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Barbie Girl – The Resume of a Female Dipper

Barbie Is A Dip Quitter!Some of my life resume:

Born upper middle class

High GPA in High School and College


Prom Princess

Graduated from University of Washington Nursing School

Have been a R.N. for 23 years and have worked as: Medical/Surgical RN;at Children’s Hospital as oncology R.N.;Professor of Nursing at Nursing School; Clinic RN for Ortho, Primary Care, Pediatrics, Urology; Labor and Delivery R.N.; Home Health R.N. (Mostly part-time because being a mom is my priority)

Married 21 years to a nice man

Have two beautiful boys who are 11yo. and 14yo.

AND was a can of Copenhagen every day or two dipper since age 20. Ninja Style

Now, everyday I feel so grateful to add to the above resume…..A Quitter.

Thank you to the female posse here of Divine, 2mch and Blowpop and my brothers WMCatty, Rustaf, Suds, Evil, AppleJack, CMark, Ffmoofus, IG2H, KCchief, Nickald, Sportsfan, Wastepanel, Bean, ERDVM, Spartan, Worktowin, Phil, BigWhiteBeast, hokiehi, Aglawyer, cdaniels, Mjollnir, Timeless, kdip, jbradley, and so many more who helped me through each craving.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Sage

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