2014 HOF Speeches

MonsterEMT’s HOF Speech – Observations & Suggestions

KillTheCan LogoLet me start off by saying that I’m still surprised that I made it to this point. 100 days seemed so far away and unattainable from day 1. This is one of the biggest reasons that new quitters need to quit One Day At A Time. I’m going to address some of the major points that I value from KTC and what I would want to point out to new quitters.

Posting roll. This is something that you need to do. Every. Day. Period. There is no arguing the action of posting roll. It is imperative to staying quit. I’m proud to say that I’m a 100%er for my group. I made posting roll a priority, because I needed it to stay quit. The thought of letting the other quitters in my group down, kept me coming back every day to post roll and promise to stay off of nicotine for just one more day.

Accountability. Find someone in your group and exchange numbers. Having an “accountability partner” is a huge part of staying quit. It’s really important to have someone you can text or call when things get tough or cravings get to be too much. Having someone who knows what you’re going through is a lot better than trying to vent to someone who isn’t going through the same things. Mantelope was a great help through my quit and we still text regularly since we’ve both made it to the hall. Forming a bond with another quitter has forged a lasting friendship for me and I’ve heard the same from other guys on here who have made similar connections.

Substitutes. Use what you need to, as long as it’s not nicotine or tobacco. Sunflower seeds, chewing gum, bubble gum, Smokey Mountain, Hooch, whatever helps you get past the cravings. No one is going to think less of you if you have to use any of these products to help stay quit. I actually worried that I would be viewed as weak or using a crutch by using Smokey Mountain pouches. Luckily, some of the vets on here let me know what I’m sharing now: it’s OK. If it takes putting a pinch of Smokey Mountain or Hooch into your lip so that you stay free from nicotine, do it. I’m told that there will come a day that I won’t need my SM pouches anymore. As I’m typing this, I’m on day 105 and I’m not there yet. Don’t feel ashamed or weak. If it helps you and it’s not nicotine, do what works for you.

The bottom line here is that KTC works. Drink the kool-aid. Dive in. Post roll every day. Get connected with someone who will help keep you quit. Use whatever substitute(s) you need. Get involved here. Get involved in the Wildcard section. Contact Chewie to get a Quit4Today blog. Do whatever it takes. Make no mistake, this is a battle. It will be difficult. There will be times that you want to give in. You will have days where you actually have the thought “I can have just one.” Dismiss it immediately. Get onto the forum, post in a topic, text your accountability partner, do whatever you must to get past it. Do not cave. It will be the biggest mistake you will ever make, aside from starting in the first place.

Thank you to everyone who has helped me along the way. It is my hope that I can help new quitters the way that so many of you helped me.

Take care and God bless.
MonsterEMT (Eddy)

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member MonsterEMT

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  1. Haaa, I was wondering why there was pictures of that old show, one day at a time, in the “Shop Related Products” Section of the page. Amazon’s robots at work.
    Good post by the way.

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