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The Top 100 Benefits of Quitting Dip

KTC Top 100Looking for a good reason to quit dipping?  Here’s the top 100!

  1. Less likely to be thought of as someone who might marry their own cousin.
  2. No longer have people wonder if you got a fat lip from runnin’ your mouth.
  3. No more fingers tips that smell like…well you know that smell.
  4. No more goin’ to different convience store so the clerks don’t keep track of how much chew your using.
  5. No more bottles or cans with brown stains running down the sides.
  6. No more weird moments where you can’t spit…but need to, and at that moment someone needs to talk to you so you tilt your head back a little so as not to “spill” your own spit while you try to talk.
  7. No more stinky cans in my truck, that spill over when you are in a hurry.
  8. No more havn’ to tell the clerk, “No not the damn long cut or the fruity what ever…I want the copenhagen regular.”
  9. No more lying to my wife about the 2 hour shit I claimed to have taken
  10. No more watching my kids play on the floor where I just shitdipped half my chew on the way to my mouth
  11. No more inexplicable trips to the store while you’re actually driving to nowhere having a dip
  12. No more poopin’ in public hotel bathrooms because you don’t want the wife to know what you’re doing in your room bathroom
  13. No more panic attacks at airport metal detectors because you can’t remember if you have a can in your coat
  14. Extra $$$ each day for healthy snacks like mint M&M’s by the pound, cheesy poofs and ho ho’s.
  15. Buy a 20 oz bottle of Pop just to dump it out so you will have a spit cup for the road.
  16. Drinking your own spit.
  17. Having your lip be so raw from dipping all day but knowing you need one more before bedtime. That last pain dip of the day.
  18. Wanting to eat something just so you can put a dip in afterwards.
  19. Spilling half a can of fresh dip on the floor and being more mad because you have to go buy another can than cleaning up the floor.
  20. Digging for change all over the house and car to have enough money to buy a can.
  21. Having to go up to a good looking clerk at the store and ask for a can of lip turd.
  22. Waking up in the morning and finding your can of dip dumped on the floor. You left it out the night before in the TV room and your kids decided to play with it the next morning.
  23. Staying up late at night so you can dip by yourself in peace. (Then see # 22).
  24. No more having to go to a 2nd c-store on the way to work because the clerk at the first one was a hot chick/dude
  25. No more having to go to a 2nd c-store on the way to work because you saw someone you knew at the first one.
  26. No more acting tired or making fake excuses wherever you are just so you can leave and stuff your face.
  27. No more scanning the bathroom floor and sink for “black specks” that might give you away.
  28. When you trim your finger nails you don’t have to worry about leaving one thumb nail a little longer anymore.
  29. You don’t have to worry about “peppering” whatever’s in front of you if you unexpectedly sneeze.
  30. Don’t have to clean spilled spitter juice out of the carpet anymore.
  31. No more lectures from the Dentist.
  32. No more quit for a day or 2 before dentist appt., just to dip right after teeth clean
  33. No more wondering if the wife/husband actually believes it takes you 5 minutes to wash your hands after going to the bathroom.
  34. Putting a credit card in your pocket over your can as to hide your can from bulging from your pants.
  35. No more wondering if the dog thinks you’re a dumbass when he gives you that tilted head “what are you doing dumbass?” look.
  36. Don’t have to find excuse to go to bathroom to spit out chew when wife becomes “amorous” while watching TV.
  37. No spit leaking thru those wax-coated McDonald’s cups after a few hours.
  38. Cleaning lady at work not grossed out anymore by emptying your office wastebasket.
  39. No more chew kernels messing up your mouse wheel and keyboard
  40. No more timing the stop lights or stopping a block away from your house so you have time to check your teeth in the mirror and use the pocketknife to remove any grains
  41. No more recycling your dip back into the can because you’re running low and trying to ration every grain
  42. No more throwing in a dip and then discovering that the only spitter you have is the one under your car seat that has been baking in the 100 degree heat for the past month and smells like rotten ass.
  43. No more having your daughter tell someone that daddy does “shoeee”
  44. No more spitting out your chew in the urinal at work, and have it land on the urinal cake so it won’t flush down.
  45. No more questions from wife when she unclogs the bathroom sink, and a 1/2 lb of chew particles come up from the drain trap.
  46. No more spilling 1/2 a can in your lap while driving, and driving the rest of the way home with your ass 2″ above the seat to keep from staining your pants.
  47. No more going to the bathroom sink and looking at the inside of your mouth for 5 minutes to try to find the first cancer spot.
  48. Leaving your can in your pants and having them washed and having your clothes stained. Redo and lose that can.
  49. No more accidently inhaling some fine cut while taking and chew and then chocking on it so hard that you cough and fart at the same time.
  50. No more wiping the fromundacheese from your stank ass fingers onto the carpeting below the seat of your vehicle.
  51. No more putting in your contact lens (while your are out someplace where hand washing is not an option) with your nasty dip fingers of fire !
  52. No more falling asleep with a dip in and getting a dark brown sleep drool stain on your wife’s brand new sheets.
  53. No more swallowing mouthfuls of tobacco juice, because your 70 year old blabbermouth neighbor won’t shut up, and you don’t want to spit in front of her.
  54. No more FAKE declarations about quitting when the price gets up to $3.00, or $4.00, or $5.00, etc…like we could quit if the price got too high.
