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The Fog of Quitting Dip

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You’re a couple of weeks in… You’re feeling good about your decision to quit… But some thing’s just not quite right… You feel “dizzy”. Maybe not quite dizzy, but like you’ve had a beer or two. You’re “off”. You don’t feel quite right. You can’t concentrate. Reading is difficult and typing is damn near impossible.

Welcome to the fog ladies and gentlemen. I can tell you that it will pass. I can’t tell you when. I can’t tell you how foggy it will be… But i can tell you that you’ll get out of it.

I quit on July 24th, 2006. My birthday was August 2nd. I literally don’t remember what I did that day I was so foggy. I was playing ping pong with a co-worker that week and almost fell over… I was having trouble tracking the ball. I couldn’t concentrate on work. I couldn’t think about family. I was focused on my quit and how bad life SUCKED without my friend the Kodiak bear.

And then something happened ~~ the fog lifted. I saw the light. I didn’t need dip anymore. Sure there were bad days, but I wasn’t feeling like crap anymore.

You too will see the light — You too will get out of the fog. I promise you!!! I know it’s difficult to believe at this point in your quit, but trust me/us — We know what we’re talking about.

Realize this… You NEVER have to go through the fog again once you get through it — unless you cave.

You never have to feel this crappy again — unless you cave.

You’ve taken the first step, you’re quit and you’re on the site. Now take the next step and walk through the fog. You’ll have a new outlook, a bunch of great friends and a dip free life!


NOTE: This piece written by forum member Chewie

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    1. Chewed for 16 years or so. Fog was THICK for a couple of weeks, then lessened over time. I’d say I was back to ‘clear’ thinking in a month or two, but that’s not to say I was foggy that entire time.

    2. My Dog was heavy for the first 40 days, spotty from 40-70…strong again from 70-85ish. Seemed to disappear around the 100 mark. It did visit me “once in a while from 100-150. I don’t recall it being around, at all after then.
      I “chewed” for 30 years…I was a hardcore addict for 25 years.
      We will all be different with it…but it will go away.
      “This Too….Shall Pass”

  1. Man… day 189. it feels like the fog all over again. bouts of light headedness for the past few weeks, high anxiety, headaches… just feel “off” so weird. please tell me im not alone.

    1. the hounest truth is you not alone Bob.we all experiencing different humps but hey,they will all suddenly disappear. iam on day 110 and at times I feel like I’m actually on day1.somedays you experience everything from headache to closing throat.and the nextday they all gone and you feel like a brannnnd new person…just hang in there and know that THIS TOO SHALL PASS

  2. Hi All,
    I have been dipping snuff for 25 years and starting to wonder if I will ever be able to stop. The problem is, I love doing it, even though I’m getting increased pressure from my wife to stop because she sees the financial impact it has and she’s concerned about my health. I also have health concerns since I’ve been doing it for so long, I know it is a matter of time before something starts to go wrong. I guess part of me is nervous about making that commitment, especially after reading many of the comments here regarding how you felt while quitting. Last December I made the decision to go to 90 day residential treatment for alcohol and as of today, I am 1 year sober. I feel great however there have been challenges along the way. Challenges that I deal with daily and it is a bit overwhelming for me to think about tackling something as big as dipping on top of that. Coming out of treatment, snuff has been one of my comfort zones, the one habit I’ve clung to. Now I am wishing to separate myself from the one thing I’ve clung to which is a difficult commitment. I know that with hard work I can put it behind me as I did alcohol, I just haven’t been able to pull the trigger on it. Should I just rip off the bandaid already? That’s the way I feel like it’s going to be, just waking up one day and ripping it off. Then comes the much anticipated symptoms of feeling like crap and irritable. Really not looking forward to that.

    1. First off… congrats on being one year sober – that’s a HUGE accomplishment!

      From your battles with alcohol you already know the key to being a dip quitter – one… day… at…a… time.

      We feel, very strongly, that cold turkey (ripping the bandaid off) is the best way to go. It won’t be easy, but it’s 100% worth it. Get involved in our forums – – post roll, make your promise, quit for today and repeat tomorrow. Before you know it, you’ll be back posting your YEAR of freedom from tobacco as well.

      You’re not alone… and you CAN do this. Just have to make your decision.

      We’ll be here when you’re ready.

    2. Believe my friend we have all been there I’m on 10 months quit now. i started in March of 2020 i didn’t think i was going to make it. i had two relapses before i quite. i quite cold turkey i through that little tin bitch out the window on the road, i know littering but it was the only way for me to let go. i haven’t looked back since i still have some foggy days trust and that’s 10 months but they go away quicker and easier. i found using grinds coffee pouches were a big help if i ever felt the crave now i just use them due to i love the taste and cant stand drinking coffee but love the taste. to each their own i guess. you will get through all this and feel better on the other end. i am proud at what i have done and all these individuals on this site gave me the push. Make the leap you will not regret it, drink lots of water, lemonade whatever you fancy and walk , walk , walk. That helped the most was just getting up whenever i felt the fog and walk, it would magically go away! Good luck and we are here go and tackle this brother you can do it!

  3. Fascinating site – apparently there are quite some people around the globe having had (or still having) the same trouble as I have.
    I have been using Snus, Nordic Chew and Nicotine Pouches for some years now, and some 50 days or so ago I decided to take a break. Just because even the extremely strong stuff didn’t really give me a buzz anymore.
    Since that day I am a wreck pretty much. For some weeks I didn’t even think about the nicotine (or rather its withdrawal) could be the reason. Feeling dizzy most times of the day, strange pains in neck, chest and feet, blood pressure insanely high, sweating though feeling cold, and these INSANE HEADACHES!
    Whoever runs this site, thanks for opening my eyes! Anybody else had constant headaches for 50 days or more? Not always brutally strong headaches, but always some funny pressure in the back and sometimes also the front of my head.
    PS – by now I’m not taking a break anymore. I’m definitely done with this stuff. Incredible how evil this stuff can be…

      1. The headaches and the fog… oof. you are not alone. Brutal days, but I promise the get much much better. A little more than one more month, and you’ll be feeling clearer and those headaches should start to ease. Good luck!

