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  1. I seriously need to quit. I find myself constantly waking up with a dip still in my mouth. When I go for a few hours I start the craving . I got a big bag of Lifesavers today. Hopefully it will save my life because I really need to stop.

  2. Hi guys i am on day 10, this is my third go around with the quit but this one is different. This time i am quitting vaping. My first two quites last about a year and i had every horrible withdraw symptom you could imagine, i would say i am very experienced in the withdrawls. With that said this quit from the vaping has been a much smoother ride. I still have some soreness, irratability and chest pains but nothing like they were in the past, the anxiety is about 1/4 of what it was with the dip. I seem to cave after a year of being quit and starting back up because i feel like i can get away with one dip, or vape.. The fact is you cant. NEVER again can you indulge in it once you quit. Not once. You will be hooked and thats that. This time is for good. Just thought i would stop by and fill ya in

    • just also want to add, that i went ahead and opened my mouth about withdrawls and today ended up being my worst day with symptoms. If anyone is struggling and scared with their withdrawl symptoms please reach out to me and i can help guide you through them. I have had multiple ER visits in the past due to withdrawls and was always perfectly fine but i can help walk you through yours.

  3. I’m 35 days dip free, about 10 lbs heavier and my wine intake has tripled. I should be writing this in the female section but since men are the ones that got me hooked (“just do it, it will be funny”), you can all deal with the wrath of my troubles. I started dipping 20 years ago when I moved to Tennessee for a year, then carried the problem with me to New York City where cans were $10-$15 each! I have tried to quit mmmmm about 1,000 times now. But never try to quit trying to quit right?? It would go in waves, making it 3 days then I think its ok, just this one. This shit RULES your mind. I would take my dip breaks instead of lunch at work, in my car, in tinted windows in the corner of the parking lot, I would never commute with anyone so I could dip, I would not go out so I could dip, it was insane how it rules your life.

    I’ve made it as long as 8 months dip free before. The #1 reason i fold is having a bad fight with my spouse, extreme stress at work, break ups, life issues, to lose weight for my summer body, its my crutch. This time, my wife gave birth to our daughter and I quit on my baby’s due date. I figured I would be so preoccupied for days that I wouldn’t realize I’m craving dip.. and i was right! However, I know the bad cravings last up to 3 months. I think I’m in that asshole stage right now, which makes me angry and everyone around me. I read from someone’s comment that “I’m healthier overweight and dip free then skinny and dipping”. So true, as a female this is the hardest part. I work out HARD so to eat 24-7 to replace dipping is taking it’s toll. Also my mouth is so so hot, is that normal? I feel the phantom dip all the time with my tongue, I’ve tried the fake tea mint dip which does help but it’s like dipping air. Mint gum also helps, but someone please tell me it gets better!

    • yes, it gets better. If you read testimonies from veterans on this site, it echos same thing it get better, but to stay quit for ever is hard by your self, open a account and join the group. you will find people who had quitted at same time so they are going through same symptoms as yours and you can be in touch with them. accountability helps staying quit. if you decide to open account, based on your quit days you will be in September group (

      • Does anyone’s jaw hurt? I quit for a year, restarted during stressful time for four months, and just quit again. One week in

        • Yea i have been there before. Its totally normal. Your nerves are used to nicotine surging through them from that spot. Now its gone, takes time for the body to rewire itself. There is going to be a few good says strung together where you have no withdraw symptoms, then all the sudden you will get nailed over the head with some. Gotta stay strong. I suffered horrible withdrawl symptoms for about 100 days on and off.

    • KARLI,

      Embrace the new normal. I was hook line and sinker addicted to Copenhagen for 35 years and quit for three years now. If I can quit you can quit. Read up on this site. Join a quit group. Embrace the suck. Sign in daily and promise to quit.

      This really helped me with anxiety and withdrawal:

      I quit with you! @Sigman45@

    • I’m 120 days quit and am Nic Free. I’m still wanting a dip every day. But, it passes after a few minutes.

      It gets better. Just don’t give in. Not one dip. No matter how small it is. Don’t do it!!

    • If you or anyone else needs someone to text let me know. I’m on day 9 and I have discovered that chatting with others has really helped me when I’m around the unavoidable triggers.

