I lost my sense of taste, how long will that last?

Sense of TasteAwesome question. I love this one. It will come back between 3 to 4 weeks. Seems like a long time, but dude, you’ve destroyed them for the past {insert years here}.

And when they come back, be prepared. A lot of things you’ve come to love while dipping will not taste the same. Some people give up coffee, some beer. Everything will taste a bit different and some of it will be glorious.

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  1. A guy I work with is a very heavy chewer, 2-3 cans a day. Can’t taste a thing and blames the person that cooked the food. Brutally rude, tells waitstaff your food sucks, no flavor at all. Gets all his food covered in jalapenos because ultra spicy is all he can taste. I’ve showed him article after article that it’s the tobacco but he refuses to believe it. 2-3 cans a day since his late teens and he’s in his mid 50’s now.

  2. 80 days into my quit and I can say for sure, I had no idea how bad my taste was. Things I LOVED while dipping, just aren’t the same. Certain things taste extremely salty. Things that I never really cared for before taste so much better. Incredibly better!!!

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