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  1. I’m on the morning of Day 4. Been trying to quit for years. I usually get up, have a chew, and read the news with a cup of coffee. It’s hard. I’m struggling right now. Was 2 cans a day x 25 years. Sick of the control it has over you. BUT so enjoyable in the moment. I’m using the patch which helps me. Also Vitamin C, D, fish oil, and NAC. Shocked I made it this far. I’m ready for change. Just hope it gets better than this.

    • You’re not alone Ryan – the sooner you can ditch that patch (and the nicotine it’s delivering your body) the sooner you can really start down the road to recovery. Congrats on a great start – keep it up!

    • Clifton G Motheral

      Hang in there Ryan! I used patches for the first month too, but like Chewie says, get off them as soon as you can. I’m on day 733 now, after 36 years, and the freedom is an incredible feeling!


  2. Chewie, roll call seems to have disappeared. Day 1,116, I quit with all of you today.

  3. You are not ready to quit and it sounds like you are really weak minded as well. If you want to quit then do it that doesn’t mean stop and start and stop and start. The time for playing games is over. Train your brain first and then your body has to follow. It’s 95% mental and 5% everything else. I probably dipped longer than you have been living and I walked away cold Turkey Nov 6 2016. It’s not a matter of life and death, it’s more important than that.

  4. Santosh, First step to quit tobacco is to determined and make ur mind prepared for quit. Keep thinking of why u should quit everyday (at least 10 to 15 times fot three weeks or so), think about why how tobacco is bad for you. What has tabacco giving u since u r started eating. Once u do all this introspection then set a quit date. Hammer ur mind that this the date u r quitting no matter what happens i am not starting again. I dont want to be slave of tobacco.i am the boss, not the tobacco. This is how i did it. Hopefully this will help. Remember u r the only quite others can only help. Good luck

  5. So I posted 6 days ago. I think I’m gonna post once a week. It seems to help.
    So I went 48 hrs without dipping. I bought a can and regretted it immediately. I dip a can a day. I made that can last me 3 days. So I can prove to myself that I can fight the urges. So I can prove to myself I can do it. The can ran out last night. So that was it. I woke up this morning and was dying. I wanted to dip so bad, but I didn’t. I bought 2 packs of gum. I plan to buy seeds after work. I haven’t really craved since I woke up, so I’m kinda worried when I do. But the good news is I can’t just leave work.
    So I’m gonna post again on the 12th. Once a week, at least for a little while. You can comment if you want.

  6. So, I posted a week ago. Probably gonna do this every week.
    I went 48 hrs. I bought a can and regretted it immediately. I dip a can a day. This can lasted me 3 days. I did that so I could fight some of the urges. Let myself know I can beat them. My can ran out last night. This morning was terrible. I felt like my jaw was going crazy. But i didn’t dip. I bought me 2 packs of gum. I’m hoping that helps. I honestly haven’t really craved yet. Only this morning. I plan to buy seeds after work. Responde if you want. I’m gonna post something on the 12th. Once a week, starting on Nov.30th. I did 6 days this time, but I’m gonna do 7 now.

  7. Santosh Kumar Rai

    Happy Christmas and New Year 2018.
    Kindly, help me quit chewing tobacco .

    • You are in the right place to get support when quitting dip… we’ve got thousands of members here in the comments and on our forums. You are NOT alone.

      • Good to know cause at day 32, I am feeling like shit. Been lurking on this site for a month and am hopeful that this is it. My teeth hurt, head hurts, blah blah. 30+ years of chewing and decided I have had enough of it. Thanks for allowing me to join the site.

      • Miss Cherry,
        Kindly, suggest to me the first step to quit this shit. I beg for your pardon for using this offensive word for this offensive stuff.
        Good night.

    • Ladies and gentleman i am back i have been here twice before. It never easier. I have quit once after 14 years of dipping and had withdrawls from hell that put me in emergency room. Then i got better and then was an idiot and started up again. I then went a year dipping and had ill effects, dizziness and what not and decided to quit. Went through the hell again. I recently started up again about 6 months ago just vaping and quickly got sucked back into the dipping. I am about two days in with my quit again and even though i have been through this twice it never gets easier. I am dizzy, and the withdrawls are horrible. I am hoping this time i can fight through it better and never go back. I know i am in for a wild ride. If anyone in here wants to ask me questions about withdrawls i am in a unique situation. I will be going through it with you while also knowing what to expect. Wish me luck and love you all.

      • Dave,
        I have chewed for 12 years. I quit about a week ago and my withdrawals have been crazy. My lack of appetite scares me. My stomach is so upset i can barely eat. The heart rate and tingling in extremities is driving me insane. Are these normal withdrawal symptoms? Thank you in advance.

