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  1. Since I quit I get shaky hands when I’m in a nerve racking situation. Wouldn’t be a big deal, but I’m an electrician. Anybody know how to get them to quit shaking, short of beer or weed?

  2. A can a day will not keep the doc away..

  3. Hey everyone,

    I took the 100 day challenge in 2014 after dipping a can a day for over 5 years. Unfortunately on day 101, I took a dip while I was drunk during a Halloween party at college. Since then, I have been dipping a can and a half a day. I have been trying to stop for the past 3 years but I never could go a weekend without nicotine. My anxiety/ depression was too intense to cope without my Grizzly Mint. Today, I have gone 15 days without tobacco/ nicotine! Unfortunately, my depression and anxiety is really kicking my ass today. I think I should join the CIA because my brain is a convincing manipulator… haha. I swore to myself if I could go a full week without dip, I will never put that shit in my mouth. I have been tempted several times, but the guys one here that have gone 1+ years without dip assures us that it is totally worth it. They better be right or somebody is going to get their ass whooped. Stay strong everyone and hit me up if you want to power though this together!

  4. I was 11 days into quitting but tonight I just had to put a dip in is that normal to relapse

  5. Day 6 or 7 thought I’d check in. Yesterday was good. Today is bad. Can’t think straight or do anything productive. Headache. Thought about getting a can but remembered my daughter saying this. ” You think chew gives you super powers but it doesn’t dad”.

  6. getting of the train

    Day 3, second try after a 9 month relapse following an 8 month quit….got the coyote arm again, awful….trying to make this the “last time”

  7. So I’m 3 weeks in to being tobacco free and honestly have felt great. Haven’t had any problems as far as withdrawal other than what I’m thinking/hoping is anxiety. Does that feeling that after over a decade of dipping the week after you quit you have cancer really happen to a lot of guys? Cause I’m scheduling a doctor visit ASAP to check it out even though I had my dentist do a cancer screening a couple months back. Is it the anxiety that’s causing me to freak out so much about this? I’ve had a dry random cough for about 2 years and I swear it’s gotten worse since I quit. I’m freaked out that this is going to be the doctor visit I’ve feared for a while now. Is this all anxiety? And does this shit go away ever?

    • yes its anxiety.. chances are you are completely fine. Your body is going to heal over the next couple months. Believe it or not it is very rare to get cancer. Obviously you quitting lowers your chances. I am 56 days in and have thought i have had every sickness there is.

      • 56 days in has that feeling gone away yet? Like I said I’m only about 21 days in.

        • Travis most of my major symptoms have gone, the anxiety is still here but not as strong. I decreases everyday little by little and you learn to deal with it better, i had chest pains everything with my anxiety. I literally had it so bad i went to the ER. My symptoms got bad after about two weeks and didnt start subsiding to day 40 something, everyone is different though. Just remember you are fine and it takes time for the body to heal. Like you i had the cough and a whole list of everything but i was cleared healthy as can be. I dipped for 14 years and i am now 31. Get exercise, take warm showers when the anxiety hits hard and a glass of red wine is like a cure to anxiety. try it. You have a long battle ahead but you will feel so much better in a few months.

          • Davee – Really appreciate the advice. Had a pretty rough week with this shit so hearing that you’ve had the same is reassuring. I swear I take a flashlight to my mouth every night since I quit and find something new. Weird how after dipping for all this time now after I quit I’m freaked out about this stuff. Well day 22 down & like I said outside of freaking out about the worst case scenarios I’m feeling pretty good. Still trying to figure out some of the basics without dipping but I’ll get there.

            Thanks again!

    • I agree with Davee, it’s probably just anxiety. I went through the same thing. It’s like your brain is finally seeing things clearly and kinda freaking itself out. I was over a decade in as well, had some sores in my mouth, had a cough, got a cancer screening and everything was fine. 861 days and still going strong!

  8. Day 446. 20+ yrs @ 1+ cans/day. I quit Cold Turkey. No patches, Chantix, gum, candy, fake chew etc. For my journey I not only wanted to be nicotine free but i also wanted to break the oral fixation part. In my mind i felt if i would continue the motion of packing a fake chew it would be too easy to break – again, that is what worked for ME.

    For all you New Quitters, everything you read on here is true. People break, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Chest Pain, The “Fog”, being pissed off, cold sweats, dizziness, trips to the ER, being CONVINCED that after chewing for 20+years you have Cancer the 1st week you quit (Thats anxiety by the way), etc. Heres my point, all these wonderful things you are now battling – just settle in and deal with it. It will be OK. After all, you (we) did it to yourself (ourself) the day we took that 1st dip cause it was cool. Ain’t Nicotine Grand!

    For all those that continue to take the Oath each day – you all are the 1’s i quit with today!

    • You are exactly 10 days ahead of me as I am at 436. You must have just missed my group, Feb 17. At any rate, keep it up and never stop fighting the good fight. Damn proud to be quit with another of the true quitters around here!

  9. Quit on December 15th 2017, dipped for 17 years, habit got so bad I would dip in my sleep. When my wife alerted me I was going less than 30 minutes each day with out dip, I decided that was enough, however I must say I love chew(straight), but I love me and my family more. This site has been a lot of help and all you are amazing, I work as a fabricator welder so I don’t get any support at work as everyone uses tobacco. Also extra virgin coconut oil and raw organic lemons with peels have been a true blessing, I blend lemons with peel and coconut oil in ninja and drink whenever I trigger a craving, not sure why but it helps me deal with cravings in a positive way. Also cordyceps and lion maine mushrooms s are a must have for physical withdraw symptoms. I grow my own on rice Patty’s. Probiotics are extremely helpful to keep from gaining weight.For mouth sores I do a oil pull with Coconut oil, ulcers went away in less than a week. Good luck everyone and remember each day is growth.

  10. I’m 1 month deep on quitting the can. My usage was just short of a can per day for 12 years, 15 years of smoking a pack a day before that.

    What has helped me during this month.. Working out in the evenings has helped alot but surprisingly, picking up a ukulele has been great. I have never played any instrument before and the uke is supposed to be the easiest (and it was cheap).
    It has helped to pass the time and actually brings some enjoyment. And enjoyment has been hard to come by (especially the first 2 weeks) but it’s getting better everyday. After 25+ years of nicotine, it makes sense that it’ll take a little time for my body to adjust back to normal.

    My experience during the past month… the first 3-4 day really sucked. Day 2 was the worst as I would loose my mind over the slightest thing (poor kids..) And i was in a funk for a solid 2 weeks as my wifey said i just looked depressed (and i was). But after about 2.5-3 weeks, the wifey said she could tell that i was getting better and not looking so down all the damn time, Anyways, i am still feeling the affects of it quitting (and i pass gas like you wouldnt believe), but i can also tell that life’s getting better again.

    • Good for you. Been trying to quit for years only made it couple months a couple times. Think my body’s been telling me something is wrong. Time to go all in. Kinda scared but every time I quit I feel this way.
      Just started playing guitar never played, but I think it will help as well. Stick with it you can do it. You already are

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