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When you’ve made the decision to quit dipping you need support. You’ll get it right here at KillTheCan! This site is dedicated to helping people QUIT dip, smokeless & chewing tobacco! It will be a long & difficult road, but we are confident that you too can be successful and quit dip!

All articles on are written by members of our forums. These are people who understand what it means to quit. They write these articles from the perspective of a quitter. Don’t believe the “experts” that you find out there on the web – believe someone that has successfully QUIT DIP.

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  1. Day 4 I quit today I promise and I also want to say thank you to those who have reached out to me to show me support it is much appreciated. Also thank you for letting comment on the front page. I am keeping a daily log of how I feel each day and I hope someday I will be able to share it on KTC. IM IN IT TO QUIT.

  2. Day 125 quit, feel great and have saved over 500 bucks,

  3. Day 463 for me. I just joined as a member but reading kill the can comments and people’s stories helped me quit. The day I quit was the day before I got my wisdom teeth out and I stumbled across this site a couple days later after googling how long I should wait before I chewed after having them pulled. There was a comment that said quit while you have the chance and it struck a nerve. I had tried to quit in the past and always ended up caving thinking I’d just have one every once and awhile and a week later was chewing non stop again. Skoal wintergreen xtra was my flavor of choice and I’d spit one out and throw in another. I am still using smokey mountain wintergreen as a crutch but I’m finally free of the addiction that once controlled me for 18 years. So thank you guys for commenting and sharing your stories. You never know which one might strike a nerve. And if you haven’t quit and are waiting for your chance, make today the day you set yourself free.

  4. On Day 33 here – posted roll for 4 weeks straight in July 2017. Was wondering if anyone knew of a similar site to assist smokers in their quit? My brother has been a smoker for 15 years and thinks that “vaping” is a healthy alternative to cigs. I looked online and saw that most sites commend people for using the patch/nic gum. It’s a joke. The reason KTC is great is that it is unapologetic. Are there any sites exactly like this one for cig smokers? Ya know, one that accepts cold turkey as the only option rather than weening off? I saw someone congratulating another person for saying they were going to quit tomorrow. Seriously? Is there any other site for cig smokers that holds people as accountable as KTC? Although I doubt it, any suggestion would be appreciated. Quit with all members of KTC today.

    • Wolf, the short answer is no. There is one other website I am aware of that only accepts cold turkey quitters, but no group out there I am aware of that has the same level of accountability that KTC has – which IMO is its special sauce. I left a group after the members told someone it was okay that they caved and maybe they should try again when they were ready. What the…? Talk about throwing an addict a bone! I knew I needed to be somewhere where if I caved, folks would NOT be coddling my junky ass. I posted roll on KTC that day and am forever grateful that the quitters of KTC let this ex-smoker join their ranks. Tell your brother we were not meant to coat our lungs in oil, to stop being a slave to nicotine and post a day 1 in KTC.

    • I would say its all the same, its just how you look at it. I started smoking when i was 13. Did that for almost 20 years then About 10 years ago i quit smoking and started chewing because i thought chew would be easier to quit…Wrong! lol!! Idk about holding accountable, you need to hold yourself accountable. You have to want it, nobody can do it for you. if your brother isnt ready to quit your not going to make him, all you can do is show him how and the benifits you’ve gained from quitting. Ive said this over and over but quitting nic is prob the best thing i could have done. My biggest regret is i didnt quit 10+ years ago when i first started toying with the idea. I could have really been enjoying life that whole time but i have to remind myself how greatful i am for finally being able to quit in the first place. My life has changed so much for the better in the last 1.5 years. Once you start noticing the benifits of quitting it starts getting easier. Started jogging a few weeks ago. Its crazy how my endurance is already going up, im not totally out of breath. These last few days ive caught some kind of bug that has been kicking my ass so i havnt been jogging but hopfully this weekend i will be again. Anyway grats on your 33 days, at this point you have no excuse to relapse, the shts out of your system and its all in your head now but it sounds like you got it.

  5. Day 3 I quit all day

  6. im tryin very hard not to cave in to tobacco my first day almost the end of day one

  7. Today is my third day quit. I am so happy.

    • keep it up you can do it

    • Day 92. It’s a tough road ahead, but understand and believe that you can overcome every obstcal and endure every challenge you will face. And you will undoubtedly encounter them. When they do come, stay the course, and before you know it your first day quit may as well have bee a lifetime ago.

