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Bobby Shaves For Surgery

Bobby Shaves For Surgery“I just shaved my beard, the first time in 30 years. This picture is for anyone who has kids, grandkids that think smokeless tobacco is cool to do. I want to share so others don’t make the same mistake I did. I had to shave the beard for a twelve hour surgery, Tuesday morning September 8th. A team of doctors are going to remove my jaw bone, and give me a titanium chin. Then after living with a feeding tube and trachea tube for 6 to 8 weeks, I may have to have radiation and chemotherapy. Maybe 3 months down the road, I will return to work with God’s help. My recovery could include speech therapy and plastic surgery. Please let everyone that you know, don’t put that stuff in your lip.”

Sorry, I couldn’t help myself but I believe in posting things in a spiritually positive form so yes, I have rephrased his words just a bit. There are also tumors inside his mouth, not just the chin. The pain I have watched him endure with this rapidly growing tumor, daily splitting not only the skin, but effecting his eating and speech, has been humbling. Seeing the spiritual change in his life has been an honor to be part of.
Thank you all for your prayers and understanding if we’re unable to respond to your msgs immediately. God is good and lives are changing. And yes, God will get him back to work ASAP!

Post Surgery Update:

“Bobby has been in recovery now for the last hour. I have not been able to see him yet. Surgery did go according to plan. Part of the bottom lip was removed. He should regain full use of the lip after recovery. All bottom teeth were taken out except 1. Skin was taken off his arm and leg for the inside of the mouth and chin. Bone was taken from his leg for a new jaw. He has a feeding tube and trachea. Communication will have to be by writing for four to six weeks. There is some good news, possibly no chemo. There will still be radiation. Please continue your prayers for us. Thank you again everyone.”

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    1. How do we know this man did not smoke and/or drink heavily? I just think it’s worth noting, to be fair and honest.

  1. To anybody who’s struggling, I just quit 3 weeks ago with the help of Grinds coffee pouches. I’m not sponsored to say this, but I’ve literally speed for half my life (about 15 years), and tried quitting for about 6 years now. This product is the only thing that has made it possible.

      1. Patty, my sis has terrible migraines. They tried injections, pills, botox and nothing worked for very long. Knowing this do you still think the

        Grinds coffee pouches will work for her?

  2. This is what I’m afraid of. I have been dipping for a while and I know how hard it is to quit. It’s terrible what you went through, just from reading this. I couldn’t imagine what it had been like. You’re in my prayers. I hope you have a quick recovery. Thank you for sharing this. I know that this is something that no one wants, and that we all know the consequences that follow from this crap, but it still sucks to go through it. I’ve tried time and time again to put it down. I think it’s about time that I really kick this junk to the curb. God Bless.

  3. The same happened to me ten years ago, Surgery, Chemo, Radiation, all went very well, lost a hundred pounds but all went very well until October last year, Throat became very sore, ears began to feel like very bad ear infections. Doctor after Doctor could do nothing for me, My ENT told me it was Radiation Scaring (nine years afterwards) Today still the same, gotten to where I can’t eat, hurts to breath, tough to sleep, still going to Doctors seeking any and all help.

    1. You must pray to St. John Beecham even if you are not Catholic please miracles happen read about miracles in grand coteau Louisiana please please

    2. I pray for God to heal you and make you stronger with each new day. God bless and keep you strong. My heart and prayers are with you.

    1. I’ll pray for you to have the strength to continue to refrain. You are worth it. You are better than it. You deserve more in life.

    1. So sorry that you had to go through this, but hopefully
      It stops others from using tobacco!! God bless you and
      I’m praying for you and your family. ??❤

  4. Hope all goes well. 1 1/2 years ago, my husband has the same surgery. Luckily we caught it before it took his jaw. He lost 9 of his lower teeth. They grown down the lower jaw so the skin heavy took. They took the skin from his thigh. 2 months of puree food.
    I hope your story convinces others to quit. We had 6 friends stop chewing because of my husbands experience, only 2 have started up again.
    God Bless you and give you comfort and strength

  5. God bless. My daughter battled oral cancer and it’s no fun. She never smoked or chewed tobacco. Will be praying for you and your family.

