What To Expect When You Quit Dipping

What To Expect When You Quit DippingSo you want to quit. And you would like to know what it’s like. We’re not going to pull any punches around here, it’s tough. That’s why we’re all here.

Days 1 through 3 – Pure hell. You will walk in the fog. Nothing will seem real. Your brain is wondering where the hell its fix is and it is going to punish you until you come up with it. 72 hours, that’s all you need to get the nicotine out of your system. This is where you start to deal with the physical withdrawal associated with quitting dip. Drink lots of water. Read, post, read and post. Don’t take your anger out on your loved ones. We always tell everyone………Make this quit about YOU. If you quit for your wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, kids, mommy or daddy, you will resent them during this period. Quit for yourself and come in here to rant. Yell at us. Bitch at us. We can take it. We’ve been there.

Days 4 through 20 – Here comes the mind games. The nicotine is out of your system now. You will still have some physical things to deal with.

  • Cravings
  • Irritability
  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue
  • Inability to Concentrate
  • Headache
  • Sore throat
  • Constipation, gas, stomach pain
  • Dry mouth
  • Sore tongue and/or gums

Yep, you have this to look forward to. Your brain is rewiring itself. It isn’t used to being in an oxygen rich environment. Your body is responding in kind. Everything is a mind game now. All the cravings you have are actually due to triggers. Triggers are events where you are in a situtation you would normally dip in. Mowing the grass, playing poker online, playing golf, working on the car………you get the picture. Keep drinking water, use seeds, the fake stuff, whatever you need to keep the dip out of your mouth. Remember, oral fixation is part of our habit, something you will eventually need to break. For now though, use all the tools you have.

Days 20 – 50 – You’re winning. Life isn’t great, but you probably had a couple of nights where you actually got some sleep. You might notice you’re going to bed earlier than you normally do. Not staying up to get in that last dip. You may notice some sores in your mouth. You’re thinking, “great, I quit dipping and now I have cancer.” You almost certainly don’t. Your mouth is healing itself. Tiny ulcers you’ve had for a long time are healing. We recommend you visit your dentist around the 30 day mark. Don’t be a pansy, just do it. He or she will be very supportive and they can explain the sores much better than we can. Don’t let your guard down. Don’t go out drinking with the fellas or the girls. We also recommend that you don’t drink for at least the first 50 days. Drinking is a huge trigger event and it weakens your resolve.

Days 50 – 70 – Cruise control. Life is really good. You still think about it, but this is good stuff here. Some people may suffer anxiety attacks during or a little before this stage. Some doctors say we dipped to relieve anxiety anyway. Some people can push right through this, others need a little help. Talk to your doctor before you quit or immediately after you quit. They will know what to do. Some give Wellbutrin or Lexapro. Lots of people in the support community take or have taken these medicines and can help you with the affects. Don’t wait till you get to this stage of the game to talk to a doctor. You’ll cruise through this stage much easier if you know how to take care of the anxiety or at least know it’s coming.

Days 70 – 90 – Late term craves, the doldrums, the blahs, the blues. Some people end up feeling like they are right back at day 1. The fog, the haze, the craves. It can be a tough time. You need to let people in your group know this is happening. Time to circle the wagons to get through it. It usually only lasts a few days. Fight through this and make sure your order your HOF Knife or Coin. Here are a couple of articles about this time period which we refer to as “The Funk”

Days 90 – HOF – Houston, resume the countdown. Enjoy the hell out of these last 10 days. You will be celebrating with your group as you all enter the HOF. It is a great feeling and an accomplishment you should not take lightly. Do something special for yourself and your family. They put up with your sorry ass for the last 90 days and they deserve something too.

100+ Days – Stay vigilant. Use the tools you have, to continue beating back any cravings or urges. You will still experience dip dreams and longings, but you are fully qualified to beat them down. Continue to post roll with your group. Get into the newer groups and help somebody out. Pass it along. Live the dream.

Looking for info after 100 days? Check out What To Expect – 100 Days and Beyond

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  1. I’m on day 5, I have dipped since I was 13 and I’m 31. I’m literally freaking the fu*k out. I quit because I wanted to, I’ve tried to stop before but it wasn’t for me. My wife is having our first child and I told her I would quit if she got pregnant. I am not freaking out because I want a dip, im freaking out because now my throat and neck hurt. My jaw is sore and I have this looming feeling I have something wrong with me.

    • Keep going Matt..l am on day 21 and it is getting easier. I started feeling much better after 7 days… in about a week you will be able to manage your withdrawals much better… for me mouth sores and insomnia are still on and most of the others have gone. Still feel a bit edgy once in a while but that is not very frequent.. still a long way to go..
      Also I keep getting some more new mouth sores..

