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Part of the reason that quitting chew is so difficult is that it’s not just a mental & chemical battle. There is also a very physical part of breaking nicotine’s hold on us. For some of us, the oral fixation is one of the most difficult parts of our quits. If you’ve had something in your lip/mouth for the past 15 years your body gets used to it… take that away (along with all the nicotine that you’re losing) and you’re bound to be a little on the irritable side. Below is a list of alternatives to smokeless tobacco (also known as fake dip or fake tobacco) that will help you get past the oral fixation.

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  1. WrestlerTryingToQuit

    I started chewing in high school after some of my teammates convinced me to pick up the habit. Through the past 7 years, I have made countless attempts to quit. I will be fine and dip-free until it comes time to cut weight. The metabolism booster of dip keeps my weight down and spitting off water weight also helps. It’s gotten to the point of not just craving nicotine, but having an oral craving of something being there. I’m tired of lying to myself and telling myself I will be done after this next weigh-in. I want to quit now. Anyone know of an alternative dip to keep the metabolism boost of dip?

  2. Hows it going. A little off topic but I’ve been dipping for about 8-9 years now. I prefer the long cut stuff. Like the way it packs. I’ve been a grizzly fan but switched to cope for a while. I’ve been trying to quit for a few months. I can’t find anything that has the flavor or packs like the long cut. Is there anything out there that does? I’ve tried the jakes mint chew and the cowboy coffee but not a fan. I was just wondering if anyone has any recommendations on something that both packs better and has decent flavor. Thank you.

    • Hey Michael, I’d say try the Smokey Mountain , both the Straight and the Classic flavors. They are close to the taste. It seems to stay together better than the Mint (Jake’s/Triumph/Elicit) based ones. I heard the Citrus flavor of Smokey Mountain is good too.
      I’d try the Hooch as well, that one has a pretty good consistency too.
      I’ve heard the Teaza is a good one too, never tried it, but folks rave about it.
      I personally like Triumph, but it likes to get loose in the cheek. They have pouches too, but I like the loose stuff. Beware though, some of these fake dips, Triumph included, make their dips in zero strength (no nicotine) and half to full strength (with nicotine). I DO NOT AND WILL NOT use that shit ever again, so its only Zero Strength or no nicotine fake dips for me.
      The secret to it, to pretend that Grizzly/Cope (for me it was Skoal Wintergreen ) is no longer being made and you have to switch to a different flavor. Try a few of them, they’re are some really, REALLY, good, nicotine free dips out there today.
      Good luck

      • Awesome answer man this helped me out a lot I’ve been chewing for 15 years an quitting, it’s the hardest thing to do which all chewers know. Thank you for the other brand names an details I chew cope wintergreen L.cut an I’m tryin to find which is closer to long cut. Based off your description it’ll be easier to find. Thanks!

    • The houch brand herbal snuff has a “rough cut”. my husband has quit for 2 months on it now. He likes it the best. He dipped Copenhagen long cut too. Hope this helps!

    • Try Smokwy Mountain, it taste, smells, looks, feels, and packs jistvlikw frizzley and it also comes in its own unique flavors if you wanna mix it up.

      • Hey guys,
        I’m just totally new to this fake dip campaign that half of the people have regard to. I’m quite flattered with JAYP’s personal opinions and thoughts on the subsitute chemical.

        But me as an EX-Smoker, I have stopped cold-turkey for about 8months (the strong reason behind it, was the suffering of a severe anxiety disorder – which could be relevant to the nicotine which enters and affects the central nervous system?)

        Unfortunately, I got quite a relief, then decided to oke again unconditionally – maybe it was the source of distraction that comes from your friends bad habits smoking around you? (I don’t know) but eventually, I decided to stop again, however, this time I chose these filtered-tobacco pouches so called “Chaini Khaini” which is an Indian product which has easier use than filling the room with carbon monoxide from a ciggy.

        I have been addicted for 2years, but I have NO clue whatsoever, of knowing how to stop the bad habbit once and for all. My psychiatrist (who has been helping with my Anxiety symptoms that I have for 2years now) prescribed me a medicine that helps – as she claimed it would naturally inhibit dopamine hormones to relax me without the discourage to get up and use pouches.
        The medicine was Cefuzime (which is a Cefuroxime axetil) 500mg dose.

        I have used it gradually one pill a day, and the overall, the effects are good. I have decreased from taking 2packets (containing 20pouches) to 4pouches (which is not even half a packet)

        I do not recommend, nicotine-gums unless you’re one heck of an addicted (sorry for this word) moron! Because like one of the members below, depicted a theory saying;
        “Using anything that contains Nicotine is masking, and not quitting” but neither is it TRYING to quit at all!

        These are just my point of views, so please don’t get offended, or feel accused. I myself, am also seeking help! So we’re all on the same page here… 😛

        • Hey Kareem,
          I’m just going to say…whatever works to keep you away from nicotine, use it.
          Although I thoroughly enjoyed the non tobacco/nicotine versions, they do somewhat drag out the habit of popping substance in your lip, then spitting. I still, well over 2 years quit, use the fake alternatives. BUT, I do not use them frequently. Maybe 1-2 a day, sometimes, time goes by and I might not even take one. They have helped me combat the oral fixation that the smokeless addict (in this case, me) faces when wanting to quit. I would gladly chew these products the rest of my living days, then ever return to the real products.
          I still, on occasion, use sunflower seeds. They are also a wonderful tool to combat the oral and spitting fixation…not to mention, in moderation, are healthy, so long you can endure the sodium. I have tried the lower sodium variety, but they just don’t do it. So I only use them once in a while. Gum…is my latest friend. I do chew gum more often now than I ever have. I’ve had no fake dips yet today, I’ve had one handful of seeds and 1 piece of gum and I’ve been up for 8 hours so far today. This in contrast of CONSTANTLY needing something in my cheek all day when I first started the quit. In short, all of these things work….but I agree, you have to get further and further away from the nicotine crutch. These tools do work and once you make up the decision to quit, stay quit. And the longer you stay away, the more you will not go back. It would be stupid of me to return now. And I also know (from a past failed attempt at quitting), there is NO such thing as “one dip”. I am an addict. I cannot have one dip. I am done, which means no dip, no cigarette with my beer, no cigar or pipe at the bachelor party….NO MORE NICOTINE in any form.
          And I have to say, I am a very happy man without that shit. Its been a journey and it’s not been easy (if it were, we’d all be quit), but I made the right choice…I am no longer an addict.
          Good luck to you, if you are going to quit, you are at the right place, many will help you, WANT to help you. I would recommend (I never did) joining the forums here, strength is in the numbers. I was able to find a few good people that had the same goals as me on these threads and we all discussed our quit. It was very good and I hope they are all still quit. I haven’t heard from any of them in a while. I only pop in and out of here these days, mostly to offer a hand or some advice and to rebuke a few trolls who think its cool to come on a wonderful quit site and talk shit to people trying to help others quit.
          You take care and I hope you get moving on the quit, remain quit and help others, that’s how it works here!
          God Bless and have a Merry Christmas!

    • None of them are close. I have tried all of them, most people on these sites “Rave” over Triumph or Smokey Mountain, neither was close to real dip in terms of flavor or texture and just ended up making me more upset. It is obvious that tobacco companies pay good money to keep people from developing a nicotine free version of the real thing. My best advice is to keep yourself busy, find hobbies and try eating healthy/ cooking a lot. With your new lifestyle change you will notice that after your first month you think about dipping less, and it will continue that way until its off your radar…..I don’t recommend trying a courtesy pinch 5 months from now when a friend offers.

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  4. Why do you have such a black and white perspective on harm reduction? I have asthma and originally stopped smoking by using nicotine gum. This caused problems with TMJ and multiple dental issues. Next, I moved to smokeless tobacco (i.e. Skoal bandits). Through time, I slowly weaned myself off of the all nicotine. However, trying to make it sound like an all-or-nothing proposition makes you sound like an ideologue who is hellbent on preaching a religious dogma. In the field of addiction medicine, experts regularly substitute one harmful agent for a less harmful agent. While some people are able to quit ‘cold turkey,’ this does not mean that all people are able to achieve complete abstinence.