  55. See # 9, when conducting said clandestine event, no more bad aiming and accidently spitting on your nutsack!
  56. No more looking for the dead mouse in the wall only to discover it’s a nasty ass toon growing fungus behind the computer monitor.
  57. No more embarassment when a client get’s it your car to go to lunch, and you forgot to hide you spit (see through) bottle that is 2/3rd’s full.
  58. No more taking the long way home, slowing down so the traffic light will turn red or stopping in parking lots just to finish that dip.
  59. Your kids want have to tell their friends that thier Dad dips
  60. No more throwing your body backwards when your spit didn’t come out perfect and you have that stringer attached to your bottom lip.
  61. No more having to lie when people ask, “so how much of that shit do you use a day anyway” and we would say, “oh, i dont know, i dont realy keep track of it.”
  62. No exactly a “no more” but, having to wonder about if the little skin flap thinger in your lower lip, will it grow back or not?
  63. No more engaging in a conversation with a non dipper and (being unable to spit or swallow) having your head start leaning back as your mouth gradually fills with brown saliva all while acting interested in the conversation only to launch a gallon of shit behind the nearsest tree after making an emergency departure from said conversation.
  64. No more wondering if your the only dipper out there that wants to quit, but can’t on your own.
  65. No more attending an out of town conference and looking for a “friend” who has that same looking circle, (dip can), in his pocket.
  66. No more “I’m quitting tomorrow so I’m going to make this last can count” marathon chewing sessions
  67. Seeing something like this is a good reminder that someday, i might be able to talk to her.
  68. No more putting dips in your top lip because your bottom lip is too raw.
  69. No more worrying about eating super hot wings because of how it burns the gums when I put a chew in afterwards
  70. No more swallowing chew with your wife around and developing an instantaneous case of the hiccups, which you can’t explain.
  71. No more spitting in water fountains at work or church(boy that is sad) and watching it swirl everywhere except down the drain.
  72. No more whimpin’ out when the stress level rises. No deal with life on life’s terms. Bring it on BEEOTCH.
  73. Meetin’ some pretty cool folks on the net. even though they may be assholes in real life
  74. No more forgetting about your cut finger and pinching a dip. Ouch!
  75. Spilling Cope barnacles on your light colored pants and trying gently to brush them off so they don’t leave stained streaks knowing full well you have never had a successful brush-off before.
  76. Getting frustrated after realizing you accidentally spit in a brand new drink.
  77. Sneezing with a full lip and burning your sinuses with dip barnacles.
  78. No more putting in a fresh dip while driving then realizing you have no where to spit because your spitter is plugged after it sat upside down over night and froze solid.
  79. No more morning breath that smells like dead ass.
  80. No more having to make sure I got enough dip to make through until morning! How fucked up are we?
  81. No more seeing your wife accidentally take a drink out of your spitter, and then have to swallow it like nothing happened because your parents are in the room and you still hide the fact that you dip from them.
  82. No more patting down yourself and checking every pocket to see if you got “it” with you before leaving the house.
  83. No more panic attacks when you suddenly realize you FORGOT your dip.
  84. No more accidentally spitting in your full beer and saying fuck it and drink it anyways.
  85. No more frantically driving to the gas station to get more chew during the Sunday football games.
  86. No more doing the mad scramble when your supplier (pusher) is out of fix.
  87. No more acting like you’re not desperate when you dump an handful of change you scraped together on the counter to purchase a tin.
  88. No more, “Daddy, you spittin in that can?”.
  89. No more spending $1549.62/yr for something that can kill me.
  90. No more daily ingestion of carcingoens and/or mutagens (sorry that sounded much funnier in my head
  91. Shit, Shower and Shave in the morning without looking for a place to spit.
  92. No more trashcan diving for a bottle (spitter) that belonged to someone else, not bothering after awhile to wipe their spit off because you’ve done this so many times before anyways.
  93. No more staying WAY much longer than necessary in a porta-potty during a Penn State tailgate party just so you could have a dip (feel free to change school name on an “as needed” basis).
  94. No more nephews coming out of your bedroom after playing hide-n-seek saying “Uncle Dumbass, what’s happened to the coke in this bottle?”
  95. Not having a spitter and being such an addicted FUCKTARD that I throw in a fatty anyway and hold it untill I have a Big Gulps worth of spit and open the car door at a light and spit. Then look up and the hottie in the car next to you is looking at you like what a looser?
  96. Not having a cup in the car, chewing anyway and opening car door at lights to spit.
  97. No more wearing jean shorts instead of the more comfortable Nike workouts shorts because they don’t have a pocket for my tin.
  98. Dumbing your spit cup out of your car as you are driving and having the spit sauce blow back up on your car.
  99. NO MORE ‘tongue removal of dip’ while pissing and having it bounce off the toilet seat and land on the floor…and then pieces of the wad roll behind the toilet.
  100. No more chewin’, period!
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    1. All these folks who hid it , or chewed while walking the dog, taking an extended dump etc, etc…… How bad are you actually addicted? I’ve chewed 24/7 when awake. Sleep maybe 3 hrs a night. Never hid it from anyone. My life is a trigger so I guess I need to avoid life. I know there are others out there like me. I quit last night
      Two more hrs for my first 24 hr run cope free in 40 years.