  4. Day 4, kicking my ass. Almost hit the floor in Home Depot tonight. Starting sweating, then had to talk myself out of a full blown panic attack. Sinus pressure, sore neck, check. Still very light headed (foggy) and uncomfortable several hours later, but I know it will get better. I’ve been fortunate enough to stay pretty busy these last few days, which has always helped break habits, so I actually have no time to even think about dipping. Just wanted to share yet another story about the fog, and wish you all success in quitting.

  5. Hey guys, my name is Wes. I’m 34 and was a 20 year tobacco user. I smoked for 10 years and chewed for 15 years. I had several years of overlap when I was in the military. Then the last couple years it’s been Copenhagen and zyn nicotine pouches ALL DAY. For the last 2 years I’ve had a steady stream of nicotine around the clock. I even slept with the fucking things in my lip. I’m on day 77 of my quit and still feel like shit. The brain fog has lifted for the most part (still have some foggy patches) but now I’m super anxious, have headaches in my temples frequently throughout the day, and am short fused. I went through the same thing as many others on here. Was getting dizzy and thought I was dying, had all sorts of tests done (lab work, cardiologist, MRI of my head) all of which came back normal. Then I found this forum which made me feel so much better, however the relief was short lived. It has helped me mentally to get through some shitty moments but your body still needs to cleanse and heal and it’s going to fucking suck. I’m thinking about going to a tobacco cessation doctor to get some medication to help me out. I found that woodworking keeps me distracted enough that I forget about all my symptoms. I have made all sorts of furniture but I can only buy so much lumber before I drain my account. Then there are days like today where it doesn’t matter what I do, my symptoms are going to bring me down. I never thought that quitting tobacco would be this hard. The damage that shit does to your body is crazy. And the amount of recovery it takes to get back to normal is crazier. Gonna stick with it though. I’ll never go back. Glad this site is around. If I hadn’t found this site I would be going crazy. Good luck.

  6. Hey guys, I hope everyone is safe, I am in my day 33, something I noticed is that the fog is not here anymore during the day when I am fasting (as I fast for about 15 hours a day in Ramadan), but when I eat, it just comes back with all that desire!! Not sure what is the relation between dipping tobacco and eating, is it just the habit? Does anyone feel that desire after a meal?
    For the people who are planning to quit, I don’t want to disappoint you when you see 33 days and still feels the fog; now it is better than the first days, I can deal with anxiety and stress better, these weeks are making a big difference, Just jump in. Good luck.

      1. Thanks Nomodipping, I am in day 58, and still no dipping, still quit. besides some occasional cravings, It is getting better now. Cheers

    1. i am in my 2nd month but still feels the fog sometime i realided its in our mind who control the real urge best remedies drink water n hold it for few min in ur mouth 2nd brushing helps a lot after meal 3rd u can chew loung or anything like elichi 4th go for walk try to take full breath

        1. Thank you, i really appreciate all the messages here. It’s been about 3 weeks, first week was ok(not great)…really irritable but last week everything that’s been discussed set in. Panic attacks, throat feeling, insomnia, no appetite, irritable… just a mess! I hate that I ever chewed in the first place, I can’t thank this site enough, I know it’s going to be a long ride, but I’m in this for the remainder

          Good luck to everyone

          1. Tomorrow will be one month dip free for me .. thanks to my family, junk food and gallons upon gallons of strong black coffee.

            I will never use dip again the first weeks of pure hell I went through will forever be the perfect deterrent against the nicobitch .

    2. Hi, am going crazy didn’t know it would be this hard, the anxiety, neck pain, sinus, the fog, sore throat,panic attacks especially nights, feeling like crap, I was confused until I found this forum am more than 30days since I quit.

      1. Ibrz, Stay strong, no one said it was easy. Hardest thing I ever did.
        If you’re 30 days in, it will be ups and downs. Keep busy, post often.
        Let us know how you’re doing, each minute is a victory!
        This too.. shall pass..

  7. Hi all. I have been reading through your comments and it’s extremely motivating. I am having such a hard time quitting that I have become just really down on my self and honestly I don’t know if I have what it takes to quit. I started chewing when I was about fourteen and quickly switched to cigarettes. I smoked for about twelve years and then started dipping and smoking. It took the birth of my son to quit the cancer sticks but I just couldn’t ditch the tin. Now I’ve got another one on the way and I NEED to quit dipping. They need me to. I would be completely devastated if my dumbass made my wife a single mother of two. Even with knowing this and every day telling myself that if I don’t quit I could lose my future with my family, I struggle to get past the 24hr mark. I always fail. I can make it to just about 20 hours but then I somehow convince myself that it’s ok to go to the store. I feel like if I can just quit one day it will be easier to make it two days and so on. Any advice you can give me is super appreciative. I have tried the gum and patches and they certainly help but I’m almost wondering if they are actually keeping me from going full quit mode. What do you all recommend? Should I just go cold turkey? I feel like I wouldn’t make it twelve hours that way, I can’t even make 24hr when I have the patch on. I’m sick of quitting, I think I have quit ten times in the last month, 50 times in the last year, spent hundreds of dollars on nicotine quitting cessation’s… god nicotine is a terrible terrible thing. I’ll do everything in my power to make sure my kids never touch it.