    For example, what is wrong with a nicotine replacement product (lets say fake snuff) that has a lower amount of nicotine. Who cares if the person is still physiologically dependent on nicotine if they are avoiding all of the negative harmful effects of cigarettes. While complete abstinence is a laudable goal, it does not work for a significant number of tobacco users. Given this reality, it is better to be intellectually flexible and realize that treatment strategies are best tailored to individual needs. Black and white-thinking (associated with religiously held ideologies) is at the core of self-defeating behaviors and beliefs. Reduced use or a less harmful nicotine delivery system is a laudable goal in and of itself.

    • Jay,
      the inherited problem with switching from one nicotine habit to another, even though it may be less harmful, is the fact that you are still hooked on the chemical.
      Good for you that you were able to go through the several levels of different nicotine products, then was able to just wean yourself off.
      I’d estimate that 85% of the nicotine addicts here (including yours truly), couldn’t do that. What happens is you just prolong your dependence on the chemical, thus continuing your usage of the drug.
      Let me tell you that I did quit back in the 90’s. Like you, I used the Nicorette gum to accomplish it. I eventually started mixing the gum with regular gum, until I finally ran out of the Nicorette and just chewed regular gum. Mind you, the habit of chewing the gum never stopped, for 6 months! Which, great, whatever, I was off of the nicotine. But, like you, my jaws were HIT! They hurt so bad and I despised it after a while. This leads me into my point.
      Fast forward, 6 months after I quit with the Nicorette gum. Me and the boys are standing in waist high waters in waders, in a Northern Michigan river, fishing for the salmon that are running up the river to spawn. All of my buddies, save maybe 1, still chewed the tobacco. I tell you, seeing these guys thumping the can, then popping in a chew, being out in the wilderness, in the river, fishing…I caved and asked for a dip. Upon my return home, I bought a can…a successful 6 month quit, on Nicorette gum, down the drain.
      You want to know “why” I feel I have succeeded now, where I once failed?
      Because personally, I don’t want to go through the 100 days of hell I went through to get where I am today, FREE of the junk! I think the brain tells you “if you fail, then you just go buy another $30 box of gum and start over”. That certainly is the easier route, than walking through the valley of darkness of a cold turkey quit. I did them both and I can 100% say, the Nicorette route was easier than the cold turkey route. But because it was harder, I respect what I did and am DONE with that shit.
      You respect the spoils more, when you go through the war.
      Now sure, some people may agree on your point above, harm reduction is better than going full bore, I get that. But if you truly want to quit and remain quit and truly, respect what you did, then there is no other substitute, than cold turkey and endure all of the pure hell that comes with a true cold turkey quit. I do not believe in harm reduction, you’re still hooked. And the likelihood of quitting and staying quit, when moving from one nicotine habit, to another, is less than just quitting cold turkey.
      That’s my opinion on it. Not saying that someone cannot quit by moving to a lesser nicotine product (I did…and failed), just saying that you probably will not quit or remain quit.
      Day #693 free of that shit

    • Hi Jay – thanks for the question asked in a rational way. Very much appreciated.

      JayP answered your question and my response would echo his pretty much exactly. I’ll add this.

      There’s nothing “wrong” per se with the concept of harm reduction. In fact in theory it’s a pretty sound idea. For me though it has to be all or nothing. I have an addictive personality. When I do something I go “all in” whether that’s using or quitting. That means, for me, I can’t subscribe to the harm reduction method as it’s not all the way quit as I know for me it would eventually lead back to the can/day Kodiak habit that I had for 16+ years.

      The other issue that I’ve got with this method isn’t in the theory, but in practice. I see SO many people that say they’re going this route and just… don’t. They cut down, go to a “less harmful” product but eventually go back to the full strength stuff or worse, go to multiple products at once.

      I also take exception to the concept the some people just “can’t” get clean or are “too addicted”. It’s cliche, but if a guy that had the amount of nicotine running through my blood can get clean than anyone can. Will it be easy? No. Is it worth the pain and suffering to be 100% nicotine free? For me, the answer is absolutely yes.

      I realize that this isn’t the way for everyone and I applaud you for being able to take those steps down and go the harm reduction path but for ME it would be a path back to my addiction that I’m not willing to go down.


    • Hillary Sanders

      My ideal smokeless alternative would be a pouch with a spicy and earthy taste with some fruit flavors. Teaza isn’t earthy, is it?

    • Hillary Sanders

      I recommend putting Liquid Smoke in fake chew. Works wonders. You can get it at Walmart for $1.98. Anyone else try this?

      • A study in Europe has indicated liquid smoke “may be” linked to carcinogens…no thanks.

        • Hillary Sanders

          Not true, Jayp. Smoke extract is OK but the smoke itself is iffy.

          • Did you actually read the study? Or are you just speculating with your reply?
            I read it and now will “dumb-down” what I read….
            The study indicates a small amount of carcinogens is released whethen liquid and smoke from cherry, poplar and beechwood, are mixed”
            Logic: the stuff has a small amount of carcinogens in it.

        • Jayp, smoke extract causes problems in a Petri dish but not with humans. Don’t argue with me.

          • You obviously read only what you wanted to read. I am not into arguing with people who only look at the tree and not the forest.
            The study said “the liquid contains PAH’s, which can be carcinogenic”
            This of course depends on the type of wood (outlined above) and temperatures used.
            Yes, Petri dishes AND the final product, can contain carcinogens. Read the entire report, get your facts straight, then come back when you are completely informed.
            Don’t argue with ME.
            Good Day.

        • If carcinogens is a problem for you you should be living on another planet 97 % of the things you come in contact with daily are made of carcinogens plastic for example is made from styrene styrene is made using ethyl benzene ethyl Benzene is made using benzene. Base fibers for clothes rugs and other household items are made using acrylanitrile which is also a carcinogen and in liquid form when mixed with water can make same gas used in death chamber so

          • The real “problem” presented here, was it was stated to mix carcinogens, in this case, liquid smoke, with fake dips…thus, ingesting the harmful chemical.
            I am aware there is chemicals all around us….thanks for your astute observation on the subject.
            Maybe you’re just the argumentive type…but your post really has no relevance to what was actually being talked about.

        • You arent looking at the forrest… you are looking at the tree

    • All are more than welcome to not quit cold turkey, but on this site, that is the ideology. Plain and simple.
      Saying that, using a nicotine “replacement” for “quitting” is really an oxymoron, with emphasis on the “moron”. This is just my opinion, but any type of nicotine is masking…. not quitting.

    • After loosing family to both drug addiction and family I agree… Some people can’t quit cold turkey, their mind and body is not prepared for the withdrawals which is mostly mental. Most people who quit don’t know that quitting anything is a mental battle of wits between you and your addiction and you have to know every thing about what it is and what it’s doing. After smoking cigarettes for almost 35 years I quit cold turkey and found this out, how I immediately gained weight (which no my diet didn’t change) and seemed to cause fights with friends and family — but once I realized it was the withdrawal setting up these situation I used what I call the suction cup method, that there were thousands of nicotine suction cups on my brain and that every day one was being taken off, also that they were causing the stress in my life because they wanted me to “go back to smoking”. After about a year they calmed way down… and I have never smoked at all.

      But some people just can’t win that mental battle… for instance we’ve all seen movies of when a woman’s been heartbroken she runs to the fridge for a pint of ice cream… the realization though is that the ice cream is very likely reason she’s had the problems that’s made her cry as her body is craving the ingredients and therefore causes situations in her mind to make her eat it — Until she sees that she’ll just continue to eat the ice cream and feel a bit powerless and then horrible after she splurges…

      So it’s the same with nicotine or any other addictive food/substance/action and really just about everything we do is an addiction or habit… What’s ironic is a few years later you see how it was such a waste of your time and money and how you feel so much more empowered, but sometimes baby steps are needed…

  5. I’m 34 and have been dipping since I was 13. I have a two year old and new born twins and want to quit before they can be exposed to the habit. I have been using red seal mint for the last 5 years. Any suggestions?

    • Zero Strength Triumph Mint is a very, VERY good mint product in my opinion.
      Artic Ice by Smokey Mountain is also a good Mint product.
      Oregon Mint makes mint products, I’m not a fan, but some folks like it.
      Hooch has a Mint flavor. Hooch, in my opinion, has the best “feel” of natural tobacco, but I think the flavor is bland and runs out fast.
      Holt has an interesting Peppermint flavor…it’s made from. Alfalfa, so the color is greenish…it too is a little bland, but gives you a minty flavor.
      My overall opinions on mint, Triumph Zero Strenght mint is #1, Artic Mint Ice, by Smokey Mountain is #2.
      Try them and give everyone here your opinion.
      Good Luck!