    2. I really thought I was extreme with my dipping until I came in here. With that being said…..I used pouches (which I assume isn’t any healthier), but a Can would last me 3-4 days. I’ve been without nicotine for 40+ days. I haven’t even really thought about using it. I just don’t have the urge anymore. Getting thru the first week was very difficult. After that, I just forced myself to do the right thing. I still have cravings from time to time, but I’m stronger than my craving.

  1. Keep the confidence, it’s been 8 months for me and still off the can. Keep off all things that could trigger it. For me it was scotch, now I drink wine 🙂

  2. today is day 6 for me. the past 2 days have been absolute hell. I’m going through something called Quitter’s flu. I’ve been dipping snuff for almost 9 years now and it got to the point to where it wasn’t even enjoyable because it just hurt my mouth too much. I know we all say were not addicted and we can quit whenever we want(which is a load of shit,) but yall’s stories have helped me keep strong with it and hopefully mine can do the same for someone else. keep fighting the good fight guys. the benefit far outweighs the sacrifice/pain we are all going through/been through.

  3. This made me laugh, and this is really going to help me quit. I’m gonna save it. I’ve been trying to quit for a while, doing that whole “I’m gonna quit tomorrow” bullshit, but I just threw away 40 bucks worth of the stuff and I ain’t gonna look back.

    1. I quit cold turkey on 26 Nov, 2017. This is my 2nd try, first was in 2010 that lasted about a year. I shouldn’t have given up then but one should keep trying. I hope to stick with it this time…Today is day 4, I am realizing my own mind games and tricks… I have been thru them in past and will not give in this time.

    2. I’ve flushed at least 50 tins during my various “quits” over the last 25 years. Made it over a year twice- currently at 7 weeks clean. I think I have beaten it mentally and will stay quit this time. 25 years of ninja dipping Skoal Mint. Started with some stuff that tasted like candy in high school- Golden River it was called. WTF it’s like those gum cigars or Big League Chew they give kids to get them in the habit. I see some responses here that ridicule or question others’ self esteem for not being open about it. Well, I am, and have always been, embarrassed about it. What a nasty, filthy habit, yet I still think about it daily. I often refer to this Top 100 list to help me through, as many of them relate to my addiction. Swallowing skoal juice to act like someone around you doesn’t know you are dipping, how insane. Folks who don’t use it can smell this crap from a mile away, not to mention that your breath smells like aged roadkill with a hint of mint. Insane. 1/2 hour in the bathroom, staying up all night in the quiet, saying no to social events to sit around by myself and chaw, that “last pain dip” how many times have i done that. etc. goes on and on. Anyway, 7 weeks down, clean dental visit(aside from the piss yellow teeth), 10 lbs gained, hot feet and hands, sleeping a lot more, no more spilled spitters. BTW, for those of you who don’t know, the dentist now has a special light that detects cancer in your mouth. I got light headed and pale waiting for that piece to get done last time. WTF. Stay strong brothers(and sisters), support each other and keep fighting. I wonder sometimes what I could have done with the time(money too) I committed to Skoal over 25 years.

      1. Thanks for saying sister’s! Chewing isn’t gender specific. I grew up in Western Wyoming, ski raced and was very outdoorsy. A lot of us young women chewed.

    3. i was a hardcore dipper since 15 years. quit before 22 days and i am winning now. just do it. don’t compromise. Yes you can DO IT.

  4. I think this list might be the thing that finally does it for me. Been hooked for about 10 years. I’m one of those guys that tries to hide it – long bathroom breaks, random reasons to go to one of several gas stations, etc. I don’t talk about it with anyone. I can relate to about half of this list, and it’s good to know others have been in the same boat. Getting kind of excited to saddle up with this awesome community and finally make the change!

    1. I’m on day 5 and I was someone who hid it, especially from my wife. I came clean and feel horrible for lying all these years, and eve though she’s pissed at me for lying (and for good reason), she’s helping me through it, so now I’m going to do right by her and quit for good. Having a great wife and kid on the way are great reasons and motivations to stop. I’ve had the irritable days, the headaches, the cravings, etc. but my will power is too strong. I hope you take that step!