    1. Chris,
      I would say yes! You do need to get down on yourself. The only person who can get you to quit, is you. You’re the one with all the power and the one that will keep you honest during those “invisible” times when no one can see you. It all has to come from within…the “want”. If you truly “want” to be free, then you have to be true to isn’t easy to stop dipping…in fact, it was the probably the hardest thing I did. I abused for almost 30 years. If I can do it …anyone can.
      My suggestion….get yourself some fake, non-nicotine dip. There are several good ones out there. They absolutely will NOT be the same as the real shit. However, it gives you something to pop in there and spit, when you feel the need to dip. Start pounding the water to flush yourself of nicotine. You’re going to be a moody SOB, so you might want to incorporate some exercise (I ran and lifted weights) in your quit…and beyond. I’d introduce yourself to sunflower seeds and gum,.these two things also keep the mouth busy. Some say jerky…another close friend out here used carrot sticks. I used the fake stuff, seeds and gum (still chew gum almost 6 years later).
      There will definitely be some mental challenges besides moodiness, anxiety and possibly depression from no longer using might pop up. If it becomes too much to handle (I just dealt with the shit), go see a doctor. Let them know what you’re doing, they can get you something to knock off the edge. These symptoms will lift eventually. And if you get paranoid like the rest of us that you have mouth issues, go see your dentist to put it to rest.
      That’s my advice. But the key is, No, More, Nicotine. This means, no cigarettes (pipes, cigars or vape). No patches. No Nicorette gum…and No fake stuff that has nicotine in it. You’re only trading Nicotine habits by using other stuff.
      You can do this, life IS normal without that chemical.
      Get after it today!
      07-15-14 quit

  8. Anybody actually still on this thread? Ive chewed snuff for 10 to 12 years. 1.5 to 2 cans a day. Basically from the time i woke up to the time i went to bed. I quit last yearf for a few months but replaced it with drinking heavier than usual and i think that masked alot of the problems. went back to chewing and alot of them went away. I slowed down recently, to 1 or maybe 2 a day. Then havent had any the last 2 days. Have been experiencing alot of the symptoms you all describe. Random headaches, twitches or pressure in my face, feeling dizzy on and off, tingling in my hands, feet face, terrible anxiety to the point where ive been to the hospital and have terrible feelings of doom like im going to die. We live kind of remote in wv and have some acreage and i have a garage i work on diesels and my race truck on the side. Half the time i get terrible anxiety being in the shop thinking im going to have a heart attack or stroke cause of it and end up coming back to the house. Same thing with being deep in the woods hunting, fishing etc. Sorry for this being all over the place. Its 11:23 pm and i found this thread from googling medical symptoms like a damn idiot.

    1. We are still around and congrats on starting your quit. Coincidentally, I stumbled on this site the exact way you did…. googling “quitting dip”. It was probably the best thing I found when I was thinking about quitting. After looking through and reading comments, I set a quit date and haven’t looked back. What you are going through is exactly what all of us went through. It hangs around for a bit….it’ll drive you mad. But I can promise you, from a guy that dipped for dam near 30 years and who went through all of that shit, IT DOES GET BETTER. You won’t feel that way forever, it will lift. You just have to strap on your big boy pants and deal with the side effects, from stopping a chemical you’ve a used for years. Your body is wondering “WTF” and is why you feel the way you do. Good news, you won’t die, you aren’t going mad….it’s all part of the healing process. It’s the beginning of a healthy mind. It sucks and I know you’re feeling like shit, but again, “This Too, Shall Pass”
      Stay away from nicotine. Drink water to flush all that shit out of your body. Get to working out, walking, running lifting. Stay busy. If you absolutely want a dip, there is a thread out here that points you to safe, nicotine free, fake dips that will help the oral fixation. You can use Sunflower seeds too, gum….ANYTHING but that junk, stay away from nicotine and these feelings will pass..
      And if it becomes too much, go see a doctor, tell them what you’re doing, they can prescribe something to knock off the edge.
      Lastly, I suggest joining the forums here, there are a ton of people willing to be your rock here. These threads do go quiet sometimes.
      Good Luck and Congrats!!

    2. Hey Nicholas, we are all here. Glad you made the decision to quit, it’s probably one of the top best decisions of your life. It aint easy, but it can be done. All the crap you are going through, we are or went through it ourselves. just hang in there man, DO NOT go back to it. In a few days you’ll see that all of that stuff will be behind you. You don’t need that garbage to live, you are bigger than that.

    3. Nicolas, You are going through withdrawal, and this is completely normal. I am on day 329 after 32 years of chewing, and I had everything you have mentioned and even went to the ER twice, just to be diagnosed with anxiety. The anxiety is no fun, but it won’t kill you. The more you worry about it the worse it gets. Do you projects, drink lots of water. I googled everything on the Internet and found out I just had the symptoms that a lot of long time chewers have. If you have a family doctor, let them know about your quit, and they may be able to help with the anxiety. My doctor prescribed Wellbutrin, and it work really well. Your going to feel bad for a while, but it will pass. I still have mild anxiety from time to time, but it passes quickly. Don’t let this stop you from doing the things you enjoy.

    4. Hello everyone, reading everyones individual stories keeps me on point and motivated…so thank you. I have chewed constantly for 30 years and have been quit for 19 days. It really has been tough as you all know. Proud to be here with you all, stay in the fight and remember……stay focused because you’re not finished.

    5. Same symptoms here…two weeks without skoal…I get pressure in my face…my eyes seem dry, foggy feeling for sure. Same fear of everything is going to kill me. 40 years old, skoal since 18

  9. Hey my name’s Justin I’m 21 last night i tryed to stop I lasted 13 hours and I just stepped back in I’m going to see if i can cutt back iv been having alot of problems with acid reflux and ear pain that goes down to beside my throat the the raw throat pain is due to acid reflux and my wisdom teeth are coming in also so I believe that’s causing a lot of my ear pain am I doing the right thing going to cutting back and then slowly trying to stop has anybody else experienced any of these things

  10. Hey Fellers, hope everyone is doing good.
    Let me share my thoughts on “The Fog” yeah I went through it and it was scary, but now I realize it was part of the healing, so if you guys are experiencing it, enjoy it, that means you are getting better.
    I see it now like this, you know when you get over a really bad cold, or after surgery if you ever been under the knife, well you actually experience some kind of fog, dizziness, weakness, pain and WHY? because it is your body’s way of telling you that it is healing. We are all different so the fog lasts longer for some of us. If your DOC says there aint nothing wrong with you, then welcome the fog, it means you kicking the NIC bitch’s ass.
    I am on day 360 and quit with you all today.