      • JP-
        I was just looking at Triumphs site and was curious about their zero strength mint. I am trying to find something that is not going to be further harmful to my gums since I am trying to get them healed up. Would this be a good option for that?

        • Short answer – yes. Triumph (or any other non nic / non tobacco alternative) is a great tool to use during your quit.

        • Dev, I agree with Chewie, any of these fake dips are you g to be better options. What I think you asked was “safe for the gums”. I think anything, whether it be fair dip, sunflower seeds, or even a piece of candy, that you fuck between the gum and cheek, will cause irritation. Maybe not nearly as bad as tobacco, but it will irritate it. I used shower seeds a lot at the beginning of my quit and it did wrinkle the cheek some. I did feel that some of the fake dips did that too (Triumph included). If it’s truly gum healing you’re looking to accomplish, I’d probably just stick with chewing gum.
          This is not to say that some of these alternatives will have the same effect it did for me. But at least for me, anything I put between the lip, cheek and gums…seems to irritate them…some, but not nearly as bad as tobacco did for years. Triumph is a wonderful product that I found “worked” for me. If you try it, please put your opinions on it, out here…people want to see them.
          Good Luck Dev!
          2 years, 73 days free

      • The closest is surely Triumph mint…They put in some effort into the flavor. The only thing that kills all of it is the texture. None of it packs.

  6. Is there a good close alternative to Copenhagen long cut Original?

    • Dustin, only alternative that remotely tastes like Copenhagen a little, at least from what I thought, is Smokey Mountain Straight.
      Some have said they thought Triumph Classic tastes like it too. I think the Classic Triumph is a Chile-Lime flavor myself.
      But, Smokey Mountain Straight…that is the one I thought closely tasted like Cope.
      To be fair, I was a Skoal Wintergreen Longcut user myself and I never found one that tasted the same. I just found one I liked….and I am almost 700 days free from the junk. Find one that “will do”, that’s the secret to moving to the fake alternatives, good luck!

    • BaccOff Straight and Bacc Off Energized Straight are the only ones that come close to Copenhagen, IMO. Dipped cope fine cut for 28 years and they are the only ones I use

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  8. Trying to get off Grizzly pouches, but I love the buzz. Do any of these provide that initial buzz you get from the real stuff? I use pouches so they need to be sold that way. Is there such a product?

    • JMysterio – there are a ton of outstanding pouch products out on the market, but sadly none of them are really going to give you that “buzz” because that’s being provided by nicotine.

      That said, check out this link for all things pouches:

      • Thanks, I figured as much; just ordered some tobacco free alternatives and will try them out. I use two pouches at once so maybe I can mix the Grizzly pouches 1 to 1 with the alternative pouches at first, then switch to completely Grizzly free.

        I don’t think I really chew much, one can a weekend (Fri-Sun), using two pouches at a time for a total of 10 chews a weekend. But I don’t like the irritation on the inside of my lower lip that occurs when I do too many in a row.

        • Hillary Sanders

          Chewie, there are also other products on the market called Zap Dip and Zap Cubez. No reviews or mention of them on KTC. Kind of like Bacc Off.

        • I was (so glad I can say that) the same way. Two grizzly wintergreen pouches at a time. I took one day of just using one at a time. Once the can was empty, got some smokey mountain. That worked until the corn silk flavor got to me and the smell on my fingers. I ordered the Bacc-Off wintergreen pouches. They are reminiscent of skoal wintergreen but they work pretty good. I know they have energized stuff that may help with the buzz factor. Took me four days of haziness, head aches and intense insomnia but, after a week having the alternatives work great.

    • Hillary Sanders

      Tried smokeless tobacco a couple of times. Made me really dizzy and I didn’t like the buzz because I have anxiety and that only made it worse. But I still crave the intense burn on my mouth. Does anyone know what smokeless alternative has the most burn? Thank you.

    • Hillary Sanders

      Any alternatives to long cut tobacco? Thanks.

    • Hey I’d love to find tobacco free chew out there like red man in a bag or Levi garret, the big fat leafy stuff. Any tips?

      • Hi Gabe – sadly there really isn’t one out there that I’ve ran across. Your best best would be beef jerky or perhaps a Slim Jim that you can “chew” on.

  9. Is there any way I can just get a variety pack of off the different cans…. I’ve already tried the smokey mountain. Also, is this stuff in anyway bad for you and your gums?

    • Hi Elias – We don’t sell any of these products. You’d have to reach out to them individually. I think it’s probably safe to say that putting ANYTHING between your cheek and gum isn’t the best idea, but that said, there is nothing in these products that would be “bad” for your (IE, no tobacco, no nicotine).

    • Hillary Sanders

      2 questions: what is the closest to skoal berry or skoal apple? Second, does pro dip chill really relax you? Thanks.

    • Hillary Sanders

      Chewie, I found a cool snus alternative, Real White Original, on Northerner. Could you include it? It’s like Teaza but the pouches are cellulose.

      • Hey Hillary – yes, I’ll certainly reach out to them and give a try. Thanks!

        • I am curious “why” this Real White Original says “this product may cause mouth cancer”….if it’s “all natural”??
          Thinking I don’t want to try anything that can cause mouth cancer.

        • Hillary Sanders

          What I don’t like about many smokeless alternatives is that they look too much like chewing gum. Cinnamon, wintergreen, mint pouches…all like a stick of gum you can buy at the dollar store. Get more creative, smokeless alternative companies!

          • Well, I’ve never been into the “fruity-booty” flavors like you’re seeking, so I’ve never had any fake alternative that looked like a “piece of gum”. I do not think Smokey Mountain looks anything like a piece of gum. I don’t think Hooch looks anything like a piece of gum. I don’t think Golden Eagle, Baccoff, Elicit or Young’s looks like a piece of gum. I’ve tried all of the Jake’s…and although not a fan of them, mainly due to flavor (not texture), they don’t look anything like a stick of gum. Hell, even the Triumph, which I recommended over a week ago, doesn’t look anything a stick of gum. Not sure what the stuff you’re out here trying, but the stuff I’ve listed above, looks less like a “stick of gum from the dollar store” and more like smokeless tobacco.
            But….you can’t please everyone i guess.

    • Hillary Sanders

      Tried pro dip chill. Honey flavor is good but doesn’t last long. Doesn’t relax you as claimed. Jake’s Mint Chew Apple Spice is more mint than apple and very messy. BIG waste of money overall.

      • Sorry you didn’t like them. I was a big fan of both. The PRO-DIP Chill didn’t last long but in my mid did exactly what it said it would do. It was a honey product that was nice and “soothing”. If you’re early in your quit and going through withdrawal nothing is really going to “relax” you.

        As for Jake’s Apple… all of their products are made from.. mint. So it stands to reason you’ll get that mint flavor and I’d agree, much more “messy” but it’s a non-pouch product.

    • Hillary Sanders

      Does anyone know how I could add some burn to Teaza Black Cherry? Thanks

  10. Suggestions for the pouches – what is going to be the best pouch to fill the moist part that I am looking for – I have tried smokey mountain and it is just dry, I tried the grinds because they now are at 711 and the cashier recommended it to me. I am not a big coffee flavor type. I am looking for A) wetness, and b) the spit factor seems hard to replicate

  11. Hey guys! I’ve been trying to quit the habit for over a year now and find that nothing really works! The only thing I chew is skoal straight. I’ve tried the smokey mountain but I find its so so fine and is just mush in my lip. Anyways not a huge fan. I was wondering if you had any pointers on the consistency to see if there is anything closer to the long cut style. Thanks!

  12. Day 5 for me as well and I can’t stop snacking on things. What the hell do I do?

    • I would suggest trying Nip Energy DIp. The flavor is delicious and it will satisfy your the oral fixation. You also will receive a boost of energy!

  13. No problem Chris,
    Try Smokey Mountain out, in fact, try them all out…become a fake chew expert, hahaha! I tried almost all of them, I wanted to find one I liked (and I found one that I like over all of them). Smokey Mountain is probably the most available one. I believe all Walmarts carry a couple flavors. I know in Michigan, Meijer (grocery chain) carries some of it too. Most of the other brands, you will need to order from their website(s). Luckily, this blog has links to all of them, even rebates for some of them too.
    I still use them once in a while, but consumption has tapered off for me. But if I am ever in the mood for a “dip”, I want to have some fake stuff near…for I am all done with Nicotine and Tobacco forever. Good Luck!
    Let us know your thoughts when you try them, others want to hear your opinion on them, so share, share, share!!

