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When you’ve made the decision to quit dipping you need support. You’ll get it right here at KillTheCan! This site is dedicated to helping people QUIT dip, smokeless & chewing tobacco! It will be a long & difficult road, but we are confident that you too can be successful and quit dip!

All articles on are written by members of our forums. These are people who understand what it means to quit. They write these articles from the perspective of a quitter. Don’t believe the “experts” that you find out there on the web – believe someone that has successfully QUIT DIP.

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  1. 9 months ago today I quit. Sucked ass for 2 weeks. Had the fog for 3 months. Don’t even think the shit anymore. 25 years and 2 cans a day for the last 10 years…DONE!!!

  2. Today is day 71 for me, but for some reason it felt like day 3 again. Still making the right choice and moving forward with chew. Have a good day everyone and choose to quit everyday.

  3. 700 days of NO NICOTINE! If I can do this, so can you! It’s hard! It sucks! Keep climbing the mountain of despair; for at the Top is the Mountain of Peace and Health! You have everything you need to keep going! No matter how bad it gets, stay the course! Tobacco is Powerless, YOU ARE NOT! The choice has always been yours…

  4. So I quit cold turkey on 5 January 2017. You can not imagine how bad my jaw and nerves hurt the first 40 days of my quit. Talk about sleep apnea and night sweats like no other too.

    Reason I decided to come back to
    This site is because after a successful 7 month quit I got stressed the hell out on one of my drill weekend (I’m in the military) and took a dip of snuff. So far I’ve been doing two dips a day for two months so far.

    I’m trying to quit cold turkey again. I noticed after about a month of dipping again that the same side of my jaw and nerves is starting to hurt again ( I figure this is the nicotine and carcinogens trying to inflame that side of my jaw again). Recently had an x-ray and dental check. So I know it’s not cancer.

    I’m back because I’m just extremely disappointed in myself. Even after months of quitting I just wanted to point out to people that the cravings will come back. Just stay strong. I decided to quit again today and it’s sucked but it’s not as hard as the first time. The first time I quit it I was dipping every other hour. I felt like I got hit by a truck. My second quit that I started today I’m doing fine so far just a tad irritated.

    By all means please don’t let anything get you started again once you’ve quit the first time. It still sucks trying to quit again even if you’ve quit for several months.

  5. 50 Days!! Hard to believe I’ve made it this long. Getting more cravings with hunting around the corner but as long as I don’t buy it I won’t have to worry when I’m in the woods.

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