    1. Hey DDD (and everyone), I am dealing with what i presume is the fog on day 20 today. I have gone much longer than the 20 days i am at today in the past but this time is different. i think the other times i always knew that i was going to go back, and that i was not stopping for reasons that would allow me to maintain my resolve. Anyway, as a distraction to how i am feeling right now (super anxious, cannot focus on anything until now that i am typing this to everyone, feeling random pains and feelings in my body, random dizzy spells for a second or two, feeling like something is seriously wrong with me even though i just had a physical done a couple days before my quit date and it turns out everything was ok…even if that physical led me to being quit)…. anyway where was I? Ah yes as a distraction to all of that i wanted to share my quit story and why i know it is for good this time. I dont know who or how many members of this site share my religious beliefs, or are religious at all for that matter – so if this post offends anyone i apologize ahead of time i promise it is not for that reason at all… I had been praying to god at night off and on for several years to help me quit dipping. Something i knew needed to be done, but i just couldnt bring myself to stop. I started dipping right before i turned 18 and i am 33 now. Removing the times that i quit in there it was about 14 years that gradually turned into 2 sometimes 3 or even 4 cans per day depending what i was doing (or how much i was stressed as it turns out- who would have thunk it..). Those prayers led to amazing results… results of me being ultra aware of the decisions that i SHOULD have been making. I could literally tell that God was helping me, giving me everything that i had requested of him. he was doing his part and i refused to do mine. I would have thoughts about my 3 daughters or my wife having to live without me, all that jazz… it was never enough. I just apparently was not ready to quit. I wanted all the effects of quitting without actually having to go through with quitting and the impacts that come with it. Finally, as my first dr. exam physical in several years was approaching, I began to have some tyupical anxieties that dippers with consciences have. I wanted to slow down. I decided to change my prayer to God and be honest for the first time. I dont remember verbatim what i said but it was something like “God – I have been asking for your help for so long to quit chewing. And the worst part is that i have felt your help every time and i have chosen to not fulfill my end. I didnt meet you halfway. And ive come to the conclusion that i just can’t. I want to quit and i want your help but i need more than that. I need you MAKE ME STOP. I need you to take it all into your hands because i know you have that power and make me stop doing this. And i know you will. Love you – Amen.”

      Fast forward to the results of my regular blood count showing abnormalities. My doctor had called me here at work with the results telling me about several things that need to be improved but the mother of them all was that there were abnormal indices in my blood. My dumb @ ss decided to google the things he said to me before telling me he was referring me to an oncologist/ hematologist. The normal range on these things they found in my blood are only in your blood if you have 1 of a few things including 2 words i dont like to say that both start with L… i think you can probably figure them out. My immediate reaction was to throw in a dip, which i did. Roughly about 2 minutes later i was like what are you doing, that causes the C word too… youre an idiot. Took it out. 2 minutes after that – oh snap this is so stressful i cannot believe he just told me that… put another one in….

      That would be the last one i ever will do. I took it out and threw it across the parking lot of my employer where i work as i walked to my car to try and process everything i was just told, and i knew dip wasnt the answer to this. The particles separated in mid air like dust in the wind and settled upon the blacktop, knowing they had been defeated. The next 2 weeks had several nights of anxiety as you can imagine, night sweats, worrying, almost preparing for what could be a drastically shortened life for me. Crying at random times, feeling depressed, searching for answers. About 3 days after the follow up blood test with the oncologist, It hit me. I had stopped dipping, which i knew that i had, but it became oh so clear. Holy Sh!t. This is going to be negative. It will be tech error. I dont have either of those things, i feel fine – im going to be ok. God literally had to take me down this road to make me quit, to make me stay quit. I knew what i had to do. I swore to God in that moment that i would never put it in my mouth again and if I did he could strike me down and everything i hold dear, and that i knew if i did that the results would be favorable. roughly about 1 minute after this declaration, i signed into the hospital’s portal where all of a sudden my results to the additional testing and re-testing were available. As you can probably tell by this post… everything was clear. I met with the doctor to clear up the final 1% of my anxiety around it, since i am not a DR. and not trained to interpret results and she told me the same thing, it was clear and she felt confident it was an anomoly that they were there in the first place or a tech error. I know exactly why they were there. And i promised that i would share this story with everyone who needs to hear it and spread god’s work with everyone. I have zero doubt that God put me through that anxiety and that pain, and that mental suffering to bring me out better on the other side. To make me dip free on the other side. And while i am still struggling 20 days in now, and ive eaten more than i should at times, and im putting decaffienated tea bags from the break room area between my lip and gum as a simulation to help me through, i know i will never do it again. I know i am quit, and i am here on this forum to hopefully change one or several peoples opinions and for them to know they arent alone. They have this forum and all of us who are doing it, have done it,and they also have the almighty when they fail themselves. God can get us through everything and does everything for a reason, and i believe that so much more today than i did in the past. And i know that the fog is for that same reason. The fog is to remind us that our work is not done, and that our body is fixing itself from all the wrong we’ve done to it. To remind us to not replace the addiction with another addiction. Our body that god gave us is our vessel to spread his word and to go forther and prosper, and it is a wonderful feedback machine. It’s natural state is healthy, and we have to go out of our way to make that not the case. If youre like me, i went out of my way doing so for several years, and its only natural that it is providing me feedback as it corrects back to it’s natural state. I hope that someone out there reads this to the very end, and that all of the anguish and pain and anxiety i dealt with, and am still dealing with within the fog, was not only for my own good and improvement, but can inspire someone else out there as well. Thank you for reading, for all of the support that you provide to me and others without even realizing it, and for giving me a platform to share this story on. God bless you. – Craig Z.