  14. Ok so it’s time to quit the can. Still in the research phase, but it’s time to get serious about quitting. Been using Copenhagen for close to 20yrs now. So what would be a good substitute for cope.? Something that would pack right, and not sure if a flavored kind would be better for me.

    • I use bacc off straight, I dipped Copenhagen fine cut for the past 25 years and quit one month ago, triumph is good but it is a little sweet for me, nothing is exact butt bacc off packs the same way, I had to dip a couple of cans to get used to it but now I am fine

  15. Thanks for your time, jayp. I’ll have to give smokey mountain a try.

  16. Chris,
    I think Smokey Mountain probably has the closest “cut” to Long Cut. I would even say that Hooch (Rough Cut) isn’t a distant second in that Long Cut department.
    Again, NONE of the fake dips will replicate the real stuff we abused for years, but a lot of them these days are very close. The key to stopping the real shit and using the fake stuff, is finding one that “will do”.
    So many awesome alternatives available today, not the case 20 years ago.
    Good Luck!

  17. Hey all! Been dipping Wintergreen grizz and skoal for about 10 years. Recently I have noticed my gums are receding pretty badly. I made the switch to red man loose leaf and now I’m hooked on that. I’ve tried a few of the fake dips in the past but couldnt seem to find one that packs and holds together very well in my lip. I’ve always been a long cut guy and I also noticed the fake stuff was always very fine…and maybe it’s just me…but I get it everywhere! Is there anything new out there that has a longer cut? Any recommendations? Thanks!

    • Hillary Sanders

      The fruit flavored Teaza pouches have no burn. What can I do to get the burn? Besides use Teaza Fire. That’s good but I want the fruit flavors to have burn too.

  18. Thanks, I actually just ordered some Teaza to try out. Appreciate the confirmation of my assumption. Day 5 now cold turkey. Cant stop snacking on things

  19. Hi, I once I got braces, I moved to Skoal pouches. The Snus never did it, does anyone have any recommendations for mint pouches that I can use that get the same draw and pull as I try to quit this terrible addiction?

  20. Is there a fake shoe? Honestly I would have to be one desperate fucker to tuck a shoe in my lower lip.

  21. Dillon,
    I was a long cut user, back when I dipped 550 days ago. I’ve tried many of these alternatives. I have had original Skoal fine cut, which is close to the original Cope cut (fine). Ive dabbled with Cope too. My experience, by far, zero strength, no nicotine Elicit, was the finest cut of these I tried. You might have to search for Elicit Herbal Chew, since I no longer see it here.
    Taste wise, Smokey Mountain Straight is the closet Cope taste I’ve had.
    Be sure, its zero strength if you try Elicit. I DO NOT do anything that contains nicotine anymore, done with that shit!
    Good luck, let us know if you try it and your thoughts. People want to hear your reviews out here

  22. I was wondering what is the closest cut to Copenhagen

  23. will ship to Canada. Several different brands as well if memory serves me correctly.

  24. Matt,
    Looks like Smokey Mountain is in Canada. They are the most popular brand of the Herbal Chews. I’ve had their Wintergreen, Mint, Straight and Classic…all fine products. I did a simple Google search “Herbal Chew in Canada” and they popped up. Give them a try!

  25. Hi there, wondering if there are any of these alternatives that ship to Canada. I’ve had no success in my search so far, so if anyone out there knows, fill me in please!

  26. I have used cope long cut and red seal long cut going on 16 years now. Use between 1-1.5 cans daily. Would love to quit, my fiancé hates it and just had my first child. I have tried smokey mountain just seems very gummy, not for me I would like something comparable any way to get a few samples?

    • Hi Dustin – does not sell any of these products. What you see here is for informational purposes only. That said, several of the companies listed here do provide free / discounted samples, but you’d need to reach out to the individually to inquire.

  27. What compares to skaol wintergeeen long cut ? Thanks

  28. I just tried the Smokey Mountain Wintergreen and it’s awesome! Really feels good and is sweet like grizzly. I mostly used cope but this variety of smokey mountain feels the same.

  29. What do you recommend for something that is similar to cope. I have tried smoky mountain but it is too sweet.

  30. Hey y’all I’m trying to quit. 5 year dipper here, grizzly wintergreen longcut. What is close as in consistency? Idc about flavor too much I’m just worried about that feeling of tobacco…any tips?

  31. Trying to quit, after like 11 years. What is the closest to Kodiak Wintergreen. Thanks.

  32. Why do people seem to be emphatically against fake chew with nicotine? Im trying nicotine gum right now to quit chew and its helping. Day 3.

    • Tye – I can’t speak for others but the reason I’m so emphatically against fake chew with nicotine is because I was addicted to nicotine. Yes… the nicotine gum that you are chewing is absolutely helping… it’s delivering the drug that you are addicted to. This would be the same as an alcoholic who’s drink of choice was Jack Daniels drinking a Miller Lite.

      I’ve gone into this question a little bit more in depth on the blog in the past: Why Are You So Opposed To Nicotine-Laced Alternatives?

    • I am in agreement with Chewie on this Tye. Unless you ween yourself from the Gum and stay away from nicotine, are you “really” quitting? You’ve basically traded one habit (or form of nicotine), for another. Quitting means just that, quitting.
      While I myself was successful back in the 90’s kicking the chew habit with the Nicorette, by slowly substituting the nicotine gum, with regular gum…I ultimately ended up starting the habit again, 6 months later!
      I am a FAILED example of the Nicorette Gum experiment. I am currently at day #480 free of tobacco AND Nicotine. When my quit date approached, I seized use of nicotine in any form and committed to it. And I got my ass kicked for doing it too, for almost 40-60 days. I honestly believe the only way to quit is Cold Turkey. Its really the only proven way to kick the habit.
      I think the gum, patches and meds are all fine, but they only prolong the addiction!
      Good Luck!

  33. Is there a fake shoe that taste like Copenhagen long cut original?

    • Hallzy,
      Straight and Classic Smokey Mountain are close to Cope.
      I used Triumph…I have read people say the Classic Triumph was close. I was a Skoal Wintergreen guy, many moons ago. I did dabble with Cope in my 25/years chewing, I don’t think the Classic Triumph tasted like Cope. But…Everyone has their own taste. If you do try Triumph, be sure to use the “Zero Strength” (no nicotine). But I still think Smokey Mountain Straight, then Classic, are the closest to Cope, taste wise.

    • I don’t know and tried everything and I’ve been dipping for 52 years 24 hours a day I eat, drink, sleep and even brush my teeth with it in

    • Hey Hallyday this is Randy I’m 56 and I have never found anything that tastes like Copenhagen and I’ve done it for 52

      • The key is to find an alternative “that’ll do”. Nothing will exactly replicate the nasty ass Worm dirt we were addicted to for years. You just need to pretend (in this case) Copenhagen, isn’t being made anymore. You need to find something that will supplement it.
        There isn’t a fake dip out there that tastes like Skoal Wintergreen Long Cut (and I’ve tried about all of them), but I found that the Nicotine Free, Classic/flavored Triumph, serves as an acceptable alternative…for ” ME”. I truly believe the Smokey Mountain Straight is about as close to the Cope taste you’ll find. If you like your shit “HOT”, Hooch Spit Fire is a pretty dam good one too…lots of burn!
        Again…nothing will be the same…gotta retrain the brain to accept something new, without the nicotine.
        Good Luck!

      • Bacc off straight is the closest thing to cope I have found, for me it was more about the feel than anything else, I dipped almost three cans a day for 20 years and I found out that most of my addiction is to the feel and the burn

  34. Chewie,

    I’m 24 and have been chewing since I was 17. I’ve tried to quit multiple times with no success. I was looking to buy the Smokey Mountain Mint pouches, I don’t like loose tobacco. It was until I saw in the ingredients that it contains aspartame and phenylalanine. Is there a mint pouch alternative that does not have these ingredients that is similar to Skoal Mint X-tra or General Mint snus? Thank you.

  35. Hi, I’m trying to find a safe alternative to dip, I’ve been dipping for a little over a year now but I want to quit, I’ve been using Grizzly Wintergreen pouches, is there anything out there similar that I can use? Also how do I go about with using the fake dip? I’ve heard you have to mix it with your real dip at first to try and ween yourself off of it. Thanks for any help.