    2. Doc how you doing? Feel like we’re the same on the faking part. I’m 4 days quit. Dipped for 30, sober for 35. It time.

  5. I’m starting day 1 tomorrow. Ive developed alot of stomach issues since i started dipping 9 years ago and I’m ready to quit and get back to a healthier lifestyle. Wish me luck guys!

  6. I decided to quit on 3/15/17 because of #17. I had chewed over a tin that day but wanted one more before I went to bed. Hurt very badly and was constantly moving it around before finding a spot that wasn’t agonizing. I bought the gum the next day and haven’t had a chew/gum for 4 days now. Minor accomplishment, but no cravings at the moment. I continue to post my progress this definitely helps. Thanks all.

  7. Thank you for this list! I am 3 weeks strong without chewing. Just wanted to say thank you for the list, it’s been a great reminder for when I need a reason for why I quit. -D

  8. Dipped for the past nine years. Started with the “cool” older guys in high school football. Bonded over it with my “cool” fraternity brothers. Put in a lip about a month ago and spit blood. Didn’t take it out. Went to the doctor because that’s a sign if I ever seen one. Got prescribed Wellbutron and after about a week, woke up with very limited cravings. It made it very easy to quit. Stopped taking the medicine a week ago and it’s been about three weeks without spitting.

  9. Day three after 8 years of a can a day and I want to go to the gas station right now and buy one. Been using the gum to take the edge off but doesn’t seem to be doing the trick today. Came here for a little comfort knowing others went through it

  10. Been chewing pouches for a month and I am already hooked. Im a senior in high school and have chewed on off but for the past month i have been really addicted and i want to quit. I was doing well for the past few days but relapsed again today. Hopefully this website will help out but damn i never thought i would be addicted to nicotine.

    1. You are probably not ready to quit.
      You’ve seen the evidence and statistics that tell you that you should but it hasn’t hit home yet.
      I’ve been “clean” for 3 days now. After 20+ years of use. It’s been difficult but not too bad.
      BUT… I was ready to quit. My gums have started to recede and the dentist told me that I’d have to choose between teeth or tobacco. I’m choosing my teeth.
      No offense intended but, if you’ve only been using for a month, quitting is mostly willpower.
      You have to quit for yourself, not for anyone else.
      If you can accept that it is your decision alone, you can be honest about your motivation.
      Quitting WILL improve your health. It just took me 20+ years to stop lying to myself

  11. Hey guys. Quit 3 months ago after dipping for 8 years. Still struggling with triggers. The can does not control me and it will not control any of you. Keep up the good work my friends. One day at a time.

    1. I have tried to quit before, i made it 3 months when I was at boot camp, but I went right back to it, worst choice of my life. But today I saw my dentist, and I will be doing a cancer screening for a rough patch that is in my mouth. Today it really hit me that I need to quit, for my heath, for my family, my wallet and most important for myself, I got to the point where I didn’t want to put a dip in, I needed to put one and I can’t live life with a something having that much control over me. So today I begin the journey of killing the can. Reading everyone’s elsees stories and being able to talk to people who can relate will
      Help. But please wish me luck.

  12. 101…always wearing long pants so u van sock hide that shit. Looks akward at Sea World in August

    1. 102: no more spitting through the straw of a fountain drink so people can’t see that you’re spitting, not drinking.

      1. Holy shit! Thought that was just me for sure! This list is so good at making light of this addiction as well as reminding you how stupid you look/feel. Almost all of these apply to me for sure. Quit date is 8/1/18. Starting the weaning process right now and doing good with it.

  13. I have dipped since I was 12 years old. I turn 50 in two months. I have tried to quit several times and have actually quit just one time in 38 years and made it for 9 months before I was hit with a divorce and then I fell off the wagon. At times I was up to 2 cans a day and then was finally able to stretch it out to 1 can every 2-3 days. I traveled a lot for work and that was the killer when I needed to have that dip.

    Being in Texas, my wife (new one) had grown up around it and didn’t mind so that made it easier for me. When I would run out, she would tell me to take my cranky butt to get some. She did tell me she wanted me to quit but said she’d rather have me calm. Go figure.

    My 12 year old son has been begging me to quit. They showed the kids some slides in health class on what smokeless tobacco can do (I wonder if the kids up north get the same slides?) and it freaked him out. Even so, I just kind of hid it from him. But now my job is getting in on the kicking the habit train. They are placing a $600 extra cost on our health insurance if we do any kind of tobacco. So now, instead of quitting to ease my son’s mind, quitting for the freedom to kiss my wife any time the mood hits me or get kissed by her without her checking to see if I have a dip in, quitting so I can taste regular food without loading spices on and killing my digestive tract… I am quitting because it will really cost me more money. Money I can use to take my son to six flags for a weekend. Money I can use to take my wife out to someplace really special…

    The first few days are the worst. I can feel my fingers and toes tingling like they are getting oxygen for the first time. I am constantly wanting the flavor (I like wintergreen) so lifesavers are helping with that. I am jittery and wired and sleepy at the same time. I feel the need to be in constant motion now. Before, I’d put a dip in and just mellow out, now I just need to stay busy.

