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1,000 Days – Forgive

Sioux avatarJune 5, 2005
11:35 am
Oakdale Tennis Club

A journey begins with one step, and that day folks was the day my life changed. Not just by quitting dip. It began my evolution. It was like being born again. I see things different now. Sounds all peachy doesn’t it?


At times it has sucked royally and brought me to my knees.

You know exactly what I’m talking about; pretty sure most of you are nodding your heads in agreement. One things has remained true throughout this journey:

Every single damn day has been worth it to be free from this addiction.

I owe my success in this quit to many people, most of which were part of my original quit group. These people are the cornerstone, the foundation of my quit. Some of them I still talk to almost on a weekly basis. Some have moved on. Some quite honestly are angry with me. To all of you I say a special thank you. The bond we share is one that will never be forgotten. You saved my life. Lindsey and Matthew will have their Dad around for many years to come thanks to your efforts. I am eternally grateful to you all.

To all of you that I have met personally, I thank you for the special bond we have. To hug one of these people is an experience like no other. A special thanks to Penguin for going way out of his way to see me in DC. Yuengling! Yuengling! Yuengling!

I must recognize that one person has been with me every single step of this journey. This man has been a rock solid support in my life, no matter where it has taken me. I can remember calling him one afternoon, mumbling through the tears that I did not want to be quit anymore. His love and compassion for a hurting brother is unmatched. Thank you my friend, for all the effort you put into my life. Love you like a brother Loot.

I could go on and on and type paragraphs on each and every one of you that I know personally, but I would surely forget someone along the way. I’m your friend for a reason folks. I like you guys. Even you 40………

I will end this with a request. If there’s one thing you can do in your life to make it stronger, I think it’s the power to forgiveForgive someone who you feel wronged you. Forgive yourself, for the mistakes you have made. That means letting go of some painful things in our life. I did 1,000 days ago. Maybe that’s why this is my final quit. I get it now.

For those of you who have wronged me – I forgive you.
For those of you who I’ve hurt – Please forgive me.
Most of all……. Jayme – I forgive you.

NOTE: This piece written by forum member Sioux

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