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Buckle Down – Quit My Pants!

KTC CalculatorHere I am at 100 days of nicotine freedom and I don’t feel much different than 99 days but I do know that this ongoing tally is a part of my life. I have reached 100 days of nicotine freedom before but that only lasted “about” 180 days. I would’ve known exactly how many days I was on if I would have been actually committed to my quit and posted roll every day but on the other hand I believe I would have stayed quit if I was a 100% poster that interacted on the site/with my fellow quitters.

My cave was so easy because I wasn’t accountable to anyone or anything. I stopped posting roll after HOF, because I was annoyed that I had to go through the trouble of posting each day when I felt like I was cured, and some guys texted me or PM’ed me to check in on me which I found annoying at the time because I didn’t buy into or DRINK the KTC kool-aid. I was blinded by my own ego and false sense of accomplishment; I had only gone 100 days which didn’t even put a dent into the 4,747 days that I dipped.

On the night of May 28th, 2013 I was fed up with myself and tossed the last of my can and logged in to KTC. I was so ready to post and get started on my quit that I didn’t even give an explanation or anything I just posted DAY 1! I posted right before bed and when I got to work the next morning to post my official day 1 I was hit with some well-deserved flack for jumping right back in after caving from Oct ’12 group without an explanation. I had an extremely busy day at work so I could only give one good response which I pretty much copy and pasted into my old group and on a couple PM’s. I caught some more deserved flack for that but at least they knew my story.

I have been a lot more active on KTC and haven’t missed a day of roll; I know that this recipe is the only one that will produce a perfectly baked batch of QUIT. I want to thank all of the people that have helped me; Duathman, Jrizzle, Jbob, DChogs, SirDerek, Traumagnet, Matt(s), Kandalk, Derk, Kubrick, Swede, Jaynellie, Gmann, WT57, CBird, PER, Sportsfan, SHU26, BobertD, and 2mch2lv4. Thanks also to everyone involved on KTC for all that you do!

The Quitaholic: BillyBill3934

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member billybill3934

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