    • Hi Michael – I was a Kodiak wintergreen guy. There are several good pouch products out there:

      I’d suggest Teaza, Smokey Mountain or Mint Snuff as a starting point.

      As for how to use them… just like your regular pouch. The process of mixing with real dip is called the “titration method”. We subscribe to 100% cold turkey method so throw out your real stuff, get some fake and get started!

      • Hi Chewie, I’m a bit on the younger side and have already divided I’ve wanted to stop but my trouble is all I chew is cope southern blend. I’ve bought total of about 20 cans of grind but dislike pouches and would really like to try one that’s not. Trouble is nothing they offer has a taste and burn/tingle the southern blend offers. Is there any you would recommend to help me out? Thanks

    • hi Michael, just to add something here…Triumph is now offering their products in a pouch. In haven’t tried them (yet) but I do believe in their products. As Chewie mentions, I too only subscribe to the 100%/nicotine free methods. Triumph does offer their stuff with/without the chemical. I have only used the zero strength products, since the goal here is to be chemical (nicotine) free.
      Good luck!!

  36. On day three being Kodiak free. Going through a lot of gum and sunflower seeds. Is there a non-carcinogenic, non-nicotine chew similar to Kodiak?

  37. What’s the closest to skoal fine cut

  38. Any suggestions for a replacement for Stokers long cut mint? Good moist chew with a flavor that lasts for hours.

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  40. I don’t dip, and I’m not trying to quit, I’m just trying to find something that tastes and feels similar without the nicotine and crappy sensation. I’ve tried snuff 3 times, and I like the taste, but not the feeling that the nicotine gives me. What would you suggest?

    • Hi Riley, honestly I’d not suggest going this route at all.

      That said, you’re on the right page if you’re looking for non-nicotine, non-tobacco alternatives. Check out our reviews here Which one I’d suggest will really come down to what flavor you’re looking for, what texture, etc.

    • Hillary Sanders

      Agree with you, Riley. Tried nicotine before and it’s like a slightly stronger version of caffeine. I don’t see why so many people get addicted. You don’t see people get hooked on coffee.

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  42. Yall want to quit? Get your tonsils removed! I didn’t dip for 3 weeks and never nicked hard enough to take a dip, couldn’t talk much or eat much and the thought of dipping made me vomit. I’m 30 , tonsillectomy was absolute hell, but I quit and now smoke a pipe every once in a while which is no more addicting than CSI! Good luck!

  43. Anyone have feedback on Flasr Inc. tobacco and alternative products? never tried, but been hearing about their chew and snuff products…

  44. Is there a significant taste difference from the fakes?

  45. There are so many choices out here; how does one choose the healthiest and safest alternative, I have heard of companies like Flasr Inc. who have a large variety of smokeless tobacco alternatives; as well as Smokey Mountain, any suggestions?

  46. Out of the products mentioned above is there anything that resembles the taste of Copenhagen fine cut? I really want and need to quit but if the alternative taste like crap I know I won’t stick with it.

    • Michael, I wasn’t a Cope person (I was a Skoal guy), I dabbled with it, so I know what it tastes like. But the closest “taste” I had to Cope was the Smokey Mountain Classic -or- Straight. Walmart sells the stuff or you can order it online. Now…the “fine-ness” cut of Cope is something different. I know some people spoke about Hooch having a fine cut, I only sampled the long cut or “Rough Cut” stuff from Hooch. The most fine cut stuff I ever had was from Elicit. That stuff was REALLY fine, I am a Long Cut guy, so I steered away from the Elicit (it tasted good though).
      Just remember, its all about changing your thoughts on tobacco. Nothing of the fake stuff will “exactly” resemble the real stuff. What I did was found one that “works” and stuck with it. I’m fine without the real stuff, there are a lot of good, fake alternatives out there.
      Personally, I am a Triumph guy, but its worth trying many of them. I also liked the Smoke Mountain line up and the Spit Fire flavor from Hooch, now that stuff was some really HOT stuff!
      Goof luck!

  47. I’m glad the store is clos we do right now. All this talk about chew has me wanting one. Day 7 for me and it not getting easier

  48. I never tried Cope Wintergreen…I was a Skoal Wintergreen guy for probably 19-20 years and Kodiak prior to that. But being a wintergreen guy, I was a fan of the wintergreen flavors first. I would think the “fine cut” of cope is similar to Elicits (non nicotine form of course). They have a wintergreen flavor that I tried, that was pretty good. Smokey Mountain, Hooch, Golden Eagle, BaccOff and Holt all have a Wintergreen variety as well. I’ve tried them all, but Triumph is my favorite and they too have Wintergreen. I have since fell in love with Triumph’s Classic flavor. But “if” the cope wintergreen comes in a “fine cut” and that’s what you’re used too, I’d point you to Elicit. Just my opinion….keep in mind I wasn’t a cope guy and also….none of these alternatives will replace your old stuff. They might be close, but NOT the same. Good luck!

  49. Which is the closest to Copenhagen wi

  50. Do you have to be 18 to purchase any of these?

    • None of the products here contain any nicotine or any tobacco. That said, I know at least a few of them require buyers to be at least 18 years old.

  51. any ideas on long leaf chew like red man replacement?

    • Sadly there really isn’t one out there. I know there are several vendors working on concepts but for the time being your best bet would be shredded jerkey or gum.

    • Long leaf chew is more addictive I found. Beechnut has a high nicotine content and taste great! Do not recommend any pouches of long lead, Levi Garrett tore my mouth up so bad I did not chew or dip for almost 9 months, then duck hunting one day a guy I was guiding offered me a pinch of cope and haven’t quit yet( 9 years ago)

    • I was looking into maybe using whole tea leaves soaked with molasses as a substitute, so I was also wondering if any company already had something similar. Red Man was my favorite but I can’t stand the texture or taste of dip so all the similar flavored/style subs don’t do much for me.

      • Hi Stephen – unfortunately there isn’t a long leaf sub out there on the market. I know several of the vendors are looking into it. Will definitely let you know when something hits.

  52. Hello, I am 20 years old and been chewing pretty heavy since I was 17 or so. I constantly tell myself “this is my last can” but keep going for me. I would not do it for a few days then get an exciting rush when I got more. I have not chewed for 3 days now and really trying to make quitting a priority. Just feel like I should quit now before its too late. Plus my bottom gums have receded so much I feel like a few more cans will ruin me. Anyways, I have a question…does this fake chew still cause gum decay?? Been seeing great reviews for jakes mint chew but if it still irritates the gums, no point in trying

    • I’m going to be complete honest with of you quitting dipping is awesome and I currently dip every now and then but the chances of you getting cancer from dipping is 1 and 100,000. You are more like to get into a car crash on your way to work than to get cancer from dipping. Most problems occur with dipping because people don’t brush the teeth regularly and keep up with there hygiene. I’m not saying it’s impossible to get cancer from dip I’m just saying it’s very unlikely. Some families are just more prone to get cancer than others to. I know people who are in their 80s and have dipped since they were 12 and still don’t have cancer and yes they have dentures but not because of the dip but because they got old. All these sites say let’s stop tobocca companies well quiting isn’t going to stop tobacco companies. If people wouldn’t introduce dip to other people they wouldn’t dip. Nobody just walks into a store never trying dip and says give me a can of Copenhagen wintergreen. They don’t just pack the can and grab the juicy tobacco and put it in their lip then spit no someone has to teach them that. If your wanting to quit go for it but just think dealing with the headaches and shakes is it really worth it when you could just buy you a can and pack a lip and enjoy yourself? Wish all of you the best of luck on your journey. If you just need a pinch take one dint make your self suffer. You only live once so make it worth it.

      • *sigh*

        So let me get this straight… you know a bunch of old dudes that dip so that’s your scientific proof that dipping isn’t dangerous?

        No other response necessary…

      • Wow….just WOW! What exactly are you doing a quit site then….Mr. Pro Tobacco? Its clear you’re too weak to face addiction. I hope you can someday, grow a pair of balls and help others off a drug that is more addictive than heroin. Thanks for offering no solutions to the problem. Time to wake up and smell what you’re shoveling Zachary.

  53. I am on day 46. Was a 35+ yr Copenhagen addict. Did 1 tin/day usually 4 chews/per day. Sunflower seeds did nothing for me. I have had success using coffee grounds as a chew substitute. Anybody else try that?