        • Yes brother. They are. Mine were that and worse. Some people have those for days. My last quit those lasted for 3 months. I am currently battling low blood sugar feeling. I think it’s becuz when we dip the nicotine releases glucose in the blood. When you stop, the body has to reset everything and it takes time. Your tingling is totally normal and so is the stomach issues. If that’s all that hits you during this quit you are In luck. Keep battling. I have learned sweating is a big help during quits. And sleep.

        • That is totally normal brotha. It will pass.. to give you some back story on why it does that is because when you dip, the nicotine limits the amount oxygen you get in your blood. Now that you are cold turkey and the nicotine left your system you are now getting more oxygen to your body which is the tingling. I am having it right now also. As far as the stomach issues thats like the most common side effect. Your entire body has to reset itself.

  8. Well here I am. Day 5 without my Copenhagen long cut. Started when I was 17 and dipped on and off for a good chunk of my life. I’m 26 now. I decided the week before my wife and I left for Hawaii to get married I was going to kick the habit for good. I’ve found that CBD along with heavy weight training is helping a ton. I’ve always lifted but now I feel like I have the old intensity back that I had when I first started lifting. Literally using my withdrawl symptoms to amp myself up before I go and lift. I also recommend if anyone wants a little motivation to help quit without seeing all the terrifying pictures of cancer victims. Look up Stone cold Steve Austins video on Youtube of why he quit. Gave me a real perspective of why I need to quit. Really hoping the habit is gone for good this time.

    • Zach,

      You are right there! Keep it going! I also used to lift weights for sports, but have recently gone to new heights after I quit. I am so much more focused and able to endure a hard workout. There is nothing like feeling spent after a hard workout. Keep using that fuel to get rid of the bad habit that is nicotine. You are in the hardest phase being on day 5, in my opinion, but it’s all in the head!! You can do it!

      Day 88

  9. I’m 19, been dipping for 3 years. Iv decided to quit. Any tips to make it easier? I dipped a can a day for 3 years. It’s been 24 hrs and I’m craving bad!

    • Chew gum or sunflower seeds. That’s what has helped me.

    • The first three days are by-far the worst. You’re smart to put it behind you now rather than after 20+ years like some of us.

      In the early days of my quit, I went through an obscene amount of sugarless gum. A pack a day was normal. I did some seeds too, but only when I missed spitting.

      Make yourself accountable to many people, join a KTC quit group, and get your fellow quitters’ phone numbers. I had many friends pulling for me during the quit. To fail meant having to disappoint a lot of people. During the times I thought of caving, I imagined the looks of disappointment on friends’ faces.

      One thing that helped me was to focus on the hour at-hand. If I could make it an hour, I could make it two, and so on. Sometimes I’d go out for a long walk to work through cravings and/or anxiety.

      Dec 22 will be 1000 days free for me.

    • Matt I’m gonna be real with you right here. There’s no easy way. I’ve been dipping for 7 years and am on day 30. After 2 or 3 weeks of not putting the shit in your lip then it’ll get way easier. The biggest thing you can do is learn to hate it and tell yourself your a little bitch if you use. Also, get addicted to something else. My outlets are the gym, racing mountain bikes, and heavy music. So I’m challenging you, as some random dude, to figure it out so you can look sexy forever and not lose your jaw or die of a heart attack. Good luck in the quit, if my ass can do it so can yours, f*ck chewing.

    • I’m on day 5. Dipped Copenhagen L-cut one can per day -on and off for 30 plus years. Bought nicorette gum 4mg. It seems to really help.

  10. I have been quitting on and off for about a year on day 3 now. My wife is pregnant with our first child so it is time to kick the can. I have been chewing for 13 years and I am excited to see what the future holds for me because I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t chewing because I had my first dip at a young age being that I am 28 now.

    • Dexter- I was you and it took me another 10 years to finally quit. I am on day 480 of my quit now with two daughters. Best thing I ever did. Take the advice to stick with this now and not wait another 10 years like me. Dip was great but let it go. It’s not as cool as being alive and being a dad and a husband. I told myself that daily through first year and it worked. Good luck!

  11. I imagine I’ll get some flak for this, but as a chewing tobacco addict for over 35 years, what helped me were micro-doses of edible marijuana or CBD. 5mg about did the trick in tight spots. Made my mouth dry and cravings simply disappeared.

    • M LOGAN,

      Leave your flak jacket at the door. I say, quit is quit; with or without CBD. If it works for you, go for it! @sig45 1165

    • Naw, no flak. I was a can a day for 15 years. I have been using pot for a couple years for some veteran issues I have. It made me think hard. I had finally decided to quit for good. It wasn’t easy, but I quit cold Turkey. The bad part was I went through a gram a day for about a week. Haha. I have straight cannabis to thank for my success!