      1. This is the message I needed. Tomorrow when I wake up it will be day 5.

        My dad quit after 30+ years dipping and when he finally kicked the habit I started it, did it throughout college, and haven’t met god halfway. 5 months after college I found it wasn’t “just a college thing” and don’t want to risk my future for temporary satisfaction.

        Quit 4/20/20, on my dads birthday. This sucks but I can do it. Made it through the fog and am gonna keep going.

    2. Hello DDD as well as everyone, I am currently 24 and have been dipping for the last 5 years with occasional smoking while going out for some drinks. I have found that the third day of stopping for good is when all hell broke lose. I’d get a weird pressure in certain spots of my head, I was so dizzy I couldn’t look someone in the face and focus, let alone drive. I am on day 40 now and the dizziness is kind of still here which sucks, the lightheaded feeling is there but it has gotten a lot better since the first week. I’m not too sure if this is all anxiety or just straight withdrawal symptoms. But wanted to know what everyone had to say about it?

      1. Hey Evan, That damned dizzyness stuck with me for the longest time, I guess it is because the blood pressure it’s out of whack, oxygen levels are getting higher in your brain, your hearing and balance organs in your ear are recalibrating themselves, anxiety for sure and a whole bunch of other stuff that is basically rebooting itself, sort of like when you restart your computer when it gets stuck.
        I know everyone says the same thing in here, but the best solution is to go to the Doc, he/she would put your mind at easy. That tobbakie does some weird things to our bodies. Hang in there bud, it gets better.

        1. DDD, Sorry for the late response! But thank you for the input! That kind of puts my mind at ease. I have been going to the doctor but nothing crazy has showed up yet. Did you ever get random chest pains and increased heart rate at times?

          1. Hey Evan, yes absolutely. The chest pains I found out are present because of the extra stress we go through when we quit, it aint the heart at all, the rib cage and the muscles are all going bonkers when go through the quit.
            The Increase heart rate is another physical symptom, but this is caused by anxiety, I had to deal with that and control it when I felt it coming in.
            The way I regained control was that after i got a checkup and everything was ok. These things would pop up out of nowhere, then I would think, “this is all in my head, there is nothing wrong with me” and lo and behold, the symptoms would go away.
            Hang in there bud and let us know how you doing……

            Day 450

          2. DDD, once again thank you for the very helpful info. It’s good to know I’m not alone on this journey. I guess lastly do you or anybody else that’s reads this comment, find any kind of light wether it’s sunlight or even a bright inside light to be very sensitive to your eyes at times. Like more sensitive than normal?

          3. No problem Evan. I am not aware of light sensitivity issues personally, but i wouldn’t be surprised if tobacco and eye problems could be linked. The nicotine and other “ingredients” do raise blood pressure, the eyes have tiny blood vessels that may be damaged by it. The fact that regular blood pressure returns and eyes start healing when we quit may contribute to night vision improving and therefore the light sensitivity occurs during the day. That is only my theory, but i would like to hear from others if they’ve had symptoms like yours.


          4. DDD,
            Yeah I figured it was either something weird going on or just apart of the process. But I did go to the doctors yesterday and for some reason my blood pressure was up at the time. I wouldn’t say I’m super unhealthy but I’m not way over weight. Was high bp a thing? I know most people say your bp is supposed to go down?

          5. Hey Evan, Yes Blood pressure was really high for me, after quitting, it still stayed high, so I had to change diet, work out and take BP medication. The Doc said that the “Ingredients” in the dip, contribute to hardening of blood vessels. The heart has to work harder to pump blood through those constricted vessels and therefore resulting in high blood pressure. Alcohol intake also has this effect. Just buy yourself a digital blood pressure cuff to keep track of it, stay off the dip, modify your diet and exercise, if your doc gives you meds for it then take them regularly that should take care of the BP issue.
            I tell you what, If I had known how much damage the dip could create in the long run I would have never started.


            Day 466

    3. I’m on day 73. I have had the fog since the first week . It kinda went away for a bit but the last week has been HELL!
      I kinda feel like I got the the flu with brain farts ! Is it
      Normal to feel just like crap not just mentally but physically as well? It’s like my guts are never going to get right. Tired of feeling like crap.

      1. DDD,
        I totally agree with you man! If only I knew how much would come with it! Yeah I ended going to the cardiologist and they found that my heart looked healthy but my blood pressure would change. Recently it was super high and at the age 24 that scared him. So he put me on medication, I got a cuff for at home, and plan to change my diet and exercise more often. Thank you again for responding and keeping me posted on everything that you went through as well!
        Day 120

    1. Day 3 was the when I noticed the changes mentally. And they didn’t give me a break until about the 50-60 day….then it was a roller coaster untill the 100 day mark. They didn’t seem to completely disappear until around the 180-200 day mark.
      Everyone will experience something different.
      That said, it was the best decision I made over 5 years ago. If you’re reading this and are starting your quit, keep at it.
      If you’re thinking about quitting, take the plunge and don’t ever look back, the battle to be free is worth the short term pain.
      Good Luck✌️

  11. Hey everyone just wanted to say I quit dip a year ago and the brain fog only last about 30 days for me, it’s different for everyone. Although when I quit I gained depression and extreme anxiety that has never gone away and eventually led me to get back on dip sadly. So I’m bracing myself for the fight again of brain fog but most important the blurred and sensitive vision was the worst!! My cousin is an eye dr and said nothing can be done about the blurred vision. I was hoping we could start talking about things we’ve all done that we have tried to reduce our brain fog on here so we can share what has worked and what hasn’t worked. This would be a great service to us all and a time saver. Good luck everyone

  12. I still have anxiety but it’s manageable now. Early on I went the the ER Twice for panic attacks. Thought I was having a heart attack. Never had one prior to quitting. The anxiety, flushed face are a daily thing for me. I’m always thinking something’s wrong with me. I’ve been prescribed all sorts of meds to help but I hate taking any meds so I fight through it.

