What’s So Bad About Smokeless Tobacco? It’s Not as Bad as Smoking Right?

Smokeless Tobacco FactsIf you do an internet search you’ll find articles that tell you how “safe” smokeless tobacco is… that couldn’t be further from the truth. They’ll tell you that the real danger to smoking is the “smoke” itself and the tobacco just isn’t dangerous – LIES!!!

Smokeless tobacco contains at least 3,000 chemicals, including many that you wouldn’t want in your body. Like all forms of tobacco, dip & chew contain nicotine, an addictive drug that gets you hooked on tobacco. Holding one pinch of smokeless tobacco in your mouth for 30 minutes delivers as much nicotine as 3-4 cigarettes.

In addition, at least 28 cancer-causing chemicals have been identified in smokeless tobacco, including:

  • nitrosamines – the most powerful cancer-causing agents in smokeless tobacco.
  • Smokeless tobacco contains from 20 to 43,000 times more nitrosamines than other consumer products, such as beer or bacon!
  • polonium 210 – a radioactive form of the element polonium
  • formaldehyde – a chemical found in the fluid used to preserve dead bodies
  • cadmium – a metallic element used in batteries
  • arsenic – a poisonous element used in insecticides

The use of smokeless tobacco can cause:

  • cancers of the mouth, pharynx (throat), and esophagus (the tube that carries food to the stomach)
  • shrinking of the gums around your teeth
  • cracked lips, white spots, sores, and bleeding in the mouth
  • increased risk for heart disease and stroke

Still think that smokeless tobacco isn’t dangerous?


  1. I’ll be totally honest here. I’m 42 years young and have dipped 26 years. I quit Cold Turkey 73 Days ago! It’s been tough as hell. The cravings have left and I can honestly say I’m over it. BUT, I still miss the hell out of it. My sleeping has returned to normal and I’m not dealing with withdrawals etc. I’m tobacco free! BUT, I’m bored and miss it. I miss the act of dipping. I’ve been dipping Baccoff the whole time but part of me feels it is making my quit harder because I’m still going through the motions, kinda like a divorce but you are still living together. I actually search online for things telling me my snuff is fine etc. I try daily to justify it. Why? Because I’m an addict!! Nic is trying to beg me to come back. Some say it isnt bad and it may not be I dunno. What I do know is I’m not gonna gamble with my health and life. It’s not just about me! It’s about my family. My 5 year old grandson and my 18 year old son both watch me pack my tin and watch me dip. What kind of example is that? I’m pretty pissed off over the 20 pound weight gain though. Pissed because I’m one of those health nuts that run/walk, eat healthy and workout. I quit and then started eating everything in sight lol. That’s because I’m an addict and I mentally replaced my snuff. I was looking for that satisfaction that snuff gave me. Now, I’m pissed that the snuff has made me this way. Since I quit I am different. I think differently and even my sense of humor is different (maybe a little darker lol) . I mean snuff was a part of me through my entire adult life. But here I set at 0700 reading comments on KTC searching for something to tell me it’s ok to dip again. I know if I want to I will start again BUT again, I’m an addict and that’s what addicts do. We think about it 24/7. It boils down to for me boredom. I’m bored lol. So is it bad for you?? Why hell yes! Geezz folks, of course it’s bad and so is pretty much everything we eat etc but we have the power to say we are not gonna put it in our mouth. Oh well, I’m rambling here lol. Time for my 3rd cup of coffee. Stay quit guys. Apologies for typos its early. Day 73 quit.

  2. I cant find my previous posts, so sorry if all of mine pop up all of a sudden in a row, but ill just recap what ive said before in my other two posts cause i think my thoughts are worth it for others to hear. ive heard time after time that dip is bad for you and I believe it, but i also noticed that those with the serious problems are from people who go through a can or two every day. thats a fucking lot of dip. im 17 and ive been dipping at a steady rate of about a can every week and a half for about 6 months. i just grab a mid sized dip everytime im working hard or bored or just feel like it, but i stay concious of how much ive taken.

    I dont know if my thoughts are true, but some seem to have the same ideas as me. moderation is key. I hear of others having addiction problems and i guess i cant relate as Ive never been addicted to a thing in my life (aside from whole raw Guernsey milk which is the fucking bomb and its claimed that raw milk is deadly yet im the goddamn healthiest guy I know becuase of it) I guess everyone is entitled to their own opinion of everything they come into contact with.

    My opinion is that with moderation and careful self restraint I can distribute the negative effects of dip over such a span of time that my body is able to rebuild and repair as fast as I might tear it down. jsut like working for too long can hurt you even if it is as healthy as pitching manure, but resting allows you to recover. this world is a balance of all things and as long as im careful with the scales, I wont tip them too far in any one direction.

    I may be wrong, and I may pay the price for it, but as long as I am careful, persistent, and strong of will, I believe I will be alright and still be able to enjoy the pleasures of having a dip with the boys.

    My best wishes to all those who wish to quit and those who dont – Sincerly Justin Leather

    1. I am not condoning dipping so if you haven’t started don’t but if you do I would not be too concerned about throat or mouth cancer. Chances are the people that found bumps or sores got those from oral sex, which is way higher cancer risk than Dipping. I am sure the FDA is lumping all those causes as well as Alcohol another cause of throat and mouth cancer into those who dip. Honestly make the best decision you can for what you decide to do, don’t listen to me or the media. But I would suggest reading a few new articles, Hell they say Coffee causes cancer now and a year ago it stopped all cancers, the honest truth is they don’t really know, so many different things Genetics, DNA etc… and things you put in your mouth, its all a crap shoot. Good luck to those quitting and not quitting. https://www.heartland.org/news-opinion/news/american-cancer-society-sees-zero-cancer-risk-for-smokeless-tobacco

  3. More of a man than the can one shot one grill for real im gonna be here tommorow to be the father i am meant to instill all it takes is some damn will

    1. I have chewed for 23 years. I too am problem free, until now! I have a small painless lump in my cheek where I put my dip for the last decade? Is it cancer? I don’t know. However, if I didn’t chew for the last 2 decades I would not be here at a Quit website site ready to puke wondering if I have cancer. The wondering if you have cancer alone is a reason to quit. I know chewing has caused high blood pressure, anxiety, and a MASSIVE fear of going to the dentist for me.

      Anyone can argue that chewing tobacco is harmless, but I can tell you that it has been the main contributor to high BP, anxiety, and fear of the dentist for me. Had I not started and continued the use, none of my 3 problems would exist today. I pull for anyone that can quit. I once went 6 hours without but the headache and light headiness became to much. Best wishes to all of the quitters out there, and best wishes to all who think it is harmless. I can tell you as I type and re-load a grizzly winter green, that the shit is not harmless. As soon as I get enough balls to go to an oral surgeon, I will let you know if its still 3 things I need to worry about, or 4. Happy dipping!

  4. for lords sake, unless you are close to death for some other reason just quit. Your body is trying to tell you something with the sores.

    Personally i stopped dipping because i finally found an herbal dip that tastes like Copenhagen mint …. smokey mountain artic.

    I have never enjoyed the effect of nicotine (just made me feel overly warm), but i love dipping and the taste of Copenhagen mint.

    I just hope smokey mountain has no negative side effects (besides sugar on the teeth)

    1. Where can you buy that stuff? My girl wants me to quit dipping and if it means she’s happy then I’ll do it but that would definitely help

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  6. I believe dipping is not as bad as most make it out to be.
    If you dip but you brush your teeth, and rinse out your mouth after your dip, you should be ok.

    NOW. If you dip but you dont brush your teeth and take care of them, then yes you can probably expect to have some serious problems.

    Ive dipped about a can a week now for 2 yrs and rinsed afterwards, and brushed twice a day. No problems. In fact my dentist said last month, “You’ve got beautiful teeth sir, I dont know what you’re doing, but keep it up”. SO, what can you say to that chewie? 🙂

    1. First… what you “believe” about dipping and what is actually true aren’t necessarily the same thing.

      Second… I’d say that you’re playing with fire and have, thus far, been lucky. If I were you I’d not be willing to play that game but that’s your choice. You’ve been dipping for two years. Let me know if your dentist says the same thing a decade or two from now.

      Finally, I’d say that you’re set in your ways, your mind is made up and nothing that I say is going to change that.

      Best of luck sir. I sincerely hope that what you believe continues to be true for you.

      1. The problem with your entire argument is the fact that you don’t explain every chemical in ST can be found in every plant based food. You also do include that those are trace amounts which are perfectly healthy.

        1. I’ll say to you what I said to Robbie: You’re set in your ways, your mind is made up and nothing that I say is going to change that.

          Furthermore, if you’d actually taken the time to read “my entire argument” you’d realize that you’re 100% wrong. My “entire argument” actually doesn’t talk at all about any trace chemicals. It talks about my personal experience with quitting smokeless tobacco and what it did to me personally.

          1. What do you say to people like Dr. Rodu who’s studied this for 20 years, written a book, and says smokeless tobacco can actually safe your life? He also claims no correlation between mouth cancer and dipping. I’m not set in my ways, I like to see facts and statistics which he has shown. What’s your response to him?

          2. I’d say that Dr. Rodu most likely believes what he has written and I’d like to believe that he has the best of intentions.

            I’d also ask him why he has been and continues to have his research funded by unrestricted grants from the tobacco industry. http://www.tobaccotactics.org/index.php/Brad_Rodu

            He’s a big believer in “harm reduction” which I personally don’t have a lot of tolerance for. Is smokeless “safer” than smoking cigarettes? Perhaps, depending on your definition. But I’d argue that the slew of people who have used smokeless and then developed cancer might beg to differ.

          3. Joe,
            That “Doctor” is paid to “research” the affects of tobacco, by Big Tobacco. I mean, doesn’t logic tell you “why” Rodu speaks the direction he speaks? He’s compensated by the tobacco industry…
            I’m not who you asked, but that “doctor’s” name is often tossed around out here. We all know his real agenda.

        2. So….Nicotine is in food now too? Dam Dylan, we’ve all been fooled by the FDA…they want us all addicted to food now too?!?!
          Take a look up and down this board, there are people “trying” to argue the benefits of their addiction. There are no benefits of being addicted to nicotine. That’s an argument you cannot defend.
          I agree with Chewie, you’re stuck in your ways…afraid to face your addiction. Your only purpose here is to argue about trace amounts of chemicals in food. Nothing to help others on a site that aims at helping out people overcome addiction.
          Why waste your time trying to shit on a site that has helped so many?
          Are you a Tobacco salesman? On second thought, I don’t care, your negativity is useless here. Goodbye.

      2. Wanna know what a dentist says after a decade or so? Iv been dipping between 1-2 cans a day for just over ten years now and guess what? Still no issues, I have a healthy mouth.

          1. I’m really struggling with dip. I quit two weeks ago after dipping for over 25 years. I get numbness in my jaw and my bottom teeth are getting more loose the longer I go. Plus I can’t afford it anymore. My favorite dip Copenhagen long cut is up to 10$ a can, grizzly dark wintergreen is 7$. So I was spending 200-300 dollars a month.

        1. I’ve been chewing for 13 years. I’ve tried to quit 3 times, this is the third. It doesn’t get any easier and I wish I would not have started in the first place, or quit earlier. I say this because chewing has negatively affected my health and therefore my career in a few different ways. First of all, it contributes to acid reflux. Acid reflux itself causes cancer. It also plugs my Eustachian tubes, which causes my ears to get all messed up. I’m a pilot, this is a problem. So much so that I’m grounded now until I can fix my ear problem. I may never fly again. It also raises my blood pressure. Since I quit, my blood pressure has gone back to normal, thank God. I thought it never would and that blood pressure medicine and all it’s side effects would be next. Long story short, quit before you have negative side effects and before it’s affecting your life. I wish I could chew without consequence, I loved it but it is bad for you and will make your life less fulfilling, you’ll be slave to your addiction, you’ll miss out on thing’s because of your addiction. It’s no joke.

    2. The metals and poisons collect under your gums to your teeth roots and into your jawbone between each tooth, as well as under your tongue they absorb rapidly into your heart and bloodstream. Study a human skull, and realize that gums don’t protect ur jaw but as a skin. Everything will be in yer bones 4ever, but brush your teeth by all means & keep fresh breath before the mutations of death, good lookin’!

  7. Our govt that obsessively keeps statistics on everything under the sun that kills people, does NOT even keep statistics on premature mortality linked to smokeless tobacco. If smokeless tobacco is so evil, perhaps you can explain how Sweden where only about 5% of adult men smoke, but 17% of adult men use snus (higher than the current US rate of smoking), has by far the lowest lung, oral, and pancreatic cancer rates in Europe?

    I think you may have missed the pretty conclusive science that’s come out in the last few years linking Human Papiloma Virus to almost all oral cancer cases in the US. Note: smokeless tobacco does not contain Human Papiloma Virus.

