Our Mission

KTC Mission

KillTheCan.org exists to help people quit smokeless tobacco. We were founded on the principle of accountability and we tackle our addiction one day at a time.

You are now a member of an online community of people dedicated to quitting smokeless tobacco and to supporting each other’s struggles with a powerful and persistent addiction. This community does not and cannot exist without YOU and without the other individuals who have come here to give and receive help, support, friendship, kindness, camaraderie, and love as we strive together to free ourselves from the bonds of addiction. This forum is founded on the premise that each and every member is vital to beginning and continuing our shared success in defeating nicotine addiction. As such, we strive to include as many individuals as possible in our community, and, by definition, such a community encompasses a wide range of opinions, thoughts, and personalities. We are all here to quit and stay quit.

We are founded on the principle of including vastly different personalities and outlooks and so we strive to create an environment wherein members can express their full range of thoughts and emotions. Since quitting smokeless tobacco is an emotionally and physically painful undertaking, we should all be prepared to read things here that we might disagree with or find upsetting from time to time. Smokeless tobacco can, or at least should, only be sold to adults in the United States and so members presume that other members are adults (18 years of age).

If you find the posts of other members to be offensive, derogatory, or upsetting in any way, we strongly urge you to bring this up with the fellow member in question. We firmly believe that people using this website are good, trustworthy human beings with the common goal of quitting smokeless tobacco. We also believe that if you communicate with your fellow members that almost any problem can be resolved before resorting to administrative action. As a last resort, and only if you have already attempted to resolve the problem with your fellow member, you may contact an administrator or moderator to help resolve a conflict.

Here are the rules that govern our website(s):

  1. QUIT, and STAY QUIT.
  2. No administrator or moderator will initiate any disciplinary action against a member of the community unless such action is the last possible resort in resolving a conflict between members.
  3. No administrator or moderator will censor or remove any posts, or any language in posts, except in rare and extreme cases wherein the posts violate U.S. federal or state laws, are grossly offensive, or constitute a flagrant personal attack on another member.
  4. No administrator or moderator shall act on his or her own against a community member. For instance, an administrator or moderator cannot make the determination that a post is “grossly offensive” on his or her own. Administrators and moderators must gain the approval of at least two other administrators or moderators before taking any action against a community member or removing any material posted by community members. Ideally, the entire body of administrators and moderators will confer on any such action.
  5. If an administrator or moderator initiates a complaint, this administrator or moderator may not act as an administrator or moderator on this complaint.

Again, welcome to KillTheCan.org. Your presence here makes us stronger!

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