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Back again this morning with another long overdue review of what I believe to be the newest player in the smokeless alternative world, The Ryan Express. This product takes its name from Major League Baseball Hall of Famer Nolan Ryan and is a VERY unique entry into to the alternative space. It’s made from grape seeds, grape skins and honey!

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  1. I ditched them both in the trash, those little seeds getting stuck in your teeth are a pain in the butt, I’ll stick with Teaza & Hooch. Save your $$$$$.

  2. Tried the wintergreen & I def like it better than the regular, has a little bit of a tingle from the WG, which I like. The rest of my experience is the same as the regular.

  3. Been quit for 2 1/2 yrs now & when a new player comes into the game, I like to give them a shot. I ordered a few days ago & the order came super quick, in like 2 days. The cans were very heavy, which was cool, more product. I popped open a can of the regular, I ordered regular & wintergreen. The texture reminded me of the tutti frutti swiss fake dip, which was horrible, or the Major League Chew, which tasted great. I popped in a pinch, which was sticky & kind of messy, but no problem. Sucked on it for a few minutes & my best description is take a fruit roll up, grind it up, put it in a dip can & that’s it. The taste is ok I guess, but for $13.00 for 2 cans, an epic fail in my book. Gonna try the WG later, but I have a feeling it will be more of the same. If it’s really different, I post another review. Get a fruit roll up for a few $$$$$ & put it in your lip, it will have the same effect. Thanks for the effort, but I’ll pass.

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