  8. For the past few years I have had difficulty working out in yard, then in 2015 it got harder and harder to breathe. After many tests, it was a CT scan that showed COPD, emphysema and scarring in my lungs. I quit smoking 8 years ago but the damage has been done. I got to a point I couldn’t catch my breath and was coughing so hard I thought the top of my head would blow off, nothing was really working to help my condition. Finally i started on COPD herbal formula i purchased from NewLife Herbal Clinic, i read alot of positive reviews from other patients who used the COPD herbal treatment. I used the herbal remedy for 7 weeks, its effects on COPD is amazing, all my symptoms gradually faded away, i breath very more freely now! (Visit www. newlifeherbalclinic. com ) I recommend this COPD herbal formula for all COPD/Emphysema sufferers

    Megan Flores
    New Jersey, USA.

    1. I have to say I have enjoyed reading through these posts. I’m a 35 years old southern boy who dips Skoal Fine Cut with a passion. My first dip was at 12 years old and Just like all of you it put me on my ass dizzy and I can’t believe I ever did it again. But 23 years later, it is as much a part of my life as eating and drinking water. It is a big part of culture in the area I live. I’m a cable plant engineer with a background of a lineman and 6 years of military service. Throughout my careers I have surrounded myself with fellow dippers, almost like a brotherhood. A lot of people I work with dip until there lip is raw and then smoke during the lip recovery. I don’t recommend that. The surgeon general warnings of mouth cancer started appearing on cans two or three years ago. Now every time I get a dip I see that warning. One part of me knows the government is cracking down on smoking because smoking related illnesses cost the country lots of money. And to fight big tobacco also means fighting smokeless tobacco. I will stand by facts that smokeless is safer, but I will also admit that it is not completely safe. I never considered any dangers to dipping until my daughter was born 7 years ago. I feel like I’m taking a gamble, although I do agree that it is a safer form of tobacco than smoking. At 35, I’m at a cross roads to continue dipping or not to. There is no way I can quit cold Turkey. I would probably lose my family through a divorce. But I’m thinking I will consider a tobacco free substitute for most of the day and reward myself with a dip of Skoal once or twice a day until I can maybe eventually go tobacco free. My question is, has anyone heard of any dangers of tobacco free snuff? If cancer is not a risk with that, I will really try that road. And to Chewie the moderator of this forum, thank you for the support without using extreme scare tactics like the government does on commercial advertisements. Addicts like us will always find a way to ignore those or block them out. This is a very candid forum of many guys who think just like me, but other guys who provide me information to make an educated decision on ways of trying to quit as well as options to take. Every dipper on here knows there are advantages to nicotine just like caffeine or any other drug. But the question we have to ask is does the risk out weigh the reward? Good luck everyone.

      1. Thanks for the kind words and for the rational discussion.

        To answer your question, no I don’t think there has ever been ANY cancer risk show from the use of non tobacco / non nicotine fake chews. There ARE some varieties out there that are non tobacco but DO contain nicotine. I’ve not tried them, nor done any research so I can’t comment.

        I will say that while your idea certainly sounds attractive (no dip during the day and a celebratory dip at night) I don’t see it working in the long term. Addicts have addictive behaviors and thought patterns. I fear this will just sort of keep your brain happy until it get its next fix.

        That said, you’re right in saying that every person needs to make their decision on their own. Best of luck as you make your way toward yours. When you’re ready to quit, we’ll be here.

      2. Skoal Brother…I was a Skoal Brother myself, almost 3 years ago. Remember all the “join the Skoal Brotherhood” propaganda back 10 years or so? What a bunch of nonsense when I look back at it.
        I just wanted to say congrats for coming here and going through the forums. I was once where you were…Found this site around the time I felt it was quit time. Never looked back since. And it was the best decision “for me”.
        When it comes time, it will be the best decision you made too, in hindsight, not sure what took me so long…I guess fear.
        Reading your post reminded me of me. What I was thinking before I quit. And I appreciate guys (and gals sometimes) that come out here and leave their thoughts about the addiction/habit. It truly does reinforce my quit and makes me happy another is right where I was at one time “thinking” about it.
        The fake dips these days…Were a Good send. I still occasionally use them. They are mostly natural ingredients, so I’d definitely say “safer” than the stuff I abused for years. But I too, refrain from anything nicotine…So be sure you’re not using the nicotine versions of the fake stuff.
        I agree with Chewie…When it’s time (it’s personal, you’ll know), come back, there are thousands here that will help you get free.
        Take care and don’t ignore that inner warrior telling you it’s time, I ignored mine for almost 30 years….I’m glad I finally listened to it.

        1. Trying to quit. Im on day two trying to avoid the store to get some. Im also getting my wisdom teeth pulled this week so i feel like i can i should get one last can before i cant do anything for a week. Ive been trying to quit for about a year now. I notice when i drink i dip a lot. I dont dip for long usually about ten minutes a pinch. Once the taste is gone i spit it out and get another until the cans gone. Just noticed my teeth grinding right now with nerves from the wisdom teeth coming out. Never had a tooth removed and thos week im getting four.

          1. I’m with you. Day 4 of no use. I was chewing a pack a day of red man gold. Active duty military so this was my buddy who hung out in my pocket and kept me company during some very lonely times.

      3. There was some kind of tobacco free dip at walmart that I’ve tried before. I forget the name of it but it’s basically a bunch of herbs like tea leaves and they sell it where the rest of the tobacco products are. As far as the negative side effects of dip goes then there aren’t many. Recent studies have shown that there is no increased risk of getting any kind of oral cancer compared to non users, around 3 percent for each group. There isn’t even any conclusive data proving dip will increase cardiovascular problems because some studies say there is while others say there aren’t. The main concern is gum disease but that can be easily avoided or lessened by keeping good oral hygiene and stimulating your gums which can actually cause a small amount of your gums to grow back, but not to where they were before you started.

        1. Hanson is most likely referring to Smokey Mountain as they have a national distribution deal with Walmart. It’s an outstanding herbal non nicotine, non tobacco chew alternative.

          After that first sentence you should probably stop reading his comment because the rest of what he said is dead wrong. *shrugs*

  9. I think chew like all drug’s has a good side, and a bad. With chew you got the pleasant rush, and then the negative health effect’s and it create’s a kind of neutrality. Iv’e noticed burning of the gum’s, swelling of the gum’s, and a bit of heartburn but also i get a nice rush of energy. So yeah. I don’t think their’s anything really truely good about it or bad about it when you really give it some thought.

        1. Ok kids. Throttle back a little. People make choices and the responsibility and consequences are on them and them alone. I made the choice to dip and i know the risks. Why do I do it still. Well why not? Dieing of natural causes is boring after living through a combat tour. Again it’s my choice.

          1. Two things.

            1) Thank you for your service. Sincerely.

            2) Yep. Totally your choice, and I support your right to choose it. I worry about folks, unlike yourself, who don’t understand the choice that they’re making.

  10. I have been dipping for 40 Years and absolutely no problems or signs of Mouth sores, Spots, Cancer whatsoever!
    I chew lightly when I need an energy boost, not a half of a can all at once like some people due. Moderation is the Key!

    I am so sick and tired of hearing Medical people tell us how bad things are. Sweet & Low for an example, I should have been dead many years ago.

    I know that Chemicals are bad for us, but remember one thing that your conscious Mind rules your Body not the other way around.

    When I get Sick with a Flu or whatever I take over the Body with my Mind and then it is all over for the Flu, It does not stand a chance to take over due to the Power of thought period!

    People do not realize that what you dwell and think on you will create what you fear and are constantly thinking of. We all die sooner or later. I wish that Doctors would stop the nonsense of their warnings. If you get scared enough you can create Cancer no matter what kind of clean Life that you are living.

    “Change The Way You Look At Things And The Things You Look At Change”
    Quoted by Wayne Dyer. VERY TRUE!

    1. My thought echo Chewie’s.. I’m fascinated that you can be an addict that long and show no effects of being an addict…simply by thinking away any symptoms…amazing!
      But I’d say 98-99.99% people aren’t you and since you’re happy being addicted to nicotine, I’d say your work here is done.

      1. I have, unfortunately, dipped for 17 years now and *knock on wood* i have never felt or had any of these “side effects”. I eat healthy, workout daily,have perfect teeth, no cavities, decay, etc..and have been Actually using it as a weightloss tool to stay on weight for boxing. I’d personally like to believe some people just have different experiences and outcomes no matter the outcomes..However, i honestly believe ,based on the many others I personally know who dip and have for years and years also with no negative results, its the medical profession further trying instill fear and and deter folks from smokeless tobacco so they dont look wrong in the long run. After all the Anti-tobacco campaigning. However, Im not to nieve to buy that yes, its probably not the best for you and yes it could have some sort of minor sode effects. But, to no extent to which these medical entities exaggerate. Thoughts??

        1. I quit in December and workout daily. I initially noticed a boost in energy, but I honestly believe I was better of with dip. The energy boost went away. I literally never drank or did any drugs while dipping and it allowed me to pop a dip in whenever I felt like getting a rush. Now that I don’t have that I have been drinking more.

          I have gained ten pounds from 190 to 200.

          The the most important thing I have noticed is I would plan around having my one dip a day. That is honestly all I would have, but I looked forward to it and it would alter my choices in life. I think ultimately I am breaking even, but alcohol is far more dangerous than the .0001 percent chance of getting oral cancer.

          Tony Gwynn thinks dipping caused his cancer, but it was probably because he was a fat ass and dipped first thing when he woke up.

        2. I agree, the only time you get something bad in your mouth is from lack of oral hygiene. I dip and I brush my teeth 3 times a day and use mouth wash, never had an issue. People have been dipping for years and years and never had any cancer or anything. The chemicals in dip that everyone is so scared of is in such small amounts that it can’t cause anything. It’s also funny how everything saying dip is bad is government run or funded organizations isn’t it??

          1. I’m not going to bother responding to this other than to say we’re not government run or funded.

            Oh… and dip is bad 😉

            But if you honestly believe what you wrote then anything you read on the pro-quit website isn’t going to convince you otherwise.

        3. Are you skinny??? I have been dipping for 5 years and I think dipping is the reason I’m skinny but not sure can you give me some thoughts on it please

    2. Jeff’s post seems fake…like a planted post from a tobacco company troll. I’ve been watching tobacco ruin my otherwise handsome and strong boyfriend. Tobacco is stealing all of the blessings God gave him. It’s robbing him of his health, looks, and ability to manage stress in positive ways. Further, he is losing me and he doesn’t even realize it. I will always be here for him as a friend, but I no longer consider him a viable man for me or a good example for my son. But I will always love him…just can’t save him from the tobacco and he doesn’t seem capable of saving himself; despite the fact he’s the strongest man I’ve ever known otherwise. It’s sad. God bless every man trying to quit that stuff. I wish you and your loved ones strength.

    3. My son and my husband both have used it for years and they both have almost lose all their teeth. And now my Husband has stomach problems that leaves him sick almost everyday. But he won’t have it that it may be the snuff. They have given him test after test and all they found was a few polyps in his colon and that is all. I have told him that if he would stop I would pay for whatever treatment he has to have. He refuses. He can’t stand it if i play games on the computer and I have offered to put away my computer if he quit. He refuses. If you don’t need it I would say don’t start! He causes problems between us

      1. I have familia polyposis, basically a genetic trait that causes pylops to form in the stomach, large colon and other areas. I have read that 98% of people with this trait die an early death of cancer, which makes sense as my dad and his father died of cancer; and my brother has approximately 2 months before cancer gets him. I myself have already had 75% of my large colon removed due to pylops.

        My point is, you should have your son and husband checked for familia polyposis; as that may be the issue. Pylops are no joke and 100% of them turn cancerous, it is just the question of how long it takes (one doctor told me on average the go cancerous in 7 years). That said, I still get checked annually.

        As for dip, nicotine, tobacco …. i get it, nicotine is addictive, as is just about every other thing we consume regularly (coffee anyone?). In life the simple rule is moderation, and the minute you feel hooked on anything …. stop until you have it under control. Very simply put, if you are addicted to anything you are not in control.

        Side note, you all realize nicotine is a natural chemical found in many plants …. such as tomatoes. This is just my opinion but the issue with tobacco products today is not the tobacco, it is the preservatives and artificial flavors, combined with non moderated use (addiction). With that i will end it by stating, I wonder how much of these preservatives in dip are present in the food we eat nowadays.

        1. I would just like to say your point on moderation I too believe is key. I’ve been cope wintergreen for the past 6 months and as long as I keep it controlled I believe its gonna be alright. round here theres a bit of pressure to dip, but its also hella fun to pack while I work in the barn with the radio.

          I aint addicted and I could quit on a dime, but I think if I take it at a moderate pace It aint goin to hurt me too bad to make it worse than my gains. moderation is key.

          Also, if I can find a substitute that int so chemically soaked, that still has the nicotine for a cheep price (I’m broke af), I would definitely consider the options. Any suggestions or ideas?

          1. Kinda funny, I used to feel that same way. “I’m not addicted” “Moderation is key” I felt that way for about 3 years until I was truly hooked. It’s gonna happen, it’s just a matter of when.

    4. The devil is a “duck hunter.” Duck hunters put out decoys, they never shoot at their decoys. Same with dangerous habits. The devil has his decoys; people who proudly announce their immunity to a dangerous act. It’s our job to recognize decoys. Like the ducks that can’t be shot. They keep on flying far above the decoys because they recognize phony. We must keep on “flying” above and away from decoys. We must recognize the phony calls coming from the hunters.