    1. I’m just posting because I’ve gone through this and I’m just a unlucky case I’d say. I quit smoking and although smoking isn’t the same as chewing the real culprit is nicotine. All the side symptoms of smoking and chewing are just kicking the habit but nicotine is what we’re all really trying to break free from. I had the fog for about a year and a half. It was hard but I worked through it. I was scared to drive. I was scared of everything or to do anything… but life doesn’t stop and bills don’t pay themselves. I pulled what energy I could to going back to driving ( because I made my girlfriend drive me everywhere ) and going back to work. It was hard concentrating. I was worried about people thinking I was crazy or acting weird smelling weed or anything made me feel like I was gonna stay stuck in fog or whatever. Funny enough you notice after a while you’re the only one that thinks that. It’s all in your head. Once I came to that realization and came to terms with it. The fog started to dissipate. What I also realized that anxiety feeds the fog the most. Nicotine made us feel good because it masked everything in our lives. When we felt bad, did we process it? Did we take our time and actually handle the stressful or hurtful or whatever kind of situation? No.. we smoked or dipped. It’s no different than going to a bottle of alcohol. Sure it drowns everything out but the problem is still there. So quitting nicotine in general kind of brings all of things to light. You might have been anxious and just self medicating with nicotine, or depressed. Either way none of these things are anything to worry about because. As hard as it can be you can fight and overcome anxiety, and depression and whatever else, IF YOU FEEL you fit that category. Because I’ve done everything a lot of people on here have done. Gone to a doctor and done blood test after blood test. Neurologists. EKG, MRI. Etc. it all came out perfect. But one doctor gave me an important piece of information. Just because my body is fine. Doesn’t mean my cells are happy. In other words, you can’t measure anxiety and depression and what’s your cells are doing in your body… and a lot of times from what I’ve experienced.. the fog gets worse… when I’m more anxious. When I stop thinking about it and just go about my life.. It’s not there.. all you can do is relax. Do what you can and let your body heal itself. If you feel overly anxious or depressed see a therapist and don’t be afraid to. They’re here to help you cope with these feelings of not feeling real and wanting things to go back to normal. It’ll take time but it’ll be worth it. I’m 2 years and some change quit now.
      I don’t feel any of the fog like I used to.. because it was never the fog it was anxiety for me. Some it goes away sooner some it goes away later. I do feel confused and emotionally overwhelmed from everyday stresses because I used to smoke them away. I also get irritated very fast and can’t really handle things the way I used to.. I make up scenarios and say negative things to myself like ” oh I’m always gonna be like this, I just want to be normal, blah blah blah ” guess what.. nothing is wrong with me.. Sounds bad sure, but it makes sense considering that i used to self medicate with nicotine. Nicotine does what? Elevate your mood, enhances your concentration and focus, creates new connections in your brain so it can further take control. So when you quit no wonder all of this happens. Treated nicotine as if it were part of your body for everyday life.

      AS A Conclusion… I wrote all this because when I was in the fog I was terrified and constantly looking up what’s wrong with me etc. That only made things worse believe me and no not worse than what you’re feeling right now but it just prolonged this temporary ” brain fog “.
      Just as hard as it may be. Relax, do what you’re afraid of. Do it slowly. Can’t drive? Drive around the block at night. It will feel weird but it’s ok. I kept driving and I was always a good driver so I was stubborn. Funny enough i messed up my right front bumper and crashed my girls car but I live in one of the worst places to drive Los Angeles.. hence why.. drive at night..
      Once you learn to accept it and jsut go along with your life and realize. This is gonna go away. All of this is going to go away. You’ll feel better. The sooner you do that the better you’ll feel. And if you’re feeling anxious I really just recommend seeing a therapist if it’s affordable. If not. There’s many good sources online on how to manage and cope with anxiety.. because it can be hard but even that can be overcome. So be strong, you got this, nothing is wrong with you. Good luck

      Ps: I only SMOKED for 8 years. I say only because some have dipped and smoked way more than me and recovered faster. I don’t think it was their bodies. It’s their attitude. Keep that in mind.

    2. Man I can tell you I’m right there with you. I quit at the end of January and still feel like I have a buzz all day. Tried it all from exercise to eating very well. Doctor prescribed me to adderall which only made it worse. I’ll be honest if this is the way life is going to be I’d rather just start chewing again.

      1. Hey nick. I was also wondering if adderall would help with the fog, glad to know that it doesn’t work before I tried it. The fog is tough man. I can barely function. I also debated going back to dipping in order to clear the fog. I wonder if anti anxiety medication would help??

        1. Yeah randy i don’t know if the medication will work but in my opinion it’s replacing an addiction with another addiction. I can tell you I’m giving it until next January which will be one year to feel better. If not I’m chewing again. The worst part is some of my friends have quit and they just threw their can in the trash like it was nothing and don’t have any problem quitting

    3. Anxiety sucks, I went through the same steps you did. I finally got all checked by Doc, nothing wrong. It’s all in the head, once you realize you are not sick, you can stop all the nonsense. WHen a little bout of anxiety comes in tell yourself, “there isn’t anything wrong with me” Start counting the seconds on your watch and breathe deeply, very simple, but it works.

