Never Think You Can Control Nic

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My nicotine addiction began when I was 15/16yrs. old in the glory years of 1978/’79. These were the times when Earl Campbell and Walt Garrison did TV commercials for Skoal and Copenhagen with the catchphrase “just a pinch between your cheek and gum”, as I recall a can of snuff … Continue reading

506 Days Late, But Still On Time

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I am one of those people that decided not to write a HOF story until now, nearly 500 days past my HOF date, but the story to follow will explain to you why.  Some background on me. I was always the kid that was assumed to be straight edge prior … Continue reading

It CAN Be Done – 31 Years as a Slave

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I’ve been reflecting about what I could share that’s unique from all the other Hall of Fame quitters, but I’m afraid I’ve got nothing. Well, maybe… but we’ll get to that in a bit. After reading many bios on here, I’ve surmised that I started late in my ill advised … Continue reading

Ben – The Face of Cancer

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This story was posted on Facebook. To date it has nearly 63,000 shares… for good reason. We’re posting here with Shana and Ben’s permission.  I am posting this with my Daddy’s permission and upon his request! IF YOU OR ANY OF YOUR LOVED ONES USE ANY FORM OF TOBACCO PRODUCTS, … Continue reading