  11. This whole article is a lie I’ve been dipping for 44 years and haven’t got any problems I know people who don’t dip and have gotten mouth cancer it is completely safe to dip as long as you take good care of your mouth these articles are written by people who don’t know any thing about the subject if you are going to write something do your research for those who don’t believe me look up Dr. Rodu’s book how smokeless tobacco can save your life unlike most he actually did preform studies to prove he is correct

      1. Most of your article is a lie there are only 27 to 28 chemicals in smokeless tobacco and they are is such small quantities that you cant even measure the amount and most of those chemicals are found in coffee and some in apples and there has not been one confirmed case of oral cancer or throat cancer related to smokeless tobacco. Plus alcohol has been related to more cases of cancer then smokeless tobacco

          1. The author of this piece, Carl V. Phillips is a leading advocate of harm reduction, who has been receiving funding from U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company. His ties to the tobacco industry eventually caused an end to his academic career.

            Phillips presents himself as a former ‘professor in public health’ but never got a degree in Public Health. He acted as a paid expert witness for U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company in 2002, and received $1.5m from USSTC for research support after his work for the company in court. I think it’s fair to say his expertise is built on Big Tobacco money making it near worthless.

          2. There have been cases of mouth cancer in smokeless tobacco users however no cases that were confirmed factually were caused by the smokeless tobacco. Many non users have developed mouth cancer… coinsidence?

          3. If you’re waiting for additional proof that smokeless tobacco is bad for you, then there’s nothing for me to say that will change your mind. Good luck sir. I pray you don’t need it.

    1. Here we go again, another knucklehead addict, coming here to defend his tobacco use. I have to admit that seeing addicts like yourself only strengthens my quit. There is nothing safe about tobacco use. I was once in your shoes, using every excuse possible to continue my addiction. I finally woke up, smelt what I was shoveling and realized I was living a dam lie. Just like the post you left here, it was all a lie.
      Look up and down this thread, 90% of the Pro-Tobacco posts here, have something referring to the famous doctor who is in bed with Big Tobacco…your boy, Rodu. As another mentioned, was he even a user? I never heard? Smokeless Tobacco is not “completely safe”, it is highly addictive. Even more addictive than smoking. And it CAN cause cancer. Congrats on making it 44 years without cancer…yet. Keep pressing that button, eventually it may get an answer. My take, you’re too weak to deal with your addiction, but if you’d like help to get clean, let me know, I am here for you.
      Otherwise, dont bother trying to defend a doctor who is backed by Tobacco dollars on a site like this…it only shows you’re too weak of an addict to admit you have a problem. I hope you someday realize the lie you’re being fed with each pinch.

      1. Addiction has never been a problem for me,I can chew every hour of every day for a year and decide to stop like that.no tobacco for months,guess some people aren’t this lucky.I was a wrestler ever since I was in elementary school and get chewing tobacco didn’t stop me like smoking cigarettes would have,sure it’s dangerous,but so driving,we still do it,alcohol isn’t healthy,we still drink it Stop trying to tell other people how to live their lives.they knew very well what the risks are and if they are willing to take them then let it be.

        1. Tim, congrats on being able to turn on and off your addiction. Actually, since you can stop and not stay stopped, you really have no control over it, so go ahead and try telling us all you’re not addicted…because you are completely contradicting yourself.
          Furthermore, it’s you that decided to pipe in on a quit site, so as others below stated, expect quit talk…okay? This place wasn’t built for weak sensitive people, it was built by and for, the strong who have been through or are going through, the war called The Quit.
          I too was a wrestler and it also was where my addiction went full throttle. I was able to get free from it over 2 years ago…and I won’t ever go back to it.
          But please, don’t come on here and tell anyone not to tell others about the dangers of tobacco use…you visited a quit forum and that’s what we talk about here. I’ve debunked the silly “driving vs dipping” death scenario, you’re comparing apples to bowling balls pal. Learn a little about sample sizes and statistical measures.
          Any way… when you’re man enough to come to the realization that you are stronger than the chemicals, come back and try helping others with their quit, instead of being some jackass addict on a soap box in denial. Good Day.

          1. Let the man say what he wants with out a dumbass like u sying shit about him like calling him an addict he knows if he is or not

          2. Austin, you’re at a quit tobacco site, so expect quit talk. I’m sorry if my brutal honesty hurts your tender emotions. I suspect the only real reason(s) you’re here is either A.) You are a keyboard warrior and got lucky enough to have your comment get through the moderator, which is fine, I can handle wanna-be-never-gonna-be, internet Badasses….or B.) You’re interested in quitting, but are too afraid and weak to be a quitter right now. I hope it’s B, but based on your horrible grammar and post, I’m putting my money on A.
            That said, I will continue to try to help the people that want to quit and If I hurt a few thumb sucking momma boys feelings (I.e. you) along the way, so be it.
            Happy Holudays!

          3. The fact that you talk down to people like your some badass shows that you obviously have some insecurity about you being a “quitter”.

          4. If you can show me one single case that proves smokeless tobacco was the cause of mouth cancer in someone… i’ll quit. Its not denial when theres no indesputible proof of it causing cancer buddy.

          5. If you’re waiting for additional proof then there’s nothing for me to say that will change your mind. Good luck sir. I pray you don’t need it.

          6. by definition, doesn’t addiction imply lack of control?I rarely drink but in college drank a bit and was scared into thinking I was an alcoholic and went to AA. What I learned in AA was i was not an alcoholic and that addicts usually call down anyone that uses what they were addicted to. For example, in the AA chapter I went to they flatly stated that ALL people that drink are alcoholics, some just haven’t evolved into one yet. I also found it funny how they would go off on any level of drinking, then have breaks every hour so everyone can chug down coffee (caffeine) and smoke cigarettes (nicotine).

            My point is, I believe addiction is more of an obsessive disorder that people have; and when then stop being addicted to one thing they move on to being addicted to another.

            I sometimes drink, sometimes smoke a cigar, and sometimes dip ….. and often go 4-6 months between all of them. I enjoy the buzz of nicotine, but that does not make me an addict because I control it and not vice versa

          7. Dhines…addiction can be anything you over indulge in. Could be anything…alcohol, nicotine, food, etc..
            I don’t believe you trade one habit for another. I mean, some do, I had a friend who said “man, you still dip? I haven’t dipped in over two years”…then, he fired up a cigarette. Well, he “was” trading one nicotine habit for another. Then again, I have and Uncle, who would buy a can of dip and only pinch on it during hunting season. Then, he wouldn’t touch it until the next season. So yes, it’s very possible that “you” aren’t an addict. But true addiction DOES exist with this shit. Compulsive, yes, but when you suddenly stop the stuff and walk thru the valley of the fog, you realize that the “compulsive” habit is much, MUCH, more than just something you do. There is definitely a chemical dependency to nicotine. But I do think we are all wired different.
            My opinion, you’re not an addict or you wouldn’t be questioning if it’s addiction or being just compulsive.
            I dipped for dam near 30 years and I promise you, it wasn’t just about compulsiveness, it was dependency…I was an addict.
            I will never put nicotine in my body again. I’m an addict,.no such thing as “one” for this guy…I’m not wired that way.
            Take care-
            Clean since 7/15/2014

    2. Your so right, my father has been dipping for more than 50 years and hasn’t had a single problem. Most people run into problems because they don’t properly take care of their mouth. People need to study the subject before they assume they know all there is to know.

      1. Oh, yeah, he’s “so right” all you need to do is take care of your teeth and you won’t get cancer….great logic there pal! Guess your Dad is one of the lucky ones who hasn’t got struck with cancer from that horrible habit….yet! Hope you didn’t just jinx him with your stupidity.
        I highly doubt you yourself, has “studied the subject”. Nah, you just decided to drop into a quit smokeless Tobacco forum, to talk about how your old man is cancer free after 50 years of dipping. Maybe the people here aren’t just afraid of cancer, maybe they don’t want to be weak like your old man, by being addicted to a chemical that runs their life. You ever looked at it from that view? Doubt it.
        Thanks for informing us all that all that is needed to prevent oral cancer from dipping, is superb oral hygiene…LMAO, are you a floss & toothbrush salesman?

        1. @JayP
          Why all the hate? I don’t dip, but I am not going to tell someone they can’t and then belittle them for dipping. Everyone has a choice, and regardless of your opinion, which by the way means nothing, you just have to accept other peoples choice and respect their feelings. Also, why are you on this site? It seems to me like you go on to sites like this one just to state your opinion and get into an argument. I am guessing that people don’t tend to listen to your opinion in real life, so you take to the internet to boost your ego. Just do one thing for me. Next time you are at the bar with some friends getting drunk, I want you to think about the damage you are doing to your liver. Next time you eat spicy foods, I want you to think about the damage being done to your kidneys. Then once you realize how much of a hypocrite you are, I want you to come back to this site and apologize for your arrogance

          1. @VoiceofaMoron,
            You don’t dip? Then “why” are you visiting a Quit Smokeless Tobacco blog? Why? I don’t smoke, so I wouldn’t visit a Quit Smoking blog. See where I’m going here? What I think is, you have an axe to grind, specifically with me. You probably developed a new name to come back at say your piece. Only real reason I can find in your message.
            Now to the sad news. You won’t get an apology out of me for telling addicts, with no real motive to quit, to get lost on a QUIT SMOKELESS TOBACCO blog… Won’t happen. You’re at a quit forum, expect QUIT talk.
            More sad news, conversely to your opinion, I have been thanked several times on this site for my help to others. I will continue to offer my support 100% to anyone going through the same war with addiction that I went through.
            Why am I on this site? Because it helped me quit a 25-30 year habit and I am here to help others quit, not enable addicts to come on here and talk the other way about the addiction, again, check the URL.
            Everyone has a choice, true, this includes you. You want to come on here and read about quitters, quitting a terrible habit, expect some tough talk. I will admit some of my posts sometimes are a bit offensive, especially to the trolls and addicts that only visit to talk about how great their addiction is. I do not have to accept that here and won’t.
            I won’t apologize to them or you, sorry, not sorry. Stop being an apologist for the trolls on this site.

        2. Really?!?! Im just gonna go on ahead and call u out on this one calling this guy’s dad an “old man” is really disrespectful. I have to agree with most if not all of your points on here but at least put them a little bit nicer like chewies 🙂

      2. Is your father skinny??? I have been dipping for 5 years and I think dipping is the reason I’m skinny but not sure can you give me some thoughts on it please

        1. Lmao that’s what I said haha I gotta lip in right now but the truth is everything we ever needed during life doesn’t have anything to do with tabacco therefore it’s just another bad habit if it doesn’t provide food on your table or a roof over your head then it’s not that important we decide what our priorities are and I be damned to let an addiction be what defines all that I am as a human being even if I do find it relaxing there are a lot of hobbies I enjoy without potential side effects like the Black Plague killing your teeth

    3. I disagree my boyfriend dips and one of my friends do too and he’s going to have problems I will make them stop even if it’s safe!!!

    4. My friend go on the mudjug website and watch the doctor he also has studied for many years on chaw he agrees it’s much safer than cigs

      1. Mud Jug website….a website devoted to spittoons? So your friend goes to a website devoted to smokeless tobacco accessories, watches a doctor and has concluded that “chaw” is safer than cigarettes? Um…ok….are you head bunting the floor while you typed that?

      2. Good luck! My husband has dipped for almost 40 years & refuses to admit that the dentist wanted to send him to an oral surgeon to get a biopsy of a place in his mouth. He says he’s fine & I get to look at a spit bottle every day, nasty!

    5. Lies lol dip has around 27 carcinogens and they are in such small amounts it doesn’t really make a difference I wish these people would stop lying all the time if you want the truth look up Dr Brad Rodu

      1. Has it been verified yet if Rodu has ever taken dip in his life? It’s like taking parenting advice from someone who’s never had children. Has he ever smoked? Does he “really” know what addiction is?
        My guess… probably not.

    6. You are a motherfucking idiot because if you dip then there is a high ass fucking risk that you are going to have mouth cancer. I have been dipping for 23 years and I have a whole in my jaw, my gums are gone I look like an old man but I’m only 29-years-old.

    1. So did I. And as soon as I quit I packed on the pounds. Quit now 10+ years and I have yet to take the weight off, but I still 100% think I made the right decision.

        1. Obesity is dangerous, but more than dipping? Not sure how you came to that conclusion. We’re talking about the 20-25 lbs you “might” gain by quitting a terrible habit….not being severely overweight, jackass.

    2. Yup, I put 20 on myself after I quit. All temporary setbacks and small prices to pay while you get clean. I finally managed to get rid of that 20 lb (actually 27 lost) I gained, now over 2 years removed from nicotine myself. Just got sick of the extra weight…just like I got sick of the dip. Amazing what the mind can accomplish.
      Agree…quitting that awful 30 year habit was the best choice I made too.

      1. Hi JAYP. I hv a friend whose been going on three days clean without dipping. But the cravings come and go. How can I help my friend? And yes; it really is a friend and NOT myself.Lol.

