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    2022 HOF Coin Travels
    2 days ago

    dadof3 in Theodore Roosevelt National Park

    KillTheCan quit dipping support forum member dadof3 staying quit in Theodore Roosevelt National Park – Medora,…
    2022 HOF Speeches
    2 days ago

    The Akratic Twister

    If you have reached these words, then you are well aware of the physical and…
    Motivation and Education
    2 days ago

    What Do Psychologists Say About Addiction? How Does It Work?

    Have you ever wondered how addiction really works inside your brain? It feels so powerful…
    2022 HOF Speeches
    5 days ago

    It Has Been Long Enough

    I have never posted in the HOF because I always felt that 100 days quit…
    2022 HOF Speeches
    6 days ago

    This Addiction Is Like a Jail Cell

    “This addiction is like a jail cell, except it’s so nice and comfy…. there doesn’t…
    Motivation and Education
    6 days ago

    10 Shocking Signs of Depression You Didn’t Know About Until Now

    Did you know that depression is one of the most common mental health conditions in…
    2022 HOF Coin Travels
    1 week ago

    NavinRJohnson in Shenandoah

    KillTheCan quit dipping support forum member NavinRJohnson (January 2022) and his Hall of Fame coin in…
    Motivation and Education
    2 weeks ago

    Using Persuasion to Help Someone You Love Quit Nicotine

    Nicotine addiction is one of the most common addictions in the world, with over 50…
    2022 HOF Speeches
    2 weeks ago

    Cmdr Cody’s HOF Speech – May 2022

    Cmdr Cody That’s my gaming tag. (I play ARMA III every night) My 100th nicotine…
    Your Quit
    2 weeks ago

    Caffeine Intake, Anxiety and Sleep

    There are many issues that walk hand in hand with quitting smokeless tobacco. Sleep issues…

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      October 3, 2018

      Why Are You Quit?!

      This question was asked of someone on this forum recently.  It wasn’t meant for me, but it made me think…
      December 7, 2011

      My Son Aspirated Dip

      Hello, my name is Donna….my son Chance turned 20 only ten days before he passed away on Nov 30, 2011……

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        Product Reviews
        April 15, 2022

        Grinds Coffee Pouches – Cinnamon Whiskey Review

        Over a month ago now I posted a TikTok about a new flavor from our friends at Grinds – their…
        Product Reviews
        December 29, 2021

        Grinds Coffee Pouches – Orange Citrus 2X Caffeine Review

        About a week ago I reviewed a new flavor from Grinds – their Double Shot Espresso Coffee Pouches. I’m back…
        Product Reviews
        December 23, 2021

        Grinds Coffee Pouches – Double Shot Espresso Review

        Through the years I’ve done several reviews of products from Grinds and I’m thrilled to be back this morning with…
        Product Reviews
        December 5, 2021

        FlowBlend Infused Pouches Review

        It’s been a few months but I’m back this evening with another NEW player into the smokeless alternative market! Introducing…

        Quitting Dip - You're Not Alone

          2 weeks ago

          Caffeine Intake, Anxiety and Sleep

          There are many issues that walk hand in hand with quitting smokeless tobacco. Sleep issues are a VERY common side…
          3 weeks ago

          Celebrate Cinco De Mayo Dip Free!

          Every day is a good day to be a quitter. What better day than Cinco De Mayo! When you’re ready…
          3 weeks ago

          A Long Time Ago… In a Galaxy Far Far Away

          A long time ago… in a galaxy far far away… I was a dipper. Thankfully with the help of my…
          3 weeks ago

          Dip Free Softball Season Begins

          KillTheCan quit dipping support forum member MNxEngineer314 on the first night of softball season which happened to be on a milestone…
          March 20, 2022

          How You Can Break Your Nicotine Addiction With Spa Treatments

          The country and its residents continue to face the increasing consequences of a rising issue: tobacco and nicotine use. According to…
          March 19, 2022

          How CBD Can Enhance Your Gaming Experience

          The exhilaration of playing your favorite game after a long day of work is hard to describe. Getting lost in…
          February 18, 2022

          How To Quit Smoking As A Student

          Everybody knows it is not easy to quit smoking. Students often start smoking, being influenced by their friends. It gets…
          February 17, 2022

          Why Students Start Smoking in College and How to Prevent Smoking

          There are several reasons why students resort to smoking at an early age. Once the habit develops, it can impact…
          February 13, 2022

          The Super Bowl of QUIT in 2022 [Poll]

          It is Super Bowl Sunday! The Los Angeles Rams seek their second Super Bowl title in their fifth appearance and…
          February 7, 2022

          Nicotine – Changing Brain Chemistry

          Nicotine will do some crazy things to your body and more specifically your brain. It will do some even crazier…
          February 1, 2022

          Get Through a Day – Don’t You Dare Stop Fighting

          The amount of quit knowledge that we have from KTC members is really staggering when you think about it. Thousands…
          January 25, 2022

          Old School KTC at Play

          Yesterday I shared a post by MNxEngineer from our Discord Server about accountability and the quitter’s obligation. There has been…
          January 24, 2022

          Quitter’s Obligation

          I wanted to pass along a little back and forth I ran across today on our Discord Server (in March…
          January 6, 2022

          The Goal Here Is To Go Cold Turkey

          You never know when you’re going to run across a spark of brilliance. This comes from Samrs (April 17) responding…
          January 2, 2022

          The Best of KTC From 2021

          We published 179 new articles to the site here in 2021 (there may be a few more coming that will…
          January 1, 2022

          Welcome To 2022 Quitters!

          Celebrate your freedom from tobacco in 2022.  Happy New Year quitters!!! When you’re ready to quit dipping join us. You’ll never…
          December 26, 2021

          Looking To Quit Dipping This Holiday Season?

          Are you looking to quit dipping this holiday season? Christmas is behind us, COVID continues to rage and maybe you’re…
          November 26, 2021

          Herd Sports Chew – Out of Business

          Back in September of 2016 I reviewed a product called Herd Sports Chew. You can read that review here. Herd…
          November 25, 2021

          Give Thanks For Your Freedom From Tobacco

          It’s Thanksgiving morning and I’ve got a few minutes before I start my day which will be filled with friends,…
          November 20, 2021

          15 Years of Freedom For

          Today, (November 20th, 2021) celebrates the 15th anniversary of the creation of our community to help people break the…
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