1. I’m trying to quit chewing Redman. I’m looking for a nicotine pouch that does not have artificial sweetners. Artificial sweetners give me headache.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks Everyone,


    1. I always felt Grape Smokey Mountain tasted a lot like Redman, I think they come in pouches, NO NICOTINE, not sure on the sweetener

  2. Been clean for about a year but just relapsed and had a dip of Copenhagen. Been chewing the Costco nicotine gum since then and it has really worked. But since I’ve just taken a real dip I realized I just like the taste over anything. Are there any non tobacco products that have the same taste as Copenhagen? P

    1. First off… get rid of the nic gum. It’s feeding your addiction. Sadly, that one dip has set you back to day 1.


      That said, I’m thrilled to see you back. Keep moving forward and learn from your past.

      Cope is a tough one to find a good alt for. I was a Kodiak Wintergreen guy so take my recommendations with a grain of salt, but I’d point you to these as a starting point:

      Hooch (Classic or Spitfire)

      Triumph Classic (non-nicotine version)

      There are a couple of coffee based products that I’ve heard some Cope users enjoy. Personally I didn’t see the similarity to Cope but again I was a Kodiak guy:

      Go Coffee Energy

      Cowboy Coffee Chew

      And finally, if your’e looking for a pouch product:

      Grinds Coffee Pouches

      Sorry if this is more detail than you were looking for. Let me know how we can help! If you haven’t yet, I’d strongly urge you to join our forums at https://forum.killthecan.org. We’ve got thousands of members and its the best place to get support and questions answered from people who know what you’re dealing with. Let me know how we can help!

      1. Any non tobacco alternatives that taste similar to Skoal Classic Mint Pouches? I’m currently using Baccoff Classic Mint, but am curious if there are any products closer in pouch size and flavor. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

        1. Hmmm.

          Pouches can be tough. You’ve got to nail both the flavor and the consistency / size of the pouch.

          From a flavor perspective I’d point you to Hooch PACKS: https://www.killthecan.org/hooch-snuff-packs-pouches-review/ They may be slightly larger than Skoal Bandits but they’re DEFINITELY worth a try.

          Triumph has some pretty outstanding similarity (flavor wise) to Skoal Mint Bandits as well: https://www.killthecan.org/triumph-chew-pouches-review/

          From a Skoal Mint (long cut) perspective, Whitetail has the texture and cut down to almost perfect: https://www.killthecan.org/whitetail-smokeless-zero-nicotine-review/

          Again from a long cut perspective, Hooch Snuff has always been what I consider the closest sub on the market to Skoal Mint: https://www.killthecan.org/hooch-snuff-review/

          1. I appreciate the swift response! I am weaning off the full size Skoal pouches. Bandits are the smaller pouches (never tried them). I found the Baccoff pouch size too small and the flavor was not my forte. I understand nothing will be 100 percent spot on, but I will definitely give Hooch and Triumph a try!

            Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Day three after 2cans a day and 55 years tongue lips and lower jaw have a numb feeling. Has any one else had these feelings. Thanks R cooper

    1. Hey there everyone, My boyfriend has decided to quit Chewing. He is on day 5!!! He has been chewing for about 15 years, about a can a day I would say. I am so proud of him and want to be as supportive as possible through this. I know it is rough.. I can see it. I work for my local Public Health in the Tobacco reduction program and I have never been a user of nicotine besides the occupational Hookah in High school.. so I don’t know what hes really going through so I wanted to reach out to you all and ask what was the best thing for others to do for you when you were in your being days of this adventure.

      I’m here because I want to help him and who better to ask then You guys.

      Thanks for your time.

  4. : I just found out that my husband has been dipping and has been hiding it and lying to me about it since last October. I only found out because I found his stash….. I don’t know what to do. I want to help him, but I’m so angry that he lied to me. We have been married for almost two years and this is the first time we have had blantant honesty issues in our marriage. Any help?

    1. Look, it’s snuff. Relax. People who are stressed must find a release somewhere. Be glad it was snuff and not another woman’s parties. Ask him why he’s been rubbing snuff. You can’t just be bridezilla and just accuse him or flood him with questions. Just ask once, “what’s got you so stressed out?” If he doesn’t answer, let him come to you. Just let him know that you’re there for him. Remember, it’s sickness and in health. You need to be his rock when he is weak. It’s nothing really to freak out about. But find the source of the problem and fix it.

  5. Chewie… just found a NEW alternative tonight. Company is called (Fully Loaded). Flavors: Wintergreen, Wintermint, & Cherry. The products appear to be a long cut and are offer in 3 Levels (Nicotine, 50% Nicotine, No Nicotine) just like Triumph and Elicit. I haven’t used any alternatives in over a year and as of this February… 5 years Copenhagen free of a 26 year habit.

      1. Very Cool! Haven’t heard of those pouches before… will have to look into them.

        Also, how flimsy is the Fully Loaded can? That was my only issue with Elicit and Triumph… still think that BaccOff and Hooch have the best cans on the market.

        Found two more alternatives today… ZapDip “cool mint” (chewzbrands.com) and Grit “wintergreen” and “mint” loose and pouches (gritchew.com).