        1. Hi Sarah, I’d point him here. Have him join the forums. There are a lot of people here that know what he’s going through. Day 3…The nicotine should probably be about gone…Now come all the side effects (including the cravings). The side effects are about completely gone after 100 days. I say 100, it may be before or a little after…But this site recommends giving it 100 days. By that time you can easily beat the cravings away. I think the cravings lasted a good 100-200 days. .But they are VERY much more manageable by the 100th day.
          Back to your friend, point him here…Have him join the forums. People are willing to help here…It’s a wonderful place. I never did, just bounced around on these message boards, met a few great people and we all helped one another. These message boards tend to go quiet a lot…So this is why I recommend joining the forums…There are quit groups, that will have the same quit date as your friend and they all will help out when needed.
          Other than that…Just try to be supportive…They will need it. And there might come times when you feel the person is not themselves…Meaning they might be “edgy”…This is short termed and not to be directed at you (it might feel otherwise).
          Best I can give you Sarah, I wish your friend luck…I am almost 3 years quit, thanks to this wonderful place!
          Good luck!!

  12. I have a brother in law that does snuff and is about to get married to his fiancée soon and I am worried about him in addition he smokes and my father in law died a year ago from lung cancer and he chewed and smoked tobacco. On my side of the family cousins are dying off one at a time due to using tobacco products and it hurts me?

  13. Quit yesterday for probably the 20th time. last time was the furthest I got — about two months. something happens after about 3-4 weeks clean from it where the concerns of what it could potentially do fade away and I decide I want the buzz again. Hoping it sticks this time. roughly a tin a day of grizzly wintergreen for the last 5 or so years. the problem is I don’t remember how bad it could be or feel that ‘guilt’ or fear after I go awhile without it.

    1. Gotta want to quit and stay quit Trick. Sure, I can understand the want to return after some of the “healing” is thru…but truly, if you wanted to quit and stay quit, it can be done, this from a 30 year dipper…but you MUST want that. No one will keep you more honest than yourself. 3-4 weeks is not enough time to really evaluate a quit… I’d say do the 100 day challenge, then reassess. By that time, you will seriously be at a cross road, where you’ve put in enough time and probably won’t fuck it up. Sorry 4 the language, but I’m trying to make a point
      Good luck!
      Day# 728 Free

      1. I’ve been dipping for about 3 years and honestly, how hard is it to quit? I’m on day 3 and I feel like I’ve been addicted to cocaine. Not proud of the habit but I’m really trying to stop the habit because I know the negative long term effects.

      2. I heard it takes 21 days to break a habit and i am quitting all tobacco after i read these comments, thank you jayp for trying to help, in my opinion only people that care write these things about needing to quit, after reading this i dumped all cans and going to try to quit, its going to be hard but it will be worth it when i dont get tooth loss or cancer, so if this makes a little happier just know that your comments helped me quit. – happy holidays and thank you.

        1. Isaac,
          I read it takes 3 days to get the nicotine out of yourself, but it sure felt the fits, headaches, dizziness & the brain fog lasted quite a bit longer, but I suppose that’s what a 25-30 year tobacco habit does. I am happy to say I made it out the other side and its just a faint whistle across the canyon these days (2 years and 150+ days). I don’t even romanticize about dipping anymore. If I want a dip these days, I take one, but it HAS to be a fake one…these days I go hours without one now, sometimes a day will pass and I won’t have one. It gets easier and it does feel great that I am not constantly (as you said) worried about oral cancer and tooth loss…that is rewarding.
          I am so happy to hear that the words of mine and others (Chewie, he was a BIG help to me as well in the beginning), has helped you Isaac. That’s all I ever wanted to do here, pay it forward (Chewie’s words). I hope you will do the same!
          I hope you also have a happy holiday.
          Take care, and STAY QUIT!

    2. You can do it honey I am rooting for you you are blessed you do not have to see your extended family dying one at a time due to this cursed product.

      1. People may hate me for this but my best friends that I have ever had do dip i hate that i will do anything and everything to make them quit the can so if I can do it you guys can do it we can as a team so quit the can people i always tell my friends to quit but they wont they need doctors assistance i will help them get it i want all tobacco products to be gone i really want them to vanish eventually i will get my mom and my grandmother and grandad to quit tobbaco products they will i once told my mom its either me or tobacco and she said me but she couldnt quit because the nicotene took over her body so that conlcudes my statment

    3. Please tell what made you decide to stop chewing in the first place?

      I quit smoking in 2003 because I watched my sister die of addiction. I immediately gained a ton of weight and things all of the sudden were very stressful, so realized what the addiction does is try to put your mind into thinking it needs it, and will put you in either relaxed situations or stressful ones. My husband chews… yes, he did when I met him but I’ve had a friend die of cancer so my concern is growing so it would be nice to know what made you decide…

      How I got over cigarettes: Think to yourself that it will take you about 6 years of not chewing to get over the main addiction and picture a nicotine suction cup on your brain for every day that you’ll need not to chew… that would be 2,190… but add 1,000 more and put that number (3,190) on your calendar the day you quit — then subtract the suction cups that are wearing off each day that you don’t chew… a couple months of that will soon get to doing it on a weekly basis (and not daily) and then monthly… whenever you “think” you want to start look at that calendar and calculate the suction cups).

      The truth is there is a small part of me at times that wants a cigarette and I have to be careful because sometimes I think my body/mind causes a bit of unrest (negative chatter if you will) to get me to go back, but then I realize it’s the addiction and take measures to combat it (breathing, relaxing, etc).

    1. Congrats Curtis. I hope you are vaping Nicotine Free? If not, you’ve traded one nicotine habit for another. If so, I commend you!!
      Day#681 free of the poison

      1. I didn’t hear about that until now. I’ve never (or do I intend to) have vaped.
        I’ve always told the vapers, you’re not going to know the danger of that habit until 10-15 years down the road…it’s too new. Hell, even the smoke shop owners, who sell the shit, say they won’t even try it…they say they don’t know what it’s doing in the lungs.
        The safest alternative to nicotine, is absence from it.

    1. Hey, honest question. I just picked up dipping, is it really not a bad thing for most people? Or could someone just do it casually and not let it be a problem? Thanks for the honest feedback 🙂

      1. New Dipper, it’s s terrible thing. There is nothing “healthy” about a nicotine addiction. There are no benefits to it. It rots your teeth. Makes your breath stink. Stains your fingers, clothing, home and auto upholstery. If you think using it “casually” isn’t bad, just ask all the veterans here, who have quit or are trying. No such thing as casual use. You start out thinking that way, but eventually you’ll get hooked. I never thought I would, but did.
        My honest feedback, get the hell away from the poison. There are better alternatives than smokeless tobacco. Sunflower seeds, gum, hard candy, hell, even the nicotine free fake dips are a MUCH better way to experiment with this horrible habit. You want my 30 year addicted to smokeless tobacco advice? Don’t mess with this shit.
        Day #662 free of that junk

          1. Actually nicotine is just like caffeine it’s addictive but if you actually want to know the truth look up dr rodu cigarettes cause 90 percent of mouth cancer but anything you eat contain chemicals like non oganic fruit you eat contain chemical that don’t kill you it’s the same dip it’s just a little amount of the same chemicals as the nonorganic fruits

        1. Only thirty years. I’ve been dipping since I was eight, no health problems. I am now 53, still dipping and enjoying it. My grandma used to chew, she died of old age. I have about seven extended family members, aunt’s and uncles pass from cancer caused by exposure to uranium. Three members who have had bypass. No one I know ever got cancer from dipping, or died thereof. I quit smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages, chasing fast women. Smoking, because I have children, stopped drinking because I was getting in trouble and spent many a nights howling at the moon between jail bars; often fell and skinned skin; was not able to catch the fast women.

        2. I’m 19.. I started around when i was15 close to 16. If I could take back every pinch i would. Right now I’m trying to quit. And its the hardest thing to do..

          1. I honestly don’t think it’s that hard I’ve been dipping for 10 years and I can quit when I want. It’s a mind thing.

        3. I have dipped for almost 40 years…I have only seriously wanted to quit for the past 3 years since I turned 50 and I simply don’t have the will power. Everytime I pick up the can I say to myself…this crap is going to kill me…just a matter of how and when. I keep praying to God that he will rid me of this curse. I don’t have mouth sores of any kind but I am getting major discoloration on my tongue that I can’t brush or wash away all of it. It makes me sad to think I have let snuff control my life for so long now. I just stumbled on to this site and I know God led me here. Whatever it takes, I will overcome this addiction to the poison I have abused over almost 40 years! I have much more life to live for myself and others that love and care for me than to waste it and the money on such a bad habit. Wish me well…I am done with it!

          1. Thomas, been a bit since I posted. But your story is a lot like mine. Though…I did have a lot of stuff going on, mostly, the Lukeoplakia (white patches) in the mouth. But I had that for years! I, like you, just happened to stumble upon this site and it was at a time I was seriously thinking about quitting. Luckily, I visited this place, because all I received was support from here. This website and a few other posters were a God send. I am exactly 8 days from being 3 years clean. I am so grateful of this place and the quitters that make it what it is. I tell everyone I know who wants to quit to visit this place and I will continue to support the people wanting to get away from that junk. I was on it for almost 30 years myself. If I can break away from it, you can too. I would register and join the forums, there are plenty of people willing to help.
            Dig in deep to that inner Ninja!
            Good Luck,

          2. Hi Thomas, I’m 45 yo & been quit for 2.5 yrs. Welcome, I would not be quit without this site, please keep checking back. My advice is simple. I read alot here people making half hearted attempts to quit. If you really mean it, prepare yourself. #1, do not have a can to reach for, throw all of that shit out. Get some fake dips, candy, whatever it takes. It’s not easy but it is def doable, but you have to be strong & put the time in. Good luck.

          3. You can do it! Will power! I have chewed for 30 years and switched to Smokey Mountain herbal. I am tobacco free for a week now. Just tell your self you don’t need anymore. Plus the money you will save!

      2. I’ve been chewing Redman for more than 50 years and not just a little. I chew all day and half the night. I’m sick of it. I even chewed my way through college. It’s in my mouth and I can’t remember putting it there.
        It had its benefits at one time. It gets you fired up (increased heart rate) and keeps you there so I could work like a human buzzsaw on the ranch all day and seven days a week.
        I think I will make an effort to quit starting today. I’m sure I’ve been lucky so far. I’m a slave and I don’t like it.

      3. I been dipping for 7 years a can a day and my and uncle did the same for 40 years and they both have no problems and my teeth and gums are still good to me people who get disease from dip its cause of poor higean cause I brush three times a day and white spots in the gums usually don’t last more than a week and all u have to do is wash with salt water every now and again and I know it ain’t the healthiest thing but I never heard of anyone during from dip I heard storys but no one I know died from it

        1. My baby brother has been dipping for 30 or so years. He dips a can a day for many days when he says he gets ‘stressed’. In his first 10-12 years of using Skoal, he used one can a week. So, he has lost eleven teeth, and his dentist at age 44, said he needed ALL of his teeth pulled except a few in the front, but the dentist said those were weak… so he may as well get full implants. Also, my brother is having dark blood in his stool. We all feel he is full of cancer from his stomach to his colon. I forgot to mention he has white patches on his gums in places – the dentist says those are becoming ‘dead places’, or necromized dead spots. He has two football buddies from HS who had cancer of the larynx (voice box/vocal cords), and one has lip cancer. Anyone who says anything such as “I’ve dipped for 23 years and have never had an issue – YOU WILL, and it won’t be pretty – you are a fool.

      1. So because Grandpa won the genetic lottery that’s a good reason for you to do it?

        Donald Trump is running for president. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

          1. Not talking down to anyone here that is here to quit. Also, I am VERY secure with my decision to be a quitter. Probably the BEST decision I ever made in my life. The fact that you’re on this board only seeking out confrontation, actually shows its you with the insecurities pal.
            If you have nothing to add to the discussion, but “you’re a house liberal” and “you’re acting like a badass”…It doesn’t take much to figure out your true motives.
            Come back when you have something useful to add to the discussion Mike Jones.

  14. I dipped Kodiak then Grizzly wintergreen for the last 20 years. I dropped it. But sadly not before the stuff stole my teeth, put a ulcer in my stomach. And destroyed my taste buds. I was able to stop by using nicotine gum then regular gum. It’s everyone’s choice to do whatever they want to. Just don’t let it do the damage it has to me. I still have my desires to dip but I have kids. And this stuff is like playing Russian Roulette. It may never kill you, You might wind up with half a head. Who knows? I don’t want to make anyone try and stop if there not ready, cause first it takes a willingness to.

    1. My friend, there’s enough extensive research to deem vaping much safer. It has helped me more than you can imagine until you try it. I don’t mean that gas station crap. I mean real vape stores. Stores that tell you what ingredients they put in their liquids. I encourage you to do your own research on the subject. You don’t have to be a hipster to enjoy it’s benefits. And, believe it or not, it’s a much cheaper habit.