  6. It has been several years now but we had a young man who had graduated high school and had a promising career as a major baseball player and was headed to the training camp in a week. Went for his physical and learned he had cancer. It was mouth cancer which was now in his throat and they thought even starting in his lungs, he was just 17 and didn’t even feel sick at any time. He was dead in less than a week after they found out. He had been dipping since he was old enough to drive the tractor on his families farm during harvest time. He lived only 3 days before his 18th birthday. It wasn’t anything for the good ole boys to dip during harvest time here in the cotton country.


  8. I quit cold turkey on Dec 13, 2016!! The withdrawals are excruciating ?, but I know after 33 years it was the right decision!!

    1. Hold on!!! Don’t give up! The first two months are the worst. But it was one day after my two month mark I woke up amd took my first clear breath in years. Also for two weeks after that point I began having super smell amd super taste. It was so weird and so cool. Had it’s perks but downfall too (could smell someone’s BO down the aisle from me at Kroger). Also you’ll start to realize how gross cigarette smell is. I can’t believe I smelled like that. I quit cold turkey October 26,2012

    2. Rob I quit 10 years ago cold turkey, went crazy for about 36 hours, them pit the patch on, it took the edge off used the patch for 5 weeks and have never had a one and was easiest thing I ever did, I smoked for 33 years before I quit

    3. Congrats. I switched to disposable e-cigs for 2 weeks and finally through it away. Jan 28th 2017 will be 2 years smoke free after a 20 year pack a day habit. My advice for everyone trying to quit is that you have to be ready. Don’t waste your time on patches, gum, etc. If you aren’t ready to quit. My withdrawals consisted of diarrhea, nausea, stomach cramps, it was like a heroin withdrawal. I couldnt get out of bed for 3-4 days. It may have been a coincidence, maybe I had a stomach bug but I’ll never forget what I went through. That’s what keeps me from starting back.

    4. Quit in May of 2013 after my heart attack. Dipped for over 30 years. Miss it sometimes but not enough to go back

  9. Thank you for your story,just caught my 15!y/o so dipping I am going to read this to
    Him! I did post several pictures of mouth cancer in his wall… hope he doesn’t do it anymore! My prayer is your husband continuesndown the amazing path of faith and this was just his rock bottom toget him there! There is only up from here and it’s going to be a great ride!

  10. The Stacy who commented on jan. 3rd was very angry so I was just trying to reach out to her and let her know someone was paying attention. I did not comment anything to make it all about me as Amy suggested for those who are taking things in a very wrong manner…..peace and harmony has to come from somewhere …..God bless

  11. My comment was for Stacy sorry never really comment too much on stuff like this but her extreme rant kinda of got me

  12. I dipped for 37 years and quit cold turkey. When I reached 52 years of age, every time I put it in my mouth my blood pressure become noticeably elevated. It scared me to the point I thought I was going to have a heart attack or stroke. I was more afraid of that than willing the risk of continued use. I think I had nicotine withdrawal symptoms for two years; unable to relax, cold “elevators” going up and down my arms and legs, muscle twitching and spasms, and at least two anxiety attacks, one which sent me to the ER. My doctor told me nicotine was more addictive than heroin. I’m glad I quit, not only for my personal health, but I get to spend extra years with my children and grandchildren which of course made it worth it all.

    1. Don’t kid yourself into thinking the damage isn’t already done. All those carcinogens in your system….have already done damage. 37 years worth. Stay ahead of your symptoms if you get any.

      1. Scott- I’ll be the positive one and tell you great job on stopping!! It’s hard for most people and some never can.

  13. My husband was diagnosed with oral cancer in 2011. 2017 and he beat oral cancer, but it spread to his bones (beat that) lungs (beat that) and now has a very large tumor in his neck and it’s back in his lungs. We are running out of options…smoking was his cause. I pray that this man is doing well!

  14. My Dad smoked from age 13 till age 58. The doctor said to quit or he would die of emphysema and asbestos. So he quit cold turkey that was 1984. You couldn’t do anything about the expectations because he worked at a cast iron pipe company and was exposed to lots of it. He died in June of 2015 with COPD at the age of 89. I am a three times cancer survivor. I never smoked a day in my life but I lived with my dad smoked and my husband smokes only outside at home but it was in his clothes and occasionally in his car he would smoke so I was exposed to second-hand smoke which is what caused my May 3rd cancer that I had and almost died. I had chemotherapy and radiation for for what seemed like forever but was only 16 weeks. I am now a cancer survivor. My husband quit smoking but now he Vapes not sure of what that will cost in the future but it smells better.

