Hall of Fame Speeches – Qualifications

KillTheCan Hall of Fame

To Current and Future Members of Our Site;

We realize that there are a variety of ways to be successful quitting smokeless tobacco. We will NOT tell you that one way is better than another, but we will tell you what has worked for us. This quit is for you and about you. However, we do hope that you utilize all of the tools which have been placed at your disposal here.

The most effective tool, in our opinion, is the active participation in a Quit group. This can take place on our Discord Server or on the forums (ktcforum.org) and should include posting Roll Call on a regular basis. As quitters reach 100 days quit, most will recap the journey and take time to thank those that have been instrumental to their quit in their “Hall of Fame” speech. The founders and gatekeepers of this site consider The Hall of Fame and Roll Call as being sacred. We feel that posting roll on a daily basis is THE main reason our quits are successful. We owe our lives to giving our word and holding ourselves accountable. Because of this, we also maintain the need to protect it with all of our being.

In an attempt to protect all that is sacred about the Hall of Fame, posting Roll Call on a regular basis is a requirement for speeches to be included in the Hall of Fame section. Quitters who choose not to quit “our way” are still welcome to use our resources, as we want everyone to quit.

We welcome the thoughts of those who use our resources along their journey to a successful quit; in fact we would like to encourage their contributions to our site. The administration team of Kill the Can has decided to put their speeches into the Introductions thread on the forums.

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