  15. I dipped for 6 months. I liked it but had to stop because every time I got a sore in my mouth I was scared that it was cancer. I looked at the sore everyday to make sure it wasn’t getting bigger. It stressed me out. It should be easy to stop so you don’t have to worry ever time you get a sore in your mouth that it could be cancer.

  16. CHEWIE, there are multiple sources that prove smokeless tobacco is a safer alternative to cigarettes. You are aware of Brad Rodu, but he isn’t the only one doing research over the subject. It’s called Tobacco Harm Reduction. I am sure you will over look this and resort to name calling similar to a child, but here are some references. http://www.tobaccoharmreduction.org/faq/smokelesstobacco.htm http://tobaccocontrol.bmj.com/content/21/2/245.full
    There are many more sources I can identify. As you can see, these sources claim it to be significantly safer than cigarettes. Most of them don’t endorse using it because people tend to use smokeless tobacco along with cigarettes. Full substitution is preferred.

    I am aware this forum is based on “the quit”, but this community is pushing false information.

    1. Thanks for the info. I know all about Brad Rodu and I know all about the concept of harm reduction. I’m not going to debate whether smokeless is “safer” than cigarettes. It most likely is. Then again, a 9mm is probably “safer” than a 357. Pick your poison.

      My issue is when people (not you necessarily) suggest that smokeless is “safe”. It’s not. Period, end of story.

        1. Thank you. I’m glad we agree. As I said above, my issue is when people mix up safe with safer. It’s a small distinction with potentially huge consequences.

          That said for me personally I always say that not being addicted to something is better than being addicted. It’s a choice that each user (quitter) needs to make for themselves.

      1. You can’t compare tobacco to ammunition. A .357 May be a bigger round but the 9mm moves a lot faster and can cause just as much if not more by creating two wounds. Smokeless may not be a safer alternative but the fact is that you are 8 times less likely to get oral cancer from smokeless tobacco than you would from smoking.

        1. I think that was the point trying to be conveyed, that tobacco, in any form, is not safe. Guess you just wanted to argue bullet weight? Cool.

  17. just dont dip for a couple of weeks itll go away, you got gator lip, so its not cancerous, its just like dead skin, your body will reproduce more, but try and switch up the spot in your mouth where you normally dip

      1. My dentist actually told me that the method of switching sides is a safer way to use tobacco. I guess because one side isn’t getting 100% repeated exposure. This stuff is nasty and potentially dangerous no matter how much I enjoy it. It’s a strong addiction and it’s a big game of uncertainties. It can be very scary and it’s not worth the money, looming fear, or oral health degeneration. But I still do enjoy it.

        1. Yeah, I was told the same thing, less damage to the tissues in there.
          The stuff is NASTY and IT IS Dangerous, not “potentially”. I also agree it’s a strong addiction (VERY strong). I was on it for just about 30 years. And it was probably one of the (probably THE) hardest things I ever did, was quit. That said, it is also the most rewarding thing I did. No more nasty-ass spitters laying around, no more nasty ass teeth and breath, even if I did give the teeth “special attention”. No more relying on a substance to get me through the tough times….I take all my problems head on these days. All this, yet I too, had enjoyed it for almost 30 years.
          There will come a time, when you no longer enjoy it and you will wonder “why” you still do it. By then, you’ll also realize the only reason(s) you still do it, is because you’re A.) Addicted to it and B.) You would fear life without it.
          When you get to that fork in the road, come back, plenty of people here have decided to be free of that shit and can help you get free.
          Take care,
          Day #655 Free

  18. I’m sitting here at work reading all of this because right now my mind is craving a dip. Not just my mind, but body, twitching, entire leg tapping, head pressure, cant relax or concentrate because I don’t have Copenhagen. You all are arguing about this like a bunch of bickering idiots. The bottom line for me is I am addicted to it. What else makes me need it after a couple hours without use? Despite how harmful it is, and rest assured you morons defending it, it is worse to do than not to, no matter how you cut it. I want nothing to do with something that has me like that, and I’d rather spend my time, energy and money on things that propel me forward. what are the advantages of dip? The upsides and long term health benefits? To this site and its contributors, I’ve been dip free 5 weeks now, nicotine free 2 weeks, dipped since 2002. In these short weeks my heartburn has went down, my endurance (ice hockey) has went up, my intake of food has went up, my sleep pattern is improved, all the reasons to quit apply. No bottles laying around, runs to the gas station, freaking out, in bed, yuck mouth in the morning. It’s your choice to do or not, but the choice is obvious to me. And now I’ll never dip again, and never come back to this site again but appreciate the times reading the articles and being able to relate. It’s simple, don’t put that shit in your mouth no more.

    1. Good for you, Vito… I am reading your comment about six months later… I hope you are still off this nasty stuff. My younger brother has dipped 32 years now, and is dying from stomach & colon cancer. He just found out. Two of his HS football buddies got cancer (some did not …yet). He has only a few teeth left, and dips a can a day when he is stressed, which is most every day, he says. PLUS, his extreme nictotine intake makes his anti-depression meds only a third effective, so his doc has upped his meds so they will work. But the doc won’t up them enough to equal the loss of effectiveness… so he suffers from bouts of depression to boot. Imagine an addictive habit & drug that rots teeth, gives you the good possibility of cancer, DOES give you a rush, but also makes you more depressed, so that you just may dip more. A vicious cycle. You can’t help but swallow bits and traces of the stuff, too. All of that poison in your stomach. Yes, your lungs are so much healthier than a smoker’s, but your mouth, teeth, throat, stomach, and colon is worse off. I’d like to know about nicotine absorption with dipping. If my brother dips a can a day, or even two or three cans a day (sometimes he does this)… how does that relate to the amount of nicotine absorbed by smoking cigarettes? My brother says that he (at one can dipped per day) equals only 4 cigarettes – not quite a half pack. I disagree. Our parents smoked an average of 3 to 5 packs a day, and when relatives came over on holidays, when 7-9 adults lighted up, our house was always a haze… this was in the 70s and 80s. Those adults? All dead now… even our parents. ALL died from some form of cancer… whether lung cancer with a hear attack… or heart failure with emphysema, COPD, and cancer. Take your pick… unfortunately… for smoking steadily for 55 to 65 years… a shorter life and a painful last 10-13 years was the result. My brother, I am afraid, will not make it much past 56-57 years. Two to three cans of dip PER DAY is a time bomb… He is wanting the nicotine ‘hit’ every 30 minutes of his life… so sad.

  19. If someone wants to dip smoke or do stuff like that I think that they can and it is their body no one else’s so they can do as they want to not agreeing with doing it or not doing it but they are an addictive product

  20. Amen Faith in Jesus Christ saves us confess Jesus is Lord and He will be your savior the only sacrifice acceptable to God He can help us do anything.

  21. I have read comments here from many ppl I agree with some or most. I have to say what you have said is by far the most intersting post about quitting I have ever heard, and you know what you are right, the only thing that I can honestly state though we all are born into a very stressful and evil world, if we were to wake up each day thinking about what we are going to pass away from most ppl could say accidents, etc car, bicycle ppl get the idea. Which could be true maybe not. The one thing that I can relate to is your love of God. When I hear why you quit and what motivated you is what made me start thinking, why take that chance. Life is a game of chances and luck of the draw though, so you have to be strong willed and I do believe faith can help, before I finish this post I still believe hpv causes mouth cancer too that I know for a fact I did much erase arch on this subject too. So it’s about time somebody lays all the cards out their. I won’t stop loving my wife though, even though their could be risks. Capiece, God bless.

  22. It may kill hpv that’s an std on rise men catch in their mouths, woman can have it too. Cancer of the mouth can be caused by hpv look it up. No excuse to continue dipping, just saying anything can cause cancer now you can’t even eat or lick putang, what’s next apples are bad for mouth. Just live life to fullest, tomorrow is never a givin. Bye the way polonium,cadmium or used in chemo don’t be fooled.

    1. Do you know what Chemo essentially does? It brings you to the brink of death in hopes of killing the cancer before it kills you. So yes, I’m SURE those chemicals are used in chemo. To help kill you. Chemo is not healthy. You see after chemo how all the patients begin to lose their hair, energy, appetite, and sometimes their will to continue? That should be enough to show you that polonium and cadmium are not “healthy”. They’re deadly.

      1. Kudos Dylan…i just refuse to argue with ignorance on here. A beautiful forum, devoted to people wanting to quit, yet the addicts, afraid to deal with their own demons, use it to argue for the addiction. Quite sad.

      2. Polonium and cadmium are also in broccoli, celery, and other vegetables. Using scary sounding substances, without checking if they are actually evident in unhealthy levels, lowers the credibility of your argument against chewing tobacco. Nevertheless, one should not be subservient to any product. If you are not in control of your relationship with tobacco, your will power will always be in self-doubt. Doubting one’s self is unhealthy. – This is a much stronger argument than naming a few scary sounding substances, which are found in vegetables, and are not harmful in the levels found in chewing tobacco.

        1. Jake, if people were “in control of their relationship with tobacco” then their would be no addiction problems associated with its usage.
          My opinion, you don’t know what addiction is. Will power only comes in play when it’s time to stop addiction, it has nothing to do with the addiction to a chemical itself, namely, nicotine in this case.
          Sure, there are trace levels of toxic chemicals in many things we eat. But you arguing that point, is like arguing that eating lead based paint chips is ok too, because lead levels are very low in them. Tobacco, in any form, is not good for you. Idiots like yourself on this board, arguing it’s ok, if “you have control of it” is not only laughable, but also ignorant. Nicotine, in any form, is dangerous and could cost you your life. GYHOOYA.
          Get. Your. Head. Out. Of. Your. Ass.

  23. Hello everyone!
    My name is Mike and I’m 35 years old.
    I’ve been chewing for 18 years. I have gone through the on and off again thing with trying to quit. I’m kind of a hypochondriac so I’ve been to the doc a few times with a scare. But now for the past week I’ve had a dry patch on my lower lip. Now like I said I’ve chewed for 18 years so I know the dry wrinkles we get on our lip at times but I haven’t chewed in a week and it’s still there. So I will be going to the doc tomorrow. I’m just not feeling to confident about this visit. Also the worst thing in the world is trying to self diagnose on the net. It’s always either nothing or cancer …no in between!
    Just wondering if anyone has also gone through this dry spot thing or the unending worrying that keeps you up at night?

  24. MattM,
    Glad to hear you’ve reached the point where you’re sick of the smokeless tobacco. This is where I was too. I set a date, and quit.
    There are several GREAT alternatives available these days. Back when I tried quitting, AND FAILED, back in the 90’s, all that was available outside of smokeless tobacco, was Oregon Mint Snuff. And let me tell you, if that’s all that was available today, God Bless their hearts, I probably would of failed again.
    Let me start by saying I dipped Skoal Wintergreen Long cut for 20 of the 25 years I dipped. Before that, was Kodiak Wintergreen.
    As Chewy pointes out above/below, there are several good alternatives. Smokey Mountain is probably the most popular and available smokeless alternative on the market. I do think they have a very good product that definitely does the job, in a pinch! I am fond of the Wintergreen, Artic Ice (mint) and Straight flavors. Beware though, Smokey Mountain (Especially Wintergreen) is a bit sweet. But also remember, NOTHING will replace that shit you’ve stuffed in your cheek for years…this is not tobacco, but its close.
    Hooch probably has the #1 “feel” of tobacco out of all of them in my opinion. I bought a pack of all their flavors, and although Wintergreen was good, I felt SpitFire was by far the best one. That stuff was not Wintergreen at all, but it had a BURN to it that made you constantly spit. It was by far my favorite of their line-up.
    BACOff was interesting, it had a good feel too it, but it didn’t seem to generate much juice or flavor.
    Next, I tried all the Golden Eagle line up, I would say that Wintergreen tied with Cinnamon being the best of their flavors. That product is really fine cut and gritty though, I am more of a long cut guy.
    I ventured from their to the stuff named Elicit. Now their stuff is ULTRA fine cut. It reminded me of original Skoal or Cope. Not the flavor, but the cut/texture was very close to it. The flavor was VERY good. I only tried their Wintergreen, and I was really, REALLY impressed with it. They have a few others too, but I only tried their Wintergreen.
    This is the part where I need to tell you that some companies out there that make these Herbal chews, sell them with and without Nicotine. Elicit (and my next brand I will share) is one of them. I have not (and will not) try anything that contains Nicotine ever again. I think they offer the products to get you used to the flavor at Full Strength, then you can change to Half Strength, then to Zero Strength. I never did it that way, since this site and most all of the people here, elect to go cold turkey! Get that shit out of your system right away! But Elicit offers it with and Without Nicotine. All of my reviews are WITHOUT or ZERO STRENGTH…no more Nicotine with this guy!
    The last one and by far my Favorite is Triumph Herbal Chew. This stuff is wonderful. I have used it here and there since I’ve quit tobacco (535 days now). It is crushed Mint Leafs with added flavoring. The stuff is an excellent, EXCELLENT alternative to tobacco. And if they ever decide to take on a talking head in Michigan, I will help them spread the word. I will share a story. I was at a bar with some friends the night before Christmas Eve, this year. Some other guys were with us and they were handing a tin of Grizzly around the table. I had a can of “Classic” flavored Triumph on me, since when I drink, I do like to have a pinch at the end of the night. Well, I took out my can and tossed it on the table. A few cracked it and decided to take a pinch, they all were SHOCKED at how good this stuff was. They were also surprised it was Nicotine and Tobacco Free! Then they wanted to know where it came from and if I was a salesman, LOL!! No, I am not a salesman, but I do think that that stuff CAN help dippers get free from tobacco, it is that good in my opinion, I believe in it! Free shipping too!
    I have tried a couple others, Holt, which is made from Alfalfa, and its made out in Montana, in a town my Mother lives in. She knows the owner and when she came back for a visit, she knew I quit and brought me a can to sample. It was ok, didn’t have much peppermint flavor as it indicated on the lid. And I tried all of Jake’s Mint Chews as well, I like the cranberry one the best. Those too are mint leaf based and I already outlined who I thought had the best Mint product above…and it ain’t even close! BE SURE YOU ARE USING ZERO STRENGTH!! I will never, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER….use Nicotine again, I am FREE!
    Anyway, that’s my novel for the end of 2015. All you guys keep punching away, you CAN be free from Tobacco. And like DeepyDeeDon’t mentions, if you’re thinking about doing it, take the plunge, you CAN do it. He just crossed his 100 day challenge a couple weeks ago (proud of you bro), you can too!
    Happy New Year Quitters and I hope I have helped someone today!
    Day #535 FREE of that SHIT!