    1. Janice you were also exposed to asbestos on his clothes, in the car, washing machine, etc.
      I had a home health nurse come and talk to me after my son was born and my husband worked for an iron manufacturing company.
      I’m sorry your going thru this.

  15. I just lost the love of my life to this cancer! We had surgery November 3rd 2016 to remove his lower left jaw and took his fibula from his legs to replace his jaw. They thought that they got all the cancer but it came back with a vengeance after Thanksgiving he passed away Christmas Eve early in the morning. This is some serious stuff if you know anyone who dips or chews get them to stop it is horrible to watch someone you love go through. I miss him like crazy. So does our eleven month old baby girl!

    1. Sorry for your loss. I know someone who’s stubborn and had chewed for over 30 years. He lost his wife too to cancer a few years ago. He should know better too to quit.

    2. Melissa,

      In so sorry for your loss. Do you mind sharing where he had his surgery? My now 24 year old daughter had rhabdomyosarcoma of the head and neck when she was 18 months old. She now has decaying teeth and a fragile jaw and mandible from radiation therapy. Some of her teeth have no roots and others just have fallen apart. We live in AZ and cannot find someone who will operate on her, for fear of osteo necrosis of the jaw. She is constantly in pain and only able to tolerate soft foods. She has had several infections. Now which have traveled to her sinus cavity. Please if anyone can refer to a surgeon that specializes in this.

      Thank you

      1. Dr Scott Stern, Little Rock, Arkansas is great. He trained at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences under Dr James Suen, he is world famous for ENT head and Neck surgery. Hope this helps.

      2. She maybe a candidate for surgery if she can do hyperbaric first. Dr Bell in Portland Oregon has a brilliant team. I hope you are able to find her some help!

    3. Melissa, I am so sorry for you and you tiny baby. When I read your post, then looked at the date, I nearly burst into tears. My dad was a smoker young in his life. Then he quit but started chewing tobacco. I don’t think the drs. felt like the tobacco was the start of his cancer or not. I have my thoughts about that. My dad died in 2015 of bone cancer @ the age of 82. I pray God’s sustaining presence will help you go through this road ahead. read Psalm 23. Read one line at a time and take it to mean you. Jesus will be with you through all of this. May you always know God’s love for you and you daughter.

  16. My friend has been on a product that has helped him quit dipping. Completely natural so his body is getting healthy at the same time! He did not have the will power to quit in his own. He has been tobacco free 8 months. So thankful that he has broken the habit!

      1. My husband quit after 30 plus years using some of the mint alternative dips. They are ground mint and such and after using that for a month he quit using anything . They really do help.

      2. Brandy, would you mind telling me what the natural product is? I would love to get it for my husband.

      3. My husband has been using smokey mountain herbal snuff for about 3 weeks now. Seems to be working with the oral fixation.

          1. Thank you so much for the info! My friend does dip and would like to quit; has tried and then went back to it. Maybe this will help. Thx again.

      1. I don’t know the name of the product this person used but must my husband has been tobacco free for a few months now using grinds coffee pouches. He has also used Smokey mountain, which is a tobacco free herbal product. Hope that is helpful for you and others. Best of luck!! 🙂

      2. My husband uses a product called Smokey Mountain Herbal Snuff. It is made from Kudzu Roots. We buy it at the tobacco counter at Walmart. Hope this helps you.

    1. Hello could you please send me the name of the product your friend used to help him quit dipping I have dipped snuff for a very long time and I want to quit. Thank you Marty Sapp

    2. You NEVER “break” the habit… it’s worse than smoking and a lot of drugs… It’s worse than alcohol. You want it EVERY day. And the second you think you have it beat it will drag you back down. ONE DAY AT A TIME for the REST OF YOUR LIFE. Do NOT be fooled!!!

      1. I feel your pain I am one of the young guys who got hooked maybe you can get them to quit it’s the fight of your live to battle this death in a can hr by hr . In last 3 yrs I haven’t made it past 36 hrs without it and last two yrs have been hopeless I’m ready to quit it’s time .

    3. Why would you say all of this, Carrie, and not name the product that was used to help your friend quit? Very rude or very false…

      1. The product in question is not necessarily a quit tobacco product… it is a weight loss product that some people have suggested helped them quit dipping / smoking. FWIW, I appreciate Carrie not posting a link.