      • Does your jaw hurt? I’m freaking. One week dip free and my jaw hurts. Inspected my mouth/gums. No sores or anything

        • Yeah your body is physically addicted. Half of the addiction is an oral fixation as well. You’re fine.

        • I have had jaw pain, gum pain, numbness etc. if it’s worrying to you I would go get checked by a dentist. It’s probably just your mouth starting to heal itself from what I’ve read.

  4. 162 Days Free

  5. Day one, hour one for me. After nearly 17 years (Age 31) of chewing its time to call it quits. Have twins under the age of 2 and a wife who put up with my constant fat lip and dip bottles everywhere. Woke up this morning and decided its finally time. Have been contemplating it for over a year now and keep saying today is the day. Shoot even told people I was going to quit a year ago and never did.. Well today is finally the day. Snagged my last pinch on the way to work this morning and tossed the rest of the can in the trash.

    I’ve had a dip every hour on the hour while I was awake for the last 5 years. Before that it was about a half a can a day. It’s time to kick the can and start life as you guys say. Here is to a hopefully successful attempt which I know will be difficult, but worth it.

    Cheers and good luck to all who decided to knock this “hobby”.

  6. Day 5 I’m having extreme urges to go buy a can. I’ve been dipping for about 7.5 years straight. I’m 24 now and I’m just trying to kick the habit. This is the longest and best I have done without dip. Any advice on how to help me through cravings

    • Drink lots of water… get on our forums – and ENGAGE with other quitters, THOUSANDS of other quitters who know what you’re going through. You’re not alone and you’re through the worst of it (typically day 3). Hang in there!

    • I went and got a can of Smokey Mountain it was no where near the same being nicotine and tobacco free but it sure helped

  7. 154 Days Free

  8. Day 63 for me. Things are going well. I’m going to the dentist tomorrow and I gotta be honest I’m scared to death. I only dipped for 2 1/2 years which isn’t very long but still too long. I’ve had a mark on my upper gum on the opposite side of where I placed my dip. The mark isn’t white it’s basically the color of my gums but is a bit paler. It’s not soft or velvety, it’s pretty hard and it doesn’t grow it seems kind of like a skin tag. It’s really freaked me out and tomorrow will hopefully resolve this situation. Of course like an idiot I’ve been self diagnosing my self for 9 weeks on the internet and have expected the worse because of it. Keep deciding to quit everyday and remember I and everyone else on here quits with you.

  9. Paul Bartholomew

    I quit 7 days ago, and it’s been hard to resist going and getting more. I’m doing this for me.

  10. 5 days out of the way. Besides the headaches, the bloated feeling and foggy head. I really have no desire to take a pinch. Made up my mind I don’t want it anymore. You have to want it and do it for yourself. Cheers men! No one is control over your destiny but yourself.

  11. Michael Albert Price

    any1 experience loss of sexual function from use of chew…?? I chewed 1 can/day Skoal. My wife left 10yrs ago. We had young family but as we aged wife lost all and this led to trouble luving.

    I hav met new lady friend and experienced similiar inabilities in our early days. However since I have stopped have seen return of all enjoyable sexual function!!

    If this is common….. chew should become an illegal substance in North America!!


  12. 84 days in and life is good. I read posts and information here often but am not an official member and rarely post. This community has really given me a lot of tools and ideas to get me through, so thanks for existing.

    The second or third week was the absolute worst experience of my life. On top of pretty strong withdrawals I got the flu followed by bronchitis. I was at home on the couch for 6 days coughing, puking, and not sleeping longer than 20 mins. No matter how I positioned myself I was uncomfortable and it became infuriating. Day and night kind of just blended together because I was either counting the minutes as they passed or too fried from lack of food and sleep to notice. I eventually convinced myself that everybody at work thought I was a complete moron and were conspiring against me. Everyday was stress, sickness, negativity, and disorientation. After almost a week of sitting in the house staring at the TV screen and zoning out 24/7, I was finally able to keep enough food down to go outside and sit in the sun.

    Every day since then has been better than the last – not always easy, but better. Tomorrow I am going on my first solo backpacking trip to spend some time alone with my new brain circuitry. You know, keep proving to myself that everything is still fun and meaningful with out that crap in my system. Good luck everyone.

