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Bacc Off CansReviews of the various products and flavors from smokeless alternative manufacturer Bacc-Off.

elkhills says…

Not bad, tried Wintergreen, Wintergreen Max (or something like that) and Mint. Its a fine cut w/ less sugar than Smokey Mtn. This is my second favorite so far.

rjc says…

Straight is tastes just like Cope to me. Wintergreen tastes just like Skoal. Both are little on the salty side. The pack is not very good as the consistency is granular. Product floats a lot.

TrojanScott says…

Someone in here liked it best, I found I liked it least of all. I think it’s because of the consistency of it. It’s like little beads of clay crap. The taste is marginal. I also didn’t like that I needed to order 6 cans of it to get it shipped! The straight stuff was probably the best. The wintergreen was so bad I threw it out. Cleaning up after dipping Bacc-Off is a little better than the other brands, because the beads are easy to just wash out, spit out, whatever. Imagine having a mouth full of miniature pebbles in your mouth. Kinda pointless, but easy to spit out with a little work.

  • Taste: C (only because the Straight is Okay..)
  • Consistency: F
  • Clean up: B
  • Spit factor: C-

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  1. Don’t order this product thinking it will arrive when expected. I ordered the the sample pack and it took 23 days to arrive when I was advised it takes 7-10 days. When the package arrived it was opened, the packets were all disheveled inside and it appeared at least one packet had been opened. The company did not respond to my concerns.

  2. I made a substantial purchase after trying the test packages. I focused on pouches, because the cuts were not what I was used to using with tobacco. The flavors I chose were classic natural, peach, and mint. Classic natural lives up to it’s billing as the closest flavor to Grizzly Straight, but know going in that it is a taste change. I am thoroughly enjoying the products and have been tobacco free for 2 weeks. I only have 1 area that I am not satisfied with and that is the pouch edges and sealed areas. There either needs to be more product in the pouches, or the pouches need to be better trimmed. I trim every pouch before putting it in my gum line for comfort reasons. Other than that, many thanks for the product.

  3. hello ive been a chewer scents I was a kid and quit the other day cold turkey. I find myself missing the taste. so I got some baccoff original fine cut. they it was the clopsest to grizzly sniff or cope sniff. I cant even put it in my lip it like putting soap in my mouth. its nothing like the real thing. I feel like I masted my money.

  4. I have used regular dip and chew for several years. My son-in-law told me about Bacc-Off. I ordered a sample pack of the coffee dip. The flavor I like the most was the Pouches of Caramel flavored coffee. I just received my first order of 12 cans. Thank you for making this product. My wife has been after me to quit the tobacco for sometime. She is happy that I have chosen your product to aid in quitting tobacco.

  5. Good alternative, smells just like the real thing. Pouches are actually similar in size to real pouches, which is rare for these alternative companies. Taste is pretty good. Spitability is not there. Had to work pretty hard to come up with spit. Also leaves your mouth with a weird aftertaste/feeling. Like your mouth is dehydrated. Smokey Mountain is the best Long Cut alternative, this may be the best we will get for a pouch alternative.

  6. I was a Copenhagen then Grizzly snuff chewer for 30 yrs. Finally had the balls to quit. I switched to Smokey Mountain Classic. I’m still missing that Copenhagen taste. Any ideas?? Plus my Dentist told me to try and find a brand that is sugar free. Kinda at a crossroads. Any advice will be appreciated.

  7. I have tried the apple pouches but like the dip without the pouch. When i took the dip out of the pouch I couldn’t believe that there was only a small amount of dip there. So maybe you can consider making the apple without pouches and actually give me some dip that will last longer than 3 dips?

  8. Just got to 5 month mark, saving a tonne of money being that I’m from Canada. Straight and W Green only ones I don’t mind, wish they had something that smelled and tasted like Cope

  9. Had to ask myself how long I could chew and swallow Copenhagen pouches until it killed me? How weak willed and selfish could I be? I ordered baccoff pouches almost a year ago and they sat in my drawer un touched. I quit cold turkey and man was I volatile and probably capable of horrific things. I remembered the baccoff in my drawer and tried it. The pouches were still fresh and the taste helped and continues to help me tremendously. To all of you giving hoity toiyty reviews about how it isn’t perfect or doesn’t satisfy like the real thing. Do yourself a favor and just fuck off mate.

  10. Wish they would rework their straight flavor, it has great consistency but there is a bad chemical taste that comes and goes throughout, I like the initial flavor but that chemical flavor and smell is awful

  11. Yeah folks, I have to say the pouch Wintergreen isn’t great. Kudos’ for the effort, but Smokey Mountain’s wintergreen (or peppermint) pouches have a longer lasting taste, even it really doesn’t taste like dip. This one is weak unfortunately. I’m only trying the pouches. Wish I could report better news…especially since I bought four tins!

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