    My wife doesn’t know I am quitting. I am not telling her because she will be looking at me like a rabbit at a coyote, just waiting for me to make the wrong move. I am thinking two and three times before I reply to anything and taking a deep breath if something she says hits me the wrong way. By the time I get over this, I may have learned some new coping skills and my wife may think I am the best listener in the world. Ha!

    All I know is that something that has had a grasp on me for 38 years, that has always been there for me through thick and thin and at all hours every day, well, it was killing me. Killing me and robbing me of money I could have used for hunting or fishing supplies, a V8 instead of a V6 in my car, the list goes on. I added it up. $40,000 is about what I spent for a life time of dipping. $40,000 can you believe that?

    So if you are just starting, STOP. It’s not cool. It will cost you far more in the long run than you think. Make the choice now.

    1. I quit chew exactly 2 weeks ago after doing it for 7 years. In those 7 years, I probably ‘quit’ hundreds of times. It was always ‘this is my last dip ever’ or ‘this is my last day ever of chewing so I gotta do a lot.’ I never made it more than 4 or 5 days. I put too much pressure on myself to quit and that’s why it was so impossible. This time, I just told myself I don’t need it anymore. It’s time to grow up. These 2 weeks have been hell. I can’t sleep, getting about 3 hours a night. But what is important is that I’m sticking with my decision because it will get easier with time. Chew was awesome, but you can replace it with other things. I try to take more joy in my job and I actually feel like I care a lot more which in turn people notice and think more highly of me. Chew just got in the way of my relationships and everything. I’m glad to be done but hoping it gets easier. I do believe anybody can quit. I was chewing 1 1/2 cans a day and I’m making it.

    2. Wow, I saw this and for a second thought I must have written it until I looked at the date. I’m 49 and have dipped since I was about eight (and chewed before that!). Until 2000, when I was 33,I had never gone 24 hours without a dip since I was in third grade. I quit for a few weeks, then went back to a different brand (I was all Copenhagen before that). I dipped Red Seal for a few years, then quit for 9 months in 2008, then went back for some reason. I’ve laid off for a few days at at time, sometimes as long as a month, but always go back. (I have managed to cut back–I almost never dip before 2:00 or 3:00). I’m going on a week now. We’ll see. (I’m in Texas, too. Houston.)

    3. Bob, my goodness, after reading your post, you’d thought I’d written it. I’ve been dipping for close to 40 years now, have a 14 y/o son whom wants me to quit as well. I’ve been using the Cowboy Coffee Chew with great success, until I ran out. I wish they sold it locally (Fort Worth). I’ve since ordered 5 cans to get me going. It really helps with the oral fixation. I added mine up as well, with the average I came out to $73,000.00 and that does not account buying it in downtown New York for $15 a can. Hope it works for you Bob! Good Luck!

    4. Hi Bob,

      I just quit after 35 yrs. I ordered the fakesnuff ‘Smokey MT’ from Amazon just to have something to ‘chew’ on. I hope you are successful. I’ve tried to stop several times, but this time has to count. Tired of the ‘cancer mind games’. I feel ya wish you all the luck!

    5. I’m in the same boat been dipping since 14 now 51 quit one time for a year started back 8/2/99 daughter’s b-day and started new job that day. Worse mistake ever, like you our insurance cost is going up and company working for now is going 100% tobacco free in 2020. Insurance denied my back surgery because I dipped, don’t think that’s fair, especially after my deductible was met for the year. Oh well here I am a year later and still needing back surgery and deciding time to quit the habit, I’m getting worse instead of better up to almost 2 cans a day. Every time I want to quit I end up dipping more. I don’t want to gain weight again either, with out dipping I want to eat all of the time when I dip I can do without eating.. I can’t freaking win.

  14. I dipped since 14 years old and now I’m 18 and just quit about 2 weeks ago. I’m a senior in high school and it’s the end of the year so I’m very busy scrambling to get everything finished and getting ready for college. It became more of a hassle to keep going to the store to buy a can than it was worth, when I needed to be home doing school work. I’ve tried to quit before, but this time I know I’m done for good. All of a sudden, being so busy, I just didn’t want to dip but I felt that I needed to. So I switched over to camel snus, which is cleaner and easier to manage. After about a month of that I realized my snus can was empty one day and was on my way to the store to get another, but had a change of heart on the way there and just decided to go home. Since that day, about two weeks ago, I have just kept it out of my mind and that had made it easier. Waking up and saying, “Well it’s X days without dip,” just keeps it in your mind. I don’t count days, and I can’t remember the exact day I stopped. All I know is that after 2 weeks, I don’t really feel the need to dip anymore. I know most people don’t get this lucky to lose the need, but it will get easier. I’ve never been to this website before, but today I just felt the need to share my story.

