of your employees (your “great folks”) on your web site. Sharon has been with your company 35 years. Is she able to buy toys for her grandkids while people lose teeth? Dean has worked at American Snuff for 23 years. Did he ever see Tony Gwynn hit the ball through the 5.5 hole? Cindy, 30 year employee – does she stress about oral cancer with every sore in her mouth? And Dairl – he’s made a living making your products for 33 years. Does Dairl help make people happier and healthier or does he only help make people sick?

My friends and I made the promise to quit smokeless tobacco. We keep the promise because we are men or our word. Are you are man enough to respond to this message? If not will you invite me and my friends to your company picnic? It would be a vortex of fun.

Best Regards,
(My friends call me zquitter. Please call me Mr. Zeke.)

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member zquitter

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  1. People are the worst. Did you guys also know that alcohol causes DUIs, Liver problems, family issues? Yup, alcohol, sitting in a bottle, on a shelf, causes those things. Did you also know that you don’t have to be responsible for your own behavior, ever, as long as you have something to blame it on and can play the victim. Little Zeke sounds like a liberal. And boy do I think liberals are the worst. What other bad decisions have you made that you can blame on someone else Little Zeke? Unless the owner of Kodiak shoved dip in your week face everyday until you became addicted, please show a little more responsibility and dont’ bash a product because you have no self control.

    1. Did you even read the article you’re commenting on? It doesn’t really sound like it. In this speech, Z never once suggests that his addiction was anyone’s fault but his own and he’s not “blaming” anyone. He’s merely pointing out that the products that this CEOs company makes are addictive.

  2. This guys a fucking idiot. Its your fault you sat in a bathroom like a pussy and its your fault you used smokeless tobacco. Stop blaming other people because you were a dumb ass coward whos too stupid to understand consequence.

    1. Not that this ignorance needs responding to but…

      A) In this speech, Z never once suggests that his addiction was anyone’s fault but his own.
      B) He’s not “blaming” anyone. He’s merely pointing out that the products that this CEOs company makes are addictive.
      C) Understanding consequence and being addicted to a product you try when you’re young are not mutually exclusive.

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