        The bottom line, in my experience, is that there IS not “magic pill” that will help someone quit. There are “tools” such as smokeless alternative / fake dip products – – but if you’re looking for something to make a quit “easy” the reality is it doesn’t exist.

    4. What is the natural stuff trying to get nephew to quit ..he broke his arm a month ago and it’s not healing good

      1. Jeremy – The product in question is not necessarily a quit tobacco product… it is a weight loss product that some people have suggested helped them quit dipping / smoking. FWIW, I appreciate Carrie not posting a link.

        The bottom line, in my experience, is that there IS no “magic pill” that will help someone quit. There are “tools” such as smokeless alternative / fake dip products – – but if you’re looking for something to make a quit “easy” the reality is it doesn’t exist.

    5. What is the name of the product? My husband has been dipping Kodiak for almost 40 years….off and on. He is 65 and has already had 2 strokes last year, lower front teeth getting weak, medication for high blood pressure being taken.
      He has tried numerous times during our 16 years together, but to no avail, to quit!
      I worry for what future he has left. Would love it to be tobacco free… I have hope for him

  17. I lost my husband November 2 was a year ago to the same cancer. He had the 14 hr surgery he came home with feeding tube and trac. I had to take care of all that feed him. We thought they got all the cancer the surgery was in September 26. The sores came back like crazy. We at for last 72 hrs and watched them grow. Was nothing that could be done. It was in his lungs they said. So I know what you are dealing with. Sending prayers your way.

  18. Holy Lord girl!!!! Stop, breathe, count to 10, and calm yourself!!!! Now, listen closely to what I’m about to say…..first of all you are unloading on an all ready upset situation….my dad was very sick for the last three years of his life, he didn’t pass away from cancer, but he did have heart disease, never smoked or dipped in his long 83 years. In August of last year after 5 visits to the hospital with CHF from December 2015 to July 2016, the doctors decided that there was nothing more they could do and we chose hospice home care. The last trip to the hospital before we stopped taking him, he got a catheter and a drain tube put into his belly and urinary tract and the home care started. Now, I am 44 years old I am an RMA (registered medical assistant) to which I graduated and received my degree and licenses for during the 5 visits from the previous year, and I am his daughter. My mother as much as she tried to help she just couldn’t towards the end, so it was up to me to change his diaper, clean his testicles, and relieve him of pain due to constipation from the 5-10 mg of morphine he had to take to keep him comfortable. Aside puff the RMA, I AM HIS DAUGHTER, I never in my life thought I would have to clean him to that extent but I did it because I was the only one who could roll him over and pick him up 7 times a day to adjust him and dress him and care for him. My point is we never know what’s going to happen in this life and sometimes you just have to take care of it but unloading your frustrations on a complete stranger will not change what happened or how, it won’t bring back that which we have lost, and it certainly does not make am all ready bad situation any better. I feel your pain and anger I was there too, because you see my daddy passed away on November 8, 2016, warm in his bed, next to my mother, with no pain because I cleaned him, made him comfortable enough to go to his God. I strongly encourage you to go talk to a professional and try to understand your grief so you don’t unload on people like this, for one it’s not healthy for you or the people around you, for two, it’s obvious you were not ready for her to go away….if you have to go to where she rests and talk to her, I strongly believe if you listen they will answer, but please be careful who you unload on, not all will understand and you are not helping anyone else. God bless and I’m sorry for your pain and loss.

    1. God bless YOU for taking care of your father. My sister took care of my Mom for a year and I wish I had lived closer to be more help. People do not realize what it is like until they actually go through it.

    2. I did the same for my dad, because there was only me. I would do it again in a heartbeat..It’s my dad. I was confused though who your post was directed towards, I couldn’t figure out who you were referring to that needed to calm down..?

    3. You do realize these types of forums are for people to be able to share their experiences & talk to other people who have dealt with the same situations?… If anyone unloaded, it was you. Which is totally fine, but don’t make someone else feel bad for sharing. You did just that & no one is telling you to calm down. How do you know her post isn’t helping anyone? And I’m pretty sure no one is ready for their loved ones “to go away”. Ugh…..

    4. UNLOADING WAS A GOOD THING FOR HER TO DO!IT HELPS TO HAVE SOME ONE TO TALK TO AND IT IS VERY HEALTHY. After reading this it seems as if you unloaded what you went through with your struggles, so why doesn’t she have the same right to do the same.