  15. I have been dipping for about eight years. I am only 9 days in cold turkey, this list actually made me laugh and that’s hard to accomplish. I think the hardest part of quitting is just filling that time you had when you dipped. Gum has helped a little bit and coffee. The first time I quit I had pretty bad night sweats and nightmares kind of weird shit. This time not to bad I just hate having that feeling that I need something when I am performing normal everyday activities.

  16. 1 week to the day here! Man am I irretible though. Is there a way to get rid of the emotional aspect of this? I’m snapping at everyone.

  17. The list is very true. been using skoal since 14 years old. just turned 36 two days ago. I don’t know how many times Ive quit in the past or if my latest quit of cold turkey 8 days ago will be my last, but I can say that NRT was not for me. It was a crutch that delayed certain failure and continued torture. I literally have no idea what life is like without this stuff. I was up to 2 cans a day. Going cold was a big step and it does suck the first 3 or so days, hell it still sucks but Im surprised at how well Im doing considering. They say it gets easier everyday and that’s what I hold on to. for you young people out there, jr and sr high and early 20’s… Please take it from me. It may be cool and fun now but it wont be when you realize it controls your life, ruins your health, huge waste of money, and could possibly kill you. Im not your mom, dad, brother or sister! Im just trying to help anyone who will listen. Using tobacco is the one and only true regret I have in my life to this point. quit now, the longer you use the harder it will be and that’s if you will ever be able to quit.

  18. I tried it but honestly feeling less of a buzz each time you throw a cancer wad in just isn’t worth it. I gotta agree with the site cold turkey although awful the first few days in the long run is definitely the better option

  19. Never seen a list of 100 so spot on. Chewin bout a can of Copenhagen a day for 20 yrs. Quit a couple times untill the wife would throw a fresh can at me or tell me to get out the house and go get a can. Once for three months. Thought I could take a pinch of beechnut with no problems. Wrong I was. I got half a can left then it’s cold turkey for me. Used nicoderm couple times but I used 10xs the recommended amount and got addicted to that as well as dippin at the same time. Good luck to you all, I know I’m gonna need it.

  20. Man, kind of makes me want to stop now. I’m 15. My dad dipped from the beginning of high school until 2008. it’s kind of funny (really sad) that my sister and I were the ones that encouraged him to quit and now I’m doing it in high school. we are still very proud of him for quitting. I’m not addicted yet as this is the first tin I’ve been brave (stupid, you should have used the word stupid there you dumbass) enough to actually keep. I guess what got me started was last year a buddy in science shared a bag of Levi Garets for a week. tasted great, didn’t give me a buzz, no down side. skip ahead a few months. Decided to try dip, asked a friends brother to pick me up a can of cope straight and a can of wintergreen, sure man no problem. The winter green was mainly for a different friend anyway. So it was ok when my friends little brother kicked the boot I had the winter green in and cracked the can.(not) Got home that night, waited until around midnight, cracked it open and took a pinch of the straight. Worst thing I ever tasted in my life. kept it in for about 2 minutes. said F that. Called up the ‘other friend’ and said you want these? Sure man bring them tomorrow, ok cool bud. Didn’t dip/chew anything after that until this past weekend. went to hang out with the same friend, hey man is ‘older brother’ gonna be home this weekend? Cool ask him to grab me a can of Skoal cherry (I don’t like mint so wintergreen is out of the picture and straight taste like ass, plus dad knows EXACTLY what dip smells like so why not get something that’s easier to hide? dumbass) best weekend ever (not because of the dip). it’s been 5 days since I got the can and I’ve only taken 5 pinches ( not big pinches ). I’m not addicted because i got the dip because i wanted to try it, not because I needed it. and when I say wanted I don’t mean “man I really want to try that dip I just really want to try it” I mean “eh I like cherrys, sure”. My grand mother smoked all her life(so does my pawpaw) and I grew up around it, I’m pretty sure the second hand smoke has built up a tolerance to the nicotine. I’m not a complete dumbass and think “oh, I grew up around smokers so I’m invincible to all forms of nicotine!”. No that’s stupid. but I do think that the small amounts of nicotine that I’m intaking aren’t going to get me addicted any time soon if I keep it low. I used to go over to my grand mothers literally every day, so I was taking in nicotine (small amount) on a daily basis my whole life until I was 12. So I think(hope) I’ll be good at this rate. I’ve drawn a line and if I get to that line I’ll be back and I’ll quit that moment. (If I don’t die from parents finding out first) my grandpa has smoked a pack a day since he was 16 and he (I’m not lying to you guys) hasn’t eaten a ‘green’ ever. He’s pushing 64 and healthy as an ox. no cancers no anything. damn that’s a long ass paragraph( essay ) I just realized I’ve been on this website for a good hour and I’ve had a dip in for an hour as well. Think I’m going to spit it out and go to bed. I wish you all the best of luck with your battles and I pray I don’t get to that line.