    • Hi Bob…haven’t tried that yet. I’ve tried Bac-off, TeaZa and Smokey Mountain. So far I like TeaZa and Smokey Mountain the best. I’ll try the coffee pouches though…worth a try. Good luck on your quit an well done! Day 46 would be mean free and clear to me. Just don’t get drunk one night and accidentally pop one in. If you quit…quit. I’m on day 36 and I fully intend to be completely done after 20+ years myself on and off.

      • Tony, they are not coffee pouches. I just use regular coffee grounds.

        • Bob,

          I was a 30 year Copenhagen long cut dipper until three weeks ago…

          coffee grounds straight from the coffee can have been the only thing that I have tried so far and it has worked well for me. I am three weeks into my quit and have read about the alternatives. I started my quit by going cold turkey, then taking cranberry pills for a couple of weeks in order to try and flush out my system (drink lots of water and be prepared to take many trips to the bathroom). I try not to chew the coffee too much but will put them in when the cravings are bad. I found that they are pretty dry at first and can’t pinch them easily so I just take a teaspoon and put the right amount in my lip and wait for it to soak in. So far, so good. I recommend trying it out but if that doesn’t work, you will need to find something that will work for you. Good Luck!

  54. I have dipped or chewed for 35 years. I want to quit and have found that nicotene gum takes care of that need and keeps me from being a jerk. The problem is that I need something in my lip, I just tried the TeaZa pouches and the pouches fill great. The flavor is great if thats what you like (I don’t). I would love to get a wintergreen pouch that feels like the real deal. A weak taste is fine, hell I have been dipping Qrizzly pouches, you want to talk about weak.
    Any suggestions are welcomed and appreciated.

  55. Hey guys, I started dipping about four years ago. I cant seem to quit with sunflower seeds I love them but I still crave dip. I dip wintergreen cope I tried wintergreen hard candy and cold turkey and dint do it for me. Id like to have something to use as dip My problem is I dint like smokey mountain at all, its to sweet and doesn’t last long enough by taste and the can seems to be gone in about 5 dips. If you have a recommendation on a product and where to get it, it’d be greatly appreciated!

  56. My husband has been chewing red seal long cut natural for as long as I can remember and he would like to know which fake tobacco flavor would be best for him?

  57. Looking to quit Copenhagen fine cut and pick up an alternative. What’s everyone recommend?

  58. I’ll give them a try and post my review. Btw what do you think about BaccOff straight pouches? Thank you!

  59. Does anyone have thoughts on the best “alternative pouches” to replace Skoal classic straight? The lack of nicotine/tobacco is one thing, but I’m one of the “oral fixation” people who likes the “feel” of it. The problem is that mint/wintergreen flavors etc. make my stomach turn. Heck, if there wasn’t straight flavored tobacco on the market, I’d be all good! 😉

  60. i cant find a tobacco free dip that is longer cut. its so fine. long cut would make me feel so much better. any ideas?

  61. Hello all, I’ve been dipping about a can a day for about 5 years now. I have either an ulcer or a cancerous bump on my gums (going to dentist soon) but it really kind of told me that I need to quit. I dip Copenhagen Straight Longcut. Was wondering if any of these flavors are similar?

  62. Hey guys I’m 19 and just started a few months ago and an thinking about quitting in all reality I probly won’t… but I was wondering, aside from the feeling of something between your lip how else do these products help aid quitting?

  63. I have been dipping tobacco for years, and I’m trying to get away from the nicotine, i’m looking for a brand. that can help me do that, but the thing is I don’t want snuff. and someone told me that they made or someone made a product that was like a looseleaf but it was tobacco free , does anyone know of something like that??

  64. Is there anything kinda like cop or Grizzly on here cuz I’ve tried Jake’s mint chew

  65. I was on day 7 and had a relaspe, I am now on day 2 and I am using Smokey Mountain and Nicorette Lozengers just to take the edge off. Copenhagen snuff dipper for 33 years. I need to, I want to, I have to QUIT!

  66. Try this page on this site, seems to have a bunch of stories, Including mine, of a bunch of dudes going through the same things you are.

  67. Reading these posts helps me more than anything. When it’s not enough I find that jakes mint chew is the best alternative as far as texture. Keep posting people… So I don’t punch a coworker, thanks

  68. Day 67
    It is true Jason, I can vouch for that, the trick is DON’T do it, that is all. keep busy, drink water, work out whatever you can do to keep your mind occupied. Hell, think about it this way, you did it for 25 years, it will take a little while to get rid of the cravings. I ain’t going to lie the journey is not easy sometimes, but then again those things that we work the hardest to get are the biggest rewards we value.

  69. 23 Days here after 25 years of LOVING the stuff…..I really thought by now I’d be craving free……somebody tell me, when will the craving go away?!

  70. If I ever did anything good on this earth, I hope this is it. I am calling all of yall dippers out

    I know a lot of tough people that dip, but it is even tougher to quit the dip and stay quit.

    ********* Don’t let a tiny little tin can kick your ass, get tougher and “Kill the can” ********* ******************************************************************************************

    Now, Who is going to be the first?

  71. Day 60

    Two Stinking Months I been off the Shitsky, I am proud..

    Dude if you are contemplating quitting?, Do it!!!, Just Do it!! I dare you, I know you all can do it too.

    I know you got what it takes,

    You know how when you got started Doing this Shit, you felt like a MAN, a tough guy?

    Well It takes a Much Bigger Man to Quit. Be that Man, OWN it Fellas, Own that Shit.

    Come on Do it!!, and then come back here and tell us all about it, there are a bunch of guys here that will listen to your progress, rants, failures, whatever the Hell you want to talk about. I know they heard it from me, its been 2 Months and I’ve written almost every day.

    So What’s your story?

  72. I’m used to chewing Copenhagen or Griszly snuff can anyone suggest something with a similar taste?? I just tried smoky mountain herbal wintergreen and it wasn’t bad just not the right flavor for me.

  73. Why don’t they make an herb chew with nicotine? That way you get the nicotine without the cancer? I’ve been on an e cig for years and it has nicotine but not all the other crap. I was searching online for a tobacco free chew with nicotine for my boss and I can’t find one, so weird that the e cig idea of nicotine delivery with out tobacco has not been developed for this consumer group.

  74. I have found the herbal chew very helpful, its not going to “make it all better” but its something to stuff in your lip. I quit cold turkey 7 days ago, its been a very long week but i think i got it beat. I have been using a can of Cope long cut a day for over a decade; very glad to be done with such a shitty habit. The patches and/or gum didn’t work at all for me in the past; and most likely wont work for anyone as its perpetuating your addiction. I didn’t even use the herbal stuff for the first 3 days as i felt even that would just make it worse. Now that the physical cravings are gone i am using the herbal mint to help with the psychological cravings i am getting after a cup of coffee or a beer (my two real triggers). Oh i should also add that 2 weeks before i actually quit i cut back from a can a day to a can a week, started putting a very small amount in my upper lip; so i guess its been a 3 week process so far…… anyhow thats what worked for me.

  75. Has anybody heard of or used a dip alternative called blue whale smokeless tobacco. It was tobacco free but had nicotine. I have been chewing for 30 plus years and it was the only product that had me weaned off the real stuff. They quit carrying it in my area and I was eventually back on the real stuff. Does it still exist or something similar with nicotine but non tobacco out on the market. Please let me know.

  76. Anyone found a substitute for red man loose leaf pouch chewing tobacco? Like Brenden, I don’t like dip but prefer the texture and flavor of chewing tobacco. Thanks for any advice.

  77. Hey folks. 23 year tobacco user (about 4 of it smokes, the other 19, chew) here. I’m finally thinking about quitting. Just seems like the right time and I’m so tired of the constant indigestion. I had been a Skoal mint guy until about 5 years ago or so when it finally hit $6 a can. Then I switched to the cheapest thing I could find, Longhorn. I’m sure most of the folks on here haven’t tried it (it’s hard to even find it in most of the chain stores here), so I’d settle for a Skoal longcut mint substitute if anyone knows of something similar. Anyone have any ideas? I haven’t tried any of the substitutes, so I’m willing to give any of them a shot as long as they don’t taste like dirt.

  78. Is anybody aware of any of the tobacco free chews that would have a similar taste to grizzly wintergreen pouches? I’ve been using them for about 2 years and currently use 2 cans a day, 3 on a bad day. Started it to quit drinking and now I’m hooked on them.

