Schmitty’s Snuff Product Review

Schmitty's Snuff FeatureIt feels like I always use this has my opening line but, back again tonight with a long overdue review of a new smokeless alternative line of products from Schmitty’s Snuff. They are a Pacific NW company created by individuals who have always been inspired by the great outdoors. Their mission, according to their website, “is to provide the “best-in-class” and safest alternative to traditional smokeless tobacco products, while still retaining the same look, flavor and texture but without the harmful side effects.” Seems like a damn fine goal to me. Let’s get into it.

Schmitty’s Snuff currently offers the “Big Three” when it comes to smokeless tobacco flavors: Wintergreen, Classic Mint and Original. All three are 100% tobacco and nicotine free and are available for purchase on their website in single cans, a 3-can pack, a 10-can pack or a 3-can sample pack with one can of each flavor.

Schmitty’s Snuff – Wintergreen

I started with what I know best and dove into the Wintergreen flavor. I always get asked to compare these fake dips to a real dip and this one is tough to pinpoint. It’s not quite Kodiak and not quite Skoal. It’s probably closer to Skoal as it’s a tad bit sweeter than what I remember Kodiak to be. Packs great and holds together really well. It’s not quite as moist as I’d expected but it’s definitely not dry. 

Schmitty’s Snuff – Classic Mint

Similar pack and moisture level here. Long lasting with more than enough saliva. If I’m comparing flavors this would be closest to Skoal Spearmint in my estimation. 

Schmitty’s Snuff – Original

Surprisingly I think this may have been my favorite. That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy the others but I really found myself liking this one. It’s in line somewhere between Skoal Straight and Skoal Classic. There may be a tinge of Copenhagen flavor in there but I wasn’t a Cope guy so take that for what it’s worth. 

Schmitty’s Snuff – Recommendation

Schmitty’s is another entry into the smokeless alternative market and it’s a welcome addition. Whether you like any of these fake dip products is very subjective so the more the merrier. The product itself has outstanding packaging. Their tins are sturdy plastic and contain 1.0 oz of the product. All cans have a ‘best used by’ date on the bottom which I really appreciate. Product packs really well and holds together nicely with nearly no float in my mouth. All flavors produce a more than adequate amount of spit and last for quite a long time. The flavor profiles here are unique which isn’t a bad thing.

The Wintergreen doesn’t taste quite like a brand that I can pinpoint but it’s not so unlike them that it’s unfamiliar. The Classic Mint is most like Skoal Spearmint in my estimation and the Original is right in line with Skoal Classic or Straight. There are products out there that are more moist but that’s not to say Schmitty’s is dry – far from it. It packs great and holds together great with very little float. 

If you’re a fan of the “Big Three” traditional tobacco flavors give Schmitty’s Snuff a try. They’re targeting the outdoorsman who dips and they’ve hit their mark big time! 

Special thanks to the folks at Schmitty’s Snuff for providing me samples to try and review.

You can purchase Schmitty’s Snuff  on their website at in single cans, a 3-can pack, a 10-can pack or a 3-can sample pack with one can of each flavor.

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  1. So even though it’s expensive I decided to try the Original since Chewy said he thought it was somewhat like Skoal Straight which I used to chew. Not a bad chew, but in my opinion this doesn’t taste like Skoal Straight. It does have a hint of Copenhagen taste. As I said not a bad chew, but to high-priced in my estimation. The can says it’s 30 servings i.e. 30 chews. I’ve had two and the can is almost half empty and I don’t pack a huge lip.

  2. I was close to giving this a shot, but $6.66 a can is pretty pricey.

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