    1. you better quit now and throw your can out. i was the same way with the same things going through my head and now its a year later and i am going through a tin a week. i am on this site now to get help quitting and i dont want you to come back here a year later for help. dip is very deceiving, i started on camel mint pouches that i could gut the first time i tried it and now i am doing almost all flavors of cope long cut. quit now or you will end up like me. and the worst is when your parents find out. Im 16 going on 17 and trust me, it ain’t pretty when the shit hits the fan. so quit now before your hooked and before they find out.

    2. At the rate your going, in 10 years you will be thinking what a stupid thing it was to think “I won’t get addicted as long as I keep the dips small.”
      Youth is truly wasted on the young.

      1. Hey dude,

        Kevin here.

        I remember walking home from high school the first day I threw in a SKOAL citrus pouch from my friend Steven, I may have been dramatic but I started to walk on the sidewalk as if I’d thrown back a few shots of tequila. ‘Ohhhh wowwwwwww, This shit is like getting drunk on demand”, I said to Steven and my best friend Justin walking next to me. I took that can home and hid it in my bathroom drawer. Here’s where it gets fuzzy… I remember my mom finding a can of dip in that same bathroom, in the same spot and to my memory it was the same can. But… I do know for a fact that she found that can at least a year after that incident, because that happened when I was 15 and I got caught my Sr. year of high school (~17/18 yrs old). Point is, you’ll remember what you want to remember as long as it aids you in your journey of feeling good in the short term and that is the trap my friend that everyone’s going to warn you about. To be quick I’ll tell you that these warnings come in many different forms and that is the confusing part. To share with you a few examples of what you are going to experience:

        1. You will hear personal narratives from people in their 50’s, cowboys, baseball players (current or at any point in their lives), the varsity stud on your highschool team, your friends dad who had a conservative upbringing but supplies you and your friend(his son) box tickets to local sporting events and well.. anyone else that you listen to talk about it because the conversations with people who ‘dipped and got away with it’ are the ones you will only remember. (The one’s who it didn’t work out for aren’t around to for us to point to).

        2. 1 to 2 sentence anecdotal explanations involving keywords like ‘cancer’, ‘gross’, ‘bad’ and ‘stop’.

        3. Quotes from anti-tobacco studies that only involve %’s above 90% of users will get x or y.

        4. Any girl that you’re “friends” with but really keep around because their hot-ness / smart-ness factor is worthy of possibly getting married to one day will tell you how bad it is for you… but you wait for their heartfelt message to end only with a gleeful / sly remark about how much you understand. (This is where you’re assuming that you’re the ‘bad’ guy that they’re biologically attracted too.)

        Anyways, now that my personal rant is at an end I want to share with you the fact that I’m only 25 and about a week ago have switched from chew to the nicotine gum. I’ve quit a few times before for about 6mo-1yr increments.. but this time I’m scheduled to see an oral surgeon in 4 days, after getting a CT scan of my neck. I have no clue if the ‘2 centimeter mass’ found in my neck is not cancer related, but I’ll tell you that the feelings I have about it being cancerous are the result of 10 years of pushing away any worry that chewing tobacco put me in harms way at such an early point of my life.

        I have already thought many times about how I would react to a scenario such as the one I am in right now and it always resulted with a quick shrug of my shoulders. Then, immediately followed by a melody playing in my head of Billy Joel singing ‘Only the good die young’. Rationalizations like that made me a charming person to be around and looking back probably made people around me feel better about the stupid decisions they were making too, but you know what? It’s not worth the shit that’s taking place in my head right now while I’m waiting for a physician trained to look at black fuzzy images to decide what the fuss about the black and grey fuzz is about. (haha sorry).

        Does chewing tobacco cause cancer? Does it matter how long and how much you used? The answers don’t really matter, because you will never know the answer to the questions and therefore will use them as a weapon against yourself whenever you encounter a health problem. All I hope to prove to you is that the rationale that makes you feel better about doing it, eventually catches up with you in a different form. So if you’re read this far into my post, then maybe you’ve seen how close you are to preventing having to write one of your own one day.



  21. Has anyone had any success mixing their snuff with a nicotine free alternative and slowly lowering the ratio of nicotine to “wean” yourself off of the drug dependency

    1. Yes. This is called the “titration method” of quitting (weaning). It’s not something we subscribe to here as we prefer cold turkey as it’s the quickest way to get all nicotine / chemicals out of yoru body, but this is certainly a valid method. The problem that I’ve personally seen with it is that people just don’t carry through. They wean forever and eventually go back to full fledged usage.