      1. Oh my Journey is a long story but yes I did go back to chewing to try and rule it out but it actually made worse. So one of the major things I was tested for was Lyme disease which I’ve been bitten by prob 15 ticks in my life. If you do all the research most of the symptoms everyone describes on here is a sign of Lyme. But couple tests came back negative. The doctor still put me on antibiotics just in case. After 3 weeks of hell from the antibiotics I didn’t feel any worse or any better so we just assumed it wasnt Lyme. So then I said hell with it I’m going to start chewing again…. don’t do that! It made me feel like ass. Big time depression and big time anxiety. Right now the only conclusion I can come up with is that chew was my antidepressant for 13 years. I am prescribed to 10mg of lexipro and it seems to help some days but some it does not. The fog comes and goes but the anxiety/depression is what’s hard for me. As of now tho I am not chewing

          1. my Coworker and fiancé say they notice a difference I feel I have gotten better with the anxiety but the fog and depression are hit or miss. The problem with the lexapro is now I’m going to have to quit that in a couple months. If I were to quit chewing again I would have weaned myself off it instead of cold turkey from a can and a half a day. Just gotta take it day by day

        1. Nick, I think going Cold Turkey is the only way to do it, successfully.
          I was a can, can and a half a day myself before I quit cold turkey.
          Was it easy? Hell no! Did I feel the pain? Hell yes!!
          But it was all this shit you new quitters are going through now, that makes me appreciate the was to get away from that horrible habit.
          I literally felt like I was losing my dam mind at times. Thankfully, there was a few others out here going through the same struggles. We sucked it up and supported each other the best we could. Some of them failed and we never heard from them again. Others caved and came back when they were ready and are now veterans.
          5 years+ later…I feel much better….you guys remind me of where I was and how far I’ve came along. I find it hard to believe that I would appreciate my quit as much as I do, if I hadn’t felt that pain when I began my quit. The struggles have strengthened my quit.
          I have talked about it in the past….I quit one time before….using the Nicorette gum. It only lasted 6 months. It’s my belief, I started again, because I didn’t feel the pain that comes with Cold Turkey.
          It’s reassuring to know the feelings you are experiencing are normal. And they are from the absence of the nicotine pollution in your body.
          I promise you and everyone else on this board, it gets easier. I was a dam Nicotine junkie….I abused that shit for almost 30 years. I made it….every of you quitters can get here too. Just stay away from Nicotine….every day you get further from it, the easier it gets.
          This too Shall Pass. One Day at a Time.
          Stay Quit!

          1. I wouldn’t say it has lifted completely. I have good moments and bad like today I’m having a bad day with the fogginess but I can tell you it isn’t is bad as it was a month or so after I quit. Then I would even have trouble remembering where I put my car keys and stuff. Just fake a deep breathe and stay concentrated on something. For me I started fixing my house up and that helps

  13. Like I said it took at least 10 months to not feel it every day. And even a year into it I’m not normal by any means. I want to go back to the way I felt when I wash chewing, I felt great! I know I will never go back to it but I want that feeling again. All I can say is hang in there!!

  14. It’s been extremely hard but I’ve fought through it somehow. I’ve seen every dr and have had every test you can come up with. Everything has come back perfect. As far as still having bouts of it, I still have the dizzy feeling that comes on for a few days here and there. Driving was very hard for the first 10 months or so. I still fight it if I’m a passenger!! Not sure what else I can do but to just keep going forward and not cave in.

    1. Wow. That is definitely not news I had wanted to hear. I have been out of work for the past 4 months with this. Haven’t drove but maybe one or two times and I refuse because I feel I will cause an accident. Beyond tired of feeling like nothing seems real. Congrats on making it one year though, I know how tough it is.

      1. Dude, the fog and anxiety suck for all of us, hang in there. What helped me was lifting, biking, hell even running. I hate runnin, but it was a way to get mad at it and help my body to get rid of the toxins. If you sit around thinking about it, it’ll mess with you. Hit the gym or just find a way to exercise like a mad dog, don’t let it beat you down.

  15. Tomorrow will be 1 year and I still have bouts of the fog and dizziness. It took me up until 10 months or more to not feel the dizziness everyday.

  16. Dipped for 12 years and had a dip in from morning till bed time unless I ate of course. Been 112 days since last dip and the fog and drunk/dizzy spells are the same as day 1 of quitting. The only time that I’m truly myself is the first 10 mins in the morning after I wake up. After that it dont get better until that night. I have also found that the bright sunlight makes it worse. Dark lens sun glasses do help in this case. Am I the only one that this happens to. Havent seen it yet in comments

    1. Jamie,
      you are not alone. i am at my 97th day. i am having same issues, not severe as yours but i have frequent days where i wake up with anxiety and feel foggy entire day. I found lite to moderate exercise helps.

    2. Bright sunlight kills me…even with shades. I get a wicked headache and squint like hell. Never happened before. Never made the connection until I read this.

    3. At 190 days and feel alot better. Still get minimal dizziness and fogginess at times but isn’t near as bad. Hang in there everyone it will pass with time.

  17. After 37 years I am quitting Copenhagen snuff. It is only 9:43 and already tweaking. It will be a long day. Normally had my first chew when the alarm went off and immediately after meals so I know those will be the toughest times during my journey.

  18. I just started my journey in earnest this past week . . . I have been using tobacco alternatives (BaccOff, Jerky Chew), and have had no nicotine for 48 hours now (after dipping for 44 years) . . . I am feeling pretty good, not really seeing the side effects that people are describing, so I’m hoping that it doesn’t hit me like a ton of bricks a few days or weeks down the line . . .

  19. Day 115 and still dizzy!! The only test I haven’t had yet is a CT scan. If it doesn’t get better soon I’m going in. So frustrating to say the least!!

    1. I would sure love for someone to tell me how this fog feels to them. On day 120 and still feel like it’s day 2. I don’t feel dizzy but have this buzzed feeling. Slight pressure between my eyes. It has been with me since the day I quit. It is taking its toll on me!!! Thanks..

      1. Ryan, it took about 5-6 months before I started feeling right again. Now I’m 3 1/2 years quit and everything is great. You will get though the fog. It takes longer with some people. Just remember how terrible the first few weeks were and that you don’t want to have to go through that again.