  25. JayP
    I am going to quit as soon as this can of pouches are gone! Im 31 and I have been dipping Kodiak and only Kodiak Wintergreen for 17 years solid. My gums became a little sore lately, so i decided its time. I switched to pouches to begin the process. No way I was going cold turkey…too many activities and stress at work to just drop it cold. However I feel like Im ready…What are the fake chews out there that have a taste similar to the wintergreen that i can shoot for to aid me in my difficult quest?? Thanks man and good deal on your 13 months!!

  26. As a dipper I agree that like any addictive vice there are associated risks. However,the major point of Dr. Rodu’s research is that smokeless tobacco is so much safer that calling the difference significant is barley adequate in quantifying just how much safer it is, Furthermore,almost all companies that produce dip are parented by larger big tobacco companies that still rely on cigarettes as the primary source of income. This at the very least makes Dr. Rodu a polarizing figure to them, if not a true opponent. I understand the logic that they may rather have people using some variant of their products then none at all, but he is also certainty no Nick Naylor (A fictional Rep of a aggressively biest lobbyist. I am adamantly against candy like tobacco flavors as i am towards any ploy to hook in minors but the fact of the matter is that as long as we are a free country people are going to do what they want, and if a smoker who is unwilling to quit but would be open to switching if they were not under the impression that dip was any less risky, then depriving them of this documented reality is a true disservice to public health.

  27. Thanks for the info folks. I’m 27 and I’ve smoked for the past 12 years. I switched to dip a couple months ago, because I was getting tired of coughing up all that gray lung butter. It’s just been so convenient in comparison to not have to go outside to have a smoke, and it’s cheaper, but I’m already starting to see the damage inside of my mouth. I think I’ll quit after reading this. I never thought of it as an addiction. It was something I thought I enjoyed doing.

  28. Jimmy Cap,
    Scared? Where did I say I was “scared of Leukoplakia”? What I said is it is pre-cancerous (which it is), but whatever, I guess your mute logic has me down for being scared.
    The size of my balls aside, what I actually “think”, based on your ‘Keyboard Warrior’ post, is that it’s you that is “scared” to face his own addiction.
    Maybe some day, when you’re no longer weak and dependable on that old can of “manliness” (or maybe grow a pair balls like mine), you’ll drum up the courage to face your demons.
    Oh yeah, and on the butt-hurt rant of the infamous “Doctor Rodu”…If Big Tobacco (who is your current Master), pays a doctor to write “research” a different way (Pro-Tobacco), it tells me the man has an agenda…to fill his own pockets. But I wouldn’t expect you to fully understand the ins and outs of how things work, since you’ve displayed so much ignorance in that terribly written post below.
    I appreciate your envious views of me…it feels wonderful to be hated by an addict!
    Happy Holidays Stretch-Nutts!
    Day #522 Free of that SHIT

  29. Thank You!!! I’ll continue to enjoy chewing while you enjoy your “freedom” lol. I bet you’ve never chewed once in your life. I am also glad to know the reason for dr rodus finances! I bet you are a close personal friend of his!

  30. Jayp, u have the worst fucking logic ever. What scares you about Leukoplakia? The fact that it has a .6% cancer rate, or the fact that it makes your gums a little white. You seem like you think you have “the biggest balls” because you quit chewing! I’m sorry, but chewing is one of the most manly things on this planet. Dr Rodu doesn’t get a bunch of money for personal profit from tobacco companies, but rather for his research, so he can show how sickly misinforming cancer sites, or how biased the facts on sites such as this one are. This site just showed a few statistics o try to scare us. Who gives a fuck if their is chemicals in chew or dip. There’s fucking chemicals in ice cream!!! Please don’t tell me that your so goddamn liberal that you wouldn’t give your kid fucking ice cream!!! If you believe all of this bullshit, I am proud of you for quitting, but if you were as manly and “properly educated” as you sat you are, and loved dipping as much as you say you did, and you quit, then you are either very fucking stupid or gullible

    1. You lost me at “chewing is one of the most manly things on this planet.”

      And when you followed up suggesting you have knowledge of Dr. Rodu’s finances you pretty much lost all credibility. Enjoy your addiction. I’ll enjoy my freedom.

  31. These chemicals you listed in tobacco are present in many different plants. Potatoes even contain some nicotine. Scare tatics at their best. Also, the risk of oral cancer with ST is extremely small. Do your research. Especially in the state of West Virginia and the country of Sweden. These articles ares written by people who are against something others are doing and they want them to stop.

    1. As opposed to many of the other posters here, I’m not here to discourage the effort of people attempting to quit. In fact, I support just the opposite. However, I do value the truth on things as important as addiction, and the possibility of someone contracting cancer, very highly. That is why I believe it is important to at least inform people on the findings of people like Dr. Rodu. While some may claim (as many of you already have) that Dr. Rodu is bought and paid for by tobacco companies, my understanding is that he simply uses their funds to support his reasearch. In other words, he doesn’t pocket any money that they donate. From his research he has concluded a variety of things. One, that nitrosamines (cancer causing chemicals) in smokeless tobacco today are at historically low levels. Levels that he believes are nearly innefective in concluding that there is a significant risk for cancer from using smokeless tobacco. Another of his conclusions was that leukoplakia in smokeless tobacco users only turns to cancer in a very small percentage of instances. In fact his research shows that it causes cancer in a ratio of a range from 0.6 to 1.7. This means that at worst, ST wouldn’t cause even a double in risk for mouth cancer. With all of this said, there is still no doubt that ST isn’t healthy, as it still causes gum recession, addiction, and a slight raise in blood pressure.

      1. This is stupid. You come to a website aimed at cutting nicotine addiction, only to blab the other way about how chewing tobacco has lower levels of carcinogens these days. To you know of stupid that looks? “Duhhhhh, Dr Rodu doesn’t take, Duhhhhh, any money for his own keepings, Duhhhhh..only for research, Duhhhhh”
        Seriously, are you the Doctor’s accountant? Do you have the inside track on his financials? The dude is Big Tobaccos Talking Head.
        You may not “think” you’re not here to talk about the benefits of chewing tobacco and how you don’t encourage it, but you did both above.
        Nice try, but you’re view has more holes in it than a spaghetti strainer.

        1. He has a DOCTORATE IN ORAL PATHOLOGIES????? HE IS A MEDICAL DOCTOR WHO SPECIALIZES IN ORAL DISEASES AND CANCERS?????? He obviously has the skills and knowledge to run tests and find statistics that you can’t. Frankly, I think that since he finds things that upsets you because it’s not what you want to hear, you guys attack him. When Dr. Rodu is the when with the proof that he has been awarded his certificate to practice AS A MEDICAL DOCTOR!

          1. Joe, I don’t care what his credentials are. If you look at the website you’re visiting at this moment (more like Trolling), it’s one for people that have quit (like myself, thanks to this site) and for the people considering a quit.
            You, like many others on this particular page, want to try and argue the benefits (which there are none) of changing one nicotine addiction, for another “safer”, nicotine addiction. It makes no difference to me if a doctor (who big tobacco supports by the way) thinks switching from a smoking habit, to a smokeless tobacco habit is safer. It’s still an addiction, something this wonderful place aims at informing people on. Nicotine, smokeless, smoking, snorting, or sticking it up your ass….I don’t care what your flavor is pal, it’s an addiction and no addiction is good. If you want to further argue your useless point than I will just consider you another addict, who isn’t ready to quit yet.
            I mean, I’m trying to give you the benefit of the doubt here Joe, but arguing addictions are good, makes me wonder if you should have your attic checked for bat shit droppings or lead paint exposure.

        2. I think the fact that you’ve done it for 31 years and are still cancer free says a lot about the hype… lol If you’re going to get it, you would have by now.

          1. First off, it was close, not quite 30 years, that I abused the junk.
            Second, who are to say “if you’re going to get it, you would have by now”?
            Whose to say I wasn’t on the verge of getting it? We’re you able to see the early stages of cancer (Lukeoplkia) growing & wreaking havoc in my mouth daily? No, you didn’t.
            The point, NOT using products known to cause cancer, in this case, smokeless tobacco, lessens my chances of contracting the cancers affiliated with using it.
            Not to mention the added benefits of not having a mouth full of shit, every living hour of my life. Freedom of Not being addicted to a chemical. Having more money in my pockets and not having to hide a habit from customers, because I’m a fucking addict. I’m so happy, beyond words, what my life is without that shit…most of all, I don’t have to worry about the “possibility” of contracting cancer from being a junkie. I love my life without it.
            Keep fucking with that stuff, pressing that button, again and again and again…. eventually, it will answer! I do appreciate your denile though, It’s Tobacco apologists like yourself, that keeps me clean, day after day…thank you!
            2 years and 20 days free.

  32. Let us play Chemistry Shall we?

    Formaldehyde: Used to embalm dead bodies
    Benzene: Found in gasoline
    Polonium 210: Radioactive and very toxic
    Vinyl chloride: Used to make pipes
    Chromium: Used to make steel
    Arsenic: Used in pesticides
    Lead: Once used in paint
    Cadmium: Used to make batteries
    Hydrogen cyanide: Used in chemical weapons
    Ammonia: Used in household cleaners
    Butane: Used in lighter fluid
    Toluene: Found in paint thinners

    Now I am not saying you should Dip, but you should have the right to do it if you want to. BRILLIANT!! This type of logic shines.
    (Source: Centers for disease control and prevention).

  33. I understand that Tobacco in any form is bad for you. And all of the chemicals harm your body in the worst ways. I have been dipping for four years because my friends did and I got addicted so I just havent felt the need to stop, but I feel like the chemicals all have diffrent effects on different people. See we are all unique in so many ways and our bodies can actually creat their own anti bodies to fight chemicals which can cause harmful diseases in our bodies to cause cancer and other sorts of long term diseases. Its really just a matter of how well your body reacts to these chemicals. I am not saying you should but the reason their are so many different oppinions on this is because some people are not affected in the same way. Just use it at your own risk because most people do end up with mouth lung and throat cancer from dipping or smoking.

    1. Did any of this really need to be said? I mean, this is a QUIT FORUM. Not a “Use dip, but beware” Forum. I mean, most people here want to hear about the success stories of the quitter. Not some long drawn out opinion on how everyone’s body is different and will respond differently to the chemicals. Maybe I am just a little “chippy” today, but WHY people feel the need to pollute this wonderful place with there PRO-TOBACCO views.
      Ultimately, the shit is bad for you in any form. Pony up the balls and drop the habit.

  34. Look i dip my uncle dipped till he died but it wasnt from dipping. my grandfather and grandmaw dip and they had no problem and there is a doctor that wrote a book call how smokeless tobacco can save ur life.

    1. Wait… hold the phones. There’s a BOOK written about it? It’s gotta be true.

      Would you like to borrow my copy of The Mullet: Hairstyle of the Gods?

      1. LMAO!!!! A Foreword by Brian Bozworth….
        Hmmm, so smoking is terrible and Smokeless Tobacco where its at.
        I will say, that “back in Grandpa and Grandmas day”…it was thought that chewing was safer than smoking. Thus one of the main reasons my Grandpa ditched the smokes and started dipping. We know this not to be true today.
        I think if you look deeper into that “doctor” opinion on smokeless tobacco, you’ll find a secret agenda…like perhaps the dude was paid (by Big Tobacco) to state that? Maybe?
        I will never be convinced that ANY form of tobacco is safe….and furthermore, its pretty dam stupid to try coming to a place like this to state such a ridiculous claim.
        Time to take a BIG whiff of what you’re shoveling pal.