      1. thank you!!-it is good to share, even when it’s sad..better than keeping it all bottled up until you decide to let it all out by shooting up a shopping mall full of people…I tried to get my x husband to quit cigarettes for years..he would use whatever was available cigs, gum patch..sometimes all3..almost died of nicotine poisoning that year..but in the end he died of copd, emphesema, & 4th stage lung ugly way to all of you tobacco users..c’mon EVERYONE has the strength within them to quit..DECIDE what is important to you…and BELIEVE in yourself..& QUIT!..just do it..b4 someone you love has to cry at your graveside..

  19. I’m a retired RN and in 1971-1972 I worked in ICU in Seattle with people with who had radical neck dissections. I smoked for 24 years and didn’t realize smoking was the main factor for mouth cancer at that time. I finally quit in 1992 and hopefully smoking will not bring health problems in the future. I am so sorry that this type of cancer has happened to you, but definitely a good story and example to dissuade smokers to continuing this deadly habit. Bless you and prayers for the maximum recovery.

  20. My dad is going through this he ended up have stage 4 cancer they told him about the 12 hour surgery but aren’t even sure if they can do it yet they said it’s aggressive and spreading we have to see how far it’s spread to see if treatment is even an option ???all from tobacco even doctor said

  21. I tried my first dip at age 8. Picked up the habit in my teens and chewed for 30 years. Near the end I chewed about a can of Copenhagen per day. Quit date 3/3/15. God gave me strength to quit and continues to do so

    1. Great job :::: I dipped Copenhagen for 23 years and was about a can per day , but never quit but April 3rd 2011 The Lord Jesus Christ saved me and removed it from my heart along with all Tabacco and alcohol and changed my life , but I’ve got the damage from the dip in my jaw and gums more that 5 years off of that stuff !!!!

    2. So crazy I smoked cigarettes for 15 years. I watched my dad die at 47 from colon cancer. 1 year after his death I asked God to help me quit smoking since I tried at least 100 times and was not sucessful. I gave my trouble to him. That day was the last cigarette I will ever smoke. That was almost 5 years ago and I am still a nonsmoker. God gave me the strength I didn’t know I had. He continues to bless me and my family daily. I am so sorry for this pain of cancer. Just know he is with us and carries us when in need. If you are ever needing the word joel olsten has the words to heal a wounded heart. May God bless you and continue to provide strength and love to you and your family.

    3. I was 10(1976) when i started dipping.I quit 4/10/2013 cold turkey.I did everything with that crap in my mouth,i associated everything with that crap.If i can do it,anybody can do it.If you dont quit it,It will quit you,meaning it will kill you.

  22. My husband smoked since he was a young teenager and died at age 68 of lung cancer and he smoked till the day he died

    1. I am so sorry for your loss. My husband had throat cancer, and had to have his vocal cords removed. He can speak with a prosthesis in his throat. He too smoked the day he had to go in the hospital for the surgery! But he is doing pretty good now..again I’m sorry about your husband.

      1. My daddy just had a total larengectemy (spell??) He’s now non vocal, and breathes through his throat. He had throat cancer about a year ago.. everything went down from there..But somehow.. I’m just not ready to quit smoking.

        1. I will pray for you to stop . After watching your parent go through this I don’t understand how one can’t want to stop . But my son (39) refused to stop smoking even after I went through lung cancer and fight it daily . So though I don’t understand why you won’t , be wouldn’t either . But I just lost my son in August . Heart and lung disease got him and doctors said if only he had quit years before .
          So please !!!!! Stop !!!!!

          1. Sorry you lost your son. My mom has COPD from smoking since she was 14. It’s not pretty watching someone suffocate. I wish she would have quit a long time ago. My children her grandchildren don’t get to do normal things that grandparents do because she can’t breath. It’s a sad thing.

        2. When the time comes you will quit. My mom was diagnosed in 2014 with lung cancer that then went to her liver and I didn’t quit even when she died in July 2016. Tomorrow will be 7 tobacco free days for me. It’s a daily struggle but I am taking Chantix and have Devine help as well. It was mainly a financial decision at first,( almost $400 a month), but my son is also encouraging me to stay smoke free. I wish you all the best and enjoy your daddy while you can, both my parents are gone now and I miss them like crazy.

