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TeaZa Creamsicle Chill Pouches Review

Teaza Creamsicle Chill SquareBack again this evening bringing you a review of another new product for someone in the process of quitting dip – TeaZa Creamsicle Chill!

Believe it or not it’s been nearly FIVE YEARS since I’ve reviewed a Teaza product here on the site. You can check out all of those reviews here, but suffice to say I’ve been a huge fan for quite some time.

TeaZa are small pouch products designed to boost energy and mental focus while providing oral satisfaction. They’re really hitting the ‘nutritional supplement’ space recently and their packaging says, “TeaZa is a multi-purpose nutritional energy supplement that uses powerful tea cut herbs and vitamins packed into a biodegradable pouch to be “dipped” (placed between lip and gum) or seeped in water for a flavorful stimulating experience. TeaZa delivers smooth energy and mental focus with no crash, while also providing oral stimulation to curb cravings for snacks or tobacco products.”

So… let’s get into it.

TeaZa Creamsicle Chill Pouch Review

I’m going to keep this one short and sweet and not bury the lead. I love these.

If you go back through my reviews you’ll see Teaza continually offers some big BOLD flavors that, while not being the traditional ‘dip’ flavors, really back a punch. When it comes to these flavored alternatives my number one criteria for recommending is if they smell and taste like the flavor on the packaging. These absolutely do smell and taste just like the Creamsicles you remember from when you were growing up. Spot on.

With all Teaza products, spitting is not necessary here as you’re really just “brewing” tea in your mouth. That said if you want to spit these produce quite a bit of saliva. That said, it won’t be that dark brown you’re used to as a dipper. As with all of my reviews, I use two pouches. One would be sufficient to get you the flavor (but I’d suggest two, even though the serving size on the package is a single pouch).

As with other TeaZa flavors there is a potential down side here when it comes to a dip quitter, especially one who is looking for a substitute to the “traditional” smokeless tobacco flavors such as Wintergreen, Mint and Classic. Creamsicle Chill has an outstanding taste but it is very much “flavored”. If you’re looking for something that tastes close to a specific brand of dip (Grizzly, Copenhagen, etc.) you won’t get it here.

With that potential negative out of the way this is once again a great offering that I’d personally highly recommend.


Getting ready to post my review of @Teaza Energy Creamsicle Chill pouches to the site. Spoiler alert… they’re awesome. #fakedip #nicotinefree #tobaccofree #quitdipping #creamsicle #teaza #smokelessalternative #tobaccoalternative #caffeinefree

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TeaZa Creamsicle Chill Pouch – Ingredients

Vitamin B3 (as niacin), Vitamin B5, Chamomile flower, Magnolia Bark extract, Eleuthero root, Rhodiola root, Passionflower extract, Panax ginseng root, Phellodendron Bark extract, Gymnema leaf extract, Cayenne, Vegetable glycerine, Natural flavor, Sucralose, Citric Acid

TeaZa Creamsicle Chill is available on the TeaZa website in LIMITED QUANTITIES now. They come in a 25 pouch pack.

Special thanks to the folks at TeaZa for providing me samples to try and review.

Get your TeaZa Energy Pouches at their online store here or on Amazon.  Tell em sent you!

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Have you tried TeaZa Creamsicle Chill Energy Pouches?  Contact us and we’ll add your review to the site!

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