      I quit with you today.

      • Congrats on hitting day 92 SKEDADDLE!

        • Bob,

          You and I will likely never meet, and the same can be said for every quitter here. And yet I feel a brotherhood, a kinship, and a bond with all KTC participants. I’m humbled by your support, and inspired by your stories. For those on day one, my hand is extended while the other is grasped firmly by one who has endured longer. I’m not proud, and my strength is not my own. Rather it is lent to me by any who has some to spare. Soon perhaps I’ll have more than I need and can freely give to a brother or sister. Kill the can, so we may live.

          I quit with all of you today.

  8. This is my first time using this site, I have not realized how long that I thought I was dipping as a hobby but now it has been regular. My wife thinks that I quit a while back but I still do it at work or behind her back. Several years ago I quit and developed anxiety from it which caused me not to be able to sleep at night and shaking during the day. I have been doing it at work because it is like a cup of coffee in the morning and keeps me running. I went on a guys wkd trip and chewed every chance that I could. I have a sore lip and out of spit.

    I think this is a good time to take the leap again to quit even though I am worried about the anxiety again and the fact that it is fun to sneak around when doing.

    My plan is to limit myself to one dip per day at work for this week, then next week try the non-nicotine pouches for the flavor and habit.

    I realize that people probably write on here all the time with false promises but the fact that I am writing on this page means that I am serious. My daughter who is two started to mimic my spitting which I took as a sign that this habit needs to go.

    Wish me luck, I think talking about this process will help.

    • Ryan, Best of luck. You had your moment of clarity, now you need to own up to it. Tell your wife. I don’t think you can do it without her knowing what you are going through. Its easy to hide the dipping, but you can’t hide the withdrawals. It the self-compromising during the withdrawal period that kills most people. I don’t know you, but from what you’ve shared, you are a prime candidate to give in because its easier than facing the real problem. You will need the support and understanding from those around you for the first week for sure, if not the first 100 days.

      • Thanks, I am feeling good. self control is everything. I is awesome to see others on here and I think it will help. Luckily I do not have people that do it in front of me since it is so easy to just bum off someone.

    • I’m here with ya man. My little girl has started spitting in the yard like her daddy. Day 3!

  9. Im 20 days nicotine free havent touched a can of snuff never will ever again. Im feeling better more energy. Keep it up guys we can do it

  10. You have got to be kidding me. This is rich, just rich. You come back here after creating multiple accounts, caving multiple times, being banned and you think we’re just going to be Quit with you? Not on your life. There is no accountability in you, and I offered you brotherhood and you threw it in my face.

    You are an example of what NOT to do on this site.

  11. day one: so far 5 hours tobacco free

  12. Day 2. I’ve tried quitting multiple times. This time is for real. I’ve been chewing on sunflower seeds all day.

  13. Day 100! It’s been a tough ride but totaly worth it. Keep on going guys!

    • Day 414 and everyday is a bit easier but still have to battle the demons daily. But the good news is that I have learned how to battle – I just shut them off. LOL Good luck with everyone and keep your head straight.

  14. Hi all, day 71 over here. I’m 22 years old and approaching big boy status and wanted to get my mind and body right for the real world. Let me tell everyone who’s early in their quit that this will probably be the hardest experience of your entire life. But with each day you make a little progress, you get a little better in some aspect. I’ve finally been starting to see the light at the tunnel in some areas. I still experience some anxiety attacks and minor mood swings but they are not even comparable to earlier in the quit. Keep on fighting every day, this is something you will never regret.

  15. 555 days today. Sometimes i think i take it for granted that i was actually able to quit using nicotine. I never have urges to use. I go days sometimes without even remembering it. Sometimes it really hits me though like when i see these people of all ages and classes hanging out outside of these stores or businesses smoking. How tobacco totally rules their lives. I remember the rollercoaster, the constant up and down of using tobacco and having to have those nic breaks every hour to function. How was I of all people able to break free? My life is 100% better/different today but when i used tobacco theres no way i could have really understood what a difference quitting would make. All of you early in your quits keep up the good fight, i promiss it is worth it. Nicotine will not make you feel better.