    • Good Luck TinPenny you’ve gotten through the worst of it. Your body will thank you in the long run. There’s a video on Youtube of a guy who decided to lose weight once and for all. He said similar things as you, that each day brought new realizations and brain circuitry. He rode bikes, hiked and found a new love of life. Get that shizzle out of your life and body and seize the day in a new way…one of health and vitality. You can do it. You should be proud of yourself.

  13. Today is the day boys and girls. Throw that shit in the trash. Kiss your wife and kids. This is the first day of being quit and we will be here every step of the way.

    Joel Flory
    I quit with you and with June

    • June 10th was my 60th BDay. I quit!

    • Decided to quite for good yesterday. I had a friend suggest this site so here Iam. I hate this habit, have chewed for nearly 21 years. I’ve had periods of time with out, 2.5 years at one point only to give in down the road. I’m excited, but nervous. Any advice anyone has would be greatly appreciated

      Thank You


      • Shaun

        These are what worked / working for me…

        1. You are not going to be alright in 1 day or couple of weeks. It takes time. It takes almost 2-3 months to start feeling normal for a good stretch of time. So, be patient.
        2. Recovery will happen in cycles / stages.
        3. When you feel down and out, just remember “This too shall pass.. ”
        4. Remember, you have stuffed yourself with chemicals to make you feel normal. This is not how our body was designed.
        5. Take one day at a time, when you feel at the edge of failing, just say it loud “Not today”.

        Shiva – Day 113

  14. Day 100 – Woo hoo 🙂 🙂 :)… Here’s my HOF speech…

    The first emotion I am feeling is “Surprised”. Frankly, I am surprised that I have reached till here given the withdrawals I had till probably Day 80.

    A very big thanks to my quit buddies here, JayP, Jeff and DDD. You guys are a big inspiration to me who never let me down. Thank you all. Jeff, special thanks to you man.. I hope I find Steve and Rick again.
    Thanks to everyone who pitched in when I was down and out.

    A big thanks to my family who put up with my sorry ass for the last 100 days. Unfortunately, I am 1000s of miles away from them and the celebrations have to wait a few more days.

    Few common experiences that I want to share to freshers.

    1. Recovery is not linear and it happens in waves and stages. You have to be patient.
    2. I was both a smoker and dipper and I suffered one of the worst withdrawal periods.
    3. There are lot of literature that says you get better from 3rd week onwards. Thats BS for the most part. The mind games started from week 3 and I went through worst anxiety/depression/sadness from week 3 till week 7.
    4. Anxiety and depression were the worst withdrawal symptoms for me. It started getting better only around day 80.
    5. This too shall pass…… and not today.. Keep this in your mind and take 1 day at a time.
    6. A very interesting article I read. When you are addicted your neuro chemistry changes and brain develops circuits for craving. When you start cessation, there is no nicotine to inhibit the cravings. Brain slowly develops a counter circuit which inhibits this craving and maintains homeostasis. Why understanding this is important? I’ll tell you why. This is because the craving circuit never goes away once you are an addict. Brain simply puts a counter measure to control / fade the craving. Once you put nicotine back into your body, brain simply disassembles the counter circuit since nicotine is already there to inhibit the craving and having another counter circuit will throw away the homeostasis. So, you get the point right? If you put nicotine back (even 1 dip or 1 smoke), you’ll be back to your usual intake of addiction. There is no stopping.
    7. Does the support from family matters? The quit is for you but family support matters a lot. There are lot of times in the 2 months following your quit date, you’ll be an a***hole. You will be unreasonable and you may take it out on your close ones. Be patient and have few heart-to-heart discussions with your wife. Make them read through some of the literature so that they understand what you are going through. More importantly, apologize for any outbursts even if you feel the fault is not with you.
    8. Remember, your neuro transmitters are out of whack. Your brain does not have on-off switch and it takes a few months to get back to normal.

    9. Remember quitting is not an event, it is a process.


    • Shiva,

      Good on you. Keep it up mi amigo! It only gets better and better…


    • My husband quit yesterday so I’ll try and remind myself that his impending “assholeness” is just a symptom and not who he really is. lol He never chews in front of me or the the kids….just when he’s doing “alone” activities and about 4 to 5 times a day.

      • So I’m on day 11. I have been reading this site for a long while but never posted. First week really sucked but I have been ok since. Just taking it a day at a time. It feels good to no longer be controlled by a tin can after 15 years of 2 tins a day. Thank you all for your stories and motivation, even though I have not posted you will never know how much they have helped me.

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