    2. Ryan – I am on day 125 and still feel foggy almost everyday. I have to remind myself why I quit and the benefits daily. I also have to remind myself that I dipped for 34 years and it’s going to take awhile for my brain and body adjust/repair from the poison I was putting in every day.

  20. Been off dip for one month after almost 40 years of using. Should I still have a Fog / Dizzying feeling after a month? Went to the Dr yesterday and he is thinking about doing a scan on the head…don’t know if I really need it
    Just looking go feedback

    1. Paul i dipped for 34 years and after my quit of now 122 days, i still get the fog. I gutted that shit for years. I have been to multiple Drs and none really know what is happening or why. I get the fog with dizziness, and tingling all over. I think it’s my body ridding of all the toxic crap. But I am getting an MRI soon just for piece of mind. Kinda of like going to the dentist for the first time.

      1. Thanks for the feedback Douglas…….. Not that I would wish this feeling on anyone, but kinda good to know I’m not the only one going through it.

        1. Jerry, I’m going to jump in here since this question keeps coming.
          I’d say it’s different for everyone. For me…I walked in a cloud for about the first 50 days. It let up, but returned again in the 70-80 range. It did come back once more probably around the 120 day mark…but it was very short at that 120 mark. Then, it probably was spotty, if at all from there.
          It WILL get better and WILL let up, the longer you refrain from nicotine. I always said “this too….shall pass”. A few others on this site used that to get through the tough time. I will be 5 years clean come 07-15-19.
          I was a dam near 30 year, can, can and a half a day Dipper.
          If I can get through it and remain clean, ANYONE CAN!
          I did (and still occasionally do) use the fake dips. But it’s NOTHING like I did . I now go days, even weeks without anything in my mouth. But seeds, gum, jerky and fake dips got me through those first 100 days and beyond.
          If it becomes too hard to handle, go see a doctor, let him/her know what you’re up to, they can get you something to knock off the edge. I onceo read we abused nicotine to deal with stress. Stress can turn into anxiety (and even depression)..fog is a byproduct of stress/anxiety/depression. The longer you stay away, the better it becomes, promise!
          Take care and STAY QUIT!
          Free since

      2. Hey Douglas – i am on day 57 and this entire week i have had random sensations and tingling that had seemed to go away and everything was great for a small period around a week before about 5 days ago. I also just started back on ritalin but i think i will not be taking it anymore because it could be adding to this. I had never taken it without nicotine in my system before so perhaps my body is like heres this… now where is that? I really hope so, because i dont want to go to the doctor about these things. its really hard to explain the feelings but it aligns with the things you all have been saying on here. I went from 3 cans a day and dipping for 15 years to all of a sudden none. That is the equivalent of like 14 packs of cigs a day in nicotine, and i keep trying to tell myself that it is my body still asking and wondering where the fuck is it???? deep down i am confident it is the fog and the funk…. but its hard to battle the anxious feelings that it could be something else. thank you to everyone on here that posts, it is so helpful to me and i hope my posts have helped some of you. Day 57 and never going back.

    2. Chewed for around 35 years, just past the 4 week mark yesterday. Fog came back and seems like day one all over again. i cant concentrate on anything right now. overall seems to be getting better although very small increases each day. quit cold turkey this time and seems to be working better than other times i have tried. hang in there quitters, good to know im not alone in this struggle

      1. What you all are describing is generally called “depression” or or “panic disorder” or “generalized anxiety disorder.” I personally think that those terms are used to refer to a bunch of different neuropsychiatric disorders (“neuro” meaning it has to do with physical changes in your brain), but I can say for sure that I’ve been through “the fog” after watching a loved one die tragically. Weird pains and sensations, changes, sudden spells of dizziness or vertigo, deja vu, trouble remembering words or with coordination, and a constant feeling of impending doom which most people interpret as dying. There was a period of two weeks where it felt like I had a really tight sock around both legs, it was bizarre. SSRIs helped me, as did going to see a therapist. It’s caused by changes in your brain chemistry and it generally goes away on its own, but everybody is different.

        The worst thing about it is not the sensations themselves but this sense of doom, that all these random things are significant somehow. Adding insult to injury is the fact that doctors want to cover their asses, so you’ll never hear them just say “you’re fine.” You’ll start googling shit and find that every single symptom you can possibly have is a symptom of some horrible cancer, which of course makes it worse. You are, in fact, fine, and you’re going to be better than fine because you’re quitting dip. Don’t Google medical symptoms, ever.

        Deep breathing also helps. When you breathe deeply it causes your body to release chemicals that counteract that stuff somehow.

        1. Good post Ben. This symptom is different for everoeve and I agree, it will last longer for some.
          I’ve been down this road, even before I quit dipping. In fact, I want to say it was my bout with the “impending doom” (which was called anxiety) and the overcoming of this, that pushed me to quit my 30 year habit of smokeless tobacco.
          I ran into this mental shit again in that 100 days, but it was short lived.
          In short, yes, don’t Google stuff…it only makes it worse.
          Go see a doc and take a med, even if it was short term like me.
          You will be fine….This Too, Shall Pass.

  21. well here we go thirty years chewing and im finally done ,ten cope ten kodiak ten pouches ,then i had my first experience downstairs and it almost drove me crazy mentally ,im a super hard worker ,ex halibut fisherman and just a pretty healthy all around guy other than chew coffee and my weed ,but always was active and making sure aside from the junk food that great foods were always going in my body.well i decided to get rid of chew and now i have twice the energy twice the power and size downstairs so im happy as as ive ever been,chew is a killer and is only inhibiting our true selves ,dump it and get ten years younger ! it is pure hell but weed coffee and healthy food got me through the fog from hell im in my second weekbut the weeks before weening of slowly were difficult to say the least,best wishes and prayers for those struggling and that have forgotten what true feeling is as our feelings and nerves have been somewhat numb for years,welcome to life as it was intended,everythings better believe me and yes it does get easier folks

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