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  1. I know quitting is all on me and I really just need to buck up and get it done but here is my struggle.

    I’m 35. I’ve chewed since I was 19. For at least 12 years of the that I chewed from the moment I woke up to the moment I went to bed. I wouldn’t take huge dips and at the height probably chewed about 2.5 cans per week. Over the past 3 years I have quit and started again multiple times. The longest was for 7 months, I have quite for 4 month, 3 months twice, for a month 3 or 4 times, and numerous times for a week or two. Even when I do chew now it is typically limited to my 30 min drive to and from work, on the golf course, and anytime I can get away with it with my wife around on the weekends. (She thinks I quit 3 years ago). Despite feeling the benefits, physically and mentally, of quitting I always convince my self that I can just have a can when I go on vacation or ” just for this round of golf” and always end up back at the same old habit. I always have a revelation and throw the can out the window but it never sticks. I convince myself, at least for a little bit, that my consumption is way down and that I am far better off then before. I also read on here about guys that have chewed for 40 years and have quit and they never had problems…plus you hear about guys that chew a can a day and I never did that….so you know….why would I get cancer?

    The biggest problem I have is that I like to chew…it relieves stress and I just enjoy it—i mean besides the occasional fear of losing my jaw or tongue—I don’t have any other vices, I only drink maybe once every 2 weeks…maybe…

    Don’t really know what I am trying to accomplish by posting this but am trying to find some reason to stick to quitting and just can’t…..

    • So the struggle is you continue finding reasons not to quit? The answer is simple really. Dump the can & walk away. Find some fake dips to help out, post here for support, exercise, use this place as kind of an AA meeting place. Kudos to you for even posting here because as the Bossman Chewie says, You Ain’t Here By Accident……. Had my 1st dip when I was 10 yrs old, quit 3 yrs ago last Feb, just prior to turning 44. The next step is on you brother…….

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