  22. I had been chewing for 8 years and decided to quit cold turkey 4 days ago. I always told myself that if chewing became more of something I needed to do than something I wanted to do, I would quit. About 2 months ago my mouth started hurting every time I would throw a chew in, but I would do it anyway. And after about 2 months of this denial it finally dawned on me that I needed it more than I wanted it. Coming to realization that you are addicted isn’t something that happens overnight. But if your just starting out or you’ve been chewing for a while, make sure you draw a personal line in the sand. And when life brings you closer to that line, make sure you do everything you can to keep from crossing it.

    1. That’s a relatively small amount… but you’re most likely still addicted as you’ve got a constant (albeit small) amount of nicotine flowing through your bloodstream.

  23. I started dipping at age 13 and loved every minute of every dip I ever took. I didn’t care how broke I was, I was going to spend my last dime if it took it for another can.
    At age 39, my 10 year old son came home from school and questioned me as to why I would use this “drug” as he called it. As I began telling him that dip wasn’t a drug, I began to realize that it did indeed possess every one of the qualities of an addictive drug that he had been studying about in school. I admitted that I had to have it, that I would spend every penny it took to get it, I was in a panic when my can got low, I was mean if I did not have any for a little while… and many more.
    This stuff had me and I couldn’t stop….The addiction was more than I could overcome…..
    It was at this low point in my life I went to the doctor and he prescribed Chantix.
    It was through sheer determination and use of this medication that I was finally able to quit. I have been dip free now since September 2, 2014. It was the best decision I ever made for many reasons.
    I know that if I can do it…. So can you!!!!!

  24. I dipped for 30 years and two months ago I quit cold turkey.. let me tell you that yes I am a angry mother fucker but now gives me a reason just to smack the fuck outta somebody .. but dip free. 63 days..

  25. Any tips on how to quit? Been deeping for 3 years straight, i been reading youlls comments and i think its time i would wanna see my son grow up with me in the picture. Please help

    1. Next time you buy a can. Before you start your vehicle, look in the mirror and tell yourself this is my final can. When you go for a pinch take smaller amounts, make it stretch out. Set certain bench marks you have to reach first. After 2 hours at work I can have my first pinch. Hold it till it becomes gross to keep in. Then your next bench mark could be after work when you get home. W.e. The strategy is to stretch out your uses as far as possible to ultimately limit your daily allowances to reducing your allowances slowly to skipping a day here and there to losing your can that had that last pinch but youve gone a few days without it and you can look at the situation being honest with yourself and walk away from that nasty shit altogether. Its possible man stay positive, stay busy, find stuff to do with your son, and reward yourself appropriately for the small acomplishments. Hope this helps bro.

      1. This was a great reply! I smoked for years and thought chewing tobacco was a good way to help me get past my cigarette cravings! Not true just replaced one bad habit for another!boyfriend chewed so every once in a while I would use some of his dip in place of cigarette, now I am addicted! So here I am on this page seeking wonderful advice from strangers! I will let ya’ll know how it works out for me! Im trying Josh’s method tapering down for 2 weeks till I kick the can! Its really not lady like and most people have no clue I chew! So no support but here! Thanks to all of you for helpful words of encouragement!

    2. These hundred reasons to quit are hilariously funny, and sad at the same time, because i can relate to almost everyone. I am on day 4, and hurting

  26. 48 days quit. I do not want to dip. I have a numb tongue, sore throat, dry mouth, and sores on the inside of my cheek, I am worried that “it has done been to late” I hope anyone that reads this web site never, ever chews again.

    1. I’ve dipped on and off for 24 years. I’m a juvenile diabetic. I’ve quit before. I’m hurting today. This shit controls my life.

  27. I honestly see this as if you couldn’t stand hiding it when in all reality your a grown ass man but hey who says chivalry is dead I cant relate to the kids and growing up in the deep south kids just don’t even give it glance my nephews favorite think to do when he was an infant was to beat to empty dip cans together I guess so many ppl do it its just faded into the everyday lifestyle of us

      1. Wow, feel free to use proper grammar in your list of 100 also. Fix your own grammar issues before you jab at someone’s punctuation. Quitting snuff didn’t help you become less illiterate?

        1. *sigh* If you’re not able to the sarcasm in this list then I’m not going to bother debating grammar / punctuation issues.

    1. Not sure if you’re pro or con dip, but I too am from the deeeep south. There is no higher dip rate anywhere in the world.

    1. no more having to jam as much chew as you possibly can into your lower lip only to find out its just another failed vein attempt to go out strong.. no more having to tell the circle k lady this is the last tin whenever she says see you again…. PEOPLE IM ADDICTED.. I CAN NEVER USE SPIT SAFELY OR LIKE A GENTLEMAN. I say this is my last tin every time before i go get another 1

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