  12. Wow, I cant believe Wed marked 2 years quit for me! Hands down the best decision I’ve ever made. For all of you newbies, stay the course and use this site for support. It DOES get easier, it is just a slow process and happens gradually.

  13. Anyone ever had a constant low body temperature after quitting. And if so how long

  14. almost four months dip free! still having three 2mg pieces of cinnamon gum a day.. I quit for 5 months cold turkey then fell off the wagon for 6 months. NOT this time.. I dipped at least a can a day for 20 years.. My mouth hurt at first but feels better.. no more heart burn.. there is damage to my gums but no cancer.. I’m quitting for the fear of getting cancer, having a stroke, sick of heart burn, bad breath, throwing $200 a month away.. plus it’s just so damn gross.. I still get urges around two to three times a day but the urge only lasts about 2-3 minutes and then it goes away.. I cannot believe how many other changes I made in my life.. started boxing again, drinking a lot more water.. eating healthier.. I have made all these changes to distract my mind from dipping.. at the end of the day your a drug addict if you stay on nicotine..

  15. Day 72, isn’t life more fun with a dip? I’ve been contemplating that lately.

    • Nope. That’s the Nic Bitch telling you lies. Life is NOT better with tobacco in it. KEEP FIGHTING!

    • JR sometimes it feels that way until I think it through.. Want a stroke? heart attack.. cancer. Just put something else in your mouth and spit.. that’s all dipping is.. spitting.. I know many people who have done this and reality is it takes a year to be completely over it and never think about it.. I quit for 5 months and then fell of the wagon for 6 months.. I felt bad right away.. back to the heart burn.. paranoid about dying over the crap ETC.. so i quit again.. so much harder because I already had 5 months under my belt.. at month 4 and I’m not going back..

      I did find a new hobby.. plus started boxing again.. that has helped BBBIIIGGG time

    • JR,

      NO, TRUST ME FROM MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. I was quit approximately five years and tried just one COPENHAGEN DIP after my father passed away (stress trigger) for old time sake and some FUN. I was hook, line and sinker addicted again and remained an addict for several years until finding this site.

      Life is much better without that NIC Whore!

      NO GIVE IN MI AMIGO! @sigman45, day 1150

      • I quit cold turkey After dipping a can of Copenhagen a day for 7 years, I’m 25 now. I’ve been clean a week now the road has been pretty easy for me so far. Although, I could also see myself falling back if something like that happened in my life. Good luck

    • Damn. I had almost forgotten going through that after i quit. Remember Thinking things like watching a movie or playing a video game would be more enjoyable if i had a dip in. The reality is we spent years/decades creating connections in our brains associating nic with pleasure. Every time you fight off a nic craving you are destroying those connections. It takes time but it does get easier as you go. Just keep in mind the hell you went through in the beginning, you dont want to throw away all the time you have and do that again. Not to mention that within a day or two you would be right back to not even getting a buzz off nicotine and just using to get by again. 1137

  16. After 12 years of daily use, I quit on 12/31/2017. I have been 100% nicotine free since then, and I quit smokey mountain snuff in April.

    Yesterday, I had a very intense craving. I’m not sure what triggered it- I think it had to do with the first snowfall we’ve had this year and fond memories of staying in during snow days with a fresh can and video games.

    Anyway, let this be a reminder that you might still have waves of addiction come out months after quitting. They are rare in my experience, and relatively easy to fend off, but you are still an addict and the smaller but still existent addicted part of your brain may try to convince you to just throw one in. Don’t listen!!

  17. I’m looking to quit camel snus. I use the frost small pouches at a cost of 5.20 for 2 per day. I can’t seem to find an alternative to the small pouches so it’s been very difficult. Any suggestions out there to help me carve this craving? I just can’t find anything comparable to the small pouches in the frost flavor.

    • shane,

      Try a Crest Brand Mouthwash soaked natural cotton ball torn to your personal specs.
      Stop the nic ingestion immediately.

  18. Ive been dipping a can or more of grizzly everyday since I was eleven.i used smokey mountain and mixed it with my grizzly for a couple of weeks. When I woke up today no grizzly and no smokey mountain. I made it all the way through the day. I had a lot of cravings but none of them lasted long. I don’t know why but coffee seems to help. Anyways here’s to day one of the teachers of my life.

    • That’s awesome, you have made the choice to quit, it’s only gets better from here!

    • Hey Zach
      For what is worth i leaned on smokey mountain and jakes alot in the beginning but lost desire over time. I am on day 1174 and i still use an occasional teaza when working out but left the fake dip a long time ago.
      Good luck

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