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twballgam9e HOF Speech – I Actually Want To Be Quit

twballgame9 avatarTough project at work? Throw a dip in. Headed to the ballpark? Throw a dip in. Drinking beers with the boys at Trivia Night? Throw a dip in. Headed in to sit on the porcelain throne? Throw a dip in. Playing video games? Throw a dip in. Long drive? Throw a dip in. Trouble waking up in the morning? Throw a dip in.

These are just a handful of the triggers for my chewing tobacco addiction. Skoal Straight was the can of choice, although like most addicts, I wasn’t too picky. Mint was acceptable, and hell I would even put nasty flavors like berry and apple in there if it got the job done.

100 days ago, I would have convinced myself that I needed to throw a dip in to sit down and write this HOF speech. And don’t think it didn’t cross my mind – for me the dip was a crutch, as I had convinced myself that I needed it to concentrate or focus. And if you lie to yourself long enough, you start to believe it is true.

But I am quit today. It’s the 101 consecutive day that I have been quit for one day. And I will be quit another day tomorrow.

How do I know this? The answer is simple and twofold. First, for the first time since I picked up that first can, I actually want to be quit. Make no mistake about it, all the support in the world can’t make you quit until you are ready to make you quit. Second, my quit has been supported by all those around me. Integral in this support was KTC, which helped me by introducing me to a group of likeminded and strong individuals to whom I felt bound to reaffirm my commitment each and every day.

The 100-day journey was made easier with this support, but it was not by any means easy. Reading Lipizzaner’s HOF speech, I recognized many of the same emotions at the same stages of the quit. I arrived at the site looking for additional support after 18 days of quitting on my own, and thought that having made it that far, I knew what was best. Despite this, and the initial arguments with the prickly vets (who actually do know what it takes to have a successful quit), I decided to play by the rules and post roll every morning and get to know the guys in my quit group a little better.

And thankfully I did. Had I not participated, had I not started posting more regularly, I never would have known that I had been dipping for 416 Gordons. Mayhem is one hell of a group, and I want to thank the guys that policed the roll and kept track of the quitters. I checked the spreadsheet every day to make sure I had made it one more day of quit – thank you guys for making that possible. The last thing I wanted was done w/dip or slug.go or any of the other leaders of the group to post me as “MIA” or a “potential cave.” And thanks to those long time vets that came and posted roll every day and held our feet to the fire. Part of the reason I am still quit is that I wanted to prove each day to RD that I was not going to be one of those snowflakes that couldn’t make it to the HOF.

So here I am, 101 days in and I made it through this speech without putting that nasty shit in my mouth. For me, that’s today’s victory. Tomorrow is another day. See you in the morning for roll, and onward to the HOG.

-twballgame, quit for 7.21 Gordons and counting.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member twballgame9

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