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When you’ve made the decision to quit dipping you need support. You’ll get it right here at KillTheCan! This site is dedicated to helping people QUIT dip, smokeless & chewing tobacco! It will be a long & difficult road, but we are confident that you too can be successful and quit dip!

All articles on are written by members of our forums. These are people who understand what it means to quit. They write these articles from the perspective of a quitter. Don’t believe the “experts” that you find out there on the web – believe someone that has successfully QUIT DIP.

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  1. I get really insane sometimes during this quit. I hate myself for Taking my first chew, for living a lie for so long, for being dishonest to my family and friends. I want to beat myself to a pulp. All of this at day 28. Great!

  2. I am going on 4 years and I check in on this site every now and again. (With tax season coming up I wanted a reminder of how much money I have saved ;-)) When I dipped it was a secret I kept from everyone I loved. 10 years I had that monkey on my back… almost a tin a day. I still have passing cravings… sometimes a little tingle on my tongue, others just a subconscious excitement when I see tins on display. Never again though. I was hooked and when I went CT for the second time the worst of the withdrawal symptoms were the headaches in the first few weeks. Eventually they pass and you can take comfort in knowing the beast you fought off. Whatever reason you find, remember: you can quit and stay that way. Keep up the good work!

  3. Day 2 mouth and face are tingling and in the past goes away if I dip. Wondering if anyone else had this? Going to the dentist on Friday and hope to feel better by then…

  4. I agree. Every day is a battle. I’m at day 197 and although I’m closing in on 200, it’s still hard replacing dip day to day. Hopefully I start forgetting about it soon.

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