  79. Altoids strategically placed between the gumline and lip works for me. Nicotine withdrawl isn’t my problem. It’s my ADD like behavior and the nervous habit of filling time with activity. Also, moments of anxiety have my grabbing for the can, whether it be Altoids or Copenhagen. Nevertheless, with a can price just short of $7 in San Diego, and a can a day habit, I’ve dropped to 2 cans a week with the Altoids substitute, I may just someday be able to retire.

    My daily habit was running $3k a year. $3k a year at 8%, compounded annually for 10 years = $19,936 profit and having saved the $30k in principal enriching myself, not 7-11. 20 years? $151k – $60,000 principal = $91k profit! Now there’s some motivation!

  80. I see a lot of altenatives to canned dip, but nothing for long leaf chew like Redman. I enjoy chewing Redman, but I don’t like dip. Is there an alternative for the loose leaf chewing tobacco? Something to chomp on, which is how I chew Redman

    • Try leaves make sure to clean them though. I used to be addicted to red man an I wasn’t addicted to the nicotine just the feel so I asked some of my buddy’s what they thought and one of them suggested leaves. It worked for me so you should give it a shot

  81. Great to hear from you. I am on my way to the Mayo Clinic for a 3 conference on nicotine addiction. I will post any new findings that are worth sharing with the group.

    The science does bear out that a regiment of tapering NRT does have good results. That said, if a dipper can do it without I am supportive. I work to find individual solutions. No hard and fast rules. Just want to help!

    I gave your site info to a young man I just began working with. You have a great support network. I am a big fan.


    • Sherri, would love to hear what things you might have picked up at this conference. Since I’ve been reading this blog and participating in the forum it’s become blatantly apparent the majority of people at KTC are extremely anti-nicotine. I am kicking the habit, not because of the nicotine, but because of the tobacco itself. However, I’ve been following the rules of the group, and cut out nicotine completely.

      I am curious though as to what the medical world says about nicotine alone. From what I’ve been reading nicotine has several potential health benefits which are being studied. I’ve seen studies regarding nicotine’s ability to reduce the risk of or treat Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Tourette’s, ADD/ADHD, schizophrenia, diabetes, epilepsy, asthma, and depression. It looks like most of these disorders benefit from the release of acetylcholine, norepeinepherine, epinephrine, vasopressin, serotonin, dopamine, and betaendorphins;chemical reactors which have the ability to increase concentration, memory, alertness, arousal, as well as reducing the reactions to pain and anxiety.

      I’m interested in an actual discussion as to whether nicotine ingestion, through non-tobacco alternatives (dependent upon the delivery system), could have possible benefits to the user.

      • Wait a minute, so you are saying that NICOTINE in itself is being studied to treat diseases and disorders? So those of us that got the nicotine via chewing or dipping tobacco are just too negative about it. Are you suggesting that it might be the other carcinogens in orally used tobacco that is the real problem rather than the nicotine itself?
        Are you a user? a researcher? or just curious?
        I know , too many questions, but aside from the Research and scientific information, it would be cool to share your story with the rest of us?

        • I’m sensing a tad bit of sarcasm in your reply there, but I could be mistaken so I’ll answer honestly. I was a user, been off for around 40 days now. I was part of the forum, but just don’t have the time to dedicate to that so I’ve since dropped away there, but I am still committed to my quit. I’ve been keeping track of my days tobacco and nicotine free on my wife’s calendar in our kitchen. I’ve been using some alternatives, trying to find the right one, and have pretty much gotten to the point where I’ve accepted that nothing will match the feel and taste that I’m used to. I like the Oregon Mint pouches, but wish they were filled a little bit more.

          As far as my original post, I wasn’t suggesting anything. I’ve read a couple articles and studies and was asking if what I’d read carried true, and was hoping Sherri could offer some insight as a professional. Now of course everyone will have their own opinions about nicotine consumption, but from what I’ve read when it comes to tobacco usage certain chemicals are carcinogens (mostly chemicals that are added in processing) whereas the nicotine it self is not carcinogenic but rather is simply the addictive substance which promotes continued usage and exposure to the carcinogens. I’ve also seen where some researchers have determined that, as a stimulant, nicotine can potentially have beneficial side effects.

          I don’t doubt that cutting nicotine out along with the tobacco is the best option. Like the difference between switching to Diet Coke or completely cutting out pop. It is definitely healthier to cut out the sugars and corn syrups by going with something diet, but it is much healthier to completely cut out carbonated beverages. However, I am still interested if there is any real backing, and to what extent, to what I’ve read.

  82. I am a tobacco treatment specialist and I do understand the addiction. You can do this with support, nicotine replacement for a few months, WATER to flush out the toxins in your tissues, a harmless habit to replace the dip.

    There is no quick, one size fits all approach. You are addicted to the hardest thing to quit. The small size of dippers vs smokers is why the drug companies don’t study withdrawal and quitting in dippers. If there isn’t money i it for treating dippers they don’t do it therefore no rules for use.

    Mayo Clinic has protocols and a way to treat dip and that is what I use.

    You have to throw out dip, cans, mud jugs, anything that is a reminder. Buy the NRT of choice. Use it! Carry a water bottle with you and drink it or spit it if you need the sensation.

    Substitute anything that is sugar free for the dip . No e cigs for nicotine they are terrible inregulated ways to addict.

    • Hi Sherri – thanks for stopping by! Agree 100% that there’s no “one size fits all” approach to quitting. Everyone quit is different. Also agree that you should get rid of ALL dip-related stuff and start fresh. Not a big fan of NRT (unless you’re considering these smokeless alternatives NRT) as I believe you’ve just changed delivery method but that’s another discussion.

      Keep up the great work! Always great to find a fellow fighter in this battle against Big Tobacco!

    • Sherri question is elicit full strength nicotin herbal chew safe as a replacement.

  83. I have been dipping for nearly 30 years. I quit once for 13 months then used a bad time in my life as an excuse to start up again. Non dippers don’t understand the addiction to the physical sensation of having “just a pinch between your cheek and gums”. I use original Cope. Can someone recommend one of these alternatives that I might find palatable? Congrats to all of you on your quitting progress. Good luck.

    • Have you tried the Bacc-Off products? They have a pretty good fine cut that would be close to the texture of original Cope

    • I have been using plain coffee grounds for the physical addiction. I quit chewing (cold turkey) about 3 weeks ago and had chewed Cope for 30 years. The straight coffee reminds me of a stale chew that was in for a long time but gives me caffeine to help with being tired and more importantly the physical addiction is covered by the coffee grounds. I believe that I was also addicted to the nicotine but the craving to have something in my lip was even more frustrating than the loss of nicotine so far. I have been able to fight of the cravings by taking a spoonful of coffee from the can and putting it in as if it were a dip the coffee grounds get stuck in my teeth like the Cope did. I also quit while still having two cans of Cope (one at the house and one in the car) I know where they are and plan to save them as a trophy for when I have completed the quitting process (Plus they will be stale by the time that I try to use them).

      • One more thing that I forgot to put in the last post was that for the first two weeks I also drank a lot of water and took cranberry pills to flush out my system. I had always heard that cranberry juice was used to clean out your system so I tried it. Not sure of it helped but I sure did make many trips to the bathroom.

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  85. I am on day 50 without dip and wanted to leave a post to you all that it can be done. I just attended my uncles funeral yesterday. He died of cancer that originated from years of dipping. When I first saw his tumor in person a few months ago is when I decided to quit. Not for me but for my two children and my wife. If you truly want to quit deep down you can do it without any of these alternatives like I have done. I chew sunflower seeds every now and then and beef jerky when I can afford it but my advice is just flat quit the nicotine. You can’t keep holding on to it with gum and e cigs and you have to stop it cold turkey. Good luck to you all and God Bless.

  86. Well..Here goes another try to quit dip. been doing it heavy for three years now. was looking up alternatives so as i could still have something in my lip thats not as “bad” for me. One of the products was Jakes Mint Chew. Had to drive 20 miles to the nearest store that had it but its Not bad stuff! Made of organic mint leaves and organic glycerin, water, and organic flavors…Thats it! no nicotine and no tobacco. I got four tins (of different flavors) so hopefully it will last me at least four days without the real stuff and ill go from there.