      2. Hey Chewie… received and tried all three Fully Loaded products. To me, a pretty good substitute overall, but all were way to “spicy”. The cherry had a definite Robatusin taste to it… both Wintergreen and Wintermint were very flavorful. The can and wrapper were a little less desirable. Had to butcher the retaining wrapper to even open it and once open, can is extremely flimsy. Look forward to your energies though and I’ll cut and paste when up. Take care!

      3. I tried all three flavors, cherry probably being the best of them. I actually really enjoyed all three… cherry just seemed to be the better of the three. As far as consistency, it was really good. Flavor lasted a good while as well. Nice but to it too. I think the cans are flimsy, most of the fake stuff do have flimsy cans. I don’t use these as much anymore, but I gotta say, this stuff was pretty dam good. I’ve always liked the consistency of Hooch, but the flavor often ran dry. This stuff is flavorful. Very enjoyable.

  6. I am sure it s like smoking for me and they never go away. But, I know I can never take a puff or I will go back!!!

      1. It gets better I have been off since June 14 th when my dog died. I still have the urge but not as bad. I have lots of side effects from the nicotine lack there of.

  7. I am on month 4 and for the last week or so I have had a real rough time. I know the nicotine must be out of my system y now right? I almost just sad screw it today and bought a can but I have been down that road before. How long will these cravings last?

    1. Yes. It takes nicotine only 72 hours (3 days) to get out of your system so it’s definitely gone (unless you’ve reintroduced it by chewing, smoking, using patch, nicotine gum, etc.) You’re into the 100’s of days you’ve been quit now. At this point you’re not “cured” but your craves will begin to get less and less intense and will become further and further apart as you get further into your quit. Have you joined our forums yet? http://forum.killthecan.org/ With over 26,000 members (to date) it’s the best place on the web to get support and questions answered from people who know what you’re going through.

      1. Chewie, I’ve registered with the forum and logged into the chat room as a guest and want to log out so I can actually log in with my actual username, how do i do that?

    2. I quit 3 years ago and I still have cravings. I was told that some people still have cravings and they quit over 10 years ago.

    3. I am at 5 months and still get the cravings. when I do, I ignore for a few days, then go buy a can of “fake snuff’. It really does help the cravings enough to get through it.

  8. Everyone, I need all the help I can get…I don’t want to sound like a bitch but, I’ve dipped for the good part of 3-4 years. I dipped my last can yesterday and decided I was done! I am beyond twitchy, I have ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) which seems like it has gotten worse already. I cant sit still, I feel like I’m on the verge of completely freaking the F out…When I quit smoking back in August, I quit cold turkey after smoking for 8 years. I never had any cravings or feelings like I do right now. I have been chewing the same damn piece of gum since I woke up. I need any and all advise I can get to help…

    1. Keep going, EK! It gets better. I’m on day 1308 which sounds impossible but it’s totally not. Do whatever you need to – sunflower seeds, drink water, stay busy – it’ll get better soon, and it’s so worth it!

  9. day 40 and it’s tough. Don’t matter though…some of you HOF’ers know you’re done when you’re done. Thanks for the site.

  10. another wonderful consequence of tobacco is increased blood pressure. my guess is your BP is much lower now since you quit….

  11. yep weekends are tough. She has been working on me 2, if ur drinking, that is a trigger. I am finishing day 5. I am starving the bitch to a slow death! Thx for stayi g in touch, and so glad you are winning.

  12. Good Morning dr dog yes she will be, but we are much stronger. Every hr that goes by we r winning. Its funny how nicotine is looked at as female hahaha we know her evil ways and fight away brother lets kick her ass and finally be rid of her. You get stronger every day

  13. Good morning yesican-today is Friday, and I am on day 3. I am feeling pretty strong this morning, but know she will be hitting hard sometime today and this weekend. She will be trying to seduce us this weekend with her lies and deceit. Be strong brother….hope you are still riding the waves, stay strong!

    1. drdog I have been a chewer for over twenty years and I have tried numerous times to quit, but it has not been good words of advise

  14. hey man! it IS gone from your body, head games now (the nicotine lie) I’ve found if you confront the urge head on, it’s like a wave in the ocean ride it up to the peak and ride it down..feel the pain….draw it out and yell at her “Is that all you got”! don’t try to hide from the craving, draw it closer and you’ll find it really isn’t THAT bad….

    1. Thank you brother Im yelling and riding but i feel good about myself. Still dont know how to roll call, but ill get it. I never realized how much control this bi$ch had over me.

  15. Im on hr 72 and want this crap to leave my body. I need to quit and I will quit this has drove me crazy for nearly 20 years and it is time for me to take control heeeeeeeeeeelp

      1. You know your habits….. prepare for them. what ever they are that first dip after coffee have a snack ready. use the fake stuff and think about the next rush between
        break and lunch. this way you are ahead of the BITCH.

    1. I’m working on day 1, been dippin for 25 years, found out yesterday my dad has terminal cancer….. Wake up call, it’s really difficult I feel like I’m going crazy, but I choose life… Atleast for now

    2. If you had a plastic straw that had a bit of flavor and you gnaw on it though out your day would you…? Because that would be a start to decreasing your desires…………I am working on them…. That is how I did it…..ORAL FIXATION…..

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