How Long Were You A Dipper? [Reader Poll]

KTC Poll

It’s Election Day! Have you done your civic duty? I figured since you were already in the voting mood (hopefully you got out and made your voice heard) that today would be a good day for a reader poll. Simple question today… Before you made your decision to quit dipping, … Continue reading

Chewie’s Hall of Fame Creed

Apollo Creed

I ran across a post this morning on the official QuitNet Facebook page asking about quit mantras.  It’s been a while since I thought about it, but I realized that I did in fact have a mantra that got me through quite a few difficult times during my quit.  I … Continue reading

14,000 Things To Be Happy About


It’s my pleasure to once again put together one of these “We’re growing” posts!  On Friday afternoon, the quit forums once again hit a HUGE milestone when we hit the 14,000 member mark!  Just as I did when we hit 13,000, I took a pic and put it on Instagram … Continue reading

Looking To Quit Dipping? Here’s 13,000 People To Help!

Friday the 13th Part 8

Once again, the forums are growing!  Just yesterday, we hit the 13,000 member mark!  I snapped a pic so I’d remember and rw0483 became that elusive 13,000th member.  If you’re looking to quit dipping THIS is the place to be! Here’s a look back at our recent growth on the … Continue reading