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      Jake’s CBD Citrus Pouches Review

      Back today on a Sunday Funday (which happens to also be SuperBowl Sunday) with an exciting new product review from…
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      1. I hope you all have a safe and happy new year’s eve!! Be careful tonight. If you choose to drink tonight, don’t let it drive you back to dipping. If you’re struggling at all I’d suggest staying away from it. Happy New Year!!!

      2. Merry Christmas guys. Day 163 but I’ve been struggling the last couple days. My mind feels clear and no serious signs if withdrawals but the cravings have been horrible. I keep reminding myself how bad that first week was and how I’m not starting over. I hope you all are doing well and staying quit!!

      3. Day 8, cannot believe I finally made it past a week nicotine free. I will never cave because the first 3 days are so bad I cannot do it again, I have to make it this time. Cravings still there but getting a bit easier to fight. Merry Christmas to all!

        1. LGW, hang in there, Stay strong and take it one day at the time. If you find yourself weakening, think about those first three days. Merry Christmas and safe Holidays.

      4. 1531 days. I cannot even remember when the last time i had the urge, it has been close to 3 years. The worst part was those first few years the dreams you have about slipping and wake up panicked. Everyone has their own advice to people starting their quits. What i realized is you have to really want it. I was sick of chewing tobacco, the nasty taste it would leave in my mouth every morning, meeting hot women at the park and either trying to hide spitting in front of them or swallowing it, going to a movie and not being able to sit 2 hours and enjoy it without having a nicotine fit. I was tired of it controlling my life. The amount of things that have changed for the better are even more than i could have expected. I enjoy things now, getting out and exercising, eating right, ive lost between 60-70pounds over the last 4 years. One last piece of advice for those starting or early in their quit, dont overwhelm yourself with insane expectations all at once. As your quit gets longer these things will come naturally. You will want to do more gradually as you progress in your quit.

        1. Looking forward to 200 days tomorrow on Christmas. I sure do miss having a fatty in my lip especially on Christmas eve. Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and stay quit!!!

        2. I’m only on day 45 but I am relating to your story… With each day I become more repulsed I ever poisened my body for so long. I still get urge a few times a day and I say fuck you, I don’t do that anymore. Feels so good

        3. Day 45 and each day I get more pissed I let Copenhagen control me forso long. Never going back and when I get an urge I say fu copies, never again.i really wanted to quit and it feels so good. I willnotlet the guard down

        4. Congrats Tom that is a long time quit. Thank you for posting, it’s encouraging to hear from the veterans. I hope I get to a point that I start losing weight. I’ve gained 40 lbs since my quit. Day 163

        5. Hey Tom, funny you mention the dream episodes, I am on day 432 and that’s exactly what i just finished posting on another thread. Craves and all the physical stuff are very much gone, but the dip dreams are in full force at this stage.

      5. 1st time on in a while. Says I’ve been quit 1,147 days. After 25ish years I went cold turkey and never looked back. Nicotine is out of your system in about 72 hours. Anything after that is a head game.
        For the newbies, this site has good info and support but dont buy in too deep to some of the horrors of quitting or the struggles some perpetuate after hundreds of days. Throw the can away and move on
        If you ACTUALLY want to quit, you will
        If you want to use this site for empathy and an excuse to fail for x number of time – you can do that to.
        How bad you want it?

      6. I decided to quit New Years Day this year. Came to this site, never posted, but just reading some of the things to expect and seeing other folks going through the same stuff I was dealing with helped. I had been dipping for about 14 years (since I was 14) and over a can a day for around the last 8 of those. Went cold turkey on nicotine, used the hell out of smokey mountain for about 6 months though and that helped. Those first 3 weeks were just flat out brutal. Felt like a fever dream. It does pass though, then just feels like an itch you can’t quite scratch for a good long while. It’s been about 5 months now since my last can of the fake stuff, and I feel great. Feel like I’m in the clear. Very few cravings and a sense of pride for having the necessary willpower. I wanted to thank y’all who run and post on here for giving me reassuring reading material, and to tell anyone trying to ditch the worm dirt on that it’s definitely doable. It sucks for sure, but it’s worth it. Thanks again and y’all stay strong.

      7. So I’m back again. Made it 200+ days and randomly drove straight to a gas station and pounded a tin in an hour. Have been stuck for two months in this rut. Same as last time, the woman found out and said she’s not taking care of me when I have a flap in my mouth. Everything hurts and I’m doing all the crappy things I hated all those months ago.

        Day 1 starts right now. Forget New Years. I want to start the new decade strong so that means suffering more in the last two weeks. I stopped coming on this site which is one of the reasons I think I relapsed. Posting here and being accountable helps far more than I ever thought. To all you veterans posting multi year quits and words of encouragement, you should know it means a lot. Hopefully you will hear from me again when I have some days under my belt. Good luck out there fellow quitters.

        1. Quit for you man. Unless you want tips on where the good fishing holes are. This is a good ol boy club. Quit for yourself. Or if not, enjoy your dip. Smoking is worse. Lol

        2. CB,
          Now make the shift to quit for self! Get involved and read up on the wealth of knowledge here. Welcome back.

          @Sig45, 1550+

        3. CB, I will be 5 years quit in Feb, no nic/tob slip, ever…… Not bragging, just saying it can be done, but you MUST be accountable for what you do, not any other way around it. I had my 1st dip when I was 10 yrs old, I was 44 when I quit. Post here for sure, if it had not been for KTC, no way I would’ve made it. But remember, most of the time there is NO hand holding here. If you cave & come here & share that, don’t expect a bunch of hugs & kisses, ya gotta man up & just put that shit down & take ALL measures to not do it again. Only you really know if you mean it or you’re just giving lip service, you can do it. Good luck!!!!!

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