  2. Day 149

    How is everyone doing?

    I hope ya’ll don’t criticize me to harshly, but here are a couple of words of encouragement.

    I have to say, I am impressed by the posts from Brothers that are still hanging around here though their journeys have carried them to the 1000 day mark and beyond.
    Now bear in mind these people were just like you and I with a tiny fraction of their lives, in terms of time, vested in their quit once.
    Today they soar with the eagles(non dippers). We are, if you will, tiny little birds out of the egg on our journey to fly with them, it seems like forever at this point, but one day, us too will be there.
    When you guys get there, do not forget about those that are in here.
    Again, it has helped me tremendously to hear from you all. Thanks for your comments, it gives reinforced strength to those of us that are still newbies.

  3. Day 20 – Starting to recover from flu. Thankfully it is a milder one. Last 2 days again was good but today having a few cravings and getting easily irritated.
    I went to work only for 4 days in the last 3 weeks.. somehow the thought of going to work is triggering huge cravings… how to beat this 🙁 ?

  4. USMC vet…Day one… I want to give in…punch a goat…break shit… get in my truck and go get a fresh can right now.

    Reality: I’ve got 4 kids, two boys two girls. I’m quitting for me, but also that they don’t EVER go though this sinister as hell shit… ever!

    Please someone that has beat this, give some prayers this way.

    • Thank you for your service Chris.

      It is a daunting task indeed, but you are bigger than this sir, you were created clean and your efforts shall deliver you clean to the Lord some day.
      I am a christian so I’ll leave you with this from Philippians 4:13
      ” I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”
      Keep focused and find the strength.

  5. Day 18 – getting much better. Most of the withdrawal symptoms were gone. Disturbed sleep still persists. If I sleep at 10:30-11:00, I am waking up at 3-4 AM and not getting much sleep later. If I sleep at 12-1 then I am waking up at 6-7 but very tired. Had a weird dream. In Dec I was in LA and stayed at a nice Airbnb place. Had a nice spot in the garden where I used to smoke. In the dream, I am going back to LA to same place and took out a Marlboro and then I remembered I quit and I just sniffed the cigarette for a few secs but didn’t smoke. It triggered an intense craving in the sleep.
    Looks like I am catching a flu… :(… bye for now.

  6. Wow!! Jeff is here too? Glad the gang is all doing well. I cannot write too much right now, but I will later on. And you are right JayP, it is challenging to find new posts, seems like it takes a long time for them to show up and the links at the bottom for “New Posts” don’t necessarily point to them. I pointed this out to Chewie and he said there was nothing wrong, I thought I was the only one having issues so I chalked it up to cache errors. Anyway, you all take care and will write later.

    • Does anybody has reflux problem 9 months after quit? I am going thru hell 24 hours a day, 90 days or so. If u had this kind of problem, please explain.

      • I am on day 148, but yes I have had acid reflux for a long time, at first I thought it was a heart attack since I never had them before, ended up in the ER and all, the Doc gave me Prilosec and that took care of that. It takes a couple of weeks, but it works, the trick is not to drink alcohol and spicy food for a while until the affected area cures itself, if not it may be a bacterial infection and they’ll prescribe you antibiotics to kill the bugs. In any case, intestinal problems are associated with the quit in my case and seems like a lot of people in here too, I would recommend to visit a doctor, keep trucking and don’t look back, hope that helps.

  7. I’ve quit before for several years. Now I’m doing it again. It SUCKS. Day 2 and I want to destroy everything.

  8. I can never find the New Posts here anymore…seems the order is all messed up?
    Oz1, I remember Jeff and Steve were the 2 guys I remember (you and Shiva) from my first 100 days of the quit. I am not 5 years clean yet, but will be on July 15th.
    I actually just threw out my last can I’ve kept all these years, last Saturday. Took one last wiff, gagged and tossed it out. Not sure why I’ve kept it all this time, probably just to remind me of the party store owners face, when I told him my quit date and showed up that day to buy it. He smirked at me and placed it on the counter with a can of Smokey Mountain. I never told him it was that look that further fueled my anger to quit….but it certainly motivated me more.
    It hasn’t been lonely doing this Oz1, I spent a lot of time here, like you, helping others. It really helps you stand firm with your quit, when you engage with others starting their quit. After a while, I just felt like I was stepping on others trying to help each other out…so I got back in my Lane and hit cruise control. I still see the posts in my email…I’m glad you and Shiva got back on the horse that bucked you off.
    I can say, with the up most honestly, it will take an awful lot for me to ever go back to nicotine…Been there, done that for 30 years…life is absolutely normal these days without the aid of that junk. You’ll see Oz, stick with it, get to day 250, 300…it all gets easier….don’t ever look back!
    Shiva, keep at it, you know there is sunshine on the other side of this habit!