          1. Stacy, I quit smoking about 35 years ago. I used the Nicorette gum. They didn’t have Chantix or patches either. Every day I wanted a cigarette, but every day I would say to myself “just try to make it one more day”. The gum really helped. It didn’t taste very good, but I still chewed it. After awhile, I only chewed 2 pieces a day, after lunch and after dinner. My prescription was only good for 6 months, but my Dr said he would rather I chewed the gum than smoked, so I continued to chew it for another year. Then one day I switched to regular gum and I was done. There have been many, many times I’ve wanted a cigarette since then, but I’ve just said no, because I know 1 drag would have me hooked again. My husband also continued to smoke for another 10 years, so that didn’t help either. About 5 years ago my younger brother died from emphysema and about the same time my older brother had to have 4 bypasses. My brother continued to smoke and then he got sores on his feet and they took off some of his toes, because his veins were so bad that there was no circulation to his feet. He still smoked. About a year later they took his leg off just below the knee, again no circulation. He still smoked. His leg didn’t heal so they took it off above his knee. He still smoked. He was fitted for a prosthetic leg and it took about 3 months to get it. He was learning how to walk on it and he died of a heart attack. I miss my brothers so much and if I could have locked them up and took their cigarettes, I would have. If people know you are trying to quit, tell them not to ask you how you are doing, it only reminds you of wanting one. Please think about your loved ones who love you and don’t want you to die from cancer. I wish you the very best.

        3. Then don’t quit. You’re an adult you can make your own decisions. Just don’t contaminate other people with 2nd hand smoke.

      2. I also had throat cancer and had my vocal cords removed, I had quit smoking 3 years prior to my diagnosis, it was to late damage was already done. I’ve been cancer free going on two years now, pray everyday it stays that way.

    2. My first husband died at 43 from dipping skoal….It caused him to have esophageal cancer. Diagnosed Sept.1999 and died December, 2000.

        1. My husband smoked for several years, then quit and started dipping. He has been dipping for 28 years and has no plans to stop, even though 3 years ago he was diagnosed with rectal Cancer. He is well now, but even though he talks about how bad chemo and cancer is he won’t stop. Even though we have a 9yr old daughter. I don’t get it, but I have never had an addiction either.

  23. My mother died in 2010 of congestive heart failure brought about by smoking. She simply got progressively short of breath, until she passed. At home, under Hospice care. She said she knew she caused it by smoking. She said she knew decades ago of the risk. She said she accepted that risk then, and said she did not regret it, there at the end. Because it had brought her pleasure during her life. No blaming tobacco companies, no blaming ads. Personal responsibility. We see so little of it today. I miss her still, every day.

    1. My mom also died of congested heart failure she has lung cancer too under hospices care. I stayed with her from day she found out but she lived almost 3 years. She got worse before she died. I miss her every day too. I miss my dad too he smoked and died of cancer too. My husband chewed tobacco and had gum disease but all his treeth are pulled now. So hopefully he will be ok. My brother and sister both smokes I never did. They boyh have health issues. Anyone that smokes or dip it chew tobacco I ask to please think about your health and stop it before too late

  24. My mom had a tumor right below her lip. She smoked for 30 some years. She had surgery and within 2 weeks tumor was back. She had a horrible time and passed away 2 months after her last chemo and radiation treatment.

      1. Sorry for your loss, Nichelle! ?
        @Denise, he does need to read it and see every single bad thing that can happen if you don’t take care of yourself. Of course this has been a while ago and not sure what his status is at this time but yeah, sharing true stories is more encouraging than something fake!!

      2. Sharing your story is encouraging, good or bad. We are all part of the human experience and expressing grief and joy is helpful to someone. Smart ass remarks help no one.

        1. No, If you read closely she says that’s not about Bobby but about her husband which is someone else. So, it’s unclear the current state of Bobby.

  25. Good luck with your recovery, my daughter posted this and I read it. I have been thru it. Just finished radiation in November. Prayers and hang in there!

  26. I am a dentist and nicotine actually promotes gingivitis and periodontal disease. Nicotine causes vascular constriction and reduces blood flow to the gums, causing necrosis of the tissue. Smokeless tobacco affects the inflammatory mediators and increases the risk of periodontal disease and causes changes in the gum tissue. Extensive research shows that smokeless tobacco is a risk factor for white oral mucosal lesions which can lead to oral carcinoma. There are many risk factors involved in oral carcinomas. See the Journal of Periodontology for more information and peer reviewed studies.

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