        1. He goes on to say the Tobacco Company have ZERO say in what he publishes. Maybe if you get out of the tunnel you are in and listen to somebody else you would learn something. Smokeless tobacco is 100x safer than smoking tobacco. #DBH

          1. Maybe if you got your head out of that tunnel called your ass, you’d see tobacco, in any form, is harmful. I chose smokeless over cigarettes because I was an athlete. But that didn’t make it “better” or as you say “100x safer”. Tobacco is Tobacco, clown. In any form, its addictive and NOT healthy for you. Tobacco in any form has to its plus and minus…what one form will do to the body, the other wont. But seriously…There isn’t a reputable source anywhere, stating ANY form of tobacco is “healthy”…They’re all bad for you. C’mon man….

      2. Why should we believe anything you’re saying? Dr. Rode has credentials to prove that he graduated from medical school and studies oral pathologies? He studies thing such as cancers of the mouth for living? You’re just some dude who started up a website?

        1. You don’t have to believe anything anyone says, me included. I chewed over a can a day for 18 years. Then I quit. I relay what happened to me personally. Just as using is a choice (that I fully support) quitting is a choice (which I also support). What information you choose to believe or ignore is 100% up to you.

          1. Honestly man, if you dipped a can a day that’s your own fucking problem. I’ve dipped for seven years and never even came close to a can a day. Two, maybe three dips a day is all a person needs, at most. Don’t push your own problems on me, Chewie. You’re own inability to have self control is, once again, YOUR OWN FUCKING PROBLEM. And for those that have any interest in cannabis and live in a state where Medical MJ is legal, I would look into the anti-tumor properties present in MJ. It can save you a hell of a lot of worry, especially when Chewie and other jackasses are pushing their own addiction problems on you. Adios, amigos. Bout to go pack a fatty.

          2. Finally, the fact that my comments require moderation shows what kind of agenda this website pushes. Do you believe in free speech? If not, get the hell out of my country.

          3. I absolutely believe in free speech. But I also believe in civil conversation. Hence the reason for moderation. Thank you for validating that decision.

        1. Hey Chewie, Maybe he’s on John Candy’s “5 year plan”… You know,
          Eliminate cigarettes, then off to cigars, then off to pipes, then off to chewing tobacco, then to the gum….

  35. I have chewed a can a day for 14 years, I just recently quit this june. the issue I had was the extream headaches I told my self it would go away after a few weeks but it never stoped so I would smoke a ciggarette which seemed to work now im chew free but smoke ciggarettes. I cant seem to kick the habbit I work at a prison and everyone around me chews and smokes.

    1. Dude, drop the smokes, pickup some fake dip. Checkout the review section. Seeds, candy, gum, you gotta have something to chew on. Unless you cold turkey it, you’re only trading nicotine vices.

      1. I was reading this post. And I’ve been dipping for about a year now and see some nasty shit going on in my mouth and I’m trying to quit. And just wanna share some tips for those who do dip. 1. If you dip cope or Kodak or anything with a lot of nicotine start dippin skoal for a little bit to get your body used to the low nicotine then start having less and less dips a day. 2. Go to the store or a gas station and get the beef jerky chew that’s what I’ve been doin and just throw a lip in of that and suck on it. 3. Pick up on some other habits maybe like drinking cokes or pops or chewing seeds or some other bullshit. Thought this might help.

        1. just read a post on swapping out pops for chew. if addiction is the problem the cure is hardening the soul and mind. I may inly be 17, but ive gone through a hell of a lot more than a lot of adults I know. I not saying by any means that I have gone through more than whoever may read this, but I have learned enough to know there is a truth the the saying “mind over matter” i disagree with one post that says you can cure anything with the right mindset, in my opinion it just sounds kinda stupid, but you and only you are in control. i am fully aware nicotine is an addictive drug just like dopamine, but if you do your research i think youll find that it really is all a mind game. as for the pop, that shit will seriously hurt you. it corrodes your teath, hurts you metabolism and blood pressure and it sure as hell dont help to be substituting healthy carbohydrates and fibers for strait sugar.

          dip may be bad, but in my opinion getting hooked on sugar is way way worse. the human body will filter out nicotine, but sugar it craves, and obsobs, and hurts you long after you consume it. small amounts are okay as you use it, but large constant quantities will degrade your life like you wouldnt believe. I have a friend who was hooked on it and he managed to quit and hes like a whole new person with energy that will last more then an hour.

          dont get hooked on sugar. its a hell of lot worse.

    2. I got to agree with DanO…you can’t quit one form of nicotine, only to start another form. The quitters t has to come from deep within. You have to not care people around you dip and smoke. This is all about you, probably the only thing you can be greedy as hell about, this isn’t about your Mom and Dad, about your Coach or Players, not about your wife or kids, its about YOU! ALL YOU. I know its tough to be around dippers. My toughest part of my quit, was being around people that dipped like I used to. And yeah, when I dipped, I also smoked when I drank. So I know what it’s like to be hot boxing a pack of smokes is too. Though this was a secondary habit to my preferred chewing habit, it was something I took part in as well.
      All I can say, if you want to be free, you got to drop the chemical. Whether it be a dip, cig or piece of nicorette/patch…you’re still in the nicotine cycle. Grab some seeds, gum, fake dip, toothpicks…hell, I even heard of someone using a cotton ball as a dip! Anything to NOT use nicotine…we all want to help out here Louis!!
      Good Luck and reach out to the board!!

  36. I quit chewing 2 years ago… Mother of the unseen, I want to go back to it sometimes…

    But I remember the hell it was. Rob you of your energy with all of the chemicals, continually fearing carcinoma, money burnt…

    As much as I would like to relapse, I figure there has to be something better.

    1. Quentin…I have been quit myself for just over a year now. Ain’t non going back for me. In fact…I feel the fake alternatives are so good these days, if in want a dip, that’s the route I will go. I feel I have way, WAY too much invested in my quit, it would be down-right stupid of me to return now. No looking back for me…and you have a year on me…keep quit, you’re a hero to me and is why I will continue my quit.

  37. You come here for one of two reasons. #1, you have some kind interest in quitting dip. I’ve read it more than once here, you ain’t here by accident. Or #2, you’re just trolling. Simple to me. I Googled fake dip or something like that and this page popped up. BOOM, I’m now over 150 days dip free. I’m just speaking for me here, Chewie may not give a rip why you’re here as long as you’re here. But who cares in the end I guess, look around & see what’s going here, good stuff.

  38. If you feel you should stay away from dipping then that’s great… But I think in this day and age we try to tell other people how to live their life way too often. Also me one who lives in West Virginia I know hundreds of people who dip and have never heard of them having a problem. People know the risk. Let them be adults and make their own choices without guilting them into living like you do.

    1. I’m not guilting anyone into quitting. If you want to use it’s 100% your right to use. We are providing information for people that want to quit. Don’t like it, don’t read it. Pretty simple.

      1. Iv’e been chewing for what seems an eternity and at my age of 65 I believe it is effecting my health- I want to quit but am just too non committal at present-
        I quit smoking several times-5 years on 5 years off- Have been clean for 6 years and will NEVER smoke again-makes me sick just thinking about it!
        But chew, now that is A different breed of cat- I just can’t imagine getting up in the morn without A dip- A can A day for years and years- I need to quit but am having trouble summoning the will- I sometime believe that chew helps me concentrate and that is A good thing for me as I have has ADD my entire life-
        Has anyone here that has quit find it harder to concentrate????

        1. Stubones, one day at a time. Look at the fake dips, may help. Check in here & participate. A lot of good people here like you, we all have one thing in common, we let nicotine control us & make us their bitch. Make nicotine your bitch. In my best Arnold voice…… C’MON, DO IT….. 🙂

          1. Try to imagine what your habit looks like to those who don’t have it. The spit, the really bad breath (and I do mean bad!), the sound of your spitting. I used to smoke, and it’s hard to quit, but you can do it if you think of everything I mentioned, never mind the thought of half your face missing possibly.

        2. To answer your question, yes, it definitely affected my concentration. I’d sit around & tap my foot like a crackhead needing some crack early in my quit. I’m 5 months nicotine free. I know it sounds like a generic answer, but it will get better, just gotta gut it out.

          1. Stubones49,
            Definitely…it affects your concentration, especially when you quit! You’ll get so foggy for the first week or so then it will slowly lift. 3 days is what they say it takes to rid your body of nicotine, the rest, is just fighting the urge to return to it.
            I am 1 year and 22 days free of the smokeless tobacco. I chewed heavily for 20 years and on and off the 5 years prior to that. 25 years I spent shoving that shit in my face! What a waste!
            As Dan says above, you got to gut it out, it DOES get better. My favorite mind motivating line was “This too…shall pass”. Every time I started bugging for a dip, I relaxed, took a deep breath and said this to myself. Within a few minutes…the urge passed. I also used almost every single fake dip available…sunflower seeds too!
            You will have that oral fixation for a while. Theses days… I catch myself missing days that I didn’t take any fake dip. And my consumption of seeds has began to drop too. It all takes a while…so the sooner you get started on “Killing the Can” the sooner you can begin the healing. And we’re all here to help!
            DanO…congrats 5 months free of that poison, that is quite the accomplishment.. proud of you man! Keep up your fight, you are well qualified now to beat the cravings into submission!
            Take care folks!

          2. Thanks JP, guys like you & the other quitters help alot. If you had told me 5 months ago that I’d be dip free today I would have laughed my ass off and shoved the big wad of Apple Skoal in my lip. My how times have changed.

        3. me too. i don exactly have ADD but im always all over the place. perhaps the author of this site has good intentions. problem is that campaigning for the complete removal without providing an alternative is not very helpful. chances of relapse would be pretty high. i admit, there’s nothing sexy about dipping as compared to smoking. mayb its just in my own perverted world. but i also know smoking kills. so as a smoker for 8years, ive ‘quit’ habitual smoking for about 2years even since dipping. i still smoke, albeit socially. when i wana score some chicks. ok so my point here, is about tobacco harms reduction. you opponents able to strike some middle-ground? or still sticking to prohibitionist stance?

          1. Shawn,
            I never took the “Prohibtionist Stance” (is that even a term, haha?) I just stopped using nicotine. Your substitutes are simple, ANYTHING that doesn’t contain nicotine. I used almost every single non-tobacco/non-nicotine herbal chew available. I consider myself a “pro” when it comes to those fake dips. And I did that on purpose, I wanted to find one that worked for me, so I wouldn’t have chance of relapse. I found one (or a few actually) and I also used sunflower seeds like they were never going to be produced again.
            Currently, I am 1 year and 90 days removed from smokeless tobacco, with NO intentions on ever returning to it. I have trimmed my consumption of sunflower seeds down to about 1 bag per week (it was 1 to 1 and a half, per day at the beginning) and about 1 fake dip every 10 days…or longer. A can lasts me for almost 6 weeks now. I was smashing a can a day of that fake shit at the beginning.
            The key to the quit, besides having a big set of brass balls to beat off the triggers, is finding an alternative that does not contain nicotine! Plain and simple.
            And I will agree to disagree, I don’t find anything “sexy” about smoking. I cannot stand the smell of someone who just torched down a cancer stick. And seeing a “chick” smoking, yeah, it compares to finding a rotten apple in a grocery store, I will look for a fresher one!
            Good Luck on your quit, the only way to get moving is without nicotine…HASHTAG TOUGHLOVE!

        4. This is old I know..but you can do it. My 72 year old grandmother is over 10 years smoke free. She chewed nicorette gum for about a year. And then after that? Regular old chewing gum for 5ish years. Now she doesn’t even chew gum. I believe in you.

    2. Got to agree, isn’t no one out here “telling” anyone what to do. This is a quit forum. If you’ve got the balls (or guts, for the women quitters) to quit, come here, we’ll support you. If you don’t, that’s your choice, go do your thing, but do it elsewhere!

      1. Exactly it’s a quit forum. So the information is very biased. Granted there are people out their on the other side which say dip helps prevent oral cancer which is bs and very one sided also. The information used to scare people to quit like this site really almost makes me want to dip even more, kindof does the opposite of its intentions. Honestly i just hate being controlled by something so much that is a part of me. That sucks. Props to everyone on this site who is tobacco free, lots of will power and thats very respectable. Addicted since 13 and still can’t ditch it (18 now).

        1. So you’re dipping out of spite at this point? Um… OK.

          I hate to say it, but I think age is coming into play here. Excuse the phrase, but I was young and dumb once too.

          When you’re ready… we’ll be here.

        2. Well….when you’re ready, come back. There are 25k members at this wonderful place and guess what? We were all where you are right now. Scared to make a commitment to quitting, but at least “thinking” about it. I give you props for at least taking a look around, shows me you’re thinking about quitting. I was an addict of smokeless tobacco for 25 years…now a year and 80+ days removed. It’s a wonderful thing to be free of that shit….but I was where you were at one time. At 18, you’re only 5 solid years in…blink and it’ll be 25/years later! Where does the time go? Good luck!

    3. I live in Redneck Country in Fl & I guarantee you there’s more dippers here per capita than anywhere in the world. Makes no difference though. You wanna dip, stuff 5 cans a day in your face. But when you get to your mid 40’s like me & you realize you aren’t bullet proof & you have a dentist that tells you the horrors oral cancer, you heed their & advice & walk away. So you coming to a quit dipping website & bellyaching about your right to choose dip is pretty ignorant.