  87. Good lord, day 3 of quitting and my head hurts so bad, but I can do this, I got an e- cig to take the edge off my nicotine craving, but it doesn’t have nearly the nicotine my Cope had in it, plus I don’t like the taste it leaves in my mouth, but it has helped me get through three days of no dip, no small feat for me, and I am glad I don’t like the taste, it is just a binky for getting off dip and not a shift in addictions. I dipped in the first place because I didn’t care for cigarettes but liked the nicotine buzz. I kind of feel like I have the flu, but no fever, just sore and headaches, I read that this is normal for long time dippers when they finally quit. I’m gonna do this, for my kids, my wife and me…oh and my teeth, gums and jaw too.

    • Your family needs and loves you. Put a picture of them in your pocket. Try getting a round can of sugarfree mints and use them like the dip. You can use a 21mg patch to relive some of the craving. You want to use it for a couple of weeks and then step down to 14mg then to 7mg and eventually none.

      The nicotine receptors in your brain are screaming and you need help.

      Ecigs are not FDA apporoved and just a way to keep you addicted. They also have no manufacturing standards and have some serious potential bad effects on your lungs.

      You can do this!

      • Hold in there and fight it out. 36 year addict to cope, cherry skoal, etc. and been without it since January ’14…..think I got it whipped
        Doc gave me a prescription to chantix (bad expensive unless insurance covers it) which helped take the edge off. I used chantix for 4-6 weeks then stopped cause I felt like I was getting addicted to chantix.
        Presently I also use jack links ground jerky that comes in a can like chew does, seems to work ok for me. For some reason cinnamon hard candy worked well for me. I also tried jolly ranchers, root beer candies, sunflower seeds and peanuts.
        Understand I had multiple dips in from breakfast til bedtime (poster child for the smokeless industry) and it wasn’t so much the buzz I was missing but the feeling I had a dip in all the time…so needed something to help with the sensation of missing the feeling in my lip.
        Best of luck.

    • Damien – your head is hurting… for a prolonged period of time… because you’re still feeding your addiction with your e-cig. It contains nicotine… that’s what you’e addicted to, and that’s what your withdrawing from. The sooner you remove that drug from your system the sooner you can begin your recovery.


      This morning is day 4 for me. I smoked from 14-25 yrs and dipped from 25-31 yrs old. I started dipping to quit smoking because my Dad passed of a heart attack at age 49. That was a bad 6 year idea. My father-in-law started lozenges to quit smoking, he just had 16k worth of dental work done from the damage they did. I don’t think there is really a way to quit aside from cold turkey. Push-ups, sun flower seeds, beef jerky in a can (surprised this is not listed), tooth picks, mints, sex, I’m using all these things to keep myself sane and it’s working pretty well I guess. I have not hit this so-called fog yet but day 2 I was sweating like crazy and literally trying to pull my hair out. That’s when I learned doing push-ups till you can’t feel your arms is a pretty good stress relief, plus you might have some guns Obama can’t take away by the time the cravings stop.

    • The e cig is a raw tobacco free alternative for smokers and it usually has nicotine. Pixotine Nicotine Toothpicks are raw tobacco free and do for me what an ecig would do for a smoker. It was my preferred alternative after 16 years of dipping tobacco a can a day. I have not dipped in almost 2 years and still use Pixotine Nicotine Toothpicks. I am hooked on the nicotine and I enjoy a slight burn/peppery sensation in my mouth. Pixotine is not a cessation aid as you still get nicotine, but I prefer them over traditional tobacco. My white striated lesions are gone and my dentist is happy with the results.

    • Damien, 3 weeks into quitting chewing after 36 years! I have many of the same side affects that you are feeling. It is scary feeling like your head is going to explode. I am replacing the dip with a few cigarettes just to get by until I can wean myself off those. You are doing it for all the right reasons, as for me, its my grandchildren, daughters and husband. Good luck and with a great support group, you will succeed!

  88. Right, there was fiberglass in a dip a while ago though not anymore. Saw dust at some points was used for the same reasons.

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  90. @Dan Theres no fiber glass in dip…..

    • Actually, there are some brands of dip (Kodiak) that have been reported to have finely ground fiberglass in their product to introduce nicotine into the bloodstream that much quicker.

      • That’s completely false. Not only do they not do that but cutting the gums would actually slow down the rate of nicotine absorption if it had any effect. Most nicotine is absorbed through salivary glands.

  91. @Denise

    The issue for me is not one of getting a nicotine fix. It is the burn on my gums and the sense of fullness under my lip that I crave. My gums itch for it! The nicotine is secondary for me. When you first start dipping, the nicotine buzz is very intense. That is what gets you hooked… but if you dip consistently the buzz is at times barely noticeable. I haven’t tried these alternatives but I am excited to find that they exist and will start using them asap. I need to stop dipping! I can only guess about these products but I would imagine that the burn is either absent or simulated by a healthy chemical alternative to the fiber glass in dip that rips my gums apart. Oh, I just looked one up and it appears that they use cayenne pepper. Im sure this helps simulate the burn. Even if its not quite the same its something to put in my lip. I hope this helps you understand this difference between chewy gum and dip.


    Eh… That’s the whole idea though. Get a little bit of nicotine and try to wean yourself off. I’m not contending that this works… and I understand that some people may be addicted to the nicotine part of dip… but I would guess that there are a lot of people like me who are primarily addicted to having something tasty and burn…y under their lip.

    • @Dan, am just so glad that someone understands that it’s the “habit” that becomes hard to break with dipping, not so much the nicotine

    • To that point of a little bit of nicotine is moot. Like the comment before, and my previous one is the itchy lip. Not to mention being up all night because u usually dip right before bed. I can immediatly tell im wd ing from nicotine when my lips starts to speak to me and i keep moving it w my tongue and its crawling and begging. It. Really sucks

    • I was wondering is it the nicotine that burns your lip? because I bought fake chew without nicotine and it did not burn whatsoever. I’m using triumph fake chew with nicotine and it burns real good.

  92. The gum works for quitting chew. I’m a longterm chewer and had to stop before my gums were destroyed. I had a precancerous biopsy as we’ll. The problem is I’m hooked on the gum. If I can find an alternative, something to have in my mouth I’m game to try it.

  93. why couldn’t you use the nicotine chewing gum to take the edge off? On the package of nicotine gum it states not to use it for trying to quit chewing, why not? It doesn’t explain the reason.

    • Denise – the problem with nicotine gum (or patches, or lozenges, etc.) is that they contain nicotine. The reason they “take the edge off” is that they are delivering to your body the drug that you are trying to quit. It would be akin to giving an alcoholic who was detoxing from Jack Daniels a Budweiser. This blog post will give you some additional insight: As to your question of why the packaging states its not for use when quitting chewing, I’m guessing it’s because these products are geared toward cigarette smokers. Smokeless tobacco has a FAR higher concentration of nicotine than cigars / cigarettes.

    • Because it gives the sensation of smoking a cigarette. It’s very unpleasant to someone who dips instead if smokes plus your also trying to get rid of the addiction all together.

      • I actually tried using nicotine gum to quit snuff years ago. I actually tasted like cigarette ashes, but they didn’t have other flavors back then. The main reason that it will help is you can reduce the amount of nicotine that you normally get by chewing snuff. After a while i believe you can reduce the amount even further.

    • Denise, as chic I’ve been dipping for about 7 years. I so want to stop dipping but it’s become so hard. I see most people that succeed is men. I’ve tried but it effects my family. I’m not one to be around. Have you found a alternative dip that helps? I currently use Grizzly Mint.

      • Kimberly – if you’re a mint fan, I’d suggest either Smokey Mountain Mint or Hooch Mint. Both are excellent flavors.

        • Kimberly I used mint skoal for 10 years smokey Mountian mint tastes exactly the same and have been nicotine free for 2 years. I take a pinch when the weather is right or I’m in the mood. Only a can a week or so you can do it it!

      • I use to dip I look on eBay for shredded jerky for dipping and I like the taste of jerky so its great and it feels like I’m actually dipping and if your cheap or can not wait get a grinder and buy beef jerky bags I mean its my opinion so I don’t know it’s JP too you

    • The real problem with the gum and vaping is it doesnt take away the constant “crawling and itchy lip” sensation. I can intake as much nicotine as i can inhaling e cigs or the gum and the itchy lip goes away for about ten minutes. The physical part is much tougher than the mental part. It does pass, i know from quitting in the past, then starting back up years later. I would chew gum eat lollipops and seeds, anything to get rid of the itchy lip for a second. Its almost as if my lip is calling out to me, and its hard. I still havent been able to stop this time after years

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