    • Well said, Tom. I think your last sentence is so true. Nicotine will not make you feel better. It will make your heart race, your gums sore, your teeth discolored, and your mind captive. It will not make you feel better.

    • Thank you for the motivation. I’m on day 5 of quitting after 13 years and it is a lot rougher then I thought it would be. All of these messages help keep me motivated. I just want the fog, aniexty, and depressing feelings to pass. Thanks again

      • Well if i can do it you can make it. You have to want it. Theres no way to get around the rough part. Your brain is hard wired to associate nicotine with pleasure, You spent years creating those connections. Every time you fight off an urge you are destroying one of those connections and healing. Theres no easy way around it but just keep this in mind, it does get easier as you go and at 5 days the nic is out of your system. You dont want to do those first 3 days again. Nicotine wont make you feel better. You might get a short rush or at this point make you sick but within a day that feeling will be gone and youll be right back where you started….not worth it. I remember before i quit all it did was make me feel normal so i could tolerate life in between chews. Now im lifting weights, just started jogging, i enjoy life without it. So much has changed. Spent the weekend sunbathing enjoying what little sun we’ve gotten so far. Its funny when i used to use nic i couldnt stand the heat. Idk if it was the nic in my system or poss because i would drink a soda after every chew anything over 74 degrees i was sweating like a sickly sticky sweat. It made it hell sleeping. Sorry dont mean to rant but so much has changed in the last 1.5 year. Stick with it, i swear it is worth it. Once you start feeling the benefits you will start gaining motivation to do more in life and change things so dont get stressed out about that, it will come. Anyway best of luck. You do not need that sht in your life, it will not help.

  16. To everyone who reads the front page. I want to apologize to everyone who has supported me in the past and I want to give a big thank you for supporting while and when you did. What I did was chicken shit and rude. I know I will never be able to use this site and that does suck, I get it though. I want to say thank you to the few who have stayed in contact with me after all of this no names will be mentioned. I guess I will not post on here anymore and I will find a way. To all newcomers don’t do what I did fess up if you mess up this is a good site and if you use it correctly you will be quit. Once again I’m sorry for what I have done this is the least I can do is apologize. Take care everyone and God bless you all

    • By the way I truly do means this.

    • The L was me elk I accidentally hit post before I got my name in there.

    • Elk I’m throwing you out a life line here by asking for your digits so please don’t ignore me again. I want you to text me your roll! Could it eventually get you back on here? Who knows? Time can heal a lot of wounds, but you need to be focusing on yourself and getting quit. This is a life or death situation… that’s why everyone’s scared to trust you because you could be messing with their life. Please just email me your digits, text me your roll, and we’ll go from there. I’m not going to reach out again so please contact me!

  17. QUITTER here in need of help Ktc won’t allow me back. This isn’t support


    • I’ve let you comment here, against my better judgement, even though you were banned from the forums. What I won’t allow you to do is paint half a picture. You are correct… you are not welcome on the forums and I explained why. Please don’t suggest that there’s anything “unfair” going on. We supported you for as long as you allowed us. Until you proved there was no accountability or honesty there. Sorry it’s come to this.

    • Support isn’t a one way street! You got ALL the support you could ever have wanted, and you chose to spit in our faces. You lied to us all.

      KTC would have accepted you back with open arms had you been grown up enough to own up to your cave, but instead, you decided to lie. Your story is well known. No, you’re not getting support anymore. I was part of your December quit group, I supported you EVERY SINGLE DAY. And what did you do? You shit on us all. Do NOT come on here trying to slander this site, that has helped save my life, along with many, many others.

      Honesty is not that hard of a concept.


  18. Why can’t I just chat I’m doing nothing wrong expect wanting more help and being honest about what I did. I know there has been worse! I just want to make this work. Has anyone ever made a mistake, were you forgiven for that mistake. I’m just asking for forgiveness that not that much.

    • Our site, and specifically our forums, runs on honesty and accountability. Without accountability, both to yourself and to your brothers, this doesn’t work.

      We have a few rules… very few in fact. We let a TON slide. There’s a couple of things though that we don’t let slide. Lying on roll (using while posting clean) or purposefully hiding who you are. That last one speaks to accountability… and there’s your answer.

      • I get it I truly do. I have admitted to what I did and I’m trying to return . Sounds like there will be no chance in hell. Okay thanks for responding.

    • Elk email me your digits.

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