  39. But wasn’t you just saying let people do what they want? So why are you saying “get of your dip is great chair”.

  40. How does it invalidate anything else I say? I’m sorry I have control of myself and just associate chewing with boredom and work? It’s all on how you think of it. I told myself to not let it control me and guess what it doesn’t. I can go a day without doing it without being on edge or have anxiety because I haven’t had a pinch all day. Mindset is the key.

    1. If you can truly put it down and it doesn’t bother you then consider yourself lucky. For an addict that recognizes he’s an addict (like myself) it’s not that simple.

      Mindset IS the key. I recognize addict speak when I see it because I did it for years. Saying you’ve “quit” several times before is 100% addict speak. You’ve stopped. You’ve never quit. “Quit” is final.


      It may sound like I’m being nit picky with the language here… I am. As you say… it’s mindset. With us, “quit” is forever. “Stopping” is temporary.

      Like you, I have 100% control over myself. Could I have one chew after all this time and not go back? Possibly. But I’m not willing to take that chance. That’s a slippery slope and it’s addict speak that I’m not willing to entertain. Making THAT decision puts me in control.

      1. In all honesty. Once a dipper always a dipper. You seem like a very English oriented person with all your fancy grammar. Cancer in my opinion is luck of the draw. I, myself, have more family members that have gotten cancer and never used tobacco once. They in my opinion were actually health freaks. And I know people who smoke like chimneys, still kicking at the age of 89. Too much water can kill you so obviously to much tobacco can kill you. Addictive? Yes. Satisfying, very. I served 2 deployments in Afghanistan and nothing relaxed my mind more than a dip after a gunfight. So you can take your fancy talk, and get out. In my eyes, you don’t need to make people’s life decisions for them.


        1. First off… a sincere “thank you” for your service. We may disagree (as I’ll get to shortly) but you’ve got my utmost gratitude.

          As for “once a dipper alway a dipper”. That’s just plain wrong. I was once a dipper and now I’m a quitter. Damn proud of it too.

          As for your opinion of cancer being the luck of the draw… you’re absolutely entitled to it. I have NEVER, as far as I can recall, tried to make someone’s decision for them. If you know of a case where this isn’t so please let me know so I can address it.

          It is 100% your right to use these products as I said here: http://blog.killthecan.org/2015/05/the-rights-of-a-dipper/ There are some anti-tobacco folks out there that DO scream from the treetops that “everyone should quit” and that “all these products should be banned”. I’ve never been one of those people. Again, please point me to where this isn’t the case. I’ve been doing this nearly 10 years now and I believe I’ve been pretty consistent.

          Thanks again. ~ Screw Chewie

        2. Dipper, it’s a proven fact tobacco use increases your tendency to get oral cancer, it says it right on the side of the can. Not sure why all of the hostility towards Chewie. This isn’t a site where people are coddled, the truth hurts sometimes. To echo words from this site, you’re here for a reason, I don’t think KTC went out & recruited.

          1. You know the Swedish have used smokeless tobacco and cannot trace it to mouth cancer? You drink pop? Pop has carcinogens in it, so does lunch meat. It heightens getting cancer by a few percent. Smoking is definitely a lot worse then ST because that film coats your mouth and doesn’t leave for a while whereas ST doesn’t do that. I agree with only one label on my dip can and that it can cause tooth loss. That is the only one that I agree with. They can’t put a warning label on there that tells you that you will get cancer.

          2. @JPrice….Sweden’s population….9.7 Million
            US Population…325 Million PLUS!
            Apples to bowling balls son, apples to bowing balls….
            “Smoking is definitely a lot worse then ST because that film coats your mouth and doesn’t leave for a while whereas ST doesn’t do that”
            Are you seriously that naïve? Smokeless Tobacco DOES leave a film in your mouth, its called Luekeoplakia:
            The presence of white or gray colored patches on your tongue, gums, roof of your mouth, or the inside of the cheeks of your mouth may be a sign of leukoplakia. The patch may have developed slowly over weeks to months and be thick, slightly raised, and may eventually take on a hardened and rough texture.
            I think you have a serious learning disorder if you dismiss this problem that is directly related to Smokeless Tobacco…seriously buddy, if BS was music, you’d have a few gold records by now.
            I dipped for 25 years and the last 10, they labeled the cans clearly, “this product can cause mouth cancer”….your statements are so incredibly stupid, I am surprised the MOD guy lets them through! But hey, you can’t argue with stupid….

        3. I don’t understand why you are on A site that’s sole purpose is to aid people in quitting chew and you are ragging them- What is your purpose? What is your point?

  41. My friend step dad been dipping for 60 years in he still do
    in he have no problems so stfu in stop being stupid

  42. “Chewie” sure is salty about all of this. I’m too lazy to look it up but there is a peer reviewed journal publication (i.e. Not simply an online article) that says cancer is basically luck of the draw. Yes, excessive use of any bad chemical is bad for your body. But to say that it will lead to cancer is to say driving a car will lead to a serious car crash.

    While I advocate for people to quit, I just suggest that you review all of the articles out there. Not just the ones that support your claims.

    1. Here we go…the “car crash comparison”…sigh….
      That is quite possibly the stupidest comparison on the board, and it must be used by the same person, because its used over and over by “new” users. “IF” there were as many dippers in America, as there are drivers, then this could possibly be used. Again, this is an Apples and Bowling Ball comparison…NOT Apples to Apples.
      But hey…what ever works to attempt you have a valid argument…and a brain.
      You should take some of your own advice, do some better research, find something that compares to one another, car crash victims and smokeless tobacco users, who contract cancer, DO NOT give anyone an accurate sample size.
      This doesn’t support YOUR claim.
      I’m sure The US Tobacco Company is looking for a person in denial like yourself.

      1. People die from car crashes more then people dying from smokeless tobacco. So it would be an apple to apples comparison.

        1. But there are FAR more drivers in the world than there are Smokeless Tobacco users. Take a stats course, that is, if you’re out of High School….if you want to use statistics, you need to use comparable data.
          That you are comparing car crash fatalities to people who contract cancer from using smokeless tobacco and die, IS NOT fair and comparable data. Thus, you are NOT comparing apples to apples, you are comparing apples and bowling balls kid.
          Seriously, you don’t sound very educated to be out here arguing this useless point….again, no sense in arguing with stupidity.

  43. I got a question, why if dip is so bad for you why is there so many smoking commercials and not a single dip commercial?

    1. Not sure what you’re saying.

      There hasn’t been a smoking commerical allowed on television since the Public Health Cigarette Smoking Act went into effect on January 2, 1971. This act is the same reason you don’t see dip commericals though the smokeless tobacco clause of the act didn’t kick in until 1986.

      1. Yeah sorry didn’t explain well. I mean like commercials about the effects. Like the people that have gotten sick cause of smoking.

  44. It doesn’t matter if smokeless tobacco is bad for you or not. What matters is that people have the right to do what they want. People that don’t like what others do need to stop trying to control them. Everyone is different with there likes and dislikes and that’s the way it should be. Is someone wants to use dip so be it. It’s not your body so leave it be.

    1. Who’s trying to control someone? As far as I know we’re not saying “everyone needs to quit”. You’re right… it’s absolutely a person’s choice to use or not to use. It’s also their right to accept whatever consequences might come from that choice.

    2. “People have the right to do what they want”
      For Example, people have the right, to start an awesome, FREE, “quit smokeless tobacco” blog like Kill The Can. You know, for people who no longer want to be a slave to nicotine? Last time I checked, there wasn’t anyone “trying to control” me here. Facts are Facts, Tobacco is BAD! There isn’t a Doctor in America that will tell you otherwise.
      You obviously are an apologist for all the nicotine addicts in the world & that’s your right. Perhaps you should go start your own crusade. Maybe your own blog? You know, one that talks about how cool brown teeth, bad breath and receding gums are?
      Just a thought from a person that was an addict or 25 years and is almost a year free from the habit, thanks in large part to this blog here. I will say a prayer for you “Freedom of Choice”
      Day #330

      1. You are wrong about tobacco being bad for you. It’s how they add all the additives to it that makes it bad. If I had a tobacco plant and dried the leaves out and smoked the leaves it would be better then smoking normal cigarettes.

        1. You are wrong, coming to a “quit smokeless tobacco” blog, arguing how nutritious tobacco is. I am glad I am free of that stuff, additives or not, it feels wonderful to be away from it. You must be a tobacco farmer? Hahahaha….Kill the Can is Killing your pockets! I love it….

    3. Yes, people can do what they want, but when it interferes with relationships, that sucks. I have to deal with a husband that sneaks it, and because of this, is always gone. I also have to deal with a terrible mouth to kiss. It ruins relationships.

  45. Smokeless tobacco does not raise your risks SIGNIFICANTLY of oral cancer. According to the ACS, 39,500 cases of oral cancer will occur. that is 0.012 percent of the population. The risk is so low, that it is difficult to even find risks of non users compared to users. Check out tobaccoharmreduction.org for some great statistics. Im tired of this misinformation. If you are going to give information, give the facts, and stop showing us propaganda of teens getting it (which, in all likely hood in those cases cancer was not caused by their dipping habits) and give us some hard numbers and statistical data.

    1. Hey Jim,
      Do you work for Phillip Morris or the U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company?
      Stop hiding behind your real agenda out here….I’m on to you pal!

      1. Look up Dr. Rodu. I have read his book from cover to cover. It is based on how smokeless tobacco can save your life if youre a smoker. What smoking does it leave a film on your lungs but it also coats the inside of your mouth. Which is difficult to remove. Whereas smokeless tobacco doesn’t leave a film over your teeth, gums or cheek. So those chemicals don’t have a long ass time to sit their and do continued damage after you’ve removed the pinch. 500-600 people out of 100k die or get diagnosed with oral or esophageal cancer. 36 people out of 100k get oral or esophageal cancer from chewing tobacco. Also to prevent furthering the chance of cancer while doing tobacco products is not to drink. My grandfather just got done getting a whole in his throat for smoking and drink since the age of 9 or 10. Parents found it funny to make him get drunk as a kid and watch him stumble. Fucked up shit but whatever. The chance of getting cancer from chewing tobacco is the same risk as getting it from processed lunch meat. Processed lunch meat has 7 cancer aiding agents in it. I bet you didn’t know that. Only way to eat healthy is to plant and harvest foods with pesticides and kill your own food. So cancer is all around us. I know a guy that got lung cancer from running 8 miles a day. Healthy guy never smoked a day in his life but got lung cancer.

        1. Dr. Rodu is paid for by Big Tobacco. I’ll leave it at that.

          Oh you know a guy who got lung cancer from running 8 miles a day? I doubt that. No, I don’t doubt that you know a guy who ran 8 miles a day who got lung cancer, but he didn’t “get it” from running those miles.

          I know a guy who chewed for a couple of years and had his jaw removed before he died from cancer. So I guess my guy cancels out your guy.

        2. “Whereas smokeless tobacco doesn’t leave a film over your teeth, gums or cheek. ”
          You’re a fraud pal! Obviously you haven’t used smokeless tobacco long enough and I highly doubt the “great” Dr. Rodu, who again is paid by Big Tobacco, ever dipped in his life. And if he did, he didn’t do it very long.
          I had a dead skin layer (or FILM) in the pockets of my jaw everyday from dipping…Leukoplakia is what that was…pre-cancerous. But I ignored it and continued to dump that shit in my mouth…because I was an ADDICT!
          I had stained teeth (or a FILM) from dipping, even with brushing, flossing AND Listerine, they were never the color they are today without using that shit.
          Maybe there wasn’t a “film” per-say on my gums, but guess what? They sure as hell were receding from that junk! My mouth, almost a year out from that habit, is STILL repairing itself from the abuse of Smokeless Tobacco. Let that soak in real good, this IS what using Smokeless Tobacco does to your body, where smoking DOES NOT show this stuff, its all hidden in the chest.
          So sit up in your “Dipping is Great” chair, but you’re only fooling yourself pal.
          The rest of this sounds like you need to see a counselor on (family issues). I could recommend one if you can come to terms that you’re full of SH*$. Changing your name 3 times to try and argue your point, definitely shows you are a troubled individual and should seek help for other things than just a tobacco habit.
          Good Day!

          1. This is pretty terrible, and not quite accurate, advice.

            “Most leukoplakia patches are noncancerous (benign), though some show early signs of cancer. Cancers on the bottom of the mouth can occur next to areas of leukoplakia.” ~ https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/leukoplakia/symptoms-causes/syc-20354405

            “Leukoplakia generally refers to a firmly attached white patch on a mucous membrane which is associated with an increased risk of cancer.” ~ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leukoplakia

            I’m not saying that it IS pre-cancerous, but to suggest unequivocally that it’s not and to just move dip to another side is disingenuous at best.

          2. I was going to hop on this rebuttal, but what’s the point? It’s obvious Andrew is an addict and just trolling for attention. I feel awful I’ve typed this much.

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