    • Still here and still quit. Glad to see you guys are back on the wagon and that Jay p is still quit. Life is good and quit keeps getting easier. Don’t even think about it most day.

      • Hey Jeff, glad to see you’re still around and stayed quit!
        I certainly agree, I don’t really think about it (obsess more like it) anymore myself. It’s so far behind me now, I’d be a dumbass to ever go back now.
        I will honestly say, if I ever do want one, I’d take a Smokey Mountain…but never again the poison, all done! You guys (Chewie too) may not ever know how much you helped me get free, thank you!
        Good to hear from you, take care!

      • Hey Jeff, good to hear from all of you, I am on day 148 now and not looking back. Ya’ll take care.

    • Thank you, JayP… I am starting to feel better. Getting few hours when I feel very normal.. it’s just that this junk has completely made me to forget how I was doing last time around :(…

    • jayP. This is Jeff. Jrj430. August will be my 5 year mark. I never caved: unfortunately I did end up fighting throat cancer two years after I quit. It was a tough time. Surgery x3. Chemo. Radiation, but I am here: I was lucky to catch it early, although I did live on a feeding tube for 6 months: I didn’t talk or swallow for 4 months. I am clean and have been so since dec 2017I quite in August 2014 and diagnosed in March 2016. I am glad I quit, I am an old Marine, never gave up on my quit, although half way thru chemo and radiation I wanted to quit. If anyone is reading this, quit as soon as you can. I chewed Copenhagen for 30 years, I rolled the dice. You dint want to face what I had to face. I was lucky to have savings to live on, I didn’t work for over a year. Is a 5 dollar can worth it? Anyways. Glad you made it.. deepity ever get it done .

      • So I’m confused, the Jeff I remember was in AZ? Is that you? I recall you did dip Cope too. I know we were close on quit date. If I have it right, I am sorry you went thru that. To be honest, I’ve always felt I’d be visited by some bullshit after I quit.too. I have some digestive issues I deal with, swallowing too. All my tests come thru good,.so I continue to be assured I’m fine…no answers on my issues. I am glad to hear you are better and made it thru both your quit and treatment..I wish you peace moving forward!

  9. End of 2 weeks: completed a minor milestone:)…
    The last few days were a cycle. Nth day – extremely emotional and trigger happy not much cravings, N +1 th day – totally emotionless and empty, completely opposite to Nth day, N +2 th day – emotionally normal but cravings were left, right and center.
    The above phases were going in a rotation since the day I quit. At last it broke today. Emotionally much better though not normal yet. Few cravings not more than 10-15 seconds and much less in vigor.

    Had a few moments today when I felt completely normal. I think I’ll come out of this addiction successfully :).

  10. Well glad to hear 2 warriors are back in here. Shiva and JayP. I am not sure what happened to the others, but there was a wild writing bunch about 5 years ago that were going through the quit together, posting and sharing stories. I can only hope everyone is doing well.
    After catching up with these 2 dudes, I learned that only JayP has been quit since, he hung around here after seeing the rest of us fall, must have been a lonely feeling. He is 5 years quit, awesome job, I am on day 143 and Shiva is on his double digits.
    It is true what others say in here, once you bite into it, it feels like you never left it, you get right into the addiction.
    Chewie asked me “What is different this time?” “I am ready to quit” I said.
    If you are reading this and thinking about going back to it, I can only advise you NOT to, learn from others and keep going. I tell you all what, the second time around you try to quit, it gets WORSE.
    Keep up the good work.

    • Yea it’s terrible. I was thinking that too, but didn’t want to say the second time is worse out loud.

    • Thanks DDD (or OZ if you prefer his one 🙂 ).. There was Steve and if I remember rightly he had some diagnosis in his throat. Not sure if he was posting after that.

      • That’s right, I forgot about Steve, I hope he is doing well.
        Steve if you still come in here to check things out, let us all know how you are doing.
        Hope you’re doing well Shiva.

  11. Buzz gone fishing

    Day 1 for me. Chewing hard for 35 years. I’m dying right now. My mind and body are unhappy. Pray i can get to day 4

  12. Day 13 – Have taken additional 2 days off as I dont feel like doing anything. I am NOT moping for dip or smoke and even if you give me one I’ll throw it in trash… it’s just that I am feeling very empty and don’t really feel like doing anything at all…

  13. Day 11.. days 9 & 10 were a breeze but finding really difficult today.. had some personal stressful situations today and started having one big craving after other. Other than occasional cravings, I am feeling a little empty.. kind of not knowing what to do and end up not doing anything at all and just lying down in bed :(…. don’t know how long it lasts… really longing for that calm mind…

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